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George Stinney - An Atrocity Being Rewritten

Yet ANOTHER black-on-white atrocity that is being rewritten... New version: George was 'railroaded' by racist southern white people. He was actually INNOCENT!  -- No he was NOT!
George Stinney

March 23, 1944, Clarendon County, S . Carolina --

      The Atrocity:  Two American girls, one 8-years-old and the other 11-years-old,  were approached by a 14-year-old Negro boy, George Stinney, while they were picking flowers.  Apparently, wen the Negro boy became insistent on sex with the 11-year-old and, of course, the girl flatly refused, both girls tried to leave.  In a fit of anger George pulled a railroad spike from his pants pocket, which he picked up while tracking the girls to their location, and then started beating both girls ... until they were dead.  He then sexually abused the dead corpses.

       Note: When the prosecutor called on the medical examiner to testify if any of the girls had been sexually violated, he refused  to "rule it out."  Since George's sole intent for approaching the white girls was sexual in nature ... it's only logical that George would have violated the dead - or dying - girls. If George was sadistic enough to kill two little girls, he certainly was capable of any vile act.

    After Stinney was through with his sordid amusement with the two girls,  he dragged the bodies to a shallow pond and pushed them into it. He then retrieved the girl's bike and the murder weapon and tossed them into the same pond. Stinney then calmly walked away from the macabre scene he had created -- and never once from then on did he exhibit even the slighted modicum of guilt or remorse for what he had done to those two girls.

       George's sister rats him out... Well, not exactly. During the hunt for the missing girls, George participated.  When he mentioned he and his sister had not only seen the missing girl's but also talked to them, the police, naturally,  wanted to talk to George and his sister.  When police did talk to the two Negro children,  George's sister told them that the two white girls, who were on a bicycle,  had stopped and asked her and her brother if they knew where to find some flowers.  George's sister told them she did, and then told them where to go.  The Negro girl then told the officers that as the girls rode away ... George went in the direction of the the girls.   One can imagine at this point the officers looking squarely at George ... then asking him why he went in the direction of the girls?  One can next imagine that George must have just stood there speechless. George was taken into police custody for further questioning.  Note: George first denied any knowledge of the crime.  However, caught in his own web of deceit, he then tried to convince the officers that the girls attacked him and he had to defend himself.  Since George obtained a weapon (railroad spike) before he approached the little girls, that defense also didn't work.  George was finally left with telling the officers what really happened, which was transcribed by deputy Newman.

     Deputy Newman's Interrogation notes:
"I was notified that the bodies had been found. I went down to where the bodies were at.  I found Mary Emma she was rite [sic] at the edge of the ditch with  four or five wounds on her head, on the other side of the ditch the Binnicker girl, were [sic] laying there with 4 or 5 wounds in her head,  the bicycle the girls had were beside the little Binnicker girl. By information I received I arrested a boy by the name of George Stinney ...  he then made a confession and told me where a piece of iron about 15 inches long were, he said he put it in a ditch about 6 feet from the bicycle which was lying in the ditch."

   The highlighted portion of George's confession is ironclad proof that George committed the murders, for only the true perpetrator would have known the whereabouts of the murder weapon. Further, the fact that George picked up a railroad spike and brought it with him to confront the white girl's ... demonstrated premeditation i.e. George knew what he was going to do if he didn’t get his way… long before he walked up on the little girls.

   There was little George's defense attorney could do, since George provided a detailed confession to the crime. His attorney decided to use the  'he's-too-young-to-be-held-accountable-for-his-actions'  defense. The all-American jury didn't buy it.  George Stinney was convicted of the double murders and, since George had reached legal adult age in South Carolina (14-years-old),  the judge gave him the same sentence he would have given to any adult who had committed such a mind-numbing atrocity:: death in the electric chair. George was executed 81 days after his conviction.

>>> Of further note,  George's own parents never publicly proclaimed their son was innocent of the double murders -- not a single newspaper account exists of them pleading for justice from the "racist" southern judicial system.  And finally,, the NAACP, an organization that certainly one would expect to have gotten involved in this case if there was even the slightest hint of malfeasance or foul play, not only didn't they get involved (they provided no lawyers ... nor was there any write-up in their Crisis magazine condemning the "racists" southerners), but also all the way up to and after the execution, never claimed George Stinney was innocent.<<<

Innocent White Girls:
* Mary Emma Thames, age 8
 * Betty June Binnicker, 11

Note: If you go to wikipedia, you will find this :

"Stinney (90 lbs, 5'1") wanted to "have sex with" 11 year old Betty June Binnicker and could not do so until her companion, Mary Emma Thames, age 8, was removed from the scene; thus he decided to kill Mary Emma..."

This is really an outrageous and disgusting implication here people (!),  implying the 11-year-old white girl was willing to have sex with the black boy. Note: I have changed this despicable quote on wikipedia, as well as many other descriptions implying racist white people were deliberately trying to railroad an innocent 14-year-old black boy.  My version states without an agenda ... and represents what was indicated in the notes of deputy Newman, and has stood as the truth to this case for over 65 years.  We'll see how long it last. 

UPDATE:: My 'non-agenda'  version lasted two days!  The original 'evil-and-racist-white people-done-George-wrong' version is back up.
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Black Male Atrocities Since 1964 - White Victims (August 2012)

July's Atrocity>>>CLICK HERE                                        Sept.. Atrocity>>>> CLICK HERE

This is our August 2012 addition to staggering to imagination atrocities committed by black males against innocent white people.  The brutal crime below - an atrocity - involves an innocent young white female school teacher who was raped by a black "stable boy."  She was stabbed repeatedly then, as she was dying, she had to endure the rape. 


Mt. Pleasant, S. Carolina,  Nov.  28, 1975

Rape & Murder Of A Young White Female

Black Male Strikes at his place of work...

His stated goal: "I'm gonna get me a white bitch"

 In 1975, a Negro by the name of Perry Deveaux, 17,  who was said to have a low IQ, was given a job by white people to work as a stable boy.  In the course of his work he became infatuated with a white female and decided, after observing her riding routine, that he could get away with a rape. However, the rape would also have to include murdering her.  The low IQ black boy had no problem with that.  On a Tuesday afternoon in November the white female went out riding alone, as she often had done.  Deveaux retrieved a knife, went to a local liquor store, bought and downed a quart of malt liquor, then went out to a secluded place where he knew the white female would eventually  pass. When she did pass, Deveaux spooked her horse then pulled her to the ground.  Deveaux then mounted her and, as she screamed, he yelled at her "Shut up! Shut up!" then rammed his knife into her throat, slicing her vocal cords.  As she choked on her own blood, Deveaux used his knife to cut her clothes off.  He then raped her.  After the rape, Deveaux calmly walked away, not knowing, or carrying, if the white female was dead or alive. .

Note: A persistent black male detective,  Eugene Frazier, nailed Deveaux in 1981.

Innocent White female:
* Kathleen Sanderlin, 23 (school teacher)


                      DOUBLE FEATURE BONUS 


Leon County, FL. Aug. 12, 1984

White Female 'Good Samaritan'  Abducted - Raped - Tortured - Burned Alive

 A black male, Joe Nixon, 22 ,... disconnected the battery cables to his car, then waited for a white female he had seen go into a restaurant to come out. When she did, black male Nixon approached her and pleaded to use her car battery to attach his jumper cables. She agreed to help him.  Naturally, the car wouldn't start. The next phase of Dixon's plan - to rape, torture & murder the white female -  was to get the white female to give him a ride right down the street (you could image - Oh how he pleaded, "jus right down the street PLEASE"). Unfortunately, the girl agreed (apparently, she didn't want to appear racist). She let her guard down and paid the ultimate price.  Black male Nixon led her off the main street... then Nixon sucker punched her in the face, rendering her semi-unconscious. He then dragged her to the trunk and dumped her into it. She was taken to a secluded area, raped (god only knows how long that took and ... the things she was forced to endure), then tied to a tree, robbed of her personal belongings, and - despite her BEGGING not to be killed - Dixon then set her on fire ... and left.

Innocent White Female:
* Jeanne Bickner, 38