Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Black Male Atrocities Since 1964 - White Victims (May 2011)

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    Continuing from our April 2011 addition of black atrocities against innocent white people, we are now moving on to our May featured atrocity. This one involves a kidnapping, robbery, then a brutal & senseless murder of a young white male -  who had a very promising future. This kind of black male crime - actually a week-long reign of terror - was unprecedented before 1964. 

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Houston, TX, Sept. 7, 2000

Public Abduction - Murder

Three black males and a black female,
Perry Eugene Williams, Jr., 19, (trigger-man -sentenced to death)
James Dunn,
Corey Phillips , (sentenced to life in prison)
Kinita Starr Butler, 
(girlfriend of Williams - sentenced to 20 years)

…abducted a young white male college student hoping to get cash from his ATM card. However, for unknown reasons, on their way to the ATM that plan abruptly changed. The car stopped and Williams got out.  He then stuck his gun in the window and, ignoring the pleas of the young white male not to shoot,  killed him instantly by shooting him in the head. Total take in this mastermind robbery was $40.00. 

The innocent white male is:
* Matthew Carter (studying to be a doctor)

Note: The week crime spree of these blacks prior to the abduction and murder of Matthew Carter is beyond comprehension.
  UPDATE: Williams scheduled execution on July  14, 2016 was stayed.

* TOTAL amount of compensation from the federal government  to  family members of Matthew Carter ... is ZERO.

                         A DOUBLE FEATURE BONUS 


Michigan & Texas , May 1978-1983

Thrill Killer ... Used Civil Rights Laws To Murder White Females 

Houston police finally caught up with - the monster - black male mass murderer of white females, Coral Eugene Watts. He's believed to have murdered 26, possibly more than 80, white females, mainly in Texas and Michigan. 
Coral Eugene Watts, in 1983, was caught in the act of attempting to murder two white females in their apartment. Racist Watts’ usual MO was to follow a white female to her home and when he determined the coast was clear, would leap from his car, charge up to the female with a knife in his hand then bludgeon her to death on or inside her property.   Watts would then quickly flee the scene. 

Oddly, there were no rape attempts by Watts. He seemed to be driven by just pure HATE for white females.  

Too many dead white females to list them all here. However, here are some of Watts' white victims::

  From left to right:
* Linda Tilley * Anna Ledet * Helen Dutcher * Margaret Fossi
* Elena Semander * Emily LaQua * Elizabeth Montgomery * Jeanne Clyne
* Suzi Wolfe * Michele Maday

* Black male Watts admitted to killing 13 white females

Jeanne Clyne, 44, & how she died: On Halloween 1979, black male Watts decided to go driving around a white community near Detroit (Gross Pointe Farms - 99% white in 1979) looking for a white female to ram with his 14-inch screwdriver. He noticed a white female, 44-year-old Jeanne Clyne (former food writer for Detroit News), walking on the sidewalk. Black male Watts exited his car, ran up to her from behind ... and simply plunged his screwdriver into her back. Black male Watts then fled, leaving Jeanne Clyne to die on the sidewalk.



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