Wednesday, April 27, 2011


          This page will direct you to all the blogs on this site: Violent Crimes: Black On White & White On Black                       
                          WHITE  Violent Crimes - Black  Victims 
                         (99 black victims of white violence)     

                       BLACK  Violent Crimes - White  Victims 
       Below is a Resource Guide for black-on-white violent crimes under the  Compulsory Inclusionism laws (i.e. Civil Rights Act 1964 ; Fair Housing Law 1968), which allowed people of African descent to work, live in and roam freely in white communities.  

          (A staggering 2540 white victims of black violence - so far

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  • Black Supremacy Doctrine Exposed>>LINK


     Below is a Resource Guide regarding African-American statistics for crime rates, high school dropout rates, illegitimacy rates and co-habitation rates before and after 1964.  
                                         (still under construction)


"MAP" Of Known Occupational Ranking Societies                          
                                                (under construction) 

Creators Of Capitalism
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  1. I do not presume that you are racist - just based on the initial direction of your blog.

    I do not know you well enough to draw that conclusion.

    My mentor formed a nonprofit group (Blacks Against Black Crime, Inc,) here in Augusta, GA that was accused of being racist - and was not. (she was a black mother who was trying to protect the children - of all races).

    We also believe in taking responsibility for one's actions and a good family values upbringing - but also recognize that contributing factors like racism, poverty, no food, no jobs, drugs, etc.

    I do, however, have a question.

    Despite the DMG Theorem and that the black man is in charge of his destiny - I am guessing there was something else that made you so passionate about this exact subject (Blacks that kill/injured whites).

    And yes - you are very passionate about this topic- as one can see by your detailed and extensive research.

    I am guessing there was another factor in your life - something personal or family/friend related - or Why not the same passion for stats on whites that kill whites - or any other race.

    Just curious - because I have seen all sorts of stats online (never sure of where the stats were collected and the accuracy etc.) - that can point to what ever the person desires the outcome to be as far as race of the guilty and of the victims.

    I personally think - and I guess you do also - that all violence is bad and not the answer.

    I am just curious about your background and what influenced you.

    This is not meant as an attack on you - just curious what aroused this in-depth passion besides what is mentioned in your brief profile.

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  3. Who murdered women and children while men away hunting whites did to native Americans the is government admits this,then killed 90% of natives and stole their country white. This is well documented in library of congress,on you tube etc, who then brought Black's here as slaves for over 300 years raped ,beat,hung denied education whites. Who killed four presidents and countless races who fought for civil rights whites. Who started gangs whites cowboys. And mob first started using assault weapons so you started this you reap what you sow

    1. I find this kind black excuses - trying to demonize white people - for their filth against white people absolutely hilarious LMOL. Who was the ONLY 'group' to plead, beg and whine until they gotz their integration? Black Americans, that's who. And what people did they beg to be integrated with? White Christian people. Blacks called it their very manhood. In other words, they couldn't achieve manhood...unless white males gave them integration into political systems white people created, into businesses white people created; into residential communities white people created. Blacks never created ONE political environment in America prior to 1964. Why would white males give everything they built to the biggest bully race on earth? I don't get it!
      Blacks MUST be masters of their own destiny - of no one else but their own!