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American-Initiated Riots - Flashpoints (1900 to 1964)

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   It is probably common for most people in America today to believe that riots initiated by white males against the black race during the pre civil-rights era was a rather common occurrence. Well, the truth is, a riot / racial assault of this type was actually very rare. The grand total is 31. Below is the complete list of the white male-initiated riots (that I could find) from the beginning of the 20th century to the launching of  Compulsory Inclusionism  (1964).

     Oh, and just to add some perspective here ... When the Civil Rights Act was signed into law in 1964, over the next 5 years in predominately black areas of America's urban centers, back males would launch over 200 assaults (riots) against white people's businesses. These riots, in addition to the looting and burning white people's businesses, also included the beating and murdering of innocent white people. And the aftermath from all that violence, hate and racism? Well, other than the white people who were found dead or serious injured ... what followed was "white flight."


   Black Male Atrocities Since 1964 - White Victims (May 2011)


Peirce City, Mo.
Flashpoint: Rape & murder of young American girl - White people set five black homes on fire and drove many from the city (apparently all negroes fled the town).


Joplin, MO.
Flashpoint: Murder of American police officer. (source)


Statesboro, GA
 Flashpoint: Negro males' massacred an entire America (white) family

Springfield, OH
 Flashpoint: Negro murdered an American police officer.


Springfield, OH

 Flashpoint : Negro murdered an American male.

Greensburg, IN
Flashpoint: Negro assaulted his white employer.

Atlanta, GA
Flashpoint : Negro males' sexual assaults (Rapes) of American (white) females.

Argenta, AR (AKA, North Little Rock)
Flashpoint : Negro males' slaughtered two innocent Americans (apparently as retaliation for a Negro being killed by a white police officer).

1908 :

Springfield, IL

Flashpoint:: Negro male invaded an American's home - crawled in thru an open bedroom window - and attempted to rape a young girl. The father of the young girl chased the Negro and in an ensuing fight the father was stabbed to death. There was also another recent murder of an American male, which added to the angry mood of the local American population toward the Negroes.


Anderson County (Palestine), TX, 'Slocum Massacre' : Americans attacked and killed an unknown number of Negroes. One newspaper account stated "24 Negros, 4 Whites" were killed. Motive for the violence by the Americans toward the Negroes was not disclosed. source LINK

1917 :

East St. Louis, MO
Flashpoint: Negro strikebreakers... Major act of provocation came from the ambush/murder of two American police officers.

1919 :
Millen, GA 
Flashpoint:: Negro male murdered two American policemen.

Omaha, NE
Flashpoint: Negro male raped an American female. Note:: Wikipedea's version implies that racial tensions existed because of Negro strike-beakers, but this is simply false. This riot erupted over a rape. Every riot in American history where it erupted because of a Negro crime, wikipedea's version, at least it seems to me, always tries to eliminate or obfuscate Negro provocation, and make it into solely a racist act by American (white) Christian people. Again, at least it seems that way to me.
Chicago, IL
Flashpoint: A stone throwing incident by American males attacking a single Negro male for encroachment (the color line), which resulted in the drowning death of the Negro. This led to an assault on an American police officer, which then escalated.

Washington, D.C.
Flashpoint: Numerous incidents of Negro males' raping American females.

Knoxville, TN 
Flashpoint: Unknown
Charleston, S.C.
 Flashpoint: A negro shot a sailor. Navy recruits - estimates put them at about 2000 - answered this attack by charging into Charleston looking for the negro who shot the sailor. When they found him he was shot (died later from his wound). In all, two people died and 19 were injured (17 were negroes).

The Following are Wikipedia's False Claims of Riots:
     * Syracuse, NY: Note: WOW! Wikipedia claims there was a race riot here. There was a 'racist' riot. However, blacks were ones who initiated this riot - involved looting and burning white people's businesses. Seems blacks believed police beat up a black male during an arrest. Turned out to be a false rumor.LINK
     * Ocmulgee, Ga. Note: Wikipedia claims there was a race riot here. However, I could find no evidence of an actual "riot" - attacking innocent blacks. Three negro churches and a lodge were burned. It seems a negro, Eli Cooper, was deliberately stirring up hatred against white people, and not just demanding an "uprising" but actually planned a racial attack right down to the specific day, including that negroes " ...wipe out the white people". Yes, you're reading right - a racially motivated massacre in the works. White people responded to this threat by lynching him. The physical structures that were burned were determined to be associated with the meeting places of Eli Cooper and his fellow negro supporters.LINK
     * Sylvester, Ga. Note: Wikipedia claims there was a race riot here. However, I have found nothing to indicate a riot actually occurred. There's nothing on the internet describing it and, most interestingly, there is no newspaper article at this LINK...reporting on a riot. Seems if a riot did actually occur... it would have made it to the newspapers.
      * Putnam County, Ga. Note: Wikipedia claims there was a race riot here. Nothing on the internet about this race riot. Could it be that Wikipedia is reporting on this riot>>>Link
      * Monticello, Miss. Note: Wikipedia claims there was a race riot here. However, I have found no evidence of this riot on the internet.
      * Scranton, Penn, Note: Wikipedia claims a race riot took place here. However, I have found no evidence of this riot on the internet.
      * Bloomington, IL Note: Wikipedia claims a race riot took place here. However, I have found no evidence of this riot on the internet.
      * Newberry, S.C. Note: Wikipedia states there was a race riot. Nothing of the sort occurred. A black ex-soldier "insulted a white woman". He was arrested then whisked away by the sheriff to another county. A small number of white men came calling at the jail...only to discover the negro was not there. That was the end of it. Link
     * Darby, PA Note: Wikipedia states a race riot occurred. Well, if one did occur, the newspapers missed it. A negro, who was employed by a very well liked middle-aged white man,  brutally murdered him - skull crushed - in an apparent robbery. Feelings among many white men for a lynching were high but it never happened. Link
     * Texarkana, Tx. Note: Wikipedia claims there was a race riot here. However, I have found no evidence of this riot on the internet.
     * Coatsville, Pa. Note: Wikipedia claims there was a race riot here. However, I have found no evidence of this riot on the internet. Link
     * Hattiesburg, Miss. Note: Wikipedia claims there was a race riot here. However, there's nothing on the internet about this race riot.
     * Philadelphia, Pa. Note: Wikipedia claims there was a race riot here. However, no real riot situation occurred. White and black youths squared off and some fist fights broke out. The details to this insignificant event are lacking - like what the flashpoint was. Here's the gist of it: Link
     * Port Arthur, Tx. Note: Wikipedia claims there was a race riot here. No riot occurred. Two black males were smoking and irritating a female passenger on a street car. White males came over and demanded the negroes put their cigarettes out. They continued to blow smoke in the direction of the white female. A fight erupted and the two blacks - who deliberately provoked the incident - got the worst of it.Link

Bisbee, AZ (note: this one hardly qualifies as a white-male provoked riot, but here it is) Flashpoint: Negro soldiers from the 10th Calvary, who were said to be "drunk" beat up a white male soldier who had made a disparaging remark to them. The sheriff of the town requested the negro soldiers give up their revolvers to avoid further trouble - this was a civilian town and the local law enforcement was the law, so the sheriff had every legal right to request the negroes' weapons. Had the negroes did what was legally required of them to do, which was to surrender their weapons and then return to their base, there would have been no further problem. Instead, not only did the negroes refuse to surrender their weapons but, to add to the provocation, they stayed in town. These actions by the negroes were, of course, a direct affront toward the sheriff,  and also an effort to upstage the sheriff, local law enforcement and to establish supremacy.  The sheriff reacted to this criminal challenge by forming a posse to disarm the the negro soldiers in the town (numbering about 100). Predictably, the negro soldiers - with their supremacist attitude - decided to draw their weapons on the local law enforcement officers and shoot at them . A street battle ensued. It lasted about an hour before the negro soldiers, realizing they couldn't win (or ran out of ammunition) decided to surrender.
Wiki: "At least eight people were shot or seriously wounded in total: Four of the Buffalo Soldiers were shot, two were beaten, a deputy sheriff was "severely injured," and a Mexican bystander named Teresa Leyvas was struck in the head by a stray bullet."
Longview, TX Flashpoint: A black male was lynched for crawling into a white female's bedroom (numerous incidents similar to this here >>Link) A local black male was known to be a reporter for a black militancy newspaper called the Black Defender.   An article appeared in that newspaper stating that the lynched black man and the white female were actually secret lovers desiring to run away together. It even put words into white female's mouth inferring she was madly in love with the lynched black man - and that the black man was lynched because of this love affair. The brothers of the white female became enraged upon learning of this article...and went after the black reporter and beat him terribly. No other negro was injured in this incident.
Elaine, AK
Flashpoint : Negro male murdered an American police officer.
1921 :

Tulsa OK
Flashpoint : Negro sexual assault.

1923 :

Rosewood, Fl.
Flashpoint : A Negro male, an escaped convict, broke into the home of an American female and beat her mercilessly demanding money to escape from the area.  A posse of local Americans was formed to hunt down the Negro and when they trapped him in a Negro home in Rosewood, two Americans were gunned down. Local Americans took out their rage for the two murders and the beating of the American female by burning the predominately Negro town of Rosewood (population around 100). NOTE: Some accounts of this incident claim the American female was raped.

1926 :
Carteret, NJ
Flashpoint : Negro male(s) assaulted two innocent American males, resulting in the stabbing of one and the death of the other.

Aiken, SC
 Flashpoint : Negro male allegedly murdered of an American police officer.

1927 :

Coffeeville, KN
Flashpoint: Negro male sexual assault on American female.

Little Rock, AR.
Flashpoint: Negro raped and brutal murdered an 11-year-old American  girl.

1930 :

Sherman County, TX
Flashpoint: Brutal Rape of American female (note:: rapes by Negro males also took place in North Texas and Oklahoma in the same month as this riot, likely escalating the mood for violence). Other than the Negro murderer/rapist (burned alive in the jail when it was set afire) , no innocent Negroes were injured in the Sherman County riot. However, the black section of town was burned.

1942 :
Detroit, MI
Flashpoint : Labor unrest

1943 :
Detroit, MI
Flashpoint : Rumors of attacks on local American.

Mobile AL
Flashpoint : Labor unrest

Beaumont, TX
Flashpoint : Negro male rape of an American female.

1946 :

Athens, AL
Flashpoint : Negro male assault on an American.


So, summing up from 1900 to 1964:
  • Total riots initiated by American Males = 32
    --American-initiated riots as a direct result of African-American male rape / sexual assault on a American (White) female = 12
    --American-initiated riots as a direct result of an unprovoked Negro attack (non-sexual assault) on a White person = 13                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              Putting it another way, about 78% of the above American-initiated riots were a direct result of either a sexual assault or murder/ attempted murder.

Note:  In Durant, OK, on August 14, 1911, could be the site of an American-initiated riot;   however, I can't find any information to verify that a riot actually occurred.    One thing is absolutely certain:: a Negro male viciously attacked , raped and then brutally beat  an innocent American,  Mrs. Redden Campbell, who later died from her injuries.  Upon hearing of the American female's attack and her appalling, and that her attacker was a Negro, a posse of 500 American males went after him.  The Negro was killed in a shoot-out, then his body was burned.  When the local Americans found out the Negro's victim had died from her wounds,  they threatened to riot that evening against the city's small Negro population. 


  1. I know there's lots more. You deliberately skipped about a thousand. Guess why

  2. Get a reality check, dude. Rosewood is a well-studied account of a lie about a lie a white woman told about being beaten by a black man when she was really beaten by her white lover. Those white men that were killed, killed Sarah Carrier on her front porch and were shot by her son, Sylvester Carrier. Seriously?!

    1. You want to buy into the "black" version...be my guest. It's full of lies and deliberate distortions.