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Blacks Who Got Away With Murder -White Victims

The following is a short list of the many, many blacks who got away with murder, or attempted murder, of a white person in our criminal [in]justice system. I will also include a few incidents where blacks murdered a white person(s)  and are still on the loose (unidentified).


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Black male sucker punches old white male and kills him

Wait and see on this one...

UPDATE: Black male sucker puncher/murderer, Lewis Gill (ready for this?) received a whopping four year prison sentence.

Andrew Young, 40

Greece, New York,  2009

White Teen Is Gunned Down - Jury Acquits Black Male Of 'Clear Case'  Of Manslaughter 

Roderick Scott, 42, who told police he witnessed teens breaking into a car belonging to his next door neighbor, charged out of his house and up to the teens, armed with a gun. No one really knows what happened next regarding provocation, but Scott claimed one of the kids charged at him, and he had no choice but to defend himself with his loaded gun. And one shot wouldn't due.  Scott, apparently so terrified of the 17-year-old, put a second bullet into the kid. Scott was charged with murder.  However, even though is was a clear case of manslaughter,  a jury actually acquitted Scott.

Note: Only about 2% of Greece's population is black. In other words, the black male, despite being part of a racial group that is an extreme minority in Greece, had no reservations whatsoever about gunning down a member of a different race.  Imagine a white male in a predominantly black community,  walking over to a neighbor's home and gunning down an unarmed black teen.

White Victim:
Christopher Cervini, 17

New Jersey  2013

Police Officer Sets Up Unarmed White Male For A Murder -- Officer Also Lies About Racial Slurs To Justify His Murder  - Jury Acquits
Here's how the murder went down - and why the black male is being tried for murder:

A black officer, Joseph Walker, 40, an 18-year veteran assigned to the Hudson County Prosecutor's Office, off duty and out of uniform, while driving deliberately cut off another driver when he merged onto the highway. The other driver was a white male, Joseph Harvey, 36. The white male naturally got angry over this...and drove alongside the black male and likely had a few choice words for him.  The police officer, again, who was out of uniform but was still carrying a loaded gun,  rather than just ignoring the comments or gestures, the out-of-uniform black male male decided to give it right back to the white guy. Then the black male hatched a quick murder scheme.

The officer no doubt knew the white male didn't have a gun (why would he?). So the officer pulled his vehicle over to the side of the road...hoping or expecting the white male was going to do the same thing - which he did. THAT, people, is deliberate provocation.  This guy had no intention to fight it out with the white guy, as the white guy likely expected. The off-duty officer had his gun loaded and drawn.  As soon as the white guy approached the out-of-uniform officer's car... the black male got out, weapon drawn,  then gunned down the unarmed white male.  When police officers arrived at the scene they immediately  placed  Walker  under arrest. He was then charged with murder.

UPDATE: Black officer is acquitted of clear case of coldblooded murder.
 Orange, TX   July 2010

Black Officer  - Off-Duty & Out Of Uniform - Guns Down Unarmed White Male - Grand Jury Refuses To Indict (even though Police Chief states victim posed no threat whatsoever to officer and  also committed no crime)

Note: The officer was fired for his use of unnecessary force when he tried to arrest an unarmed white male who had become belligerent with a store manager over a returned item. As the white male attempted to leave the business, he was stopped by  off-duty and out-of-uniform black male,  Robert Arnold, and told he was under arrest.  The white male, not believing this guy was an officer, called him  a racial slur, then proceeded to his truck. The black male pulled his concealed gun and then gunned him down.  The Grand Jury, much to the disappointment of the police chief, refused to indict crazy brain Arnold.  Evidently, Arnold also had a history of violence which factored into his being fired.

UPDATE: Black male sued the city of Orange...and guess what? He received a whopping "civil rights" shakedown of $600,000 from the city.   The family of the murder victim also sued the city...and they also received a whopping settlement of 610,000.

CHARLESTON, W.Va. Aug. 6, 2011

Black Male Guns Down
Two Unarmed White Males
- DA Refuses To Prosecute
A black male, Charlie Booker, 41, into an altercation with two white males and then drew a gun and gunned them both down. Booker had a deep gash on his forehead, indicating he was struck with some object. He told police that he was defending himself against two white guys who cracked him in the head with a pipe. The prosecutor promptly dropped murder charges, claiming the black man was acting in self-defense. Highly unlikely! No question in my mind Booker went looking for a confrontation knowing he had a gun to protect himself. He was just looking for any reason to pull it - or no reason at all.  Likely scenario in the double murder: When the white males walked up to the hulking black man, Booker, believing this was provocation enough,  pulled his gun and gunned down one of the white males. The other white male hit him in the head hoping to not be his second victim. Didn't work.  Booker then turned his gun on the second white male i.e. I believe Booker was attacked AFTER he drew his gun.

* Joseph Miller, 31
* Billy Dodd , 31

Baltimore, MD  2006

Teenage Thug Guns Down A White Couple For No Reason  - THRILL KILL- He Incriminates Himself On His Own Cellphone Bragging Of Murders - Murder Charges DROPPED - Judge Claims Illegal Search Done On Cellphone

A black male, Davon Temple, 17,… gunned down two innocent white people for no other reason than they were “there”.  No doubt whatsoever he did it! 

"On April 23, 2006 Jennifer Morelock, a pregnant 25-year-old Caucasian woman, and Jason Woycio, a 29-year-old Caucasian man, pulled into the 2500 block of Arunah Avenue in West Baltimore in a red Pontiac Grand Am. While they were there, a person walked up to the car and shot them repeatedly. Davon Temple, a then-17 African-American male, was arrested for their murders five days later. But on June 7, 2006, all charges against him were dropped. According to charging documents, Temple had a text message on his phone that said "I killed 2 white people around my way 2day & 1 of them was a woman.""

* Jennifer Morelock, 25 (pregnant)
* Jason Woycio, 29

Rockledge, Fl, Sept. 1, 2007

 Ambush – Walk-Up Murder

Four black males, whose identities are still unknown, exited a car and approached an adult white male on his mom’s front lawn. An altercation broke out (likely a robbery attempt), then one of the black males pulled a gun and shot and killed the white male. All this happened while his mother helplessly watched from the front door. The four blacks then fled in their car.

* John Lester Clifton Jr, 35

Mobile, AL, October 2008

Ambush - Thrill Kill 

 Eyewitness Testimony - Black 'Kid' Convicted & Sentenced To Life - After ONE Year In Prison ... Alabama Supreme Court Overturns Conviction  

A black male, Jarvis Williams , 14, ....was hangin' out when a young white male drove up and inquired about buying $5.00 worth of marijuana. Williams then pulled a gun and demanded all the white kid's cash.  When the white kid surrendered all his money (the $5.00), the little fiend gunned him down.  Williams' own buddies described to police exactly what they saw. Note: 14-year-olds cannot lie to adults -too young, too inexperienced.  Williams' buddies, both 14-years-old,  both described to police detectives exactly the same circumstances that led to the cold-blooded murder of the white male teenager.

White Victim:
Cory Landrum, 19

UPDATE: The Alabama Supreme Court has decided to let a convicted cold-blooded teen murderer go free. He served ONE year for murder.

Houston , TX   2012

Large Female Guns Down Unarmed White Male - Large Black Female Claims Self-Defense - Witnesses Contradict Her Version -  No Charges Filed Against Black Female

A white male was involved in a very minor traffic incident with a black female (who had a concealed weapons permit and was carrying).  When the white male got out of his car and walked over to the black female's car, she refused to roll down her window.  After a few moments, the black female shot the white male through her door window. The bullet entered victim's chest and killed him - clearly it was a shot intended to kill him. NOTE:  How  in HECK does  a 23-year-old black female get a legal carrying permit?!

Large Black Female:
Crystal Scott , 23

White Male:
Jonathan Ables, 22

UPDATE:  Black female gets away with murder.   It took the prosecutor a couple of months to indict  the black  female for murder. The murder charge was then dismissed on Monday, June 29, 2015. Three years later?!  Remember how FAST George Zimmerman was prosecuted?  The trial took place less than 3 months after the indictment. Clearly, the prosecutor in this case had no intention of prosecuting the black female.  Also, further evidence indicated the black female deliberately provoked the road rage incident. WHY? Because SHE KNEW SHE HAD A GUN.  Hopefully the white family sues this large black murderer!...and makes her pay for the rest of her life!

 Houston, TX, 1998 

Man Gets Convicted Of 1st Degree Murder... AND GETS PROBATION

A black male,  Barry Crawford, ...raced out of his trailer home with a loaded pistol and then gunned down a tow-truck driver who was attempting to tow his vehicle. After Crawford was convicted of murder, curiously, the judge decided that no jail time was warranted in this case,  and gave the black male 10 years of probation. This is yet another Black Male BULLY SCENARIO: Crawford was using a parking space he was not allowed to use...and refused to stop parking his truck in the spot. The legal owner of the parking spot called a tow truck... to have Crawford's truck legally towed.  

Note: Crawford is done with his probation...and is now a completely free MURDERER.

White Male: 
* Steven Hardin,  28 (w/m)

  Fort Worth , TX, Oct. 6 , 2011

Teen - 14-Years-Old - Charges Up To Adult White Male And Socks Him In The Face (Part Of The Knockout Game)  - White Male Adult Dies From Injuries -- Teen Gets 10 Years - Eligible For Parole In 6 Years

Three black males were driving around apparently looking for a white male - of suitable size (small in stature) - to land a knockdown punch on. When they spotted their target, a 14-year-old  (over 6 feet tall, 175 lbs) charged up to the white male and socked him in the face. The punch caused the white male (5 ft 1 inches tall) to fall so hard on the pavement that he died from his injury.

Name of cowardly sucker puncher withheld due to his age.

* Mark Gregory, 40 (w/m)


LA, CA, June 13, 1994

OJ Simpson Home Invasion - Double Murder...
Ironclad Evidence - YET Jury 
(all black except one dingy white female and one Hispanic)  
ACQUITS Simpson  

Nichole Brown's  letter to OJ: "I wish someone could explain all this to me. I see our marriage as a huge mistake & you don't."

Yeah, sure Nichole. Nichole was beaten numerous times, punched in the face, given a black eye, often humiliated in front of her sister and friends by OJ,  BEFORE they were even engaged. Oh, and Nichole was also raped on her first date by Simpson (she was 17-years-old and Simpson was 29). 

  Ron Goldman  : Innocent victim, murdered by OJ


Boston 1973

  White Female Abducted By Six Blacks - Set On Fire

                                                            Evelyn Wagler, 24

 Six black males, unidentified, approached a white female walking alone. She had run out of gas and had went to a gas station with a gas can and bought some gas. The blacks forced the white female into an alley, gang raped her, then doused her with gasoline and set her on fire. The black rapists then calmly walked away.  No arrests were ever made in this atrocity. Note: Because of the burning of the white female, police investigators could not determine if she had been raped  -- but C'MON!  Torching a white female is a well known tactic used to cover up a rape.
New York City, NY, April 1980

Crazy Brain Man Executes White Teen On A Commuter Train - Jury Acquits

Bet you NEVER heard about this one...

A racist black male, Austin Weeks, 29, …apparently was determined to murder a white male. He boarded a commuter train, sat down in front of two teenage white males, then, when the train made a stop, black male Weeks got up, turned toward the teenagers and shot one of them in the head.  Weeks then fled. He was caught a few weeks later.

Innocent White Male:
* Terry Zilimbinaks, 17 

Note:  Weeks claimed to police the 17-year-old white male he shot had leaned into his ear and whispered mean racial slurs to him (again Weeks was 29-years-old). No one heard these slurs. One, the police believed he was lying and so did the prosecutor. Two, a racial slur is NO reason to shoot someone in the head. A jury ACTUALLY acquitted Weeks of murder!,9171,964773-3,00.html


2013    Lakewood, WA

Another Racist HATE Attack  - Another White Person Is Dead (stabbed to death on a public street)
 Victim: Tevin Geike, 20

Racist black males finally caught. Oh, and guess what? They were members of the US military!  Carload of five blacks spotted three white males walking down a road. They jumped out of their car, racially taunted the three, then one of the black males (police claim it was Jeremiah Hill )  pulled a knife and stabbed one of the unarmed white males ( Tevin Geike)  to death.

Arrested & charged with murder:
Ajoni Runnion-Bareford, 21
Jeremiah Hill, 23, (accused of doing the stabbing)
Cedarium Johnson, 21

Note: Wait and see on this one. All three blacks have pleaded not guilty.

UPDATE: Jan. 2015:  Bareford copped a plea and received 12 month. He was accused of aiding the murderer (Hill) after the stabbing. No known disposition to the other two cases.

UPDATE: Jeremiah Hill is convicted & sentenced to 45 years. He tried claiming self defense...but his negro comrades testified against him...that he approached the white male from the rear, then stabbed him in the heart.


Fulton County, GA, May 2011

Home Invasion - RAGE KILL
   Abuse Of the Elderly

When the elderly white male opened up his front door... 
"the suspect claimed his car broke down." 

A black male, unknown identity, ...knocked on the door of an elderly white male.
 Unfortunately, the elderly male did not first look to see who it was at his front door. When he opened his door, the black male first gave him a story about his car breaking down, undoubtedly checking the residence to see if anyone else was at home. The black male then barged inside and beat the elderly white male to death with a hammer. And the total take in this beating death? $20.00 from the white male's wallet ..

White Male: 
* Lennon Parrott , 86


Seattle, WA  2013

Attempted Murder - Sucker Puncher Still On The Loose

White Male UNAWARE Of The Infamous Black Male Sucker Punch ... Pays The Price

Incident: A white male got out of his car to apologize to a person whose car he almost hit - occupied by a black male. The black male got out of his car ... and after hearing the apology, sucker punched the white male in the face. Then the beatdown...


Iceland Military Base Aug. 14, 2005

Did He Or Didn't He?  - No REAL Doubt About It - He Did Murder Her
                                           Note the handcuffs::Such a familiar sight these days

Airman Calvin Eugene Hill, 20,  acted friendly to a white female, however,  she wanted nothing to do with his sexual advances but was agreeable to being friends.  Well,  Hill saw an opportunity there: he would wait for the right time to steal her credit card and ATM card.  When the white female found out her credit card and ATM card were missing, she went to the base commander, and he then went to the police.  Hill was caught on surveillance video pulling money from her ATM card ($2,700 - how he got her security code is a mystery). Facing a certain court-marshal, Hill thought he could eliminate the only witness against him, then claim:: "She gave it to me. Prove me wrong."  

UPDATE: The 'murderer' Calvin Hill, tried in a Washington D.C. court (mostly black there) was found NOT GUILTY.  However, there's ONLY one person who could have murdered the white female, only one with a motive: Calvin Hill. I wonder what the racial make-up of that jury was? .


Airman 1st Class Ashley Turner, 20
New Orleans, LA, Apr. 18, 2005


Walk-Up Murder

 Three black teens, Darnell Gilmore, 16, (triggerman) Ahmad Hill, 16,  Marcus Pleasant, 16, (waited in a stolen Jeep - acquitted)... were driving around looking for someone to rob. They spotted  two white females.  Two of the youths exited their car and ran up to the girls and at gunpoint demanded they give up their purses. One of the girls, however,  had the temerity to resist.  That was enough to cause Gilmore to gun her down. 

The defense attorney for Ahmad Hill, whose client admitted he was right there during the robbery (an active participant who was going to share in the spoils of the robbery), nevertheless, had the advantage of having his client before a less than stellar judge (black male Darryl Derbigny), and immediately requested a trial by judge. Result : After a ONE day trial the defense asked for an immediate acquittal ... and got it.

Yeah, Ahmad got to go home like it never happened. 

 * Alyssa Kovash, 20


Liberty City, FL, March 22, 1999

Black Supremacy Organization Targets White People For Murder

A black male murder squad , organized on racial superiority beliefs, was revealed in 1999. It's exclusive murder target? White people. A member of this infamous black supremacist organization was a former highly paid NFL football player, Robert Rozier.   

In Florida, Rozier pleaded guilty to four murders and confessed to three other killings to win a reduced prison term in exchange for testimony against Miami sect leader Yahweh Ben Yahweh and members of a religious order that federal prosecutors blamed for at least 23 murders and a series of fire-bombings in the 1980s. He served 10 years of a 22-year sentence, then was released with a new name and identity.”

White Victims:
* Harry Byers
* Reinaldo Echevarria
* Elisabeth Schwark

* Attilio Cicala
* Clair Walter,
* Glendell Fowler,
* Kurt Doer,
* James Myers,
* Raymond Kelly,
* Lyle Austin Bellinger

Note: All the victims were white, and were intended to be white.

Chicago, IL, Aug. 2008

The Infamous Sucker Punch - White Female Miraculously Survives Attempted Murder

"Hey, excuse me. You gotta cigarette?" LOOK OUT!
(I've seen a lot of these cases)

14 Months In Jail For Destroying Her Life

A black male thug, Derrick King, 49,…at a a public shopping center, walked up to a white female and asked if she had a cigarette. When she replied she didn't black male King slammed a sucker punch to the side her of head, rendering her unconscious. The white female woke up in the hospital. Motive was robbery.

"I woke up bald -- no teeth, 85 staples in my head -- out of a drug-induced coma."

Effect: “…her jaw still falls out of joint, she still has seizures, and nerve damage prevents full use and feeling in her left foot.”

BEWARE! Cowardly King (no relation to ML King) served only 14 months for the brutal racist assault on the white female. He a free man today - and sure to strike again.
* Jennifer Hall , 36

Hagerstown, MD, April 19, 2008

Home Invasion – – Rape – 
Sexual OBSESSION - Murder
A black male, Darrol C. Sands, 43…walked over to his neighbor's home - a white female - barged in, then sexually assaulted her. After raping the female, Sand's murdered her.  Police claim they have forensically linked Sands to the crime scene. Note: Case has yet to be prosecuted (2012) and police continue to withhold crime scene evidence.

* Carol Marie Brown, 22 (mother of two)

UPDATE:: Incredibly (!), a jury has found Sands NOT GUILTY of murder.  Sands covered his bases apparently by claiming he had a secret consensual sexual relationship with the young girl. Yeah, sure thing.

Such a handsome 43-year-old man. No wonder the 
beautiful 22-year-old couldn’t resist him.

Roxbury, NJ, May 28, 2011

Business Invasion - Murder - Abuse Of Elderly

A black male , identity unknown, murdered an elderly white male in 
the course of an armed robbery.


White Male:
* Chafic "Steve" Ezzeddine, 71


Suffolk, NY, Aug. 9, 2006

Black Governor Of New York Gives FULL Pardon 
To Black Male Who Fired A Shotgun Blast Into The Face Of An Unarmed White Teen

When young teenagers are honking their horn and harassing you inside your home, what do you do? Two normal responses: 1) Call the Police; 2) Come out of your house with a gun and threaten the kids, or, if you really feel threatened, you point the gun in the air and fire it. This is the normal, civilized response. 

A group of young white teenagers drove up on John White's drive-way and honked their horn, intending to harass 54-year-old Mr. White, who is black. Mr. White then came charging out of his home with a shotgun and, at pointblank range, and without a moment of hesitation, shot a young white teenager in the face. Black male White was under no threat whatsoever. Coldblooded murder.... Mr. and Mrs. White both failed to call police or an ambulance.

* Daniel Cicciaro, Jr. 18 (deceased)

Mom: “I’ll never see my son again.”

UPDATE: The murderer served 5 months and then received a full pardon by black male (unelected) New York governor Patterson in 2010.  In other words, according to Patterson, John White did NOTHING wrong.  He was wrongfully convicted - by a racist judicial system. No he wasn't.
"Mr. White said their racist language recalled the hatred he saw as a child visiting the segregated Deep South and stories of his grandfather’s being chased out of Alabama in the 1920s by the Ku Klux Klan. He testified that his grandfather taught him how to shoot and bequeathed him the pistol he used."

BULL! This quote from Mr. White inferring racism by the KKK is very likely a lie -- NEVER happened. Here's  a link to the blacks who make up racism stories. You be the judge...


Sunrise, FL, September 2005 

Home Invasion - Rape & Murder Of College Student - Jury Acquits

Edward Mozie Howard, 26, (a career criminal) even though DNA evidence was on the female victim's underwear and police nabbed him at the scene of the crime, he was acquitted of rape and murder. 

"The reason? Mozie’s defense attorney argued that Mozie’s brother — James — could have committed the crime. James was dating Myers at the time." His brother was dating Myers at the time? I have a very hard time believing THAT.
"Mozie’s DNA has been in the state system for years. It first entered the state DNA database following Mozie’s 1997 conviction for carjacking. Mozie’s rap sheet dates back to the mid-1990′s for a host of charges including carjacking, robbery with a deadly weapon and attempted sexual battery."

UPDATE: Because dopey Mosely was a career criminal and was out on probation, even though the jury acquitted him of rape & murder based on  "beyond a reasonable doubt", a determined [white] prosecutor was still able to get Mosely behind bars by inventing a clever manipulation of the legal system. He determined that there was a "preponderance of evidence" that Mosely raped and murdered the white female, and therefore his probation should be revoked. A judge agreed and sentenced Mosely to 30 years. 

* Christine Myers, 18


Hayward, CA, Nov. 24, 2009

White Male Gunned Down
 In Front Of His Daughter - Still On The Loose

A black male, unidentified …didn’t like the adult white male’s little dog that had just sniffed his leg, so he pulled a gun and shot the white male multiple times, killing him – while the white male’s 13-year-old daughter watched.

“Hayward police released a sketch of the suspect and hope that anyone with information will call them. The suspect is a young, black male, 18 to his early 20s, 5’6 – 5’10″, with a slim build wearing a dark colored hoodie with a white logo on the front.”

UPDATE:: (Oct. 2013) After almost four years, police claim they've arrested the man who gunned down the unarmed person in front of his daughter. Police arrested Dereak Turner, 24, and charged him with murder. Have to wait and see if a jury actually convicts this guy.

UPDATE: Still no known disposition to this case as of April 2015.

* Thomas Cunningham, 38


Las Vegas, Aug. 25, 2005

Ambush - Murder
$100,000 Reward!

A black male - still unidentified - ambushed a white couple and demanded money. Evidently, they resisted and during the struggle the black male fired his gun wounding the white male and murdering his wife.

White Victims :
* Julie Miller (deceased)
* Ronald Miller (survived)

"Mr. Miller says the suspect is an African American male, about 30-years-old, 6 feet tall with a thin to medium build."


Concord, N. Carolina, June 13, 2008

Armed Robbery – Two White People Murdered 
Perp Still On The Loose...

“The State Highway Patrol and Concord police say the suspect is a black man in his 20s with shoulder-length dreadlocks”

$50,000 REWARD! For Arrest Of 
Black Male Murderer

An unidentified black male walked into a bottling company and pulled a gun on its employees. During the robbery, the black male gunned down two unarmed white people. .

* Donna Barnhardt, 59
* Darrell Noles, 44


Los Angeles, CA, May 1, 2010

Home Invasion - Ambush - Murder  
Still Yet To Be Prosecuted 

A black male, Ronald Henderson, 45... killed a white male (shot him in the face). 
According to Henderson's version, he was in the white male's apartment 
(Henderson lived in the same complex) and became terrified when the white male
 approached him then attacked him for no reason whatsoever. So, according to 
Henderson, he was forced to defend himself, which he did by pulling his concealed
 weapon and shooting the white male in the face. As of Dec. 2013, police are still 
trying to build enough evidence to prosecute Henderson for 1st degree murder.

* Joel Leach, 28

Note: If I had to guess what happened, and what I believe police believe, Henderson somehow got into Leach's apartment - at 2: am - and was caught stealing ... and shot Leach when he approached him. Why would Henderson be in Leach's apartment at 2:00 am ...and WITH A GUN?!


Hamilton County, OH, May 13, 2004

14-Year-Old Boy Murders 
White Male Adult -- Jury Acquits

A black boy, David Harris, 14… killed two people in two days in attempted robberies. 

The victims are:
* David Hutchinson, 20 (black male)
* George Vance, 27 (white male)

Note: The black boy was acquitted for the murder of the white male (Vance). However, police believe 100% they had the right guy for the killing. It was likely a legal technicality (e.g. evidence obtained during interrogation or perhaps interrogating a juvenile without a parent present ) that kept crucial evidence from being introduced to the jury.


Montclair, NJ, Nov. 12, 2006

Sucker Punch - Murder 


Jeffrey Ashe, 31, …sneaked up behind a white male and sucker punched him in the head, then continued to beat on him while he was on the ground and helpless (the white male died 19 days later). The ambush attack by Ashe arose from an argument the white male was having with Ashe's bother (the argument had nothing to do with Jeffery Ashe). While the white male was engaged in the argument with Jefferey's brother, Jeffrey sneaked up behind the white male and socked him in the head. Then the beat-down...

* Ralph Nicastro Jr., 44

Note: For this murderous assault & sucker punch, Ashe received only 3 years. 

He will be eligible for parole in less than 2 years.


Charlotte, N. Carolina, Dec. 2011

Home Invasion - Murder

A black male, unidentified, walked into a home where a white male was doing renovation work - a home he had just recently purchase. The black male pulled a gun and demanded money. When the black male received what money the white male had ($20.00 dollars) he shot him in the head. 

"Hawkins leaves behind his son, who turns five in September, his girlfriend, Suzanne Piri, and her two children. Piri described the suspect as a slender, 18 to 25-year-old, dark-skinned African-American man"

* Matt Hawkins, 39


Seattle, WA, October 25, 2008 

Racism - Stomp Down & Beat 
Down Murder

How much is a white person's life worth to a liberal judge ? ANSWER:: 12 weeks in prison.

Five black youths, Kenneth Kelly, 15, Billy Chambers, 15, Ja'Mari Jones , 15, and two others unidentified, ...decided to have some "fun" and went searching for a lone white male to attack, beat-down and stomp on...until he was unconscious, or dead. They accomplished the latter. And what kind of punishment would one expect from a liberal city like Seattle for this brutal attack and murder? The black kids got less than 12 weeks detention, free attorneys, free food and a free place to stay. Yeah, no big deal to a black youth today.

Chambers while being arrested three years later for another crime: "bragged to [a police officer] about being one of the juveniles who killed the Tuba Man," the report says. He bragged how his lawyer, John Henry Browne, "got him off with only three months for stomping the Tuba Man to death and how he would get him off for these charges, too." 

* Ed "Tuba Man" McMichaels, 53

Note: The total number of black males that have been subjected to a beat-down and stomp-downs over the last 50 years by white males - that I can find on the internet - in Seattle ZERO.


Denver, CO Nov. 6, 2009

Walk-Up Murder - THRILL KILL
Grand Jury "Gives up" ... Blacks got away with Racism & Murder 

" alleged [black] gang member said she and four other [black] gang members
 followed Graham after he got off the light rail. She said a second gang member 
spoke to Graham and that a third gang member, whom she identified by the street 
name "Baby Low," shot Graham."


Concord, N. Carolina, June 13, 2008

Two Innocent People Slaughtered ... 
Perp Still On The Loose 

"The State Highway Patrol and Concord police say the suspect is a black man in his 20s with shoulder-length dreadlocks"

An unidentified black male walked into a bottling company and pulled a gun
 on its employees. During the robbery, the black male gunned down two 
unarmed white people. 

White Victims: 
* Donna Barnhardt, 59
* Darrell Noles, 44


West Palm Beach FL. Sept. 16, 1999

Racism - Sucker Punch Murder - 
Black Female Gets a Few Months Jail Time 
(And Her Attorney Paid For By The White Tax base)

A black female, Joelle Gibbs, 41,… greeted an elderly white female who failed to return the greeting. Angry at this perceived slight, Gibbs charged up to the elderly white female and then “went ghetto” , sucker punching and knocking the woman to the ground. As a result of vicious and racist sucker punch, the elderly white female suffered a heart-attack. As the white female was lying on the ground and dying , Gibbs (not kidding) pulled her pants down and mooned the elderly woman, while also berating her with racial slurs.

UPDATE: Jury finds Gibbs guilty, but on a much lesser charge (not murder but “culpable negligence causing personal injury”). This means Gibbs will likely spend less than 3 months in a county jail.

* Julia Osmun, 65


New Orleans, LA, June 2010

Sucker Punch - Murder 

Two (maybe more) black males, ganged up on a white male (off duty police officer), sucker punched him, then the infamous black male beat down began - stomping and kicking his head.

Arrested For Murder:
Joshua Louis Miner, 20 (b/m)

UPDATE: "A 21-year-old local man pleaded guilty Tuesday and will serve less than three years in prison for punching and killing an off-duty Gretna police officer on Bourbon Street last summer," Note: If a white male did this to a black man and got just three years, Al Sharpton and every mainstream media outlet would be down there demanding "justice!" Good behavior, Minor will be out of prison in less than 2 years. 

Brett Thomas, 28 (w/m -- deceased)

For those of you who are interested... Video of the cowardly sucker punch 
scenario is linked below..

Belleville , MD, March 2, 2005

Armed Robbery Massacre

Two black males brutally murdered three elderly white people in a business invasion/robbery - each victim was stabbed over 50 times.  Police believe black male Darrell Lane, 16, was definitely involved, since he was driving a vehicle stolen from the one of the dead white victims. Police also believe  Samuel Johnson, 40, was involved. No convictions yet in this barbaric  ATROCITY.

* Michael Cooney, 62
* Dorothy Bone, 82
* Doris Fischer, 79 

Note: The two elderly women were sisters.

UPDATE: 11 years later black male Johnson is arrested (Sept. 2016).  Wait and see on this one.


Fort Bragg, N. Carolina , Sept. 22, 1998

Racism Beat Down & Stomp Down - 
Left For Dead - Jury Acquits

White Soldier Beaten Stomped On By Black soldiers 

As a white male (member of US military) was leaving a restaurant, seven, eight or ten black males (exact number unknown) sucker punched him, then , when the white was on the ground the black males began infamous kicking & head stomping. The white male was left comatose.

Update: The black attackers were all acquitted. They claimed it wasn't them but other black soldiers.

* Donald Lange, 25 

(one year after incident, "still cannot walk, talk or care for himself")


Minneapolis, MN, April 2012

White Male Riding His Bike Is Ambushed -
Gunned Down For Pocket Change

A white male was delivering food to a neighbor when he was ambushed by a group of blacks.
 They first demanded - at gunpoint - his bike. When the victim got off his
 bike he was gunned down. Black perps still on the loose.

* Jody Lynmarvin Patzner Jr., 22


Anne Arundel County, MD, Jan.6, 2012

Ambush - - Murder

Two black males ambushed a white male in his driveway. He was shot numerous
 times and the blacks then fled. Police still are investigating this crime and no suspects
 have been arrested yet.

* Gregory Robert Sears, 36 (deceased)

Alexandria Township, New Jersey,  Feb. 14, 2002

Just A Typical NBA Thug: Black Male Executes White Male - Gets 18 Months

Note: In 2005, 40% of NBA players had serious criminal felony records.

NBA black male thug, Jason Williams, (34 at the time of crime) was in his home with some black acquaintances, then retrieved a shotgun, loaded it and then asked a white male limo driver, Costas Christofi 55,  to join him. Williams then aimed his shotgun at the white male and executed him. However, Williams told police the gun went off accidentally. The police didn't believe it and arrested Williams for murder.  In 2010, incredibly, NBA thug Williams accepted a plea deal for only 18 months for the murder of  Christofi.

 If you would like to see the life's history of a real thug, take a look at this link:

Nashville, TN, Aug. 2007

Ambush - Armed Robbery -

White Male Is Robbed By Black Male At Gun Point... 
As Black Male Robber is Walking Away With His Wallet 
White Male Pulls Concealed Gun...
 Instead Of Firing ... White Male Orders Robber To Stop... 
Black Male Turns And Fires His Gun ... Killing White Male

 Black perp is still (nine years later) unidentified. 
The white male had his chance to shoot...but didn't.  

* David Martin, 27

Philadelphia, PA, Mach 2006

Sucker Punch - 'Knockdown Game' - Then Shot To Death -- Black Teens Get Off  "With Slap On The Wrist" 
Ganged Up on--Sucker Punched-- Beaten- Shot Dead --by a hoard of black racist teens

 "McCall was among six African-American teens, then aged 13 to 16, who came from North Philly into the Art Museum neighborhood March 23, 2006, with the intention of beating and robbing white people, according to the teens' testimonies."

Black male Quinzell McCall, (16 at time of murder),  though all of his comrades stated only he had the gun that killed a young white male teen, was acquitted of 1st degree murder. He was only found guilty of a weapons charge - about 5 years.    Good behavior, McCall will be back on the street in before he hits 19.

Other Black Male Racists Arrested For Murder:
George Graves, 16
Dawud Thomas, 15
Malik Loper, 14
Demietrius Tadlock, 13 
Brian Crosland, 15

*   Robert Pierson, 17

Paterson, New Jersey, June 17, 1966

The Ruban Carter Racially Motivated Massacre
 Two Convictions ...White Liberal Judge 
Vacates Second Conviction  
Carter Is A Free Man Today

Dopey [Bob] Dylan actually sung a song for Carter ("Hurricane")

The car Carter was traveling in matched the description of the vehicle seen 
fleeing the massacre. When police pulled over the car, they found Cater 
cowering in the back seat.  However, white officer who approached the 
car noticed it was "Hurricane" Carter and, thinking he couldn't possibly
 have perpetrated such a crime, the officer inexplicably let him go.

"Even Carter and Artis's lawyers admitted there was a
 "mountain of incriminating evidence" against them."

The Crime:  Three black males, Ruban Carter (former professional boxer),
 John Artis, Willie Marins,…walked into a bar after 
midnight - in a white community - for the sole purpose of gunning down
 white people. Four white people were shot execution style. Three died.

* Jim Oliver, (w/m)
* Jim Ropars (w/m)
* Hazel Tanis (w/f)

Note: Carter is now deceased. He fled to Canada after his second conviction was overturned. Apparently, because of the amount of evidence against him, he assumed there would be a third trial. Carter, incredibly, maintains it wasn't him. The evidence, however, says otherwise. Click LINK below.


Sunday, July 21, 2013

The 'Americans' Grant the Negro Integration Rights In 1964

Early 1960 --Blacks learning how to BULLY around white people... 

In America from 1865 to 1964 (from the end of the Civil War to forced integration) … the Negro race was in fact FREE. They were free as a distinct people could possibly be. The Negro race was – like the Americans – free  to create their own towns, cities, businesses, industries, political environments, employ only their own people, etc. ; or, if they truly felt oppressed they were also FREE to colonize a place in America (e.g. like he Mormons).


The recognized “Americans” (White Christians) and the Negro race were two distinctly different people that, in their entire history in America up until 1964, had always lived and worked separately. But no one should be offended by this ‘color line.’  ONE distinct people having separate living arrangements from another distinct people was not just a requirement of "white people" toward blacks in America.  It  was a condition that existed throughout human history.  As for the legality of the color line, there were no Constitutional laws requiring integration. Bottom line: The Negro race was NOT suffering injustices because the Americans required separate living and working environments – a color line.

The Negro’s plea for integration, which began in earnest around 1960, was in fact something unprecedented in the annals of human history (it was entirely orchestrated by White Liberals), and was also the WORSE case scenario manifesting for most Americans. The Negro race was supposed to live within the structure and confines of its own group. Human history and, indeed, the construct of human nature, dictated this reality.  This separation (from 1865 to 1964) was expected to give the Negro race the necessary opportunity to develop their own way of life, their own distinct culture and, most importantly, their own status environments (the creation of their own political & economic arenas), which would give them a feeling of self reliance and empowerment over the lives of
their people.  However, by pleading for integration the Negro race clearly signaled they were now prepared, and ultimately became very determined - "by any means necessary" -  to abandon their human requirement to be a self-reliant people.

In 1964, White Christian males DID THE UNTHINKABLE:: with no quid pro quo they granted the Negro his integration plea (Civil Rights Act).[1]

Then, in 1965, White Christian males DID ANOTHER INCREDIBLE THING, and unprecedented in human history:: again, with no quid pro quo they granted the Negro – with the Voting Rights Act – access to ALL THEIR political environments (federal, state, local). No people had ever done this for another people!  

* American blacks are the only distinct people to have 
 never achieved self-reliance i.e.  to be permanently attached to another people.

And one final clarification here. Prior to 1964, Black males in America DID NOT "suffer discrimination” per se. What they faced was a completely normal human condition called Historical Group Recognition (HGR).  In other words, throughout human history male groups created their own status environments and reserved entry into these environments for members of their own male group (males racially, linguistically and religiously similar). Blacks also practiced HGR prior to 1964. Few examples: 1) all Negro- owned business typically only employed Blacks; 2) Negro baseball only employed Blacks; 3) Pullman Porters (96% Black); 4) Brotherhood of Sleeping Car Porters (1925 to 1964), all Black leadership; National Association of Letter Carriers (NALC), formed in 1913, was all black

Forcibly integrating one race into another was, and continues to be, a bold experiment in manipulating human nature.


1. 99% of the members of Congress in 1964 were White Christian males.

When the Negro race was granted integration rights by the federal gov’t in 1964, White Christian males were forced to surrender their distinct ’American’ identity. That is, White Christians were no longer from that year onward, the recognized Americans. They have since been reduced to a color: “white” people.