Wednesday, April 27, 2011


          This page will direct you to all the blogs on this site: Violent Crimes: Black On White & White On Black                       
                          WHITE  Violent Crimes - Black  Victims 
                         (99 black victims of white violence)     

                       BLACK  Violent Crimes - White  Victims 
       Below is a Resource Guide for black-on-white violent crimes under the  Compulsory Inclusionism laws (i.e. Civil Rights Act 1964 ; Fair Housing Law 1968), which allowed people of African descent to work, live in and roam freely in white communities.  

          (A staggering 2540 white victims of black violence - so far

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  • Black Supremacy Doctrine Exposed>>LINK


     Below is a Resource Guide regarding African-American statistics for crime rates, high school dropout rates, illegitimacy rates and co-habitation rates before and after 1964.  
                                         (still under construction)


"MAP" Of Known Occupational Ranking Societies                          
                                                (under construction) 

Creators Of Capitalism
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  1. I do not presume that you are racist - just based on the initial direction of your blog.

    I do not know you well enough to draw that conclusion.

    My mentor formed a nonprofit group (Blacks Against Black Crime, Inc,) here in Augusta, GA that was accused of being racist - and was not. (she was a black mother who was trying to protect the children - of all races).

    We also believe in taking responsibility for one's actions and a good family values upbringing - but also recognize that contributing factors like racism, poverty, no food, no jobs, drugs, etc.

    I do, however, have a question.

    Despite the DMG Theorem and that the black man is in charge of his destiny - I am guessing there was something else that made you so passionate about this exact subject (Blacks that kill/injured whites).

    And yes - you are very passionate about this topic- as one can see by your detailed and extensive research.

    I am guessing there was another factor in your life - something personal or family/friend related - or Why not the same passion for stats on whites that kill whites - or any other race.

    Just curious - because I have seen all sorts of stats online (never sure of where the stats were collected and the accuracy etc.) - that can point to what ever the person desires the outcome to be as far as race of the guilty and of the victims.

    I personally think - and I guess you do also - that all violence is bad and not the answer.

    I am just curious about your background and what influenced you.

    This is not meant as an attack on you - just curious what aroused this in-depth passion besides what is mentioned in your brief profile.

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