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Black Supremacy Doctrine

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The Black Supremacy Doctrine... It's time white people get up to speed on this thing i.e. acknowledge the existence of it and become familiar with it. Note: This is not the same as the Black Muslim's supremacist ideology, which essentially advocates the extermination of white people. 

The Black Supremacy Doctrine for non-Muslim, their Doctrine allows for the presence of white people but only so they can produce thing (e.g. tax bases, businesses, jobs, homes, political systems ) those members of the black race, by using the principles below, can then bully white people out of what they have/ own/ build/ occupy.  


Black Supremacy from 1900 to 1964... 
"Ain't No white man gonna tells ME what to do. I tells YOU what to do!"

  1. (1901) Black man tells conductor he will not pay fare...then pulls knife and tries to kill conductor LINK
  2. (1904) Black supremacists  "organize" to murder white families. LINK
  3. (1906) There were so, so many of these types of incidences - violent , bizarre  - that,each time it happened ...sent a message of terror into the white community.  1) LINK ; 2) LINK
  4. (1906) Two negro females, supremacists, without provocation, attacked a white female and savagely beat her. After that ...the two negroes began "kicking" her baby around. LINK
  5. (1906 )Negro  southerners issue supremacy proclamation. LINK
  6. (1959) Negro makes black supremacy huge crowd of negroes applaud. LINK

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Negro Violence 1900 to 1964 & The Colossal American Victim's List


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Regarding all the victims listed below... SOMEHOW, in this topsy often devoid of logic world we live in today ... the ones who perpetrated all the unprovoked violence and terror  against their victims.... the rapists, the murders, the terrorists ... have been allowed to become the victims. 

Note:  In the early 1900s, many of the unprovoked attacks listed below on innocent Americans (white people) resulted in a frenzied mob out for revenge i.e. a lynching.



NOTE: All incidences below were gleaned from archived newspaper accounts ...from this LINK
If you want to do a search yourself on any of the victims  listed below, simply go to the link above.  I've arranged all the negro atrocities below chronologically (i.e. by year) Indicate the year, ...then the name of the victim, or negro perp. Put no more than three words in the search bar.


(1892)   Miss Lena McMahon  (raped then beaten to near death - white female's injuries stated so severe she' wasn't expected to survive - negro was captured by a very determined posse of angry Americans...then lynched)

(1893)   Miss Myrtle Vance,6  ( TERROR... negro kidnapped the American [white] child, then sexually assaulted her...then tortured her as she begged for mercy - negro then murdered her -- negro Henry Smith of Tx, after he gave his stoic confession of how her raped and murdered the child, and how she begged for mercy , was tied to a stake...then burned alive as thousands of Americans watched and cheered)


Negro Sought A  Job  As  A  Ruse - His Real Desire Was To Murder The Entire American Family (and in the course rape the housewife),  Then Steal What He Could, Then Flee The State 

White Victims:
* Mr. Alfred Cranford (attacked with an ax - murdered 
                                 * Mrs. Mattie Cranford (raped - severely beaten and strangled - survived by playing dead)
* Cranford Child (Unknown injuries)

Note:  Negro Wilkes, AKA Hose, was captured...tied to a tree...gave a detailed confession...then was first attacked with knives...then set aflame while he was still alive.  Hose also implicated another negro named Elija Strickland, claiming Strickland paid him to murder the Cranford family.  Local Americans hung Strickland.

LINK to Above Negro Cony Island Atrocity>>>SOURCE

LINK to above negro soldiers' atrocity>>> SOURCE

LINK to above negro Family Massacre>>>SOURCE
LINK to negro's attempted massacre in Louisiana>>>Source

                                     SPECIAL NOTE: Only the Americans (white Christians) in the entire span of human history ... had to continually face deliberate assaults on their women and children from another people. Naturally, there was no existing template established on how to deal with these attacks - many of them clearly racially motivated.

LINK to Evansville, Ind. Mandate>>>Source
LINK to Negroes lynching white couple>>> Source

LINK to negro rape and attempted murder (#136)>>>Source


LINK to negro atrocity #201>>>source

NOTE:  This "list' is by no means  the  full list of white victims of black violence. It's simply a partial list intending to give recognition to the true victims of the inter-racial well as to inform EVERYONE of what white people - the recognized 'Americans' in our time frame here (1900 to 1964)-  were forced to endure...and how they tried to cope with what cannot be described as anything but a reign of terror. 



Link to vicious ambush attack by negro #277 >>Source

LINK to rape assault by negro on Miss Wilson, 14-years-old (#293)>>>Source

LINK to the Conditt Family Massacre (#371)>>>source

LINK to Negro terrorism against white community>>>Source

LINK to negro soldiers' TERROR>>>Source

Lynched were: Nease Gillespie, John Gillespie and Jack Dillingham. 


Also of note: In 1906, prominent negroes gathered for their "Niagara Movement" declaration.  They made many demands on white people, however, they took no accountability whatsoever for their race committing violent crimes against white people (particularly women and children) and thereby creating mob violence from white people.  source

              LINK to home invasion (#482)>>>Source
LINK to negro gang rape of white child (#495)>>>>Source

496. (1908) John Caldwell (gunned down in robbery)
497. James Hayes (gunned down for no reason )
498. Unnamed white female (rape- negro was lynched)
499. Alto Faulk (or "Foulk') (ambushed and seriously injured - negro caught and lynched, however, white law enforcement arrived in time to cut negro from tree -or maybe not - link)

500. Eliza May Hauser, 15 (clubbed and dragged into the bush - rape - negro apprehended)) source
501. Earl Smith, 12-years-old (unprovoked, THRILL KILL - negro lynched)
502. Mrs. Wilhoit (grabbed by negro - threatened with death - she screamed loud & hard...which forced the negro to flee)

503. J.T. Barry ( attacked with a knife - apparently survived. - negro ws captured...then lynched)
505. Sheriff Beard (ambushed and gunned down by negro - negro lynched)
506. Mrs. McClure ("insulted' by a negro - furious mob gathers to lynch negro - determination of sheriff & mob indicates could be sexual assault))

507. Unnamed white woman ("attack on white female" - negro Henry Liedy apprehended...then mob lynches negro)) source
508. Miss Morriss (attempted to rape/ did rape -negro was lynched)
509. Mrs. White, 20 (negro casually walked over to white home - broke in - raped the housewife - was quickly captured - confessed - mob then lynched negro)
510. V.A Herlong (murdered at his place of work)
511. Patrolman W.S. Winninger (ambushed and gunned down - deceased - military called out)
512. George M. Smith  (robbed at gunpoint - murdered)
513.  Conductor J.C. Garner (negro didn't want to pay full fare - slashed Conductor [survived] ear to ear - mob chases negro  - when he's caught he pleads & pleads to constable to protect him)

514.William Christopher (murdered)
515. Mrs. Ellisor (described as elderly - two negro teens watched as Mr. Ellisor left is home - the negroes invaded the home then took an ax and struck the elderly woman in the head - died instantly - negroes caught selling stolen possessions and confessed)

* Albert J. Wall  
NOTE:  This negro murder resulted in an American posse lynching three innocent negroes. Apparently, the negro murderer escaped. Source

Two Law Enforcement Officers
 Gunned Down
* Special Deputy Sheriff Richard Burrus
* Deputy Sheriff John Hall
NOTE: The three negro perps were apparently brothers. All three were lynched before state militia arrived. source

NOTE: A maddened American mob lynched nine negroes who they believed were involved in the two planned assassinations. source

518. (1908)  Clergy A. Ballard (home invasion - murdered)

519. 'Former' Sheriff Brake ( home invasion - murder/  arson - motive ws robbery)
NOTE: Five negroes  [two were females] were arrested for the crime - the confession of one led to the other four arrests. souce

520. Deputy Marshal Smith Childress (attempted to arrest negro...was shot and killed) source
521. Mrs. Morris (rape - negro was lynched) source

Home Invasion - Double Murder
* Mr. Hart
* Mrs. Hart
NOTE:  (1908) The Harts were described as "aged." The motive was robbery. source

523. (1908) Boss Veazey ( "assassinated") source
524. Unnamed white male ( ambushed - attempted murder - survived -- negro was lynched) source
526. John Young ("revolting murder") source
527. Walter Langley (murdered -- negro was lynched [gunned down] by posse) source
528.  Annie Lee Thomas, 11 ("assaulted" as she walked home from school)  source

500.  (1908) E. L. White (ambushed and murdered) source
501. Unnamed 14-year-old girl (rape - negro was lynched)  source
502. Golden Copple 16  (rape/ attempted to rape - attacked while she walked home from school) source

503. W.H Bows (ambushed by a group of  negroes and murdered - motive ws robbery)
504. Myrtle Combs, 16 (rape) source
505. Mrs. Kennedy, 25 (home invasion - rape) source
506. Mrs. McMullen (murder - throat slashed - negro lynched) source
507. Mrs. Kate Garvasine (brutally attacked on a public street - hospitalized - said she will recover) source
508. Miss Fitts (negro [employee] crawled into her bedroom thru an open window in the dead of night...attempting to rape her - negro lynched) source
 Mr. Carver, 30 (AMBUSHED... while he worked in his farm field - negro , unprovoked, simply walked up to him and gunned him down...then tried to murder is wife) source

510. Miss Lillian Meery (home invasion - negro knocked on her door...forced his way in...but young white female fought back...with the help of her dog was spared a rape and/or murder) source

Three Negroes ...for white farmers' barns ...causing considerable financial harm - three negroes were lynched by infuriated local whites) source
Victim's Who Were Terrorized:
* Sam Byrd (ambushed - robbery - store owner)
* W.H. Westfall (warehouse burned)
* Dantzeler Lumber Co. (warehouse burned
* Other victims unknown

511. (1908) Unnamed 12-year-old (attempted rape/ did rape - unnamed negro being pursued by posse in Burton, La.) source
512. Mrs. W.W. Yates ("assaulted" & "beat" by negro .. left in critical cond.) source
513. Miss Ruth Williams ("assaulted" - negro lynched) source
514. Officer Stringer (murdered) source
515. Officer McCormick (murdered)  source
516. Mrs. Morgan (abducted by two negroes - taken into the woods beaten &  "assaulted", left unconscious - negroes captured) source
517. Police Chief Benton (murdered attempting to arrest drunk negro) source
518. Mrs. W. E. Torrence ((gunned down by negro "boy"  inside her home) source
519.  Unnamed 12-year-old white girl ("attacked" by negro - negro lynched) source
520. Sheriff  Martin (shot and wounded  -also his deputy -by three negros -survived)
521. Deputy  Parker (shot and wounded by three negroes - negroes were captured) source
522. Miss White ( negro discovered in young woman's bedroom - her screams scared the negro and he fled - captured...then lynched) source
523. Mr. Crowell (told a negro he had to pay a fare to cross the bridge - like everyone else - resulted in negro murdering him - negro lynched) source 
524. John V. Kendall (conductor - told three loud negroes to be quiet...negroes murdered him - two of three negroes lynched)) source
525. John King ( murdered - negro lynched)  source

Trying To Integrate White & Black ...Sheer MADNESS >>>LINK

526. (1908) R.E. Phillips (THRILL KILL...negro walked up and blew his head off)   source
527. Edna Abbott, 10 ("assaulted", slashed with a knife, beat...left for dead - two negroes being sought)  source

(1908) Booker T. Washington refutes myths about the South for the Negro (and the lies of white socialists) :: "Strange as it may appear to the uninformed, nevertheless, it is true,  the opportunity for business, for industry, increases as ones goes further South, that negro business enterprises are most numerous and more successful."


528. Unnamed white female (raped - unnamed negro  in Lexington, S.C., lynched) source
529. Unnamed 3-year-old child (sexually abused by negro Will Parker  - apprehended...then lynched) source
530. B.C. Bowers (murdered - negro lynched)
531. Unnamed elderly man (viciously beat - robbed - survived to ID negro Morgan Chambers - negro lynched)
532. Leslie Allen  (murdered- negro murderer saved from lynching by quick acting sheriff)
533. Robert Ecton  (murdered)
534. Mrs. Aurthur McKinney (home invasion - raped - negro lynched)
535. Albert Turner (or Taylor) (police officer - ambushed and murdered)
536.  Martin Reed (murdered at his place of work by negro co-worker)
537. Rev. W.Y. Hudson (murdered - robbery - negro lynched)
538. Marshal, Joel B. Mays (shot in the head- fate unknown )
 Home Invasion - Wife Raped 
Infant Murdered
Mrs. John M. Vickers (raped then murdered)
* 8-month -old infant (deceased)

540. Miss Spooner, 16  (attempted rape/ rape)
541. Eugene V. Goudy (murdered  - motive was robbery) source
542. M.P. O'Brian (murdered - motive was robbery) source
543. Mrs. Cole, 17 (newlywed - home invasion - rape - negro lynched)
544. Officer Canton (ambushed and murdered - negro lynched)
545. John Spires (farmer - attempted murder - left in serious cond. - negro lynched)
546. Clara Rosen (deceased - stone slammed into her face again & again - dying...she was raped - mob demands a lynching)
547. Mrs. Wargo (raped - beat, left for dead - quick acting sheriff prevents a lynching)
548. Mosie Woodward, 9 (raped - sheriff & deputies prevent 100s from lynching negro)
549. Patrolman Carter (ambushed and murdered - negro lynched)
550. Mrs. Alice Jerney (home invasion - raped by negro )
551. Mrs. Humphreys (home invasion - raped by negro )
552. W.B. Booth (murdered - infuriated Americans burn negro at the stake)
553. Unnamed 7-year-old girl (attempted rape/ did rape - negro lynched)
554. Unidentified Elderly man (attempted murder - left for dead - robbery - negro lynched)
555. Mrs. Will Lloyd (gang raped - two negroes - both negroes [brothers] lynched)
556. B.T. Young (Attempted murder - survived - negro lynched)
557. Officer Walter Marshall (murdered- negro's brother pays for murder - lynched by mob)
American Victims:
Sheriff James Lester (led posse)
Walter Simmons (posse member)
James Durden (posse member)
Three unknown   source

559. Sheriff Robert Compton (attempted murder - survived - negro lynched)
560. Miss Mary Taunton (sexual assault- then negro chopped her arm off - negro lynched)
561. Deputy Constable Albert Turner (murdered - negro lynched)
562. Thomas Fontenot ("seriously injured" - unknown if survived) - negro lynched)
563. Miss Lula Wadlington, 11  (raped - negro lynched)
564. Sheriff J.L Wainwright (ambushed and murdered by two negroes - both lynched)
565. City Marshal Hawkins (ambushed and murdered - negro lynched)
566. William Leonard (murdered - negro lynched)
567. Sheriff Lanfston (murdered - negro lynched)
568. Deputy Sheriff Cain (murdered - apparently, negro not involved was lynched)
569. Amey Holmes 15-year-old girl (attempted rape / did rape - negro  lynched) source
570. Charles Abbott (murdered)
571. F.M. Abbott (seriously wounded - negro lynched)
572. Miss Winnie Harman (sexual assault - negro lynched by raging mob)
573. Mrs. Mary S. Ewing ( home invasion - BRUTAL beatdown rape - negro lynched)
574. T.B. Smith (employer - shot in the face by negro employee - blinded - negro lynched)
575. Deputy Sheriff Murchison (ambushed and murdered- negro lynched)
576. Miss Moodey, 14 (raped - negro lynched)
577. Deputy Sheriff Philip Fatch (ambushed and murdered - negro lynched)
578. J.A. Kessler (murdered to send a message to white people... - negro lynched)
579. Miss Ruth Gee, 17 (attempted rape - sister fought off negro perp - negro lynched) source
580. Mrs. Taylor Frierson (attempted rape/ did rape - negro lynched)
* George Lockhold  (tied to a tree and whipped)
* Mrs. Lockhold (gang raped)
Note: Three negroes were involved. One negro was hunted down and shot. The other two were arrested and apparently not lynched. source

582. Walter F. Schultz (murdered - brutally gang attacked by four negroes - robbery) 
583. Miss Mary Dobbs, 14 (ambushed, raped...then murdered - negro convicted - given death sentence)
584. Mrs. Polk Rains (raped - wife of negro employer - negro became aware employer had left town... and his wife was alone - posse went in pursuit)  
585. Irma Newel  (attempted rape/ did rape - negro lynched)
586. Mrs. Patterson (raped - negro lynched)
Negro - Guns Down 32 White People  - Including Mayor - In Planned Racist Massacre

Note: All of the victims would most likely  have wound up dead ...if not for the suspicion of white male clerk. The white male clerk was told by the black supremacist that he needed a large amount of buckshot.  Instead of buckshot, the quick thinking clerk sold him bird shot


 Major City Riot Over Rape 
And Murder 
Of Young White Female
Negro Will James... brutally raped and murdered a shop girl, 24-year-old American, 
Anna Pelley.
 A major riot ensued and James was lynched.  James also became a very popular post card in 1909. Note: James, before he was seized by the mob, implicated another negro named "Alexander"  in the brutal crime.

589. Miss Reaze (negro crawled in thru open bedroom window - tried to choke her into unconsciousness to achieve his rape - screams alerted father and negro fled - captured and whisked away before mob could lynch him) source
590. Officer Jos. D. James (ambushed and murdered)  source
591. Jennie Ferrial, 9 ( early morning...negro barged into her home and jumped in her bed - her mom rescued the terrified little girl - negro apprehended) source

Negro Invades White Girls' Dormitory - Sheriff Arrives
 In Time To Prevent A Lynching     source

592. Unknown white female (attempted rape - negro being pursued by posse) source

* Mrs. Eliza Gribble, 70 (beat in the head with an ax)
* Mrs. Carrie Ohlander (raped- beat to death)
* Mrs. Hunter, 32 (beat in the head with an ax)
Note: Police believe the sole intent of the negro was to rape Mrs. Ohlander. He killed all three in hopes of getting away with his rape.  source

594. Miss Thompson (home invasion - negro simply walked in and went straight to the young girl's bedroom - mom rescued the young girl - negro apprehended)  source
595. Mrs. King ("attacked" - negro apprehended) source
596. Officer Schnable, 40 (interrupted a negro during  store robbery - shot and killed) source
597. Jennie McMillan, 7 ( "attacked" - infuriated local Americans lynch negro)  source
598. Mrs. Kruise, 80 (negro begged for food... then, after receiving free food, viciously attacked the elderly woman - left in critical cond. - negro apprehended - mob descends on jal demanding lynching) source

599. Lulla Waddlington, 11 ( "attempted assault" - negro lynched) source
600. Officer Augustus Baker ( murdered - negro lynched [murdered 1907])  source
601. City Marshal Williams (ambushed and murdered - negro lynched)  source
602. Mrs. Belle Rupp (ambushed and murdered - raped? -  - home ransacked - negro escaped)  source

603. Mrs. Exy Brown (raped - negro apprehended - tried,convicted - death sentence) source
604. Mrs. J.W. Hicks (TERRORIZED -- negro hiding under her bed, grabbed her --she fought back and screamed - negro fled) source
605. James Hines, 15 (murdered - decapitated - dismembered - negro confesses) source
606. Mrs. Johnson (TERROR...invalid - wife of traveling salesmen - negro found out she was home alone...barged into her home and raped her)  source
607. Miss Bertie Warren (young daughter of farmer, attacked by negro in attempted sexual assault - "choked into insensibility" - saved by her mother - negro fled) source
608. Sheriff Langston (murdered) source
609. Unnamed white female (sexual assault - negro surrounded by posse - lynching imminent) source
610. Clifford Holly (defenseless, gunned down by a negro - negro fled) source
611. Mrs. Wingard, 53 (attempted rape/ raped) source
612. Tom Sikes (negro pulled a knife and knifed him to death - no other details)  source
613. Detective Mike Sullivan (unprovoked, negroes gunned him down - deceased)  source
614. Mrs. Estella Deltz (widow - described as "young" - gunned down for rejecting negro's sexual advances) source
615. Dorthy Powell, 6 (sexually assaulted - negro legally put to death) source
616. Miss Harmon (described as "young" - raped - negro lynched) source
617. Clifford Rutherford (murdered - victim of massive negro crime spree)  source
618. Miss Maggie Roberts ( "attacked"  - negro apprehended - 500 American gather at jail and demand a lynching of the negro) source
619. Charles Noell (murdered)  source
620. Matt Todd (murdered - negro lynched) source
621. Mr. Smoak (merchant - murdered - robbery - two negroes lynched)  source
 Two Officers Gunned Down
* Deputy Mark Huffman (murdered)
* Constable Alexander Cargill (wounded)
Note: Three negroes who were involved in this incident were lynched.   source

623. M.G. Brock (murdered - he caught negroes stealing his hogs -lynched) source
624. Miss Mary E. Ewing (TERRORIZED - negro jumped from his concealment and tried to drag young white female from her buggy in rape attempt - negro caught & lynched)  source
625. Mrs. Fannie Boule (attempted rape)  source
627. Miss Ridley (attempted rape/ did rape - negro lynched)  source
628. Mrs. Reed (attempted rape/ did rape - negro lynched)  source
629. Cadet Revert (murdered by negroes ...just for the fun  of  it) source
630. Mrs. Cheatwood (home invasion - rape - left for dead...not expected to live- - negro lynched) source
631. Miss Mary Stumpf, 19 (brutally beaten , robbed, "assaulted"...left for dead- negro apprehended)  source
One Thousand Ranchmen Pursue 
Negro Murderers - Three Dead
* H. Armour Munson (murdered - wealthy rancher -
 motive for negro employee's murder unknown))
* Eurgene Hardin
* Unnamed white male
Note: Two of the three negroes involved in Mr. Munson's murder were eventually tracked down and lynched.  source

632. Miss Hutchenson, 17 (raped - negro apprehended - vast number of local Americans mobilize to lynch negro) source
633. Miss Moody,14 (attempted rape/ did rape... negro apprehended - mob storms jail) source
634. John Dukes (murdered - three negroes apprehended - mob tries to lynched them but is thwarted by quick witted sheriff) source
635. Mrs. Deas (attacked - negro captured and then lynched)  source
636. Sheriff P.H. Corley (while executing his duties...negro shot him in the face with buck shot - said to be dying -mob action threatens)  source
637. Miss Florence Harvey, 16 (raped - negro given 30 years)  source
638. Arthur Green (murdered - negro lynched) source
639. Miss Cora Mattox (attempted rape/ did rape - negro eludes capture) source
640. Walter Hill (described as "boy" - throat slashed by negro - negro apprehended) source
641. Deputy Murkison (ambushed and murdered - negro lynched) source
Husband & Wife Ambushed 
By Negro - Rape - Negro Escapes
* T.H. Hunter
* Mrs. Hunter
Note: The Hunters were walking at midnight. Negro concealed himself behind a tree, then leaped out and gunned down Mr. Hunter, then dragged Mrs. Hunter two blocks trying to find a secluded place to commit his rape. source

643. A.L. Lewis (ambushed and murdered- lnegro gunned down) source 
TERRORIZING - Black Supremacy

Two White Males Gunned Down By Black Male 
Who Ordered Them To Give Up Their Beer To Him
* Annis Peck (wounded)
* Eurie Peck (wounded)
Note: Only the quick arrival of the police saved the negro supremacist from a certain lynching.   source

645. Miss Berry "infant" (TERROR....negro leaps from concealment and grabs infant from teen girl - teen girl socks negro so hard he falls to the ground - Americans assemble to lynch negro fiend) source

Negroes And White Socialists Have A Conference...
And REUSE To Acknowledge Negro Assaults 
On Innocent White Women, Children & Police Officers As The Main Catalyst For Lynchings


646. Deputy Frank Madray (murdered)
647. Miss Richardson (TERROR...negro crawled into her bedroom thru an open window - apprehended and almost lynched)  source
648. John Spiers (gunned down - seriously wounded - negro lynched) source
649. Unnamed white female  (TERROR...attempted rape - white female fights back - negro flees - posse in pursuit) source
650. City Marshal Walter Nichols (ambushed and murdered - negro lynched)  source
651. B.A. Bradley ( ambushed by five negroes - murdered ) source
652. W.B. Causey  (walk-up attempted murder - languishes in hospital... negro caught)
653. Jesse Shepard (unprovoked...walk-up attempted murder - negro caught)  source
654. George Gray (negro, angered over services rendered to him...bashed the white male clerk in the skull - white male clings to life - negro apprehended - lynching mood exists) source
Negro Is Fired...Returns To Murder 
Employer & His Wife  
Also Attempts Murder On Their Young Son
 * Goeorge Howell
* Mrs. Howell


Home Invasion  - Five Negroes 
Double Murder - Arson - Negroes Joke & Laugh Wildly At Their Deed
* Walter Johnson
* Mrs. Mary Skipwith
Note: All five negroes were captured. There was no lynchings in this case.  source

 Home Invasion - TERROR
* Albert Rochhold (beaten)
* Mrs. Rockhold (likely raped)
Note : Victims were tied up. Article does not state the white woman was raped...but it does imply it.

658. H.H. Ramey (murdered - son gunned down negro) source
659. Mrs. Whitecotton, 15 (raped  - beaten into insensibility - negro fled - posse hunting for him) source 
660. Mrs. Maud Diltz, 85 (home invasion - without provocation shot her three times, then fled) source
 Of White People
* Mrs. Cummings (home invasion)
* Unnamed white male (abducted in public)
Note: Six depraved and vicious negro supremacists were involved.  Both white victims where tortured to death.  The female was burned alive,  the male boiled alive.  source

662. Mrs. Bolerjack (murdered - negro demanded entry into her home to get at her daughter - when she resisted the negro shot her - negro apprehended) - source
663. Unnamed white female (public abduction - rape - negro Alfred Jenkins apprehended - sheriff tricks mob into believing he may not hv the right negro) source
664. Miss Adda Bailey ( refused to submit to robbery  - negro guns her down) source
665. Ernest Slade (murdered --  one of four white men shot by negro --apprehended) source
Negro Found Hiding Under Little Girl's Bed 
Cries For Help Bring Her Dad To Her Rescue - 
Negro Caught & Lynched

667. Ernest Mertins (murdered - negro apprehended)  source
668. Mrs. Mary Cuppy (described as "aged" - murdered - negro convicted) source
* Bessie Siegel, 19 ("attacked" - "assaulted" - negro apprehended)
* Catherine Donahue, 15 ("assaulted" - negro apprehended)
* Unnamed white female
* Unnamed white female
* Unnamed white female
* Unnamed white female
* Unnamed white female
* Unnamed white female


670. Miss Freda Santage, 18 (accosted in public and robbed - negro barely escapes lynching)
671. Police Chief Scott White (seriously wounded by gun shot - told negro to desist from using foul negro gunned him down - negro lynched) source
672. Mr. J.A. Nix (murdered - shot in the back -  negro fled)  source
673. Mr. Alex Sears (wealthy cattleman - ambushed & murdered - negro lynched) source
674. Miss Moore, 14 (attempted rape/ did rape - negro apprehended...then lynched)  source
675. Mr. Martin Dressler (beaten and robbed - described as "aged" - negro lynched)  source
676. Mr. Rene Reed (murdered during robbery - negroes get death sentence) source
* Unnamed white female ("assaulted"...posse hunting unknown negro) source

In 1909, according to the archived newspaper accounts for that year (I perused about 60% of them) ... 40% of the negro violence/ attempted violence involved the white female.


677. Officer John Temple(or 'Thample') (ambushed and murdered- negro lynched) source
678. William Foc (murdered - robbery - two negroes lynched )   source
679. Ben Jones (murdered - robbery - negro apprehended)    source
680. Kate Walters, 14 (raped- negro apprehended)  source
681. Unnamed white female (TERROR..., negro Will Hunter tried to enter her bedroom thru open window-- apprehended...then lynched) source
682. Allen Clark (mail carrier - ambushed/ murdered by three negroes - apprehended)source
683. Sheriff W.H Lucy (ambushed & murdered - negro killed in shootout) source
684. Miss Snowden, 12 (raped - negro lynched) source
685. Unnamed white female (raped - negro aprehended) source
686. R.H. Lutrell (murdered - negro gunned down by mob)  source
687. George Williams (murdered - negro apprehended)   source
FAMILY MASSACRED...So Negro Could Get His Rape
Leyton Sanders
* Miss Mina Sanders, 20
* 2-year-old child
Note: So why murder the 2-year-old? Only one reason:: To strike terror in the hearts and minds of the local white community - i.e. Black Supremacy.

NOTE: Most of names below are in the order in which they appear on this page >>Link  For those names not on that LINK...a source is provided.

689. Miss Lynch, 10  (TERROR...raped...said to be in serious psychological state) source
690. Mrs. Hub Bailey (TERROR...negro enters home of newlywed...demands sex...husband appears and negro flees - captured, then lynched) source
691. Miss Wade (young girl terrorized - negro discovered hiding under bed - lynched) source
Home Invasion - Husband & Wife Murdered
American Victims: 
* Mr. John Aliff (seriously injured but survived)
* Mrs. John Aliff (deceased)

693. Marie Smith, 12 (brutally murdered -- attempted rape/ did rape -- negro apprehended...sentenced to death)  source 
694. Unnamed white female ("assaulted"...negro Grant Richardson apprehended...then lynched) source
 Enormous RIOT In Dallas Over Child Rape By Negro

Newpaper:"Spurred to vengeance by a long series of brutal negro crimes, including murder, burglaries, purse-snatching, highway robberies, and finally the white girl not quite two and a half years old, the wrath of a white mob was let loose today in Dallas..."
Miss Buvens, 2
(sexually abused by negro employee -
 raped? -  negro lynched)  How this negro met his death>>LINK

696. Herbert Hughes (assassinated - fifteen negroes participated)  
697. Police Officer Warren De Vinnish (ambushed & gunned down - deceased)
698. Police Officer Patrick Sweeney ((ambushed & gunned down - dying)
699. David J. Barry (District Judge...negro employee goes berserk and murders him - also murders another whie male who was the judge's cook)) source
700. William Fox   (wealthy farmer - murdered - two negro lynched)
701. Annie McIlhaney (described as "school girl"... negro leaped from concealment and attempted to rape her - saved by a passerby - negro fled and never apprehended)
702. Town Constable Sing (gunned down - survived) source
703. John Welland (murdered - unknown negro fled) source
704. Mrs. Stuckey (raped and beaten - negro caught ...then lynched [burned at the stake]) source

An Entire Company Of White Soldiers (250)...Lose Their Jobs -- They Sought Revenge On Negro Who Viciously Slashed One Of Their Comrades

White victim of negro attack:
Private Scott

705. Night Patrolman Charles Bush (ambushed & murdered - one negro lynched) source
706. A.F. Johnson (murdered by negro he had fired - negro lynched) source
707. Officer Devinish (ambushed & murdered - negro apprehended)  source
708. Officer Sweeney (ambushed & gunned down - survived)
709. Constable Mitchell (ambushed and murdered - negro lynched source
710. Ernest Hale ("young" - brutally assaulted - negro lynched) source
711. Mrs. Jackson ( gang raped - two negroes sentenced to death) source
712. Miss Bailes, 20 ( TERROR...home invasion - attempted rape -girl's screams brought aid - negro was gunned down while fleeing) source
713. Mrs. Ailiff  (young newlywed ambushed with her husband while riding home - husband seriously wounded - white female dragged out of buggy....then raped ...then murderedsource
714. Mr. Harry Withrow (ambushed and murdered - negro apprehended)  source
715. Patrolman J.W. Slack (seriously wounded - negro lynched)  source
716. Miss Cara Downs, 17  (TERROR...ambushed on her way home from school - her screams saved her from brutal rape - negro fled)  source 
717. Miss Floy Morarity, 16 (kidnapped, held as sex slave to three negroes - negroes apprehended - lynch mood exists)  source
718. R.A. Stratford (murdered by negro employee)  source
719. Roland S. Kyle (stabbed by negro employee - fate unknown - negro assailant escaped)
720. Miss Katie Walters, 14 (attempted rape/ did rape - 14-year-old negro apprehended - white people demand a lynching)  source
721. Detective Carl Ethrington (murdered - negro convicted) source
722. Mrs. Lamb (TERROR..."widow" -  negro attempted home invasion/ rape - lynched) source
723. Miss Bessie Morrison, 12 (TERROR...GANG RAPE...MURDER...Planned attack on little girl by pack of negroes - laid in wait - while on her way to school) source
724. Marshal White (ambushed and murdered - three negroes sought)  source 
725. Mr. A.H. Ferguson (murdered - store robbery - negroes apprehended) source
726. Mrs. Sams ("assaulted" in home invasion by four negroes - negroes apprehended)  source
727. Charles McKeever (robbed at knife point - stabbed - negro captured) source
728. Miss Frances Williams, 17 (TERROR...negro came to her home begging for food - once negro determined she was alone he pulled a pistol - knowing it was going to be a negro rape...screams for help forced negro to flee - posse in search) source
729. Miss Flora Angline (raped - left in serious cond. - negro apprehended) source
730. Unnamed white girl, 8 ( negro employee, 18-years-old ... negro Walter Freeman...lured the little girl away from the house and raped her - negro apprehended - lynch mood exists) source
731. Deputy Scott Tayler (ambushed and murdered - negro lynched)  source
732. Deputy Allen Burns (in the course of his duties was gunned down - critical cond. - two negroes lynched  [including female]) source
733. E.M. Purcell (murdered at work - negroes arrested - lynching appears imminent) source
734. Young Girls TERRORIZED (in the dead of night ...negro slipped in thru open bedroom window - negro caught...then tied to a tree...then riddled with bullets)  source
735. Superintendent Stribbling (murdered - negro apprehended..then lynched)
736. Deputy Mathews (murdered - negro apprehended...then lynched) source
707. Luther Buckley (murdered - resulted in six negroes being lynched in race war) source
738. Mrs. Henry (beaten, robbed at knife point - screams forced negro to flee) source
Negro From Infamous Brownsville Military Regiment Brutally Assaults American Woman In Home Invasion - Her Children Run From Home Screaming...Which Forces Negro Soldier To Flee - Negro Arrested Next Day

Mrs. Redding (seriously injured - particularly from bite wound)

740. Mr. Miller (gunned down - deceased - negro lynched)  source
741. James Lee (murdered - caught negro stealing and ordered him to negro pulled a concealed gun and gunned him down - negro apprehended - police prevent lynching) source
Every American In Mississippi Town 
Descends On Jail  - Over 2,000 -
 Negro Rapist Seized...Then Lynched

Terrorized Rape Victim:
Miss Jennie Jackson, 17

743. Mrs. Lawton (home invasion TERROR... four negroes dragged the terror stricken woman from her bed to the back yard...then threw her into a well - she will likely die)  source
Two Negro Employees Attempt To Rape
 Employer's Young  Daughters  - Arrested...Then Lynched
* Daughter's of Mr. Jack Downing (survived)

745. Unnamed white female (COMMUNITY TERRORIZED... raped and brutalized so terribly...newspapers didn't have words to describe attack..- negro, Ed. Byrd,  apprehended) source
756. Officer Hunt (gunned down - survived  - negro apprehended)  source
767. Miss Clare Fonville (attempted gang rape - home invasion - two negroes crawl into young white female's bedroom thru open window - both negros caught - mob sets out to lynch) source
778.  Mr. George M. Lints (home invasion -critically wounded -- negro caught) source
779. Chief Of Police Stallings (gunned down by a negro while in the course of his duties - not expected to survive - negro apprehended)  source
780. Mr. Charles Hiller (home invasion - murder - negro crawled in thru open window - father died protecting his 18-year-old daughter - negro apprehended - same negro first entered the home of another white family and screams from a young lady sent him running...straight to the Hiller home) source
781. Miss Drinkwater  (TERROR...home invasion - negro crawled into young girl's bedroom thru aan open window - negro apprehended) source
782. Miss Cobb (TERROR...home invasion - negro crawled into young girl's bedroom thru an open window - negro apprehended...then lynched) source
783. Lena Adams, 10 ( TERROR..."attacked"...negro fled with posse)  source
784. Unnamed white girl, 14 (home invasion - raped...then brutally murdered - negro , unnamed, confessed...and then, later, was lynched by  a mob of infuriated Americans) source
785. Unnamed white female (raped/ attempted rape...negro, James January, apprehended) source
786. Columbus Sheppard (beat unconscious by three negroes - likely won't survive - motive was robbery - posse in pursuit) source
787. Deputy Ed Pierce (murdered - negro convicted) source
788. Miss Tyson, 8 ("attack" by negro - negro captured...then lynched) source
789. Mrs. Roberts (raped - negro sentenced to  death to avoid mob lynching) source
790.  Bessie Unger, 22 (negro invented ruse to lure young white female to a place to rape her - saved in the nick of time by police - negro apprehended) source
One Negro Admits To FIVE "Assaults'" on Young White Girls

792. Mrs. Chariton (attempted rape - frantic cries for help scared the negro into flight - apprehended) source 
793. Charles Slavinski (stabbed and seriously wounded - robbery - negro apprehended) source
794. Miss Cry, 15 (raped - negro apprehended - lynching imminent) source
795.  Mrs. Nettie Gibson ('attacked"...after attack negro murders her, stabs her brother....caught then lynched) source
796. Mrs. Mann (home invasion ..."attacked" ...negro apprehended then lynched) source
797. C.H. Mann, Jr. (murdered - tried to defend his mother from rape by negro) source
798. Mrs. Elliot ( home invasion - negro staked out home and waited until only the housewife was present..then simply barged in and raped her..then fled - negro apprehended) source
799. Cleve Holderich (ambushed/ murdered - apparent robbery - two negroes arrested) source
Deliberate DISRESPECT Toward White Female
 On Train...Almost Gets Negro Lynched In Colorado
(negro deliberately pushed a white female off her seat and onto the floor  - white males immediately came to her aid and beat on the negro...and attempted to lynch him) source

801.  Negro Firebombs White Man's Home After He Burglarized It - Negro Gets Lynched  source

802. Miss Shealey (throat slit ear to ear by negro rapist - negro caught ...then lynched)  source
Negroes  Plan White Family Massacre -Included Raping The Women
(one negro caught in young girl's bedroom...confessed to murder plot - he and three other negroes get lynched)
Intended victims:
J.W. Huff (and family)

804. Miss Nancy Rankin (described "little girl" - raped - negro apprehended...convicted, then given death sentence) source
805. Mr. Robert Boggan (merchant - negro ordered to leave his business for insulting behavior - negro returned with a knife - white male gunned him down-- i.e. w/out the gun...the white male would likely have wound up dead)  source
806. Unnamed white male (home invasion - while he slept...negro Pearl Peterson, beat him  senseless with a club) source

807. Mr. Charles Lowery (murdered - THRILL KILL - negro apprehended)  source
808. Miss Lynch, 10 (sexually assaulted by negro - negro barely escapes lynch mob) source
809.  Mrs. Laura Moss, 15 (negro Pullman porter entered her sleeping berth...and attempted to rape her - negro apprehended) source

For the year 1910, according to the archived newspaper accounts for that year (I perused about 60% of them) ... 65% of the negro violence/ attempted violence involved the white female.


White School Girl Ambushed - Negro Leaps From  Concealment - Hauls Girl To The Ground And Begins To Rip Her Clothes Off -- She's Saved By Neighbor Who Hears Her Desperate Screams For Help

Annie McIlhaney (survived)
811. Patrolman Rice (murdered - negro perp seized by mob of Americans...then burned alive)
812. W.W. Thompson (Conductor on Georgia railroad-unknown motive - negro lynched)
813. C.E. Tarham  (murdered - unknown motive - negro lynched)

814. Mrs. Perkins  (home invasion - rape - negro apprehended - mob action appears imminent) 
815. Unnamed white female (white female ws raped - beaten - strangled...then burned - negro, Will Ollie,  apprehended - more than  500 local Americans gather to lynch negro)  source
816.  Police Chief A.B. Craig (ambushed and murdered by a negro - negro apprehended)
817.  Marshal Kipper (ambushed and murdered by a negro - negro apprehended)

818. Deputy George H. Loney (gunned down by a negro while executing his duties - resulted in negro female & her 18-year-old son lynched by angry mob) source


819. J.J.Baker (murdered at his place of work - told a negro he was trespassing...negro pulled a gun and gunned him down - negro apprehended)
820. Mrs. E.A. Hudson (brutally attacked on a public street - rape attempt [or did rape] - negro apprehended) source
821. Constable Mounger (ambushed and murdered - negro apprehended)  source
822. Two unnamed white females ("attacked" by the same  negro - negro hauled from jail  & lynched by huge mob of Americans) source

Negro Is Determined To Get His Rape
 Of Young White Female - Murders Her Father When He Attempts to Rescue Her - While Fleeing... Negro Shoots Posse Member & Sheriff
Victims of Negro Rapist:
Mrs. J.E. Chaplin (or Choplin) (unknown fate after her rape ordeal)
J.W.Abbot (deceased)

824. B.B. Smoth (or Smith)  (murdered - negro apprehended)
825. Miss Myrtle Evans, 16 (raped - negro apprehended - mob gathers at jail for lynching) source
826. Miss Ethel Morgan, 9 ( "assaulted"  - likely raped - negro apprehended) source
827. Unknown white male ("knocked down" - negro Jerry Lovelace, gets lynched) source
828. Mrs. Campbell (raped by negro in home invasion - then shot and left for dead - negro apprehended...then lynched) source
829. Mr. Newton Eason (murdered - three negroes apprehended...then lynched) source
830. Miss Sylvia Price,14 ( gunned down for refusing negro sexual advance - negro apprehended - mob descends on jail) source
831. Mr. Dupius, Sr. (ambushed and murdered - negroes apprehended) source below
832. Mr. Guilbeau (ambushed and murdered - negroes apprehended) source
833. Mrs. Lydia Woods (raped - father shot negro while in prison - negro survived, pleaded 50 years) source
834. George Lynch (ambushed and murdered - negro being sought)  source
835. Mrs. C.C. Williams ("assaulted" left for dead - negro apprehended...then lynched) source
836. Miss Eva Lowery, 14 (raped  - left for dead - negro being pursued by posse)  source
837. Grover Lambert (murdered/ gunned down  - motive unknown - negro arrested) source
838. Deputy Sheriff Smith (ambushed and murdered  - negro lynched)  source
839. Unnamed 12-year-old (raped - little girl left in critial cond. - mob attempts to lynch negro Willis Jackson - perp) source
840. Miss Florence Ashford, 20 (raped - negro being hunted down by posse) source
841. Mrs. Della Stevens (attempted rape/ did rape - negro gets 20 years) source
842. Miss Ida Thompson, 16 (brutally "mistreated" - [code for rape?] - mob demands a lynching) source
843. Unnamed white female (raped - negro, Tom Allen,  apprehended) source
844. Officer Michael Lynch (ambushed and murdered in the course of his duties by a negro - negro apprehended - mob tries to lynch him - legally executed) source 
845. Unnamed white male (stabbed - seriously injured - negro, Joseph Ryan, attacked by mob of white males...and beaten "into insensibility") source
846. Detective Charles Saunders (shot -unknown cond. - negro apprehended) source
847. City Attorney Beavers (ambushed and murdered by a negro - negro apprehended) source
848. Chief Deputy Sheriff Edgar Lefleur (ambushed/ murdered  - negro  lynched) source
849. Henry Little, 9 ( brutal murder - apparent sex crime - male child rape - negro apprehended - mob forms at jail) source
850. Frank Mitchell (murdered - negro lynched) source 

White Male Produces/ Fathers  TWO NEGRO MALES - 

MOB  LYNCHES  FATHER  Because His Two Sons 
Murdered  Sheriff
* Sheriff Preson
* Deputy Shell
Note: Details are not avail. but appears the white male married a black woman.
852. C.S. Hollenshead (wealthy merchant - murdered/ ambushed by negro - negro about to be lynched...escaped) source
853. B.B. Smith (murdered - six negroes  arrested...abducted from jail...shot to pieces) source
854. Deputy Marshal Neal Canady (gunned down while in the course of his duties - negro lynched) source
855. Deputy Wood (murdered -- negro lynched)  source
856. Two Unnamed white females (sexually assaulted - negro, Wade Patterson,  abducted by a mob and lynched) source
857. Unnamed white female (TERROR...negro "took liberties" with her  -- negro, Jim West, lynched)  source
858. Miss Ruth Fike, 16 (attempted to rape/ did rape -- negro apprehended - mob forms to lynch) source
859. Conductor Daniel McElroy (throat slashed ear to ear  - negro saved by lone white male policeman from raging mob demanding a lynching - seems negro didn't want to pay fare) source
860. Mr. Henry Googher (murdered - negro lynched) source
861. J.H. Covington (brutally beat by a negro - negro lynched)  source
862. Miss Saunders, 11( raped - clothes ripped off her....TERRORIZED little girl ran home naked - negro apprehended...then lynched)  source
863. Mrs. J. Butts (raped - negro lynched) source
864. Mrs. Vaughn (raped? - slashed her throat - negro apprehended...then lynched)  source
865. Mr. May & his brother (negro attempted to murder the both - negro apprehended...then lynched)  source
866. Daniel Beasley (murdered - negro apprehended...then lynched)  source
867. Miss Mildred Stewman (TERROR...attempted rape - she was saved by her dog - negro fled) source

868. Mr. Humphreys (brakeman - murdered - apparently told a negro he couldn't do something,,,so the negro waited until he left the train...then gunned him down....negro immediately lynched) source
869. Fred Evans (ambushed and murdered - negro barely avoids lynching) source
870. Mrs. Cox (raped - negro lynched) source
TERROR - Black Supremacy

Negro Believed He Deserved Apology When A White Male
 Bushed Up Against Him... When He Didn't Get The Negro Attacked Two White Males
 With A Knife

* Lee Flemming
* Albert Drugger
Note: Both white males were seriously injured. The negro was captured and a mob immediately formed demanding a lynching.  Attacks like these were designed to send terror into the hearts and minds of the white community...that the black man can attack you FIRST...and you better fear him.

  Mrs. Ferrell & her three young children  (...were being stalked by a negro sexual predator, who was "creeping through the cotton"... one of the children gave the alarm and they ran for their dear lives, being chased by the negro - luckily the family made it to their home,  and the negro predator was frightened by a white male neighbor who heard the mother's desperate screams for help - negro fled and is being sought by a determined posse - note: attacks like these were designed to send terror into the hearts and minds of the white community...that the black man can attack you FIRST...and you better fear him. )  source 


Note: Unknown fate of the five white males who were ambushed and shot by the negro Miles Taylor. The negro was quickly lynched. source

For the year 1911, according to the archived newspaper accounts for that year (I perused about 80% of them) ... 43% of the negro violence/ attempted violence involved the white female.


873. E. C. Ritchie (attempted murdered - home invasion by negro employee- negro caught...then lynched)
874. Unnamed 16-year-old girl (raped- unnamed negro caught...then lynched in Memphis, Tenn.)
875. Nita White 14-year-old girl (raped - negro named Walter Johnson was apprehended...then lynched - evidence later pointed to his innocence) source  / source 
876. Mrs. Esther Higgins, 76 (home invasion - beat her door down with an ax - no robbery was reported it appears to be a typical rape - negro caught...then lynched in prison by convicts -- note: one can imagine the TERROR faced by this elderly woman as there were no telephones - she knew what the negro was coming for...) source

877. Unnamed farmer's wife (while she worked in her field she was approached by a negro employee, Brooke Gordon, with a shotgun...knowing exactly what the negro was seeking (rape)...she ran for her dear life...but the negro shot her twice in the back - again, the sole intent was to rape her - negro lynched) source
878. Unnamed white female (attempted sexual assault - negro Golden Maxell caught)  source
879. Cedron Land  (described as a "boy" -- murdered - negro caught...convicted...then  lynched) source
880. Norman (or Herman) Hadley (brutal ambush murder by four negro employees while the white male sat at his diner table - all four negroes were lynched by mob over 100 strong) source 
Note: Evidence later surfaced that the negro female who was lynched as a party to the murder was innocent. source 
881. Miss May Crow, 18 (raped - negro lynched by mob) source
Negro Employee Attacks Employer's Wife In Rape Attempt - 
Husband Pleads With Mob Not To Lynch Negro Fiend
* Mrs. George W. Robinson (raped/ attempted to rape)

883. Unnamed little girl, 6 (negro sexually assaulted her - mob chased the unnamed negro fiend in  Bakersfield,CA, ...then gunned him down) source
884. Percy Alexander (ambushed and murdered - negro captured...then lynched by mob) source
885. Miss Ethel Hinson (TERROR...kidnapped by negro apparently to be used as a sex slave - negro eventually captured three days later and the white female rescued)  source
886. Unnamed white female (negro discovered crawling into her bedroom window with the intent to rape her -  negro Wm. Reed apprehended - newspaper shames local white males for not lynching him) source
887. Mr. B.B. Bush (ambushed by three negroes and murdered - motive was robbery - one negro lynched) source

Negro Discovers What He Believes 
Is An Easy Rape Of Young White Girl 
She Lives With An Old Man Who Adopted Her -- Negro Breaks Into Home & Murders Old Man...Then Rapes Young Girl...Then Murders Her
* J.T. Bergess, 80 (old man - brutally murdered)
* Mary Stevenson, 15 (raped then murdered - throat slit ear to ear)

Note: Negro, Preech Neils,  was lynched by a mob of 200 Americans -- basically every adult white male in the local vicinity.

889. Unnamed white woman (ambushed in public by negro, Frank Powers, who robbed her then raped her - negro apprehended - mob gathers to demand a lynching) source
890. Unnamed young white female (raped - negro Chesly Williams, an employee of the family, before he raped the daughter first shot the mother -- negro Williams apprehended  - mob forms...seizes negro...then lynches him lynching)  source  source
891. Unnamed white females (negro Vine Collier, "attacked" them - negro apprehended) source 
892. Mr. Joseph Goody (prison guard - ambushed and murdered - negro lynched) source

* Mr. George Casey (or Carson) (murdered with an ax)
*Mrs. Casey (raped)
Note; Since this incident happened in Oklahoma, naturally, times being what they were,  an enormous mob descended on the jail housing the negro fiend, Will Turner, seized him, then  lynched him.

11 White Male Police Officer
  Lose  Their  Jobs
 Because of The Lynching Of Innocent Negro
Deputy Constable Andrew Carr (murdered  - mob of 500 negro lynched) source

Note: A report issued by the Grand Jury exonerated the lynched negro...and placed the blame for the murder on a white male businessman. source

895. Police Officer Livingston (murdered - three negroes whisked away by sheriff, barely escape mob of 600 men & boys determined to lynch them) source ---source

896. Deputy Sheriff Edwards (seriously injured by three negroes - all three lynched by mob of Americans) source
897. Deputy Paul Niseler (murdered - negro apprehended...then lynched) source
898. Miss Alvey Kraft (raped- negro apprehended)  source
Home Invasion - Husband Murdered - Wife Raped 
 Children Brutalized - Five Negro Males Arrested - 
White Police Officers Hold Off Mob of 5,000
* S. Silverstein (deceased)
                    * Mrs. Silverstein (raped - apparently survived)

900. Mr. Veron Tutt (negro employee gunned him down - one negro immediately lynched, another being pursued by American posse and they vow to lynch him as well)  source
901. Unnamed white female (raped/ attempted rape - negro Edward Alexander apprehended) source
902. P.B. Ellisor (murdered as he drove home - highway robbery - one negro killed in shoot-out with posse- other negro escaped) source
903. Paul Strange (murdered by two negro employees - one male, other a female - both negroes were lynched) source
904. Richard Harahan, 17 (stabbed by a negro who fled - victim  in critical cond,) source
905. Unnamed white girl (raped - negro Albert Hamilton arrested...then lynched) source
906. Marshal Wm. Ferris (gunned down [shot three times at pointblank range] by negro he had arrested for public drunkenness - officer failed to check negro for a gun - victim may survive) source
907.  M.W.Dickerson (assisted a sheriff in the arrest of a negro thief - the negro thief pulled a gun and gunned him down - may survive - lynching mood exists) source
908. Mr. B.L. Burns (terror...attempted murder - merchant brutally beaten, robbed by a trio of negroes - moments before the negroes were going to kill him another customer walked in - saving his life and giving the alarm - negores being pursued by posse ) source
909. Unnamed white girl, 12 (raped/ attempted to rape - negro named "Yarbrough" caught...then lynched) source
910. Mr. W.C. Lykens (murdered by two negro chicken thieves - negores being sought) source
911. Officer A.F. Russell (gunned down by a negro - expected to die - negro fled) source
912. Detective A.J. Burke (ambushed & murdered by negro - negro lynched by mob)  source
Crazy Negro Discharged From White-Owned Business - Returns 
To Gun Down Innocent White Male Employees 
* C.W. Layman (deceased)
* Charles Lovin (deceased)

914. Mrs. Bertha Ferguson (raped - ambushed in public - negro A. Wright, 18, ID'd by victim - huge mob of Americans gather to lynch negro fiend) source
915. Mrs. Barclay (home invasion - raped - viciously beaten and clubbed and left for dead - negro being pursued by posse)  source
916. Unnamed white female (raped - attacked in public - negro Charles Powell apprehended...then lynched by mob) source
Negro Female Lynched By Mob- 
Murdered Her 
Employer (woman)

*Mrs. Jordon (deceased)
Note: Negro female was apparently angry over a reprimand given her by her white female employer.

918. Mr. Mullins (robbed by five negroes - beaten mercilessly - survived to ID negro perps - mob gathered to demand a lynching but no lynching occurred) source
919. Mr. John J. Perry (ambushed by negro negro laying in wait - put a bullet in his back... then clubbed him to near death - likely will die - negro fled)  source 
920. Mr. Upton Wilson (shot in the back by a negro - negro apprehended -  the white male, if he doesn't die, will be left paralyzed)  source
921. Mr. Max Volt (ambushed and murdered by negro -- negro apprehended...then barely escaped a lynch mob) source
Negro Brothers Assaulted Four White
 People In Home Invasion

* Mary Heath (beaten into "insensibility')
* Mr. Inskeep (deceased - shot to death)
                     * Mrs. Inskeep ("assaulted" - likely raped - unknown fate)
              * Unnamed housekeeper  (badly beaten - unknown fate)

Negro Crime Of Sexual Deviance (male rape?) 
By Two Negroes
Both Negroes Lynched

* Unnamed white male (fate unknown)

Note: Article claims "unmentionable crime" against white man. This is most likely a sodomizing...and newspapers had no experience reporting such a despicable crime.
source  source

924. Mr. Ernest Bryant (murdered by negro employee - motive unknown - negro lynched) source
925. Mrs. Bell (or Belles) (TERROR ...home invasion - negro knocked on door...when the white woman opened it...and the negro discovered she was alone, the negro attacked her - raped her, beat her mercilessly, then threw her into a well - negro was hunted down by a posse...then lynched)) source

926. Sheriff Charles Stevens (ambushed and murdered  - posse hunting negro murderer) source
Blacks Gathered For Convention And Protested Lynchings...
But Refused To Take Accountability For Their Race Provoking All The Lynchings 
Through Premeditated Crimes 
Against Innocent White People (mainly children & women)  source

928. Mr. Spurgeon Johnson ("assassinated" by negro Will Thomas - negro lynched) source
929. Miss Kate Hedges, 16  (TERROR...raped while on her way to school  - negro William Johnson apprehended...then lynched) source
930. Unnamed white woman (raped/ attempted to rape - negro named "Murphy" easily traced by bloodhounds...arrested...then lynched) source
931. Mr. James Norman (ambushed and murdered by negro employee - negro lynched after being convicted of murder) source
932. Miss Reese Smith, 14 (raped/ attempted to rape - negro named Finney Siding caught...then lynched) source
Negroes Attempted To Burn Down Mayor's Home - Three Negroes Lynched

934. Deputy Hart (gunned down by two negroes - both negroes apprehended)   source 
935. Mrs. Dee (shot and wounded by negro - also shot was her son - negro fled...captured... lynched) source
Negro  Hatches  Quick  Rape  Scheme 
When He Spots Adult White Male 
On The Road Heading Away From 
His Home...
Negro Now Knows His Wife Is Home Alone

* Mrs. Ramsey (raped - mother of two children survived )

Note: Negro was easily caught...then ID'd...then lynched

937.  Mrs. Whitehead ("attacked' on a public street ...negro lynched) source
938. Mr. A.A. Peter (ambushed and assassinated   - posse hunting for negro) source
939.  Mr. A. Morris (came to the aid of a white woman who was grabbed by a negro - the negro pulled a knife and stabbed the man to death - negro fled)  source
Black Supremacy
Mob of Negroes Attack Two Sheriff Deputies To Seize Negro Prisoners -  Shootout Results - Deputies Flee

Gang Rape Atrocity - Eight Negroes 
Arrested - State Militia Called Out

*Unnamed white female (apparently survived)

Negro  Stalks  Lone  White  Female  For  Days...
White  Female  Though  Has  Loaded  Rifle 
Waiting  When  He  Does  Strike -- Negro 
Shot  When  He  Attempts To  Rape White Female

* Mrs. Jones (successfully defended herself)  

  18 Negro Gang Members Terrorize White People 

*J.C. Davis (murdered)

943. Mrs. Harris, 17 (rape/ attempted rape - negro pounces on young white woman - white males come to her rescue - negro flees and a posse is in pursuit) source
944. Special Officer Everson (ambushed and murdered by three negroes - all three seized from sheriff...then beat to death with clubs)  source
Negro  Desires  To "Burn Down Tampa" -  He's Killed  
After  He  Set  His  Third  Fire

946. Unnamed white female ("attacked" - negro confessed his guilt...later lynched by a mob)  source
947. Police Officer I. Carr (arrested a negro female and a negro male, George Hunter, took exception and gunned down the officer - arrested, a mob that very night stormed the jail and dragged the negro out...then lynched him)  source

For the year 1912, according to the archived newspaper accounts for that year (I perused  100% of them) ... 45% of the negro violence/ attempted violence involved the white female.


948. Unnamed white female (raped - negro Will Fair apprehended...a mob attempting to lynch the negro inadvertently allowed him to escape ) source
949. Cora Little, 18 (A negro, Wilson Evans, chloroformed a young American girl, kidnapped her, raped her, then murderer her. A mob seized him from the local jail and then lynched him.

950. Unnamed white female (negro Henry White found hiding under bed - caught...then lynched) source
951. Mr. Samuel McClure (home invasion - murder - negro caught...then lynched)   source
952. Unnamed 11-year-old child (negro Joe Richardson ambushed her while she was on her way to school - screams fro help brought her aid and the negro fled - when he was caught a mob assembled and then lynched him)
Negro attempted child rapist Joe Richardson
Note: The only race attacking children to sexually assault them was the American negro. 

Negro Guns Down Three Americans - Two Die

Luther Hodge (deceased)
* Tom Maxwell (wounded)
* Deputy Mr. Tom Rushing (deceased)

954. Mrs. Ollie Johnson (home invasion - sexually assaulted - "badly injured"  - negro caught - 100s farmers descend on jail and demand a lynching)  source
955. Officer Lon Muxlow (ambushed and murdered - negro caught) 
956. Officer L.W. Caldwell  (ambushed and murdered - negro caught) 

957. Mary Phagan, 13 (sexually assaulted...then murdered by a negro  - white male , however, was convicted and lynched for the crime)
958. Miss Emma Ganske, 16  (raped - negro David Dyer apprehended - mob gathers at jail demanding a lynching) source
959. Susie Church, 16 (raped...then murdered - mob burns negro Bennie Simmons at the stake)
960. Mr. A.W. Joesephs (murdered in store hold-up - negro James Comeaux lynched) source
961. Garland Huff, 12 (raped...then beat to death - negro caught...then lynched by mob of 2000 Americans)   source
962. Unnamed 14-year-old boy (unnamed negro in Newport, R.I. stabbed him to death)
963. Mrs. Anna Keller (raped - mob un-successful in lynch attempt on negro Walter Ballew ) 
964. Calvin Ballard (ambushed and murdered  - brutally hacked to death in his store - by two negroes - both negroes lynched) source  source
965. Unnamed police officer (murdered by negro Tom Lee - immediately captured) source
966. Two unnamed white males (gunned down by negro Bat Sears -- both seriously wounded - white police officer risks his life protecting negro from raging mob)  source
967. Unnamed white female ("attacked"' - negro Richard Puckett lynched) source
968. Tom Hodges (murdered - negro fled and was later captured by a posse, then lynched) source
969. Mrs. Brown (home invasion - raped  - negro fled and pursued by posse) source
970. Miss Merrell, 12 (shot and killed by negro - negro lynched )  source
971. Unnamed 4-year-old girl  (assaulted in some way - negro Dick Stanley lynched) source
972. Sheriff T.S. Cherry (gunned down by a negro  - died from injury - negro apprehended...then lynched)
973. Unnamed 6-year-old child (raped - negro in Bonify Fla. captured and mob is expected to lynch him) source
974. Miss Estell Potter, 13 (raped then murdered by a negro employee -- negro fled and pursued by 1000 Americans)  source
975. Unnamed white female (raped - negro William Farr apprehended - 500 Americans attempt to break into jail housing negro rapist -  sheriff & deputies open fire on them wounding three) source
976.  Mrs. Lloyd Alley (raped - negro apprehended in W. Va.) source
977. Mrs. Ballentine (raped - negro Albert Fields apprehended, then escaped - posse in pursuit) source
978. Unnamed white female (attempted rape -wrong negro lynched in Bluffton, S.C. ...then the right one caught) source
Negro Walks Into Store Then Bashes A
 Wrench Over the Head Of White Female - 12-Years- Old Son Attempts To Come To Her Rescue...Negro  Bashes  Him  In The Head - Both Died From Injuries 

 * Unnamed white female
* son 12

980. Unnamed white female (attacked by negro Herman Kelly - mob storms jail In Florence, S.C.,  but leaves without negro) source
981. Mrs. Williams (murdered  - raped? - negro Carl Mott lynched in Greensville, Miss.) source
982. Harry White (was helping the sheriff make an arrest and was shot by  negro Wm. Douglas - negro also shot - white male said to be in critical cond.) source 
Negro Murderered Two Police Officers
* Chief Of Police Muxlow
* Patrolman Caldwell

984. Miss Theresa Atkins, 10 (negro attacked the child and either raped or attempted to rape her - negro Charles Banks arrested - talk of lynching is widespread) source
985. Unnamed  girl (an unidentified negro "assaulted" her in Pensecola, Fl. - negro was  lynched)  source
986. Mr. Brooks Lane (farmer, was ambushed and murdered by a negro Samuel Owensby in Ga. - negro was immediately lynched)  source
987. Mr. L.C. Marchmon (ambushed and murdered by a negro - negro arrested - another negro, Virgil Swanson, who was alleged to hv helped the murderer escape...was later lynched)  source
988. Mr. John Coleman ( ambushed and murdered by negro - negro Norman Mable apprehended - mob unsuccessfully attempted to storm the jail)  source

* Sheriff G.B Hammett (shot leading posse to capture negroes)
* Frank Keinstley (opened his front door and was gunned down)
* Claude Freeman (negro walked up to him  - unprovoked - and simply gunned him down)
* Orin Gillis (shot - serious wounded - critical cond.)

990. Patrolman Ogiltree (murdered in the course of his duties by negro - negro committed suicide) source
991. Unnamed white woman (sexually assaulted by unidentified negro in Summerset, Ky.) source
992. Mamie Rudd, 17 (home invasion - negro beat her unconscious then raped her - negro Charles Wilson caught by posse)  source
Negro TERRORIZES White Community - Black Supremacy - 
Negro Hunted Down ... Then Lynched By Angry Americans

994. Miss Anna Hunt, 18 (raped - negro attacked her as she walked home - negro caught) source 
995. Mr. Olson ( attempted murder - home invasion - luckily, the white male awoke as the negro was entering his room by way of a window -- Mr. Olson had hired the negro but the negro refused to work...tho he insisted he get paid anyway -- when the white male refused to pay him... the negro vowed to get even -- the negro ws arrested after his attempted murder)

996. Mrs. Morrison (raped - negro apprehended..then barely escaped being lynched) source
997. Miss Estell Thurston, 12 (raped - negro Harvey Fields apprehended - furious  mob of Americans gathered for a lynching) source
998. Unnamed "boy" (murdered by negro Henry Ralston - negro  lynched) source
Local  Americans  Try To Protect  White  Females From  Negro  Who
 Would Not Stop Harassing Them - Over 1,000 Gather At Chicago Jail Attempting To Lynch Negro Menace

1000. Officer John Bibby (or Gibby) (murdered while attempting to arrest two negro tramps - both negro tramps were immediately lynched by irate Americans) source
1001. Miss Pranger, 10 (TERROR...negro jumped on her as she was walking home from school - apparently, as her clothes were being ripped off, a local farmer came to her rescue - negro "Hayes" was immediately apprehended) source

1002. Mr. Author Airington (ambushed and murdered by crazy negro - negro lynched) source
Negro  Guns  Down  Sheriff &  Deputy  Sheriff - Local Americans
 Quickly Lynch Negro Murderer

* Sheriff Thomas Courtenay
* Deputy Burmeister

Negro Ambushes And Murders Three White Men - Local Americans 
Quickly gather And Lynch Negro Murderer

* Rufus Hodge
* Tom Reussian
* Will Maxwell

Note: Despite a very limited number of archived newspapers for 1913, I still was able to find more than fifty white victims of unprovoked negro predatory violence.  White females were involved/vicimized  in 57% of the these negro attacks for the year 1913. 

Also of note, there were 44 lynchings in this year, the lowest on record. All but one of the lynched were negroes.


1005. W.A. Chaffin (ambushed and murdered by negro thief -  negro apprehended then lynched) source
1006. Samuel Lusco (murdered by his negro employee - negro murderer/ thief lynched)
1007. Unnamed 10-year-old girl (raped when she went into a bathroom at a theater , then murdered -  negro, Edward Hamilton, was captured...then lynched by angry American mob numbering 1,000)  source   source
1008. Oscar Scruggins (murdered - six negroes apprehended - lynching mob forms at jail) source
1009. Chas. M. Hicks  (postmaster - murdered , then burned, by negroes in the course of an armed robbery  -  negroes apprehended...then lynched)
1010. Jack Madden  (elderly white merchant was murdered by three negroes in the course of an armed robbery two of the negroes were lynched)  source source
1011. Unnamed white female (TERROR...negro Beverly Johnson crawled into her bedroom thru an open window in rape attempt & armed with an ax - the husband saved his wife from a brutal rape and also seriously injured the negro  - NOTE: sheriff's deputy opened fired on white males attempting to lynch the negro fiend, killing one of them)  source
1012. Unnamed young girl (A negro, Floyd McCollum, raped the young white girl.  His guilt was beyond any question as the girl survived the assault. However, McCollum pleaded innocent - apparently so he could gaze at his rape victim as she testified against?  The young girl, not surprisingly, broke down and asked for her mother to comfort her.  In the end the negro received the death penalty - by electrocution) source
1013. Unnamed white male  (A negro, Allen Turner, brutally attacked an American farmer in Farmersville, LA,. An American mob caught the negro before he could flee the county ... and then lynched him) source
1014. Edward Roundtree (murdered - negro "Brown" apprehended...then lynched) source
1015. Miss Essie Bell, 12 (brutally beaten to death for no reason by a negro female - negro was summarily lynched) source
1016. Mrs. Wilson, 60 (raped by negro - left in critical cond. - might have survived - negro lynched ) source
1017. J.R. Robertson (negro employee attempted to murder him -shot and seriously wounded- negro Williams Williams fled but was captured by a posse...then lynched)  source
1018. Constable Matt Taylor (negro attempted to murder him....mob lynched the negro)  source
1019. Chas. Cook (murdered - negro apprehended - sheriff prevents mob lynching) source
1020. Joseph Petty (murdered - negro apprehended - mob forms demanding lynching) source
Mob Of Americans Grab Two Negroes From Sheriff...
 Negroes Murdered   A  White  Male -- Sheriff Tells Mob That One  Of  The  Negroes Should Not Be Lynched Because Of  Lack  Of  Evidence  - Mob Obeys And Released The Negro - Lynched The Other One

* J.K. Ingram (gunned down - fate unknown)

1022. Miss Harrison, 6 (TERROR...sexual assault - negro apprehended then hidden by sheriff to prevent a lynching) source
1023. Cathrine Larkin, 13 (TERROR... kidnapped by negro school janitor - likely raped - negro apprehended - fate of child unknown)  source
Husband & Wife Murdered By Negro

*Mr. Chandler
*Mrs. Chandler

1025. Eli Johnson (murdered - negro apprehended - huge police presence protects negro from  a lynching)  source
1026. City Marshal Payne  (murdered - negro apprehended...then lynched) source
1027. Patrick Burke, 55 (asked a negro for a light...negro pulled a knife then began slashing away at the white male - left in critical cond. - negro apprehended - mob forms demanding a lynching) source
1028. J.J. McDougald ("attacked" by negro Allen Turner - fate unknown - negro lynched) source
1029. Mrs. Seitz (murdered - negro arrested...then lynched) source   Note: no doubt same lynching but different names of negro perp and victim)  source
1030. Cyrus Hotchkin (murdered - three negroes apprehended...then lynched)  source
1031. Unnamed young girl (high school age - raped - negro Will Jones apprehended...then lynched) source
1032.  T.B. Miller (merchant  - murdered by negro in robbery - negro lynched) source
1031. Lemuel Peace (murdered by negro female - negro female is lynched by mob)  source
1032. Edward Sherman (murdered by two negroes in robbery - one negro lynched) source
1033. Mrs. Sherman ("attacked' , likely gang raped -- husband murdered - one negro lynched - posse in pursuit of the other) source
1034. Unnamed white male (brutally beaten into insensibility by negro Essex Max - 40 Americans seize negro from cotton field ...then lynch him)  source
1035. James Hendrix (murdered - negro Lloyd McCullum being sought)
1036. Unnamed white female (raped - negro Lloyd McCullum sought for rape & murder) source
Negro Terrorized White Women in Their Home  - Arrested...The Negro
 Is Then Lynched By Angry Mob

Negro Terrorized Southern White Women In Public By Pulling His Pants Down 
And Shaking His Penis At Them 
Angry Mob Of White Males Descend On Negro Pervert
 And Beat Him Senseless - Lynching Narrowly Averted

Negro Marches   Over  To  White  Woman's  Home - Barges  In  Then 
Pulls A  Knife  And  Slices  Her Throat  Ear  To  Ear - Negro  Then  Tries
 To  Murder  Her  Young Son -  However  He  Is Able To Escape And Sound The Alarm

* Mrs. Trueluck (deceased likely raped)
Note: The negro responsible for this heinous crime , Dillard Wilson, was caught then brutally treated by white males, then lynched. The negro had previously went to the woman's home for food and drink. Then, apparently discovering she was there alone , the negro  returned, most likely to commit a rape. Since the woman died at the scene rape obviously could be determined.

Negro Robs Payroll...Then Gun Down Three 
Unarmed White Males

* Reese Fitzpatrick (deceased)
* J.V. Simmons (seriously wounded)
* Wyatt Robinson ((seriously wounded )
Note: Negro Mose Johnson apprehended.

56-Year-Old White House Wife Beaten And Raped...
Then  Negro  Just  Calmly  Left  Premises... As  If  He  Had  A 
God-Given Right To Do What Did

Note: Negro Otis Shafer Apprehended.

1042. Henry Mead (home invasion by negro, seriously wounded white male  - said may die - negro, Henry Thompson, also seriously wounded - jailer opens fire on mob trying to lynch negro, killing one "prominent citizen,"  Eugene  Houston)  source 
1043. Deputy Frank Mullen (while making arrest of a negro was ambushed and murdered by another negro - negro murderer escaped) source
1044. Mrs. Pyle (raped in home invasion - negro George Raymond apprehended) source
AGAIN...Negro  Harasses  White  Women...White  Males  Beat  Him 
Senseless  And  Negro  Almost  Gets  Lynched

1046. Mrs. Cook (home invasion - rape of widow with two small children - - negro Eward Lance then shot her brother John Geldon in the head - negro apprehended - lynching mood exists) source
1047. John Geldon (shot in the head trying to apprehend negro who raped his sister fate unknown))
1048. Constable John Gaines, 69 (murdered while making arrest - negro seized by American mob of 250...marched  to the city square...then lynched)  source
Negroes Invaded "Aged" White Male's Home...Then Made Him Strip Naked...Then
 Made Him Plow His Field - Sheriff Intervenes TO Avoid A Lynching

* J.J. Holland
Note: No other people in human history had to put up with such filth from another white people were forced to endure at the hands of the American negro. And people today wonder why white people demanded separate living arrangements from the negro?

1050. Mrs. Metzger (TERROR...home invasion - rape - posse after negro - likely will be lynched) source
Negro  Discovered Hiding Under Home Of  White Women - Arrested...Later Mob 
Stormed Jail ...Then Lynched Negro Sexual Predator

1052. Unnamed white female (attacked by unnamed negro employee in New York City - barely escapes being lynched) source
1053. Mr. Cass Tompkins ("attacked" by two negroes in Tampa, fl. - both negroes lynched) source
1054. John King (attacked by negro - negro "bit his chin off"... mob seized negro, tied a rock around his neck...then tossed nergo into the river)
1055. Mr. Smith ( seriously wounded by negro - negro apprehended then whisked out of county to prevent a lynching) source
1056. Mrs. Millie Lynch (viciously attacked by negro  - her fate is unknown - negro apprehended...then lynched by angry mob, including women and children) source
Negro Threatened To Kill All White People In Town... 
White Males Gathered ...Seized Negro From Jail...Then Lynched Him
Note: Had this been the North the negro most likely would have wound up in an insane asylum.

1061. Deputy Charles Kirkland (murdered by negro he was attempting to arrest) source
1062. Unnamed white female (home invasion - white female raped while her two children slept  - negro Tom Grice of Florence, S.C. apprehended) source
1063. John  Lee (murdered by four negroes - all four apprehended - all four claim they're innocent but sheriff claims he has evidence) source 
1064. Newton Saunders (murdered by negro  - apprehended) source
1065. Unnamed white female (home invasion - rape - negro Allen Seymour was arrested... then lynched) source

Note:  There were 59 incidences of violence directed at innocent white people by the American negro that I found in the limited newspaper articles for this year.
In 1914 there were 54 lynchings.    source


1066. Dudley Davidson (described as "young" ... negro attacked and killed him with a sickle - apprehended - sheriff & his negro chased for miles by angry mob of Americans)   source
1067. Unnamed white female (was "insulted" in some way  - likely sexual in nature - mob lynches negro John Richardson in Sparr , Fl.)   source
Many Innocent People DEAD - Including Sheriff 
As A Result  Of  Negro  Sexual Attack On Young White Girl

Victims Of Negro's Crime:
Sheriff A.D. Hood (deceased)
Deputy Sheriff Earle Stevenson (arm brown off)
Officer J.R.Boulware (seriously wounded - shot in stomach "barely living")
Jesse Morrison (mob member - shot in the head)
Clyde Isenhower (relative of girl victim - deceased)
Note: The negro, Utes Smith, who attacked a white female, was also killed.

1069. Unnamed white females (raped/ attempted rape/ murder - negro Ed Berry arrested...then lynched in Okla. - seems Berry was accused of , and admitted to, being a serial rapist and murderer))   source
1070. Unnamed white female (raped - negro Sam Stephens arrested then lynched in Toccota, Ga. )  source
1071. Unnamed white female ( raped/ attempted to rape - home invasion - negro crawled in through open widow - unnamed negro lynched in Dresden, Tn) source  source
1072. A.M. Batchellor (merchant - murdered by two negroes in the course of a robbery - both negroes lynched)  source
1073. Mrs. James H. Martin (hacked to death by negro servant - negro arrested...Note: The negro's murder also contributed to the death of Mr. James H. Martin, who reportedly died of shock upon learning of the death of his wife
1074. Mr. J.E. Lewis, 70  (murdered during store robbery - negro Peter Morris arrested...then lynched) source 
1075. Miss Mary Hardin (while working alone in her father's store was raped by a negro named Ellis Buckner - negroe arrested...then lynched) source
Two Negro Brothers Murdered Two Law Enforcement Officers  
Both Negroes Lynched By Angry American Mob

* Deputy Sheriff Flippen
* Sheriff J.B. Butler
1077. Edger L. Holmes (murdered - negro named "Roten" was arrested - mob formed to lynch him)  source
1078. Unnamed white female (attempted rape - negro George Washington apprehended - mob stormed jail to lynch negro fiend) source
1079. William Prettyman (stabbed by negro - fate unknown - mob storms jail housing negro)
1080. Mrs. Hill (negro attempted to rob her - 15 white males caught the negro...beat him mercilessly...broke both his arms and ankle...punched is eye out...negro is saved from a lynching by white police officers) source
Negro 'Minister' Couldn't Help Himself - Grabs
 White Female Then...
 Hugged And Kissed Her - She Finally Broke Free And Reported her Asault - Negro Is Arrested....Then Sentenced To 6 Months - Mob Forms Demanding A Lynching

* Miss Genevieve Boyce , 19


14-Year-Old Negro Boy Lynched - Sexually Assaulted
 American Girl 

* Unnamed girl, 8 (survived attack)

1083. William Dodson (stabbed by negro employee - in critical cond.  - negro arrested before negro laborers could lynch him)  source
1084. Mrs. Scott, 80 ( TERROR...murdered by "young negro" ...seems the negro had discovered that a 14-year-old girl also lived in the home...and it was the goal of the negro to murder the aged woman so he could then rape the 14-year-old. However, the 14-year-old escaped thru a window when she heard the commotion - the negro, Charles Logan, was arrested and then immediately whisked to another county) source
1085. Mrs. White (TERROR...negro Mallie Wilson, crawled into her bedroom thru an open window - the negro was seized by an angry mob...then lynched) source
1086. Unnamed white female( attacked by a negro named John Riggins, 63, in Ga. - negro was lynched)  source
1087. Mrs. Stafford (raped in home invasions - said to be in serious cond. -- negro being sought by posse) source
1088. Joseph Lockett (murdered by ambush at his place of work - negro seized by angry mob of Americans - however, saved from a lynching by sheriff, judge  and pastor) source
1089. Mr. A. H. Gage (or Cage) (murdered at his place of work - negro lynched) source
1090. Miss Dott Hillyard, 13 ("attacked" by negro Will Spencer - negro immediately whisked to another county to avoid a lynching)  source
1091. Unnamed white girl ("attacked" - negro Will Leach lynched in Dade City, Fl.)  source
1092. Miss Mildred Clark, 15 (TERROR...raped by negro - negro "Sheppard" sentenced to death) source
AGAIN... Negro Went Door To Door In White 
Community Begging For Food - When Negro Discovered 
Young Mother Of Four Home Alone...He Raped Her...Then Murdered Her - Posse Went In Pursuit Of Negro Fiend

* Mrs. Schreiver

1094. Unnamed 14-year-old girl ( raped - negro Robert Smith barely escapes lynching by angry Americans in Eason, Md.)) source
1095. Roy Lester (murdered - negro "Haley" apprehended...then lynched by very determined mob of Americans) source
1096. Mr. Silas Turney (went to collect a legitimate debt from a negro...three negroes gunned him down - 500 Americans retaliate...mob seized the three negro murders..then lynched them) source
Negro Commits Multiple Home Invasion  Of  White People's Homes - Makes Threats
 Against White Community - White Males Lynch Negro Fiend

Children Massacred By Negroes
Three Negroes Invade White Household...Beat Into Insensibility Husband & Wife...Then Their Three Small Children Were Knifed To Death

* Mr. Grimes (critical cond.)
                               *Mrs. Grimes (apparently survived beating)
* Unnamed Three Children (all deceased)
Note: Negro Will Stanley was seized from the sheriff, then burned alive...while the entire town looked on.

Two Law Enforcement Officers Gunned Down
 Local Americans Seize Negro Murder...Then Lynch Him

* Deputy R. Lee Day (deceased)
* Deputy Pleas Hawkins (deceased) 
Note: Negro Tom Brooks was arrested for the slaying of the two white males...then lynched by furious mob of American.
1100. R.A. Stillwell (murdered - two negroes were lynched) source
1101. Unnamed white female ("attacked" - negro Arthur Bell arrested...then lynched in Ky.) source
1102. Bert Nicholas (merchant - murdered by negro during robbery - negro lynched) source
1103. Constable J.T. Kempt (murdered - negro apprehended...then lynched)  source
1104. Unnamed white female ("attacked" by negro Jesse Hatch - negro was later lynched in Mobile, Al) source
1105. Mrs. Allen (murdered by negro 'Campbell" - most likely the negro raped the white female -there was no other reason established for his being in her room and then murdering her - negro was sentenced to death)  source
1106. Chief of Police Williams ( ambushed and murdered by negro family - four negroes [same family, including two females] were lynched by large mob of angry local Americans) source
1107. Police Officer W. C. Townsend (shot and wounded by negro  - in Ala. - while making an arrest -- negro seized from jail by angry American mob... then lynched) source
1108. Miss Dean, 3 (negro aimed his shotgun at adult white male but missed, hitting his his 3-year-old daughter and killing her - negro murderer was quickly apprehended..then quickly whisked from town by sheriff to avoid imminent lynching) source
1109. Miss Adcock, 17 (TERROR...negro crawled into her bedroom while she slept, then jumped on her in a rape attempt - she fought back violently while also screaming for help - negro fled - he was quickly caught...then quickly lynched) source
1110. Unnamed white girl ("attacked" by negro Tom Cole - Virgina state militia called out by governor to protect negro fiend) source
1111. Lucius Crittendon (murdered - negro Charles Robinson arrested) source
1112. Unnamed white female (attempted assault - negro Ernest Chappell arrested then whisked from Twiggs County, Ga. to another county to prevent a lynching)  source
1113. Richard Lindsay (fought off a negro Sam Johnson who was attacking his aunt - the white male was left very seriously wounded - the negro fled ...being chased by a posse) source
1114. Arthur Craft (murdered by ambush by a negro - negro was subsequently lynched) source
1115. Mr. Ferrell (murdered by a negro who was attempting to rob his premises - bloodhounds tracked the negro straight to his shanty - negro arrested)  source
A First In American History .... Boy...A Negro ...7-Years-old...
Sabotages Railroad Track - Cause Train 
To Derail Which Kills White Male (Engineer) 

Hugh Taylor

1117. Milton Butler (murdered - negro John Hall arrested)  source
1118.  Sheriff D.R. Moreland (murdered by a pack of negroes- negroes escaped) source
1119. Mrs. Leonard ( attempted rape/ did rape - negro "McNeal"  arrested) source
1120. Patrolman Sam Near (murdered - two negro apprehended) source
1121. Mr. Zimmerman (murdered by negro employee - two negroes arrested) source
AGAIN...Negro Shows Up At White Household And
 Puts On  'Puppy Dog Act'  And Begs For Food... 
When A Young Girl Agrees To Feed Him...The Negro Attacks Her And Beats Her To Death...Then Robs Household

Miss Anna Crowl, 18
 (injuries so sever she cannot recover))
Note: The American negro showing up at white households and begging for food...was a common problem in US.
The negro obviously attacked this young girl when he discovered he was the only one in the household. Perhaps by the young girl own naivety she revealed it to the negro when asked if she was the only one home.

1123. Unnamed white female ("attacked" by 15-year-old negro in Okla. - negro was quickly sentenced to 30 years) source
1124. Mrs. Mary Lassiter (raped and murdered by two negroes - negroes legally hung) source
1125. John S. Camp (murdered  - negro Millard Carpenter hung) source
1126. Unnamed little girl & little boy ( TERROR...negro Nimrod Sims, 15, attacked both with the aim of raping the young girl in Fl. - both fought back fiercely and also screaming - negro fled but was caught...then lynched) source
1127. Mrs. Grubbs (raped(?) then beaten into critcal cond. by a negro - negro then fled) source
1128. Conductor Guy A. Winters (kicked two negro freeloaders off his they shot him - one thousand Americas went after them - one negro gunned down, the other captured) source
1129. Mrs. Meade ("attacked" - likely raped - by a negro...who then fled - posse in pursuit) source

Note:  There were 59 incidences of violence directed at innocent white people by the American negro that I found in the limited newspaper articles for this year.
In 1915 there were 54 lynchings


1130. Mrs. Heath (home invasion - raped - however, she shot negro rapist Jesse McCorkle in the wrist...which helped ID him as the perp - an mob seized the negro rapist...then lynched him)
1131. 14-year-old white girl  (attempted rape by negro Moxie Shuler - a mob later lynched him)

TERROR...Three Negro Escaped Prisoners Gunned Down Two Law Enforcement Officers - Posse Lynched Two Of Them

                                      * Deputy Sheriff James Gibson (deceased)                                                                * Sheriff James May (survived?)


TERROR...Two Americans Gunned Down By Negro - Negro's Escape Effort Gets FIVE Negroes Lynched  For Aiding Him (three males, two females)

                                          * Constable S.G. Wynne ( deceased)                                                                                                           * Dr. L.G. Harris  (deceased)  
Note: Negro Boisey Long was the one responsible for the lynching of other five negroes. Article doesn't state whether Boisey Long was among those lynched.                                                                                                                                                                                      


TERROR...Negro Raped 13-Year-Old White Child While She Picked Unions - Furious American Mob Abducted Negro Rapist Right Out Of The Court Room...Then Lynched Him
Unnamed white girl (survived)

Note: The negro rapist who was lynched was Oscar Martin. Incident occurred in Idblabel, Okla.

1135.  Mrs. Charles Hough, 60 (raped by 15-year-old negro boy, Theophilus Allen [employee] -  a mob gathered and demanded a lynching)

1136. Lucy Fryer, 53 (home invasion - raped by negro Jesse Washington - after the rape the negro murdered the white female - an angry mob hung Washington in the town's square...then burned him)




Juvenile Officer Charles H. Hurt | East Baton Rouge Parish Sheriff's Office, Louisiana

East Baton Rouge Parish,  Louisiana, officer Charles Hurt, 39, white male, was ambushed and gunned down by a negro teen, 17-year-old  Henry Montgomery, November 13, 1963.

Continuing to add victims to this massive list...