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Wealthy Blacks - Where Do They Live?

Where do wealthy blacks Live?  Here's what I found researching some of the rich and famous black Americans regarding their living arrangements.

1) Almost without exception, Blacks, once they get enough money, will leave their black community for a white community - willing to pay 3x to 5x the cost to live in the white community than among their own people.
2) Wealthy Blacks will generally spend their money in a white community. 
3) Blacks use the white community as a status symbol - to flaunt it among their fellow blacks.
4) Blacks find more safety and security in a white community than among their own race.
5) (just my opinion)  Blacks do not recognize 'achieved wealthby other Blacks. That is, they do not respect status and wealth achieved through occupational titles - since the occupational titles are the product/ status symbols of another race. Blacks believe wealthy Blacks achieve their wealth by luck, specifically, affirmative action programs gifted to them by white people, phony discrimination shakedown lawsuit, or just being a good con man.  And since all wealthy Blacks achieved their wealth through these means (luck)...the have-not Blacks believe a portion of that good fortune is justly owed to them. To avoid this belief system wealthy Blacks waste no time high-tailing it to a white community.   

Think of all the money - billions in tax dollars -  the black communities of America are being deprived yearly because wealthy blacks refuse to live among their own people.   Something is WRONG here!  When one people deprive their race of resources, as the blacks do by the well-to-do systematically abandoning their communities , the consequences would certainly produce more poverty, more despair,  and yes, more crime

NOTE: I have not found a single case in American history ... where a wealthy white person has moved himself/ herself into a black community.


The  incident below might shed a  little light on why those blacks that can GET OUT  ...  do GET OUT ... and straight into a white community  >>>  In this incident an adult black man, 36-years-old,  while walking in a black community and past a group of black children, was  pelted in the face with an egg.   The 36-year-old was then attacked by the gang of youth ...and beat to death.

"[The 32-year-old black man, Charles Young Jr.]... never regained consciousness after being pummeled by up to 16 boys and teenagers with bats, shovels, folding chairs, sticks, feet, a mop handle and a crate."

There is only one race where the children are attacking adults:  African American. Something is wrong!


Colin Kaepernick:
He lives in a white community in San Jose - where white police officers patrol the streets and he don't have to worry about black males in his neighborhood.

Dopey is taking a knee during the national anthem.  Even his own [white] mother calls him a disgrace. So this America hater, and supported apparently by most of his people, why won't he live among his own race? He's never lived one day of his life in a black community.   UPDATE:  Guess what? Dopey, he be selling his San Jose house (2017).  He just bought another house in NYC's TriBeCa neighborhood,  and you think he be living among his own race?  NOT A CHANCE!   He just paid  $3.21 million  to have white people as his exclusive neighbors (blacks are a minuscule 4% of TriBeCa  - and ya think he made darn sure to find that out before he agreed to buy his home?) Again, why won't he live among his own people?! 

Mohammad Ali [late]:
 He lived in a white community in the Glenview residential neighborhood in Louisville, Ky. Ali frequently referred to white people as the "devil race." 

So he didn't like white people. Why would he choose a neighborhood where there are no blacks  - his people? That's right. There are no blacks listed in the demographics of his Louisville neighborhood.  All white.  Oh, before I  continue with this list, Ali actually owned another home, in Arizona.  Maybe he lived among his own people there?  Well, it stands to reason that if Ali didn't want blacks as neighbors in Louisville, he wouldn't want them in Arizona, right? Right. He lived in Paradise Valley, an exclusive white community.

Oprah Winfrey:
 She lives in an exclusive white community in southern CA.  In fact, you could probably use only a few fingers on one hand to count the number of black males in a hundred square mile radius of her palatial estate. 
 So why won't she live among her own people?  She's a billionaire ... She could easily buy up three sq. miles in South Central Los Angeles. Apparently, she prefers to not spend a nickel of her vast wealth in a black community.

Oprah: "the idea of discriminating on the basis of race simply made no sense to my young mind."  REALLY?  Well, she certainly is "discriminating" when it comes to where she lives and who her neighbors are, isn't she?  That is, NO BLACK MALES OR NO PURCHASE! 

Other homes owned by Oprah - and where no black males roam the streets and only white police officers patrol her neighborhood:

- Montecito, CA (23 acre horse farm -$23 million)

- Maui (163 acres ... and no black males in sight!)

- Telluride, Colo. (exclusive white town, with maybe one black male)

- Chicago, Ill (when she could finally afford it, in 1985, bought a condo in an exclusive white area, the Water Tower Palace)

Oh, and WHY would one person require 23,000 sq ft home?!  Ridiculous to say the least.

Jeremiah Wright:
  He lives in an exclusive white community in  a Chicago, ILL, suburb. In fact, it is probably one of the whitest white communities in northern Illinois.  Yes, Mr. “God Damn America” , AKA 'The Pulpit Pimp' , and white people basher, when he got-st his money, out he went from his black neighborhood...right into an exclusive white community. 
All the info , as well as his despicable comments on white America, all cheered on by his  black audience, is in this video

So he hates white people and he hates America... So why won't he live among his own people?

Are you beginning to see a pattern here? 
Let's keep going...


Here's What Happened  When A 
White Male Tried To Move Into A  Black Community In Denver (1999)

Racism - Ambush - Murder

A racist black female became angry when a white male moved next door. She marched over to his home and ordered  him out of  "her"  neighborhood - because he was white. The white male refused to leave.  You see, the black female regarded her neighborhood “for blacks only” (even though all the homes in the neighborhood were built by white males).  Later in the day, while the white male was rearranging things in the trunk of his car, the black female racist walked up behind him and shot him in the back.

Black Female Racist and Murderer:
Malaika Tamu Griffin, 28

Jason Horsley, 25 (deceased)

Tracy Morgan:
Exclusive white community in Alpine,  NJ (only 2% of the population is black). A part-time actor who wasn't considered rich until a Wal-Mart truck hit his vehicle and injured him - then the settlement. 

So why not spend all that new wealth building a home in an exclusive black community? UPDATE:  Seems the insurance co. that represents Wal-Mart, well they aren't happy at all about Morgan's HUGE settlement. They are now (Jan. 2017) demanding Morgan's tax returns for 2009  to 2014 - the crash happened in 2014 and the settlement was made in 2015...and then Morgan bought his mansion.



Barry Obama & Michelle 
 (Barry sometimes refers to her as "Michael"):

Exclusive white community in DC. 

Below are two other homes Obama owns  - and where there are little or no black males roaming his neighborhood. LINK

- Rancho Mirage, California (only .05% black i.e. about 15 adult black males in this exclusive white area)
Paradise Point at Kailua Bay, Oahu, HI  (no black males anywhere to be found near this home)  

So why won't the most famous black man live among his people?

Beyonce & Jay Z

Since 2012, FIVE homes and all of them in exclusive white communities :

-- Hampton, NY (rented...Hampton is a very exclusive white community in NY) 

-- Bridgehampton, NY ( a whopping 17% black - well, they didn't seem to spend too much time there -about one year) 

-- Holmby Hills neighborhood/ West LA (2017 - renting for $100,000 a month to live in this exclusive white community)

-- New Orleans Garden District (lots of mansions there ... and you can bet your last dollar that there are very few black males) 

-- Bel Air, CA ( reported to be buying a $65 to $95 million mansion in this exclusive white community)

Okay, you can see the pattern with these two. They will NOT live among their own people!  And why should they? Here's Jay Z wearing his racist, black supremacist medallion:

As for Beyonce, she promotes Black Lives Matter (her husband's company reportedly gave the terrorist group $1.5 million) and she also promotes the New Black Panthers.  She also used the Super Bowl of 2016 to promote hatred toward police officers. AGAIN, where does this woman DUMP herself? White community. What race are the police that have always patrolled her neighborhood? White police officers. 

Why won't these two  hypocrites  live among their own people?!  Why MUST they DUMP themselves among only white people?!   White people need to stop being nice to these two idiots...and stop giving them money!

Tyler Perry
- Hollywood Hills home (2013 he sold it - Hollywood Hills is a an exclusive white community  - no black males roaming those streets)
-  'New'  Atlanta Home (2016 - 35,000 sq ft - nestled in among a whole bunch of white people)

Plenty of all black communities in and around Atlanta. Apparently, Perry couldn't find one of them. He is an outspoken critic of America and its alleged racism (curiously, he see no racism and hate at all by his people against white people, though statistics show his people commit more than 98% of the unprovoked violence between the two races). Clearly, Perry prefers NOT to live among his people, or spend any of his money in black communities. WHY?! Perry owns other properties...and none of them are in an exclusive black community.


Exclusive white community in MAlibu, CAKnight was born in Compton,CA,  in 1965.  Compton in the early 60s was still a white community (blacks desperately wanted to get into Compton from Watts - black males did not build a single physical structure in Compton , or Watts).  By the mid-80s, blacks, through racism and hate attacks, as well as  threats of attack, white people had had enough...and fled.  Compton became a black community by the early 90s. (Latinos have since moved there and blacks have dropped to 30% of  the population by 2018 - though blacks still occupy all the political seats)

-- Malibu mansion (exclusive white community)
-- Encino home (white community)
-- Las Vegas mansion (exclusive white community)

 Once Knight got money (mid-1990s) ... he got OUT of his black community and hightailed it right into a white community.  If any black male should have been required to live among his own people, it's Knight. He's currently (2017) sitting in LA county jail, looking at a life prison term. Knight is a certified thug.  LINK 

LL Cool J

White community in Los Angeles (Studio City).  Only about 3% of the population is black. (2014)

Yeah, no black males allowed around this dude's home.


And the pattern continues... Remember, all these blacks represented here could easily afford to build a home in a black community and spend their vast wealth among their own people. But they all refuse to do it!  WHY?

*John Singleton*
The little guy (he only 5'6"), an un-exceptional director, but
said to be worth $50 million (I seriously doubt his wealth is anywhere
 near that amount).
He actually lives in a moderately
wealthy black community
in South Los Angeles (Baldwin Hills)
John Singleton's script - 1991 - Boyz N The Hood (he wrote these racist words)::
"I'm talking about the message. What it stands for. It's called "gentrification." It's what happens when property value of a certain area is brought down. - You listening (talking to a young boy)? - Yeah. They [white people] bring the property value down. They [white people] can buy the land cheaper. Then they move the people out, raise the value and sell it at a profit. What we need to do is keep everything in our neighbourhood, everything, black. Black-owned with black money." Note: Singleton doesn't know the meaning of "gentrification". It means "improving
 a house or district." He also apparently doesn't  know how to spell "neighborhood". 

Ice Cube

He lives in an exclusive white community in Marina del Rey, CA.There are only about 10 to 14 adult black males living there according to 2010 census figures. In fact, in Ice Cubes neighborhood there are likely less than 4 black males. Check out his home in his white community - where white police officers patrol his streets.



Big Sean
White community ($1.7 million mansion in Hollywood Hills, CA)

Dr. Dre
White community ($4o million mansion in Brentwood, CA)
Note: At least this dude had the common sense to cut ties with thug Suge Knight.
Nicki Minaj
White community  (renting 30K a month mansion in Beverley Hills, CA)
Rapper Drake 
White community ($7.7 million mansion in Hidden Hills gated community in LA, CA - out 1,875 people in Hidden Hills, about 5 or 6 are adult black males )

Rapper Birdman 

White community ($13.5 million on a [white male-made] Island in Miami, Fl.).  

 Blacks entire history in America seems to be to wait...wait until white males invest in and then build something...then they demand their right to move in. No amount of money seems to be too much to escape their own race.

Sean "Diddy" Combs

White community (East Hampton NY - only 3% of East Hampton's population is black)
Lil Wayne

White community ($18 million mansion - La Gorce Island, Miami, Fl - Wayne might be the only black male living on the island)


Kanye West

White community ($20 million dollar home - Hidden Hills,CA - he's one of only 5 adult black males that live in this exclusive white community)


50 Cent

White community (outside of Hartford, Conn.  - 50 cent was forced to sell this pad at a $5 million loss - he then filed a BK - where he's living right now I don't know, but it's safe to say, it ain't in any black community )
Eddie Murphy

White community (Beverley Hills, CA)

Next time you hear a black male/ female make their false claim of white racism, think about all the money the black communities of America are being deprive by these selfish, rich African American ingrates. The list goes on...
Will Smith

White Community ($40 million compound in the city of Calabasas, CA - outside of LA - Yeah, it's just so gosh darn hard to be a black man in Hollywood)
 Charlie Villanueva

White community (Rochester, Michigan)

Lebron James

White community ($21 million 9,500 sq ft mansion in Brentwood, CA) 2016

Lebron's other home:
Bath Township, Ohio (1.3% black...96% white community

Someone should ask Lebron why he avoids the black race when he chooses a home.

'Magic' Johnson

White community (Beverly Hill Ca)

Johnson's other home:
- Dana Point ($7 million , less than 1% black)



Michael Jordan

White community ($12 million, 28,000 sq ft - Juniper, Fl - less than 1% black)

Jordan's other home:
- Highland Park, IL ($21 million [for sale] 58,000 sq ft - exclusive white community)



Ben Carson

White community (Vienna, VA - 3% black)

Carson's other home:

- Palm Beach Gardens’ Old Palm Golf Club ($4.2 million, 8, 5000 sq ft mansion - exclusive gated white community overlooking the golf course)
Note: Carson grew up in a black community, however, once he got his $$$ out he went, preferring only white people as his neighbors. White people also gave him a full academic scholarship to Yale.  
Bill Cosby
White community (Elkins, PA)

Other homes owned by Cosby:

- Shelburne Falls, MA (since 1971, Bill Cosby and his wife just might be the only blacks living there out of population of approx. 2000) 
Michael Jackson [Late]
White Community (Santa Ynez, Ca - in a 30 sq. mile radius, Jackson was likely the only black living there - Jackson grew up in a black community in Gary, Ind.) :LINK
Tiger Woods
EXCLUSIVE white community (Juniper Island, Fl, -  2% black - Woods is reported to be worth over $700 million...yet there has never been a single report of him making any charitable gift to the black community, helping the black community in any way or even ever visiting a black community. (Woods is well known for ONLY dating white females and having orgies with up to a dozen white females. )

Maxine Waters
AKA "The Poverty Pimp"...  She be living in a mansion - built by a
 white male - worth over $4.7 million

This phony little 'old' hypocrite represents a mainly minority community (43rd district) in Los Angeles.  Included in her district are large black communities. She refuses to live anywhere near "her people".  Not only does this hypocrite refuse to live among her own people, she will not even live in her own district! She prefers a mostly white community (it's 38% white and 42% Asian). Back when she bought the home, around 2002 , it was a predominantly white community. 

White/ Asian community: Windsor Square (Los Angeles) - 4% black

Quotes from a ding-a-ling black female:
1) In 1992, Los Angeles, while blacks (her people) were attacking innocent people (non-blacks, and mainly white people))...ding-a-ling decided to stand on the White House steps and give a speech, encouraging her people to continue their "rebellion", and continue to attack innocent people... "Listen up, America," she told the crowd. "We want to talk to you today. Our children are hurting, our mothers are tired and our young men are angry."
She concluded by leading the crowd in a chant: "No justice, no peace."
And: "I maintain it was (the riot) somewhat understandable, if not acceptable." (yes, you read right)
2) After a Korean store clerk shot and killed a black female thief: “There were mothers who took this as an opportunity to take some milk, to take some bread, to take some shoes ... They are not crooks.”
Viola Davis

White Community (Toluca Lake, Ca - 5% black)

- Al Roker
White community (Upper East Manhattan, 0.3% black)

Stephen Curry 

  White community (Alamo, Ca. - .02% black... White 88% ...  only 20 blacks in the entire community!  Oh, and he also sold a home in Walnut Creek, Ca. Ya think there were blacks in that community?  Not a chance. Less than one half on one percent is black. This guy avoids his race like one would avoid a casual walk through a ghetto.  Update. Curry just sold his Alamo home. Ya think he gonna move to a mostly black community?  I know. LOL. His next crib...will be among 98% white. Wait and see. ) 
- Shonda Rhimes
White community  (Hancock Park, LA , CA  - 3% black, 71% white ) 

- Scottie Pippen
White community (Highland Park Ill. - 1.5% black, 92% white) 

- Snoop Dog
White community (Blaisdell Ranch, Claremont, CA - .05% black, 71% white)

- David Ortiz
All-white community  (black male from the Dominican Rep. and former Boston Red Sox mega-millionaire   - now retired - even though he's from a foreign country, apparently he knows enough(?)... to buy his crib in an all-white community - Weston, Mass. 1% black)
- Jamie Foxx 
All-white community  (a 42 acre spread just outside thousand Oaks, Ca., in Rancho El Conejo) YEAH, NO BLACKS ALLOWED AROUND THIS DUDE'S CRIB!


As you can see...they're ALL doing it! Wealthy blacks it seems, and for reasons they don't want to explain, DO NOT want their own people as their neighbors. Only white will do. The cost to the black communities across America, because of this type of bizarre  and selfish behavior from wealthy blacks , annually it must be in the billions.


- OJ Simpson
- Quincey Jones
-Danny Glover
- Berry Gordy
-Robert FSmith 
- Wiz-Khalifas
- Cuba Gooding

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Black Supremacy Doctrine

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The Black Supremacy Doctrine... It's time white people get up to speed on this thing i.e. acknowledge the existence of it and become familiar with it. 

The Black Supremacy Doctrine for Black non-Muslims, their Doctrine allows for the presence of white people but only so they can produce things (e.g. tax bases, businesses, jobs, homes, political systems ) those members of the black race - by using the principles below  - can then bully white people out of what they have/ own/ build/ occupy.
Note: The Black Muslim's supremacist ideology essentially advocates for the extermination of white people. 

  Reminder:  Black violence against white people is not random. Their violence is calculated to create terror and fear in the hearts and minds of white people.  Violence begets fear...and fear makes one submit to another.    (pre 1964 LINK ... post 1964 LINK )


Black Supremacy from 1900 to 1964... 
"Ain't No white man gonna tells ME what to do. I tells YOU what to do!"
  1. (1901) Black man tells conductor he will not pay fare...then pulls knife and tries to kill conductor LINK
  2. (1904) Black supremacists  "organize" to murder white families. LINK
  3. (1906) There were so, so many of these types of incidents - violent , bizarre  - that,each time it happened ...sent a message of terror into the white community.  1) LINK ; 2) LINK
  4. (1906) Two negro females, supremacists, without provocation, attacked a white female and savagely beat her. After that ...the two negroes began "kicking" her baby around. LINK
  5. (1906 )Negro  southerners  issue supremacy proclamation. LINK
  6. (1959) Negro makes black supremacy huge crowd of negroes applaud. LINK