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Black Males - Abuse Of White Children

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   The  Civil Rights Act (1964) and The Fair Housing Act (1968) were specifically designed and calculated to give black males new freedoms to work in and live in white communities (i.e. these freedoms are not Constitutional rights). Clearly, these two new laws were going to give the black man new rights to roam around the white community - any community he desired. But would the black man take advantage of these new freedoms ... to prey on innocent white people? Would the black man use these new laws to lie in wait and attack white children?  There were certainly some (many?) in the white community who insisted that all this was a very real possibility. Time would tell.
Both insisted forced integration was the right course to take.  
   As I've stated many times in these Blogs, prior to 1964 white victimization from black violence was rare - as rare as black victimization from white violence.  And with regard to black attacks on white children, these kinds of attacks were even more rare. 

  The following victims list is a collection of attacks on white children (ages 1 to 15-years-old) by Eric Holder's people that I continue to find on the Internet.  

  Did racial separation protect white children from predatory attacks by black males? This is the question white people need to revisit.

Rural Area, N. Carolina, Sept. 21, 2007

               Abuse Of A Child - Murder

Home Invasion 

Five black youths, 
Van Roger Smith, 16, (5 to 7 year)
 Sherrod Nicholas Harrison,19, (8 to 10 years)
 Michael Graham Currie, 18, (life in prison -  triggerman)
 Perry Ross Schiro, 19,  (sentenced to 10 to 20 years)
 Ryan Jermar White, 18 (3 to 4 years)

…broke into the home of a white family where a young white girl was home from school. When the black youths found her they murdered her.

“Their method was to knock on a door and ask directions,” she said. “If no one was home, then they would kick in the door.”

"Haddock, who was 12, was home sick with strep throat. She was shot once in the mouth and once in the back of the head with a .22-caliber handgun during the break-in, according to police and autopsy reports."
Needless to say, had this cowardly and savage black male brutal murder of an innocent white child happened 50 years ago,  not one of these cowardly blacks would have ever made it to trial.

* Emily Elizabeth Haddock, 12

New Jersey  (2016)

NOTE: Nicole was ganged up on by the two black males, therefore, I indicated a "gang rape".  Case yet to be prosecuted (2016). 

Columbus, Ohio, Dec. 7th, 2004

Public Abduction - Rape – Murder

A black male,Lindsay Bruce, 23…kidnapped a little white girl (presumably to rape) and then murdered her.

* Emily Rimel, 5
 Jacksonville, FL, 1984

                                   'Fair Housing Act' 
                                     Rape & Murder

Child Rape & Murder Case Solved After 28 Years- It Was The 'Neighbor' After All

DNA evidence collected at a brutal crime scene back in 1984, involving a 10-year-old white child who had been abducted, raped and murdered, was used nail the perp, James Leon Jackson, 60 (32 at the time of the atrocity).

* Tammy Welch, 10

 Solano County , CA Jan. 31, 2013

Young White Female - 13 -Year-Old Kidnapped- Raped - Murdered

 Anthony Lamar Jones, 32, was arrested less than a week after the young white female was found naked and dead  in a park.  He is being charged with suspicion of murder, kidnapping to commit rape, rape and lewd and lascivious acts on a child.  (yet to be prosecuted)

 Genelle Renee Conway-Allen, 13

Montgomery County, TX, June 21, 2000

NEVER Had A Chance
'Fair Housing Act'  Abduction - Child Rape

A black male, Jonathan Marcus Green, 33 ...lived down the street from a pretty young white female. At some point black male Greene decided he was going to rape the white child (and NOTHING was going to stop him from doing what he was going to do – a black male has the right to strike first!), then kill her and bury her in his back yard. It was simply a matter of waiting for the right time.

Innocent White Child:
* Christina LeAnn Neal, 12
 Baton Rouge, LA, Swept. 24, 2010

'Fair Housing Act' Home Invasion -  Mother Murdered  9-Year-Old Shot Six Times

Two black males riding bicycles stopped at the home of a white female, drew guns and barged into her home. In the course of their burglary the two black males gunned down an adult white female and her young child.

 Aramis Jackson, 20, was recently arrested (Oct. 2010) and charged with first-degree murder. He was reportedly carrying a flat screen TV… assumed to be taken from the white female’s home. DNA evidence was also said to be used to implicate Jackson. UPDATE: As of 2014, still to conviction in this case. Also, second black male is still being sought.

* Arianna Angler, 9 (shot 6 times by the black males)
* Alexandra Angler, 42 (deceased)

Amarillo, TX, Jan. 21, 1998
'Fair Housing Act' Massacre  - Three Teenagers Executed

 A black male, John Uzell Balentin, 28,…broke into the residence of a white family and murdered three people.

   White Victims:
* Edward Mark Caylor, 17
* Kai Brooke Geyer, 15
* Steven Brady Watson, 15 

 Harris County, TX, June 1978
Public Abduction Rape – Murder

Anthony Charles Williams, 19, abducted a white girl from a bowling alley, raped her, then beat her to death.
* Vickie Lynn Wright, 13

Wichita, Kansas, June 5, 2006

'Fair Housing Act' Child Rape - Murder
Three black males,   Elgin “Ray-Ray” Robinson Jr., 20,, Everett Le Gentry, 17, Theodore G. Burnett, 49, …participated in the murder of a pregnant young white girl. Robinson was accused by the white girl’s parents of statutory rape for impregnating their 14-year-old daughter. The parents and prosecutor were waiting until the baby was born to get a DNA test from the child. Robinson thought he could get rid of the “problem” by killing the white girl. Robinson paid Burkett $500 to strangle the girl to death. 

* Chelsea Brooks, 14

Denver, CO, 1992 

'Fair Housing Act' Rape & Terrorizing Of A Child 
 LC Jackson, 21, …broke into a female’s home to commit rape and burglary. The black male, discovering two white females present, mother and daughter (daughter was 9-years-old) raped both of them , then burglarized the premises and fled.

* Identities of victims unknown.

I do believe, based on the MO here, that the victims are white. Anyone with evidence regarding the race of these two victims, e-mail me or leave response below.

9.  Jacksonville, Fl. Dec. 2, 1996
'Fair Housing Act' Public Abduction - Abuse Of A Child – Rape – Murder

Cherie Morrisette, an 11-year-old
white girl, went missing on Dec. 2, 1996. The crime went unsolved until 2006, when DNA evidence on the little girl’s underwear was linked male (long time sexual predator), Shelton Mitchell, 43.
In 2003, the Florida prosecutor, having an admission by Mitchell of sexual assault (rape) of the white child, but not a confession of murdering her,  and was unable to prove beyond a doubt that tMitchell murdered the little girl, was forced to prosecute him for having illegal sexual contact with a child (avoided the death penalty but, nevertheless, serving a life sentence).
10.   Cincinnati, OH, 2006 -2009

Abuse Of A Child – Rape – Murder

A black male, Anthony Kirkland, 40, ...raped and murdered a young white girl. Kirkland also confessed to three other killings (two were black, one white). 

  * Esme Kenney, 13  (murdered in 2009 - pic included)
   * Casonya Crawford, 45 (murdered in 2006)
11.   Dos Amigos Ranch, TX, June 6, 1997

Home Invasions - Mother And Son Murdered

 Derrick Wayne Frazier
Jermaine Herron
 Derrick Wayne Frazier, 20, Jermaine Herron, 18…were looking for a white family’s home to rob. Apparently, the plan also involved killing the occupants of the house. The two black predators settled on a home occupied by a white female and her teenage son.

   The black males knocked on the front door and when the adult white female answered, the black males told her they had car trouble and asked if she could give them a ride into town. She agreed, but first asked them to come inside for some food and drink. After the food and drink,  the white female and the black males left the house to go to her vehicle. However, the black males then lured the white female back into the house … where she and her young son were then murdered. 

* Cody Nutt, 15
* Betsy Nutt, 41

Jerry Nutt, husband and father to the two slain, found the bodies when he returned home from work.
12.  Houston, TX, June 24, 1993
Abuse Of A Child – Rape – Murder


A black male, Sean Derrick O’Brien, 18…was hanging out with a few Hispanic gang members (Efrain Perez, 18, Raul Villarreal,18, Peter Anthony Cantu, 18) when they spotted two girls. The girls were attacked, raped and then straggled to death. Black male O’Brien was an active participant in the murder of both girls (one white the other Hispanic).

* Jennifer Ertman, 14 (w/f)
* Elizabeth Pena, 16 (Hispanic)

13.   Blount County, AL, Nov. 10, 1978

Home Invasion - Attempted Family Massacre

Aaron Lee Jones 

Two black males,  Aaron Lee Jones, 26 (executed), Arthur Lee Giles, 19 (still on death row), … as part of a robbery scheme, invaded the home of Jones’ employer, Carl Nelson. They brutally murdered Mr. and Mrs. Nelson (both beaten and stabbed multiple times). Then the two black males went after the rest of the family, Mr. Nelson’s three children and his grandmother. All of them were stabbed multiple times.

  White Victims:
* Carl Nelson
* Willene Nelson
* Charlie Nelson, 10 (survived with multiple stab wounds)
* Tony Nelson, 21 (survived with multiple stab wounds)
* Brenda Nelson, 13 (survived with multiple stab wounds)

* Grandmother (survived)

14.  Nashville, Tenn. 1975
Public Abduction – Child – Murder

A black male, Jerome Barrett, 26,  …kidnapped two white females in separate incidences, one a college student and the other a 9-year old, to commit rape. After he was done with each victim he killed them.

* Marcia Trimble, 9
* Sara Des Prez, 20(?)

Note: Jerome Barrett boasted to investigators he killed “four blue-eyed bitches”.

15.  Warwick, R.I. 1987
Four Dead At The Hands Of Child Serial Killer

Serial Murderer Of White Females

 Craig Price, 15,
was 13 years-old when he committed his first kill of a white person - he murdered a  mother of two. Price then, apparently,  waited two years before he struck again, this time slaughtered a women and her two children.

 Victims are:
* Rebecca Spencer, 27
* Joan Heaton, 39
* * Jennifer, 10
* * Melissa, 8

** Craig Price still remains in prison, but believes he should be set free because the murders happened when he was a juvenile. He claims he is still imprison because of white racism.
16. Tulsa, Oklahoma, Nov. 2007’s-little-sister/

 Abuse Of A Child

A black male, Marquis Bullock, 18 … kidnapped and raped a 13 year-old white girl … then murdered her. 

* Cory Baker, 13
17.  Texas City, TX, March 1996

Public Abduction – Rape – Murder

A black male,Kevin Edison Smith, 29,  …abducted a white child to commit rape. After the black male raped the child, he murdered her and then tossed her into a river.

* Krystal Jean Baker, 13

Keven Smith says he “didn’t kill anybody” but DNA evidence proves he did. At the time of this atrocity, black male Smith lived only a few mile from where the white child was abducted.

            * This is Black-On-Black *

This is a staggering to the imagination attack by neighborhood black kids on an adult black female and her young son.  

West Palm Beach, 2007
          * The Dunbar Village Rape Case *
Home Invasion- Black Male Gang-Rape
Ten or more black teens, including ,
Tommy Lee Poindexter, 18
Avion Lawson , 14,
Jakaris Taylor, 17
Nathan Walker, 16

…approached the home of a  Haitian immigrant and knocked on the front door. Once the door was open, and apparently as part of a prearranged plan, the group of teens pounced on the adult female occupant, grabbing her and forcing her back into her home. The degradation, depravity and torture that the mother and her 12-year-old son were forced to endure - by the neighborhood kids – is described as follows:

“Police said Poindexter and Walker [and many of the others] raped and sodomized the mother, forced her and her son to have sex with each other and then doused the two victims with cleaning solutions in an attempt to destroy DNA evidence.”

When it was all over, the mother and child somehow were able to stagger their way to a place and summon help. Question: How does one recover psychologically and emotionally from such a violation of their person? –and inflicted on them by kids?

** Even though many more black teens were involved in this heinous rape and torture, the prosecutor stopped at four indictments.


19.   Houston, TX, 1981 (caught after many years of sexual assaults) 

Home Invasion – Sexual Abuse Of Children - Murder

 Black male,  Harman Clark, 35,… who apparently had had spent years perfecting his craft at staking out white people’s homes or apartments, particularly those with 10 to 12 year-olds girls, and then breaking in after midnight.  Once inside, at gunpoint, he would tie up the adults and then sodomize the little girls.  A father died trying to protect his daughter.

* Joseph E. McClain


20.  Aransas County, TX, Sept. 29, 1987 

Home Invasion - He Vowed To "Get Even"  

 A black male, Eddie James Johnson,35,… in the late night hours went to an apartment complex – in a white community – to abduct and murder a white male he believed got him fired. When black male Johnson broke into the white male’s apartment, he discovered three people, his white male target, an adult white female and her 10-year-old daughter. Black male Johnson then ordered all of them outside and into the white male’s car. He took them to a remote area, bound them hands and feet and then murdered all three (bounding them all seems to indicate black male Johnson spent some time taunting his would-be victims).

* David Magee
* Virgina Cadena, 29

* * Elizabeth Galvan, 10

21.  Houston, TX, Dec. 24, 2010 


Public Abduction – Racially Motivated Murder

A black female, Mona Yvette Nelson…abducted a 12-year-old white boy, brutally murdered him, then dowsed him with gasoline and burned him. Motive is unknown. Sentenced to life in prison - no parole.

* Jonathan Foster, 12

22.  Clarksville, TX, Sept, 9, 1993

Public Abduction - Rape - Torture - Murder

Reginald Lenard Reeves, 19,... offered a young white female a room for the night (she had just ran away from a group foster home).  Apparently when the girl refused his sexual advances black male Reeves became angry and brutally beat , then raped the girl.  After the brutal rape, black male Reeves decided to kill the white girl.  He beat her some more, tried to break her neck, and finally just strangled her to death


* Jenny Lynn Weeks, 14 
23.  College Station, TX, May 28, 2000

Armed Robbery Ambush - Mother & Daughter Murdered

A black male  Ynobe Katron Matthews, 24, murdered a white female during a rape attempt. Police then, after questioning him, discovered he was also the perpetrator of a rape and murder of another white female, who was a 14-year-old child.

* Carolyn Casey, 21
* Jamie Glenda Hart, 14
 Steubenville, OH, 2008
Child Abuse

 A black male, John Carter Jr., 33…deliberately placed a 2-year old white child in scolding hot water.

* Unidentified infant

25. Rochester, N.Y , Nov. 1995
Public Abduction – Rape
A black male, Keith Lamar Laster, 37,…accosted a young white girl waiting for her school bus. Laster then forced the girl to a secluded area where he raped her. Laster continued his predatory rapes over the next two years, raping three more – presumably white – schoolgirls.(From the TV show Cold Case Files)

* Crystal Seeler, 13
* Unidentified other victims


26.   Lee County, N.C. 2004
Home Invasion – Robbery – Murder

A black male, Victor Gamble, 20,…broke into the home of his former employer for the purpose of robbery. Once inside Gamble discovered an 11-year-old boy and murdered him. The boy’s lifeless body was found later by his father.

* Bradley Way, 11 (deceased)

27.  Fresno, CA, July, 2006

Abuse Of A Child – Sexual Assault
A group of black males (all allegedly college students), either sexually assaulted or watched the assault on a 11-year-old child (the picture of her from shoulder down, shows a white girl). Two black males were arrested.

Black Males Charged With Sexual Assault On A Child:
Mackey Davis, 20
Eddie Scott, 19

Note: Case went to trial, but no know verdict.
28. Brenham, TX, Aug. 11, 1985

 Mother and Child Kidnapped - Mother Raped - Both Murdered

   A black male
Kavin Lincecum, 19, abducted a white female schoolteacher and her 11-year-old child in broad daylight from a public parking lot.  The black male took the two to a secluded area where he then raped the white female - in front of her 11-year-old.  After the rape the black male beat then strangled the white female to death. The 11-year-old's hands were bound and he was thrown in the trunk. The boys mother was also thrown in the trunk and top of the 11-year-old. The temperature that day exceed 100 degrees. The boy died from heat asphyxiation.

* Kathy Coppedge, 35
* Casey Coppedge, 11
29.  Portland, OR, Dec. 13, 2001
Public Abduction – Rape – Murder
 Serial Rapist of white females... 

A black male, Ladon Stephens, 35,…was a serial rapist of white females. Stephens' last victim was a 14-year-old white girl, which he murdered after he raped her. 

* Melissa Bittler, 14

 30. Kansas City, MO, March, 22, 1989 
Public Abduction – Rape -Murder

Two black males,  Roderick Nunley, 24, Michael Taylor, 22
… abducted a white teenager waiting for her school bus. The two black males took the white girl to a secluded location and raped her. After the two black males were finished with their rape they bludgeoned her to death with kitchen.  The innocent young white girl is:

* Ann Harrison, 15
31. Amarillo, TX, Jan. 21, 1998
Home Invasion Massacre – Three Teenagers Executed
A black male, John Uzell Balentin, 28, …broke into the residence of a white family and murdered three people.
 * Edward Mark Caylor, 17
* Kai Brooke Geyer, 15
* Steven Brady Watson, 15 
 Remington, Indiana, OH, Sept. 2005 

Abuse Of A Child – Murder
Business Invasion – Murder

Two white females were working at the Family Express store in Remington, Indiana. A black male,

Melvin Keeling, 43,

…entered their store. When he left, the store was robbed and both of the white female clerks were dead. Keeling was eventually identified when the store’s surveillance tape was shown to the public.

Keeling was also forensically linked (rape?) to the killing a 13-year old white girl in Ohio, on Sept. 19, 2005

The three white female victims are:
 * Lisa Kendall, 29,
* Kendora Furr, 38
* Katie Caudill, 13

 San Diego, CA, 1998
Abuse Of Children

A black male,

Advil Scott, 28,

…was convicted of raping two white females (13 and 14 years-old). He was also convicted of running a prostitution ring. Most of girls were white and were forced to engage in prostitution under threat of violence. He was eventually caught and sentenced to life in prison.

Houston, TX, July 23, 1991
Business Invasion – Murder

Two black male,
Darrell Carr, 21
Odis Hadley, 21

…walked into a convenience store intending to commit robbery and murder. Both black males went to the counter and were greeted by a 7-months pregnant white female. Carr then pulled out his gun and, without provocation, shot her in the head. The white female delivered her baby by C-section. She was taken off life support two weeks later. Total take in this robbery/murder was $30.00.

* Priscilla Rangel, 16

Note: I'm going to include this one since black male Carr (police believe he was the trigger-man) could see that the young white female was very much pregnant.
Palmdale, CA, Aug. 29, 2006
Abuse Of A Child – Rape

A black male,
Marque Clark, 31

…staked out a bathroom in a theater complex waiting for a female to use it. A 10-year-old girl approached the bathroom and was accosted by Clark. He grabbed the little girl and then dragged her at knife point into an empty theater and then raped her.

* Unidentified victim


 Lancaster, CA, April 2005

A Black Male Can Turn On You At Any Time...

A black boy, 13 (name not revealed), got mad at a white male kid, who was fifteen, walked up behind him and slammed a baseball bat into his head, killing him. The black youth then lied about the white teen using a racial slur. The innocent white male victim is:

* Jeremy Rourke, 15

“Despite the Tuesday night fight and its tragic ending, the two boys had no history of problems, said Tony Trevino, who coached the Dodgers that night.”

“That’s what’s so shocking and so appalling,” he said. “What happened? What did we miss as a community? What did we miss as parents.”

 Note:  Are you seeing what I’m seeing by now? The Black male temperament is just too unpredictable. Ending forced integration would solve most of the problem violence against innocent white people.
Flint, Mich. July, 1997

* Black Male Atrocity! *

Abuse Of Children 

Attempted Black Male Massacre 

Black Racism - Humiliation

Three young white kids jumped a train in a rural part of Michigan and wound up in a black community in Flint , Michigan. As to what happened next, I will defer to another site (link provided below).

"The Highland Township [white] teenagers who hopped the CSX train on June 18 were far from pros. Afraid to jump off at Holly, they froze and wound up 25 miles north in a rough section of Flint. One of the boys, Michael Carter, 14, ended up dead. Another, Dustin Kaiser, 15, was beaten brutally before taking a bullet in the head. And the third, Nicole, 14, whose family asked that only her first name be used in this story, was pistol-whipped and shot in the face after being forced to perform oral sex."

The Black Male Feral Racists / Rapists / Murderers:

Christopher Darling, 18
Anthony Hollis, 23
Adrian Hollis, 20; 
Terrance Reyes, 18
Tyrone Reyes, 16 
Shannon Gould, 16
Note: The link below can give you all the details in this despicable black male hate crime.


Mt. Morris Township, Mich., Feb. 29, 2000

Kayla Rolland, 6-year-old, went to school on Feb. 29, 2000. While she sat in her classroom a 6-year-old black boy made his way to up her, pulled a gun then shot her pointblank in the head. Kayla died on the spot. And the black boy's reason? "I hate that girl."

 Kayla Rolland is one of the few white children that has an Internet site dedicated to her memory.
  Again, I must point out here, and I do realize it's a child perpetrating the crime, nevertheless,  it's important to take note of the complete unpredictable black temperament, no matter how young. Too many are dying.

 Las Vegas, NV, Feb. 2008  

Black Male Ambush 

A black male, Gerald Q. Davison, 16,

…was in the passenger seat of his friend’s car, along with three high school girls in the back seat. For reasons that aren’t exactly clear, black male Davison pulled out a hand gun. The car drove by a group of four high school students (three white and one Hispanic). The driver then slowed the car and Davidson leaned out the passenger window and fired at the group four times, striking one of the white male students in the chest.

The white male youth died that evening.

Police speculate that Davidson shot at the group solely to impress the girls in the car (and the thought of going to prison for 25 to life was also, obviously, no deterrent). The innocent white male is:

* Christopher Privett, 15
St. Louis County, MO, 2005
Abuse Of A Child – Rape – Attempted Murder

 A 6-year-old child (white) was beaten, raped and left for dead in a crime that shocked the Spanish Lake community in 2005.  The perpetrator was a 13-year-old black male.

Black Male Rapist:
Sherman Burnett Jr., 13

Greenville, N.C. June 30, 2001

Abuse Of A Child

Public Abduction – Rape – Murder

A black male,

Andre Edwards, 31,

…spotted a white female and decided he was going to abduct, rape and murder her. When her husband went into a convenience store, Edwards pounced on the young white female, who was holding her baby. He forced her into his car and drove off. The black male took the white female to a secluded area, where he viciously raped her, then beat her to death with a tire iron. Black male Edwards then tossed the white baby into the blazing hot sun, hoping it would die a slow and painful death.

* Ginger Hayes, 23
Las Vegas, NV, Feb., 2008

Black Male Ambush - Murder

A black male,

Gerald Q. Davison, 16,

 …was in the passenger seat of his friend's car, along with three high school girls in the back seat. For reasons that aren’t exactly clear, black male Davison pulled out a hand gun. The car drove by a group of four high school students (three white and one Hispanic). The driver then slowed the car and Davidson leaned out the passenger window and fired at the group four times, striking one of the white male students in the chest.

The white male youth died that evening.

*** Police speculate that Davidson shot at the group solely to impress the girls in the car (and the thought of going to prison for 25 to life was also, obviously, no deterrent). The innocent white male is:

* Christopher Privett, 15

Kingston, NY, January 08, 2008
Black Male Gang Rape
Black Racism – Rape

Five black teens gang rape a white girl in a high school bathroom.

Black Male Rapists:
Sharkey F. Daniel, 19
Quami Daniel, 17
Christian Moore-Giles, 18
Kory Rogers, 18
Tyler Bryan, 16

Innocent White female victim:
* Identity of 15-year-old withheld


Piscataway, N.J. Nov. 1, 1997
Young White Girl Raped, Beaten To 
Death And then Mutilated By Black Man
Good Samaritan Murder – Child Rape – Murder
Public Abduction – Child Rape – Murder
A white family took in a black male because the black male had family problems. The black male repaid their generosity with abducting their little 10-year-old daughter, dragging her out to a vacant field, then raping her. When he was done, the black male smashed her skull then, just to make sure she was dead, he sliced her throat from ear to ear. 

Black Male Murderer:
Yusaf Hagans, 24
Innocent White Girl:
* Lauren Relyea, 10

Why would a white mother of a 10-year-old girl allow an adult black male to board with them? The answer is, they felt sorry for him because he had an abusive mother.

Covington, GA, May 23, 2006
Abuse Of Children – Murder
Attempted Massacre
Black Racism – Murder
“A Smiling Black Man Ran Over Five People”
The black man, Lanny Perry Barnes, 46, deliberately drove into five innocent white people (two adult white females with their young children), clearly with the intent to murder.  He even put his car in reverse to drive over them a second time. Black male Barnes pleaded not guilty.
Innocent White Victims are:
* Stephanie Casola, 33 (in Hospital in Intensive Care ward)
* Jacob Paul Casola, 4 (in Hospital in Intensive Care ward)
* Isaac Raymond Casola, 3 (in Hospital in Intensive Care ward)
* Anita King, 36
* Avery King, 2 (died)

Alamance County, N. Carolina, Oct. 16, 1998
Abuse Of A Child – Rape – Torture – Murder
Public Abduction – Rape – Murder
Three blacks,
Joseph Jones, 13
Harold W. Jones, 16
Dorthia Bynum, 17

…abducted a 10-year-old white child. The white child was then raped by the two black males, then all three participated in strangling her and beating her to death with a bed post.
Innocent White Child:
* Tiffany Nicole Long, 10

Texas, February 24, 1999

Abuse Of A Child – Rape – Attempted Murder

Public Abduction – Male Rape – Attempted Murder
A black male,
Carlitos Bell, 30 (a convicted sex offender),

…abducted a little 8-year-old white boy. He raped the little boy for days then, while the boy was still alive, tossed him naked off a bridge in below freezing temperatures. The innocent little white boy miraculously survive the black man’s attempt to murder him.

El Paso, TX, June 4, 2001

Public Abduction – Rape – Murder

Black Male Sucker Punch

A black male,
Irving Alvin Davis, 18 (a Katrina evacuee),
…observed a 15-year-old girl walking home. He walked up to her, sucker punched her, then dragged her to a secluded area where he raped her. After black male Davis was through, he murdered the young girl. After the murder, Davis went to a friends home, obtained gardening clippers and then returned to the dead girl and cut off her fingers.

Innocent Female:
* Melissa Medina, 15

Fox Chase, PA, Nov. 11, 1994
Black Racism – Murder
A hoard of black males, armed with baseball bats, piled in cars and went looking for innocent white people to beat to death. They happened on a young male, chased him down and then beat him with fists, bats and stomped on him…until he was dead.

Black Males Arrested For Hate Attack:
Dawan Alexander, 18
Kevin Convey, 19
Thomas Crook, 19
Anthony Rienzi, 18
Bou Khathavong, 18
Carlo Johnson, 20

Innocent White Male:
* Eddie Polec, 16

Cleveland, Ohio, June 28, 1998
Abuse Of A Child – Murder

Black Racism – Murder
A black male,
Anthony Harris, 13, 

… without any just cause or warning walked up to a white child and stabbed her in the neck, causing her death. The black kid was reported to have told police, “She got what she deserved.”

Innocent White Child:
* Devon Duniver, 5

LA Place, LA. Dec. 2010

Abuse Of A Child – Murder

A black male,
Earnest Joseph III, 27,

…forced his way into the home of a teenage white female and then beat her to death. No known motive.  Update: Joseph was found guilty of murder and received a mere 28-year prison sentence. He'll be eligible for parole when he turns 42.

Innocent white Female;
* Taylor Adams, 15
Summit County, OH, March 1996
Abuse Of Children
Public Abduction – Rape – Murder

A black male,
Donald Craig,
…in two separate cases – confirmed by DNA evidence – kidnapped two white girls, sexually assaulted both of them then murdered them.
Innocent White Females:

* Roseanna Davenport, 12
* Malissa Thomas, 13

College Station, TX, Sept. 2010
"I gotta emergency. I was wonderin' if I can use your telephone."
Abuse Of A Child
A black male (and career criminal),
Stanley Griffin, 45,
…took advantage of a white female who had pitied him for being destitute. When black male Griffin knocked on the apartment door of the white female, he likely used some ruse get into her place, like, “I got an emergency. I was wonderin’ if I can use your phone.” Once inside, the black male POUNCED. He sucker punched her, beat her, then chocked her to death.

* Jennifer Hailey, 29
* Jason Hailey, 9-years-old, beaten, stabbed in the neck, survived after undergoing surgery

Franklin County, WA, Nov. 7, 2010
A black male,
Bryan M. Johnson, 19,


…was left in care of a white baby girl, 21 months old London Hodge. Evidently black male Johnson, in a fit of rage, shook the girl to death.  

(Irresponsible white mother:
Mother Natasha Steele, 21)  
Worth County, GA, August 11, 1974

                                        * Black Male Atrocity! *

Abuse Of A Child

Attempted Black Male Massacre
Rape Of A White Female

Williams:  “I ain’t never had a white bitch before”

A black male, William Mitchell, 35
(when executed by the state of Georgia), during a grocery store hold-up, raped a white female, then gunned down both the female and her 14-year-old. Two more white kids came into the grocery store, where black male Mitchell aimed his gun at them and pulled the trigger.  However, the gun jammed. Black male Mitchell then took the two young kids back to the cooler where he had just gunned down the mother and child. Again he pulled the trigger but, again, the gun wouldn’t fire. The two white kids were left in the cooler.
Innocent White Victims:
* Christopher Carr, 14 (deceased)
* Mrs. James Carr (shot four times, miraculously, survived)
* Two other white boys survived (though only because black male Mitchell’s gun failed to fire)

Clinton, Ill., 2003

Abuse Of A Child – Murder
A “low esteem” white female and high school drop out, Amanda Hamm, 26, became involved with a black man. Apparently, the white female’s three little [white] children were an interference and burden to the black male, so he convinced the white female to put the young kids into a car and then submerge it in a lake, then tell police it was an accident.

Black Male Murderer:
Maurice LaGrone Jr.27
Innocent White Children:
* Christopher Hamm,6
* Austin Brown, 3
* Kyleigh Hamm, 1

Gautier, Miss., Sept. 2, 1989
Needless to say, had this atrocity occurred before 1964, it would surely have resulted in a white male mob attack on the black community.  Prior to 1964, there is not ONE recorded incident (that I could find) of a white child rape being perpetrated by a black male in the history of Mississippi.

     Black Male Acts Out Sexual Rage 
               on 7-Year-old Girl
Public Abduction – Rape -Torture- Murder  
Abuse Of A Child
A black male,
Henry Lee Harrison,

…observed two 7-year-old white girls on their bicycles ride up to a convenience store. One of the young girls got off her bike and went into the store. As soon as black male Harrison saw that little white girl get off her bike … he had already decided what he was going to do to her. There was no one around to prevent him from doing what he was going to do, except the other 7-year-old. That is, the other 7-year-old could only tell people who did it, she could stop him. So it didn’t matter who saw him, or if he got caught. Black male Harrison was going to do what he was going to do.

I will defer to another site for the following description of what happened next:

“According to the other little girl, when April came out and got on her bicycle, Harrison chased her out of sight. April did not come home that night. On September 3, 1989, searchers found April’s nude, mutilated body in a wooded area close to the neighborhood where she lived. The child’s bloody shirt was knotted tightly around her neck.”

“As part of the murder investigation, the body of April Turner was examined by forensic pathologist, Dr. Paul McGarry. Upon removing the knotted shirt, Dr. McGarry observed thirty-six stab wounds to the child’s deeply indented neck and throat. He observed six more stab wounds on her forehead and one behind her left ear. Some of the wounds appeared to have been made by a sharp instrument while others exhibited a “star-shaped crisscross” configuration.”

“In addition to the stab wounds, Dr. McGarry documented a deep curved laceration of the child’s forehead above her right eyebrow. This wound displayed swelling and hemorrhaging indicating that April was alive when the blow fell. The doctor next noted extensive bruising of the head and face and extensive abrasions over the back of the body. The child’s genital area had been subjected to a “massive penetrating tearing injury” so severe that nothing separated her vagina from her rectum. Finally, the doctor noted extensive rubbing type abrasions on the outside and the inside of the lips (indicating forced oral sex).”
Innocent Little Girl:
* April Sherry Turner, 7

Note: Remember the little black girl , Sherrice Iverson, that was molested (not raped) and then murdered by a white male in Las Vegas? Vaguely, right? But you remember hearing about it because it was plastered all over the media…nationwide. I bet you knew nothing of the rape and murder of April Turner. The MSM made sure you didn’t hear about it.

Oh, if you google  ‘Sherrice Iverson'  note all the pictures of her and her killer. Then google  ‘April Turner.’  NOTHING. Not even a wikipedia page.

58. Chino Hills, CA, June 4, 1983

* Black Male Atrocity! *
Black Male Massacre - White Family
Abuse Of Children

A black male (escaped convict),
Kevin Cooper, 25,

...was squatting in a vacant home in a white community (Chino Hills) for almost two months. For unknown reasons, black male Cooper simply decided to  - use his integration freedom granted to him by the federal gov't in the 1960s and - walk over to a white family's home and brutally murder everyone inside. The scene was a very grizzly one. Black male Cooper used a hatchet to attack all his victims. After the hatchet he then use a knife ... and then an ice pick.

* Christopher Hughes, 11 (deceased)
* Douglas Ryen (deceased)
* Peggy Ryen (deceased)
* Josh Ryen , 8 (survived despite his throat being slit)
* Jessica Ryen, 10 (deceased)

Wayne County, MI, October 1, 1993

                    A MUST READ!
Black Racism – Inhumane Cruelty On Children
Home Invasion – Racism - Torture
A 14-year-old and a 10-year-old (both black) forced white boys (brothers) to perform sex acts on them as well as on each other.

“The brothers [ages 7 and 10] were forced to take off their clothing and perform a sex act upon their attackers, forced to fondle and sodomize each other, crawl to fetch a tennis ball, and were beaten with sticks and fists. One of the brothers was hit in the head with a board and nearly knocked unconscious. “According to statements and testimony, the attackers, who are African-American, told the victims, who are white, at one point in the ordeal that they were treating them like slaves, ‘because you’re white and we hate whites….’

“‘This is the worst case I’ve seen in my four years with the prosecutor’s office,’ said [Assistant Wayne County Prosecutor Jerry] Dorsey…. “These were clearly terrorist behaviors…beyond a mere sex thing or a fighting thing that boys get into. This was clearly designed to humiliate and terrorize and inflict fear and pain on these boys, both physical and psychological.’ "

In 1925 Detroit, Clarence Darrow defended a black male, Ossian Sweet (Darrow was paid by the NAACP) and nine other black men. Sweet, along with his nine cohorts (all black males), waited in Sweet’s newly purchased home in a white community to ambush white people, who they thought were going to come storming into the home to forcibly remove Sweet and his family. In Detroit at that time white people DID NOT want blacks living in their neighborhoods. Apparently, blacks were unwilling – or incapable – of building their own homes. When the white people did not come charging into Sweet’s home, impatient, the black males opened fire on an unarmed white crowd in front of the home, killing one innocent white male (who was married and had a child) and seriously wounding another. Clarence Darrow put up such a passionate defense for Mr. Sweet and the nine other black men, constantly inferring that blacks could, and should, be trusted in white communities; and that white people were acting prejudiced if they viewed the black man suspiciously or untrustworthy. His impassioned defense saved the black males from certain murder convictions and long prison sentences. Fast foreword to today. I wonder if Clarence Darrow, had he been able to “magically” survive another 85 years, would feel today the same type of visceral passion for racial integration he felt back in 1925?
Port Arthur, TX, Feb. 6, 1998
                       * Black Male Atrocity! *
Abuse Of A Child
Home Invasion - Rape Murder

A black male,
Elroy Chester, 27,

…invaded the home of a white female and beat her then tied her up. Black male Chester then turned his attention to the female’s two young daughters.  They were forced into a bedroom a made to strip down.  Black male Chester then brutally raped both of them. During the rapes, the girl’s uncle came into the home … and was immediately ambushed and gunned down .  Black male Chester then burglarized the home.

Reason for cowardly black male Chester‘s crime: "…hate for white people"

White Family Victimized: 
* Kim Ryman Deleon (survived)
* 14-year-old daughter (survived)
* 16 year old daughter (survived)
* Willie Ryman III (deceased)

Other Murders Admitted To:
* John Henry Sepeda, 78 (w/m)
* Etta MaeStallings, 87 (w/f)
* Cheryl DeLeon, 40 (w/f)
* Albert Bolden Jr., 35 (b/m)

Note: Black male Chester, in an attempt to prevent being executed,  is employing  the new and popular - among black males - gimmick, claiming he retarded.  And the government says you can't execute someone who's retarded. 
Riverside, CA,  Oct.28, 1980

Abuse Of A Child - Rape -Murder 

Public abduction - Child Rape 

A black male, 
Albert Greenwood Brown, Jr., 26,

...was employed (mechanic) by a white male in a predominantly white community.  Black male Brown observed the daughter of a white female who brought her car in for service and decided he was going to rape the girl - then murder her.  Finding out where she lived was easy.  All black male Brown had to do was look on the work invoice.  He likely observed the white girl for a few days - taking advantage of the new integration laws (no one could stop him cuz he had civil-rights now).  He found out what rout she walked to school then,  posing as a jogger, when the white girl passed his car ...  black male Brown pounced on her. She was kidnapped, taken to a remote area, raped then strangled to death with a shoelace.  Black male Brown then, to have some sadistic fun, called the white mother of the child and taunted her about never seeing her daughter again. 

 * Susan Louise Jordan, 15 

Note: Needless to say, had forced integration laws not existed, young Susan would have had the opportunity to grow up, get married and have a family.   The total number of white females in Riverside, CA, 15 and under, abducted, raped and murdered by a black male prior to 1964 ... is ZERO.
Chula Vista, CA, 1986
Abuse Of A Child - Rape - Murder

Home Invasion - Kidnapping  - Rape  -Murder

A black male (on parole for rape),

George Williams Jr., 31 (at time of crime
…broke into a white male’s home in the middle of the night, kidnapped his 14-year-old daughter, raped her, then murdered her . Black male Williams then tossed the dead girl on the side of a freeway.

Innocent White Girl:
* Rickieann "Rickie" Blake, 14

   And just what kind of predator was black male Williams?  Here’s the rundown of his known offenses:
--1981 rape of a 15-year-old girl
--1984 molestation of his 6-year-old daughter
--1985 rape of a 20-year-old woman in Oakland
--rape of a 24-year-old woman and also the RAPE of her 6-year-old daughter … one week after he killed Blake
--13-year-old male family member sodomized 1988

63. Texas, February 24, 1999
Public Abduction – Child Rape – Attempted Murder
Abuse Of A Child – Rape – Attempted Murder

A black male,
Carlitos Bell, 30 (a convicted sex offender),

  …abducted a little 8-year-old white boy. He raped the little boy for days then, while the boy was still alive, tossed him naked off a bridge into a river in below freezing temperature. The white child miraculously survive the black man’s attempt to murder him.  However, psychologically, how can he EVER recover from something like this?

 64.  Riverside, CA, Nov. 16, 1984
Attempted Public Abduction - Murder
Abuse Of A Child - Murder 

A black male (serial rapist),
Horace Kelley, 25,

  ...observed two white children walking (male and female).  Black male Kelly stopped his van, leaped out and charged up to the kids. He then grabbed the the girl (13-years-old) and dragged her toward his van. However, the brave little boy ran up to black male Kelly and began kicking him in the knees, shins and harassing him, so much so that he freed the girl. Black male Kelly, now furious (his intended rape ruined), gunned the boy down.

Innocent White Male:
* Daniel Osentkowski, age 11

65. Detroit, MI, Jan. 2011 

 Abuse Of A Child - Rape - SEX SLAVE 

Public Abduction - Rape

A black male,
Lamar Moore, 38

...abducted a white girl to use as a sex slave.  Somehow the white girl was able to escape ... before the black male killed her.  Knowing he was likely going back to prison (he was a career criminal, serial sex offender), black male Moore charged into a Detroit Police station and shot four police officers (one was black, the other three's racial identity unknown).  Black male Moore died in the shootout.

* Identity of 13-year-old withheld
 66.    Erie, PN, Aug. 2010

Abuse Of A Child - Murder

Home Invasion - Sexual abuse - Murder

A black male (career criminal),
Aaron Noyer, 22,

…broke into the home of a white family intending to commit a burglary, instead he kidnapped their 2-year-old child, sexually assaulted her…then murdered her.

Innocent Child:
* Elizabeth Neimeic, 2
 67. Kansas City, KS, 1980

Home Invasion - Rape Of Child

Black sexual predator,
Wesley Watson, 19,

...followed a young white girl home (in her white community) and then raped her. In 2011, this black male sexual predator accosted another female (presumably white) in a public shopping center claiming he was a police officer.  He then attempted to abduct her, but the female was able to fight him off.

Innocent White female:
Lisa Clancy Nolla , 14
 68.   Clairemont , CA, Aug. 9, 1989

 Abuse Of A Child  

Black Male Massacre

Home Invasion - Murder

A black male and a Latino male,
Christopher Box, 20 (ringleader and murderer)
Manuel Flores, 17

  ...broke into a duplex and murdered (knifed, beat and strangled) three white people. Motive was robbery and burglary. The little boy, beaten and strangled, was thrown in an alley.

Innocent White Victims:
* April Gilhousen, 20 (deceased)
* Bryan Gilhousen, 3 (deceased)
* Kevin Morton Chandler, 29 (deceased)

Note: Box is on CA death row.
 69.   Los Angeles, CA, early 1980s

Black Male Serial Killers 

Abuse Of A Child

Home Invasion – Rape – Torture – Murder

Two black males (brothers, serial murders/rapists),
Kevin Haley, 20,
Reginald Haley, 24,

…would drive around white neighborhoods looking for an elderly white woman's home to invade. Once inside, the black predators would rape the white woman, then murder her. Naturally, her home would also be burglarized. Their total victim count is 9 (8 dead).

Innocent White Victims:
* Jodie Samuels, 15 (white community)

* Willa Gerber,(survived – white community)
* Olga B. , 58 (survived – white community)
* Isabel Burton, 90 (white community?)
* D. Robinoff , 78 (white community)
* Elizabeth Burns, 87 (white community?)
* Laverne Stolzy, 58, (white community ?)
* Elizibeth Karp, 89 (white community?)
* Dolores Clement, 55 (white community)
70.  Alexandria, VA, April , 2007

Abuse Of A Child - Murder

Black Racism - Murder

A black male,
Gregory Devon Murphy

..calmly walked up to a little white boy, pulled out a knife and attacked him in a violent racist hate crime. The boy died at the scene.

* Kevin Shifflet, 8
 U.S. Okinawa Military Base – 1995

Three black males, and members of the U.S. Military,
Marcus Gill
Rodrico Harp
Kendrick Ledet

 …chased down a 12-year-old Okinawa girl. When they caught her they beat her, duck-tapped her then took turns raping the little girl.  Amazingly, the three black male rapists left the little girl alive.  The three black child rapists were easily tracked down.

* Ledet also raped and murdered a white female college student. 

The innocent white female:
* Lauren Cooper, 20
 71.  Grand Rapis MI, July 7, 2011

             * Black Male Atrocity * 

Black Male Massacre

Home Invasion - Massacre

A White Female Brings A Black Male Into the Household

A black male,
Rodrick Dantzler,

...murdered five innocent white people, including his ex-girlfriend and his child - total of seven. Police claim it was entirely a premeditated mass murder. Apparently, black male Danzler was being forced out of the white female's home - with no income and no job prospects.

Innocent White Victims:
  * Marissa Lynn Emkens , 10
* Rebecca L. Heeren , 52
* Thomas Heeren, 51
* Kimberlee Emkens, 23
* Amanda Emkens, 27
72. Brunswick, GA, May 2000

Public Abduction - Rape Murder

Abuse Of A Child - Rape -Torture - Murder 

Family Devastated!

A black male,
James Christopher Miley, 18

...desired to rape a young white girl, then mercilessly beat her to death. The young white girl was kidnapped then, according to police, "The 14-year-old girl's body was found near the St. Marys waterfront. Investigators said her throat had been slit and her face mutilated."

Innocent White Girl:
* Ashley Nichole Neeves, 14 
73.  Twinsburg, OH, Aug. 5, 2004

Abuse Of A Child

A black male,
Derrick Todd Jones, 32,

 ...even though he was on parole for sexually molesting a white 17-year-old girl in  Menlo Park, Calif. in February of 2004 (and received  7 mo. in jail, released on probation), a door-to-door traveling magazine subscription company hired him to do the same job he used to attack the 17-year-old. Result? Jones spotted a 15-year-old white girl and followed her to a home (she was doing baby-sitting).  Jones knocked on the door. When the girl answered, the black male,  after determining  there were no adults in the house, grabbed the young girl and then stuck his hand down her pants to insert his fingers into her. She told him "I feel like you're raping me!" Where as black bully Jones said "I got better things to be doing than raping a kid".  Before black male Jones left, he did the same act again - apparently just to prove to himself and the girl that he could do anything he felt like doing to her. Police arrested black bully/child molester Jones and, at tax payers expense, his attorney got Jones a sentence of only 6 months. Today, child molester Jones is back in county lock-up: Drug possession.

 * Names of white victims withheld 
   74.   Columbus, OH, March 15, 1991

Public Abduction - Rape- Murder

Abuse Of A Child - Rape - Murder

A black male,
Marvin Lee Smith, 35,

...abducted a white girl at a bus stop, took her to a cemetery where he raped and then brutally murdered her by beating her to death with a headstone.

Innocent White Female:
* Jessica Lyn Keen, 15
75.  Grand Rapids, MI, 1979

 Public Abduction - Murder

A black male,Albert Lee, 27...abducted an 11-year-old white female and strangled her to death.  Curiously,  no rape is being reported.

*  Linda VanderVeen, 11
 76.  Garner, N. Carolina, Jan. 1, 2005

Home Invasion - Rape - Murder 

A black male,Kenneth Ray O'Neal Jr.20,...apparently obsessed with a young white girl living across the street, walked over to her home, barged in, then went up to the girls bedroom and knifed her to death.  The black male then sexually molested her.

* Amanda 'Raechel' Maynard , 15
 77.  Oxford Township, MI, September 9, 2009

White Female Invites Convicted Murderer Into Household - Child Is Deliberately Shot In The Face
A white female told a mooching unemployed career criminal (convicted murderer), Keyon Timmons, 28, to get out. He vowed revenge for losing his free meal ticket and went to the white female’s mobile home to murder her. When Timmons found out his intended target wasn’t there, he turned his gun on an innocent 5-year-old white child and shot her in the face.

* Jordayna Barrett , 5 (survived, but requires many surgeries to repair her face)
 78.  Between 1975 and 1982, Oakland , CA

Serial Rapist And Murdered Of White People

A black male  (career burglar and child molester out on parole),
 Charles "Junior" Jackson  (DOB 1938 - 2002),

...was linked to the murders of seven white people. Among Jackson's many innocent white victims was an 11-years-old girl, who was abducted, raped then brutally murdered.

White Child Victim:
--Cynthia Waxman, 11 (Public Abduction - Rape - Murder - April 22, 1978)

Other White Victims:
 --Sonya Higginbotham, 19 ( Home Invasion - Rape- Murder June 1975 )
-- Ann Johnson, 27, ( Home Invasion  - Rape - Murder- August 1975 )
--Betty Jo Grunzweig, 37, (Home Invasion- Rape - Murder - December 1981)
--Gail Leslie Slocum, 34 (Home Invasion -Rape - Murder - December 1981)
--Henry Vila and wife, Edith  (Home Invasion -Rape - Murder -November 1981)

 -- Joan Stewart , 42? ( Public abduction - Rape - Murder - 1082)
  79.  Bremerton , WA, June 13, 1988

Public Abduction - Child Rape- Murder  

A black male (career criminal), Jonathan Lee Gentry,  32,  ...abducted a little white girl from a public park, dragged her into the woods, raped her then brutally murdered her.

 Innocent White Girl:
* Cassie Holden , 12
  80.  Denver, CO, May 31, 1998

Public Abduction - Rape - Murder

A criminal Black & Mexican gang (Deuce-Seven Crenshaw Mafia Gangster Bloods ) abducted a 14-year-old white girl, took her to a secluded location and there they all took turns raping and  torturing her (ramming broom handle into her vagina) then stabbing 28 times ... until she was dead.  Naturally, her pleas and screams for mercy were ignored by the savages.

Daniel "Bang" Martinez Jr., 25
 Francisco "Pancho" Martinez, 25
 Frank "Little Bang" Vigil Jr. , 17
 Samuel "Zig Zag" Quintana Jr.,25

White Female:
* Brandaline "Brandy" Rose DuVal , 14
 81.  Union, MO, Dec. 1, 2003

Black Male Babysitter Murders Child

A black male, Larry Clay, ...was left alone with a 3-year-old white child and, for unknown reasons, ended up beating her to death.

* Macayla Carpenter , 3-months-old

82.  Peoria, Illinois, June 14, 2004

Ambush - Mother And Daughter Murdered

A black boy, Martize M. Smolley, 16…decided to get some money the easy way. He staked out an ATM and waited. A car drove up with two white female occupants (mother and daughter). Smolley charged up to the driver pointing his gun in her face and demanded money. The white female, startled, tried to drive off.  The black kid then fired his gun at her head.  The bullet struck both females.

* Kelly Houser, 42 ? (deceased)
* Amy Allen, 14 (deceased)
83.  Toledo, OH, 1973 to 1981

Serial Killers /Rapist Of White People

 Child Abduction - Ambush  - Rape  -- Torture -- Murder

Exclusive rape targets were white females... All their murders were also white people

Two black males,  Anthony  & Nathanial Cook, were serial rapist and murderers of white people --and only white people.

Brothers Cook's White Victim's List:

 White Child Abduction - Rape - Murder:
 * Dawn Backes, 12 (deceased)


Other White Victims:
* Todd Sabo (shot and stabbed in the neck--survived)
* Leslie Sawicki (survived)
* Peter Sawicki (deceased)
* Tom Gordon, 24 (deceased --murdered so the two black rapists could rape his girlfriend))
*  Tom Gordon's Girlfriend (un-named -- raped and then stabbed repeatedly and left for dead --survived)

* Vicki Small (deceased -- Anthony posed as a Good Samaritan and offered her a ride. Result? Raped and murdered)
*  Scott Moulton, 21,  (deceased - murdered by Anthony so he could rape his girlfriend)
* Denise Siotkowski, 22 (deceased - raped murdered by Anthony)

* Connie Thompson, 19 (deceased -- both brothers offered her a ride - posing as Good Samaritans. Result? Gang raped and murdered)

*   Daryl Cole, 21 (deceased--murdered so Anthony could rape his girlfriend)
*  Stacey Balonek, 21 (deceased -- raped and murdered)
84. Clayton, NJ, Oct. 2012

Teens Murder 12-Year -Old White Girl ... For Her Bike -- WOW!

Two black males, Justin, Robinson, 15, and his brother Dante Robinson, 17,  ambushed a 12-year-old white girl and then brutally murdered her ... solely because they wanted her bicycle. Note: The two have already confessed to the crime.

* Autumn Pasquale, 12
 85.  St. John Parish ,  LA  2010

'Fair Housing Act' Brutal Rape & Murder Of 15-Year-Old
 Earnest Joseph III, 26 (career criminal), who lived with his mother, evidently became aware a young white female, who lived down the street from him,  was often home alone at night, as her mom worked the graveyard shift.  It appears Joseph knocked on the door and simply hoped the young girl would answer. When she did, Joseph barged inside. Joseph then raped the girl, then beat her death with a frying pan.  Joseph plead guilty and got a mere 28 years. he'll be eligible for parole before he turns 50.

"Coroner Christy Monegut has confirmed that Adams' body showed evidence of sexual activity within a 48-hour window preceding her slaying."

Innocent White Female:
* Taylor Adams, 15

  86.  Oxnard, CA  1980

            'Fair Housing Act' Atrocity

Cold Case Cracked After 32 Years! DNA LINKS Black Man To Home Invasion - Rape  - Murder Of 15-Year-Old Girl

Arrested For Rape - Murder:
Thomas Young, 65 (33 at time of home invasion, rape & murder of white feamel)

Stacy Knappenberger, 15

87.  Oakland, CA , Aug. 9, 1974

Home Invasion - Rape Of White Child - MURDER

A black male, Curtis Tucker, 23,   posed as a delivery man and knocked on the front door of a white household. When a young girl answered, and confirmed she was the only one in the home, that's when black male Tucker barged inside. He first beat the little girl, then raped her. After the vicious rape, Tucker retrieved a blunt object, and while the terrified little girl was crying and begging to be left alone, he beat her to death.

*Julie McElhiney, 13 

Note:  Tucker in 1972 posed as a delivery man in an attempt to get entry into a white female's home. Once inside, Tucker attacked her and tried to rape her. However, Tucker was unaware another white female was there and she clocked him in the head with a lamp, rendering him unconscious until police arrived.
Waco, Tx  2016

Black Male Abducts 15-Year-Old 'White'
 Teen And Keeps Her In His House As A Sex Slave And Sells Her To His Black Buddies

 “It was like he had a trophy,” the girl testified. “Like, ‘I have this white girl, and she is young and pretty.’”

Before black male Evans, 51,  was sentenced he told the judge :"She got what she deserved." The judge (white) sentenced the black ma to 112 years.  So the Texas taxpayers will have to support this black male for the rest of his life. 

* Over the last 40 years, the total number of attacks on black children by white males or females  that I could find on the Internet ... is ONE (7-year-old Sherice Iverson).  


  1. I Love this page, you are an inspiration to me and a hero to all white men and women. Though blacks claim that whites do this just as often to blacks they never seem to prove any of it. thanks for getting the truth out there and i hope you continue this wonderful work so white people can see the high cost of multiculturalism!

  2. I think this would be a wonderful opportunity to pause for a moment and
    give thanks for the great contributions of the Black community to our society.
    Their peaceful and generous nature make them ideal neighbors, lending
    testimony to their exceptional family values and parenting skills unrivaled
    by any other culture, not to mention their honesty and trustworthiness.Their
    commitment to academic excellence enriches our schools and serves as
    an example to all who hope to achieve prominence as a people. Real
    estate values are fueled by the mix of African Americans into an area due
    to their caring and respectful nature of these communities, an example of all
    they have achieved through their enthusiasm for self improvement by hard
    work and a self-reliant can-do nature. Without their industrious and creative
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