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Black Males: Rape & Murder /Attempted Murder - White Female Victims

 I have documented about 2530 white victims (seriously injured or dead) in my blog series, Violence Crimes: Black on White.   In about  25% of the incidents the black male(s) raped his white victim(s) then, after  the sexual attack, he/they murdered, or attempted to murder,  the white female(s). The list below represents only a very partial list of white female victims.

Note:  Estimates for black male sexual assaults on white females on a per year basis over the last 40 years, range from 14,000 to as high as 38,000  (no way to find out exact rape figures as the federal gov't refuses to release this information).   The incidents below do not include the black male's sole act of rape on the white female. The incidents include only those where the black man has raped then murdered, or attempted to murder his white female victim(s).

The rape and murder / attempted murder incidents below have been color coded
  • Home Invasion (Red)
  • Business Invasion (Green)
  • Public Abduction (Blue)
As of August 2011, the total amount of compensation from the federal gov’t to either the white family members of the deceased , or the survivor(s),  of a brutal attack by Eric Holder’s people ... is  ZERO

  • LBJ's Civil Rights Laws -- Imagery Of  White Victims  ...  LINK
  • Black Males Historical Crime Rates >>LINK 

Note: Eldridge Cleaver was known as the Watts  Rapist. He was arrested 
in 1958 for rape of a white female and attempting to murder her.

Indianapolis, Ind. October 29, 2013

Convicted & Sentenced At Taxpayer Expense:
  • Michael Pugh – 248 years
  • Adrian Anthony – 318 years
  • Alexander Dupree 248 years
  • Demetre Brown – 248 years
White Victims:
Eileen Portenza (mother , raped - survived with two bullet wounds)
Carl Potenza (father, beaten - survived)
Alli Portenza (daughter, raped - survived)

NOTE:: This kind of attack on a white households...has a very, very long history to them. LINK
1.  Columbus, GA, 1975-1978

Home Invasion - Elderly Rape - Murder
"The Stocking Strangler" 
African-American Serial Rapist and Killer of Elderly White Females 

Carlton Gary was 23-years-old when he began his sordid career of home 
invasion rapes/murders of elderly white women.  He was responsible for at
 least 11 attacks. Eight were found dead.

Gary’s MO: “On the night of September 15, 1977, she awoke to find an intruder 
in her bedroom. He wrapped a nylon stocking around her neck and 
choked the life out of her.”

White Female Victims Who Were Deliberately Targeted Because Of Their Race:
Jean Frost, 55 (brutally beaten, strangled into unconsciousness but survived)
* Unidentified White Female, 59 (survived a strangulation attempt)
* Janet Cofer, 61 (strangled to death in her bed)
* Gertrude Miller , 64 (strangled to death)
* Mary Willis "Ferne" Jackson, 50 (strangled to death)
* Jean Dimenstien, 71 (punched in the face, raped, strangled to death)
* Florence Sheible, 89 (punched in the face, dragged to the bedroom, 
raped, strangled to death)
* Martha Thurmond, 69 (strangled to death in her bedroom)
* Ruth Schwob, 79 (?) (survived - stocking still wrapped tightly 
around her neck when police arrived)
* Mildred Dismukes Borom, 78 (strangled to death)
* Kathleen Woodruff, 77 (strangled in her bed)

Note: When Gary was finally caught (1984), he quickly pointed his finger
 at another black male career criminal, Malvin Alamichael Crittenden , blaming 
all the rapes and murders on him. Pics of all Gary's victims can be
 found on the link below.

Wichita, KS  2014

Martha Schell, 100

Wilmington, DE  2013

Gang Rape In A [White] Community
 Public Park By Gang Of Black 
 (some as young as 12-years-old)

The perps, giggling and laughing wildly as they  ran away...are still on the loose.
Chatham County,  GA  Sept.  2012

Home Invasion - Rape - Murder

Shan Cheley,37, broke into a female's home (or ambushed her outside and forced his way in), brutally raped her, then strangled her to death. Cheley then wrapped the female in a blanket and dumped her in her car trunk, then set the body on fire. Cheley, when he was arrested for the rape & murder,  claimed to police he had consensual sex with the victim and left her alive in her car.  A jury didn't buy it ... and convicted him of murder. Note:: Cheley did not get convicted of rape since there was only his word that he had consensual sex.

Amber DeLoach, 18

2013 - Anderson, Ind.

Rape - Strangulation
Beating Of 93-Year-Old
[White] Female

Iquise V. Taylor, 17,  so desperate to rape a helpless 93-year-old woman, 
he literally kicked her door down. He then raced upstairs to her bedroom.  Once in the 
bedroom, Taylor jumped on top of the elderly woman and began beating her, 
strangling her, then raping her.  Miraculously, the elderly woman survived. Police 
claim there was no burglary or any items of value taken i.e. it was ALL about rape.  

Amelia Rudolf, 93 (w/f)

Oklahoma City, OK  Sept. 6, 2011

Neighbor Invades Woman's Home 
Rape - Murder
"Cotton lives with his mother and her husband just a few houses away"
Dartangan Cotton, 20,...overcome with a sexual obsession to
 rape his next door neighbor, broke into her home (or made up a ruse to get in). 
Once inside, Cotton  attacked the woman, tied her hands behind her, raped her, humliated her,  then beat her to death.  

* Paula Martin, 56


Grand Rapid, MI  2012

White Male Allows Black Males Into His 
Home -- RESULT? Black Males BEAT - RAPE 
Young White Female ... And Make Boyfriend 
Watch As She Screams For Help

“Zachary Nedow teared up in court today as he recounted how armed robbers
 held a gun to his head, then raped his female friend in the same room of his
 Veto Street NW home. ‘She’s just screaming,’ Nedow testified today in court, 
choking up as he spoke. ‘She’s saying ‘no, no.’ They were just beating us senseless
 if we tried to move or struggle,’ he said.”

Career criminals who were convicted of home invasion, rape, armed robbery:
Rederick Melton, 20 (minimum 43 years)
 Dorian Jacqwell Jones, 20  (minimum 43 years)
 Brandon Tyrell Towns, 25 (rapist - minimum 62 years)

Victims, beaten mercilessly, survived.

2. New York City  2011

Home Invasion - Attempted Rape- 
Brutal Murder
A very determined rapist, Derrick Praileau , 31,  who was given a job as manager
 of housekeeping for a luxury hotel, decided he wanted to rape a female.  Since he 
had a passkey to every room, naturally,  he could enter any room he desired.  The 
female's room he decided to enter had been living in the hotel for about a month. 
In other words,  Praileau had plenty of time to hatch out a rape and murder scheme. 
However, it seems the female wasn't willing to cooperate with Praileau rape 
scheme ... and preferred death rather than submitting to a rape.

Note: Much to the anger of the the victim's family,  Praileaue was 
given only a 23-year sentence for this brutal murder/attempted rape. He'll 
likely be out  in about 11 years. Oh, and you can bet the hotel where 
Praileau worked was FORCED to pay out MILLIONS in a
wrongful death suit. 

Andree "Sara" Bejjani, 44


3. Leon County, FL. Aug. 12, 1984

Public Abduction - Good Samaritan White Female Raped - Tortured - Burned Alive

How black male Joe Nixon, 22 schemed to get his rape...  Nixon, who had observed a white female go into a restaurant by herself, disconnected the battery cables to his car, then waited 
for the white female come out. 
When she did,  Nixon approached her and pleaded to use her car battery to attach 
his jumper cables. She agreed to help him.  Naturally, the car wouldn't start. 
 The next phase of Dixon's plan - to rape, torture & murder the female -  was to 
get the white female to give him a ride down the street (you could image - Oh how
 he pleaded, "jus right down the street.  PLEASE"...followed by the infamous black male 'puppy dog' smile).   Unfortunately, the white female agreed
 (apparently, she didn't want to appear racist).
The white female
 let her guard down and paid
 the ultimate price.
Nixon led her off the main street... then he punched her in 
the face, rendering her semi-unconscious. He then dragged her to the trunk and
 dumped her into it. The victim was taken to a secluded area, raped, tied to a tree, 
robbed of her personal belongings,  then, despite her BEGGING for her life, 
Dixon tore the convertible hood off the car, wrapped it around  her then
 set it afire -- burning her alive.

* Jeanne Bickner, 38

Note: The medical examiner couldn't detect a rape because Dixon burned the woman - alive.

 Jacksonville, FL, 1984

Child Rape & Murder Case Solved 
After 28 Years -- It Was  The 
Neighbor After All
In 1984, a 10-year-old child was kidnapped, raped and murdered. 28 years later, a cold
 case unit, with the help of preserved DNA evidence,  nailed  James Leon Jackson, 60.  
Note: The child was abducted from her front yard.

* Tammy Welch, 10

 Solano County , CA Jan. 31, 2013

Young Girl - 13-Years-Old - Kidnapped - 
Raped - Murdered
A sexual predator, Anthony Lamar Jones, 32, was arrested less than a week after 
the young girl was found naked and dead  in a park.  He is being charged with 
suspicion of murder, kidnapping to commit rape, rape and lewd and 
lascivious acts on a child.

 Genelle Renee Conway-Allen, 13

Scott County, Iowa  1990

Child Kidnapped From Her Property...

Child Is Brutally Raped Then Beat & Strangled Into Unconsciousness - She's Then Stuffed In A Garbage Bag
And Burned  
Apparently, Stanley Liggins, 28 (at time of rape & murder), was a neighbor and 
was overly friendly to the child.  The girl's family did not know he was a 
convicted child molester. 

Jennifer Ann Lewis , 9
San Diego, CA 1992

Black Male Was Given A Job As Police 
Officer In White Community --- Becomes
 Serial Rapist Of White Females ( 7 Raped & Terrorized)

 Sexual Deviant Arrested & Convicted:
Henry Hubbard (sentenced to 55 years - is now out on parole)
4. Anaheim, CA, Jan. 10, 2010

Home Invasion - Elderly - - Torture - Murder

A black male, Anthony Darnell Wade, 25,…broke into the home of an elderly woman to commit rape and burglary. After the rape, Wade beat, kicked and knifed the elderly woman to death. He then took her credit card and stole her car.

* Bessie Mae Whiman, 84 (w/f)
5. Shelby, NC (summer and fall) 2003

Home Invasion - Rape - Elderly - Murder

A black male (and career criminal), Donald Eugene Borders, 43 … 
was a serial rapist and murderer of elderly women.  His MO was to find an 
elderly white female living alone and then break into her home. Once inside, 
Borders would first rape the woman, then,  after the rape
 (or during it) the 
woman would be tortured ... then murdered. Borders, before 
he would flee,  would also help himself to whatever 
valuables he could carry. 

White Victims:
* Margaret Tessneer, 79
* Lottie Ledford, 85
* Lillian Mullinax, 87
Indianapolis, Ind.  2015

Home Invasion -RAPE - MURDER That Shocked
'Pastor's Wife... 

Larry Jo Taylor, Jr., 18, and Jalen Watson, 21
Arrested For Rape & Murder;
Larry Jo Taylor, Jr., 18
Jalen Watson, 21

Innocent Victim:
Amanda Blackburn (wf -- pregnant when she was executed)

Home Invasion That Shocked
Mission Beach, CA Residences
In 2006, three unemployed black males,Willie Louis Watkins, 32, Donald Duante Smith, 20,Antonio Washington, 19,…strolled up to a condo residence in Mission Beach (CA) - knowing it was occupied by white students -  to commit a home invasion, robbery and rape. When the door was opened the black males pulled guns and barged inside. Once inside the blacks marched at gunpoint the white students (two males and two females) upstairs. The girls were raped and humiliated for over an hour.   When the black males were done having their fun, they took many of the students’ household items, grabbed the two white females and then left. The two terror-stricken white females were later released.
7.   Denver, Col. Dec. 9, 2008

Public Abduction - Rape - Torture - Murder

Police Officer: “[The white female] said she saw the [black male] suspect when
 she got off a bus and that he followed her, pushed her into the alley, held her
 down and . . . raped her. "

A black male, Willie James Trimble, 46, …was arrested for the brutal rape an
 an elderly female. His victim, who was left only partially clothed in
well below freezing temperatures, later died from exposure.

* Judith Pyle, 61 (w/f)
8.   Houston, TX, June 24, 1993

Public Abduction - Rape  -Murder

A black male,  Sean Derrick O'Brien, 18, participated in the rape of two
teenage girls. He then instigated and participated in the murder of both girls.

* Jennifer Ertman, 14
* Elizabeth Pena, 16

Note: Efrain Perez, 18, Raul Villarreal,18, Peter Anthony Cantu, 18 (Latino, 
executed by state of TX), were also arrested for murder in this case.

9.   Roanoke, VA, 1978

Home Invasion - Murder
Career sex offender, Robert White, Jr., 50,… broke into a female’s home to
 commit rape, murder and burglary. The woman died as a result of duct tape
being deliberately wrapped around her mouth and nose. It took police 30 years
but they finally nailed White by DNA evidence.

Note: White lived across the hall from the young woman. Without the Fair Housing Act, I think it safe to say Virginia would be alive today.

* Virginia Morrell, 21

Public Abduction - Female Is 
Ambushed & Beat To Death

Perp Then Had Sex With Her Dead 
Body - Robs Her Of Pocket Change
Kimani Ward, 29, noticed a young female walking home alone (it was 3 a.m.).  
He ambushed her, beat her mercilessly, then clubbed her with a tire iron, beating her 
in the head until she was dead.  Ward then had sex with the dead woman. After that, 
he rifled through her pockets looking for pocket change - he got $11.00. 

"He told police that as he pulled Willegal's body off the truck her pants and 
underwear got snagged and were pulled off. "
"He told investigators at one point Willegal's coat was pulled up and he 
could see her breasts.'
"He said he thought to himself that he had come this far, so he might 
as well have sex with her"

Emily Willegal, 24
11.   King of Prussia, PA, Oct. 2004

Public Abduction - Rape - Murder

A black male, Patrick McCarthy, 22,…abducted a woman, took her to a
 motel,  raped, sodomized and then murdered her.

* Anna Fowler, 19 (w/f)
12.  Rusk, TX, Sept. 2 , 2002

Armed Robbery - Three Kidnapped - 
Female Raped- All Three Gunned Down

Two males, Beunka Adams, 19 (b/m), Richard Cobb, 18, (w/m)…walked into a 
business where three people were present (male and two females). After robbing
 the place at gunpoint, the two kidnapped all three and took them to a remote area,  
where Adams and Cobb both raped one of the girls. The three victims were made to
 kneel down and then shot in the head.

 The Victims:
* Candice Driver, 25 ( w/f -- survived)
* Nikki Ansley Dement, 21 (w/f -- rape victim -survived)
* Kenneth Wayne Vandever, 37 ( w/m -- deceased)

13. Houston, TX, December 1969

Public Abduction - Rape - Murder

An ex--con, James Ray Davis, 24 , charged up to an attractive young woman 
as she was exiting her car in a public parking lot. He abducted her, raped her at 
knife point, then stabbed her repeatedly...until she was dead. Note: Davis was 
nailed in 2004 when a cold case unit matched his fingerprints he left at the 
crime scene. Confronted with the evidence he gave a full confession. 
 Sentenced to life in prison.

* Michelle Christine Robson, 26

14.   Mesquite, TX, Sept. 21, 1993

Public Abduction - Husband Dead - Wife Raped

A black male (5’ 6”), Alvin Avon Braziel, Jr, 18,...spotted a white couple (husband and wife) walking on a jogging trail, charged up to them, pointed a gun in their faces, and demanded money. When both told him they had no money on them,  Braziel then gunned down the male. He then raped the female. When Braziel was done he ran away laughing.

* Douglas White, 27,
* Lori White, 24 (survived)

Note: Below is a black-on-black home invasion where an adult and her child were attacked by neighborhood kids. There is nothing to compare in America history in terms of sheer brutality, degradation and depravity, all inflicted on an adult by neighborhood kids.

West Palm Beach, 2007

The Dunbar Village Rape Atrocity

Home Invasion- Black Male Gang-Rape

Ten or more black teens, including ,
Tommy Lee Poindexter, 18
Avion Lawson , 14,
Jakaris Taylor, 17
Nathan Walker, 16

…knocked on the door of a Haitian immigrant while she was cooking dinner. Once the door was open, and apparently as part of a prearranged plan, the group pounced on her, grabbing her and forcing her back into her home. The degradation and depravity and torture of the mother and her 12-year-old son were forced to endure- by the neighborhood kids - is described as follows:

“Police said Poindexter and Walker [and many of the others] raped and sodomized the mother, forced her and her son to have sex with each other and then doused the two victims with cleaning solutions in an attempt to destroy DNA evidence.”

When it was all over, the mother and child somehow were able to stagger their way to a place and summon help. Question: How does one recover psychologically and emotionally from such a violation of their person? --and inflicted on them by kids?

** Even though many more black teens were involved in this heinous rape and torture, the prosecutor stopped at four indictments.
15. Louisiana, KY, Sept. 29, 1984

“If you Let Me In Your Car, I’ll Take You Right to The Place You're  Lookin’ Fer”

Public Abduction - Male Rape 

“The Trinity Murders”

Two black males, George Wade , Victor Taylor, 24, … had a gun but no money and no transportation. The two were hanging out in front of a gas station when two teenagers drove up and asked for directions. The two blacks told the teenagers they’d take them right to the place they were looking for ... if the kids could give them a ride. Unfortunately, the naive boys allowed Wade and Taylor into their car. The two boys were found stripped naked and shot to death. One of the boys had been sodomized by Taylor.

* Scott Christopher Nelson, 17 (w/m)
* Richard David Stephenson, 17 (w/m)

16.  Kent County, Delaware, Nov. 7, 2004

Public Abduction - Carjacking - Rape - Murder 

Black male arrested for murder: Ambrose Sykes, 32,

"Sykes was found guilty of binding Trimnell's hands and feet, gagging her, raping her, strangling her with a scarf, stuffing her body into a suitcase and then driving her car for 2 days with her body in the trunk.”

* Virginia Trimnell, 68 (w/f)
17.   Randolph County, N. Carolina, March 16, 1991

Public Abduction - Attempted Rape - Robbery - Murder

A black male, Kenneth Rouse, 29, …abducted an elderly woman, attempted to rape her but she resisted too much so he murdered her - plunged a knife into her neck and left her on the floor to die. Rouse then robbed her of her personal possessions. NOTE:  In 2004, Rouse's attorneys claimed their client is too retarded to be executed. It worked and Rouse received a stay.   Then his attorney filed a motion stating Rouse was a victim of an all-white jury which was acting in a racially prejudiced manner -- that is, he got a death sentence because he was black and the victim white.

* Hazel Colleen Broadway, 63(w/f)
18.   Azuza, (Los Angeles Country) CA , Aug.17, 2001

Home Invasion - Rape- Murder 

Two black males and a black female, James Winslow Dixon, Jr, 35, Henry Singer, 29, Markeisha Dixon, 26
, …spotted a white female who had stopped for cigarettes. They calmly approached her and asked for directions. When the young woman let her guard down, the black males attacked her. They forced her into a car and drove to an ATM, stole money, then drove her to an isolated location … where they (Dixon) slit her throat.

 Dixon is also accused, along with a black male accomplice, of raping two white female college students five years earlier by breaking into their apartment. Two white males were tied up in this home invasion / rape and were forced to watch the black males rape the females.

* Christina Burmeister, 20 (deceased)
* Unidentified two white female rape victims
19. Oakland, CA, 1985

 Serial Killer

A black male, Anthony McKnight, 31, …raped and bludgeoned to death five young females.

* Betty Lynn Stuart, 22
* Diane Stone, 17
* Talita Dixon, 13
* Monique Franchone Davis, 18
* Beverly Ann Bryant, 24

Note: Some of these victims may be black.
20.  Torrance County, CA, April 17, 1999 - June 2000

 Home Invasion - Child Rape - Murder

 Serial Killer

A black male,Barry Wendell Mosley, 40, …raped and then murdered a woman who befriended him. Mosley also raped his 8-year old daughter and tried to kill her. Mosley had previously raped and murdered two other people (race unknown).

* Shirley Austin , 54
* Bessie “Mooney” Carter, 17
* Adrienne Reed , 29 (survived)

Note: Victims listed here are black.

21.  March, 30, 1992

Public Abduction - Male Rape - Murder

A black male  , Walter Mickens, Jr. 37 , attacked a teen, kidnapped him, sodomizes him and then rage-killed him with 32 knife wounds.

* Timothy Hall, 17 (w/m)
22.   Clarksville, TX, Sept. 9, 1993

Rape & Murder Of A Child

On September 9, 1993, the body of 14 year old Jenny Lynn Weeks (white female) was discovered in the closet of an abandoned home in Clarksville, Texas. She had been bitten, raped, beaten, and strangled to death. Four days earlier, she had  run away from a group foster home, and was befriended by Reeves.  A search of Reeves' home revealed a purse containing the diary of Weeks. Saliva, blood, pubic hair, head hair.  Also, teeth impressions on the body and clothing of Weeks were consistent with Reeves.  Police also learned that Reeves bragged to friends that he had beaten and killed a 14 year old.

Arrested and Convicted Of Rape & Murder:
 Reginald Lenard Reeves, 19 (b/m)
23.   Riverside County, CA, July 29, 1999 to July 31, 2000

Home Invasion - Rape -Murder

A black male, Javier William Victorianne, 22,…raped and murdered two females ( both were hung).

* Maria “Lisa” Boyd , 37 (w/f)
* Amanda Hoffman, 16 (w/f)
24. San Antonio, TX, April, 23, 1980

Public Abduction - Rape - Murder

A black male,  Caruthers "Gus" Alexander, 32,  used the 'bump-to-get-her-to-pull-over' ruse on a teenage girl. When she pulled over, the teen was abducted, raped and then murdered. She was was a mother of two children.

Note:  Caruthers "Gus" Alexander was executed in 1989.

* Lori Bruch, 19 (w/f)
25.   Raliegh, NC, Aug. 8, 1990

Public Abduction - Rape - Murder

A black male, Michael Sexton, 24,   kidnapped a white female, took her to a secluded area, then raped and murdered her. Note: Sexton worked at the same business where the white female worked and it seems he had been planning this abduction & rape for some time.

* Kimberly Crews, 29 (w/f)

26. Abilene, TX, Sept. 17, 1987

Home Invasion - Rape - Murder

A black male,  James Edward Clayton, 20,  broke into a home - thru the bathroom window - he knew was occupied by a lone white female and waited for her to return home. When she did, he raped her at gunpoint. After the rape, the black male then kidnapped the white female, took her to a secluded area and murdered her .

* Lori Michelle Barrett, 27
27. Plant City, FL,Aug. 12, 1985

Public Abduction - Rape - Robbery

BEWARE: Black Male(s) Posing As Good Samaritans!
(I'm not trying to be mean-spirited. I've just seen too many cases where a black male offers help and it turns out to be a ruse)

Two black males, Johnny Leartice Robinson, 33 (a convicted rapist on parole), Clinton Bernard Fields, 16,  observed a white female on the side of the road apparently having car trouble. They pulled over and offered to help, then decided to abduct her and rape her. After they were finished with the rape, they shot the female in the head.

* Beverly St. George, 31 (w/f)
28. Wichita Falls, TX, Nov. 30, 1989

Home Invasion - Murder - Rape

A black male,  Odell Barnes, Jr., 21, determined to get into the home of a white female, kicked in the back door. Once inside Barnes raped the white female then murdered her - brutally beaten then shot in the head. Barnes then burglarized the home.

* Helen Bass, 44
29. Oklahoma City, OK, Jan. 16, 1988

Home Invasion - Elderly Rape - Murder

A black male, Michael Donald Roberts,  broke into an elderly white female’s home, raped her then murdered her. The black male then burglarized the home.

* Lula Mae Brooks, 80 (w/f)
30. Oklahoma City, OK, Oct. 27, 1981

Home Invasion - Elderly Rape - Murder

A black male,  Malcolm Rent Johnson, 23 , invaded the home of an elderly white female, raped her, then murdered her. The black male then burglarized the home.

"Following an autopsy, the medical examiner found evidence of forcible sexual intercourse before death. He concluded that although Thompson was not strangled, she died of asphyxiation either because of pressure on her chest during the intercourse or because her assailant covered her mouth and nose."

* Ura Alma Thompson, 76 (w/f)
31. Marion County, Ind., April 2, 1984

Home Invasion - Rape - Murder

When 22-year-old black male  Greagree C. Davis, became obsessed with a young white female. He broke into her home then waited until she returned home. When she did return home, Davis ambushed her, beat and tied her up, then took her to a secluded place where he raped and sodomized her. After Davise was finished with his rape he stabbed the female (113 times)...then tossed the body over a bridge.

* Debra A. Weaver, 21 (w/f)
32. College Station, TX, May 28, 2000

Serial Rapist Of White Females

Abuse Of A Child

A black male predator, Ynobe Katron Matthews, 24,  raped and murdered two young white females. One of the white females was a child.

"Casey and Matthews were acquainted and during the party she gave him a ride to the grocery store to purchase alcohol. After returning to the party Casey became ill and left alone.  A few hours later, the fire department responded to a fire call at Casey's apartment. Casey's body was found partially nude and propped against her bed, dead as a result of manual strangulation and a broken a bone in her neck."

* Carolyn Casey, 21
* Jamie Glenda Hart, 14
33. Finally apprehended on January, 1, 1998

Over a six month period a black male, Franklin DeWayne Alix, 22, confessed to the following:

--four murders,
--two attempted murders,
--eight aggravated robberies,
--two aggravated sexual assaults,
--four aggravated kidnappings

Racial identity of victims unknown
34. Tarpon Springs, Fl. March 18, 1977

Home Invasion -  Abuse Of The Elderly  - Rape- Murder

A black male,  Amos Lee King, Jr., 48, broke into the home of an elderly white female,  raped her, then murdered her.

* Natalie "Tillie" Brady, 68 (w/f)
35. Houston, TX, April 10, 1978

Public Abduction - Rape - Torture - Murder

Two black males, Leon R. King, 34, Allen Ray Carter,  abducted a young white couple and took them to a remote area. When the two blacks discovered only $11.50 on the couple, the white male was beat to death with the butt of a shotgun rifle. The white female was then viciously attacked, raped and also beaten with the shotgun butt like her boyfriend, and left for dead (since neither was shot, it's likely the shotgun had no shells or wasn't functioning).

* Kelly Brei, 19 (w/f -- beaten and left for dead but survived)
* Michael Clayton Underwood (w/m -- deceased)

36. Houston, TX, June 1991

Business Invasion - Rape - Murder

A black male teenager,  Randolph Greer, 18, armed with a gun , raped and sodomized numerous white women.  Greer, who apparently never had a regular job, made his entire living pointing a gun in the face of  people and demanding money and whatever else he wanted. In the case of two males (one white the other of unknown race), he made them beg for their lives The white male was gunned down while the other (mysteriously) was allowed to live.

* Walter Chmeil, 47 (w/m)
* Names of white females undisclosed - survived

Note: An accomplice to many of black male Greer's crimes  was Donald Chambers (b/m).
37.  Grain Valley, MO,  2004

Public Abduction - Rape - Torture

"He told me over and over again while he had me that he could cut my throat, and repeatedly told me that he would kill me..."

A black male (convicted rapist), Jerry L. Banks,44, (serial rapist & career criminal), ..abducted a woman at knife point and raped her repeatedly with his knife pressed against her throat. For two hours the female had to endure the Bank's sadistic rapes. He finally made her drive to an ATM and withdraw money for him (apparently unemployed and broke). Unbelievably, Banks let the white female go. She quickly contacted police ... and the police apparently had no problem finding Banks.

* Trish Whitehead, 31  (survived)
38. Summit County, Ohio, April, 23, 2007

Public Abduction - Rape - Murder

A black male, Phillip L. Jones, 37 (ex-con-rapist),... raped then murdered a white female.

* Susan Marie Christian-Yates, 33

Note: Numerous other rapes attributed to Jones.
39. Lacey, Wash., Sept. 24, 2001

Public Abduction - Rape

Gang Rape of a 16-year old White Girl By Black Males

A group of black men abducted and raped a 16-year old white female who had been dropped off at a bus stop. Police have identified to date only one of these males who participated in the rape of the young girl.

Convicted Rapist:
Charles J. Davis, 45

40. N. Portland, OR, Feb. 2, 1987

Home invasion - Rape - Murder

A black man, James Samuel Owens, 42,…barged into a white female's apartment, beat her, raped her, then strangled her to death. Owens was nailed 23-years later by a cold case unit who matched his DNA.

* Nancy Eileen Converse, 42 (w/f)
41. Duval County, Fl, Jan. 2005

 Ambush - Rape

A black male, Jonathan Tave, 26. . . brutally beat & raped a white female paralegal worker in a prison library.

* Unidentified white female victim
42. U.S. Okinawa Military Base - 1995

Public Abduction - Gang Rape Of Child

Black U.S. Marines were found guilty of raping an Okinawa [Japanese] girl (there's nothing like this in American military history, so I’m going to include here).

Three black males, and members of the U.S. Military, Marcus Gill, Rodrico Harp, Kendrick Ledet…ganged up on, beat, duct taped and then raped a 12-year-old Okinawa girl.

* Ledet also raped and murdered a white female college student  Lauren Cooper, 20 (w/f)
43. Louisa, VA , May 2010

Home Invasion - Robbery - Torture

 Ramone Houchens, 19…savagely beat an elderly five-foot, 90 lbs woman during a home invasion / robbery. During the attack, Houchenes groped the elderly woman's genitals and breast, then threatened to strip her down and rape her, this while he was licking her face.

* Lois Rossen, 87 (w/f -- survived)
44. Indianapolis, Ind. April 2, 1984

Home Invasion - Rape - Murder

A black male, Greagree Davis, 18,…..broke into the home of a white female, raped and sodomized her, then beat and stabbed her to death--113 stab wounds.

Innocent White Female:
* Debra A. Weaver, 21 (w/f - deceased)
45. Indianapolis, Ind. October 3, 1985

Racial Rage Kill 

Public Abduction - Rape - Murder

A black male, Charles Evans, 26,…abducted a young white female, raped her at knife point, cut her hair off, attempted to darken her skin with make-up, then stabbed her 45 times. When she was dead he dragged her around partially nude. After Evan’s morbid fun was over he called the police and told them to come and get him.

* Darlene Hendrick, 20 (w/f)

46. Battle Creek, MI, June 2007

Black Male Rapist Of White Females On The Loose

Beware! A black male on a bicycle forced at gunpoint two 16-year-old white girls behind a store, where he raped both of them. Giggling, he took off on his bike. The black male rapist is still on the loose.
47. Montevallo, Ala., Dec. 24, 1980

Home Invasion - Murder --Abuse Of The Elderly

Two black teens, Darrell B. Grayson, 19, Victor Kennedy, 18,  broke into the home of an elderly white female. Once inside they tied up the elderly female and then each took turns raping her. After they finished with the rape ... the elderly woman was beat to death. The two black teens then helped themselves to household items.

* Annie Laura Orr, 86 (w/f)
48. St. Louis, Missouri, 2002

Home Invasion - Rape

A black male, Bobby Collins, Jr, 29 …was a potential pro athlete, however, he was given a monster 540 year prison term (in 2003)… for home invasions(presumably of a white residence) and a rape incident in 2002. The judge obviously recognized there was no hope for black male Collins to live among free & civilized people.

The history of a criminal thug::
-- sold crack cocaine to an undercover agent from the FBI (arrested 1992 - 16-years-old)
-- intent to distribute cocaine (arrested 1994)
-- two counts of armed robbery (2002 -skipped bond)
-- one count of burglary, 10 counts of armed criminal action, one count of robbery, four counts of forcible sodomy, one count of attempted forcible sodomy, two counts of forcible rape, one count of kidnapping, and one misdemeanor count of third degree assault (2002 -arrested and denied bond)

--Still has a pending rape case against him in Denver (disposition of case unknown)

* Identity of victims unknown
49. Rochester, N.Y , Nov. 1995

Public Abduction - Rape - Abuse Of A Child - Rape 

A black male, Keith Lamar Laster, 37…approached a young white female waiting for her school bus, abducted her at knife point, then forced her to a secluded area where he raped her.  Laster would continue his predatory rapes over the next two years, raping three more - presumably white - schoolgirls. (From the TV show Cold Case Files)

* Crystal Seeler, 13 (survived)
* Unidentified other victims
50. Central City, CO, Feb. 12, 1994

A MUST Read! Atrocity

Public Abduction - Rape - Murder

Robert Harlan, …while driving down the highway on a snowy day… noticed a young white female off to the side of the road apparently having car trouble. He immediately pulled over. However,  Harlen was not going to offer to be a good Samaritan and help this white female. His intent was to rape her, for which he carried a gun for just such an occasion. Harlen exited his vehicle and produced his gun then forced the white female into her car, where she was then beaten and raped. During the ordeal, the white female obviously realized the black male had no intention of letting her live, and while the black man was putting his pants on she fled from the car. She quickly flagged down a passing female motorist. The terrified white female was let in the car and they sped away. However, Harlan was not going to let this white female get away. He raced back to his car and went after her. When Harlan reached the car the white female had gotten into, he fired multiple shots at the female driver, striking her twice. The woman driver pulled over, where Harlan got out and grabbed his rape victim by the hair and literally dragged her back to his car. Police found her a few days later badly beaten (over sixty injuries to her body), a fractured skull and a gunshot wound to her head. As for the wounded woman driver, she was left paralyzed for life.

* Rhonda Maloney, 25

51. Watertown, CT, Dec. 16, 1989

Public Abduction - Rape - Murder

Black male sexual predator ... preys on white females using "flat tire ruse."  

Sedrick "Ricky" Cobb, 46…staked-out a mall parking lot waiting for a lone white female to arrive. When one did, Cobb watched as she exited her car and went into the mall. He then got out of his car...walked over to the female's car, then flattened her tire and waited.  When the white female came out and noticed her flat tire...there was Cobb to offer her help.  When Cobb finished putting on the white female's spare tire, he then asked for a simple favor: He needed to be taken just right down the street. The white female agreed ... and her fate was sealed. She was kidnapped , raped then very brutally murdered. NOTE: Cob used the same ruse two other times but the white females didn't fall for it.

* Julia Ashe, 23
London, England, 2006

It’s Happening In England Too!

Six Black Males Gang Rape and Murder

A gang of young feral black youth (all involved in the drug trade and all with previous arrest records),
Adrian Thomas, 20, Michael Johnson, 19, Jamaile Morally, 22, Joshua Morally, 23, Llewellyn Adams, 24,Indrit Krasniqi, 18, ..attacked two white schoolgirls, raping them and torturing them for hours, telling them “you gonna die slowly”.   They were finally stabbed repeatedly, then left for dead. One white female survived. The two innocent white victims are:

* Mary-Ann Leneghan, 16
* One unidentified survivor
52. Denver, CO, January 2005

Public Abduction - Rape

Two black males, Johnny Fuller, 39, Melvin Williams, 52...went driving around downtown Denver looking for a white female to abduct for purpose of committing a rape. The innocent white female they found was:

* Sarah Martino, 26 (raped repeatedly but survived - tho for hours they promised her they were going to kill her)
53. Fresno, CA, July, 2006

Abuse Of A Child - Sexual Assault

A group of black males (all allegedly college students), either sexually assaulted or watched the assault on a 11-year-old child (the picture of her from shoulder down, shows a white girl). Two black males were arrested.

Mackey Davis, 20 (arrested for sexual assault)
Eddie Scott, 19 (arrested for sexual assault)

UPDATE: Cannot find any resolution to this case. Apparently, there was no prosecution. Clear case of sexual abuse of a child...and no prosecution?

54. Victorville, CA  2007

Public Abduction - Rape

A black male, William Bates, 19, …charged up to three white people (two women and a male) walking in a public park. Bates then pulled a hand gun and forced two of the three to sit, while he raped one of the white females. When Bates was done, he ran off giggling. But the white female got the last laugh (sort of - she still had to live with the memory of the filth). Bates stole the cell phone of the female he had raped and mistakenly sent a photo image of himself to the victim's girlfriend. It was all over from there. Oh, and police didn't have far to look for low-life Bates, was already in jail charged with armed robbery of a convenience store.

Note: I have every reason to believe the rape was an attack on a white female. However, I would like to confirm the racial identity of the victim here, so if anyone as that information, please leave it below, or e-mail me
55. Georgetown, D.C. July 9, 2006

Ambush - Attempted Rape - Murder

Three black males and a black female, Christopher Piper, 25,, Jeffery Rice, 22, Unidentified 15-year-old black boy, Oliva Miles, 26,…were driving around a white community in the late night hours looking to victimize someone. They spotted a white male who had just got out of his car with his girlfriend. As the couple made their way to the front door, the black youths charged up to them and demanded money. As the male was complying, one of the blacks decided he wanted to rape the female. When the white male tried to defend her he was beaten and then knifed to death - his throat was slashed just to make sure of his death.

* Alan Senitt, 27 (an aspiring politician from the UK)

56. Camden, New Jersey, Nov., 2001

Public Abduction - Rape - Murder

A black male, Ryshaone H. Thomas, 23, … spotted a female walking to her car. He raced up to her, grabbed her and then tried to force her into an alley -- to rape her. However, the female fought back, causing the Thomas to beat her and then strangle her to death.

* Christine Lynn Eberle, 27
57. Wichita, Kansas, December 8th thru 14th, 2000

                                               “The Wichita Massacre”

Home Invasion

Public Abduction - Rape - Massacre

Two black males (brothers), Reginald Carr, 22 Jonathan Carr, 20, …invaded a home where five young people were present. At gunpoint the two Carr brothers, intending to have some depraved fun, ordered the five outside and into two cars. The five were taken to a remote location and over the next few hours the girls were raped, forced to have sex with the white males - for the amusement of the black males -. then each was shot in the head. However, one girl miraculously survived - playing dead. She ran over a mile naked in freezing temperature to seek help. This despicable racial hate crime never made national news. Even the local news networks buried the story quickly.

* Jason Befort, 26
* Heather Muller, 25
* Aaron Sander, 29
* Brad Heyka, 27

* Young woman identified as 'H.G’, 25 (engaged to Befort)

* Ann Walenta, 55 (murdered by the Carr brothers day earlier in a carjacking attempt)
58. San Antonio, TX, July 25, 1975

Public Abduction - Rape - Murder

A black male, convicted child rapist,   Donald G. Franklin, 24, abducted a young white female in a parking lot. He took her to secluded area and raped her, then beat her to death.

* Mary M. Moran (w/f)
59.   Brenham, TX, Aug. 11, 1985

Public Abduction - Abuse Of A Child - Rape - Murder

A black male  Kavin Lincecum, 19, abducted a white female schoolteacher in broad daylight while she was walking with her 11-year-old son. The black male took the woman and her child to a secluded area. The boy was tied up and placed in the trunk. The female was raped.  After the rape, Lincecum then tied the hands of the female and placed her in the trunk ... in 100 degree temperature. Both died from heat asphyxiation.

* Kathy Coppedge, 35 (w/f)
* Casey Coppedge, 11 (w/m)
60. Lubbock County, TX, Feb. 3 1976

Home Invasion - Rape - Murder

A black male serial rapist,  Samuel Hawkins, 45,   raped and murdered (knifing her almost 20 times and almost decapitating her) a pregnant white female.

Note: Samuel Hawkins was executed 1995.

* Abbe Rogus Hamilton,19 (W/f -- 6 months pregnant)

Also of note: Hawkins also raped a 12-year-old, Rhonda Keys- presumably white.
61. Portland, OR, Dec. 13, 2001

 Serial Rapist

Public Abduction-Rape-Abuse Of A Child - Murder 

A black male, Ladon Stephens, 35,…was a serial rapist of young white females white females. His last victim was only 14-year-old, which he raped and then murdered.

* Melissa Bittler, 14 (w/f)

Note: Stevens was also convicted of four other sexual assaults on young white females.
62. Kansas City, MO, March, 22, 1989

Public Abduction - Gang Rape -Abuse Of A Child- -Murder

Two black males, Roderick Nunley, 24, Michael Taylor, 22… abducted a white teenager waiting for her school bus. Nunley and Taylor took the girl to a secluded location and then raped her. After the rape the girl was bludgeoned to death with a kitchen knife.   

* Ann Harrison, 15 (w/f)
63. Hockley , TX, Aug. 18, 1986

Home Invasion - Rape - Murder

A black male Michael Wayne Richard, 26 invaded the home of a white female, raped her then murdered her by shooting her twice in the head.  He then helped himself to some household items and stole her vehicle.

* Marguerite Lucille Dixon, 53
64. Reno ,NV, Nov. 10, 1988

Home Invasion - Rape - Murder

A black male  Daryl Linnie Mack, 30, invaded the home of a white female,  raped her, then, after the rape, the white female was beaten then strangled to death.

* Betty Jane May, 55
65. Tustin, CA, 1979

Black Male Serial Killer Of White Women

Home Invasion - Rape

The “Bedroom Basher”

A black male, Gerald Parker,… would sneak into white females’ homes, rape them and then beat them to death.  Five white females died, one survived.

Parker was already serving time for a home invasion rape of a white female from 1980 when DNA testing was used to link him to all the victims below.

* Sandra Kay Fry, 17 (w/f)
* Kimberly Rawlins, 21 (w/f)
* Debra Lynn Senior, 17 (w/f)
* Debora Jean Kennedy, 24 (w/f)
* Marolyn Carleton, 31 (w/f)
* Jane A. Potential (w/f -- survived)

Note: Jane Potential’s husband (white male) served 17 years in prison because his wife, who sustained a sever head injury from Parker‘s vicious beating, claimed it was he who attacked her. DNA evidence confirmed it was Parker.
66. New York City, NY, 1967

                            *A Sign Of Times To Come *

Public Abduction - Gang Rape - Murder 

Four black males, Donald Ramsey, 26 Thomas Dennis, 26 Fred Wright, 31 Unidentified black male,
…lured two young “hippies” into a boiler room, ostensibly to buy drugs. The male was killed immediately by bashing his skull in with a piece of concrete. Then the black males focused on the young female. Each of the males took turns raping her, then, after they were done, she also had her skull bashed in.

* James Leroy Hutchinson, 21
* Linda Rae Fitzpatrick, 18

67. Texas, June 1978

Public Abduction - Abuse Of A Child - Necrophilia - Murder

A black male, Anthony Charles Williams, 19,  abducted a white girl from a bowling alley, beat her with a 2/4 into unconsciousness (or death), then raped her. After the rape, she was strangled.

* Vickie Lynn Wright, 13
68. Lansing, Mich. 2004

 Serial Rapist/Murder Of White Females

Home Invasion - Rape - Murder

A black male (and career criminal),Matthew Emmanuel Macon, 27… in just about one month period of time, stalked, raped then beat to to death six white females.

* Ruth Hallman, 76,
* Deborah Cooke, 36,
* Debra Renfors, 46,
* Sandra Eichorn, 64,
* Karen Yates, 41
* Barbara Jean Tuttle, 45
69. Long Beach, CA, Dec. 28, 1998

Public Abduction - Rape - Torture - Murder

Black males abducted an adult white female, gang raped her then beat her to death with a fence post. The black males also jammed the fence post into her genital area.

"The coroner’s office determined that she had suffered 114 injuries," 

Black Male Convicted of Murder and Rape:
Jamille Armstrong,18,
Warren Hardy, 21,
Kevin Pearson, 21 (on death row)

Penny Keprta, 41
70. Giddings, TX, 2006

Home Invasion - Rape - Murder

Black Male Serial Rapist

A black male,Rodney Reed, 29,…conjured up a fantastic defense alibi in what police claimed was a home invasion, rape and murder of a white police officer’s fiancé.  Reed , a high school dropout, unemployed and a career criminal (a serial rapist), explained to police that the sex with the officer's fiance' was consensual (he admitted they did not know each other prior to the day of the consensual sex), and that it wasn’t he who killed the officer's fiancé' but her husband-to-be. Reed claimed the police officer was jealous of their relationship.

* Stacey Stites, 19
71. Omaha, Neb., June 11, 1977

Home Invasion - Rape - Murder

A black male, Harold “Willie” Otey, 25… was driving around a white neighborhood during the daylight hours when he spotted a white female going into her apartment. He waited outside the apartment until after midnight. He then somehow gained entry to the white female's apartment, woke her at knife point, raped her, then killed her by knifing and then straggling her to death.  Otey then helped himself to some of the female's personal items and left. It was the personal items that he stole that later implicated him in the rape/ murder.

* Jane McManus , 26

Note: In a revealing, as well as scary, interview with police, Otey stoically ran though many of his rapes and rape attempts.  The link below does not tell us what race all his victims were. However, I don't think anyone should believe Otey had just graduated to raping white females when he raped Jane McManus.  He was one very committed and determined predatory rapist.,5226736
72. Houston, TX, Jan. 3, 1991

Public Abduction - Rape - Robbery - Murder

Two black male teens, Robert James Campbell, 18, Leroy Lewis, 18 abducted an adult white female at gunpoint, took her to a secluded area, raped her, then, for personal amusement, told the female to “run for it” while they took shots at her.

* Alexandra Rendon (deceased)
73. Kern County, CA, Oct. 24, 1978

Home Invasion- Rape - Murder

A black male, Larry Hazlett, 31,…had been, and apparently for quite some time, stalking a white female (former beauty pageant winner) who was living in his apartment complex. In the dead of night, Hazlett was somehow able to get into the female's apartment.  He located her,   raped and then strangled her to death. The brutal crime went unsolved for 24 years until DNA matched Hazlett to the crime.

* Tana Woolley, 29

Note: Tana Woolley was crowned Miss Rosamond in 1976
74. Wilson, N.C, July, 2006

Public Abduction - Rape

Wendy (victim): "He managed to pick me up and throw me to the ground and do what he did," said Wendy.

A black male,Robert Tyler Wilson,…spent 25 years in prison for the rape of a white female. The black male rapist was released (2005) and less than a year later raped another white female - in the same park he raped a white female 25 years earlier.

San Bernardino,  Ca,  Nov. 2012

     'Fair Housing Act' Rape / Murder

 Jerome Anthony Rogers, 55,   unemployed and with a long rap sheet, discovered a home occupied by a lone elderly woman  and decided it would be an easy opportunity to commit rape, murder and loot the house.  

* Mary Elizabeth Blaskey, 76 (deceased)

Could you just imagine being an elderly white woman ... and seeing the face of THAT man in your home?!  WOW!

76. Arizona, Aug. 2005 to June 2006

The “Baseline Killer”

A black male (ex-con), Mark Goudeau,…raped, murdered and terrorized people in the city of Phoenix between 2005 and 2006.

Note: I am more than a bit incredulous that Groudeau can be responsible for all the crimes police attribute to him.
77. Portland, OR, 2006

Public Abduction - Rape

A black male, Michael Allen Nunley,…abducted a white female and took her to his home where he raped, tortured (with a blow torch and lit cigarette butts) and humiliated her by dragging her around his home naked. The female survived by escaping while the Nunley was gone. She was found by police nude in the street.

78. Philadelphia, PA., July 15, 2006

(Temple University)

Home Invasion - Terrorizing - Attempted Murder - Rape

Two black males (identities unknown) staked out an off-campus apartment occupied by two white females. The two females arrived with a white male late in the night and as the three walked into the apartment, the black males raced up to them and forced them into the apartment at gunpoint. The white male was set upon first. He was beaten, kicked and pistol whipped until he was unconscious. Then the black males went to work on the white females, raping and beating them for hours. After the black males were done, they stole personal property and then fled in the white male’s car.

79.     City of Shreveport, LA, Dec. 23, 2000

Public Abduction - Carjacking - Rape - Torture - Murder

A white female, Vickie Lynn McGraw, 48, drove into her apartment complex eager see her two kids. She had no idea five black males had just spotted her. The black males were waiting for a white female who was alone and Vickie fit the plan. Vickie was carjacked, kidnapped, then, for hours, beaten, raped, sodomized, humiliated, tortured and then killed.

Arrested & Convicted Of Rape And Murder:
Derrick D. Bouya, 21
Aaron C. Wilson, 17
Leon Bagley III, 22
Kevin D. Dodson, 19
Torius Scroggins, 19

One of Vickie’s close friends described her as “full of love, life and laughter. She was so contagious. You couldn’t be around her without feeling the love and laughter."

Home Invasion - Rape

Dubbed “The BP Oil Rapist” of Louisville

A black male predator,Daniel Gene Cummings, 23, …pleaded guilty in March, 2003, to attacking 14 women from 1998 to 2002 in south central Jefferson County. Ten of the females were sexually assaulted. He received 470 years. He preyed on white and black females.
81. Flint, Mich. July, 1997

                                                         * Atrocity *

Public Abduction - Black Racism - Humiliation

Three young white kids jumped a train in a rural part of Michigan and wound up in a black community in Flint Michigan. I will defer to another site (link provided below) in describing what happened next:

"The Highland Township [white] teenagers who hopped the CSX train on June 18 were far from pros. Afraid to jump off at Holly, they froze and wound up 25 miles north in a rough section of Flint. One of the boys, Michael Carter, 14, ended up dead. Another, Dustin Kaiser, 15, was beaten brutally before taking a bullet in the head. And the third, Nicole, 14, whose family asked that only her first name be used in this story, was pistol-whipped and shot in the face after being forced to perform oral sex."

The Black Male Feral Racists / Rapists / Murderers:
Christopher Darling, 18
Anthony Hollis, 23
Adrian Hollis, 20;
Terrance Reyes, 18
Tyrone Reyes, 16
Shannon Gould, 16

Note: The link below can give you all the details to this despicable hate crime.
82. West Knox County, Tenn., Aug. 20, 2001

Home Invasion - Rape - Torture - Murder

A black male (and ex-con),Roger Eric Broadway, 23,…was given a job as a door to door salesman (the MO of the door-to-door company appears to have been to use black youths in predominantly white communities and, presumably, the white people would pity them because they're working this tough job and trying to better themselves). When Broadway knocked on the door of an elderly white female, she answered, but inquired whether Broadway had a license to be going door-to-door. At this moment the Broadway barged inside. He first beat the woman, then dragged her up the staircase to a bedroom where he sexually assaulted her. After that was over, Broadway dragged the elderly woman downstairs (or threw her down the stairs). He then went and got a knife and plunged it into her throat, so hard that it went through her throat and actually pinned the woman to the floor.  Broadway then searched the house for items to steal. When he completed his search he helped himself to a coke and a cigarette. When Broadway finished his cigarette … he put it out by smashing and smearing it in the face of the dead white female.

* Eskalene De Borde, 66

Note: Rodger Eric Broadway, a resident of New York City, admitted to the crime and was sentenced to life in prison without parole. Yes, he retired now.
83. Denver, CO, 1992

Home Invasion - Abuse Of A child -Rape

A black male,LC Jackson, 21,…broke into a female’s home to commit rape and burglary. A 9-year-old female  as well her mother were raped.

* Identities of victims unknown.

Note: I do believe based on the MO here, that the victims are white. Anyone with evidence regarding the race of these two victims, e-mail me or leave response below.
84. Houston, TX, 2006

Public Abduction - Rape

A black male,Charles Anderson, 47,… while walking around a white residential community spotted a 57-year-old white female working in her garage. Anderson charged up to the woman with a knife and, at knife point,  demanded the woman get into her car. She complied and was driven to a dingy motel where she was raped. After the rape  back male made her get back in the car, intending to take her to a secluded spot and execute her; however, the white female was able to escape by (no I'm not kidding) leaping from the moving vehicle.

* Identity of white female unknown

I believe the victim to be white. Heritage Village, where the abduction took place, is located in Northwest Houston, a small , almost entirely white collar community (83% of households). Anyone with info. regarding racial identity of this victim, please include it in the comment section below - with source.
85. Houston, TX, 2007

Public Abduction - Rape Of White Males - Robbery


A black male, Keith Chester Hill, 19,… developed a liking for kidnapping young white males at gunpoint (its amazing what you can make someone do with a gun pointed at their head). Hill would drive around white communities (sometimes he would just follow his intended victim home) until he found the right profile of victim he wanted (always a young white male). He would then exit his SUV and calmly walk up to the unsuspecting young white male then pull his gun and demand the white male get in his vehicle. The white male's mouth would then be duck taped, his hands tied, then driven him to a secluded location, where the black male would make his captive perform oral sex while he beat him .

* The identities of the young white male victims were not released
86. Baton Rouge, LA, 2003

Home Invasion - Robbery - Rape - Murder

A black male, and serial rapist,Derrick Todd Lee, 34,… , according to police, his DNA linked him to seven rapes and murders.

The innocent victims are, left to right:

* Geralyn Barr DeSoto (w/f)
* Charlotte Murray Pace, 22, (w/f)
* Gina Wilson Green, 41, (w/f)
* Carrie Yoder, 26, (w/f)
* Pam Kinamore, 44, (w/f)
* Randi Mebruer (w/f)

* Trineisha Dene Colomb, 23 (b/f)
87. Wilson County, NC, June 2004

Public Abduction - Rape - Robbery - Murder

Two black teenage males,James Arthur Johnson, 18, Kenneth Maurice Meeks, 16,…abducted - from a shopping mall - a white female teenager to commit robbery, rape and murder (she was eventually shot in the head).

* Brittany Tyler Willis, 17

Note: Meeks claimed it was only he who was involved in the abduction, rape and murder.
88. Miami, FL, Nov. 24, 2005

Public Abduction - Rape

Three black males, Hakim Porter, 21, Michael Simmons, 20, Jamal Harris, 23,…abducted a 22-year-old Japanese exchange student, took her to an isolated place where she was raped by all three. The black males then stole what money she had and fled.

* Girl survived - unidentified
89. Drew County, Ark, April 2001

A MUST READ! WOW!  Rage Kill

Home Invasion - Rape - Murder - Elderly Abuse

Black male Kenneth Isom, 34, was arrested for murder and rape.

According to court testimony, on April 2, 2001 this is how it went down:

“Dorothy Lawson [white female] testified that she had been assisting Bill Burton, age 79 [white male], her deceased husband's brother-in-law, in his rehabilitation following hip surgery. Mrs. Lawson was at Mr. Burton's trailer home the night of April 2, 2001, and was watching television with Mr. Burton when she heard someone knock on the door. It was about 7:45 p.m. but still light outside. She opened the front door, and a man pushed passed her. She recognized the man as the person she had seen next door. She later identified that person as Mr. Isom [a black man]. He walked over to Mr. Burton and, standing near him, said, "I want some money."

“Mr. Burton replied that he currently had no money but that his social security check was coming tomorrow. Mr. Isom pulled a pair of broken scissors from his pants' back pocket and threatened Mr. Burton. Mr. Burton gave him two $100 bills and another forty dollars. Mr. Isom became angry and said he wanted more. He made Mr. Burton stand up and walk towards the bedroom. He then made Mr. Burton lie down on the floor in the hallway. Mr. Isom next grabbed Mrs. Lawson and told her to remove her pants and underwear and lie down in the hallway near Mr. Burton. Mr. Isom raped her vaginally, forced her to have oral sex with him, and raped her anally. During the rapes, Mrs. Lawson testified that she could clearly see his face. When she complained about the pain, Mr. Isom said: "It's going to be worse than this before the night's over." There was a knock at the back door, and Mr. Isom said: "Don't say a word. If you do, I'll kill you. I'll kill you now."

“Whoever was at the back door apparently left. Mr. Isom forced Mrs. Lawson into a closet. When she later looked out and told Mr. Isom to stop standing on Mr. Burton's head because he was old, Mr. Isom forced her back into the closet and said: "I know he's old. That's why I want to hurt him." She next saw Mr. Isom lying on top of Mr. Burton. She [tried to push] Mr. Isom [off of Mr. Burton] and in the process cut her hand on his scissors. She bled on Mr. Isom, which enraged him, and he said: "You're going to get it now." He [then] demanded the diamond rings worn by Mr. Burton. Mrs. Lawson gave Mr. Isom her ring instead. Mr. Isom took her into the bedroom and knocked her unconscious. When she awoke, Mr. Isom was choking her. Mrs. Lawson testified that she could plainly see his face. She passed out again, and when she awoke some time later, she was alone. There was warm blood on the back of her head and rattling in her chest due to internal bleeding. She discovered that she was paralyzed on one side. On April 3, 2001, Erma Shook, a neighbor and relative of Bill Burton's, entered the side door of his trailer home after 8:00 a.m. and heard Mrs. Lawson crying for help. Ms. Shook dialed 9-1-1 from Mr. Burton's trailer home. Donald King, a patrol sergeant with the Monticello Police Department, was the first to arrive at the scene. He testified that he found Mr. Burton dead, lying on the floor in the hallway, and Mrs. Lawson lying on the floor in the master bedroom. The cause of death of Mr. Burton was later determined by associate medical examiner, Dr. Charles Kokes, to be multiple sharp and blunt force injuries. Mrs. Lawson told Sergeant King that a black male who lived next door was the assailant.”
90. Palmdale, CA, Aug. 29, 2006

Public Abduction - Abuse Of A child- Rape

A black male, Marque Clark, 31...staked out a bathroom in a theater complex waiting for a female to use it. A 10-year-old girl approached the bathroom and was accosted by Clark. He grabbed the little girl and then dragged her at knife point into an empty theater and then raped her.

* Unidentified victim
91. Rochester, N.Y. 1993

Public Abduction - Rape - Murder

A black male,Willis Knight,…abducted New York State Assemblyman David Koon’s 18 year-old daughter from a shopping mall.  After he raped her, he put a gun to her head and pulled the trigger.

* Jennifer Koon, 18 (deceased)
92. Baltimore, Maryland, August, 2001

Kidnapping Atrocity

Black Teenage Kids Plan Abduction, Robbery, Carjacking And Murder

First, here are the guilty youths that taxpayer will be forced to provide for in prison for the rest of their lives:

Jamal D. Barnes, 23
Larry Walker, 16,
Brian Wilson, 15,
Bryan McMillan, 18

And now for the description of their atrocity...

Jamal D. Barnes, 23, Larry Walker, 16,  Brian Wilson, 15, Bryan McMillan, 18, decided they were gonna have some fun ... and also get some spending cash for the night. Here's what they cooked up: They would ram the back of a white female's car , get her to pull over and when she got out they would jump her, steal her car, then drive to an ATM where she would draw out the max. The woman would then be taken to a secluded spot and murdered. All they needed to do was find the right white female, alone, and driving a car that looked like she had money – that is, money in her ATM. The black youths drove around a white community until they finally spotted their victim. The plan worked perfectly. They got the female’s car (silver 2001 Acura CLS), money in her bank account and they took her to a secluded area - and despite her pleading to be let go - murdered her. Fortunately, they were also caught, and rather quickly.

* Yvette Adrienne Beakes, 26

93. Austin, TX, Nov. 17, 1983

Public Abduction - Robbery - Rape - Carjacking - Murder

Two black males, Tommy Ray Jackson, 27 James Otis Clary,...ambushed a white female college student as she was getting into her car. They kidnapped the girl, took her to an ATM and made her withdraw money. After that, the white female was taken to a secluded area where she was (surprise) raped by both black males. After the rape the girl was murdered.

* Rosalind Robison, 24 (resident of Terre Haute)
94. Stillwater, OK, Dec. 12, 1990

Public Abduction – Rape – Robbery – Murder

A black male,  Kelly Lamont Rogers, 22, abducted a white female college student, robbed her ATM account, raped her then murdered her.

* Karen Marie Lauffenburger, 21
95. Greenville, N.C. June 30, 2001

Public Abduction - Rape - Murder

A black male, Andre Edwards, 31,…spotted a white female and decided he was going to abduct, rape and murder her. When her husband went into a convenience store, Edwards abducted the young white female, along with her her baby. He forced her into his car and drove off. Edwards took the female to a secluded area, where he raped her, then beat her to death with a tire iron. Edwards then tossed the white baby into the blazing hot sun, hoping it would die a slow and painful death.

* Ginger Hayes, 23
* Infant , badly sunburned and dehydrated but survived
96. Clearfield, UT, Feb. 15, 2006

Public Abduction - Rape - Murder

Good Samaritan Murder

A black male (and resident of a home for troubled youth),
Robert Cameron Houston, 17 (already career sex offender)
…asked a young white female for a ride. Unfortunately, she agreed. When the white female arrived at the balck male's destination he then pulled a knife and forced her to get out of the car. She was marched inside an empty house,  raped then killed - by slitting her throat.

Victim :
* Raechale Elton, 22
97. Birmingham, Al, May 31, 2006

Public Abduction - Rape - Murder

A black male, Dedrick Griham, 35,…charged up to a Lexus with a white female inside, put a gun to her head and told her to move over. She complied and the black man sped off. Many people were witness to this public abduction and called police (apparently this black man had to have this white female and didn’t care of the consequences). The  female was found dead at a motel a few hours later.

* Sandra Eubank Gregory, 34

Note: There is NOTHING any white female can do about this type of crime. If the black man is determined to abduct and rape, and is not deterred in any way by the threat of going to prison for life, then the white female just has to hope she survives the black man's attack.

98. Murfreesboro, TN, Sept. 25, 2007

Middle Tenn. Sate University - Sexual Assault - Attempted Murder

Home Invasion - Rape- Attempted Murder

A black male, Kevin Sisco, 18…lured a white female into his dorm room. Paramedics arrived a short time later and found her barely breathing. A police officer described what he found in the dorm room:

“[Officer] Wortman said [the white female] had puncture wounds almost an inch deep, one ear that was almost severed from her head and a deep gash in the back of her scalp. He said it also appeared that she had been strangled.”

* Ashley Manis, 18
99. New York City, NY, April, 19, 1989

Black Racism - Rape - Torture

Black and Hispanic youths go “wilding” and attack white people in Central Park

“One of the bicyclists, Gerald Malone, a burly 35-year-old advertising executive, said he and his fiancée, Patricia Dean, were pedaling north on the East Drive near 97th Street at about 9:20 in a tandem bicycle when a group of youths, covered to their eyes with hoods, jumped out in front of them. Fearing for his life and terrified for his fiancée behind him, Mr. Malone said he thought they would catch him and he aimed his bicycle at the youth he thought ''was the leader of the pack.''"

The black and some Hispanic racists youth who were caught are:

Raymond Santana, 15
Antron McCray 16,
Yusef Salaam, 16.

“One final question remains: if the black intellectuals are correct when they tell us that a deep awareness of race is every black person’s constant companion, then wasn’t the gang rape of the white woman in the park also a racist hate crime? Or are we to believe that just as they began kicking her, stomping her, punching her, tearing her clothes off, mounting her, slashing her with a knife and smashing her face in with a rock, their hearts were miraculously swept clean of all racial consciousness. Perhaps it was just a hate crime against women. Either way it deserves to be called a lynching.”
100.   Wayne County, MI ,  1998

Home Invasion - Rape  - Murder by Burning

Tyrone Yelverton, 18broke into an elderly woman's home, kidnapped her,  raped and beat her, then murdered her. To cover up his sadistic rape, Yelverton burned the elderlywoman. NOTE: Final disposition of this case is unknown.


Mollie Ellis, 76

101. Dallas, April 13, 1987

Home Invasion - Rape - Murder

A black male,Charles Boyd, 27…broke into the apartment of a white female and sexually assaulted her , then forced her into a bathtub and drowned her.  Boyd was responsible for two other similar rapes and murders.

* Mary Milligan, 21
102. Alabama, March 14, 1977

Public Abduction - Rape - Murder
Two black males, Brian K. Baldwin, 18 Edward Horsley, 17…either hitched a ride or carjacked a young and very naive 16-year-old female.  The three then drove to Alabama ( Balwin & Horsley had just escaped from a youth detention center). .   Along the way Baldwin and Horsley decided to rape the girl. After the rape the girl was beat to death with a hatchet.

* Naomi Rolon, 16

Note: Baldwin and Hosley blame the other as being the murderer.
103. El Paso, TX, June 4, 2001

Public Abduction - Rape - Murder

A black male. Irving Alvin Davis, 18 (a Katrina evacuee),…observed a 15-year-old girl walking home. He walked up to her, sucker punched her, then dragged her to a secluded area where he raped her. After Davis was through with his rape, he murdered the young girl. Davis then went to a friends home, obtained gardening clippers and then returned to the dead girl and cut off her fingers.

* Melissa Medina, 15

104. Montgomery County, TX, June 21, 2000

Abuse Of A Child

Public Abduction - Rape - Murder

A black male, Jonathan Marcus Green, 32,…kidnapped a young white female and took her back to his place. For two days he raped, terrorized and brutalized the young girl. When Green was finished with his sordid amusement he dug a hole in his back yard, murdered the girl and then threw her into it.

* Christina LeAnn Neal, 12
105.  Lower Merion Township, PA, April 1, 1988

Business Invasion - Rape- Murder 

A black male, Arthur Faulkner,…was given a job by white people to perform menial labor tasks. While in the course of his menial tasks,  Faulkner observed a white female alone in an office and decided to rape her. She was raped at knife point, then tied to a chair and knifed to death.  As Faulkner was leaving the office, another white female happened along. She was then grabbed and pulled into the office where Faulkner had raped and killed the other white female. However, as Faulkner was attempting to rape the second female another white female came along and interrupted the scene.  Faulkner stabbed the captive female and then went after the female who interrupted his second rape. When he caught up with her he knifed her to death. Two other white people suffered sever stab wounds but, miraculously, survived.

* Ms. Killoran
* Glenn Sheehan (survived)
* Ms. Dorner
* Anne Jensen (survived)
106. Miller County, ARK, July 1993

Business Invasion - Attempted Rape - Murder

A black male, Andrew Sasser…told police he went to a drive-through mini-mart and then an argument broke out between him and a white female clerk.  (Are you ready for this?!) Sasser then told police the angry female clerk grabbed him and “jerked him through the drive-through window”.  The REAL story: Sasser, according to police and an eye-witness, tried to rape the clerk, however, she fought back causing Sasser to beat her and stab her to death. Note:  Sasser was also convicted of this same type of rape in 1988.

* Jo Ann Kennedy
* Unknown race of rape victim in 1988
107. Dale City, VA, September 22, 1988

Business Invasion - Rape - Murder

Black male,Dawud Majid Mu'Min, 25,…was an inmate working on a crew with the Virginia Dept. of Transportation. He left the group and went to a business owned and operated by a white female, and seeing that she was alone in the business, the newly converted Muslim decided to rape the female. He grabbed the female and dragged her to the back of the store and raped her. After the rape,  Mu’Min pulled a screw driver from his pants and started to stab the woman…until she was dead. The victim received over 16 stab wounds.

* Gladys Nopwasky, 42
108. OK, March 1983

Home Invasion -  Abuse Of The Elderly - Rape - Torture - Murder

Two black males,Cornel Cooks, 27,  Rodney Madson Masters,…broke into the home of an elderly white female. Once inside Cooks brutally raped the elderly  woman, then tied gauze around her face so she couldn't breathe (the medical examiner indicated it must have taken more than two hours for her to die). The black males then burglarized the home.

* Jennie Ridling, 87 (also disabled)

Note: Mrs. Riding and Mr. Cooks were neighbors and she employed Cooks to cut her lawn.
109. Nevada County, ARK, 1992

Public Abduction - Rape- Murder

A black male, Joe Lewis Dansby, 36…abducted a young white couple, shot the male then raped and shot the white female.

* Jeff Lewis, 23,
* Malissa Clark, 21

Note: Mr. Dansby own wife testified against him, claiming he admitted the murders to her. His DNA also linked him to the double murder.
110.  Charleston, S. Carolina, Dec. 1992

Public Abduction Atrocity- Rape - Torture - Murder 

Military Dishonored

Four black men and two black females,
Matthew Mack, (charged with rape and murder)
Matthew Williams, (charged with rape and murder)
Joseph Gardner, (charged with rape and murder)

…decided they wanted to find and kill a white female. They drove around until the came across an intoxicated white female walking home. They offered her drugs and money for sex, which she accepted. Once the black males got her back to their place, they brutally raped and tortured her. They even passed the word around in their trailer park that the had them a "white bitch" and any black male who wanted a piece could come and get her. After hours of inhumane cruelty and torture, the female was taken to a secluded area and shot three times in the face; however, it took her hours to actually die.

* Melissa McLaughlan, 25

Note: Three of the black males were members of the US Navy. Also charged were the following blacks: Danny DeWayne McCall (charged with accessory after murder), Edna Williams (accessory after the murder), Indira Simmons (accessory after the murder).
111. Texas, February 24, 1999

Public Abduction - Male Rape - Attempted Murder

A black male, Carlitos Bell, 30 (a convicted sex offender),…abducted a little 8-year-old white boy. He raped the little boy for days then, while the boy was still alive, tossed him naked off a bridge into below-freezing water. The boy miraculously survive.
112.  Alamance County, N. Carolina, October 16, 1998

Public Abduction - Rape - Murder

Three blacks, Joseph Jones, 13, Harold W. Jones, 16, Dorthia Bynum, 17…abducted a 10-year-old white child, gang raped her then all three participated in strangling and beating her to death -- with a bed post.

* Tiffany Nicole Long, 10

113.  Poughkeepsie, from 1997 to 1998

Public Abduction - Rape - Murder 

Seven White Women in Black Man's House

A black male,Kendall Francois, 27,…developed a liking for abducting, raping and then murdering white females. Police found seven dead white females buried in black man's’ back yard, as well as bodies inside his house. Black male Francois was given a job in a white community, which then allowed the black male to prey on innocent white females.
114. Oklahoma City, OK, Oct. 27, 1981

Home Invasion - Rape - Murder

A black male, Malcolm Rent Johnson, 23,…broke into an elderly white female’s apartment to commit rape, murder and burglary.

* Ura Alma Thompson, 76 (w/f)

 115.  Newark, NJ, April 1998

Home Invasion - Murder - Rape - Torture

A black male, Donald Flagg, 41, …invaded the home of a white male and murdered him.  The predator then waited for his intended target, Mrs. Debra Puglisi , whom he intended to kidnap and keep at his place as a sex slave. When Mrs. Puglisi eventually walked into her home, Flagg attacked her.   He dragged her into a room and raped her. After the rape,  Flagg tied up the woamn and then threw her into the trunk of his car and took her back to his place. There, for four days, Flagg abused, tortured and raped the female. She miraculously was able to escape during the time Flagg was at work.

* Debra Puglisi (survived)
* Anthony Puglisi (deceased)
116.  Berks County, PA, Sept. 28, 2002

Home Invasion - Rape - Murder

A black male, Michael Pruitt, …watched an elderly white female working in her front yard. when she went inside her home... Pruitt simply walked over to her home and walked inside.  After Pruitt finished with his rape the elderly woman was strangled to death. Pruitt then helped himself to what valuables he could carry from the home.

* Greta Gougler, 69 (Sunday school teacher)
117. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, June 20, 1996

Public Abduction - Rape - Murder

The "bump the female's car from behind and get her to pull over" ruse.

A black male (and ex-con),Arthur Bomar, 38 ...on parole for another murder, observed a white female going into a bar  and decided he was going to rape and kill her. The Bomar's plan was to use the "bump the female's car from behind and get her to pull over" ruse. When the female left the bar later that night, Bomar followed. As planned, Bomar rammed the female's car from behind and, unfortunately, she stopped and got out of her car . Once Bomar was within striking range of the white female, and the coast was clear, he gave her the infamous sucker punch right to the face.  Bomar then carried the dazed white female to his car trunk, dumped her in, then took her to a secluded area where he  raped her, beat her and humiliated her for hours. When Bomar was through with his sordid amusement, he murdered her (apparently, since Bomar was charged with abuse of a corpse, he also had sex with her after she was already dead).

* Aimee Willard, 22 (George Mason University student)

Note: Less than three weeks before Aimee's abduction,  Bomar pulled the same "bump" ruse to get another white female to pull over, however, she did NOT fall for it. She took his license number and called police. When Police finally caught up with black male rapist / murder Bomar, he was driving a female's car who was reported missing and presumed dead.
118.  New York, New Jersey, Maryland (1987 to 1991)

Home Invasion - Rape

Serial Rapist Of White Females

"Silver Springs Rapist"

A black man developed a liking for breaking into the homes of white females to rape them at knife point and  watch them beg not to be killed. DNA linked the black male to one white female whose 7-year-old son was forced to watch her get raped and beat.

 Serial Rapist:
Fletcher Worrell

Note: Worrell apparently began his serial rapist career in 1987, at age 40.
119. San Bernardino, CA, March 7, 1990

Public Abduction - Rape - Murder

A black male,Herman Frazier, 20…abducted a white female while she was talking on a pay-phone at a convenience store.  Frazier took her to a secluded area, raped her, then beat her to death. Frazier was nailed 16 years later by a cold case unit and a DNA hit.

* Tammy Laine Bowers, 18
120. Suffolk County, NY, Dec. 3, 2005

Public Abduction - RAPE

Three black male teens abducted a young white couple and took them to a secluded spot and then force the white male to strip to his underwear. After the black males robbed him of his personal items, they set upon the innocent young white female. All three of the black males took turns raping the white female while the white male was forced to watch.

Convicted Rapists:
Reginald Dugue, 18
Douglas Payton, 18
Terrence Terrell, 18

* Unknown Identities
121. Mobile, AL, 2002 to 2003

West Mobile Serial Rapist

Home Invasions - Rape

"[The back male] was victimizing innocent women and elderly people especially."

Over a dozen women woke up to find a black male, Johnny Moffett, 37,  in their bedroom.

* Unknown names of all his white victims.

“As for Moffett, that hour [of crime against his white victims] now becomes his defining moment. For each conviction, burglary, sexual abuse, sodomy and rape, Moffett gets life term in prison.”

Source: Local 15 News reporting.
 122.   Lincoln County, Missouri, Jan. 6, 1991

Public Abduction - Rape - Murder

A black male, Michael Edward Dowell, 44,… abducted, raped and murdered a teenage white female. The innocent teenager is:

* Stephanie Hogland, 18
123. Chicago, ILL, Oct. 18, 1986

Public Abduction - Rape - Murder

Two black males,Duane Roach, 46,Eddie Harris, 38,  …abducted a white female college student for the purpose of rape. When the two black males finished with their rape, the black males killed the young white female.
* Lori Roscetti, 23 (studying to be a doctor)


124.   Williamsburg, VA, Aug. 25, 2001

Home Invasion - Rape - Murder

A black male,Jerry T. Jackson, 21,…broke into the apartment of an elderly white female, raped, then murdered her. Jackson then burglarized her place.

Ruth Phillips, 88 (w/f)
125. Little Rock, ARK, 1994

Business Invasion - Hate Rape - Torture - Murder

A black male, Andrew Engram, 43,…broke into a store and attacked a white female working the night shift. The next morning, police found the white female hanging by her neck, half naked, raped and severely beaten. During the trial, the prosecuting attorney, John Johnson, told jurors:

"You saw the images of the cord around her neck, her throat slashed, her own pants stuffed on her head," Johnson said. "But that wasn't the worst -- she lived through most of it."

* Laurie White, 26
126. Tyler, TX, Jan. 19, 2005

Public Abduction - Rape - Murder

A black male,Johnny Lee Williams Jr., 25,…abducted a white female from a Wal-Mart as she was leaving work. She was found by police beaten, raped and shot.

 Megan Leann Holden, 19 

Note: There should be absolutely no doubt this black male knew that in Texas, the crime he planned was a death sentence. He also had to be aware that cameras were going to capture his image as he abducted the white female. Why would he do it? Was he that overcome with the idea of raping the white female that he would exchange freedom for a prison cell on death row? --just for that one chance of rape and murder of a white female.
127. Highland Park, PA, July 2000

Serial Rapist (caught 2007)

Home Invasion - Rape 

A black male,  Keith Wood, 49, known as the notorious "East End Rapist" , was finally captured by police. Police believe he raped at least six other women.

White Victims:
* Unknown number or identity
128. Dover, Delaware, 2007

Home Invasion - Rape 

A black male asked a 22-year-old white female if he could make an emergency call from her home phone. She agreed (since it was an emergency), even though she didn‘t know him.  Once inside  the black male went into the kitchen and grabbed a knifed,  then raped the white female with the knife pressed against her throat.

Convicted Rapist:
Tywan Fooks, 33

Note:  Fooks was arrested for the rape. No update as to deposition of this case.
129.   Piscataway, N.J. Nov. 1, 1997

Public Abduction - Child Rape - Murder

Good Samaritan Murder

A white family took in a black male, Yusaf Hagans, 24,  because the black male had "family problems". The black male repaid their generosity with abducting their little 10-year-old daughter, dragging her out to a vacant field, then raping her. When he was done, the black male smashed the skull of the little girl, then, just to make sure she was dead, he also sliced her throat from ear to ear.

* Lauren Relyea, 10
130.  Wayne County, Michigan, October 1, 1993


Home Invasion - Torture -  Racism - Inhumane Cruelty  

A 14-year-old and a 10-year-old (both black) forced white boys (brothers) to perform sex acts on them as well as on each other.

"The brothers [ages 7 and 10] were forced to take off their clothing and perform a sex act upon their attackers, forced to fondle and sodomize each other, crawl to fetch a tennis ball, and were beaten with sticks and fists. One of the brothers was hit in the head with a board and nearly knocked unconscious. "According to statements and testimony, the attackers, who are African-American, told the victims, who are white, at one point in the ordeal that they were treating them like slaves, 'because you're white and we hate whites....'

"'This is the worst case I've seen in my four years with the prosecutor's office,' said [Assistant Wayne County Prosecutor Jerry] Dorsey.... "These were clearly terrorist behaviors...beyond a mere sex thing or a fighting thing that boys get into. This was clearly designed to humiliate and terrorize and inflict fear and pain on these boys, both physical and psychological.'“
131. Kingston, NY, January 08, 2008

Public Abduction - Rape

Five black teens gang rape a white girl in a high school bathroom.

Black Male Rapists:
Sharkey F. Daniel, 19
Quami Daniel, 17
Christian Moore-Giles, 18
Kory Rogers, 18
Tyler Bryan, 16

* Identity of 15-year-old withheld
132. University of Washington, WA, June 4, 2000

Public Abduction – Rape

A black male,Jerramy Stevens, 21,…apparently slipped a white female a date-rape drug. He then offered to walk her back to her to her place (like I've said throughout this long series of black-on-white crimes, BEWARE of black males offering to be a good Samaritan!). Well, everyone can guess from here what black male Stevens did to her (actually, raping her wasn’t enough, he also had to sodomize her). The next day, Stevens actually bragged about his rape. The short of it is, Stevens was never prosecuted, due to “conflicting reports” of the incident. He did, though, settle with the female in a civil action.

If anyone cares to see what a despicable thug Stevens is, take a look at his criminal activity.
133. St. Louis County, MO, 2005

Public Abduction - Rape- Attempted Murder Of A Child 

A white 6-year-old child was beaten, raped and left for dead in a crime that shocked the Spanish Lake community in 2005. The perpetrator was a 13-year-old black male.

Sherman Burnett Jr., 15
134. St. Petersburg, FL, Sept. 17, 1976

Public Abduction -Rape -Murder 

For more than 30 years, the rape and gruesome murder of Mary Jane Barth (a white female) remained unsolved, until DNA evidence finally pointed to the killer, black male Alfonzo Austin, 58 .

* Mary Jane Barth, 85
135. Rochester, NY, 2007

Home Invasion - Rape

A black male (and career criminal), Anthony Colbert, 51…invaded a suburban home for the purpose of raping a 24-year-old white female (who was house-sitting) and also to commit burglary. The 24-year-old white victim's name was not released.

136.  New York City, NY, 2007

Home Invasion - Rape - Torture - Attempted Murder

A black male, Robert Williams, 31...invaded the apartment of a young white Columbia University college student. For 19 hours the sadistic black male raped and sodomized her. He then decided to murder her - by torture. Miraculously, the white female survived.

* Victim's Name Withheld

If you want more details of Williams' assault on this female, and you have the stomach, you can click the link below.
137. Springfield, Mass., 1997 to 1998

Public Abduction - Rape -Murder

 Serial Killer -Rapist

"...his calling card was brutality"

A black male, Alfred Gaynor, 27 (at time of killing spree) ...was a serial killer and rapist.

Victim's List:
Jill Ann Ermellini: 34, (w/f)
Amy Smith: 20, (w/f, murdered in her apartment - her baby also died from starvation)
JoAnn C. Thomas, 38 (b/f)
Loretta Daniels, 38, (b/f)
Rosemary A. Downs, 42, (b/f)
Joyce L. Dickerson-Peay, 37 (b/f)
Yvette Torres: 33 (h/f)
Vera E. Hallums: 45, (b/f)
138. Richmond, VA, 1978 -1979

Gang Abduction - Torture - Robbery - Murder

A vicious black street gang (there were no “Crips” or “Bloods” in the 70s) terrorized Richmond with murders, robberies, rapes and public abductions. The gang was headed by Linwood Briley.

Linwood Briley (b/m)
James Briley (b/m)
Duncan Meekins (b/m)

Black Victims:
* Orline Christian (elderly b/f)
* Judy Barton, 23, (5-months pregnant - raped -murdered)
* Harvey Wilkerson

White Victims:
* William Bucher (w/m - home invasion - survived)
* Virginia Bucher, (w/f - home invasion - survived)
* Michael McDuffie,
* Mary Gowen, 78 (home invasion - rape - murder)
* John "Johnny G." Gallagher, 51 (public abduction - torture - murder - robbery)
139. Seattle, OR, July 7, 1993

Public Abduction - Rape - Murder

MURDER OF … Mia Katherine Zapata

Mia Zapata, 27, was a rising star in the music world. Unfortunately, she made the fateful mistake of walking home from a friend's place at about 2 am. A Cuban-born black male, Jesus Mezquia, 38 (in 1993), spotted Mia as he was driving around her community. He abducted her, raped her, then murdered her.
140.  New Port News, VA, March 30, 1992

Public Abduction - Male Rape

A black male, Walter Mickens , 37…abducted a teenage white male, raped him, then bludgeoned him to death with over 143 stab wounds.

* Timothy Jason Hall, 17

Note: According to Mickens crime file:

“Mickens had been convicted in 1974 of robbery and sodomy, imprisoned, paroled, then convicted again in 1980 of robbery and sodomy.”
Race of victims unknown.
141. James City County, VA, May 23, 1977

Public Abduction - Rape

A black male (convicted rapist on parole),Michael Smith,31,… abducted a white female at knife point off a public beach, forced her into a secluded area, raped her, then strangled her to death.

* Audrey Weiler, 35 (2 children)   (#62)
142. Polk County, FL, Jan. 1, 1976

                                               A New Years Day Home Invasion/ Murder

Black male, Daniel Thomas, 27 , and a few of his [black] buddies, terrorized a rural farming community in Florida (AKA the “ski mask gang" ). On New Years day, Thomas and his crew broke into the home of a white male.  Thomas first shot the white male adult, then, as the white male was dying, Thomas raped his wife.  Before Thomas left, he also shot the family dog.

* Charles Anderson

143. Houston, TX, June 7, 1986

Home Invasion - Rape - Murder

A black male, Kenneth Harris, 23,…broke into a white female’s apartment for the sole purpose of rape and murder. Harris was a serial rapist, raping at least 7 women. The racial identities of all of his rape victims are unknown.

Victim: :
* Lisa Ann Stonestreet, 28

144. Houston, TX, April 21, 1986

Public Abduction - Rape

Three black males, John Barefield, 22, Perry Barefield, 29, Earnest Sonnier,23,…carjacked a young white female college student from her apartment parking lot as she was heading to her car.  The terrified female was driven to her bank, made to withdraw some money ($70 - YES,THAT'S IT), then taken to a remote area where she was raped by all three black males. After they were done, the white female was told to "run" , where John Barefield then gunned her down. The three then took the white female’s car and  then victimized another female in an armed robbery  (race unknown - apparently she survived).

* Cindy Rounsaville, 25

145. LA Place, La. Dec. 2010

Home Invasion - Rape - Murder

A black male, Earnest Joseph III, 27 ...broke into a home of a white female and her daughter. The mother was at work and the young girl was home alone. Joseph raped and then beat the white girl to death.

* Taylor Adams, 15

Note: The link below had the picture of the Earnest Joseph III , then, for unknown reasons, the picture was removed.
146. Paris, TX, Jan. 1, 1988

Home Invasion - Torture- Rape - Murder

“A pathologist determined she likely lived for several hours after the attack but couldn't scream for help because one of the 44 stab wounds severed her vocal chords.”

Three black males, Tyrone Fuller, 24, John McGrew, , Kenneth Harmon, …broke into a white female’s apartment to commit rape, robbery and murder. While the black males were inside the female’s apartment, they beat her repeatedly, raped her repeatedly, tortured her by whipping her with an electrical cord, then stabbed her to death.

Andrea Lea Duke, 26
147. Cochran, GA, Dec. 12, 1976

Public Abduction - Rape - Murder

Two black males, Roosevelt Green, 20 , Carzell Moore, … robbed a convenience store at gunpoint, then abducted a young white female, took her to a secluded location, raped her, then both Green and Moore took turns shooting her.

* Teresa Allen, 18

148. Muscogee County, GA, 1977

Home Invasion

Public Abduction - Rape - Murder

A black male,William Books, 20,…invaded the home of a white female,  abducted her, then took her to a secluded area, where he raped then executed her.

* Carol Jeannine Galloway, 23
149. Summit County, Ohio, March 1996

Public Abduction - Rape - Murder

A black male,Donald Craig,…in two separate cases - confirmed by DNA evidence - kidnapped two white girls, sexually assaulted both of them then murdered them.

* Roseanna Davenport, 12
* Malissa Thomas, 13

150.   Boston, MA, 1974

Public Abduction - Rape

Celebrity political analyst and pundit, feminist and college law professor, Susan Estrich was raped “with an ice pick to my throat…” by a “crow” (black male unidentified) in a Boston area parking lot.

Note: Yes, Estrish is a BIG TIME liberal and would - I believe - do just about anything to further the cause of forced integration on the white Christian community. But still, she does I think deserve some level of sympathy for the ordeal she had to endure.

151.   W. Toledo, OH, Jan. 19, 2010

                  * Crimes That Shake Our Conscience *

 Public Abduction - Rape

15-Year-Old Black Boy Rapes 26-Year-Old White Female

 Anferney Fontenet, 15, armed with a pair of scissors,  was determined to rape a white female; and it didn't even matter that it was broad daylight and she was walking on a public street (she was walking in a black neighborhood) with lots of cars passing by. With the scissors pressed to the female's throat the boy forced her to a vacant lot and then raped her. Several drivers called 9-11 but, because it was a "bad" neighborhood, on one got out of their cars to offer assistance.
152.   Philadelphia, PA, 2010

Home Invasion - Murder

Serial Rapist / Killer Of White Females

A black male, Antonia Rodriguez,.. was found guilty of, raping, beating and strangling three females to death. 

* Christine Piacentini, 25
* Casey Mahoney, 27
* Elaine Goldberg, 21‘kensington-strangler’-guilty,-will-serve-three-lifetimes.html/
153. Yonkers, NY, 2008

Public Abduction - Rape - Attempted Murder

Home Invasion - Rape - Attempted Murder

A black male, Walter Maddox, 31,...raped two white females (two separate occasions) and then attempted to strangle them to death. Both miraculously survived.
154. Virginia Beach, VA, Sept. 10, 2009

                   * Crimes That Shake Our Conscience *

Home Invasion - Rape - Attempted Murder

Gang Rape Of Two White Girls

Four sadistic black males, Kevin Marshall, 20,  Richard Richardson Jr., 19, Antwone Jackson, 18, Lennie Tate, 19,... broke into the apartment (for the second time) where NINE young white people were having a party and watching TV, intending to commit a robbery. However, apparently since a rape opportunity presented itself, the black males decided to go after  - rape- two white girls.  They also savagely beat a white male.  Another white male teenager came on the scene and was shot in the head and abdomen.

Note: Since all survived the vicious home invasion attack and attempted murder, no names were released.
155.   Philadelphia & Colorado 1997 to 2001

Black Male Serial Rapist Of White Females

Home Invasions - Murder

Death of a white female...

Greeley: "Hello. My next door neighbor, I just heard her yelling for help."

Operator: "And what's wrong?"

Greeley: "We're on the second floor. I'm on, we're on one side and she's on the other. And I just heard. her yell help. I knocked on the door and I just heard like a. like a choking-type sound and I just called."

Troy Graves had developed a passion for raping white females. For unknown reasons he decided to murder one of the white females after he savagely raped her. Black male Troy Davis' despicable crime spree can be found here:

* Shannon Schieber, 23
156. Dover, DE, 2009

Home Invasion -Rape - Terrorizing -Kidnapping

A black male, DeAngelo Hoskins, 40,… crawled an unlocked window of a motel to rape a white female. After having to endure Haskins raping her throughout the night , in the morning he made her drive him to her home where he demanded she go inside and get some money for him. Once inside , naturally, the woman called 9-11.

Unidentified woman survived
157. Buffalo, NY, April 6, 1984

Home Invasion - Rape - Murder- Abuse Of The Elderly

A black male, Edward Richardson, 56 (25 at time of crime), was finally apprehended in 2009 for the brutal rape and beating to death of an elderly white female in a home invasion.

* Alma Strasner
158. Texas, March 26 , 1998

Home Invasion - Rape - Murder

Black Derek Guillen, 17, was sentenced to death for a home invasion rape, robbery and murder (he slashed her throat) of a white female. Other back males were also involved in this home invasion but police believe it was black male Guillen who did the rape and murder.

Margaret Shores, 51
159. South Bend, Ind., 1996

Serial Rapist OF White Females

Home Invasion - Rape

A black male, Michael Murphy, terrorized white females in home invasion rapes and robberies. The females were raped with a knife to their throats.

Victims all survived - names withheld
160. South Bend, Ind. 2000

Serial Rapist Of White Females

Home Invasion - Rape

A black male, Mark Williams, terrorized white females with home invasions and rapes.

Victims survived - names withheld

161. Virginia, July 17, 1982

Public Abduction - Rape

A black male, John Otis Lincoln, rode up to a white female on his bicycle, pulled a gun and then demanded she move to a more secluded area. There the white female was beaten and pistol-whipped repeatedly, raped and sodomized.

Victim survived - name withheld
162.   Forrest County, Miss., June 13, 1998

Home Invasion  - Black Male Ambush - Rape

A black male, Steven Powers, ...attempted to rape a white female (evidence was not available as to whether he did rape her) in her home, she apparently fought back and was subsequently shot 5 times by black male Powers, in an obvious overkill to make sure she was dead.

* Elizabeth Lafferty
163. Lafayette, CA, Dec. 10, 2005

Home Invasion - Rape -Murder - Abuse Of The Elderly 

A black male (ex-con), Richard Craig McNew, 34, ...barged into a elderly white female's home, raped then murdered her. Note: McNew appears to be a half-n-half black.

* Anna Elizabeth Vuori , 90
164. Quitman County, Miss., Feb. 2, 1990

Family Massacre Atrocity

Home Invasion - Abuse Of A Child - Rape -Murder

Anthony Carr, 24, Robert Simon Jr., 26,... were burglarizing and ransacking a white family's home when the family members expectedly walked in.

* Charlotte Jo Parker, 9 (raped)
* Carl Webster Parker, 58
* Bobbie Jo Parker, 45, (raped)
* Gregory Parker, 12

165. Worth County, GA, August 11, 1974

Armed Robbery- Rape - Murder-  Abuse Of A Child

Williams: "I ain't never had a white bitch before"

A black male, William Mitchell, 22, during a grocery store hold-up, raped a white female, then gunned down both the female and her 14-year-old. Two more white kids came into the grocery store, where black male Mitchell aimed his gun at them and fired. However, the gun jammed. Black male Mitchell then took the two young kids back to the cooler where he had just gunned down the mother and child. Again he fired his gun, but, again, it wouldn't fire. The two white kids were left in the cooler.

* Christopher Carr, 14 (deceased)
* Mrs. James Carr (shot four times, miraculously, survived)
* Two other white boys survived (though only because black male Mitchell's gun failed to fire)
166.   Bilox, Miss., Nov. 21, 1995

Public Abduction - Rape- Torture - Murder

A black male, William G. Mitchell... abducted a white female, raped her (vaginally and anally), then ran her over with his car. After all that, black male Mitchell threw the white female off a bridge.

* Patty Milliken, 38

Note: Black male Mitchell was on parole from a life sentence for a murder of a man in 1975 (race of victim unknown).
167.  Dothan, Ala., May 15, 1990

Home Invasion - Rape - Murder

 A moving company – owned by a white person (s) – decided to take a chance and employ an ex-con (attempted murder of another woman), black male Artez Hammond.  He made a delivery of furniture to an apartment residence (white female and her fiancé). Upon first seeing the white female, the black man apparently decided then and there he was going to rape her – and no one was going to stop him.  Hammond staked out the apartment, then, when he was sure that only the white female was present…he simply walked into her place. Hammond raped her vaginally and also sodomized her… and then bludgeoned her to death with a knife  (30 knife wounds)

Innocent White Female:
* Marilyn Mitchell, 23
168. Colorado Springs, Co, July 1, 1975

Kelsey Grammer's Sister Raped & Murdered

Public Abduction - Rape - Murder

Still only the 70s ... and black males are finally beginning to recognize, and take full advantage of, their new Freedom (civil-rights) in white communities - free now to rape, rob, murder and massacre. The black man gets to strike first ...

Karen Grammer was 18-years-old when she was abducted while walking into a restaurant during a black male hold-up (which netted no money). Two black males took the young girl back to their apartment where they both brutally raped her. After the black males were through with their rape they put the young white female back in the car, drove to her place ... then stabbed her repeatedly and threw her out. She was still alive...but collapsed a short time later and died from loss of blood.

Black Male Rapists & Murderers:
Freddie Glenn, 18
Michael Corbett
169. Gautier, Mississippi, September 2, 1989

* Black Male Atrocity *

Black Male Acts Out Sexual Rage on 7-Year-old Girl

Public Abduction - Rape -Torture- Murder --Abuse Of A Child
(needless to say prior to 1964 this type of atrocity was non-existent - not one incident)

A black male, Henry Lee Harrison,…watched as two 7-year-old white girls on their bicycles made their way to a convenience store. When one of the young girls got off her bike and went into the store, apparently black male Harrison had already decided what he was going to do to her.

I will defer to another site for the following description of what happened next:

“According to the other little girl, when April came out and got on her bicycle, Harrison chased her out of sight. April did not come home that night. On September 3, 1989, searchers found April's nude, mutilated body in a wooded area close to the neighborhood where she lived. The child's bloody shirt was knotted tightly around her neck.”

“As part of the murder investigation, the body of April Turner was examined by forensic pathologist, Dr. Paul McGarry. Upon removing the knotted shirt, Dr. McGarry observed thirty-six stab wounds to the child's deeply indented neck and throat. He observed six more stab wounds on her forehead and one behind her left ear. Some of the wounds appeared to have been made by a sharp instrument while others exhibited a "star-shaped crisscross" configuration.”

“In addition to the stab wounds, Dr. McGarry documented a deep curved laceration of the child's forehead above her right eyebrow. This wound displayed swelling and hemorrhaging indicating that April was alive when the blow fell. The doctor next noted extensive bruising of the head and face and extensive abrasions over the back of the body. The child's genital area had been subjected to a "massive penetrating tearing injury" so severe that nothing separated her vagina from her rectum. Finally, the doctor noted extensive rubbing type abrasions on the outside and the inside of the lips (indicating forced oral sex).”

* April Sherry Turner, 7

Note: Remember the little black girl (Sherrice Iverson) that was molested (not raped) and then murdered by a white male in Las Vegas? Vaguely, right? But you remember hearing about it because it was plastered all over the media…nationwide. I bet you knew nothing of the rape and murder of April Turner. The MSM made sure you didn’t hear about it.

Oh, if you google 'Sherrice Iverson' note all the pictures of her and her killer. Then google 'April Turner.' NOTHING. Not even a wikipedia page.
170. Orange County CA, April, 2010

Home Invasion - Rape - Torture - Murder- Abuse Of The Elderly
"The horror that she went through haunts me..."

A black male, Anthony Wade, 25,…broke into the home of an elderly white female. Once inside,  Wade found the elderly white female and then raped, beat, tortured and then knife her to death.  Wade then ransacked the home, stole her credit card and then stole her car.

*Bessie Mae Whyman, 84
171. Madison County, Miss., Feb., 15, 1994

Home Invasion - Kidnapping -Rape Murder

A black male,
Justin Underwood, 20,

…walked into a white neighbor's home armed with a gun. He kidnapped a white female, took her to a remote area, raped her, then made her get down on her knees…and beg not to be shot.  Underwood fired five bullets into her.

* Victoria Ann Harris


 Home Invasion - Acquaintance Murder  - Attempted Rape 
Sexual Predator Used A Ruse To Get Into The Female's Home 

DARYL ANTHONY PRIESTLEY, 20, became obsessed with a white female.   Somehow,  Priestley was able to get into the female's home along with some other people.  He decided to plan a ruse to get back into her place later that night.   Priestley hid his cell phone under the sofa cushion before he left.  Preistley then came back later that night to ask the female if he could come in and look for it. UNFORTUNATELY , the female fell for the rape ruse. Police found her beaten and strangled to death.

Note: Most likely there was a rape and Priestly used a rubber. Priestley's SOLE INTENT FOR STAGING HIS RUSE WAS TO RAPE THE FEMALE. Highly unlikelyhe was going to pass up that opportunity.

Brandie Danielle Davis, 19

173. San Antonio, TX, November 2004

Good Samaritan Murder

Home Invasion - Rape - Murder

 A kindhearted school teacher employed a black male, Ronnie Neal, 33, to do some landscaping work around her home. Neal used the opportunity to plot with his [evil] teenage daughter, Pearl Cruz , 15, a home invasion, rape, robbery and murder. The [evil] daughter knocked on the woman's door at night claiming it was an emergency and she needed to use a phone. When the female opened the door,  Neal appeared and at gunpoint forced his way in.  Neal then sent his [evil] daughter to the convenience store with the female's ATM card  … while he stayed behind to rape the woman. The female was then kidnapped and taken to a remote area, told her to get on her knees, where  Neal shot her in the head.

Evil Pearl Cruz, while in prison, was discovered to be pregnant with Neal's child.

* Diane Allison Tilly, 58

174. Lansing, Mich., Jan., 2005

Public Abduction - Rape - Murder

A black male, Claude McCollum,30,… walked into a college classroom where only a female professor was present. McCollum attacked the female, raped, then brutally murdered her.

* Carolyn Kronenberg, 60 (w/f)
175. Lauderdale County, Miss., Dec. 4, 1982

Business Invasion - Rape - Murder

A black male, Leon Johnson,28,…walked into a store and noticed a lone middle-aged white female was the only one present.  Johnson walked up to her and then threw a sucker punch. He then dragged the female into another room and raped her. After the rape,  Johnson strangled the woman to death.

* Eileen Grogan, 55 (w/f)

Note: Johnson strangled another white female to death in 1975 (Luz Borrayo).
176.  San Diego, CA , 1990s

 Serial Rapist & Murderer Of White Females

Home Invasion - Rape- Murder

Cleophus Prince, 23, is currently residing on California's death row.

White Female Victims (all murdered in their apartments):
* Tiffany Schultz, 21
* Janene Weinhold, 21 (raped)
* Holly Tarr, 18
* Elissa Keller, 38

 Mother & daughter:
* Pamela Clark, 42,(raped)
* Amber Clark, 18 (daughter)
177.  Arlington County, VA, 1987

Black Male Serial Rapist & Murderer Of White Females

Home Invasion - Rape - SADISTIC TORTURE - Murder

A black male, Timothy Spencer, 25 ... developed an obsession with raping and murdering white females. Spencer MO was to break into a white female's home, rape then murder her. Spencer would then steal what valuables he could then flee. Spencer would also torture his white victims by tying a rope around their neck...then putting his knee on their back he would slowly strangle them into semi unconsciousness, enjoying listening to them plead for their lives and for mercy. He would then release the tension on the rope...then repeat the sadistic process.   

* Debbie Davis, 35 (w/f)
* Susan Tucker, 44 (w/f)
* Dr. Susan Hellams, 32 (w/f)
* Carol Hamm (w/f)
* Diane Cho, 15 (a/f)

Note: For the murder of Carol Hamm, another male, David Vasquez, was convicted and incarcerated for five years. DNA evidence linked Spencer. Vasquez became the first person exonerated by DNA.
178.   Arlington, VA, March 31, 1990

Public Abduction - Rape- Murder 

A young white female, while walking on a a bike path, was ambushed by black male, Michael Satcher, 22 (Satcher was pretending to be on the bike trail as a jogger).  Slatcher grabbed the female then dragged her to a secluded area,  raped her, then stabbed her over 21 times ... until she was dead.  Satcher was caught while trying to lying in wait for another white female in the same area.

* Anne Elizabeth Borghesani, 23 (w/f)

Note: Anne apparently put up quite a fight with the rapist. She went down fighting, wounding him with bite wounds, kicks, scratch wounds and socks to the face.

179. Houston, TX, Feb. 6, 1980

Home Invasion - Rape Demand - Murder

A black male, Darryl Stewart, 24,…noticed an apartment door open (Stewart lived in the apartment complex). He entered the apartment at gunpoint and demanded the white female disrobe. She did. He then demanded she get over on the bed for sex. She refused.  Stewart, furious, got a pillow and gunned down the woman, as her 4-year-old child watched.  Stewart walked out with $50.00 dollars in cash.

* Donna Kate Thomas, 22 (w/f)

180. Houston, TX, July 9, 1981

Public Abduction - Rape - Torture - Murder

Black Male Rage Kill - White Female Run over With Car

A black male (on parole since May), Antonio Bonham, 21,...kidnapped an elderly white female to rape and rage-kill her.  Bonham drove her around locked in the trunk of her car, then, in a secluded area, he dragged her out, threw her on the ground and raped her. After the rape,  Bonham slammed a brick into her head. After that,  Bonham got in the car and ran over the white female repeatedly. Apparently, this whole sordid and wicked attack on the white female was just to relieve boredom for unemployed Bonham (Bonham had never sought employment in his life).

* Marie Jones McGown, 62

181.  Houston, TX, 1981 (caught after many years of assaults)

Home Invasion - Murder

Sodomizing Children

Black male, Harman Clark,35,…had spent years perfecting his craft, staking out white people’s homes or apartments, particularly those with 10 to 12 year-olds girls, breaking in after midnight, then, at gunpoint, tying up the adults and then sodomize the little girls. A white male father died protecting his daughter from one of Clark's attacks.

* Joseph E. McClain
182. Atlanta, GA, March 4, 1986

Public abduction - Rape - Murder

A black Male, Alexander E. Williams IV, 17..abducted a young white female, raped then murdered her.

* Aleta Bunch, 16 (w/f)
183. Missouri City, TX, April 17, 1990

Home Invasion - Rape - Murder

A black male, Edward George McGregor,17...broke into the home of a white female,  raped her then beat her to death.

* Kim Louise Wildman, 38
184. Alton, IL, Dec. 2010

Home Invasion - Rape - Murder-  Abuse Of The Elderly

"…an especially brutal crime against a beloved member of this community."

A black male (registered sex offender), Perry L. Henderson,50, …broke into the home of an elderly white, beat her, dragged her to her bedroom, then raped her, then straggled her to death. Henderson then helped himself to the white female’s personal items around her home.

* Sandra Wood, 73
185. Lafayette Parish, LA, Sept. 13, 1981

Home Invasion - Rape Murder-  Abuse Of The Elderly 

A black male, Willie Celestine, 24,... broke into the home of an elderly white female, beat her, raped her, then strangled her to death. Black male Celestine then burglarized the home.

* Marceliane Richard, 81
186. Hays County , TX, Nov. 24, 1975

Home Invasion - Rape - Murder

A black male, Willie Jenkins, 57 (executed)…broke into the apartment of a white female for the sole purpose of RAPE. When Jenkins was through with his rape, he murdered the female. He also - likely - burglarized the young female’s place.

* Sheryl Ann Norris, 20 (w/f)

187. Florida, Oct. 4, 1988

Home Invasion - Rape - Murder-  Abuse Of Elderly 

A black male, Emanuel Johnson,… uneducated and chronically unemployed, was allowed to do menial yard work for a white female to earn some money. Johnson repaid that generosity by attacking the elderly woman, raping her, then murdering her.

* Iris White, 73

* Johnson was also convicted for murder of  Jackie McMahon (race and age unknown)

Note: Waiting for racial confirmation (Iris White) on this one. However, in my research on black crime, every time I see a situation where a person hires a black man to do menial yard work,  it's a white person doing the hiring.
189.  Hillsborough County, FL, Jan. 16, 1991

Home Invasion - Rape -Murder

A black male, Charles Finney, 37,…noticed a front door open and he simply walked in.  A white female was present. At knife point she was ordered into the bedroom. She was later found  - by police -  with her hands and feet bound and stabbed over 13 times. She had also been raped .  Finney was arrested after he pawned the victim's VCR.

* Sandra Sutherland (w/f)

Note:  Finney robbed, kidnapped and raped another white female less than two weeks after the above incident. Identity of this victim is unknown.

190. Tacoma, WA, July 1996

Home Invasion - - Rape - Murder

A black male,Allen Eugene Gregory,...broke into the home of a white female and lay in wait until she returned home from work.  Gregory was a next door neighbor to the woman, so he undoubtedly watched her come and go for some time and knew her schedule.  When the female returned home, Gregory, knife in hand, was waiting for her. She first had to endure his rape,then she was bludgeoned to death.

* Geneine Ann Harshfield, 43
191. Orange County, FL, March 2004

Home Invasion - Rape - Murder

Serial Rapist - Serial Murderer

A black male: Jerry L. Williams , 26,…victimized six females. Three of his victims were brutally raped, while the other three were raped and then murdered.

* Patricia Kimmons, 40
* Lisa French (murdered 2007)
* Other victims of Williams not identified
192.   Middlesex County, NJ, 2010

Home Invasion - Rape - Murder

A black male, Robert Hayes, 33, …broke into the home of a white female for the sole purpose of rape. After Hayes finished his rape he murdered the white female, then set the house on fire in an effort to conceal his crime.

* Petra Rohrbaugh, 52 (w/f)
193. Alton, IL, December 3, 2010

Home Invasion - Rape Murder -  Abuse Of Elderly

A black male, Perry L. Henderson, 50,…invaded the home of an elderly white female.  When he located the elderly woman he rape her, then murder her.  Henerson then burglarized the home.

* Sandra L. "Sandy" Wood, 73
194. Columbus, OH, March 8, 2004

Public Abduction - Murder

Two black males (perhaps more),Marcus C. Sellers, 17,
Andre Conley,…kidnapped a young woman from a parking garage to commit rape. They first took her to her ATM though, however, she had money in her account. She was then taken to a secluded area and raped. After the rape, Sellers threw the female into the trunk of her car and left her there overnight (March in Columbus in not exactly warm).  Sellers then returned to the car the next day with some gasoline, which he dumped all over the car and then set it on fire.

* Andrea Nance, 24
195.   Mahoning County, OH, 1985


Public Abduction – Murder

A black male, Bennie Adams, 28,… kidnapped, raped then brutally murdered a white female college student.

* Gina Tenney, 19

196. Marianna, Ark., Nov. 26, 2008

Home Invasion - Murder

A black male, Curtis Lavell Vance, 28,   … staked out a white female’s home for the purposes of rape, robbery and murder. This same black man had later been determined - thru DNA evidence - to have invaded the home of another white female and raped her.

* Kristen Edwards (raped)
* Anne Pressly, 26 (raped, sodomized and murdered) --Anne was a popular TV anchor woman.
197. Atlanta, GA, July 11, 1988

Public Abduction – Rape – Torture - Murder

Two black males, Emmanuel Hammond, 24, W. Maurice Porter, 20…abducted a white female preschool fitness teacher. She was later found bound with a coat hanger, raped and shot with a shotgun blast to the head in a wooded area outside Atlanta.

* Julie Love, 27
198. Brazoria County, TX, Jan. 21, 1998

Home Invasion – Rape – Murder

“Oh my God. Help me.”

"Eight year old Ashley testified at trial that she was awakened in the night at her home by her mother screaming, “Oh my God. Help me.” She saw two men who had broken into the home, with bandannas over their face, one with a gun, telling she and her mother to get on the floor. As Ashley, her six year old brother, and her mother, Linda Suzie Malek, lay on the floor crying, they demanded to know the location of any jewelry. Ashley described how her mother was then raped, then shot twice in the head. "

Convicted Rapist/Murderers:
Kenneth Parr, 18 (b/m - triggerman)
Michael Jiminez, 18 (b/m - half brother to murderer/rapist Parr)

* Linda “Suzie” Malek, 28

Note: If forced integration did not exist, Linda would most certainly be alive today.
199. San Angelo, TX, Feb. 18, 1995

Public Abduction – Rape – Torture - Murder 

A black male, Louis Jones, 45… was staking out a laundry mat at a military base. He had eyed a young white female and was waiting for the right time to strike. When Jones saw the opportunity he charged into the laundry mat and up to the white female. He pulled a gun, forced her outside and into the trunk of his car, then sped away… back to his home. For three days (maybe more) Jones, in the most depraved ways imaginable, raped, beat, tortured, abused and humiliated the young girl. When Jones was finally finished with the young white female ... he retrieved a tire iron from his car, then beat her over the head until she was dead.

* Tracy McBride, 19
200. Knoxville, Tenn. 2007

Public Abduction – Rape – Murder

Four black males and a black female,Eric DeWayne Boyd, 34 , Demaricus Davidson, 25, George Geovonni Thomas, 27,, Letalvis Cobbins, 24,, Vanessa Coleman (accessory after the fact),…kidnapped a young white couple, raped and tortured them – for over two days – and then murdered the two.

* Christopher Newsom, 23 (Deceased)
* Channon Christian, 21 (Deceased)

If you have the stomach for gruesome details, the facts of this case are located on the link below.
201. Spokane County , WA, April 27, 1996

Home Invasion - Rape - Murder

Jade Moore                 

A young and naive white female introduces her sister and a friend to a black male. And the Result?

“…According to testimony Venus gave at trial, Woods "poured himself vodka" and expressed unhappiness about the fact that Jade was not awake. At the behest of Woods, Venus tried to awaken Jade, but she did not respond. Woods, according to Venus, became irate and eventually shoved Venus onto the couch and attempted to unbutton her pants. Venus said that she escaped from Woods's grasp but that he managed to grab her again and "slammed" her head and neck against a door. From that point on, Venus has no memory of events that morning except for reoccurring "flashing" of memory in which she recalls struggling with Woods. After Woods completed his attack on Venus, he moved on to Jade. At about 7:30 a.m., Woods climbed into bed with Jade and forced her, at knife point, to get up.  He then forcibly took her to witness the severely beaten Venus who was lying unconscious on the floor in one of the bedrooms. Woods proceeded to threaten Jade that if she did not comply with his demands, she would "end up looking just like your friend Venus.'" He then forced Jade to help him loot the trailer and to give him her automatic transaction machine (ATM) card together with her personal identification number. He then raped Jade orally and vaginally. While Woods was attacking Jade, Telisha came over to the trailer to retrieve some of her belongings. As she entered the trailer, Woods seized and bound her and forced her to stand against a wall in the bedroom. Jade, who was laying on the floor at this point, and "acting like she was dead," said that she "heard a baseball bat hit" Telisha's head. Jade was then hit in the head with the bat, knocked unconscious, and was unable to observe what happened beyond that point. When Telisha failed to return home later that morning, her mother, Sherry, became concerned and decided to go to the trailer. She arrived there at approximately 10:25 a.m. and found the door locked. While peering in through a window in the trailer, she saw a man, whom she later identified as Woods, alighting from the other side of the trailer. Sherry gave chase, but the man she had observed eluded her. She then returned to the trailer and pounded on the locked door. Finally, Jade answered the door. According to Sherry, Jade "looked out of it and she was stark naked." Sherry soon realized that the three women in the trailer had been beaten. Sherry called 911. Police, paramedic, and fire department personnel were immediately dispatched to the scene of the crime, and the victims were rushed to the hospital. While en route to the hospital, Jade told a paramedic about the events surrounding her assault. Once Jade arrived at the hospital she also informed her father, the emergency room physician, and a nurse about what had transpired that morning. Despite the efforts of hospital personnel, Telisha expired without ever regaining consciousness. Jade initially responded favorably to medical treatment, however, her condition eventually worsened and she died the following day due to a blood clot.”

Convicted Rapist / Murderer:
Dwayne Woods, 26

* Telisha Shaver, 22 (deceased)
* Jade Moore, 18 (deceased - pic)
* Venus Shaver, 20 (survived - the one who brought the black male into a white household)
202. Columbus, Ohio, Dec. 7, 2004

Public Abduction – Murder

A black male,Lindsay Bruce, 23…kidnapped a little white girl (presumably to rape her) and then murdered her.

* Emily Rimel, 5
203. Rio Liinda, CA, May 16, 1997

 Public Abduction - Rape - Murder

A black male, Alex Dale Thomas,34, …was a convicted felon who was - incredibly - given a job working in a white community as a janitor for the public school system. It was after school hours when Thomas set his sights on a vulnerable young white female.  Thomas lured the young white girl to a room he knew was unoccupied and then raped her. After the brutal rape, Thomas murdered the young girl. 

* Michelle Montoya, 18
204. Cape Cod, Massachusetts, Jan. 6, 2002

Home Invasion - Rape - Murder - Shocked The White Community

A black male,Christopher McCowen, 33, (one of just a few black males living in Cape Cod) …work in a white community as a garbage collector. Evidently, McCowen saw a white female in the course of his garbage collecting ... and decided nothing was going to stop him from doing what he wanted to do: Rape the woman.  McCowen broke into the white female’s home, ambushed her, then, at knife point, did his rape.  After McGowen was finished with his rape, he stabbed the white female repeatedly ...until she was dead. When police arrived at the white female's home, they found her two-year-old child clinging to her.  Note: McCowen claims he's innocent. And how does McCowen explain his DNA (sperm) inside the white female? McCowen claims they had a secrete love affair going on.  Not surprising, the jury didn't believe McCown ...and he got life in prison.

* Christa Worthington, 46 (well known fashion writer)
205. Chula Vista, CA, April 10, 1986

Home Invasion - Rape- Murder

A black male (on parole for rape), George Williams Jr., 31(at time of crime),…broke into a white male’s home in the middle of the night, kidnapped his 14-year-old daughter, raped her, then murdered her . Williams then dumped the girl's body off on the side of a freeway.

* Rickieann "Rickie" Blake, 14

And just what kind of predator is Williams? Here’s the list of his known offenses:

--1981 rape of a 15-year-old girl
--1984 molestation of his 6-year-old daughter

--1985 rape of a 20-year-old woman in Oakland
--rape of a 24-year-old woman and also the RAPE of her 6-year-old daughter … one week after he killed Blake
206.  St. Louis, MO, April 4, 1991

Public Abduction - Gang Rape - Murder 

“Let’s hurt some people”
Three black males and a white male, Marlin A. Gray, 23, Antonio Richardson, 16, Reginald Clemons, 20, Daniel Winfrey, 15 (white) … were driving across the Mississippi Bridge and noticed three young white people, two females and a male. Clemons then suggested this was an opportunity “to hurt some people”. They stopped their car and got out and approached the trio. They then drew guns and told them it was a robbery. The black males then grabbed the white females and took turns raping them. After the black males were done they made all three jump into the Mississippi, a 70 ft. drop. Two died.

* Julie Kerry, 20, (deceased - left)
* Robin Kerry, 19, (deceased - right)
* Thomas Cummins, 19 (survived)

** The rapists and the ones who planned the attack were the black males. The ones who decided the trio must die were the black males.
207.   Elyria, OH, Jan. 31, 1988

Home Invasion - Rape - Murder

A black male (serial rapist), Darryl Durr, 24,…went to a young white female’s home (neighbor) and, discovering her parents weren’t home, barged in and raped her.  Durr then kidnapped the white female and took her to a secluded area … and murdered her.

* Angel Vincent, 16

Note:  Durr was in jail awaiting trial for two rapes when his girlfriend came forward with her knowledge of the white female’s abduction and murder.
208.  Tulsa, Oklahoma, Nov. 2007

Public Abduction - Rape - Murder
A black male,Marquis Bullock, 18… kidnapped and raped a 13 year-old white girl … then murdered her.

* Cori Baker, 13
209. Nashville, Tenn. 1975

Public Abduction – Rape -  Murder - Abuse Of A Child

A black male, Jerome Barrett, 26, …kidnapped two white females in separate incidents, one a college student and the other a 9-year old, to commit rape. After the rape, black male Barrett murdered both victims.

* Marcia Trimble, 9 (pic)
* Sara Des Prez, 20(?)

Note: Jerome Barrett boasted to investigators he killed “four blue-eyed bitches”.
210. New York City, NY, 1982

Rape Of Kelly McGillis (24-years-old)

Home Invasion – Robbery – Rape

Leroy Johnson, a 15-years-old black male racist, along with another black male youth, staked out McGillis’ apartment. Apparently, when Kelly's roommate came home, the two black males entered behind her ... and immediately began threating Kelly and her roommate at knife point. Black male Leroy Johnson was there for one purpose, to rape McGillis (the other black male was there to rob). One could only imagine the look on McGillis face when this 15-year-old black boy with a knife demanded she remove her bathrobe and “get over there on that bed”.

McGillis: “I felt especially vulnerable because all I was wearing was a bathrobe. They had me backed up against a wall in the bedroom. One guy started looking through my things. All I had was some jewelry and about $10. He ran into the kitchen and grabbed a second knife, while the other one demanded that I get on the bed. When I refused he stuck me with his knife on my arms and chest. They called me a “white bitch” and asked if I had a bat, because they were going to beat the s— out of me just to teach me a lesson. They kept saying terrible things to me, awful racial slurs. I was arguing with them, “Please, I don’t have a bat. Leave.”

McGillis: He sodomized me and spit on me.”

McGillis was forced to endure rapes by both black males.

NOTE:  In 1980, at age 13, Johnson was convicted of raping, sodomizing and robbing a woman, and was sent to a state juvenile jail. In McGillis' case, Johnson was eventually caught ...and was given a lengthy three year prison term.  When  he was released, two more white females would be raped at knife point ( 1996).

211.   Elkhart, IN, Jan. 28, 1991

Public Abduction - Rape - Murder

A black male (convicted rapist), Fred S. Mott, 39, …kidnapped, raped then murdered a 16-year-old white female.

* Kari Nunemaker, 16

Note: Mott - convicted of rapes in Illinois & Indiana - was already in prison in California for another rape.
212.  Lee County, GA, March 4, 2008

Public Abduction – Attempted Rape – Murder

“They’re murdering our daughters!”

A black male, Courtney Lockhart, 23,…charged up to a young white female college student, pulled a gun and told her if she tried to resist he'd kill her. The black male then forced the white female into his car and drove to an ATM machine, where he forced her to withdraw money for him. Lockhart then took the white female to a secluded area and attempted to rape her. However, not wanting to endure Lockhart's rape, and also seemly preferring death to rape, she fought him off and tried to escape. Lockhart then gunned her down.

* Lauren Burk, 18,2933,336409,00.html
213.   Alton, IL, Dec. 2010

Home Invasion - Rape - Murder-  Abuse Of The Elderly

"…an especially brutal crime against a beloved member of this community."

A black male (registered sex offender), Perry L. Henderson,50, …broke into the home of an elderly white, beat her, dragged her to her bedroom, then raped her, then straggled her to death. Henderson then helped himself to the white female’s personal items around her home.

* Sandra Wood, 73

214.  Lafayette Parish, LA, Sept. 13, 1981

Home Invasion - Rape Murder -  Abuse Of The Elderly  

A black male Willie Celestine, 24,... broke into the home of an elderly white female, beat and raped her, then strangled her to death.   Celestine then burglarized the home.

* Marceliane Richard, 81
215.   Pinellas County, FL, Feb. 9, 1999

Home Invasion - Rape - Murder

A black male, Kenneth Dessaure, ... decided he wanted to rape the white female neighbor of his. He knocked on her door then the ruse "I run out of ice cubes. Ya got any?". Unfortunately, the white female let her guard down and left her door open while she went to get ice cubes. While she went to get the ice, Dessaure barged in and at knife point did what he came to do: rape the white female. When he was done, he stabbed her over 30 times

* Cindy Riedweg, 27
216. Florida, Oct. 4, 1988

FAir Housing Act - Home Invasion - Rape - Murder -  Abuse Of Elderly 

A black male, Emanuel Johnson,… uneducated and chronically unemployed, was allowed to do menial yard work for a white female to earn some money.  Johnson repaid that generosity by attacking the elderly female, raping her, then murdering her.

* Iris White, 73

Also Convicted For Murder Of:
* Jackie McMahon (race and age unknown)

Note: Waiting for racial confirmation (Iris White) on this one. However, in my research on black crime, every time I see an attack by a black male on an elderly female, and the elderly person has previously employed the black male to do menial yard work, it is a white person. Apparently, black males don’t even bother to approach fellow blacks for such services - obviously knowing what the response would be.
217. Jacksonville, Fl. Dec. 2, 1996

Public Abduction - Rape - Murder -  Abuse Of A Child 

Cherie Morrisette, an 11-year-old white girl, went missing on Dec. 2, 1996. The crime went unsolved until 2006, when DNA evidence on the little girl’s underwear was linked to...a black male (long time sexual predator), Shelton Mitchell, 43,

In 2003, the Florida prosecutor, having an admission by  Mitchell of sexual assault (rape) of the white child, but not a confession of murdering her, and was unable to prove beyond a doubt that the black male murdered the little white girl, was forced to prosecute him for having illegal sexual contact with a child (avoided the death penalty but, nevertheless, serving a life sentence)
218. Texas City, TX, March 1996

Public Abduction – Rape – Murder -  Abuse Of A Child

A black male, Kevin Edison Smith, 29,…abducted a white child to commit rape. After the black male raped the child, he murdered her and then tossed her into a river.

Note: Keven Smith says he “didn’t kill anybody” but DNA evidence proves he did. At the time of this atrocity, black male Smith lived only a few mile from where the white child was abducted.
219.  Memphis, TN, April 11, 2004

A knock on your door… Don’t just open the door girls!!

This ain’t pre 1964

Fair Haousing Act - Home Invasion - Rape - Murder

Two black males, Stanley Andrews, 23, Lontrell Williams, 27,...were knocking on doors in an apartment complex - white community - when, unfortunately, a young white female opened the door ... without FIRST checking through her peep hole. She paid the ultimate price. Motive was RAPE / robbery / Murder.

* Rebecca Glahn, 24

220.  Memphis, TN, June 2008

Home Invasion - Rape - Murder

Black male turns on Good Samaritan white employer

A black male, Aaron Jeans,…along with other family members, were hired by a white female to do some yard work around her home. Jeans turned on his female employer and returned her generosity by brutally raping her then murdering her.  Jeans then helped himself to whatever household valuables he could fit in the dead female’s car and fled

*Rebecca Neeley, 58

221.  Marion County, FL, Jan.17, 1981

Home Invasion - Rape - Murder

A black male, Ian Lightbourne, 22,…broke into the home of a white female, raped her then brutally murdered her.  Lightbourne then burglarized her home. Lightbourne previously worked for the O'Farrell family on their horse breeding farm. .

* Nancy Alberta O'Farrell
222. Aberdeen, MD, 1996

                        Black Males - Military Rape

"He has also said that race was a factor in the decision to bring charges against him. McKinney is the first African-American to become sergeant major of the Army, who advises the chief of staff. His accusers are white"

A black male, Gene C. McKinney,46…was accused by 5 females (all white women) of rape and other sexual misconduct.  McKinney, claimed the that all the females were lying (apparently because they were all white and were conspiring to keep him - a black man  - from a cushy power job in the pentagon) and that he was being targeted because he is black.


                 Black Males - Military Rapes

Aberdeen Proving Ground - 12 Black Males Accused Of Rape

Twelve black males, including, Delmar Simpson, 31 (Drill Sgt) Derrick Robertson, 10 other unidentified,
… raped and forced themselves on over 50 female recruits (26 rape allegations). Any sexual activity among soldiers is a violation of military rules. The black males were certainly aware of that rule. Apparently, it just didn’t matter.

Note: No way of knowing how many of those raped were white females. Simpson faced the most charges, including forcible rape and sodomy. He received 25 years in May 1997.
224. Tampa, FL, Sept. 2003

Home Invasion - Rape - Murder - Abuse OF The Elderly 

A black male (homeless), Michael Lord Owens, 47…broke into the home of an elderly white female, brutally beat, raped , then rage killed her. Her daughter discovered her covered in blood.

* Dorothy Milk, 71
225.    Port Arthur, TX. Feb. 6, 1998

* Black Male Atrocity! *

Home Invasion - Rape Murder-  Abuse Of A Child

A black male, Elroy Chester, 27,…invaded the home of a white female with two teenage daughters. Chester first beat the adult white female then tied her up. He then turned his attention to the female’s two young daughters. They were forced into a bedroom and made to strip down and then brutally raped. During the rapes, the girl’s uncle came into the home … and was immediately ambushed and gunned down. Done with his child rapes and murders, Chester then burglarized the home.

Reason for  Chester‘s crimes: "…hate for white people" 

* Kim Ryman Deleon (survived)
* 14-year-old Daughter (survived)
* 16 year old daughters (survived)
* Willie Ryman III (deceased)

Other Murders Admitted To:
* John Henry Sepeda, 78 (w/m)
* Etta MaeStallings, 87 (w/f)
* Cheryl DeLeon, 40 (w/f)
* Albert Bolden Jr., 35 (b/m)
226. Palmetto, Fl, 1992

Public Abduction - Rape

A black male, Derrick Williams, 31, ...abducted a white female in front of her home for the purpose of rape.

* Unknown identity (survived)

Note: There might be some question as to the guilt og Williams, though a jury convicted him. But thee is no doubt that the perp was a black male.
227.   Los Angles County, mid 1970 to late 1980s

MONSTER Black Serial Rapist & Murder Of Elderly White Women - At Least 7 RAPED & MURDERED

Home Invasion - Rape - Murder

A black male, John Floyd Thomas Jr.,...who was never employed in the black community, nor was he ever employed by a black male, used his jobs in the white community to prey on elderly white females.  Thomas would drive around white communities looking for a elderly white women who were living alone. During the evening hours, he would break into their home, then:

"The Westside Rapist would rape the seniors and then squeeze their necks. They would be found with blankets and/or pillows on their heads. 20 victims managed to survive. But, as police would find out, 20 survivors can have just as many eye witness accounts of their attacker. There was al of memory in which she recalls struggling with Woods. After Woods completed his attack on Venus, he moved on to Jade. At about 7:30 a.m., Woods climbed into bed with Jade and forced her, at knifepoint, to get up. He then forcibly took her to witness the severely beaten Venus who was lying unconscious on the floor in one of the bedrooms. Woods proceeded to threaten Jade that if she did not comply with his demands, she would so no DNA tests back then like there is now. 17 victims would be attributed to the Westside Rapist in the mid-70's. "

Police finally caught up with the black male racist serial rapist/murderer in 2004, when a DNA match pointed to him in four unsolved murders.

White Victims:
Ethel Sokoloff in November 1972
Cora Perry in September 1975
Maybelle Hudson in April 1976
Miriam McKinley in June 1976
Evalyn Bunner in October 1976
Elizabeth McKeown in February 1976
Adrian Askew in June 1986

NOTE: Thomas was incarcerated in CA prison system for attempted rape and burglary. He got out in 1966. No one should doubt  that this serial rapist was raping and murdering white female prior to 1970s. Police would not have kept biological evidence back then.  Thomas was arrested in 2009.,_Jr.

228.  Bay County , FL, June 14, 1982

Public Abduction - Rape - Murder

A black male, Kayle Bates,24,...kidnapped a white female from her State Farm insurance office. He forced her (maced her then dragged her)to a secluded area - apparently behind her building - where he then attempted to rape the white female (police don't confirm a rape but the whole purpose of the abduction was RAPE, so...). The white female was then murdered (stabbed her to death) and robbed of personal items.

*  Janet Renee White, 24
229.  Gainesville, FL, Nov. 9, 1977

Home Invasion - Rape - Murder -  Abuse Of The Elderly

A black male, Stephen Todd Booker,24,...broke into an elderly white female's apartment, raped her then murdered her. Of course, black male  Booker didn't leave the elderly woman's apartment without ransacking it for items to steal.

* Lorine Demoss Harmon , 94

Note:  99.9% sure victim is white. Gainesville in 1977 would have been about 80% white. Further, raping elderly women is - my extensive research has shown - almost exclusively the domain of the black male.  Also, a challenge was made by Booker's attorney in the appeals stage contending racial bias on the part of the prosecutor for excluding a jury person because she was African-American. This type of challenge is almost always done by blacks when the victim is white. Finally, the victim's great niece's name is 'Page McKean Zyromski.' - i.e. Polish descent.
230.  Racine, WI, Oct. 2010

Public Abduction - Rape - Murder  - Abuse Of The Elderly  

A black male (career sex offender), Wilbert L. Thomas, 65…followed an elderly white female [good Samaritan] then ambushed her. Black male Thomas forced then forced the elderly woman to a secluded area where he raped her, straggled her, hit her repeatedly with a wooden cane and finally broke her neck.

* Sandra L. Teichow, 67
231. Hernando County, FL, Feb. 28, 1978

Murder Of White Police Officer

Public Abduction - Rape Murder

Two black males, Freddie Lee Hall,33, Mack Ruffin, Jr.,…abducted from a public parking lot a white female who was seven months pregnant. They were first after just a car to commit robberies, however, they decided to take the white female out to a secluded area to rape her. After the rape, hall and Ruffin beat the white female mercilessly, then murderer her.

Later in the day the two black criminals murdered a white male police officer

* Deputy Lonnie C. Coburn
* Karol Hurst, 21 (7 months pregnant)
232. Alameda County , CA, Aug. 1987

Home Invasion - Rape- Murder -  Abuse Of The Elderly

“The Day Stalker”

A black male, Franklin Lynch,32, …preyed on elderly white women for the purpose of rape, torture and murder.

* Pearl Larson, 76
* Adeline Figuerido, 89
* Anna Constantine, 73
233. Pasadena, CA, Oct. 18, 1988

Public Abduction - Rape - Murder

Inhumane Cruelty - Pregnant White Female

Two black males, Ronald A. Jones, George M. Trone,...stalked a white female at a shopping mall  (in a white community). When she entered the elevator to the parking lot the the black males followed her.  It was all over for her from there. When she exited the elevator the black males jumped her. At gunpoint, they forced her to her car, then into her trunk. She was taken to a secluded area, raped and then murdered (shot in the head).

* Lois Haro, 26
234. Syracuse, NY, May 20, 1983

Home Invasion - Rape - Murder

A black male, Edward Kithcart, 25,…broke into the apartment of a white female (mother) brutally raped her then used a pillow to smother her to death.

Patricia Kilbourne

Note: Black male Kithcart was already in prison for another rape conviction. Forced integration continu/bes to take its toll on White America.
235.  Erie, PN, Aug. 2010

Home Invasion - Sexual Abuse - Murder-  Abuse Of A Child

A black male (career criminal), Aaron Noyer, 22,…broke into the home of a white family intending to commit a burglary, instead he kidnapped a 2-year-old child, sexually assaulted her…then murdered her. WOW!

* Elizabeth Neimeic, 2 said that she .dll/article?AID=/20100805/
236.  Boone County, IL, Aug. 5, 1976

Public Abduction - Rape - Murder

"Please. Ah, C'Mon, jus a cup of coffee. That all... "  Relentless begging and badgering like this, day after day from black male Johnny Wright, 33 (an ex-con), the white female finally said ok. It costs her her life.

* Becky Doisy, 23
237.    San Diego, CA, June 23, 1995

Home Invasion - Rape - Murder-  Abuse Of The Elderly

The Black Male BULLY

A black male, Brandon Arnae Taylor, 22,...broke into the home of an elderly white female while she was sitting in her living room conversing with her sister, who was visiting from out of state.  Taylor simply sat down right between the two elderly women. When one elderly woman got up and angrily demanded to know what he was doing, Taylor sprang into action. He forced both woman into a bedroom. where he began raping one of them. However, the other female ran outside and summoned help. Taylor was apprehended coming out of the house.

* Rosa Mae Dixon, 80 (deceased)
238.   University of North Carolina, May 5, 2004

Home Invasion - Rape - Murder

A black male,Curtis Dixon, 21, .. barged into a young white girl' s college dorm room, raped her, then brutally murdered her. Apparently, black male Dixon was stalking this white female - at this predominately white university.

* Jessica Lee Faulkner , 19

Note: The father of the murdered girl filed a lawsuit against not only the university but also the parents of the black murderer/rapist - Dixon committed suicide while in prison awaiting his certain conviction...and death row.

239.   El Monte CA, April 24, 1987

Home Invasion – Rape -Torture – Murder -  Abuse Of The Elderly

A black male, Mario Lewis Gray,…was convicted and sentenced to death in the rape/murder of an elderly white female. The medical examiner testified that the elderly white female, "had suffered blunt trauma to her face, both sides of her head, her neck, and her chest. Her jaw was broken on both sides of her head, and she had two broken ribs on her left side and one broken rib on her right side. These injuries were consistent with her having been kicked, punched, or thrown into a blunt object. She had severe bruising around her eyes, suggesting she had been hit around the eyes. She had injuries to her scalp and bleeding on her brain. Her neck had been compressed for four or five minutes, causing facial swelling and, eventually, death by asphyxiation. Dr. Riley suggested the assailant had pressed his elbow, knee, or forearm on the victim’s neck, or had possibly placed a two-by-four piece of wood on her neck and then pressed on it, breaking the hyoid bone at the base of her tongue in the process."

* Ruby Reed, 87

Note: El Monte, Ca, was less than 1% black in 1987.
240.    Los Angeles, CA, August 12, 1978

Home Invasion - Rape - Murder

A black male, Eric Kimble,...broke into the home of a white couple (white community), duck-tapped wife and husband, raped the wife, then executed both of them.  Kimble then took what he came for:: keys to a stereo equipment store, which the adult white male was the owner. The couple's daughter arrived at the home apparently just minutes after Kimble fled the premises. Two days later Kimble used the keys to break into the store.

* Harry Margulies
* Avonne Margulies
241. Los Angeles, CA, early 1980s

Black Male Serial Killers

Home Invasion – Rape – Torture – Murder

Two black males (brothers, serial murders/rapists), Kevin Haley, 20, Reginald Haley, 24,…would drive around white neighborhoods looking for victims. Their total victim count is nine (8 dead). Most of their targets were home invasion of the white elderly.

* Jodie Samuels, 15 (white community - abducted while walking to school)
* Willa Gerber,(survived – white community)
* Olga B. , 58 (survived – white community)
* Isabel Burton, 90 (white community?)
* D. Robinoff , 78 (white community)
* Elizabeth Burns, 87 (white community?)
* Laverne Stolzy, 58, (white community ?)
* Elizibeth Karp, 89 (white community?)
* Dolores Clement, 55 (white community)


Public Abduction/ Rape Of A White Female: Los Angeles, CA, April 13, 1984

A white couple was strolling on the beach in El Segundo when they were accosted by the Haley brothers at gunpoint . The white female was then sodomized and raped vaginally by both black males. Yes indeed, the  Haley brothers sure seemed to enjoy all the things they could do when they put a gun to someone's face.
242. Hilton Head Island, S. Carolina, Dec. 2 , 1999

Home Invasion - Rape

Attempted Murder - Torture

”Where are you God?” Moore asked as the attack continued. “Aren’t you supposed to be on my side? I’m a good woman. Please! My children and grandchildren need me still. Don’t let me die this way. Who will find me?

“You gonna die bitch.”

A black male serial rapist, John Arnold Brinson, 42,…broke into the home of a white female and brutally raped her for hours, strangling her, then releasing his hands from her neck when she passed out. When she regained consciousness, again she was raped and again forced to endure another strangulation.

* Jacquelyn Moore, 59 (survived, but because of the mental trauma of the black man’s attack, committed suicide in 2004).

Note: Rapist Brinson died in prison of natural causes.
243. Orlando , FL, Oct. 29, 1996

Home Invasion - Rape - Murder

A black male, Sean Smith, 20, (AKA Dolan Darling) ...broke into the home of a white female (or followed her to her apartment unit from the laundry facility), beat her, sexually assaulted her, then murdered her.

* Grazyna "Grace" Mlynarczyk , 33 (Polish immigrant)
244.  Pinellas Park, FL, August 17, 1989

Home Invasion - Rape - Murder -  Abuse Of The Elderly 

A black male, Anthony Neil Washington , 33, ...broke into the home of an elderly white female, then "He beat her mercilessly, broke her glasses, knocked out her hearing aid, ripped out her false teeth, raped her [sodomized her]and strangled her. He broke 14 of her ribs and crushed the bones and cartilage in her neck."

* Alice Berdat, 92
245. Lehigh University, PA, April 5, 1986

Home Invasion - Murder

Black Male RAGE KILL

A black male, Josoph M. Henry, 20,...broke into the dorm room of a white female, where she was then "raped, sodomized, beaten, bitten, strangled with a metal coil and mutilated with a broken bottle during the attack."

* Jeanne Ann Clery, 19,,20116872,00.html
246. Worcester, Ala., Dec. 11, 1992

Public Abduction – Rape – Murder
A black male (serial rapist/career criminal), James Earl Johnson, 45,…abducted a young white female, took her to an abandoned house, raped her then strangled her to death. Johnson then set the house on fire hoping to destroy any forensic evidence.  Apparently it didn't work as police were able to positively link Johnson by DNA to Ms. Comeau death in 2011. He died in prison in 2008.

* Denise A. Comeau, 30

Note: A woman (presumable white) identified by police as Ms. Lehtinen, 42, was also linked to Johnson.
247. Little Rock , Ark., July 1990

Home Invasion - Rape - Murder

A black male , John Yancey, 20,...broke into a white females apartment, raped her , then bludgeoned her to death with a knife. Her sister discovered her the following day in bed, naked and covered in blood. It took law enforcement 16 years to get a DNA hit on Yancey.

* Treva Parks, 33
247. Ogden, Utah, April 22, 1974

                                                 * Massacre Atrocity *

Business Invasion - Rape - Torture - Murder

"Hi-Fi Murders"

Three black males, and members of the US Air Force, Dale Selby Pierre, 21, William Andrews , 19,
Keith Roberts,... planned a robbery of an white-owned business for over a month. Anyone in the store at the time they determined was going to be die - by torture.  The following is how the massacre went down:

"With five people now in the basement, Pierre told Andrews to get something from out of their van. Andrews returned with a bottle in a brown paper bag, from which Pierre poured a cup of blue liquid. Pierre ordered Orren to administer the liquid to the other hostages, but he refused, and was bound, gagged and left face-down on the basement floor.

Pierre and Andrews then propped each of the victims into sitting positions and forced them to drink the liquid, telling them it was vodka laced with sleeping pills. Rather, it was liquid Drano. The moment it touched the hostages' lips, enormous blisters rose, and it began to burn their tongues and throats and peel away the flesh around their mouths. Ansley, still begging for her life, was forced to drink the drain cleaner too, although she was reported to have coughed less than the other victims (by Orren Walker). Pierre and Andrews tried to duct-tape the hostages' mouths shut to hold quantities of drain cleaner in and to silence their screams, but pus oozing from the blisters prevented the adhesive from sticking. Orren Walker was the last to be given the drain cleaner, but seeing what was happening to the other hostages, he allowed it to pour out of his mouth and then faked the convulsions and screams of his son and fellow hostages.

Pierre became angry because the deaths were taking too long and were too loud and messy, so he shot both Carol and Cortney Naisbitt in the backs of their heads. Pierre then shot at Orren Walker but missed. He then fatally shot Stanley before again shooting at Orren, this time grazing the back of his head.

Pierre then took Ansley to the far corner of the basement, forced her at gunpoint to remove her clothes, then repeatedly and brutally raped her, after telling Andrews to clear out for 30 minutes. When he was done, he allowed her to use the bathroom while he watched, then dragged her, still naked, back to the other hostages, threw her on her face, and fatally shot her in the back of the head.

Andrews and Pierre noted that Orren was still alive, so Pierre mounted him, wrapped a wire around his throat, and tried to strangle him. When this failed, Pierre and Andrews inserted a ballpoint pen into Orren's ear, and Pierre stomped it until it punctured his eardrum, broke, and exited the side of his throat. Pierre and Andrews then went upstairs, finished loading equipment into their van, and departed."

* Orren Walker, 43 (survived)
* Cortney Naisbitt, 16 (survived)
* Carol Naisbitt, 52 (deceased, mother of Cortney)
* Stanley Walker, 20 (deceased)
* Michelle Ansley, 19 (deceased)
249. Raleigh, N. Carolina, Aug. 22, 2006

Public Abduction - Rape - Murder

A black male, Antonio Davon Chance, 30, ...staked out an underground parking garage waiting for a white female to kidnap, rape and murder.

* Cynthia Moreland, 48 (w/f --deceased)

250. Brunswick, GA, May 2000

Public Abduction -  - Abuse Of A Child -Torture - Murder 

Family Devastated!

A black male, James Christopher Miley, 18... kidnapped a young white girl then , according to police, "The 14-year-old girl's body was found near the St. Marys waterfront. Investigators said her throat had been slit and her face mutilated."

* Ashley Nichole Neeves, 14
251. NYC, NY 2000

REMEMBER THIS ONE? June 11 , 2000

Central Park Gang Attack - 53 white people! Attacked. The vast Majority of perps were black males. One of the vicitms, a French female tourist with her husband, was held down and her clothes stripped off, then the black teens penetrated her with their fingers. Unfortunately, no video. Good read here though...
252.  Studio City, CA, July 2011

Public Abduction - Rape 

" The suspect was described as a black male, 40- to 45-years-old, about 5'4 to 6'0 tall and 130 to 170 pounds. He had a tattoo on his right forearm and was wearing blue jeans, a blue T-shirt and white tennis shoes, according to police."

A black male , unknown identity, around midnight staked out an alley in a white community until he spotted a ready victim : a middle-aged white female walking alone. The black male grabbed the woman from behind, put a knife to her throat, then forced her to the ground and raped her. The black male then ran away - no doubt with a big smile on his face.

* White Female victim's name withheld (pic of suspect)
252. Polk County, FL, Nov. 17, 1997

Home Invasion - - Abuse Of Elderly - Rape - Torture - Murder 

Yet Another!...Climbed in through the bathroom window

A black male, Micah Louis Nelson , 21,...climbed through a bathroom window, raped a 78-year-old white female then threw her into the trunk of her car.  Nelson then drove to a secluded area and  "...choke her but she would not pass out. He sprayed the fire extinguisher into her mouth two or three times, but did not hit her with it. She coughed for awhile but did not try to scream. He killed her with a tire iron by pushing it through her mouth into her neck and out the other side."

* Virginia Brace, 78
253. St. Martin Parish, Louisiana, Dec. 28, 1997

Public Abduction - Rape - Murder --Thrill Kill

Two black males, Brian Keith Francis, 26 (triggerman), Tyrone Davis,…with hood-masks covering their faces, approached two white teenagers (male / female) in an open field , drew guns and, while Davis held the male, Francis  took the female to another location, where he raped and then murdered her. 

* Allison Castex, 16
254. St. Louis, MO, Sept. 22, 2005

Public Abduction - Rape - Torture 

Two black males, Dameion Pullum, 19,  Kenny Johnson, 17... called in a phony pizza order, likely intending to just ambush the male drive, but when the delivery person turned out be a 36-year-old white female, the black males apparently could not pass up the opportunity for a rape, sodomizing and beat down on the innocent woman. The woman survived but the ordeal is sure to haunt her for the rest of her days. Victim's name was not released.

255. Denver, CO, Feb, 24, 1999

Home Invasion - Rape - Murder

A black male (career criminal out on parole),Donta Page ,22, ...broke into the apartment of a young white female to commit burglary. When the female came home she was attacked, beat, raped repeatedly, then murdered.

* Peyton Tuthill, 23
256. Boone County, MO, Nov. 2007

Business Invasion - Rape - Murder

A white clerk was forced into a back room. "He demanded she remove her clothing , and then he raped and sodomized her. " After this successful attack, the black male came back eight days later for more.

A black male,Dwight T. Hayes, 21...came back to the same hotel he had earlier successfully raped a white female to rob it again and, most likely, to rape the same female. Evidently, the white female he raped was not there. The manager was however. In the course of the robbery, Hayes shot and killed her.

* Cynthia White , 55
257. Paris, Tennessee, November 2005

Public Abduction - Rape --Attempted Murder - Torture

A black male, Virgil Samuels,…kidnapped a young white female, brutally beat then repeatedly raped her, then attempted to murder her by dowsing her with gasoline and setting her on fire.

* April Sykes, 18 (survived burns cover 60% of her body)
258.  Huntington Beach, CA, July 1974

Home Invasion - Rape - Murder

A black male (two times convicted rapist!), Mark Edward Davis, 23,...knocked on the door of a white female's apartment and when she opened it,  Davis barged in. The white female was first brutally beaten,  then raped. After the rape, she was murdered. Davis then helped himself to whatever valuables he could carry from the place and fled.

* Maria Canahuati, 28 (may be Hispanic)
 259.  Eastern Michigan University, MI, December 15, 2006

Home Invasion - Rape - Murder

A black male,Orange Taylor III , 20,.. barged into the dorm room of a young white female, viciously beat, raped then murdered her.

* Laura Dickinson, 22
 260.  Bristol, Ind., March 18, 2008

Home Invasion - Murder

A black male (career criminal),
Tyrice Halliburton, 29,

...broke into a young white female's apartment (he lived right next door) and while in the course of his burglary the white female came home. Black male Halllibuton then bludgeoned her to death with a knife.

* Sheena Kiska, 23

Note: Victim did not know she was living next door to a person with 5 previous theft convictions.
 261.  NEW BRITAIN, CT, March of 2008

Home Invasion -  Kidnapping- Rape - Abuse Of White Elderly -  Murder

A vicious black male,
Leslie Williams, 31,

...broke into a home occupied by two elderly white females. He shot one of them in the head and kidnapped, rape then murdered the other.

* Mary Ellen Welsh, 62 (deceased)
* Carol Larese, 65 (survived)
262.   Palm Bay, Fl. 1992

Home Invasion – Rape - Robbery –  Abuse of the Elderly --Murder

Good Samaritan Murder

Dorothy Berger, a kindhearted 80-year-old white female, felt sympathy and pity toward her neighbor, a black male,Johnny Hoskins, 28

Hoskins was seemingly always unemployed and consequently in need of money. Ms. Berger allowed Hoskins to do odd jobs for her around her house and paid him generously. Evidently Hoskins was just “playing” the elderly white female, slowly working on her so she would let her guard down and invite the black male into her home. Eventually, she did, and that’s when Hoskins attacked her. He first raped the 80 year-old woman, then, for reasons that were never made clear, he tied her up, put her in the trunk of her car and drove 250 miles to Georgia, where he strangled her. He then dumped her in a field and buried her.
 263.   Laurel , MD, Nov. 2008

Home Invasion - Murder

"We got an emergency. Please! I gotta use your phone."  Another white female goes down...

Two black males, Rickey Joseph Gavin, 23,  Kenya Evette Davis, 17,... was evidently aware a certain white female had a flat screen TV ... and they wanted it.  Gavin and Davis knocked on her front door then used the "I gotta emergency. Please. I gotta use your phone." The white female fell for it...and it cost her her life. She was sucker punched, then stabbed 18 times while the black males were demanding "where's the money!" After she was dead, she was then set on fire. Note: The fact that she was set on fire, could very possibly be an attempt to cover up rape (I believe this to be the case).

* Rebecca Pruitt, 29
 264.  Charlotte, N. Carolina, Dec. 7 1997

Home Invasion - Rape - Elderly Abuse

A black male, Terrance Clovis, 45…approached the home of an elderly white female and knocked on the door. When the elderly lady answered the black bully forced his way in and immediately began beating on her. Clovis then dragged her to the bedroom and raped her. After the brutal rape, Clovis went around the house pocketing several household items, and then walked out the front door. The elderly white female immediately rushed to the front door and locked it - and it was a good thing that she did. Clovis got to the end of the driveway when he suddenly decided he needed to return and finish what he started (to kill the white female). When Clovis discovered the front door locked he began to beat and kick at it, which alerted the neighbors, who then called the police. Some neighbors also went outside to see what was happening. By this time black male Clovis had succeeded in kicking the door down and was again beating on the elderly white female. Her neighbors rushed to help her, which prevented Clovis from beating her to death.

* Identity of white female unknown
 265.  Portland, OR, Feb. 2, 1987

Home Invasion - - Rape - Murder

A black male, James Samuel Owens, 43, …invaded the home of a white female, raped her, then strangled her to death.  Owens was nailed by a cold case unit when they found a DNA match.

Nancy Eileen Converse, 42 (w/f)
 266. Las Vegas, NV, March 9, 1992

Home Invasion - Rape - Murder

A black male, Larry Howell, 40, …invaded the home of a white female, raped her then murdered her. Howell then ransacked the home looking for valuables.

Martha Doney, 52 (w/f)
 267.  Evansville, IN, October 2010

Home Invasion - Murder --Abuse Of Elderly

A black male (already a career criminal), Pharoah Newton, 17,  ..broke into the home of an elderly white female.  When Newton located the elderly woman he beat her then stabbed her repeatedly ... until she was dead. Newton then ransacked the home looking for valuables.

* Frances Wolf , 79
 268.  Circleville, OH , July 21, 1990

Home Invasion - Elderly- Rape - Murder --Abuse of The Elderly

A black male, James J. Hollis, 20,…invaded the home of an elderly white female. When Hollis located the elderly white female he beat, raped and then strangled her to death .

Mary Cook, 83 (w/f)
269.   Los Angeles, CA    Jan. 2013

TERRORIZING >>> Take-Over Robbery At Clothing Store

Monique Sherman, 33 (sister of sadistic ringleader - accessory after the fact)
Paula Roneshia Bradley, 29 ( b/ f--accessory after the fact)
Troy Marsay Hammock, 29 (b/m)
Everett Oneal Allen, 24 (b/m)

Race of rape victims unknown. One victims was stabbed in the neck.

270.  Poughkeepsie, N.Y. March 2011

Public Abduction - Rape - Murder

A black male,Stephen Shand , 23,…kidnapped a white female, raped her, then murdered her.

* Kathryn Filiberti, 18 (college student)

Note: Father committed suicide because of this black male’s disgusting crime.

 271.  Modesto , CA 1976

Home Invasion - Rape - Torture - Murder

A black male,Buddy Ray Gary,  33(?),…invaded the home of an elderly white female, tied her up, raped her, the beat her mercilessly until she was dead. Gary then calmly helped himself to whatever valuables he could carry and fled.  DNA nailed Gary 35 years later.

Deputy District Attorney : "Her hands tied, her entire body beaten," Deputy District Attorney Annette Rees said in court earlier this week as she spoke to a jury about the 81-year-old woman. "So black and blue, she was almost unrecognizable. Her hands swollen from being tied."

* Florence Millard, 81
--------------------------- -------------------------------------------------------------
 272. Volusia County, Fl., December 30, 1979

Home Invasion Abuse Of White Elderly - Brutal Sexual Assault - Murder 

A black male,Kenneth Quincey,20,... broke into the home of an elderly white female, who had previously employed him to mow her lawn and do yard work, brutally attacked the elderly woman, raped her, beat her mercilessly, then strangled her to death. Quincey , currently residing on death row , has changed his name to an Arabic one.

* Frances Bowdoin, 82
273.   Homewood, AL, 2008

Public Abduction - Murder

A black male, Joacquas Haywood, 25..., according to police, kidnapped a white female from her place of work. Her whereabouts are unknown and she is presumed dead. This is most likely a rape and murder deal. Case has yet to be prosecuted.

Nadia Kersh, 27

Note: As of 2014, still cannot find a final resolution to this case. Haywood pleaded not guilty to kidnapping and murder charges in 2010.
 274.  San Fransisco, CA Dec. 4, 1985

Home Invasion - Rape - Murder

 John Davis,  22,...broke into the home of a white female and while he was looking for household valuables, the white female homeowner walked in on him.  Naturally, a rape opportunity now existed ... and Davis was surely NOT going to pass on that opportunity.  During the rape the female was savagely beaten, then, after the rape, Davis stabbed her repeatedly, then slashed her throat.

* Barbara Martz, 28 (deceased)
  275.  Bremerton , WA, June 13, 1988

Public Abduction - Child Rape- Murder

A black male (career criminal) , Jonathan Lee Gentry, 32,...abducted a little white girl from a public park, dragged her into the woods, raped her then brutally murdered her.

* Cassie Holden , 12
 276.  Ann Arbor, Mich,  Feb. 19, 2008

 Home Invasion  - Rape- Murder

A black male, Derrick Oliver, 32...moved into an apartment complex and was in a unit below a pretty young white female. Oliver it seems developed an obsession to rape the female ...and waited for his opportunity. Oliver finally got his opportunity when the victim left her door open.  Oliver barged in, beat her mercilessly, then raped her. After the brutal rape, Oliver strangled the woman to death.

Lindsay Graygo, 29
 277.  Austin, TX , Sept. 15, 1978

Home Invasion - Rape - Murder - Abuse Of White Elderly

A black male (serial rapist), Lester Ray Guy, 26, next door to an elderly white female, who lived alone. On the night of Sept. 25, 1978,  Guy decided he was going to rape his elderly neighbor - and no one could stop him. It was just a matter of getting into her home. At midnight Guy knocked on the door of he elderly  woman and told her he had an emergency. When she opened her door was all over for her.

"Officials ruled her death a homicide by asphyxiation during intercourse. "

* Hazel Ivy, 66
 278.  Bossier Parish, LA, Jan. 2008

Home Invasion - Elderly Rape - Murder

A black male,Derrick Walkers, 31,...while visiting his relative in a nursing home, became aware that an elderly white female was in an adjacent room. On his next visit Walkers brought a condom, walked into the 89-year-old woman's bedroom, then brutally raped her.

According to the medical examiner, the elderly white woman died from the trauma of the rape.

* Emma Brogham, 89
 279.  Elyria, OH, June 2005

Business (Church) Invasion - Black Male Ambush - Rape - Murder
 A black male,  Ronald McCloud, 28, ...walked into a church and up to a white female. When McCloud got within striking range he sucker punched the female then dragged her to the restroom ... where he then brutally raped her. After the rape, McCloud beat the woman to death.

* Janet Barnard, 57
280.  Crestwood, VA, May 24, 2007

Home Invasion - Rape- Elderly Abuse 

A black male,Clayton Vines, 43,… broke into the home of an 82-year-old- white female, beat her mercilessly and repeatedly sodomized her. The black male then burglarized the elderly female’s home. Identity of female unknown.
  281.  Salt Lake City, Utah, Oct. 6, 2007

Home Invasion - Good Samaritan Murder - Abuse Of Elderly 

A black male,James William Tolbert , 42,

...while incarcerated for murder of his wife, was befriended by an elderly white female who worked for a church ministry along with her husband and did volunteer work at the prison. When Tolbert was released, he somehow found out where the woman lived and decided to pay her a visit. Apparently the woman continued her good Samaritan work with Tolbert after he was released. Tolbert barged into her home then strangled her to death.

* Ann Poulson, 68
  282.   Kershaw County, S. Carolina, Dec. 2011

Public Abduction - Rape- Murder

A black male, Nickolas Jermaine Miller, 23,...decided he was going to rape a white female...and no one was going to stop him. The white female he selected had left a convenience store in her car and was traveling on rural roads. Miller, who had followed her in his car,  eventually was able to force the white female off the road. Police later found her beaten to death.  Naturally, she had also been sexually assaulted. Miller pleaded guilty and received LWOP.

* Beverly Hope Melton, 30 (raped, beaten to death with a baseball bat)

* Nothing this white female could have done to prevent this very determined black male from raping her.  HE WANTED HIS RAPE, AND HE WAS GOING TO GET IT.
 283.  Long Beach , CA 1977

Home Invasion - Murder - Rape

A black male, Lloyd Earl Jackson, 19,... broke into an elderly white female's apartment and first tried strangling her to death , then decided to literally beat her to death. Jackson, now feeling confident he could do the same to another elderly white female, found out that the woman he had just murdered had an ever older white female as a neighbor. Jackson broke into her apartment and beat her, raped her with a wine bottle, then beat her to death.
"Her next door neighbor, 90-year-old Ott, was found dead with broken ribs, a fractured sternum, detached lung and cuts to her vagina."

* Vernita Curtis, 81
* Gladys Ott, 90
 284.   Chicago, IL, December 1983

Business Invasion - Rape - Murder --Elderly Rape

A black male and serial rapist,Joseph Walker, 21 (at time rape)...walked into an elderly white female's bookstore and, realizing he was the only one in the store, decided to rape the helpless elderly woman   After Walker's brutal rape, he murdered the the elderly woman.

* Frieda Stein Fenster, 77 (w/f)

Note: Black male Walker was already in prison for the rape of a white female in Utah when DNA evidence was used to link him to this crime.
 285. Panola County, Miss.  2014

Kidnapped From Her Front Yard - Raped...Then Burned
Quinton Tellis, 27
  286.   Hagerstown, MD, April 19, 2008

Home Invasion - Rape - Murder  -  Sexual OBSESSION

A black male, Darrol C. Sands, 43...lived across the street from a white female. She had complained many times of his sexual harassment and bizarre  behavior.  The female, mother of two young children, was later found sexaully violated and murdered. Police claim they have forensically linked Sands to the crime scene. Note: Case has yet to be prosecuted (2012) and police continue to withhold crime scene evidence.

* Carol Marie Brown, 22

UPDATE:: Incredibly (!), a jury has found Sands NOT GUILTY of  rape & murder. Sands covered his bases apparently by claiming he had a consensual relationship with the young white female. And nobody knew about it. It was their little secret.

Such a handsome 43-year-old black man. No wonder the beautiful 22-year-old couldn't resist  him

 287.   Horry County, S. Carolina, June 12 , 2010

'Good Samaritan' Learns A Lesson...

Public Abduction - Attempted Rape & Murder

A young and naive white female, Danielle D. Switzer, agreed to give a 14-year-old black boy, Zireek Brooks, a ride. Result? He pulled a gun and demand sex. The white female decided her best chance of survival was to run her car into a ditch, which she did. For that maneuver , the teen shot the woman in the head; however, despite her head wound she was still able to exit the car and run from the scene. I wonder of this white female will ever again do a good Samaritan deed for a black male ?
 288.  O'Fallon, IL, October 26, 2010

Public Abduction - Rape

A black male,Carey Breshers, 52,... kidnapped a white female from her place of business and raped her repeatedly. Incredibly, Breshers let the female go without physically harming her.

Carey Lonnell Breshers, Jr.
 289.  Stationed in Germany ((Grafenwoehr) , Feb. 27, 1979

 AMBUSH - Rape & Murder In The Military 

A black male, Pfc. Wyatt L. Matthews, 22, waited for a military liberty to empty so he could rape a lone white female librarian (he had previously met her that afternoon and asked her out on a date but she refused).  When the library did empty, Mathews asked the female to locate a book for him that he knew was in the back of the library. As she looked for the book, Mathews quickly locked all doors and then cornered the helpless woman. Armed with a pair of scissors, he forced her to strip down, then he raped her. After the rape, Mathews took his pair of scissors and bludgeoned her 51 times.

* Phyllis Jean Villanueva, 29
 290.  Carlsbad, CA, Aug, 13, 2000

                            "Sexual Obsession" Leads to 
                    TORTURE , RAPE & MURDER

A black male,  Calvin Lamont Parker , 33, was (incredibly!) allowed to move into an apartment of a pretty white (Brazilian descent) female.  There was no sexual activity and the female intended to keep it that way. However, and not surprisingly, the black male became sexually obsessed with her; and also angry that he wasn't "gettin' any" and left only to masturbate over her.  "Parker wrote about his infatuation with Gallego and superimposed her face on the pictures of at least 75 of the hundreds of women in sexual positions that he had on his walls, his bed and in duffel bags."   Black male Parker began to hate her to the point that he planned her murder.  Of course, before the murder, he also planned to rape her.  However, this was not going to be just a rape and murder.  All of the black male's sexual rage came out against the innocent white female:: beating, hand-cuffing her to the beg, sodomy.  For more than a day she was forced to  endure the torture of black male Parker's  sexual abuse...until he finally decided to end it by slitting her throat.  Parker then dismembered the body and scattered it in dumpsters in various cities.

  * Patricia Gallego, 29;prev_next=prev#new
   291.  DeLand, Fl, Nov. 8, 2010

  It Only Took ONE Date ... And The White Female Was DEAD

A black male ,Willie Hicks Jr., 32, met a white female at a bar and they left together. Police found her stuffed in her car trunk. Hicks is charged with her murder. He's also charged with raping a female with a knife pressed to her throat. She luckily survived.

Danielle Santangelo, 34 (deceased)
  292.   Indianapolis, IN,October of 2007

Home Invasion - Depravity Rape - Murder

A black male,Nathaniel Anderson, 21... climbed through an open window of a white female's home and when she confronted him he beat her,  then stabbed her to death. Anderson then decided not to waste an opportunity to rape the dead corpse.  Anderson then burglarized the place and fled. Anderson was nailed later through a DNA hit. If only he didn't have to have sex with the dead white female...

* Jane Pepper , 44
 293.  Jacksonville, FL, Dec. 25, 1999

                                      He Was Going To Get His RAPE ...
                      And No ONE Was Going To Stop Him

Public Abduction - Rape - Torture - Murder

Luther Douglas, 25,  had been waiting most of the afternoon and then well past midnight the following day for his opportunity to rape a young white female that had unexpectedly wound up in his car earlier that day. The white female was a friend of a black female he was acquainted with and she brought along the white female.  The white female had no choice but to tag along with Luther Douglas, as he had the car.  After midnight, Luther dropped off the female acquaintance of the white female, then took the white female out to a seclude area ...

"She was positioned on her back in a shrub line with her legs stretched out in front of her. {Her] body was nude from the waist down, except for her black socks. Her knit top and black bra were torn and pushed up to her shoulders, exposing her breasts. A few feet from [her} body, the police found a tire lug wrench, a rubber car part and a blood soaked maroon jacket." The autopsy "...noted that [she] had suffered extensive injury, particularly to her head. Dr. Areford concluded that she died of blunt head trauma. Dr. Areford testified that while [she] was alivespan style= she received at least ten separate blows to her face, seven blows to the back of her head and seven to ten blows to her hands and arms. Her -5- jaw and nose were broken, several of her teeth had been knocked out and her right shoulder was dislocated."

Mary Ann Hobgood, 18

NOTE:  For police detectives, this was SUCH an obvious rape/murder committed by black male Douglas. He clearly DID NOT care about any consequences.  Black male Douglas wanted his RAPE...and no one was going to stop him. And, naturally, once black male Douglas was arrested, you can bet he DEMANDED his civil rights.
 294.  Pittsburgh, PA, July 2010

 Public Abduction - Abuse Of  Child - Rape- Murder

A black male (career sexual predator), Tushon Brown, 35,  ...abducted a 14-year-old white girl , raped her then murdered her. Brown's wife ratted him out.

* Lauren Deis, 14
 295.  San Jose,  CA,  1981

Public Abduction - Rape Murder 

Ines Sailer- raped & murdered in 1981
 A black male, Melvin Forte,..carjacked then raped and murdered a young white female.

* Ines Sailer, 23 ( German visitor)

Other victims of Forte:
* Dawn O'Malley (1982 -murdered in a home invasion - fiancée to David Wallace)
* David Wallace (1982- murdered in a home invasion)
 296.  Akron, OH, May 28, 2010

Home Invasion - Elderly Abuse - Rape - Murder

 A black male,Devon Owens, 38,... climbed in through a bedroom window and then beat, raped and murdered an elderly white female.

* Clara Virginia Wilfong, 73
 297.  Brandon, FL, 2008

Black Teen Rapist Finally Caught
Consequences of integration with the black man
A black male, Kendrick Morris, 19, was arrested and convicted  for ::
--raping a 63-year-old woman (race unknown)  in 2007 when he was 15-years-old
                - raping a white high school girl (pic) when he was 16-years old and beat her, leaving her in a coma

 298.    COLUMBUS, Ind. 2007

Home Invasion - Murder And Rape OF A Child 

A black male, Demetrick Shepherd, 20,... broke into a white female's apartment and raped a teenager, then bludgeoned her to death with a knife.

* Chelsea Porter, 14
  July 3, 1996

Raped And Murdered In Bermuda

 "Rebecca Middleton's throat was slashed and she'd been sliced open by three dozen stab wounds; her blood-soaked clothes were ripped and scattered." Believe it or not, Rebecca got into a cab, all by herself ,  which was being driven by a black male.

Arrested for Murderer:
Justis Smith

NOTE: Since another black, Jamaican-born Kirk Mundy,  was also implicated in the rape and murder of Rebecca, it looks like she was ganged raped.

UPDATE: No prosecution for the blacks involved in this kidnapping/ torture/ rape/murder.
 299. San Bernardino County , CA, between January & March, 1992

Business Invasion - Black Male Depravity - Rape -Murder

"Miles guilty of raping a pregnant Torrance woman at gunpoint and forcing her to perform oral sex on a male co-worker."

The "Red Dragon" Rapist

 A black male, Johnny Duane Miles, 25, among his many rape victims was at least one white female, who was murdered after the rape.  Miles was dubbed the 'Red Dragon' rapist because he always wore a red hat when he committed one of his numerous rapes.

Cost of  depravity:  "The woman who was raped also wrote a letter to the judge in which she said, "I beg you please keep him away from me and my loved ones forever." The woman also said Miles appears in her nightmares. In a pre-sentencing report, she said she was unable to return to work and continues to receive counseling."

Innocent White Female:
* Nancy Willem, 35 (deceased)
300.  Portsmouth, VA, April 10, 2008

Home Invasion - Rape - Murder

.A black male, Robert Lee Barnes,17, became aware that a pretty white female, teenager, was home from school , so he went over to her home, barged in, raped her, then stabbed her more than 40 times...until she was dead

* Meghan Landowski, 16 (deceased)
 301.  Oakland, CA , Aug. 9, 1974

Home Invasion - Rape Of White Child - MURDER

A black male, Curtis Tucker, 23,...apparently became aware that a 13-year-old white female was home alone. He posed as a delivery man and knocked on the door. When the young girl confirmed she was the only one in the home, that's when black male Tucker attacked her. He first beat the little girl, then he raped her.  After the vicious beating and rape, Tucker retrieved a blunt object  and,  while the terrified little white girl was crying and begging to be left alone,  the black male beat her to death.

Julie McElhiney, 13

Note: There was also another incident police know of where Tucker, in 1972,  posed as a delivery man in an attempt to get entry into a white female's home. Once inside, Tucker attacked the white female and tried to rape her. However, Tucker was unaware another white female was there and during the attack she clocked Tucker in the head with a lamp, rendering him unconscious until police arrived. This attack put Tucker into the prison system. However, once he was released, Tucker went back to his tried & proven formula for gaining entry to white female's residences.
 302. Brazil & Terre Haute, IN, 2000 to 2004

                                           FINALLY CAUGHT!

                                  Serial RAPIST/KILLER Of  White Females 
 A black male, Kevin L. Hampton, 43, stalked , raped and murdered three women, two of them young teenage white females.
* Tanette "Toni" Dickison, 18  (raped and murdered-- public abduction - in 2004)
* Diana Lehman, 18 (raped and murdered-- home invasion - in 2000)

 Cassie M. Harris, 48 (b/f) - known prostitute

303.  Carlisle, PA, Jan. 23, 2009

Public Abduction - Rape  -Murder 
Such handsome guys. Yeah, what white female could resist back alley sex  with them?
Two black males,   Richard A. Hodge, 44, George Brooks, 46, forced a white female into an alley and raped her then murdered her.  However, since she was dead, and the black males the only witnesses, they told police a different story.  Their version stated the white female voluntarily walked into the alley with the  them and she voluntarily  had sex with the both of them.  And somehow, well , the situation escalated and they just , well, sort of, you know(?), decided to murder the white female. Police, naturally, didn't believe the blacks' version, since it was a back alley at night and also the middle of January.   Obviously, the prosecutor had little evidence to get a 1st degree murder, so he was left with only third degree murder. Both blacks received 12 to 24 years. 

Sheila Kline, 45


304.    Greensville, S.Carolina 2013

Woman Allows Black Male To “Temporarily” Live In Her Home – 
RESULT? When He's Is Ordered OUT…
 She's Kidnapped – RAPED & MURDERED

Arrested for Murder: 
Samuel Hawkins Jr. 32

Misty Johnson, 39

305.  Charleston, S. Carolina, 2009

Home Invasion - Rape - Murder

Gets 12 LONG YEARS In Prison!

"Jesse James Murphy pleaded guilty to voluntary manslaughter involving the death of Kathryn Keener. Murphy and was sentenced to 25 years suspended upon the service of 12 years with three years probation." 

A black male,  Jessie James Murphy, 21, broke into the home of a white female. He first ransacked the home looking for valuables.  After Murphy got what valuables he could carry, he abducted the white female homeowner --forcing her into the trunk of her car. She was taken to a secluded place, with an alligator infested pond, raped, then shot in the head. Murphy then dragged teh woman to the pond -  hoping the alligators would eat the woman. However,  Murphy left the car nearby and burned it.  Police, responding to the burning car,  followed evidence to the pond and recovered the dead white female.

 Kathryn Keener, 49

Note: Murphy was not charged with rape since the pond a contaminated whatever biological evidence was left on her. However, there's only ONE reason to kidnap a woman and take her to a secluded place:: a leisurely and long RAPE ordeal.
306.  Toledo, OH, 1973 to 1981

Black Male Serial Killers /Rapist Of White People

 Child Abduction - Ambush  - Rape  -- Torture -- Murder

Exclusive rape targets were white females... All their murders were also white people
Vicki small

Two black males,  Anthony  & Nathanial Cook, were serial rapists and murderers of white people --and only white people.

Brothers Cook's White Victim's List:
* Todd Sabo (shot and stabbed in the neck--survived)
* Leslie Sawicki (survived)
* Peter Sawicki (deceased)
* Tom Gordon, 24 (deceased --murdered so the two black rapists could rape his girlfriend))
*  Tom Gordon's Girlfriend (un-named -- raped and then stabbed repeatedly and left for dead --survived)

* Vicki Small (deceased -- Anthony posed as a good Samaritan and offered her a ride. Result? Raped and murdered)
*  Scott Moulton, 21,  (deceased - murdered by Anthony so he could rape his girlfriend)
* Denise Siotkowski, 22 (deceased - raped murdered by Anthony)

* Connie Thompson, 19 (deceased -- both brothers offered her a ride - posing as good Samaritans. Result? Gang raped and murdered)

*   Daryl Cole, 21 (deceased--murdered so Anthony could rape his girlfriend)
*  Stacey Balonek, 21 (deceased -- raped and murdered)

 White Child Abduction - Rape - Murder::
 * Dawn Backes, 12 (deceased)
307.   Burlington, VT, March 8, 2005

Public Abduction - Rape - Murder

Ladies, if your're approach (usually a black male) and he says, “Excuse me there. Excuse me. I got a question.” GET OUT OF THERE!

A black male (convicted sex offender) , Gerald T. Montgomery, 33,… kidnapped a young white female, raped her repeatedly, then beat and strangled her to death.

* Laura Winterbottom, 31
  308.  Des Moines, IA, 1997

Home Invasion - Abuse Of The Elderly - Murder

Rosemary Pascente, a 64-year-old white female,
was found dead January 5th, 1997, stabbed multiple times and her throat slit. Robbery appeared to be the motive.

A 29-year-old black male, Charlie Jones, was later prosecuted and convicted for the murder/robbery

Rosemary was a school teacher.

Black male Charlie Jones was also linked to another killing (and RAPE) by DNA. The innocent white female victim was Patricia Lange.
 309.  Westfield, NJ, March 1976

Home Invasion - Rape - Murder

High school pic-1937

"It didn’t seem to make much sense why someone would hurt this woman."

A black male, Carlton Franklin,15, decided to rape his white neighbor.  The white female lived alone so it was just a matter of getting into her place unnoticed. Police found her  raped and strangled to death. DNA evidence nailed Franklin 35 years later.

Lena Triano, 57
310.   Drummonds, TN, June 1, 2010

Home Invasion - Rape - Murder

Black male strikes at white employers wife... 

A black male, Ricky Bell, 30, who was just released from prison (served 13 years) for armed carjacking,  was  given a job by a white male.

White male employer: "When I hired him I had been told he was in jail for riding in a stolen car. I didn't know anything else other than that,"

Bell also lived in the white male's neighborhood, so he had easy access to... .never mind. The wife of Bell's employer was found in the woods behind her home raped and beaten to death.

* Starr Harris, 36


311.   New York , August 19, 1977

Black Male Serial Rapist/Killer

A black male,   Lemuel Smith,   was known to have murdered six people (all presumably white) starting in the late 50s and continuing to the late 70s.

* Robert Hedderman, 48 (Nov. 1976-- murdered)
Donna Payant
* Margaret Byron, 59   ( raped & murdered Nov. 1976 )
* Joan Richburg, 24 ( raped & murdered  Dec. 1976 )
*  Maralie Wilson, 30 (raped & murdered July  1977 -)
 * Marianne Maggio, 18 (raped & murdered Aug. 1977)

 *  Donna Payant  (w/f  female prison guard May 15, 1981 --raped and murdered)

 Note: Waiting for race confirmation on first five)

 312.  Marshall, TX, Sept. 20, 2009

Home Invasion - Kidnapping - Murder

Elderly white female escapes certain death...strands DOPEY kidnappers in the woods as they look for a place to execute and bury her.  

"They weren't looking for any home. They were looking for a house that was occupied. They were looking for a home invasion."

Three black males,
Cortne' Mareese Robinson, 17 (triggerman)
Travion Dondrell Young, 16,
Bradney Randall Smith,

  ...were specifically looking for an elderly white couple's home to invade. When they found the right home, the fiendish youths barged inside and located the elderly couple in bed. The elderly white male was immediately shot to death. The blacks then began beating on the elderly white female demanding to know where the money and valuables were. Then the rape of the 82-year-old... (this has become almost standard practice with black males where a white female is present - regardless of age). The white female was then thrown in the trunk of her car and taken to a remote area. When the black youths parked the car and exited to go look for a suitable place to execute her, she was able to find the release latch for the trunk on the inside. The black males had, fortunately for the woman, left the car running, so she got in and drove away, leaving the three dopey rapists/murders stranded in the woods. Police picked all three up walking on the highway.

Frank Zabokrtsky, 82 (deceased)
Arnola Zabokrtsky, 82 (survived)
 313.  Autauga County, AL  December 2005 

Public Abduction - Rape - Murder

 A black male, Clifford Wynn, 43, abducted a white female after she left work.  He took her to a secluded area, raped her then murdered her. 
*  Patricia Gayle Laserre, 53
314.   Tulsa, OK, March 2012

 Home Invasion - Abuse Of Elderly - Rape - Murder
A black male,Tyrone Woodfork , 20 .. broke into the home of an elderly white couple , beat the elderly man then beat and raped his wife. The woman died as a result of the beating and rape.

* Bob Strait, 90 (severely beaten but survived)
* Nancy Strait, 85 (deceased)
 314.  Columbus , OH, May 8, 1974


Black Male Ambush - Public Abduction - Horrific GANG Rape - Torture - Murder 

Three black males, John Harris, 22, Jerome Royster , 21,  Clarence Smith, 22  ...charged up to a white female, Mrs. Jeanette Nichols, 45, who had just arrived in her car at her place of work, and put a sawed off shotgun to her face and kidnapped her. Mrs. Nichols was then driven to her home --so they could steal household items. Naturally, a rape opportunity she was brutally gang raped. After the rape,  Mrs. Nichols, likely sensing this was end if she didn't try something...ran through a window to try to escape. It didn't work. The black males dragged her back into the house and decided, before they murdered the white female, to call one their good buddies, black male Eric Miller, thinking he too would dearly love to get in on free rape of a white female. They were right. Unemployed Miller raced over to the home of Mrs. Miller ... and raped her. After the black males had finished with their sordid rape amusement, they tossed the white female into the trunk of her car and drove out  to a secluded location. There, Mrs. Miller was instructed to lie face down... where a shotgun was put to her head. She was then executed (i.e her head was blown off).
 315.  Garner, N. Carolina, Jan. 1, 2005

Home Invasion – Rape – Abuse Of A Child – Murder

A black male, Kenneth Ray O’Neal Jr.20, …apparently obsessed with a young white girl living across the street, walked over to her home, barged in, then went up to the girl’s bedroom and knifed her to death. The black male then sexually molested her - either while she was dying or after she was dead.

Innocent White Female:
* Amanda "Raechel" Maynard , 15
316.  Killeen, TX, Nov. 18, 1998

Home Invasion - Rape - Murder

A black male: Denard Sha Manns, 32, ...broke into the home of a white female (his neighbor), raped then murdered her.

* Michelle Christine Robson, 26

 317.  New York,  November 8, 1974

Connie Francis RAPED By Black Man -- Attempted MURDER

A black male, unknown identity,  broke into celebrity Connie Francis' hotel room...

 FRANCIS: This was in 1974. ... About one hour after I fell asleep, a black man with a knife was at my bed, pulling my hair...
After the black man was done with his sadistic rape, he tried to suffocate Francis.  She was fortunate to have survived.

NOTE:: This black male's sadistic rape forced Howard Johnson to pay a HUGE settlement to Francis. Also, in light of the black man's new integration freedoms - to stake out any hotel in America and wait for his white victim -  new hotel security procedures were adopted.

318.  Albuquerque,  NM, 2005

Black Male Stalker Finally Got His White Female...

Home Invasion - Rape - Murder

A black male , Phillip Busey, 46, ...a homeless black man, had apparently been stalking a white female for at least a few days (in her predominantly white community), watching her routine, which included leaving early in morning to go to work. When the opportune time came for Busey's much anticipated rape, he armed himself with a brick and, as the white female was leaving her house in the morning,  Busey grabbed her, wrestled her to the ground, raped her twice (yes, right on her own front yard!), then bludgeoned her to death with the brick.

White Female:
*  Kathryn Hauser , 52
319. Tuscaloosa, AL, March 25, 1995

Home Invasion - Abuse Of Elderly : 
White Female Attacked - Raped - Sodomized- 
Then Executed (Fair Housing Act White Victim)

A black male Arrested For Home Invasion, Rape & Murder:
Eddie Powell III,

"Before sunrise, 70-year-old was brutally attacked, raped, sodomized and shot to death in her home. After the shooting and assault took place in the bedroom of her home, Mattie was able to walk across the street to the front yard of her neighbor and before collapsing told her than a black man had raped and shot her. Shortly after making this statement, Mattie Wesson died. Powell and a friend, Bobby Johnson, lived in a home across the street from Mattie Wesson. Powell borrowed Johnson's leather jacket and left the Johnson home in the early hours on the day of the murder. Powell denied knowing anything about the murder, but the physical evidence told a different story. Powell's semen was found in the victim's mouth, rectum, and vagina."

* Mattie Wesson, 70
320.  Salt Lake City, Utah, Nov. 1996 - 1999

Public Abduction - Rape - Torture - Murder

“Christine Ortega, a Special Victims Unit Prosecutor, said the rape was the most brutal one she had ever seen in her career.”

A black male,Donald Eugene Younge, 43,

--In 1996, stalked, raped and beat an innocent young white female.

--In 1999, raped and murdered a white female college student.

* Unidentified young white female rape victim
* Amy Quinton, 22 (raped and murdered)
 321.  Heath Springs , S. Carolina, April 4, 1980

Public Abduction - Rape - Strangled- Stabbed - Shot

A black male, Louis Truesdale, 21, approached a young white female in a parking lot, pulled a knife and forced her back into her car. She was then forced to drive to a secluded location, raped , beaten, stabbed , strangled then shot to death.

Innocent White female:
* Rebecca Ann Eudy, 18 (deceased)
322.  Columbus, OH, March 15, 1991

Public Abduction - Rape- Abuse Of A Child - Murder

A black male, Marvin Lee Smith, 35,...abducted a white girl at a bus stop, took her to a cemetery then raped and brutally murdered her by beating her to death with a headstone.

* Jessica Lyn Keen, 15
 323.  Between 1975 and 1982, Oakland , CA

Cynthia Waxman, 11

Serial Killer / Rapist Of White Females

Home Invasions - Rape - Murder

"He would go door-to-door looking for handiwork and yard work. If there was a woman home alone, and she opened the door, she was dead." 

A black male ( (career burglar and child molester out on parole),  Charles "Junior" Jackson (DOB 1938 - 2002,),  was linked to the murders of seven white people. Among Jackson's many innocent white victims was an 11-years-old girl, who was abducted, raped then brutally murdered.

White Victims:
* Cynthia Waxman, 11 (Public Abduction - Rape - Murder - April 22, 1978)

* Sonya Higginbotham, 19 ( Home Invasion - Rape- Murder - June 1975 )
* Ann Johnson, 27, ( Home Invasion - Rape - Murder- August 1975 )

* Betty Jo Grunzweig, 37 (Home Invasion- Rape - Murder - December 1981)
* Gail Leslie Slocum, 34 (Home Invasion -Rape - Murder - December 1981)
* Henry Vila and wife, Edith (Home Invasion -Rape - Murder - November 1981)

*Joan Stewart , 42? ( Public Abduction - Rape - Murder - 1982)
324.  Winston-Salem, North Carolina August 1984

Public Abduction - Rape - Murder

 A black male, Willard E. Brown, 24 (at the time of the crime) was finally nailed by DNA evidence in 2003 for the rape and murder of a young white female in 1984.  Another black man, Darryl Hunt, spent 18 years in prison for the crime.  Note: The city of Winston-Salem paid out $1.6 million to Hunt as compensation for his wrongful conviction.

Deborah Brotherton Sykes, 25 (copy editor at The Sentinel)

The TOTAL amount of compensation for being a victim of the forced integration experiment from Winston-Salem, state of N. Carolina or the federal gov't to Deborah Sykes' family---is ZERO.
325.  Philadelphia, PA, Sept. 8, 2003

Home Invasion - Black Male Ambush – Rape - Murder 

A black male, Benjamin Cooper, 19, …apparently was rejected when he made a sexual advance on a young white female school teacher. In a rage,  Cooper beat the white female, raped her, then strangled her to death.  Cooper then poured flammable liquid on her and set her on fire. NOTE: Again we see the "burning" of the white female's body. Only one reason to burn a dead body:: to destroy DNA evidence from a rape.

* Claire Clay, 25
326.  Sunrise, FL, September 2005

Home Invasion - Predator Rapes & Murders White Female College Student

 Edward Mosie Howard, 26, (a career criminal) even though DNA evidence was on the white female victim's underwear, was acquitted of a rape and murder. 

"The reason? Mozie’s defense attorney argued that Mozie’s brother — James — could have committed the crime. James was dating Myers at the time."  His brother was dating Myers at the time? I have a very hard time believing THAT.

"Mozie’s DNA has been in the state system for years. It first entered the state DNA database following Mozie’s 1997 conviction for carjacking. Mozie’s rap sheet dates back to the mid-1990′s for a host of charges including carjacking, robbery with a deadly weapon and attempted sexual battery."

* Christine Myers, 18

327.  Charlottesville, VA, Dec. 14, 2007

Home Invasion - Rapist

Black male serial rapist has pleaded guilty to raping - terrorizing - two white females. He had been charged in three separate rapes of white females dating back to 1997. Police believe he was likely involved in many more rapes / home invasions dating back to at least 1977.

Nathan Antonio Washington, 40
326.  Brewton, Alabama, 1988

Public Abduction – Rape- Murder

A black male, Edward Russell Dubose, …somehow obtained knowledge that a young white female worked alone in a church (she cleaned up to earn money for college) and decided a very good rape opportunity existed.  Dubose walked into the church, located the young female, beat her mercilessly, raped and sodomized her, then strangled her to death.

* Stephanie King , 16
 328.  Boston, MA, Dec. 12, 1973

Police Crack A 40-year-old Cold Case Home Invasion Rape And Murder 

      Possible Serial Rapist & Murder Of White Females

"Authorities say they’ve linked a convicted rapist [ black male Micheal Sumpter ] who died more than a decade ago to a near 40-year-old cold case murder, the second they believe the man committed as he allegedly tormented women on Beacon Hill and Back Bay in a murderous spree of sexual assaults in the 1970s.  DNA evidence helped identify Michael Sumpter, who died of cancer in 2001, as the man responsible for raping and strangling 24-year-old Mary Lee McClain [pic] inside her Beacon Hill apartment in December 1973. Her murder is the second that police have linked to Sumpter since his death. Athorities tied him to the 1972 rape and murder of Ellen Rutchick, 23.
329.  Reno, NV, Aug. 7, 1994 / Feb. 3, 1995

A Sexual Predator Tortures And Murders White Females


A black male, David Middleton,33, who was convicted of rape while being a police officer in Miami (white female victim), was hired by a cable installing company in Reno, NV(obviously Middleton did not tell his employer he was a convicted rapist). This job , of course, allowed Middleton  to get access to  white females' homes. No one should doubt that this was the main reason for the convicted rapist taking the job.   A client of Middleton's cable company, who was a white female, was kidnapped by Middleton and taken to a remote storage facility, where Middleton had a special surprise waiting for her:: a modified freezer.  How many days he raped and tortured the white female remains a mystery. She eventually died of suffocation by being trapped in the freezer without enough oxygen.  Middleton also did the same to another white female using the same MO

Katherine Powell, 45,
Thelma Amparo Davila

Note:: Middleton is a suspected serial killer of white females. He had many female's underwear in a storage facility. Police, however, could only prove two murders.
330.  University of Delaware , May 1, 2005

Home Invasion - Rape - Murder

A black male, James Cooke, 34, ..broke into an off-campus apartment occupied by a white female, raped her then murdered her.

Lindsey Bonistall, 20

Note: Because of defense attorney error, the Supreme Court has sent this case back to the trial court to be retried.
 331.   Clearwater , FL, July 14, 2012

Home Invasion - Rape - Murder
Sexual Predator Forces His way Into White Female's Apartment - Rapes Then Murders Her

A white female was walking home alone at night when she was approached by a knife-wielding black male, Thomas Hampton Frederick, 23, who had followed her out of a bar. At knife point he forced her back to her apartment, raped her then brutally murdered her.

"...authorities said, test results confirmed what they suspected: Frederick was the man who raped and killed Adrianne Robert in her Clearwater apartment."

* Adrianne Robert, 29
332. Seattle (South Park), Wash. July 19, 2009

Home Invasion - Rape- Murder

A black male, Isaiah Kalebu, 24,…invaded the home (crawling through an open bathroom window) where two white females lived to commit rape and robbery. Police claim he also tortured the women.

Pics on this LINK:

* Teresa Buttz, 39 (deceased - pic)
* Unidentified 36-year-old (survived)
333.  Travis County, TX,  March 2012

Pubic Abduction - Rape - Murder
A black male, and serial rapist, Willie Griffin, 45, was caught by police returning to a scene where he had just raped a 17-year-old teenage girl and thought he had murdered her. She survived her knife wounds and was able to stumble to a nearby road.  While police were helping her they noticed Griffin, who had just returned to the scene.  In Griffin's car was a gas can he'd just purchased and it was full of gas. Police also discovered similarities to the attack on the 17-year-old to another murder of a white female in the vicinity.  Her body was burned.

* Elizabeth Sara Escobar, 26
* unidentified victim survived rape & attempted murder
334.  Chicago, IL, 2006

Home Invasion - Rape - Murder

 Anthony Triplett, 25, was hired to install cable TV service. In the course of his work he raped then beat and straggled to death two women (one white the other black). No information on the MONSTER financial settlement Comcast was forced to pay out to the victim's family members.

* Urszula Sakowska, 23
335.  Jefferson County, AL,  2010

Public Abduction -- Brutal Rape, Sodomizing And Beating Of Young White Female Jogger -  Rapists Gets 228 Years

Black male , Nathaniel Lee Baker, 20, staked out a jogging trail and waited for a white female. When she passed he grabbed her and at knife point dragged her into the nearby woods.  Once there Baker began his sadistic attack on the white female, which included rape, beating, and sodomizing the young  female.  For this brutal attack, the rapists was given a monster 228 year prison sentence

Victim survived the attack.

 336.  St. John Parish ,  LA  2010

Brutal Rape & Murder Of 15-Year-old 
A black male (career criminal), Earnest Joseph III, 26, who lived with his mommy, evidently became aware a young white female who lived down the street from him, and she was often home alone at night, as her mom worked the graveyard shift.  It appears Joseph knocked on the door and simply hoped the young girl would answer. When she did, Joseph barged inside.  Joseph first raped the girl, then beat her death with a frying pan.  Joseph pleaded guilty and received a mere 28 years. He'll be eligible for parole before he turns 50.

"Coroner Christy Monegut has confirmed that Adams' body showed evidence of sexual activity within a 48-hour window preceding her slaying."

* Taylor Adams, 15
 337.  King County, WA,  1995

 Two White Female Raped & Murdered In Their Apartments  

A black male, Robert Parker, 27, (career criminal) discovered what he thought was a perfect scheme to rape (and murder) white females in their white community :: Parker would find an apartment complex that had an adjacent wooded area, and then hide behind trees or shrubs under the cover of night and wait for a white female to come out of her apartment carrying her laundry to the outside laundry machines.  He would expect the white female would not lock her door.  That's the scenario that played out perfectly against two white females. Both wound up raped and bludgeoned to death with a butcher's knife. Their places, naturally, where also burglarized.  Before Parker left, he torched the bodies of the two white females.  Note: Parker's girlfriend rated him out.

Renee Powell, 43 
Barbara Walsh, 53

338.   2013 - Anderson, Ind.

'Fair Housing Act' Rape - Strangulation -
Beating Of Elderly White Female 

 Iquise V. Taylor, 17,  was so desperate to rape a helpless 93-year-old white female (his neighbor), he literally kicked her door down.  He then raced upstairs to her bedroom, jumped on top of the elderly woman and then began beating her, strangling her, then raping her.  Miraculously, the helpless elderly woman survived. Police claim there was no burglary,  or any items of value taken. The whole break-in was just about the rape and terrorizing the elderly white female.

Amelia Rudolf, 93

339. Mt. Pleasant, S. Carolina, Nov. 28, 1975

Public Abduction - Rape - Murder

His stated goal: "I'm gonna get me a white bitch"

In 1975, a Negro by the name of Perry Deveaux, 17, who was said to have a low IQ, was given a job by white people to work as a stable boy. In the course of his work he became infatuated with a white female and decided, after observing her riding routine, that he could get away with a rape. However, the rape would also involve murdering the female. Deveaux had no problem with that. On a cold Tuesday afternoon in November, the female went out riding alone, as she had often done.  Deveaux retrieved a knife, went to a local liquor store, bought and downed a quart of malt liquor, then rushed out to a secluded place where he knew the woman would eventually pass. When she did pass, Deveaux spooked her horse then pulled her to the ground.  He then mounted her and, as she screamed, he yelled at her "Shut up! Shut up!" then rammed his knife into her throat, slicing her vocal cords. As she choked on her own blood, Deveaux used his knife to cut her clothes off. He then raped her. After the rape, Deveaux calmly walked away, not knowing or carrying if the woman was dead or alive.

Note: A persistent black male detective, Eugene Frazier, nailed Deveaux in 1981.

* Kathleen Sanderlin, 23 (school teacher)
340.  Oklahoma County, Oklahoma, January 7, 1991

Business Invasion - Ambush - Rape - Sexual Rage Kill

A black male, Alfred Brian Mitchell, 18,…apparently became annoyed at a white female who wanted nothing to do with his sexual advances. In a fit of anger, he attacked the female, raped her, then stabbed her with a mathematical compass and then beat her with a golf club and coat rack...until she was dead.

* Elaine Maries Scott 21 (w/f)
341.  Palm Beach, Fl. 2007


Apartment Maintenance Employee Kidnaps  Tenant - Beats Her - Rapes Her Repeatedly - Terrorizes Her - Robs Her ATM

Incredibly, after more than three hours of beating, raping, threats to kill her with a machete,  the sexual predator leaves the female alive. He's arrested the next day. 

Convicted and sentenced to life::
Bobby Broomfield

Jessica Carbone (w/f)

Note: The apartment complex insurance company no doubt had to pay millions because of this black employee.

342.  Lakewood, CO  3013

Sexual Predator Invades White Business And Rapes
 Elderly Woman - Then Murders Her

"The signs of sexual abuse were obvious. Her shirt and bra were pulled up over her chest, her pants were unbuttoned and had been lowered, and her underwear was missing."

Also, The white female's hands were tied while the black man abused her...
"An additional description adds a disturbing element: "The victim appeared to be very wet.""
He urinated on her?

Claudia Miller, 66

Memphis, TN, July 21, 2007

Rape And Murder Of Female Business 
Owner - Attempt to Murder Of Husband

                                                   RAPED...Then Murdered                                                 
Five black males,  Princeton Price, 20 (got 20 years) Jeremy Young, 21, (got life in prison - no parole) Talandus McCoy, 20, Jamal Williams, 21, Rashanda Clark, 18 ...during an armed robbery of a white male's business, after they received the money, executed the white male business owner's wife and then mercilessly beat the white male. However, apparently,  Young  just couldn't resist the opportunity to RAPE the white female before he shot her to death.

* Chianne Gast, 32 (deceased)
* Michael Gast (beaten, robbed...left for dead - survived)


Orlando, FL   Oct.  3, 1991

Sexual Predator Beaks Into Apartment Tool-Shed -- Obtains A Ladder -  Uses Ladder To Climb To Second Story Window Of White Female Victim
Darius Kimbrough,18, stalked a white female trying to figure out a scheme to rape her. When he observed a maintenance worker put a ladder in the tool-shed, he decided that ladder would finally be the ticket to his rape obsession.  Kinbrough simply retrieved the ladder and climbed his way to the second story window.   One can only imagine the terror this white female felt when she discovered this black male in her apartment -- she had to know exactly what he was there for.  After Kimbrough beat the female, he then raped her. After the brutal rape came another brutal beating.  The young white female died as a result of her second beating. Note:  Kimbrough was nailed by DNA obtained from a second rape victim (most likely an another white female)

Denise Collins, 28

344.   Griffith , Ind,  2011

Public Abduction - Rape- Murder

Sexual predator talks meek white female into giving him a ride home... 

Robert Lewis III, 38, UNEMPLOYED, three kids and living with mommy, apparently conned a white female into giving him a ride home from a restaurant:: "I jus live ride down the street. Ya'll can trust me. PLEASE!" That sort of nonsense no doubt...    The female was discovered the following day behind an abandoned building in the all-black city of Gary,Ind..  She was half naked, raped, beaten ....and dead.

Jennifer Kocsis, 37
345.   Costa Mesa CA  1988

Cold Case Unite Cracks 25-Year-Old Rape &
 Murder Of Pregnant Woman (Newlywed) 

Sentenced To Death For Rape & Murder Of Pregnant Woman:
Jason Michael Balcom, 43 (18 at time of rape/murder)

"Court records show that Balcom entered the apartment, bound Malinda's hands and feet with Kent's neckties, raped and sodomized her and stabbed her in the chest."

Malinda Gibbon, 22,0,6953829.story

346.  Ohio State University, March 1994

White Female Abducted  As She Walked Back To Her
 Dorm Room - Beaten -  Raped - Murdered
Who knows how long Jonathan J. Gravely, 23,  staked out places around the Ohio State Univ. campus waiting for his opportunity to score a rape.

"Stephanie Hummer, 18 , was a freshman at The Ohio State University. She was with friends in her dorm room on a Saturday night in March 1994 when they decided to go to another apartment. [She] and her friends separated along the way and she was last seen walking through Pearl Alley near campus. Her partially nude body was found in a field more than three miles away near railroad tracks.

Sexual predator Gravely was nailed by DNA evidence 12 years later.
347.  Oxnard, CA

 1980 Cold Case Cracked After 32 Years! DNA LINKS Perp To
 Home Invasion - Rape - Murder Of 15-Year-Old 
Arrested For Rape - Murder:
Thomas Young, 65 (33 at time of home invasion, rape & murder of white female)

Stacy Knappenberger, 15

348.   Carol City, FL 1978

Civil Rights Acts ATROCITIES!
(i.e. Civil Rights Act 1964; Civil Rights Act 1968) 


ALSO, Public Abduction - Rape And Murder Of Teenagers

Belinda Worley,17

Be VERY cautious ... letting someone into your home!

Home Invasion - MASSACRE:

"John Ferguson, posing as a Florida Power and Light employee, was let into a home by Margaret Wooden to check the electrical outlets. After looking in several rooms, Ferguson drew a gun, then bound and blindfolded Wooden. Ferguson let two men, Marvin Francois and Beauford White, into the home to continue searching for drugs and money. - There were no drugs and no large cache of money

Two hours later, the owner of the home, Livingston Stocker, and five friends returned home and were bound, blindfolded, and searched by Ferguson, Francois, and White. The seven bound and blindfolded people were then moved from the living room to a bedroom. 

Later, Wooden’s boyfriend, Michael Miller, entered the house and was bound, blindfolded, and searched. Miller and Wooden were moved to another bedroom together and the other six men were moved to the living room. 

At some point in the evening, Marvin Francois’ mask fell off and his face was revealed to the others. Wooden heard shots coming from the living room, where Francois was shooting the men. Ferguson placed a pillow over Wooden’s head and then shot her. Not fatally wounded, Wooden saw Miller being shot and heard Ferguson run from the room. " 

Kidnapping/Rape/ Murder of Teenagers:
Two teenagers were abducted off a public street. The purpose for the abduction? RAPE

"Brian Glenfeld and Belinda Worley, both seventeen years old, were last seen around 9:00 p.m. on Sunday, 01/08/78.  Glenfeld’s body was behind the wheel of a car, with gunshot wounds to his chest, arm, and head. Worley’s body was found in a nearby dense growth, where she had been raped and then shot in the head."

 Brian Glenfeldt, 17 (w/m) 
 Belinda Worley, 17 (w/f - raped then gunned down)

Murdered - home invasion victims:
Livingston Stocker, 33 (w/m)
Michael Miller, 24 (w/m)
Henry Clayton, 35 (w/m)
John Holmes, 26 (w/m)
Gilbert Williams , 37 (w/m)
Charles Cesar Stinson, 35 (w/m)

Note: Johnnie Hall in the home invasion...survived a shotgun blast to the face & testified against against the black monsters.

349.  Tyler,  TX,  Sept. 17,  1990

 Home Invasion - RAPE - MURDER
   Convicted of Rape & Murder: Rickey Lynn Lewis, 28 (at time of rape /  murder)

Note: There were two black male accomplices who were never caught. Lewis claimed it was one of them that did the killing.

"In the early morning of 17 September 1990, northwest of Tyler in Smith County, Connie Hilton got out of bed, having been awakened by her barking dog. She screamed when she saw a man in the hallway with a shotgun. George Newman, 45, awoke and was shot in the face. The dog was also killed. Hilton tried hiding in the bathroom, but one of the men found her. Aiming a gun at her, he said, "Shut up ... or I'll shoot you, too." Hilton struggled with him at first, but she was struck on the head at least twice, and finally submitted. She was lifted by two people, who told her to cover her eyes. They took her into the living room, where she was raped. Next, she was taken to the kitchen, where her hands and feet were tied. From the kitchen, she could hear that the house was being ransacked. The same man who found her in the bathroom, raped her, and tied her up then placed a gun between her legs and said, "Quit whimpering ... Somebody will find you in the morning."

George Ray Newman, 45 (w/m)
Connie Hilton,  (w/f -- gang raped - survived)
350.  Reynoldsburg, OH

Teen Admits To Kidnapping For The Purpose Of Rape - Then Brutal Murder
Adrien McGee, 17, confessed to the public abduction, rape and murder of a teenage girl.

"According to court documents, Michaels was found with a laceration on her neck and arm, and a puncture wound in her neck. "

Danielle Michaels, 18

 351.  Charlottesville, VA, Oct. 17, 2009

Public Abduction - Rape - Murder

A black male is being sought in the public abduction, rape and murder of a young white female college student.

* Morgan Harrington, 20

(2014) Philadelphia, PA

Sexually Depraved  CraigsList  Rapist - Sets Up White Teen
Kevin Cornish, 42,  promised a job on Caigslist as a home-care provider. Not surprisingly, it turned out to be a con. When a white teenage girl answered the ad, she was picked up by Cornish, then transported to his home.   Cornish then shifted to what clearly looks like a prearranged plan, which was to give the girl an application that stated she was going to be an "escort" (sex for hire). He then stood behind the young girl and made her fill out the application and sign it. Cornish then made the white female strip down naked and took photos (I'm sure she was required to smile). After the photos, the white female was led to the bedroom and there she was raped by the black man. NOTE: Case yet to be prosecuted (Sept 2014).  Charges::  rape by forcible compulsion, rape by threat of forcible compulsion, indecent assault, sexual assault, involuntary sexual assault, human trafficking, kidnapping, prostitution, false imprisonment and unlawful restraint.
352.   Berks County, PA, May 1, 2008

Sexual Obsession Leads To Brutal Rape Then MURDER 
 Glenn Lyons, 45, ...murdered a female co-worker because she would not submit to his sexual advances. It was a very brutal murder.  Lyons forced the woman into the back of her SUV, then raped her.  After the rape,  Lyons started stabbing the woman... until she was dead -- over 30 stab wounds.

Note:  Lyons claimed to police that he and the white female were having a secret love affair. However, there is no evidence of an affair between the two other than Lyons' claim.  Lyons likely is using the claim of an affair  to avoid a rape charge. 
* Kathy A. Leibig , 45

354. Raleigh, N. Carolina  2005

Home Invasion - Rape- Murder
A white male, George Sasser, 25, asked two black co-workers, Byron Lamar Waring, 19, and Joseph Daniel Sanderlin, 24, if they could scare his ex-girlfriend into paying up on a small debt. Instead of collecting the debt, the two blacks forced the white female into her bedroom at knife point and both took turns raping her. After the rape, she was knifed numerous times...until she was dead.

Lauren Redman, 22
353. Lauderdale County, Florida 1998

Acquaintance Rape & Murder 

She Allowed Him Into Her Car - Just A Ride To  A Friend's House, He Said...

Convicted Murderer: 
Corey Johnson

Shelaine Maxwell, 18
354.  Henrico County, VA  1990

Home Invasion - Rape - Sodomy - Murder

Black Male Next Door Neighbor Strikes ...

"[Victim was]sodomized and stabbed in the heart in her Henrico County apartment. 
[Mrs.]Bruce found her daughter's body. 

Convicted Rapist/ Murderer:
Robert Knight

Dawn Bruce, 22

NOTE: Robert Knight will be eligible for parole before 2020.
 355.  Sandusky, OH  2012

Home Invasion -  White Female Raped And Her And
 Her Two Children Murdered

NOTE:  Clinton also raped an 13-year-old white female (pic unavail.).

Curtis Clinton, 41 

Celina, 3 (deceased)
Wayne, 18 months (deceased)
Heather Jackson, 23 

Other White Victims of Clinton: 
Misty Keckler , 18 (pic at bottom)
13-year-old unidentified (survived)


Dearborn, MI, July 2013

Armed Robbery Results In Murder - Kidnapping
A black male, Lavere Bryant, 34, walked into a convenience store and pulled a gun on two employees. After Bryant robbed the cash register he gunned down the male. As for the female, well, Bryant had a different fate awaiting her. She was abducted and taken into nearby woods, then gunned down. Police discovered the body of female about two miles from where she was abducted. NOTE: Police, curiously, are not reporting a rape. But there's only one reason to abduct a pretty young girl : RAPE. Also, case yet to be prosecuted.

* Brenna K. Machus, 20 
 * Lavere Bryant, 34

357.  Deltona, FL, August 6, 2004

Home Invasion - Sadistic Rape & Slaughter

Four black males (left to right),
Troy Victorino, 29, (sadistic ringleader)
Robert Cannon, 19 (might be non-black),
Jerone Hunter, 20 (murdered Michelle Nathan & Jonathan Gleason),
Michael Salas, 20

 … purchased baseball bats for the purpose of committing murder - and burglary. At about 1 am, the crew of thugs broke into the home of a young white female, where her and four friends were spending the night. Each person there was systematically attacked with such ferocity, including bashing their skulls in and leaving some of their faces pummeled beyond recognition. When the thugs were finished with their murderous rampage they retrieved what they came for : an X-Box. Yes, this massacre of five innocent people was over an X-Box. WOW!

Note: Victorino also sexually assaulted one of the dead (or dying) females (Erin Belanger). He then stomped her dog 'George' to death.

* Michelle Nathan (w/f), 19
* Francisco Ayo-Roman, 30
* Anthony Vega, 34
* Jonathan Gleason (w/m), 17
* Erin Belanger (w/f), 22 
(raped while she was dying or dead)
357. Fresno, CA 1985

Serial Rapist - Murderer...Set To Die In CA (2015)

Jody Lynn Wolfe, 14
 (brutally raped..then brutally murdered)

Ark. 1993

Home Invasion / Rape Of Neighbor  - MURDER

Innocent white female:
 Debra Reese, 26 (had a son, 6-years-old)

Note: Her husband so feared the black man living next door, he gave his wife a tire iron to protect herself .  The sexual predator/murderer was put to death on April 20, 2017. Yes, this worthless beast is gone (that the white tax base had to house & feed for 24 years). But it doesn't bring back Debra.
Waco, Tx  2016

Black Male Abducts 15-Year-Old 'White'
 Teen And Keeps Her In His House As A Sex Slave And Sells Her To His Black Buddies

 “It was like he had a trophy,” the girl testified. “Like, ‘I have this white girl, and she is young and pretty.’”

Before black male Evans, 51,  was sentenced he told the judge :"She got what she deserved." The judge (white) sentenced the black man to 112 years.  Yeah, so the Texas taxpayers will now have to support this loser for the rest of his life.

Ohio, 2017

Kidnapped, Raped And Murdered By Convicted Black Male Rapist

Brian Golsby 29     Reagan Tokes, 21

Reagan was a college student. She had such a long life to live. So many white females raped and murdered by the American black man.  None of these attacks are ever labeled 'racially motived', nor are they ever linked to the long history in which the white community has put of this; nor are these attacks ever condemned by the black community.  Here's a LINK to show just how long this filth has been going on.
Little Rock, Ark. 1994

Public Abduction - Rape  -Murder  - 
Mother Of Two

A black male, Marcel Williams, 23 (at time of crime), kidnapped a white female for the sole purpose of raping her. He also planned to murder after the rape - which he did.  Note: Williams was executed by the state of Arkansas in 2017.

Stacy Errickson, 22
 358.  Danvers, Mass.   2013    

CONFIRMED! 14-Year-Old Boy 
Then Slashed Her Throat

A 24-year-old school teacher was beaten and knife (slashed) to death inside the high school where she taught, by one of her students.

14-year-old  Philip Chism,  was arrested for the brutal attack a short time later. NOTE: The ultra liberal state of Massachusetts, this teen likely will be out of prison when he hits 21-years-old.

Colleen Ritzer, 24