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White People Who Believe Black Racism Stories

Most of us do not make up racism stories. However, some do.  I also find it curious that all the racism stories involve black and white - all of them. Motives vary.

1.  Black Hate Crime Hoax:  LB Williams, a 50-year-old black man, and married to a white female,  in the late night hours on November 4, 2011,  placed a wooden cross on his drive way, dowsed it with flammable liquid, then set it on fire. Williams then called police and claimed a hate crime was just committed against him. Williams then left a note taped to his front door so his [white] wife would find it.

“They were watching us, I assumed me and the kids, and that I better not leave that [N-word],” Donna Williams said. The note was signed “KKK.” 

Yes, you read right.  The KKK is warning the white wife NOT to leave the black man.  Hmmm.  It seems the black male was/ is in the process of a divorce  i.e.  he's a mooch and didn't want to be thrown out of her home and forced to provide for himself. Williams has been arrested for filing a false police report, among other offenses.

2.   William Hance (a black male)  in 1978 sent a letter to the Columbus, GA, police dept. telling them that a group  of racists white males were going to retaliate and kill a black female for the recent murders of seven elderly white females in Columbus. A dead black female (Gail Jackson) was then found by police.  However,  police later discovered the letter was a hoax, written by Hance to cover-up his murder of the mentioned black female. Note:  A sadistic black male serial rapist/murder, Carlton Gary, who was still on the loose at that time in Columbus, was responsible for the murders of the seven elderly white females.


Honorable Judge James Ware
3.   Judge James Ware invented a story (i.e. the judge lied) about having a brother who was gunned down by racist white teenagers in Alabama in the pre compulsory integration era (pre 1964).  For years people (mainly white people) believed it. Then, someone decided to do some fact-checking. Judge Ware was finally caught in his lie.  Many people believe Mr. Ware used the hoax to advance his career i.e. to make white people pity him.

4.   Yet Another Hate Crime Hoax:   "Officials say 21-year-old [black female] UW-Parkside junior Khalilah Ford, of Louisville, Kentucky, confessed to creating [an African American] hit list found on campus.
Kenosha County Sheriff. Bill Beth says Ford’s name was the only name to appear spelled correctly on the hit list, and that was a big clue for detectives."

5.   -- I recently read on a blog site about a guy who claimed in 1972 his [white] 89-year-old grandfather told him about a terrible lynching incident that occurred in 1912,  It involved three lynched black men that were found, and witnessed by gramps himself,  hanging from the rafters in a barn; and that lynching blacks (according to gramps) was not only a regular occurrence in the city back then but the white guys actually did it for sport - just for the fun it. The city was Cincinnati.

However, had the author did a little research he would have discovered that the lynching story was just a tall tale.  For instance, the Tuskegee Institute, which recorded lynching incidences beginning in 1882, reported no lynchings in Cincinnati for the year 1912. (Between 1882 and 1968, Tuskegee Institute reported 16 blacks lynched in Ohio - none in Cincinnati.  Oh, and how many of those lynched blacks were lynched by blacks? Tuskegee Institute doesn't have the answer to that one).

   Finally, the NAACP, which established its Cincinnati branch in 1915, also does not report in any of its literature that black men were being lynched in the city of Cincinnati.  

As incredibility reckless journalism as his narrative was, what I found to even more incredibly reckless, however,  was all the comments the white male received in his comment section.  Every single comment (most were white) contained one or all of these: (1) told him it was a great story; (2) what a horrible time it was in American history for blacks; (3) we've come such a long way since those terrible times, but more work is needed.  In other words, not one of those who commented bothered to do any fact-checking either. Every one of them bought the tall tale.


6.  Dr. Madonna G. Constantine, a former Columbia professor, was fired in 2008 for plagiarism. She also, many believe, hung a noose on her own office door, then reported a racist act against her. And the motive for this? It would lend credence to her attack on the university (where [white] people still hang nooses) for practicing “institutional racism” against her. She has forced the university to defend itself in three separate lawsuits related to her firing. 


Lying black female Tawana Brawley

7.   Tawana Brawley, a 15-year-old black female, in 1987 accused six white men of rape and smearing dog feces on her.  Brawley's story was proven to be a complete fabrication. She later absconded with over $200,000, which was donated - by gullible people - for her defense. There are those who claim she made up her rape story because she was out too late and feared what her stepfather might do as punishment. But if that was the case, why involve six white males? - and something guaranteed to make headline news. Police later believed her stepfather and mother were willing participants in the hoax ... to destroy the lives of six white males, that neither of them had ever met.


 And for those who want many, many more examples of blacks inventing racism incidences, here's a good link:



Courtney Thomas, 18, wrote a message on the bathroom stall..." It named five African American students including Courtney himself… and said they would be lynched and kill" SOURCE

8.  Made-Up Story to make people SUBMIT to her guilt-tripping>>LINK


  Pavlov's Dogs' Syndrome

There does appear to be a pattern, a formula if you will, to all of these made up stories: All the stories have blacks as their victim(s) … and are intended for the ears of oh so many gullible white people out there.  And it's obvious to me today that many white people actually do seem to crave these kinds of stories. Why? My theory is that Americans over the last 45 years (since the launching of Compulsory Inclusionism in 1964), through Hollywood movies and TV shows, as well as through their educational system (i.e the rewriting of their history), have been taught by implication that American white Christians  are simply the most wicked of all people in human history. And why are they so wicked?  The wickedness seems to emanate primarily from ONE thing: the failure of white people all over America to instantly commit to race-nullification when the black race migrated to the Anglo-created urban centers of America between 1865 and 1968 (white people, that is, were being racist).  This failure to integrate created, so white people have been programmed to believe, incalculable suffering for the black race; and in which blacks still suffer the haunting lingering effects from it to this very day. So when white people hear stories of black victimization by their people, like Pavlov's Dogs ... they are conditioned to :: (1) purge themselves of guilt and tell the world how much they despise racism; (2) they are not one of those hate-filled white people - of which they also feel duty-bound to remind us all that there is still oh so many racists white people still out there; (3) they feel deep sorrow and deep pity for the helpless and victimized black victim(s). When their conditioned purging process is complete ... the white people feel good about themselves. However, since the programming is a never-ending process, so too must the purging be never-ending. Every story they hear, whether it sounds true or not, they are overwhelmed by the need to purge themselves -- so they can feel good. And on and on it goes...

By the way, does anyone know of any K thru 12 school literature, Hollywood produced movie or TV show addressing the issue of racism and the perpetrators are not white Christian males?

Saturday, May 28, 2011

The Moynihan Report - An Unheeded WARNING

* 1965 *

The Moynihan Report

 Daniel Patrick Moynihan was a liberal democrat who was appointed by President Kennedy to be Assistant Secretary of Labor and stayed on during the Johnson Administration. In 1965, Moynihan produced a report on the then current state of the Negro family in America. The primary purpose of the the report was to inform America that the Negro family was in major crisis, due - as Moynihan saw it - to the cycle of poverty bred by an unstable family unit (specifically in urban America).  Moynihan also decided to use his report to provide an explanation for the economic differences between the white race and the black race (white people's standard of living was, obviously, much higher than blacks).   In  Moynihan's subjective opinion , he basically attributed the lower standard of living by black people in America to the legacy of slavery. Yes, this was nice safe ground, as no one could prove him wrong. But rather than staying within the safe ground of the legacy of slavery, Moynaihn decided, no doubt in an effort to appear to be fair-minded, to venture into the realm of "competence testing,"  suggesting that nature itself could very well be playing a part in creating the economic disparity between the two racial groups. That is,  white people may be endowed with a higher degree of intelligence than blacks.  Of course, self-anointed leaders from the black race were furious. Moynihan's suggestion also contradicted the ideology he inferred the gov’t was now committing itself to regarding black economic desolation (the legacy of slavery was the root caused for the economic problems of the black race).  

The report ended up costing Moynihan his job. 1


     End of the Beginning : The Report began with a declaration that America was now in a new state of affairs, that there had been a “Negro American revolution”.  Negroes had achieved their integration (with the help of the Johnson and Kennedy Administrations). Now there was an “End of the Beginning”. They (blacks) had won something no male group had ever won : the “right” to be integrated into another race’s social stratification system - though it need also be mentioned that no other male group ever demanded such a  thing in human history. The next step for blacks (actually the federal government's next step) was “equality.”  But equality for the blacks was to have a different meaning.  According to the Moynihan Report:

“The demand for Equality of Opportunity has been generally perceived by white Americans as a demand for liberty, a demand not to be excluded from the competitions of life - at the polling place, in the scholarship examinations, at the personnel office, on the housing market. Liberty does, of course, demand that everyone be free to try his luck, or test his skill in such matters. But these opportunities do not necessarily produce equality: on the contrary, to the extent that winners imply losers, equality of opportunity almost insures inequality of results.

The point of semantics is that equality of opportunity now has a different meaning for Negroes than it has for whites. It is not (or at least no longer) a demand for liberty alone, but also for equality - in terms of group results.”

In other words people, blacks, as a racial group,  must be equal in all things with white people. That is, all statistical economic differences must be racially level.   And how was this new definition of equality to be achieved for the American Negro?  By integration , taxation and new government programs. 

Monyihan then points out the true crux of the failings of the black race in America (as the white liberals saw it) : the disintegration of the black  family unit.  

“The evidence -- not final, but powerfully persuasive -- is that the Negro family in the urban ghettos is crumbling. A middle-class group has managed to save itself, but for vast numbers of the unskilled, poorly educated city working class the fabric of conventional social relationships has all but disintegrated. There are indications that the situation may have been arrested in the past few years, but the general post-war trend is unmistakable. So long as this situation persists, the cycle of poverty and disadvantage will continue to repeat itself.”


“The white family has achieved a high degree of stability and is
maintaining that stability. By contrast, the family structure of lower
class Negroes is highly unstable, and in many urban centers is
approaching complete breakdown.”

And what caused this family breakdown?  Well, Moynihan (and the Johnson Administration) couldn’t very well blame the black males (or their cultural constraints - their non-Occupational Ranking nature), so he cites:

“…three centuries of exploitation [slavery and, after 1865, the white man‘s failure to commit to race-nullification] …” “Here the consequences of the historic injustices done to Negro Americans are silent and hidden from view. But here is where the true injury has occurred: unless this damage is repaired, all the effort to end discrimination and poverty and injustice will come to little.”

But how is the Negro family going to be repaired so they could achieve “equality as a group” with the white population?

In Moynihan’s summation he makes it clear that his report is only about “defining a problem” (all related to slavery) and not to “propose solutions to [fix] it.”  However, the solution is obvious: massive government intervention into urban black life. What else could possibly be the reason to produce such a report?

Then Moynihan decided to bring up two issues, undoubtedly in an effort to be fair-minded. 

The first issue concerned "competence".

“The ultimate mark of inadequate preparation for life is the failure rate on the Armed Forces mental test. The Armed Forces Qualification Test is not quite a mental test, nor yet an education test. It is a test of ability to perform at an acceptable level of competence. It roughly measures ability that ought to be found in an average 7th or 8th grade student. A grown young man who cannot pass this test is in trouble. Fifty-six percent of Negroes fail it. This is a rate almost four times that of the whites.”

The second issue concerned the Negro male's abandonment of his children.

“It may be noted, for example, that for most of the post-war period male Negro unemployment and the number of new AFDC cases rose and fell together as if connected by a chain from 1948 to 1962. The correlation between the two series of data was astonishing. (This would mean that 83 percent of the rise and fall in AFDC cases can be statistically ascribed to the rise and fall in the unemployment rate.) In 1960, however, for the first time, unemployment declined, but the number of new AFDC cases rose [black males had more jobs but black females with children were filing for more government assistance]. In 1963 this happened a second time.  In 1964 a third. The possible implications of these and other data are serious enough that they, too, should be understood before program proposals are made.” 

The inference in these final two observations here are important as they are ominous. (1) How can the educational system be the suggestive route to opportunity and advancement for the black race if less than half of the black males - for whatever reasons - are only able to reach the performance level more indicative of a child than an adult? (2)  How can the government expect to “fix” the Negro urban family (by employing black males and forcing integration into white male-created work groups) if the monies from these jobs are not going to be used - by the Negro males - to support his family?

Time would tell... 

1.  After this report was made public, and even though members of the media (print or TV)  and academia refused to delve into the inferences made by Moynihan, nevertheless, President Johnson immediately banished him from his administration.  Black self-anointed leaders claimed he was being racist. 

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Black Male Atrocities Since 1964 - White Victims (May 2011)

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    Continuing from our April 2011 addition of black atrocities against innocent white people, we are now moving on to our May featured atrocity. This one involves a kidnapping, robbery, then a brutal & senseless murder of a young white male -  who had a very promising future. This kind of black male crime - actually a week-long reign of terror - was unprecedented before 1964. 

   April Atrocity>>>CLICK HERE                                                                           June Atrocity>>>CLICK HERE

Houston, TX, Sept. 7, 2000

Public Abduction - Murder

Three black males and a black female,
Perry Eugene Williams, Jr., 19, (trigger-man -sentenced to death)
James Dunn,
Corey Phillips , (sentenced to life in prison)
Kinita Starr Butler, 
(girlfriend of Williams - sentenced to 20 years)

…abducted a young white male college student hoping to get cash from his ATM card. However, for unknown reasons, on their way to the ATM that plan abruptly changed. The car stopped and Williams got out.  He then stuck his gun in the window and, ignoring the pleas of the young white male not to shoot,  killed him instantly by shooting him in the head. Total take in this mastermind robbery was $40.00. 

The innocent white male is:
* Matthew Carter (studying to be a doctor)

Note: The week crime spree of these blacks prior to the abduction and murder of Matthew Carter is beyond comprehension.
  UPDATE: Williams scheduled execution on July  14, 2016 was stayed.

* TOTAL amount of compensation from the federal government  to  family members of Matthew Carter ... is ZERO.

                         A DOUBLE FEATURE BONUS 


Michigan & Texas , May 1978-1983

Thrill Killer ... Used Civil Rights Laws To Murder White Females 

Houston police finally caught up with - the monster - black male mass murderer of white females, Coral Eugene Watts. He's believed to have murdered 26, possibly more than 80, white females, mainly in Texas and Michigan. 
Coral Eugene Watts, in 1983, was caught in the act of attempting to murder two white females in their apartment. Racist Watts’ usual MO was to follow a white female to her home and when he determined the coast was clear, would leap from his car, charge up to the female with a knife in his hand then bludgeon her to death on or inside her property.   Watts would then quickly flee the scene. 

Oddly, there were no rape attempts by Watts. He seemed to be driven by just pure HATE for white females.  

Too many dead white females to list them all here. However, here are some of Watts' white victims::

  From left to right:
* Linda Tilley * Anna Ledet * Helen Dutcher * Margaret Fossi
* Elena Semander * Emily LaQua * Elizabeth Montgomery * Jeanne Clyne
* Suzi Wolfe * Michele Maday

* Black male Watts admitted to killing 13 white females

Jeanne Clyne, 44, & how she died: On Halloween 1979, black male Watts decided to go driving around a white community near Detroit (Gross Pointe Farms - 99% white in 1979) looking for a white female to ram with his 14-inch screwdriver. He noticed a white female, 44-year-old Jeanne Clyne (former food writer for Detroit News), walking on the sidewalk. Black male Watts exited his car, ran up to her from behind ... and simply plunged his screwdriver into her back. Black male Watts then fled, leaving Jeanne Clyne to die on the sidewalk.


                                                                              June Atrocity >> CLICK HERE