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Black Children Who Rape & Murder - White Victims

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 The following collection of brutal crimes against innocent white people were committed by , or involved, black male children (15-years-old and under).

Mr White male/female, don't EVER think that a black  'boy'  won't pull the trigger or stab you with that knife of his.   

Racially Motivated Attack - Boy Ambushed At School  - Dies From His Beating

     12-Year-Old Black Boys Gang Up And Sucker Punch White Boy -Then The Beatdown - Boy Dies

"The Philadelphia sixth-grader was hospitalized with seizures after he was badly beaten by two [black] boys at his school."
Kentwood, Mich.,  2014

Brutal & Senseless Ambush Murder - Stabbed On The School Playground ...The Kid Never Had A Chance

Stephens Country, OK,  Aug.  2013

                          Teen THRILL KILL 
                                       "Let's Kill Someone"

"There's a young man," Ms Smith tells the operator.

"He's just fell over in a ditch and he's got blood on him."

Three males,
James Edwards, 15,
Chancey Luna, 16, (w/m) 
Michael Jones, 17 (pictured - triggerman),

...bored, decided to kill someone ... just for the fun of it. The trio got into a car, drove up to a white male jogger and then shot him in the back. The white male was the driver. The killer was Edwards (pictured).

Chris Lane, 22 (deceased)
1.   Warwick, R.I. 1987

                   Serial Murderer Of White Females

Craig Price was just 13 years-old when he committed his fist murder of a white female (mother of two young children).   Price then waited two years (police are not sure whether he committed violent crimes against other innocent white females over this two year period) before he struck at another white family. This time he slaughtered three , a woman and her two children.    Price was the youngest serial killer in American history - by far.

* Rebecca Spencer, 27
* Joan Heaton, 39
* Jennifer,10
* Melissa, 8

Craig Price still remains in prison. However, he believes he should be set free because the murders happened when he was a juvenile. He claims he is still in prison because of white racism.
2.   Fort Worth, TX, 09-01-90

Black Bully And Murderer

Meet bully -and fiend - David Lee Goff

21-years-old in this mugshot

Here are the white people he victimized when he was 15-years-old:

"On Aug. 15, 1984, Goff and two other [black] youths got a ride from a white male, Vaughn Heeren. When Heeren stopped his car to let them out, Goff pointed a .22 caliber Derringer at him. The youths stole his wallet containing $160 and drove his truck to an industrial park in Grand Prairie. ."   Now black male Goff, he gonna have some fun ...

"Goff instructed Heeren to strip [naked] and run.  Heeren heard a shot as he ran, and thinking that the shot did not sound real, he turned around, ran back towards the truck and was shot in the chest. The youths swerved at him and then drove off.  Heeren obtained treatment for a collapsed lung and survived.  At the time of trial, Heeren continued to suffer from nightmares about the attack. 

"On Aug. 16, 1984, Goff and two other youths violently assaulted a white female, Jill Bogan-Tucker, in the parking lot of the hotel where she worked. Goff instructed her at gun point to open her car door and get in and then began cussing at her and slapping her. Tucker fought her way out of the car and ran towards the hotel. Goff shot her in the back as she ran, caught up with her and shot her again under her chin. Tucker managed to run into the hotel while the three assailants fled on foot. At the time of trial, she continued to suffer from extreme headaches and a weak back, and she took medication for pain.Witnesses at trial testified about these two offenses. Goff admitted he was the trigger man in both offenses."

3.   New York City, NY, 1982

Black Children Barge Into White Female's Home - Rape - Terrorize

                      Rape Of Kelly McGillis (24-years-old)

Leroy Johnson, a 15-years-old black racist BULLY, along with another black male youth, staked out McGillis’ apartment. Apparently, when Kelly's roommate came home the two black males entered behind her ... and immediately began threating Kelly and her roommate at knife point. Black male Leroy Johnson was there for one purpose, to rape McGillis (the other black male was there to rob). One could only imagine the look on McGillis face when this 15-year-old black boy with a knife demanded she remove her bathrobe and “get over there on that bed”.

McGillis: “I felt especially vulnerable because all I was wearing was a bathrobe. They had me backed up against a wall in the bedroom. One guy started looking through my things. All I had was some jewelry and about $10. He ran into the kitchen and grabbed a second knife, while the other one demanded that I get on the bed. When I refused he stuck me with his knife on my arms and chest. They called me a “white bitch” and asked if I had a bat, because they were going to beat the s— out of me just to teach me a lesson. They kept saying terrible things to me, awful racial slurs. I was arguing with them, “Please, I don’t have a bat. Leave.”

McGillis: He sodomized me and spit on me.”

McGillis was forced to endure rapes by both black males.

NOTE:  In 1980, at age 13, Black male Johnson was convicted of raping, sodomizing and robbing a woman, and was sent to a state juvenile jail. He escaped in 1982. In McGillis' case, Johnson was eventually caught ...and was given a lengthy three year prison term.  When  he was released, two more white females would be raped at knife point in 1996.


Teens Gun Down Young Woman In The City Of Black Racism (Philadelphia) 

Philadelphia (Dec. 2012) :: Three black teens were arrested in Philadelphia for murdering a young white female, Kayla Peterson, 21...who had the audacity to tell them to "get a job" when they approached her and her boyfriend and demanded a smoke.

Note : Every time a black male walks up on a white person and asks for a cigarette, it seems it is ALWAYS a set up line for a planned criminal act, usually a sucker punch in the face (beware). In other words, the black teens likely didn't want a smoke.

Three black teens:
Todavia Cleckley, 14
Marcus Velasquez, 13
Kyle Goosby Jr., 13


                                 * Crimes That Shake Our Conscience *

It’s Happening In Britain Too

Black male Rapes A White School Teacher

A black boy, Dwayne Best, 15,…decided he wanted to rape his [white] 28-year-old school teacher, and no one was going to prevent him. The black boy was forced to settle for oral sex.

Note: The black boy was given life in prison for the attack on the white female, which means in England he’ll be eligible for parole in 4 ½ years.
5.   Lancaster, CA, April 2005

Whacked In The Head With A Baseball Bat - Died At The Scene
A black boy, 13-year-old Greg Harris, became angry at a white male kid, who was fifteen, walked up behind him with a baseball bat and slammed it into his head, killing him. The black youth then lied about the white teen using a racial slur.

Jeremy Rourke, 15

“Despite the Tuesday night fight and its tragic ending, the two boys had no history of problems, said Tony Trevino, who coached the [little league] Dodgers that night.”

 “That’s what’s so shocking and so appalling,” he said. “What happened? What did we miss as a community? What did we miss as parents.”
                                                      Black on Black

LA, CA, 1996

Gang Rape Of 12-year-old

(Life In South Central LA)

A group of 15 black teens abducted a 13-year-old girl (race unknown), took her to an abandoned house then tortured and raped her. After this, the black boys attempted to cover up their brutal crime by setting the house on fire. The girl they beat and raped was left barricaded inside the home - i.e. they intended to burn her alive. The black boys then took the mattress which was used for the sexual assault outside on the front lawn and set it on fire. When an adult black male confronted the children, 12-year-old black male Devon Murdock pulled a semi-automatic hand gun and tried to gun him down. However, the black boy missed his intended target and instead hit an 82-year-old female, killing her instantly with a shot to the throat.  As for the girl left in the burning house, whe was able to escape.
6.    Cuyahoga County,OH, Dec. 31, 2007

Public Attack –  Pack-Attack – Attempted Robbery

Six black males,
Jerome Edwards, 17,
Miles Cole, 15,
Demetrius Lang, 16
Brandon Goodwin, 16
Joshua Bray, 16
Joseph Wilson , 19

….attacked a white male adult while he was out jogging. The white male described his attack as follows:

“McDermott explained that “the first kid came at [him],” and tried to hit him with his fist. Another “kid” hit him in the arm with a wooden pole, while at the same time, another was punching him in the stomach. Someone said to him, “[w]e’re going to fuck you up,” and someone else said, “[w]e’re gonna’ kill ya.” When McDermott tried to run away, someone hit him with a metal rod on his right knee and “just obliterated it.” He fell to the ground.

While [*5] McDermott was laying on the ground, he said that Wilson pulled out a knife and started “sticking it at me.” Wilson said to him, “I’m going to cut you with the knife if you don’t shut up.” McDermott further testified that Wilson said, “[g]ive me your money,” and McDermott replied, “asshole, I don’t have any money. I’m out jogging.” McDermott described the knife as having “a six-inch blade”; it was more like a “fishing” knife, not a switchblade knife.

McDermott explained that each male was involved in the attack and none of them tried to stop it. He said he was “absolutely” certain that Wilson was equally involved in the attack “because [he] thought that [Wilson] was the last person [he] was going to see on this earth.” This was because he heard one of the “kids” say, “[c]lip him,” and he saw a gun in another “kid’s” pocket.”

* Kevin McDermott, 52
7.    Prosper, TX. Dec. 10, 1990

                 * A MUST READ – BLACK ATROCITY *

Home Invasion – Murder - Sadistic Torture

Four Black male predators, Eric Lynn Moore, 23, (suspected triggerman), Anthony Bruce, 15, Kenneth Bruce, 19, (suspected triggerman), Sam Andrews, 19,… drove out to a rural home occupied by a white male and his wife. The two Bruce brothers knocked on the front door and when a middle-age white male answered the two black boys told him they had car trouble and needed jumper cables. Unfortunately, the white male invited the two black boys into his house. Once inside, the other two black males entered the home and immediately pulled their guns. They forced the white male and his wife upstairs into their bedroom and told them to lie face down. While lying face down, both were shot, the white male in the back, intentionally aiming for his spinal cord (it was clearly a shot intending to render him a permanent cripple). The female was shot in the leg. The black males then left the room and went looking for household valuables.

A few minutes later the sadistic black youths came back to finish the job. The white female was shot in the head and died instantly. The white male, however, well, there was a different plan for him. He was going to to be left alive, but shot one more time, this time in the right shoulder, attempting to leave him with only a functioning left arm (Kenneth Bruce admitted to being the triggerman, but it could very well be that it was his 15-year-old cousin and the older one took the blame). The white male did survive, but, as planned, paralyzed from the waist down.

* Helen Ayers, 55
* Richard Ayers, 58 (survived – paralyzed)

Note: Again, it was obviously by the black males’ actions they wanted to render the white male a cripple. They could have easily finished him off. But they (police say it was Andrews) deliberately shot the white male in the spin, then the shoulder, desiring him to have just a single functioning arm – and no wife. The black males made sure they finished the white female off, right? A bullet to the head. Sick!

* Nothing to compare to this type of crime prior to 1964…
8.   Baltimore, MD, August 2001

Atrocity - Teenage Kids Kidnap, Carjack, Rob And Murder

First, here are the guilty black youths (that taxpayer will be forced to provide for in prison for the rest of their lives):

Jamal D. Barnes, 23
Larry Walker, 16,
Brian Wilson, 15,
Bryan McMillan, 18

And now for the description of their planned atrocity.

The black youths decided they gonna have some fun ... and also get some spending cash for the night. Here's what they cooked up:  They would ram the back of a white female's car , get her to pull over and when she got out they would jump her, steal her car, then drive to an ATM where she would draw out the max. The white female would then be taken to a secluded spot and murdered. All they needed to do was find the right white female, alone, and driving a car that looked like she had money – that is, money in her ATM. The black youths drove around a white community until they finally spotted their victim. The plan worked perfectly. They bumped the selected white female. when she pulled over they kidnapped her at gunpoint.  They got her car (silver 2001 Acura CLS), money in her bank account and then they took her to a secluded area. And despite her pleading to be let go, they murdered her.  Fortunately, they also got caught, and rather quickly.

* Yvette Adrienne Beakes, 26 (w/f)

>> The Democratic Party’s forced Integration ain’t cheap, is it? <<
9.   Clarendon County, S . Carolina , March 23, 1944

1940s Atrocity - Teen Murders Two American Children - Commits Necrophilia 
Negro bully / rapist / murderer of two American  little girls (1944)

Two American girls, one 8-years-old and the other 11-years-old,  were approached by a 14-year-old Negro boy, George Stinney, while they were picking flowers.  When the Negro boy became insistent on sex with the 11-years-old, and, of course,  the girl flatly refused, both girls tried to leave. That's when Stinney pulled out a railroad spike from his pants pocket and started beating both girls ... until they were dead. He then sexually abused the dead corpses. After that, Stinney dragged the bodies to a ditch and pushed them into it.

When police later found out that two Negro children were the last to see the white girls alive, they went looking for them. One of the Negro children was a girl, so she was apparently eliminated immediately. The other was her brother, George. He was taken to the Sheriff's office, where he then confessed to the murders as well how and why he did it. A jury convicted George Stinney of the double murders and the judge sentenced him to death in the electric chair.  He was executed 81 days after his conviction.

* Mary Emma Thames, age 8
* Betty June Binnicker, 11

19.   Las Vegas, NV, Feb. 2008

Thrill Kill

A black male teen, Gerald Q. Davison, 16, …was in the passenger seat of his friend’s car, along with three high school girls in the back seat. For reasons that aren’t exactly clear black male Davison pulled out a hand gun and, as the car drove by a group of four high school students (three white and one Hispanic), on Davidson's instructions, the driver then slowed the car where he leaned out the passenger window and fired at the group four times, striking one of the white male students in the chest.

The white male teen died that evening.

Police speculate that Davidson shot at the group solely to impress the girls in the car (and the thought of going to prison for 25 to life was also, obviously, no deterrent). The innocent white male is:

* Christopher Privett, 15
20.  Anderson County, TX, Jan. 26, 2000


Abuse Of The Elderly – Torture- Home Invasion – Murder

Four blacks,
Danielle Simpson, 20 (male) ,
Jennifer Simpson (wife), 16 ,
Lionel Simpson (brother), 15
Edward McCoy, 13

... broke into the home of an elderly white female - their neighbor. While the black kids were looking for valuables the elderly lady had the great misfortune of returning home. The black youths abducted the elderly white female, tossed her in the trunk of her car ... and then drove around visiting various friends and acquaintances, showcasing their captive prisoner – who was still alive and pleading to be let go. The black kids then drove to a bridge, took the elderly white female out of the trunk and threw her to the ground, where black male Danielle Simpson took a running start and then booted her in the face. The elderly white female then had a large rock tied to her and, while still conscious, was tossed from the bridge into the river.

* Geraldine Davidson, 84 (she was returning home from church, where she played the organ)

Note: This is yet another of many, many examples of urban black teenagers with the attitude that they’re going to do whatever the hell they want to do, and whenever they want to to do it. And, unfortunately for those in the white community, under the current forced integration system there is absolute no way to protect yourself. Black males have been given the right to strike at you.
21. St. Louis County, MO, 2005

Abuse Of A Child – Rape – Attempted Murder
A 6-year-old child (white) was beaten, raped and left for dead in a crime that shocked the Spanish Lake community in 2005. The perpetrator was a 13-year-old black male.  A white judge gave the little black fiend 60 years in prison. Seriously tho, I doubt the sentence will hold up. Look for this beast to be back out on the street before he hits 30.

Black Male Rapist:
Sherman Burnett Jr., 13
22.   Knoxville, Tenn., Aug. 21, 2008

Argue With A Black Male – Get Gunned Down

A Family Of Criminals

A black male (on probation), Jamar Siler, 15, …got into an argument with a white male student, then drew a gun and gunned him down in a crowded student cafeteria (plenty of witnesses and he couldn‘t care less) .

* Ryan McDonald, 15

Note: Jamar Siler sister's, Ciara Siler, is also wanted by police for murdering a woman (race unknown).
23.   W. Toledo, OH, Jan. 19, 2010

* Crimes That Shake Our Conscience *

15-Year-Old Boy Rapes 26-Year-Old White Female

 Anferney Fontenet, 15, armed with a pair of scissors was determined to rape a white female, and it didn’t even matter that it was broad daylight and she was walking on a public street (apparently she was walking in a black neighborhood) with lots of cars passing by. With the scissors pressed to her throat the black boy forced the adult white female to a vacant lot and then raped her. Several drivers called 9-11 but, because it was a “bad” neighborhood, no one got out of their cars to offer assistance.
24.  Bronx, NY, 2008

Black Female Teenager Attacks White Male Teen – Murder

A black female, Sharell Butler, 15 (pic),  ambushed a white male with a knife and bludgeoned him to death. She also, police believe, had some help  - Carlos Colon & Robert Pastore were both later arrested and also charged with murder. After killing the white male, his body was dismembered by the black teens and his body parts were then stuffed in a garbage bag and thrown in an alley. Note: This vicious black girl was also involved in another murder.

John Hopkins-Drago, 22 (pic)

25.  Lakeland, FL, 2010

Beat-Down On A White Male (Handicapped)

Black Bullies:
Kevonta Isaac, 15
Kamion Matos, 15,
Timothy Scott, 18,
Iquan Issac, 16

And no hate crime filed…

White Victim:
* Richard Werner, 20
26.  Lathrup Village, MI ,  Oct. 15, 2008

 Ambush - Armed Robbery - Murder Of Pregnant White Female

Murdered by 15-year-old

Three black males,
Brandon Davis, 20,
Deandre Sturges, 19,
Jerome Hamilton, 15, (triggerman)

… had attempted a number of robberies that night before targeting a restaurant after closing time. The black males saw a white female sitting in her car at Rib Rack restaurant in Lathrup Village and apparently figured, since it was the last car to leave the parking lot that night, she would have keys to the restaurant – and access to the night’s receipts. Hamilton then exited his car and walked up on the white female … and simply shot her in the head. She died instantly.

* Catherine Solinski-Blain, 21 (pregnant at the time of death)

UPDATE: Hamilton has been acquitted of all charges. Love to see the racial make-up of that jury     ( Lathrup Village, MI is over 61% black).  Hamilton's crime buddies provided a detailed account of his involvement in the crime.
27.   Kenosha, WI, Sept. 2008

Home Invasion – Murder

Two black male teens (cousins), Kawanis N. Trotter, 14, Roddee Daniel, 15….broke onto the home of a middle-aged white female to steal her X-Box. The two walked into the white female’s bedroom armed with a baseball bat (police claim it was Daniel) and beat her in the head.

* Capri Walker, 51 (deceased)
28. Mead Valley, CA, Dec. 13, 1993

Home Invasion – Murder

 Slaughter Of Two Innocent White People

Two Black Males, Albert Jones, 29, Unidentified 15-year-old, …broke into the home of an elderly white couple, hogtied them, then proceeded to bludgeoned them to death with pocket knives.

* James Florville, 82
* Madalynne Florville, 72
29.   Columbia, MO, sept. 2010

Racially Motivated Sucker Punch  Gang Attack 

Three black teens first taunted a white male by saying degrading things about his wife (the the white couple were walking to their car with their infant after a swim in the community pool). The three black teen – BULLIES – then approached the white male from behind and landed a sucker punch in the back of the head. When the white male collapsed to the ground semi-conscious, then , in typical black male bully fashion, came the stomping on his head and kicking him in his face.
30.  LORIS, S.C, May 2010

 Ambush – Elderly Beat Down

“Yo man. Yeah man, you gotz some change.” POW! Black Male Sucker Punch

Two black male teens, 17 years old, Travis Jones, and the other a 15-year-old juvenile, waited for a 73-year-old white female at her handicap spot and then ambushed her. While one engaged the elderly lady, the other (black male) crept up from behind and sucker punched her, knocking her unconscious.

* Rose Powell , 73 (survived)

Note: In the black male “hood” the sucker punch is suppose to be a knockout punch. If it ain’t, well, you ain’t a man… Life in the hood.
31. Seattle, WA, October 25, 2008

Racially Motivated Gang Attack on White Male --  Racism – Murder

Stomp Down & Beat down

Five feral black youth, Kenneth Kelly, 15 , Billy Chambers, 15, Ja’Mari Jones , 15, two others unidentified,…decided to have some “black fun” and went searching for a lone white male to attack, beat down and stomp on…until he was unconscious – or dead. They accomplished the latter. And what kind of punishment would one expect from a liberal city like Seattle for this brutal attack and murder? The black kids got less than 12 weeks detention, free attorneys, free food and a free place to stay. Yeah, no big deal to a black youth today.

Chambers related to a police officer whil Again, it was obviously by the black malese being arrested three years later for another crime, “bragged to them about being one of the juveniles who killed the Tuba Man,” the report says. He bragged how his lawyer, John Henry Browne, “got him off with only three months for stomping the Tuba Man to death and how he would get him off for these charges, too.

* Ed “Tuba Man” McMichaels, 53

Note: The total number of black males that have been subjected to a beat-down and stomp-down over the last 50 years in Seattle - that I could find on the Internet - is ZERO.

Note:  Below is a black-on-black home invasion where an adult and her child were attacked by neighborhood kids. There is nothing to compare in America history in terms of sheer brutality, degradation and depravity, all inflicted on an adult by neighborhood kids.

West Palm Beach, 2007

                       The Dunbar Village Rape Case

Ten or more black teens, including ,
Tommy Lee Poindexter, 18
Avion Lawson , 14,
Jakaris Taylor, 17
Nathan Walker, 16

…knocked on the door of a Haitian immigrant while she was cooking dinner. Once the door was open, and apparently as part of a prearranged plan, the group pounced on her, grabbing her and forcing her back into her home. The degradation and depravity and torture of the mother and her 12-year-old son were forced to endure- by the neighborhood kids – is described as follows:

“Police said Poindexter and Walker [and many of the others] raped and sodomized the mother, forced her and her son to have sex with each other and then doused the two victims with cleaning solutions in an attempt to destroy DNA evidence.”

When it was all over, the mother and child somehow were able to stagger their way to a place and summon help. Question: How does one recover psychologically and emotionally from such a violation of their person? –and inflicted on them by kids?

** Even though many more black teens were involved in this heinous rape and torture, the prosecutor stopped at four indictments.
33.   Hamilton County, OH, May 13, 2004

A Black Boy Robbing and Murdering Adult White People...

A black boy, David Harris, 14… killed two people in two days in attempted robberies.

* David Hutchinson, 20 (black male)
* George Vance, 27 (white male)

Note: The black boy was acquitted in the murder of the white male (Vance). However, police believe 100% they had the right guy for the killing. It was likely a legal technicality (e.g. evidence obtained during interrogation or perhaps interrogating a juvenile without a parent present ) that kept crucial evidence from being introduced to the jury.
34.   Wayne County, Michigan, October 1, 1993


Racism – Inhumane Cruelty

A 14-year-old and a 10-year-old (both black) forced white boys (brothers) to perform sex acts on them as well as on each other.

“The brothers [ages 7 and 10] were forced to take off their clothing and perform a sex act upon their attackers, forced to fondle and sodomize each other, crawl to fetch a tennis ball, and were beaten with sticks and fists. One of the brothers was hit in the head with a board and nearly knocked unconscious. “According to statements and testimony, the attackers, who are African-American, told the victims, who are white, at one point in the ordeal that they were treating them like slaves, ‘because you’re white and we hate whites….’

“‘This is the worst case I’ve seen in my four years with the prosecutor’s office,’ said [Assistant Wayne County Prosecutor Jerry] Dorsey…. “These were clearly terrorist behaviors…beyond a mere sex thing or a fighting thing that boys get into. This was clearly designed to humiliate and terrorize and inflict fear and pain on these boys, both physical and psychological.’“

35. Alamance County, N. Carolina, Oct. 16, 1998

Abuse Of A Child – Gang Rape – Torture – Murder
Three blacks, Joseph Jones, 13, Harold W. Jones, 16, Dorthia Bynum, 17 (b/f), …abducted a 10-year-old white child. The white child was then raped by the two black males, then all three participated in strangling her and beating her to death with a bed post.

* Tiffany Nicole Long, 10
36.    Moreno Valley (Riverside County), CA , March 2011

Abuse Of A Child – Gang Sexual Assault

Police: "It appears what happened is they were looking for a victim," he said.

A black male youth gang, including, Michael Sykes, 19,  Six other unidentified due to age,...had one of their tag-along females lure an 11-year-old female child (race unknown) into a public restroom. Once the little girl was in the restroom, the seven black males pounced on her, with each of them taking turns (as planned) raping her.
37. December 12. 2008

GANG RAPE ((London , England)

14-year-old viciously attacked by 9 colored boys. Since this happened in England, the sentences handed down to the colored boys were very lenient.
38.  N. Charleston, S.C. Dec. 1999

Racially Motivated Gang Attack

“Yeah, we are going to get us a white boy.”

A large number of black youths, including,
Lafayette Knots, 21,
Ivan Brown, 20,
Alice Burney, 14
Four black juveniles,

… were arrested for their part in a racist hate attack on white people. The black mob (police say more than a dozen were involved) singled out white people to attack, beat and stomp.

* Troy Knapp, 35, (beat with pipes, suffered permanent brain damage
* Gary Thornburg, 34 (left unconscious)!topic/alt.america/XJu_T2xAICY
39.   Tampa, Fla., April 4, 2001


Two black youths, Telly S. Warren, 14, James Taylor, 17,… deliberately threw a brick into the windshield of a passing are because the occupants were white. No one was seriously injured but police arrested a group of black youths.
40.  Annapolis, MD, July 21, 2001


Three black teen-agers ran up to an adult white female (waitress) in downtown Annapolis and threw a rock in her face – intending to cause serious injury. When she fell to the ground, the black teens beat her and stomped on her.

Black male Racists / Thieves:
Tacarra Tyler, 17
Two unidentified 14-year-olds

Innocent White Female:
* Tracy VanDagna, 22 (broken nose and needed of plastic surgery)
41. Georgetown, D.C. July 9, 2006

 Ambush - Attempted Rape  - Murder

Three black males and a black female,
Christopher Piper, 25,
Jeffery Rice, 22,
Unidentified 15-year-old black boy,
Oliva Miles, 26,

…were driving around a white community in the late night hours looking to victimize someone. They spotted a white male who had just got out of his car with his girlfriend. As the couple made their way to the front door, the black youths charged up to them and demanded money. As the white male was complying, one of the blacks decided he wanted rape the female. When the white male tried to defend her he was beaten and then knifed to death – his throat was slashed just to make sure of his death. The innocent white male is:

* Alan Senitt, 27 (an aspiring politician from the UK)
42.  Jena, LA, December 4, 2006

Gang Attack  - Sucker Punch Beat Down

Six black males BULLIES,
Robert Bailey,17,
Mychal Bell, 16,
Carwin Jones, 18,
Bryant Purvis, 17,
Jesse Ray Beard, 14,
Theo Shaw, 17,

…waited for a lone white male to come walking out a door at their high school. When a lone white male did exit , the six black thugs pounced on him, first delivering the infamous (cowardly) black male sucker punch. Then, when the white kid fell to the ground, the six BULLIES began stomping on him and kicking him.

When a white prosecutor tried to take a tough stand on this kind of cowardly thug behavior, he got calls of racism from America’s biggest race-monger, black male BULLY AL Sharpton (BTW, without the MSN cooperating with Sharpton, he‘s powerless, isn‘t he?). And then, to aim one of the biggest insults toward white people since the launching of forced integration in 1964, Sharpton organized a protest … a protest march for the black male BULLIES, claiming the white prosecutor was being too harsh. You see, it didn’t matter to Sharpton that the black BULLIES ganged up six against ONE; or that the black BULLIES tried to kill the kid – leaving him unconscious. What mattered to black male Sharpton (besides the media cameras being there – always a big thing) was a golden opportunity to send a couple of messages to America’s white population:: 1) “White people, you don’t count as victims.” 2) “We can get anything we want by using protest BULLY marches.” Black male Sharpton, not surprisingly, won on both counts.

* Justin Barker

NOTE:  Read the black thug take on this incident here white people. You DON’T count!
43.   Columbia, S. Carolina ,   June 2011

Gang Attack – Attempted Murder

Eight black males, including, seven juveniles, Thyeem Henrey ,… ganged up on a lone white male, sucker punching him, then, when he dropped to the ground – the typical black pack attack MO – the stomping and kicking his head began. When the black feral youth believed the white kid was dead, they then rifled through his pockets. The white male teen wound up in a hospital and in a coma. The link below can let you see the result of what these black kids did to him.

* Carter Strange , 19
44. New York City, NY, February 2, 2005

 Ambush – Murder
A black male and black female, Rudy Fleming, 19 , Tatianna McDonald, 14,…were out looking for someone to rob when they spotted a trio of young white people. Fleming and his companion charged up the the white people, pulled out a gun and demanded their money. When the white female refused, black male Fleming gunned her down. The innocent white female is:

* Nicole duFresne, 28 (she was a star)
45. Galveston County, TX,

Home Invasion – Murder

A black male, Jordan Lewis, 14,… gained the trust of an elderly white female. Apparently, Lewis was simply biding his time, waiting for the opportunity strike. Armed with a knife, the teen gained entry into the elderly white female’s home, likely giving a desperation story – a con. Once inside, Lewis attacked the helpless elderly lady with his knife. Motive was burglary/robbery.

* Vaneeda Wright, 84 (deceased)
46. Philadelphia , PA, Aug. 18, 2010

Ambush – Murder

"He did not move fast enough,” police said

Two black teens, India Spellman, 17, Von Combs, 14,…charged up to an elderly white male mowing his lawn and pulled a gun on him. The vicious thugs then demanded he give them (surprise) money. When the elderly white male, a distinguished WWII veteran, didn’t move fast enough, the black teen gunned him down.

* George Greaves, 87

Note: Many other neighborhood robberies have been attributed to these two black thugs.
  47. Chicago, Ill, Oct. 30, 2005

Home Invasion - Murder

Two black male juveniles, Gareng Deng, 14 other unidentified,...entered a white female's home and at gunpoint forced her outside and into a wooded area, where Deng shot her in the head. The juveniles then stole what money they could find and then stole the woman's car.

 * Marilyn Bethell, 47 (deceased)

Note:  Deng was given a 35 year prison sentence, so, in Illinois, this means he could be eligible for parole in about 18 years (before he turns 33).
48.   Norfolk, VA, 2007

Racially Motivated Gang Attack

Five black youths (names not released due to age) attacked an innocent white male teen, Damin O’Rourke, 13, and left him with sever bruises.

“They were kicking me and punching me in the face. They weren’t aiming for nothing except my face.”
49.  Morris County, NJ, Dec. 1, 2002

Armed Robbery  - Two Dead

Two black male, Omar Shaheer Thomas 27, (triggerman), Craig Allen Thomas Jr. 14, (triggerman)
Rahman Vaughn, 24,… murdered two white male employees of a video store during a hold-up (both shot in the head).

* Jeff Eresman , 22
* Erik Rewoldt, 26

 50.  N. Carolina, S. Carolina & Florida, 1970

Hit Squad

Three black males, L.L. Thompson, 20, Martin Rutrell, 15, Ben Chaney, Jr. 17,...were filled with racism and hate toward white people. Apparently, for amusement and adventure, they set out to kill as many white people as they could ... until they were caught.

* Three white college students, Durham, N. Carolina, April 15, 1970
* J.J. Bowles, at Fort Lauderdale, Fl, May 3, 1970
* Two white males abducted and murdered, Boco Raton, Fl, May 14, 1970
* Murdered white male business owner and wounded another in Hardeeville, S. Carolina, May 20, 1970 

 51.  Orrum, N.Carolina, Feb. 2009

Home Invasion - Murder -  Elderly - Attempted Murder

Two black males,Montrexe Daytoria Blue, 16,
unidentified 14,...broke into the home of an elderly white woman and beat her mercilessly. Miraculously, the elderly lady survived, however, she has already accumulated over $100,000 in medical bills related to the black males' vicious attack. She also refuses to live alone any longer.

* Lola Nye, 80
 52.   .District Heights , MD, Aug. 2011

Abuse Of White Elderly - Home Invasion - Murder

White family brings a black male into the household - murder

A black male , William Rodgers Fitts, 15,...was adopted as a child by a white family, then , when he turned a 15-years-old, he broke into his elderly neighbor's home - a person he had known for many years - and murdered her (beat mercilessly and stabbed her to death). Motive was burglary/robbery.

* Thelma Steele, 92
 53.   Horry County, S. Carolina, June 12 , 2010

'Good Samaritan' Attempted Murder

A young and naive white female, Danielle D. Switzer, agreed to give a 14-year-old black boy, Zireek Brooks, a ride. Result? He pulled a gun and demand sex. Yes, you read right.  The 'boy' demand sex at gun point from the adult white female.  The white female decided her best chance of survival was to run her car into a ditch, which she did. For that maneuver , the black teen shot the white female in the head; however, despite her head wound she was still able to exit the car and run from the scene.
54.   Jacksonville, Miss., Feb. 1, 2010

Ambush-  Attempted Murder

A black male, Jasper Bell, 15, (triggerman), Randall Mason, 18, ...armed with a gun, charged up to a lone white female in a public parking lot demanding her purse.  When the white female surrendered her purse, black male male Bell shot her in the head and neck.

 * Andrea Scott  (miraculously survived, though suffers permanent impairment)

 55.   Fort Worth , TX, Oct. 6 , 2011

                     'Knockdown Game'                                                      MURDER

Racially Motivated

Three black males were driving around apparently looking for a white male - of suitable size (small in stature) - to land a knockdown punch on. When they spotted their target, a 14-year-old black youth (over 6 feet tall, 175 lbs) charged up to the white male and socked him in the face. The punch caused the white male (5 ft 1 inches tall) to fall so hard on the pavement that he died from his injury.

Name of cowardly black male sucker puncher withheld due to his age.

* Mark Gregory, 40

UPDATE: Black male murderer get 10 year sentence for murder of white male.
  56.  Atlanta, GA, March 2003

Ambush - Murder

A black male teen, LaVan Hickman, 15,...decided he wanted some money, and thought he'd figured out a good way to get it:: kill a white guy coming out of a business and steal his money. Black male Hickman was also apparently very anxious to use his newly acquired gun. Black male Hickman,  along with another black teen,  staked out a restaurant in a white community and waited. When a white couple emerged he along with his crime partner charged up to the white couple and demanded money ; then, for no apparent reason - perhaps another black male THRILL kill - Hickman pulled the trigger, snatched the woman's purse and ran away.

* Christian Henderson, 32 (deceased - gunned down in front of finance')
  57.  Detroit, MI, August 1, 2009

'Child' Ambush - Murder

A black male, Demarco Harris, 12, decided he wanted to get some quick money. Since he had a gun he figured he would walk up to a white female he saw sitting in her car and demand her purse. When the white female refused to hand over her purse the black kid shot her in the chest and grabbed it.

Don't EVER think a black male , even if it's a child, won't pull the trigger!!

* Trisha Babcock, 24
 58.  Mobile, AL, October 2008

 Ambush - Thrill Kill - Murder

A black male, Jarvis Williams , 14, ....was hangin' out when a young white male drove up and inquired about buying $5.00 worth of marijuana. Instead, the black youth pulled a gun on him. When the kid surrendered all his money (the $5.00), the little black fiend gunned him down.

Cory Landrum, 19
 59.  South Bend, IN, 2009

Teen Ambush - Murder 

 Two black youths, Dentrell Brown , 13  Joshua Love , 18... tried to sell fake crack cocaine to a white male crack addict, but when the white male noticed it was fake he threatened to go the police if his money wasn't returned.  For black male fiend Dentrell Brown, this was cause to murder him.  So he took out his concealed handgun  - that he always kept with him - and shot the white male in the head.

 Gerald Wenger, 35
60.  Las Vegas, NV,  March 1, 2012

Black Kids Continue To Ambush White Adults - MURDER

The type of ambush represented below has become way too frequent! 

Three black males, Daniel Jarod Goodman, 18, and two juveniles, one 15-years-olds and the other 17-years-old, phoned an auto salvage yard telling a white male office manager they had two cars to sell him, hoping the white male would show up with cash to buy the cars. Naturally, there were no cars. And, unfortunately, the white male fell for the black ruse. When the white male showed up at the designated spot to meet the black teens, he was immediately gunned down. And the the blacks, naturally, were immediately caught.

* Wallace David Zarza, 44

  61.  Brandon, FL, 2008

 Teen Rapist Finally Caught
Consequences of integration with the black man
A black male, Kendrick Morris, 19, was arrested and convicted  for ::
 -- raping a 63-year-old woman (race unknown)  in 2007 when Morris was 15-years-old
--  raping a white high school girl (pic) when he was 16-years old and beat her, leaving her in a coma
 62. Westfield, NJ, March 1976

Home Invasion - Rape - Murder

 "It didn’t seem to make much sense why someone would hurt this woman." 
                                                 both pics are from high school yearbooks

A black male, Carlton Franklin,15, decided he was going to rape his white neighbor. It didn't matter that the "quite" female was 57-years-old.  It was a rape opportunity and  Franklin was not going to let it slip by. The white female lived alone so it was just a matter of getting into her place unnoticed.  Police found her days later raped and strangled to death.

  Lena Triano, 57
 63.  Jacksonville, MS, February 28, 2012

 'Bad Ass' Murderer

A black male, Mark Cassity, 15, walked up to a white male sitting in his car and shot him in the head. No motive yet revealed. Note: There can be only one reason a 15-year-old black youth walks up on a 34-year-old white male with a loaded gun:: ROBBERY

*  Joseph Wright, 34
Canada 2011

   School Boy Chased By Black Teen Thugs -
          Knifed To Death - THRILL KILL

TOP LEFT: Lamarr Gordon, left, and Dale Green both received life sentences for the stabbing, with Gordon's tariff being a minimum 14 years and Green's 15 years; Terell Clement, 10 years

* Nicolas Pearton, 16

 64.    Blytheville, Ark., 1999

 'Teen' Business Invasion - Murder

"On the night of November 18, 1999, Petitioner Kuntrell Jackson [14-years-old] was walking with two older boys, Travis Booker [14-years-old] (Jackson's cousin) and Derrick Shields [15-years-old] through a housing project when they started to discuss robbing a video store. On the way to the store, Jackson learned that Shields was carrying a sawed-off .410 shotgun in his jacket. Upon arriving at the store, Shields entered the premises, pointed the shotgun at a shop clerk, and demanded money. Initially, Jackson chose to stay outside, but shortly after, he went inside the store as well. After the clerk repeatedly refused to give any money to Shields and mentioned calling the police, Shields shot her in the face. Jackson was inside the store during the killing. The three boys took nothing and went to Jackson’s house."

Innocent White Female:
* Laurie Troop, 28
65.   Moulton, TX,  2005

 Child Ambushes Female School Teacher - Murders Her For Pocket Change

"He said Young's friends told him that Young said he had beaten Jester and had taken money from her."

A fiendish 15-teen-year-old Demetrick Young, decided he wanted some money, and all he had to do was beat that white female school teacher to death to get it. No problem for Demetrick Young. He obviously wanted that money, that he hoped she had in her purse (pocket change), pretty bad.  After the sinister attack, which left the female comatose and fighting for life, Young bragged to his friends about what he had done.  They subsequently called police and reported what Young had told them.  The teacher later died from the beating.

* Judy Jester ,55

Note: Young was found guilty of capital murder, however, since he was only 15, the judge was limited to sentencing him to life & no parole.
66.   Clayton, NJ, Oct. 2012

 Teens Murder 12-Year -Old Girl ... For Her Bike -- WOW!

Justin, Robinson, 15, and his brother Dante Robinson, 17,  ambushed a 12-year-old girl and then brutally murdered her ... solely because they wanted her bicycle. Note: The two have already confessed to the crime.

* Autumn Pasquale, 12

67.  Peoria, Illinois, June 14, 2004

Black Boys Robbing and Murdering Adult White People

Ambush - Murder

A black boy, Martize M. Smolley, 15 … staked out an ATM and waited. When a car drove up, occupied by a mother and her teen daughter,  Smolley charged up to the mother pointing his gun at her face and demanded money. The mother, startled, tried to drive off.  That's when Smolley, for no other reason than a desire to murder,  fired his gun at her head. The bullet struck both females.

* Kelly Houser, 38 (deceased)
* Amy Allen, 14 (deceased)

68.  Lake worth, Fl, May 2000

Black Racism – Murder

A black teenager, Nathaniel Brazill, 13,
…became angry when his 7th grade teacher scolded him at school.  Brazill left during school hours and went home to retrieve a gun. He then went back to his school, tracked down the teacher who scolded him ... and gunned him down.

* Barry Grunow, 35 (deceased)

Note: Again we see the unpredictability of the black male temperament. 
67.   Mt. Morris Township, Mich., Feb. 29, 2000

Kayla Rolland, 6-years-old, went to school on Feb. 29, 2000. While she sat in her classroom a 6-year-old black boy made his way to up her, pulled a gun, then shot her pointblank in the head. Kayla died on the spot. And the black boy's reason? "I hate that girl."

Kayla Rolland has an Internet site dedicated to her memory.


Gang Rape Of Child

Four black males , Deionta Wayne James, 19, Curtis Dennis Franklin, 17, Leonard Leon Scales, 18 and Tommie Lee Robins Jr. ,18,  forced a 14- (or 15) year-old into a neighborhood public shower and then raped her. Note: The black males say it NEVER happened. She lyin'... UPDATE: All four black males charged.
Chicago, IL.  2013

Gang Rape Of A Child

Four sexually depraved black males, Justin Applewhite, Kenneth Brown, Dyquier Garrett and Scandale Fritz, 17 (all between 15 and 17 years-old) forced a little 12-year-old girl to have sexual intercourse with them and or oral sex, while they filmed each assault. The blacks then posted the video on the internet. Obviously, were not dealing with the brightest people here.
Danvers, Mass.  2013

Young School Teacher Brutally Raped & Murdered By 14-Year-Old Student

A 24-year-old school teacher was beaten and knifed (slashed) to death inside the high school where she taught. 14-year-old Philip Chism was was arrested for the brutal attack a short time later. NOTE: The ultra liberal state of Massachusetts, this teen very likely will be out of prison when he hits 21-years-old..

White Victim:
Colleen Ritzer, 24

69. Oakland, CA, 2013

Ambushed By Teens - THRILL KILL

A white male pulled up to a stop sign and when he came to a stop he was ambushed by a gang of black teenagers, one being armed with a gun. Apparently, the sole intent of the ambush was to shot and kill - THRILL KILL - the adult white male.

"The 34-year-old Boyer was stopped at the sign in the Oakland hills when a car pulled up beside his car and he was shot in the head at what was described as point-blank range."

Five racists black teens, youngest is 14, were arrested and charged with murder.

* Quinn Boyer, 34


  1. White People Have Killed there fair share of african american people over the ages & the killings was far worst.

    1. You don't even know how many millions of whites have been brutally killed at the hands of blacks since 1965! You tried to write "& the killings was far worst". WHAT DO YOU KNOW about anything, besides what your momma lied to you about?

    2. OH SHUT THE FUCK UP!!^^^^

    3. All i know is there be the black man for all the world to see in the early 60s. He be on his knees...he be begging...he be pleading...he be crying...He wants then demands his right to integration into white male's businesses and white male's political systems (black man didn't create a single political environment in America because the black man never created a tax base from his businesses). And then the black man demanded his right to move into white people's the black man could truly advance. Yup, he needed the white man as a neighbor so he could advance, make human progress.
      What people in human history ever did such a thing?!! Ever debased themselves like the black man did in the 60s pleading for his INTEGRATION.

      The white man gifted the black man his integration in 1964. Then the black man started doing what he does BEST...He started whining again how he be done WRONG. And what now was the wrong? The black man didn't get his integration BEFORE 1964. And that whining continues to this very day.

      So why would a people who claim another people are so wicked, so brutal to them, wronged them so is it that these same people (blacks) who claiming they be done wrong by the other people (white people), they also claim the ones wronging them are the source of their dignity, their freedom (freedom to the black man is INTEGRATION), and even their manhood... The white man is the source of the black man's very manhood? Yup. Weird, eh?

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  3. Oh, please, anonymous. Black on white crime is perpetrated in the US at a rate if over 10 times white on black crime. You're just savages. There's not one black-run nation in the world in which life isn't barbaric and in "civilized" nations your behavior is just as bad.

    Crime Rates
    Blacks are seven times more likely than people of other races to commit murder, and eight times more likely to commit robbery.
    When blacks commit crimes of violence, they are nearly three times more likely than non-blacks to use a gun, and more than twice as likely to use a knife.
    Hispanics commit violent crimes at roughly three times the white rate, and Asians commit violent crimes at about one quarter the white rate.
    The single best indicator of violent crime levels in an area is the percentage of the population that is black and Hispanic.
    Interracial Crime
    Of the nearly 770,000 violent interracial crimes committed every year involving blacks and whites, blacks commit 85 percent and whites commit 15 percent.
    Blacks commit more violent crime against whites than against blacks. Forty-five percent of their victims are white, 43 percent are black, and 10 percent are Hispanic. When whites commit violent crime, only three percent of their victims are black.
    Blacks are an estimated 39 times more likely to commit a violent crime against a white than vice versa, and 136 times more likely to commit robbery.
    Blacks are 2.25 times more likely to commit officially-designated hate crimes against whites than vice versa.
    Only 10 percent of youth gang members are white.
    Hispanics are 19 times more likely than whites to be members of youth gangs. Blacks are 15 times more likely, and Asians are nine times more likely. (Drawn from FBI/DOJ statistics)

    1. You are just as ignorant as the people who made this site... yeah so white folks are serial killers and psych paths look at the fuckers who run this country. Its nothing pure about white people period. save that statistic bullshit because its just that BULLSHIT!

  4. Yes, I think the problem and tolerance of criminality in the black community is evident. However, I do not think that this list is germane to the issue gripping the country today. Today, there is a killer of a black person who is known but not arrested. In this list, the killers are known and were arrested. The distinction is what is motivating the outcry. Nevertheless, even more problematic is the eagerness of black leaders and the black community to paint this as a racial issue. I do not see the racism as part of Zimmerman's life, and the charge that Zimmerman was motivated by racial thoughts is speculation. It actually hurts the image of the black community to be quick to judge and condemn with such speculation.

    1. How does this hurt the image of any black community? They'll just kill more whites. Most hate whites and do not care what white people think of them. Fuck their black community image!


  6. It is not fair to hold the black man to the same standard as white.
    The black man is a cursed being.
    Stop complaining and arm yourself. If the beast attack you then drop and leave it where it stood.