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Black Males & Their Historical Crime Rates

Note: I'm going to break this blog into a two parts series.  

--Part I  will contain facts and statistics for the black males in the area of crime while the USA operated under the historic formula for a societal structure, which I will refer to, for lack of a better description, as the DMG Theorem. Link 

--Part II  will demonstrate what effect  Compulsory Inclusionism (Civil Rights Acts 1964, 65' and 68') has had on black male crime rates. 

>>>Blacks Lynching Blacks  - Truth About Lynching - LINK<<<
                          >>> Why Negro Were Lynched - LINK<<<

Part I

    According to the U.S. Census for 1900 ... the Negro population was 8,833,994... and 87%  of the Negroes still lived in the South.   The total urban Negro population in America was 11%.  It was also around 1900 that industrialization was beginning its ascent in America.  By the end of the 1950s, the majority of America's blacks were now living in Anglo-created urban centers ( in 1960 ... 56% of Negroes in the South lived in cities, in the North, 96%,  and West, over 93% of Negroes lived in urban centers). 

  NEVER in human history had a single society experienced more economic prosperity than America did during the 1950s.  

In 1960, the American Negro population reached almost 19 million.  As of 1960:

-- there are 1,551 U.S. cities number built by American Negroes: -0-
-- number of industries established by Negro males: -0-
-- number of tax bases created by Negro males capable of sustaining gov't services: -0-

-- total number of residential housing structures built by Negro males in major metropolitan centers: So minute statistically immeasurable

-- number of white males & females employed by a Negro and supporting a family: -0- (I have not found a single case)

--total number of Negro male registered businesses: 34,400 (in other words, only .0043 of all adult black males owned their own business in 1960-  all are mom & pop operations. Source: Chronological History of the Negro -pg 523)

-- total amount of monies generated by Negro businesses that contributed to the US tax base (1960): So minute statistically immeasurable/ inconsequential

-- number of Negroes employed by a white person (household/corporation/business) or the white tax base: 99% of all wage earning black males worked for a white business/ corporation, household or the white tax base (i.e. the tax base = monies generated from businesses & industries in 1960 by federal, state local governments).

Clearly the Negro race in American history up until 1960 had demonstrated demonstrably different behavioral characteristics when compared to White males. More specifically, while one race provided for themselves and their people within America's urban centers, the other discernibly failed to do so.  This failing is undoubtedly a  major  contributor to the urban Negro crime rates  represented  below. 

Note: Regarding no cities built by the Negro race, by contrast, in 1820 the American population (i.e. white people) was approx. 8.5 million , the approximate size of the Negro population in 1900,  and American males had already by then built 61 cities (2000 or more inhabitants). SOURCE



 W.E.B Du Bois: 

"In the city of Philadelphia the increasing number of bold and daring crimes committed by Negroes [since 1890] has focused the city on this subject. There is a widespread feeling that something is wrong with a race that is responsible for so much crime, and that strong remedies are called for. One has but to visit the corridors of the public buildings, when the courts are in session, to realize the part played in law-breaking by the Negro."
    Book: The Philadelphia Negro - 1898  (pg. 241)



 Regarding rape:  The penalty for a rape conviction in the USA from 1900 to 1970,  particularly for a black male and the victim was white, was not always death.  It was most likely a lengthly prison term.  In the state of Virginia, for example, between 1900 and 1960, out of 288 rape cases involving black males raping white females, only 50 (22%) were executed by the state (17 were lynched).

Negro prison statistics for 1904...LINK


Comparison Of Negro And American Prisoners For Some Major US Cities For 1910
LINK  (pg, 80)

Even though only 11% of the Negro population was living in the American-built urban centers, note in the link above the great disparity in the incarceration rates of American (white) & Negro.


 According to the far-left leaning Sentencing Project:

 "In 1926, for example, Black Americans comprised barely 21 percent of the prison population. But in each subsequent decade, with almost clock-work precision, the percentage has increased by an average of five percent."

Is this statement accurate? Let's check...  

  I cannot find prison figures for 1926 where there is a racial breakdown ( I would like to know the source used by The Sentencing Project, as I have poured over the gov't statistical abstracts- NOTHING); however, I did find prison records for 1923.  In 1923, according to the gov't statistics above, blacks (including females) are - oops - not 21% ... but rather 31% of America's prisoners (figure includes those present in county jails). So blacks in American prisons in 1923 - during the roaring 20s economic boom! - are disproportionately represented at more than 3 times their population count. No one should doubt that in 1926 blacks were represented at approximately the same percent in the prison system. 

Note: Between 1933 and 1939 black males were imprisoned at a rate of about 24% for each successive year.  

1941 and 1943 

Between 1941 and 1943 blacks are - AGAIN -  being imprisoned at rate of approx. 30%.  


1950 and 1960, US prison by race

In 1950, black males are now  35% of US prison population (including local jails).

In 1960, black males are 38% of the total US prison  population (local jails included).



Time Magazine 1958: The Negro Crime Rate : A Failure In Integration


NYC = Black 14% of city population. Of those arrested in 1957, 44% black males; 65% black female.

Chicago = Black 15% of city population. 49% of all the predatory crimes of rape, robbery and murder are attributed to blacks.

Los Angeles (city) = Black 13% of city population.  48% of all arrests for predatory crimes of rape, robbery and murder are attributed to blacks.

Detroit = Black 25% of city population.  In the county of Detroit, 66% of the person in its jail systems are black. Of all arrests in the county, 50% are black.

Wait a minute now.  For those of you you have been reading my blogs, you know Time Magazine's title 'The Negro Crime Rate : A Failure In Integration'   is a flagrant misnomer. Integration (by force) was created on July 2, 1964 (Civil Rights Act).  So the Negro males' crime rates represented  here cannot be a failure in integration. It is rather, a failure of the black male in urban centers. 



During the 1950s,  arguably the BIGGEST economic boom in all of human history is taking place, and it's taking place in America.  Yet, America's Negroes are not just faltering. They are withering is desolation and despair.  This, of course, is not a plot conceived by the white man.  White males were, and always had been,  the major source of employment for the Negro (male and female),  and also took it  upon themselves  - because the Negro would not or could not -  to built housing for them (public housing).  White males also provided through their tax base a welfare system to feed the Negroes who were hungry.  

Remember, the black race was supposed to be separate and self-reliant as a people i.e. they were SUPPOSED to build their own towns, cities, industries, tax base, create their own political titles, or, if they truly felt oppressed, colonize a place in America e.g. like the Mormons did.  One distinct people living separate from another distinct people was the established norm throughout human history.  

Journalist Theodore H. White describes life in Chicago for the Negro in 1956 as follows:

“… Fifteen to 25 per cent [Negroes] unemployed here; one quarter of [Negro] families in some [census] tracts without fathers; of 17,000 Negro births in Chicago, an estimated 4,000 illegitimate.”

“… of all the women in Chicago's county jail, 69 per cent are Negro; of all the men, 62 per cent; of all the forlorn on relief, 72 per cent Negro; of all the clients of public housing in Chicago, seeking shelter of the government, 70 per cent Negro. And in Detroit, Philadelphia, New York, kindred figures grimly repeat themselves.”

The page below is a copy taken directly from the Government Statistical Abstracts and is the earliest crime statistics I could find produced by the federal gov't which breaks down crime by race.

In 1958 Negroes were about 11% of the total US population.   We are shown here for the first time what white people in the 1950s very likely already suspected regarding Negro violent crime.  

Year 1958

Rape:: 46% Black
Robbery:: 54% Black
Murder:: 61% Black



Was the Negro violent crime statistics for the year 1958 just an anomaly ? Below are 1960 stats.

 Note: Murder non-negligence implied intentional murder. Negligent homicide is a reduced charge, implying non-intent to murder the victim.

Year 1960

Rapes:: 52%  Black
Robbery:: 56% Black
Murder:: 56%  Black

Here's something that you should find interesting.  In this following table, note the substantial drop in predatory crimes (rapes, robbery, murder) when black males live in a rural environment.

* Again, black males are 10% of the US male population.

Year 1960 (rural predatory crimes)

Rapes:: 19%  Black
Robbery:: 23% Black
Murder:: 37%  Black



Between 1930 and 1963, of the 3833 executions carried out by states and the federal gov't :
--54%  were black.
--90% of all executions for Rape were black.   


The above statistics, as everyone can plainly see, show a very clear propensity on the part of the Negro male (between 1900 and 1960) to commit violent crimes, and particularly within urban centers. However,  let's keep this in mind:: 
  • the percentage of black males between 16 and 35 in the prison system was within the acceptable range for cooperation from a male group.1
Let's do the math.   First, let's take a look at the percentage of black & white males represented in the state and federal prison system in 1960 between the ages 16 to 35.  This age group (16 to 35) within any societal structure would have to cooperate to produce political  & economic stability ( at least that seems reasonable to me as these are the prime years ).  In 1960, the census reported the black population at approx. 18 million. That would mean that approx. 9 million black males lived in the US.  Of that 9 million about 40% would be between the age of 16 and 35 years-old.[1]     So, 40% of 9 million=3.6 million black males between 16 and 35.  Of that 3.6 million in 1960 ...  87,400  black males are in the US prisons (state and federal)That means that approx.  2.4 %  of black males in this age group (16 - 35) are incarcerated within federal & state prisons in the US. 2 

 For white males between 16 and 35, there were approx. 80 million white males total, and, using the same percentages above, 40% of 80 million = 32 million white male between 16 and 35. There were 162,000 white males in the state and federal prison in 1960. So, 162 (k) /32 (m)=.005.  In other words, only one half of one percent - .05% - of white males in our stated age group are incarcerated in state and federal prisons in 1960.   

Note: A "male group" are males racially, linguistically and religiously similar.

1.  While there is no generally accepted percentage for a male group to cooperate to maintain stability within a society, we can, however, look at the Continental Army during the American Revolution and at least get a rudimentary approximation as to what percentage of a male group who chose to no longer cooperate with the status quo, can result in the collapse of the political system (in our case, the British colonial system).  The American population in 1780 was approx. 2.7 million.  Half of that number would be males.  Using our 40% figure for males between 16 and 35, the age group that would comprise virtually the entire fighting force for the Continental Army, that would mean that there would be approx. 450,000 American males available to Washington to fight the British.  However, only about 20,000 of that number ever fought with Washington.  In other words, it took only about 4% of the males between 16 and 35 to bring down the whole British colonial system.  Again, blacks in 1960, their prison rate – non-cooperation rate - for the age group 16 to 35, is approx. 2.4%. White males, it’s at .005 approx. Ergo, for both male groups (white & black), both are in the acceptable cooperation range.

Note:  Negro males, with the exception of a few incidents,  did not fight in the Continental Army.

2.  I am factoring in the mean life expectancy for black & white male's between 1900 and 1960.  For blacks, it was about 55 years.  For whites, about 64 years.



Black Male Crime Statistics
Under  'New'
 (1964 to present)

Why did American Negroes march down America's streets and demand integration rights into political and economic systems of a people (White Christians) they were also labeling as their brutal oppressor? Why didn't the Black race demand separation and autonomy?  All of human history suggests a people who claim they are brutally treated and oppressed by another...that's what they should do. But American Blacks didn't do that. They never did it. WHY?   Because Blacks wanted and received the biggest magnanimous gesture by one people toward another in human history:  the Black PRIVILEGE --AKA Civil Rights Laws.

The Black PRIVILEGE is embodied in America's civil rights laws ( passed into law by White Christian males) during the Johnson presidency.  Here are some of the PRIVILEGES bestowed on the Black race with the the federal  '64, '65 & '68 Civil Rights Acts.

What the Black race gets:

  • Claim instant access to all economic environments (occupational titles) created by White males
  • Claim instant access to all political environments created by White males 
  • Claim instant access to all residential communities created White males 
  • Receive affirmative action programs (launched in 1965, now includes federal, state & local contract set-asides,  hiring quotas, college admission double standards) 
  • Community development banks (to give loans to black start-up businesses - who have little or no start-up capital) 
  • Small Business Administration (federal agency that gives Blacks favorable treatment, which includes loans for start-up businesses where little or no capital is needed
  • Title VII  race-based lawsuits against White people's businesses and the White tax base 
(note: There was no constitutional right to racial integration, nor was there any historical precedent to it.  From 1900 to to 1964, no economic systems [industries or tax bases] were created by Negroes; nor were there any political systems established, nor were there any urban residential communities built by Negroes)

All of the above Black PRIVILEGES have been going on now for almost 50 years (1965 to 2014).  

When the Black race was given their  - unprecedented in human history -  PRIVILEGES through the civil rights laws (including affirmative action programs), no one should question White Christian males believed that by cooperating with these laws, they were doing something altruistic;  that White males, by not rebelling over the forced integration of their status environments, would allow the Blacks race the necessary income / resources to build their own communities, their own businesses, their own way of life...and finally achieve for the first time in their history in America...  a sense of self-reliance and empowerment as a distinct people.

So, its been 50 years now with all the above Black PRIVILEGES.  How has the Black race used these extraordinary PRIVILEGES to further empowerment and self-reliance for their people, as well as reduce their crime rates? 

Regarding black crime, suffice it to say, the violent crime categories did not go down, but we'll get into that a bit further down,  Two other things I've discovered merit pointing out over this time period (1964 to 2014), that, no doubt in my mind,  has had a profoundly contributory negative effect on the black race as a whole, and severely limited their ability as a racial group to produce self-reliance as a people;  and very likely also contributes to the crime problem so prevalent among the black race since 1964 : 

1) The failure of the Black race to produce businesses across America and employ people - like white males did and continue to do - leaves Black communities, particularly within urban centers, without legitimate economic opportunities. This lack of economic opportunities for black males within their own communities naturally produces too many idol Black males -- which, as one would expect, leads to criminal behavior (Black businesses employ less than  .072  of the total number of people employed in America).SOURCE::

2) Flight of the Black wealthy. No other race flees their own racial/ ethnic group like the African Americans.  Honestly,  does anyone know a multi-millionaire Black male or female who didn't do the Oprah Winfrey? the OJ Simpson? the Beyonce/ JZ?  the Jeremiah Wright? et al.    Just think for a moment much economic activity the Black community is being deprived of by all the wealthy Blacks who flee...flee straight into the White community.



Total Homicides attributable to black males between 1965 to 2011...


How the 451,295 was computed::  There were 843,543 homicides in the US between 1965 & 2011.  Blacks, on average,  have been arrested in the category for murder in every consecutive year from 1965 to 2011 at between 50% to  60%. I decided to use a mean ave. of 54.3% for black homicides from 1965 to 2011.  
So, 843,543 x .535 = 451, 295 

Breakdown of total US murders by decade (derived from the US census):

1965 to 1970 US murders= 77, 800
1971 to 1980 US murders= 199,270 

1981 to 1995 US murders= 303, 769  

1995 to 2011 US murders= 262, 734 


1969 to 1978

TABLE #230:   Year 1969

Rape:: 50% Black
Robbery:: 66% Black
Murder:: 65% Black


Table #312:     Year 1978

Rape:: 49% Black
Robbery:: 59% Black
Murder:: 59% Black

Blacks in 1978 were approximately 11% of America's population


Note: Blacks are approx. 11% of US population in 1986.

"According to the FBI's Uniform Crime Report, in 1986 Blacks accounted for 46.5% of all arrests for violent crimes even though Blacks comprised 12%  of the US population.   Blacks accounted for 48% of the persons arrested for murder; 46.6% of all arrests for rape; 39.8% for assault . . . In 1986, of those person under 18 years of age, Blacks accounted for 54% of those arrested for violent crimes . . . the highest violent crime rates are demonstrated by young Black males. . . . Over 40% of all jail inmates throughout the nation are Black ...and the percentage is rapidly rising.  More young Black men died from homicide in one year (1977) than died in ten years in the Vietnam War "  SOURCE



Seattle Times: "In 2005, there were more than 645,000 victims of inter-racial violent crimes in the U.S.  In 90 percent of those crimes, black offenders attacked white people"  i.e. more than 580,000 white victims.



2013  article by Pat Buchanan on race relations and black racism & crime:  

"In New York from January to June 2008, 83 percent of all gun assailants were black, according to witnesses and victims, though blacks were only 24 percent of the population. Blacks and Hispanics together accounted for 98 percent of all gun assailants.  Forty-nine of every 50 muggings and murders in the Big Apple were the work of black or Hispanic criminals."

Also, on RAPE from same article:

After researching the FBI numbers for "Suicide of a Superpower," this writer concluded: "An analysis of 'single offender victimization figures' from the FBI for 2007 finds blacks committed 433,934 crimes against whites, eight times the 55,685 whites committed against blacks. Interracial rape is almost exclusively black on white — with 14,000 assaults on white women by African Americans in 2007. Not one case of a white sexual assault on a black female was found in the FBI study."



 Continuing to build this site...


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    2. Try, in the pleasant course of daily conversation, oppose a black man's point of view on the subject of race and see how quickly you are figuratively slapped in the face. [if not indeed, literally]

    3. "Prior to 1964 blacks were not an oppressed people."

      You are kidding right? I mean...seriously...are you smoking crack? Um...hundreds of years of slavery is not oppression? Being forced to use different bathrooms, schools, water fountains...not oppression?

      Please don't pass around whatever you are smoking because it clearly makes you delusional.

    4. This comment has been removed by the author.

    5. I agree... These writers and people commenting are seriously frightening me with their racism. It's so hard to imagine that such ignorance still exists. Our president is black, and I think it is pretty obvious that he isn't "primitive" Jesus Christ.

    6. The black people you come across in your life are not representative of all black people. They either have to have a common interest, or they have to have demonstrated the ability to hold down a job. I'm not trying to be condescending but the fact is you are not going to run into the gang bangers and thugs in your everyday life, if ever.

      But the stats don't lie. When dealing with an individual black person of course you want to judge them by the content of their character and not by the color of their skin. However when choosing which neighborhood to move to... chose the white neighborhood.


  8. Here's some interesting statistics on murder in the years of Chicago for the years 1870-1930. Out of the 11018 murders commited during this period, whites commited 7176 (65% ) and blacks commited 1244 (11%). Regarding interracial murder stats, most involved white offenders and black victims. Whites commited 835 murders against blacks while blacks only commited 274 murders against whites.

    This was a similar thing in Memphis apparently, even when blacks commited the majoirty of homicides.

    "There were were 411 homicides in Memphis in 1920-5, and information as to the race of both murderer and victim was available for 379 cases. Victims comprised 51 whites and 360 negroes. In 3 percent of the sample Negroes had killed whites and in 13.1 percent, whites had killed Negroes."

    If you're looking to add to data on interracial crimes prior to 1964, these may come in useful, even if the majority of interracial crime during this period was white-on-black ,in Chicago and Memphis at least, even though henious black-on-white crimes usually resulted in lynchings or executions.

    Althought I understand the message you're trying to put together with this blog, some of your statements can be misleading. FBI and BOJ statistics show most violent crime to be intraracial, with whites victimising whites and blacks victimising blacks. This holds true for most types of crimes (excluding robbery) and age groups. Still though, interracial violence should be condemned whoever it's against.

    1. I don't think those 835 murders against blacks were commited as an act of "protection". This era during Chicago was particuarly violent, there could be several explainations to wh the white-on-black murder rate was higher during this time.

      While I can definitely understand your concern about black-on-white crime, I've always thought that white-on-white crime is epidemic in comparison, based on the data I've looked up from various DOJ and FBI statistics. Like sexual homicides/rape-slayings for example, one DOJ report mentioned that 55% were white-on-white while 15% were black-on-white out of the over 3,000 indentified over a 30-year period. However, some crime statistics on "white offenders" may not be 100% accurate as it includes Hispanics as well. And although most whites are murdered by other whites, they'll more likely be murdered by a black if the offender isn't an acquaintance of any kind (about 30% to 40%).

      According to various NIBRS reports as well, black violent offenders will more likely offend against other blacks than whites, though they are more likely to offend interracially than whites are. I could provide links to the sources that mention these if you're interested, though they can be easy to find.

      I completely respect your views and am not going to ignorantly slander you as "racist" based on what your blog is about. I just felt that some of your statements were a bit exagerrated at times and made out like whites were primarly victims of black violent crime whereas they get victimised by other whites more often, same with black victims. Like I said though, there needs to be harsher condemning of interracial crime, even if it's primarly against whites.

    2. As I opinioned on #11 ... I think black male crime in 1960, based on gov't statistics, though 5 TIMES higher than white males, was well within a tolerable range. Then came the DEMS forced integration...

      As for the crime samples you cited ... I think it's a bit misleading. For blacks, my research has shown they would commit rapes, robberies and murders against white people - rapes being the biggest problem. White people back then typically would retaliate. Blacks crossing the color line likely also resulted in violence by whites - i.e. white males protected their neighborhoods! There may have been a few rapes, robberies or murders by whites against blacks in any given year for the time periods you stated. Point is, I don't believe prior to the 1960s whites feared blacks in the slightest, or that blacks feared white people. Today, fear of the black male is omnipresent. Best to give the black race a homeland in America and FINALLY be done with problem.

  9. Oh I thought I was on a site that had solutions not insults. I was looking to try and help solve the problem not be apologetic or explanatory. Yes I am black, educated, and do not commit crimes. I work hard, as do many blacks in this country, and am honest. There are black criminals but there are also many black success stories. We can say that blacks have ruined everything in this country, but a simple amount of research will show you corporate greed and selling the country to China and India has done that. Furthermore, number of people African Americans have enslaved: none ; number of people African Americans have put in ovens because they were Jewish: none ; number of people African Americans have put in internment camps, reservations, or segregated legally because of their race; none. We can play the blame game all day long, and as you can see both sides have their equal share of blame. Yes whites have created an explosion of technological advances and industry. But where has that got us? More separate than ever, more suicidal than ever, more unhappy than ever. Ironically if it weren't for blacks lower class and middle class whites would be the target of discrimination. Just ask the European Immigrants and the Irish. They faced so much discrimination they had to change their names and pretend they were white. Blacks, Indians and Asians didn't have that luxury. And even if we do succeed to your liking, such as the Japanese, you still don't like us. We're considered "sneaky" or "job stealers." So, what exactly do we do to solve the problem? We can argue statistics all day but black people aren't going back to Africa and you can spend what few years you have using your extraordinary intelligence solving the problem or putting your head together with other intelligent people to come to a solution. Or play the blame game as you're accusing blacks of doing. Sounds like you've inhabited the very qualities you loathe in blacks. Blaming them for all the injustices in the world.

    1. Nobody is saying blacks ruined "everything" in this country, but they are a significant problem. Yes, we have corrupt politicians and greed to fight. We have a lot of problems to fix, and the black problem is just one of them.

      >number of people African Americans have enslaved: none

      Oh yeah? Who do you think sold the slaves to the white man in the first place? Guess where slavery still exists today? AFRICA. Not in white countries. Interesting how the white countries were the FIRST in the world to END slavery too.

      >Yes whites have created an explosion of technological advances and industry. But where has that got us? More separate than ever, more suicidal than ever, more unhappy than ever.

      One reason is because we are literally FORCED to lived in an integrated society with people who are unlike us in every way and act violently towards us every chance they get, it makes us miserable. Racial separation is the only way, there is no need for it to be violent or genocidal, but that's not what the media wants you to believe.

      The reason why black crime keeps getting brought up, is precisely BECAUSE we have tried to fix the problem and black crime has only gotten worse. Civil rights was enacted, institutional racial discrimination was fought; affirmative action, section 8, all sorts of handouts and scholarships were given out, and the result? Blacks have grown more resentful and entitled. They now expect to live off of handouts and when they don't get them, they get violent. We tried to get them educated and they turned up their noses, saying being education is for whites. WE TRIED TO HELP AND THINGS HAVE GOTTEN WORSE.

    2. "Furthermore, number of people African Americans have enslaved: none"

      False. The African-Americans that were taken across seas as slaves were already enslaved by fellow Africans from rival/enemy tribes and traded for goods the Europeans brought that the African slavers wanted(Rum and sugar, I believe?).

      Also, ancient Egyptians.

      See Also: Berber African Slavers(approx. 1500-1800AD), who raided the European coast all the way up to Britain for more than a million white slaves. Spain(who was largely more responsible for the atlantic slave trade than Britain and France were) were more heavily hit by the Berber African's because of their close proximity to North Africa, so its possible the hatred and attitude of entitlement to enslavement of blacks was largely reciprocal.

      I still heavily disagree with much of the viewpoints of the original poster for this article though. If you're going to make claims though, they should actually be factual.

  10. And another honest statement would be this: Do you really think that if blacks were removed from this planet the problems of the world would vanish and that you would be tapping glasses with the likes of Bill Gates and Donald Trump talking about the loathsome negro and how horrible it was with them here. News flash, you would be the new Negro. We are the only thing stopping you from being us. So a little gratitude please to the black man who is sparing you and your family from the discrimination you would face without us. How do I know this? Do you think upper class, wealthy, well to do people come to low brow websites to argue with people who have non solution oriented answers to problems? People who are successful are solution oriented and create not complain, period. I'm a solution oriented person which s why I stumbled upon this site. I was trying to find people who have ideas to solve the ongoing crisis in our communities. If we are the sub species, then a solution should be very quick for you to come up with. Since putting blacks on boats or separating them is an unintelligent and unrealistic solution I'm dying to hear what you're breadth of knowledge has led you to come up with. Please tell.

    1. "I thought I was on a site that had solutions not insults."

      And just where hv I insulted? I gave facts -- just a messenger. Also, If you drop down to #11 ... you can see that I hv opinioned the political/economic system America had BEFORE forced integration, that system - of maintaining the color line - did not produce a level of crime (white or black) to threaten the political stability of the system. After forced integration (compulsory inclusionism), this is where , and inexplicably, black violence, and particularly against white people, has exploded -- to intolerable levels. Clearly blacks hv used the new civil rights laws to commit predatory crimes against white people. I've documented these crimes here.

      Blacks were NOT owed integration rights into the status environments of another people! No precedent to this in human history. White people had their living arrangements, blacks had theirs. If blacks felt their living arrangements were inferior to white people, this was the fault of the black man, not the white man. Maintaining a color line was prior to 1964 ... completely consistent with the social mores of the times, as well as the existing laws i.e. white people DID NOT wrong the black man by maintaining a color line! Blacks marched for integration rights … and white males gave them those rights. No people in human history EVER gv such rights to another people. Think about that.

      Finally, the Irish and other Europeans , and Jews and blacks DID NOT "suffer" from discrimination in American history prior to 1964. This is part of the liberal’s re-write of American history. From 1790 to 1964 … America was divided into male groups, and each male group practiced Historical Group Recognition (HGR). HGR is a completely normal human condition. HGR is also the sole reason for the existence of all the racial and ethnic group on the planet earth. The 1964 compulsory integration law (Civil Rights Act) changed all that. BTW, I believe after MUCH research America must return to HGR.

      "So, what exactly do we do to solve the problem?"

      I'll address this question under your next comment. And despite what you think, I have given the racial problem a great deal of thought. I also do not hv anything against the black race. They are in a political//economic system they did not create.

    2. The solution will always come with a strong family. Family is the basis for all human social order. You are seeing problems with the white population here..that are directly related to the growing divorce rates we see. The black family had some sort of stability before the 60's, but afterwards for whatever reason, the black families, especially in the big cities, started to fracture and with it you see problems in education, unemployment, and economic decline....and thus, more crime.
      The strong nuclear family is the key. Young black males need the guiding hand of a strong father.

  11. Once again, this is not a viable option. This option derives from a Lincoln quote? This may have been an option in 1865 but not in 2014? This would tear apart homes, destroy marriages and families, ruin friendships, make this country the laughing stock of the planet, set us back to 1865. Who would foot the bill? Taxpayers? How would it work logistically? If you live in Montana and that's the chosen state, would you give up your business, land, livestock, generations of family so the government could appease some newly enforced segregation? It would be a legal nightmare not to mention a moral travesty. Think things through before you come up with a silly non workable idea such as this one. Even Malcolm X the most outspoken proponent for separation realized how ludicrous it was in the end. As a black man I realize there are problems in our community with drugs and violence but so do many other blacks and whites. It undermines the work may have done to try and curb the violence and drugs by saying the work is fruitless and lets just put everyone on a ship or put them in their own state. It's ridiculous, silly, and not even considerable. And, once again, it wouldn't solve the problems within the white community it would likely increase them. There would still be meth houses, school shootings, Newtown being absolutely horrendous, sexual abuse, pornography, rape, killing, discrimination, illiteracy and poverty. Many of the problems of the black community are poverty based. And poverty is a difficult cycle to break. Just ask white people who live in trailer parks and the Appalachians to cite a few examples. If just being white was the solution we could simply send social workers to their house and say "just be white," and that would make them happy. Problems stem from various places but to say that an entire race needs to be shipped away and penalized from the crimes of some is preposterous. I work at a juvenile facility with whites and blacks and believe me white kids have issues too. The black kids are tough and mean but many of them, once you build a rapport are easier to communicate than the troubled white kids when they're mad. I'm sorry if black people have hurt you at some point in your life but whites have hurt me as well and I don't hold grudges, think they need to be separated, or have hidden animosity against them. A more realistic approach would be to recognize that there are problems in our communities and put our heads together to solve them, not spend precious time with black and white supremacist views for solutions. But, thus, indeed to focus my energy on real world solutions so that is where I will use the remainder of my energy. Good luck on organizing a group to send blacks back to Africa or get them their own state. I'm sure that should happen sometime soon.

    1. Once again, this is not a viable option"

      The option [a black homeland] IMO… is in fact very viable. First, a place for the homeland. Easy for me to decide. It's S. Carolina -- more than half black. Second, how to get the black race there in a humane way? Remember, blacks in America (non-immigrants) are the ONLY people in human history never to have achieved a state of self-reliance. Blacks must be informed of this reality … and why a homeland for them is necessary (e.g. collapse of the black family unit, explosion of black males in the prison system, explosion of black-on-white crime etc). A homeland would give the black race an opportunity to develop their own distinct culture, way of life, a feeling of empowerment over their own lives and a feeling of self-worth as a racial group. I’ve tried to explain why blacks marched for integration -- demanding white males stop practicing HGR -- with the LINK BELOW:

      Bottom line:: Black males MUST create their own status environments. This is a construct of human nature. Black males have been using the status environments of another people (white Christian males). Black males being a non-Occupational Ranking male group will forever guarantee them misery in white males’ Occupational Ranking system. This is, always has been, the BIG problem for the black race.

      So how to humanely get the black race to its homeland? The first thing to do would be to eliminate the three federal compulsory integration laws (1964, 1965 and 1968 Civil Rights Acts). Next, eliminate most of the DEMs socialist goodies - that blacks hv fell in love with and grown dependent on. Human nature being what it is, blacks would be systematically eliminated form jobs in the white communities and white-owned businesses. In the black homeland ...this is where the federal gov’t could lure most blacks(all?) over time by offering US gov’t produced jobs and the welfare programs. White people would have to be taught (an absolute necessity!!) NOT TO PITY BLACKS. The mainstream media would also hv to cooperate and NOT allow blacks (and white liberals) to use them to manipulate white people's sensitivities and imply to white people that they hv a moral obligation (HINT, as a superior people) to provide for the black race. Instead, the mainstream media would be used to promote the positive aspects of the black homeland. If this program is followed, I believe the overwhelming - 90% or more - of blacks in about 10 years would gravitate to their homeland.

      Finally, no black person that I can remember has ever done me any wrong. I have nothing against the race. I am not driven by emotion in any of my many blogs on the black race. I have a political viewpoint and I am supporting my viewpoint with facts. The present compulsory integration system, a first-of-a-kind system in human history & more than 50 years old now, does NOT work. Time to end it.

    2. The ONLY answer is intact families. There is no other way.

    3. The ONLY answer is intact families. There is no other way.

    4. I agree that there would still be: meth houses, school shootings, pornography, rape, killing, discrimination, illiteracy and poverty...There would be 60% less of it if there were no black people in that geographical location is what we are saying here.

      Not that crime would cease to exists just that 60% less crime would be a noticeable difference.

  12. Something must be done to help the inner city Negro change it's culture of immorality, purposeful ignorance, and violent crime. This will never happen under the present administration and it's blatant of buying votes by promising the Negro more welfare and no work. The Negro must be taken off welfare, forced to work in factories near it's home where the government can provide day care for it's mostly illegitimate spawn so it can be forced to get an education, use birth control, and above all, work to pay it's way.
    "Repatriation" [If you get my drift] would be the best solution. I rest my case.

  13. The author of this blog is a racist who is incapable of seeing past his own hatred and discomfort with black people. He says nothing about the hundreds of years of slavery, followed by segregation, failed government welfare programs, the war on drugs, red lining, and racism. All of these things I just listed are key factors for the high poverty rate in the black urban communities. Nothing this author says should be taken seriously. I do hope the author at least has the decency to keep my comment on the site so that others can read my truth. I am white, for the record.

    1. The truth is that blacks are not the only race to endure historical oppression and hardships, but they are the only race that STILL blames their miserable failure on anything but themselves.

    2. Lol blacks were free after 1865? Black ppl were not even allowed to vote until 1965. 100 yrs later. Haha u should look up the the mass enslavement of blacks pre civil war, slavery lasted until 1945 in the south. Also until 1964.. White ppl were bombing black homes, schools, churches, all because black ppl wanted to vote.

    3. Only a racist would suggest that a group of people should be happy to have been enslaved. These words have been echoed by some of the most notorious, ignorant, racist, old, white males in the U.S. Freudian slip has come into play. Your colours shine brightly my friend. You are a racist, masquerading as a thoughtful, insightful, individual. May God heal your soul

    4. I don't think one has to hate in order to be a racist. What is racism, after all? It is the belief that one race is superior to another. You don't have to hate blacks to believe that the empirical evidence irrefutably demonstrates that white people, asian people, or semitic people are superior to black people. You just have to be able to look at the evidence with a cold eye.

  14. Also black ppl BUILT America and are the main reason why America is wealthy today. Thank us Africans :)

    1. No, you just farmed to make a quick buck for plantation owners. The European immigrants did all the work

    2. Whatever the blacks built was pretty much destroyed by the Civil War.

  15. This is white supremacist bullshit. Blacks built no cities, right. Shit, we built this country with 310 years of slave labor. The New York Stock Exchange was built on slavery. Black slaves were traded on the floor of the stock exchange, and the cotton and sugarcane industry was built on slavery. And as for cities a black man named Jean Dusable Baptiste discovered Chicago. A black man named Benjamin Banneker designed Washington D.C.. We have contributed greatly to the history of this country and the world.

    1. Been seeing more and more of this invention of black history. Someone says something and without any checking of the true facts, if it sounds good to blacks, puffs their race, they run with it.

      First nobody "discovered" Chicago. LOL. As for the guy this negro is claiming is Jean Baptiste, no evidence exists - NOTHING- even remotely suggesting he was of the African race. Geez, all one has to do to find THAT fact out is punch his name into your search engine. Evidently, he seems to have spent some time of his life in Haiti. Besides, all the dude is known for is temporarily building a small homestead there. He then left.

      As for Benjamin Banneker, he had NOTHING to do with the design of D.C. NOTHING. He seemed tho to have fooled even President Jefferson for a short time about his talents. It seems a Quaker (white male) was doing most of his work and Banneker was passing it off as his own - with the permission of his Quaker friend. Jefferson's excitement over finding - he thought - such a talented and intelligent negro was summarily crushed when he solicited a correspondence from Banneker, and who apparently responded without the aid of his Quaker friend. QUOTE FROM T.JEFFERSON:

      ""We know he had spherical trigonometry enough to make almanacs, but not without the suspicion of aid from Ellicot, who was his neighbor and friend, and never missed an opportunity of puffing him. I have a long letter from Banneker, which shows him to have had a mind of very common stature indeed""

      Thing is, this is easily found on the internet. Why would this dude try to pass off this nonsense as the truth?

    2. To Mr Coombs, your just another DINDU Nothin who is ignorant to whats really going on. Looks at the numbers numb nuts, facts are facts, blacks are low IQ animals.

  16. I GREATLY appreciate this site and the info you have posted. While I disagree with some of you broad conclusions (I am a black woman)- I agree that their is a long and demonstrated history of failure and bad behavior from black males that has terrorized and debased black women and girls FIRST (I know you white men only worry about white women and girls) then spread to affect others. I have had to use info from your site to challenge a growing number of black males who have overplayed the race card blaming white men- and are now claiming that black women conspired to destroy black males from the time of slavery on. These black men have Youtube channels where they can black women "coons" and blame black women for AIDS. They claim that black women took their jobs, were the "bedwenches" of white slave masters and the prisons are full of black men because black women are conspiring with their "white boyfriends...the cops" (direct quotes). There is a website where black men call for the extermination of black women and call post pictures of monkeys in wigs as "typical black woman". Youtube has the same- usually under "why black men prefer white women or white queens". Black men are pathological and they will blame anyone for their failure. Its not just you. Note that black men are not as hard on white women. I fully intend to fight black males and their assualt on black women, black families, black communities, and churches (which black men use to get money and political power). Sadly, this will be much harder because I will also have to fight white men like you. Too bad.

  17. Jim Crow laws touched every part of life, all across America. Blacks and whites were kept apart as much as possible. Good jobs went to whites, blacks were given the worst with less pay. Many industries wouldn’t hire blacks. Many unions passed special rules to exclude them. All juries and judges were white, blacks were illegally denied voting rights. No blacks allowed in public pools. Many restaurants would not serve blacks and those that did had a dirty colored section. Blacks and whites went to county fairs on different days. Blacks couldn't use public libraries. Simple common courtesy was rarely show the blacks. Whites beat, tortured, raped and killed blacks with no fear of punishment. Blacks were denied credit for businesses, housing, cars by the banks. Blacks were kept out of white neighborhoods with housing covenants. Oklahoma had black and white phone booths. and the list goes on and on

    Jim Crow has the deed to all the ghetto's in America and also high black crime rate, simply because the negro was never given a fair chance, and looked upon as separate by racist anti-americans. In that case you would have to look at a Italian American as separate, or an Irish American etc. You are a divider of peoples sir that spread hate, and you do not understand the country (true) you live in.

    In August 1924, a president that evidently understood what true America meant and made the following comment. Coolidge responded to a letter from a New York man that claimed that the United States was a "white man's country" and that African Americans should not be allowed to hold elected office as a result.

    "...I was amazed to receive such a letter. During the war 500,000 colored men and boys were called up under the draft, not one of whom sought to evade it. [As president, I am] one who feels a responsibility for living up to the traditions and maintaining the principles of the Republican Party. Our Constitution guarantees equal rights to all our citizens, without discrimination on account of race or color. I have taken my oath to support that Constitution. It is the source of your rights and my rights. I propose to regard it, and administer it, as the source of the rights of all the people, whatever their belief or race. A colored man is precisely as much entitled to submit his candidacy in a party primary, as is any other citizen. The decision must be made by the constituents to whom he offers himself, and by nobody else"

    1. People need to read this post by this black male and understand what's being subtly implied:: Black Supremacy.

      I've spent over ten years studying this compulsory integration system, how it happened and why it happened. All of human history dictates it never should have happened (i.e. the creation of forced integration laws). Black males never should have demanded it; white males NEVER should have considered the demand as anything but laughable nonsense. Historically, male groups (males racially, linguistically & religiously similar) create their own social stratification systems FOR THEIR OWN MALE GROUP members. The white Christian male social stratification system in America from 1790 to 1964... was consistent with every societal structure that existed throughout human history. Finally, the American Founding Fathers did not create our legislative system to forcibly integrate the races. So why are blacks so persistent in guilt-tripping ONLY white people about the past ?? Clearly blacks received their cherished integration as a magnanimous gesture from the dominant male group in America. Why the guilt-tripping?

      Guilt-tripping white people is part of the Black Supremacy continue the programming of fabricated guilt , that white people, oh how they done the black man wrong...and now YOU OWE HIM.
      BULL!. Using words and phrases, like "Jim Crow", "KKK" , "back-of-the-bus", "plantation" et al.. are also part of the lexicon of Black Supremacy Doctrine i.e.they're Pavlov Dog conditioned-response words/ phrases used to make white people SUBMIT to the Black Supremacist. That is, Black supremacists know that white people are mentally conditioned to SUBMIT when they hear these Pavlov Dog words/ phrases. It's time to fight back mr. white male/ female when you hear a black supremacist attempt to make you SUBMIT to him/ her!

      QUOTE from above:
      "Blacks and whites were kept apart as much as possible."
      WHY? Here's why:

      "Good jobs went to whites, blacks were given the worst with less pay. Many industries wouldn’t hire blacks."
      Blacks were supposed to live within the structure and confines of their group...and provide for themselves they would not become the dependents of white people. White people believed the separation was necessary so as to allow the black race to achieve self-reliance as a people. It never happened. Blacks in America are the only people in human history to never have achieved self-reliance as a people. White males DID NOT owe the black man integration! The forced integration law was passed in 1964.

      "No blacks allowed in public pools."
      More misleading, guilt-tripping nonsense. Where the color-line mandate existed...white males were FORCED under Plessy v. Feguson to also build schools for blacks. White males also built swimming pools for blacks, as well as toilets and drinking fountains - I don't know of one example where black males took the initiative and built their own public toilet. drinking fountain or pool.

      "Whites beat, tortured, raped and killed blacks with no fear of punishment. "
      BULL. Here's what white people endured:

      Blacks were a FREE people after 1865, free to build their own towns, cities, businesses and industries. White people did it.

      BOTTOM LINE>>> Mr. white male/ female...Don't allow a black male/ female or one of their disgusting white liberal advocates of black victimization... to guilt-trip you about past 'fabricated' wrongs.

  18. Mr Wolf,

    You probably wouldn't post this or may not have the aptitude to understand. Whites such as yourself love to salivate over incomplete US government data, records and quantitative analysis, if I can call it that, to support erroneous arguments and spread disinformation. Look no further to Fox News, The Cato Institute or MSNBC. Europeans actions upon arriving to America has been riddled with violence to subjugate others. Look at what your white lot has done to the other native American Indians. 

    Cut to the quick, the elite class aka 1%, which I know you are not a part of, manipulates the racial game. Refer to Dr. John Coleman's book, The Tavistock Institute of Human Relations. Perhaps one of the greatest brainwashing projects based in the Wellington House in London by Sir Edward Grey, the British Foreign Secretary 1913. Click here for more info....

    Also refer to the sinister Edward Mandell House who once said this in a private meeting with President Woodrow Wilson - circa 1913: Click here for more info. (promise it wrought explode if you do click on it)

    During the late 1800s to 1930s your fellow white male population with some white women in tow have burned, pillaged or destroyed prosperous or burgeoning black communities and towns. Whites have kidnaped, murdered, lynched and raped all throughout the Jim Crow era up to recent times. Your obsolete judicial system fails to report these crimes yet you masturbat over crimes committed by blacks. Look, the historical legacy of white domestic terrorism perpetrated against blacks and courageous whites who came to their defence is clear. The following are just the crimes within crimes that have been historical documented. I'm sure there are several if not hundreds of other criminal activities, unreported by law enforcement, conducted by whites against Blacks during the 1960s or any other time period you mentioned. 

    1. New York City Draft Riot (1863)

    2. Atlanta Race Riot (1906)

    3. The East St. Louis Massacre (1917)

    4. Washington, D.C. Race Riots (1919)

    5. Knoxville, Tennessee Race Riots (1919)

    6. Chicago Race Riots (1919)

    7. Rosewood Massacre (1923)

    1. As if educated people cannot do a search engine on these riots and discover HOW/WHY they occurred.
      1 - Irish become irate over being forced to fight a war (civil war) and risk their lives for blacks.
      2 - Blacks rape, and rape, and rape and rape, and rape white females...and white males get sick and friggin' tired of it - I mean of the filth! So they launch an attack on the racial group doing all the raping: the cities negroes
      3- Blacks, who produced no industries and created NO JOBS in America ...they come in as strike-breakers. Then, a number of blacks AMBUSH two white police officers and murder them. White people HAD HAD ENOUGH!! They went after the racial group that was causing all the trouble...and also responsible for the ambush murder of the two white officers:: the american negro

      4 - Blacks again go on rape rampage of white females...and white males get damn sick and tired of the they reacted by going after the racial group responsible:: the american negro

      6 - black provoked this one too. a menace of a race!

      7- Black male ex-con barges into a white females home, beats and rapes her. This same negro then guns down two white male posse members looking for him. White males from local communities respond to the negro filth..and burn down Rosewood (about ten negro shanties)

    2. lol asked for it.

      New York City Draft Riot (1863)

      The four-day draft riot was finally quelled by police cooperating with the 7th New York Regiment. Estimates vary greatly on the number of people killed, though most historians believe around 115 people lost their lives, including nearly a dozen Black men who were lynched after they were brutally beaten. Hundreds of buildings were destroyed causing millions of dollars in damage. Up to 50 of the damaged buildings had been burned to the ground by rioters, including the Colored Orphan Asylum, which housed more than 230 Black children.

      2. Atlanta Race Riot (1906)

      The Atlanta Georgian and the Atlanta News began publishing stories about white women being molested and raped by Black men. These allegations were reported multiple times and were largely false. On Sept. 22, 1906, Atlanta newspapers reported four alleged assaults on local white women. Soon, some 10,000 white men and boys began gathering, beating, and stabbing Blacks. It is estimated that there were between 25 and 40 African-American deaths; it was confirmed that there were only two white deaths.

      3. The East St. Louis Massacre (1917)

      During spring 1917 Blacks were arriving in St. Louis at the rate of 2,000 per week, with many of them finding work at the Aluminum Ore Company and the American Steel Company in East St. Louis. After the riot, varying estimates of the death toll circulated. The police chief estimated that 100 Blacks had been killed. The renowned journalist Ida B. Wells reported in The Chicago Defender that 40-150 black people were killed in the rioting. The NAACP estimated deaths at 100-200. Six thousand African-Americans were left homeless after their neighborhood was burned.

      4. Washington, D.C. Race Riots (1919)

      Postwar Washington, D.C., roughly 75 percent white, was a racial tinderbox. Housing was in short supply and jobs so scarce. In July 1919, white men, many in military uniforms, responded to the rumored arrest of a Black man for rape with four days of mob violence. They rioted, randomly beat Black people on the street and pulled others off streetcars in attacks. When police refused to intervene, the Black population fought back.

      Troops tried to restore order as the city closed saloons and theaters to discourage assemblies. When the violence ended, 15 people had died: 10 whites, including two police officers; and five African-Americans. Fifty people were seriously wounded and another 100 less severely wounded. It was one of the few times when white fatalities outnumbered blacks.

  19. This comment has been removed by the author.

  20. As far as this incarceration issue, it is well documented in Michelle Alexander's The New Jim Crow. I suggest you get the book or ciffnotes. It has become required reading in academia. Whites do most of the documented and undocumented, unquantifiable crimes from wall-street broker scams, mass serial killings to 'Billy the Kid' stunts to church shootings sprees. Don't bother quoting false percentage points or statistics.

    There is nothing presented by you in this particular blog that could waiver my resolve or stand up to my statements of facts and analysis. You most definitely should be paying me to educate you on the several matrix deception schemes being played on mankind. One of the biggest is ethnic division and so called racial hatred. 

    Oh and BTW....look up the Olmecs and the various Seminole indian tribes just to name a few. They were the original "black" culturals that were already in America called Amexem way before Native Americans or the Vikings started sniffing around the promise land. And blacks were in America when diseased European arrived. Check your own explorers. 

    What so-called "black", "negro", "colored", "African-American" (Moors) have not been taught is that they are native, indigenous and aboriginal to the Americas.

    Moors, did not first arrive to the Americas on slave boats. They (black's ancestors) were already here. (Ask any "Mason" who Hiram Abiff is and what it means, and see what he does or says - if anything.)

    Cristos Columbo (Christopher Columbus) did NOT "discover America". As a matter of fact, Columbus never made it past Barbados and never even saw the land that is now called (by the colonists) the "USA".

    The Masonic conspiracy to hide who are the true "posterity" of the Constitution is NOW broken wide open. Refer to Article 3 of the Constitution and the Morocan Treaty of Peace and Frendship which was broken by whites. 

    Certified English translations of the treaty and of the additional article were incorporated in a document signed and sealed by the Ministers Plenipotentiary of the United States, Thomas Jefferson at Paris January 1, 1787, and John Adams at London January 25, 1787. The Treaty and additional article werd ratified by the United States in July 18, 1787.

    1. AGAIN, here we have another African American...who will NOT accept accountability for what his race has been responsible for in the area of crime, and particularly toward white people. However, note another thing in this , well, rather weird post by this African American. He has no reservations trying to create credit for his race in American history with regard to discovering America. Of course, America was NOT discovered by blacks. The negroid race in Sub Sahara Africa NEVER built a boat. A few tribes were known to have carved out a log and used it to forge a small river. Negroids have no history whatsoever of being sea-faring people. And did I read right? Is this African American now claiming his race was responsible for the American Constitution?

      And just what in the HECK does the Moroccan Treaty of Peace and Friendship have to do with the negroid people? Slaves? Regarding slaves, it was the blacks who created the slave trade. White people must NEVER let this breed forget that disgusting fact. Without black Africans rounding up negroids
      to sell them into slavery...THERE IS NO SLAVE TRADE! They did it with glee and joy in their hearts. SICK

      I also am finding another persistent claim now by the African Americans, which is to now assert that all people above Sub Sahara Africa were of the negroid race. THEY WERE NOT. They were/are Semitic peoples. Clearly African Americans are trying to steal their history - just as they are also trying to steal American history from white people i.e. claiming they invented and or discovered just about everything. What blacks think I don't really care. No one in their right mind would seriously engage a black in any discussion on history. They simply make things up ...and in their mind these made up" facts" become their reality. Blacks and whites can NEVER live in the same political/ economic system. Blacks need a homeland. Forced integration MUST end

    2. Intergration was a mistake. Your original colonies were mistake. Your various constitutions were a mistake. You probably think there is only one constitution. But you are correct Blacks and whites can NEVER live in the same political/ economic system. Blacks need a homeland. Forced integration MUST end. So honor just one of the several treaties and agreements made by your various leaders such as, but not limited to Andrew Jackson, Lincoln, Wilson and give our land back. Whites have soiled the land with the blood of many and soiled the constitution that you know of. Really whites like yourself love dismissing historical events and putting blame on others.

  21. Most of what you said was not even true.

    There were a group of blacks and Asians who did visit the land called America prior to white discovery. I forget the name of the group, but information on them can be found in wikipedia.

    The term sub Saharan is a 1955 term and one that hold no bearing on ancient civilizations. It is a false misconception that blacks lived only be tribes. There were black kingdoms that had trade. Such as kingdom of Kush. So the idea of them having no real boats or the boards were too small does not mean they could not or did not travel far.

    Blacks did not create slavery. Slavery was a way of life during that time period. Greeks and Romans has slaves. Slavery back then was more equal to indentured servitude. At any rate it was not widely practiced in African until the Muslim and European slave trades began. At this point it became more so.

    People migrate so it is not wise to believe that at one point the people in north African were not black. Arabs conquered much of north Africa at some point and in that produced offspring with those that lived there. There is a list of patents with black inventions, so that shows blacks did invent quite a bit. Not to mention there is note of inventions that slave masters stole from slave as they felt they had a right to.

    1. Blacks NEVER visited America before the white man. LOL
      Why would they?! Stop living THAT lie.

    2. Sorry if the truth hurts, but this is accounted for and documented information. I can find sources if you like so you can claim how much of a lie they are.

      Waring* I do not use blogs as sources.

    3. @Sharina
      Warning: Wikipedia should also be considered a "blog".

    4. @GrimmTale

      You should save that wanting for the guy above who actually is using Wikipedia. :)

    5. This comment has been removed by the author.

  22. Own up to the documented, world acknowledged CRIMES whites have committed in the name of patriotism, so called godly rights and bullshit manifest destiny non sense.

    1.New York City Draft Riot (1863)

    The four-day draft riot was finally quelled by police cooperating with the 7th New York Regiment. Estimates vary greatly on the number of people killed, though most historians believe around 115 people lost their lives, including nearly a dozen Black men who were lynched after they were brutally beaten. Hundreds of buildings were destroyed causing millions of dollars in damage. Up to 50 of the damaged buildings had been burned to the ground by rioters, including the Colored Orphan Asylum, which housed more than 230 Black children.

    2. Atlanta Race Riot (1906)

    The Atlanta Georgian and the Atlanta News began publishing stories about white women being molested and raped by Black men. These allegations were reported multiple times and were largely false. On Sept. 22, 1906, Atlanta newspapers reported four alleged assaults on local white women. Soon, some 10,000 white men and boys began gathering, beating, and stabbing Blacks. It is estimated that there were between 25 and 40 African-American deaths; it was confirmed that there were only two white deaths.

    3. The East St. Louis Massacre (1917)

    During spring 1917 Blacks were arriving in St. Louis at the rate of 2,000 per week, with many of them finding work at the Aluminum Ore Company and the American Steel Company in East St. Louis. After the riot, varying estimates of the death toll circulated. The police chief estimated that 100 Blacks had been killed. The renowned journalist Ida B. Wells reported in The Chicago Defender that 40-150 black people were killed in the rioting. The NAACP estimated deaths at 100-200. Six thousand African-Americans were left homeless after their neighborhood was burned.

    4. Washington, D.C. Race Riots (1919)

    Postwar Washington, D.C., roughly 75 percent white, was a racial tinderbox. Housing was in short supply and jobs so scarce. In July 1919, white men, many in military uniforms, responded to the rumored arrest of a Black man for rape with four days of mob violence. They rioted, randomly beat Black people on the street and pulled others off streetcars in attacks. When police refused to intervene, the Black population fought back.

    Troops tried to restore order as the city closed saloons and theaters to discourage assemblies. When the violence ended, 15 people had died: 10 whites, including two police officers; and five African-Americans. Fifty people were seriously wounded and another 100 less severely wounded. It was one of the few times when white fatalities outnumbered blacks.

    1. "Housing was in short supply and jobs so scarce."

      Because your people NEVER built their own homes ..or created enough jobs for your own people. And your people created NO jobs for white people. True enough, white people DID NOT want the black man in THEIR cities...around THEIR women and children...and STEALING THEIR jobs. Because of the Negro's distinctness...the negro was supposed to live separate and become self-reliant as a people. Instead, the black man remonstrated for another people (white Christians) could build his home for him, create political systems for him, feed him, clothe him, gift him jobs, feed his kids. In other words, make the black man into a child. How DARE the white man expect manhood from the black man. He is but a child...

  23. ...and to the brainwashed

    5. Knoxville, Tennessee Race Riots (1919)

    In August 1919, a race riot in Knoxville, Tenn., broke out after a white mob mobilized in response to a Black man accused of murdering a white woman. The 5,000-strong mob stormed the county jail searching for the prisoner. They freed 16 white prisoners, including suspected murderers.

    Shooting continued sporadically for several hours. Outgunned, the Black defenders gradually fled, allowing the guardsmen to gain control of the area. Newspapers placed the death toll at just two, though eyewitness accounts suggest the dead were so many that the bodies were dumped into the Tennessee River, while others were buried in mass graves outside the city.

    6. Chicago Race Riots (1919)

    The “Red Summer” of 1919 marked the culmination of steadily growing tensions surrounding the great migration of African-Americans from the rural South to the cities of the North during World War I. Chicago was one of the northern cities that experienced violent race riots during that period. When the riots ended on Aug. 3, 15 whites and 23 Blacks had been killed and more than 500 people injured. An additional 1,000 Black families had lost their homes when they were torched by rioters. President Woodrow Wilson castigated the “white race” as “the aggressor” in the Chicago uprising.

    7. Rosewood Massacre (1923)

    In 1920, Rosewood Blacks had three churches, a school, a large Masonic Hall, turpentine mill, a sugarcane mill, a baseball team and a general store (a second one was white owned). The village had about two dozen plank two-story homes, some other small houses, as well as several small unoccupied plank structures.

    Spurred by unsupported accusations that a white woman in Sumner had been beaten and possibly raped by a Black drifter, white men from a number of nearby towns lynched a Rosewood resident. When the Black citizens defended themselves against further attack, several hundred whites combed the countryside hunting Black people and burning almost every structure in Rosewood.

    Survivors hid for several days in nearby swamps and were evacuated by train and car to larger towns. Although state and local authorities were aware of the violence, they made no arrests for the activities in Rosewood. At least six Blacks and two whites were killed, and the town was abandoned by Black residents during the attacks. None ever returned.

    1. What white people were forced to endure. What no other people in human history were forced to endure...except white Americans (the original Americans).

      Yet, white Christian males gifted the black man what pleaded for--integration rights. Blacks were NOT owed integration. Why in the HECK did white Christian males gift blacks integration rights into THEIR political/ economic arenas?! STUPID!

      Also, your Rosewood account is ALL wrong...It's the black version. The TRUTH is here::

    2. What you sourced was some individuals fan fiction of rosewood. He states don't trust Wikipedia and then tries to use it as a source when he even uses a source.

    3. Regarding Rosewood, the fiction is in wikipedia. I just re-read it and it so one- sided - all intended to make the poor ole blacks into victims in American history. Laughable.
      This kind on-sided reporting on American historical events by wikpedia, particularly those that include blacks, discredits the site. For instance, it refers to Rosewood as a " racially motivated massacre". It was a racially motivated incident, but clearly there was no massacre there. The newspaper accounts of the incident indicate four blacks died. Also, why is it that not ONE riot in the 1960s launched by blacks is referred to as racially motivated and desiring to establish black supremacy? Finally, in the site I referenced above, it states a crucial piece of information about Rosewood...that I hope is not lost any any reader, and that is that the "new" version to Rosewood was orchestrated by a black male who wasn't even alive at the time of the incident (Arnett Doctor).

      TRUTH: Blacks males were raping white females (elderly and children, employer's wives and daughters)) , documented, all over America at that time (and continues to this very day). The black male did assault and rape Fanny Taylor. That's why the black male rapist fought it out against the posse i.e. he knew it was a lynching offense in Florida. Blacks are trying to re-write their entire history in America.

      Regarding using wikidedia as a source... The site I referenced did NOT say to not trust the Wikipedia. He/ she said "Beware".
      As for using Wikipedia as a source, I see he / she used it for a quote...a quote about how Arnett Doctor's own mother accused him of lying about his new version of Rosewood, which is the very version Arnett claimed he GOT... FROM HIS MOTHER!!!.

      Good lord, the things blacks will buy long as it makes them out to be helpless victims of white people

    4. In claiming to beware of Wikipedia and then using it as a source the author sunk his credibility. He is only supporting parts of it he believes. Not to mention providing nothing to support his claims. So.... yeah. Fanfiction

  24. "Particularly, while one race provided for themselves and their people within America's urban centers"

    After they stole people and their works profits for several generations, correct?

    Even if you used every word in the dictionary and cited every scientific study since 1777, your efforts would fall short, serving only as circle jerk material for the closeted to outright racist.

    It's sad that you have to lie to get attention.

    1. And for a potentially more authoritative look at what happened in the '60s regarding race and society:

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  26. It's a sad story and there's no happy ending

  27. Your ignorant. Over 400 years ago African Americans who were Kings and princes and had organized government and architect and Technology were ripped away stolen from their land their people there culture their heritage their rights as human beings and were terrorized and tortured and treated as animals less than animals by white men and White Society we called blacks the monsters we called blacks the ones that were animals and Savages but we were we were we were the Savages we were the psycho.

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  29. You think that African-Americans could have just started their own civilization or their own space somewhere on us soil the white man may have let them do such a thing but they would have told them where it had to be and they would have left them poor and starving without any resources. And about Black Wall Street do you not know about the blacks that were sitting in Congress and in the House of Representatives and Supreme judges until the Jim Crow law came and blacks were again oppressed and treated like they were less than a white person, segregated couldn't even look at a white woman without being accused of rape the statistics for the prisons are for crimes especially up to the 70s I would bet that 80% of them aren't even legitament.

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    1. I agree with Wolf. If we ever want an end to this race BS then we must go our separate ways with a homeland for blacks. But also a pure ethnostate for whites. Perhaps leave a state for people who like the multi-cultural inferno. But blacks must stop propagating the victim game which only disempowers them even further or they will be forever stuck in the angry and hateful state. And whites of today must stop thinking that they owe anything to black people. We don't. I wish you the best black people, but it's time you start your own story and grow up. For the last 50 years, you've been pampered like spoiled brats who have lived with their parents well into their 30s. We have given you a lot of tools; from electricity to the computer, music instruments, houses, airplanes, technology, medicine, easy access to education, welfare etc. Now it's time that you stand on your own two feets and show yourself what you are capable of.