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Negro Violence 1900 to 1964 & The Colossal American Victim's List


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Regarding this colossal victims list... SOMEHOW, in this often devoid 
of logic world we live in today,  the ones who perpetrated all the unprovoked violence and terror against their victims.... the rapists, the murders, 
the terrorists, 
have been allowed to become the victims. 

Note:  In the early 1900s, many of the unprovoked attacks listed below on innocent Americans (white people) resulted in a frenzied mob out for revenge i.e. a lynching.


Reminder:  Black violence against white people represented in my blogs is not simply random violence. Their violence is racially motivated and calculated to create terror and fear in the hearts and minds of white people.  Violence begets fear...and fear makes one submit to another.  

NEW >> Imagery Of White Victims - Black Violence (post 1964)


NOTE: All incidents below were gleaned from archived newspaper accounts from this LINK
For the first 490 cases of nego violence against innocent Americans...If you want to do a search on any of the victims to find a source, simply go to the link above, indicate the year...then the name of the victim, or negro perp. Put no more than three words in the search bar. EXAMPLE: Year: 1900, "Kate Richie"...then search.  I've arranged all the negro atrocities below chronologically (i.e. by year)


  Dr. Albert Schweitzer, From My African Notebook: "I have given my life to alleviate the sufferings of Africa. There is something that all White men who have lived here like I have must learn and know... For whenever a White man seeks to live among [blacks] as their equal, they will destroy and devour him, and they will destroy all his work."  1939  (won Nobel Peace Prize)


(1871) Miss Walton ( described as a "little daughter"...was raped by a negro  - American mob demanded a lynching)  source
(1871) Mrs. Bass (negro knocked on her door...when she answered the negro demanded money but was refused - the negro then attempted to rape and murder the white female - apprehended then lynched) source
(1872) "Hitzelberger", 7 ( TERROR... white child brutally raped by negro Lenox Bond - child said to be near death - negro was an employee - fled after incident...then caught) source
(1880) Unnamed white female (raped by negro Ben Johnson - negro was lynched) source
(1880) Unnamed white child (negro kidnapped the infant, tortured the child by whipping him, then the negro drowned him - the negro was hunted down...then seized from jail, then lynched) source
(1880Mrs. Allison (raped by negro employee George Scott - - mob of Americans lynched negro fiend) source
(1880) Lee la Prade (gang of five  negroes invaded his home and tortured him to make him reveal whereabouts of valuables - mob lynched two of them) source
(1880) Mrs. Conners ( negro Cromwell was arrested for attempted rape - when an American mob tried to seize him...the negro's friends were waiting and a gun battle ensued - apparently no lynching occurred as the sheriff was able to secret him out of the city ) source
(1880) Unnamed white female (attempted rape by negro Nat. Smith - negro lynched) source
(1880) Mrs. Tschiely (ambushed and raped by negro John Diggs in Maryland - after negro confessed a large mob of Americans seized him from jail, then lynched him) source
((1882)  Miss Canard (unnamed negro found in her bedroom...her father was called and he shot the negro dead) source 
(1882) Unnamed white girl (attempted rapenegro Nathan Bonnet was arrested, seized from the county jail..then riddled with bullets) source
(1882)  Mrs. Martha Rains (was raped or attempted rape by negro Caleb Campbell, who was a known sexual predator in the area - negro was seized by mob of Americans...then lynched) source
(1882) Mrs. Vaugan (raped by negro Henry Huddleston - she was described as a "widow" -  negro was later lynched by a mob) source
(1882) Mrs. Rodgers, 50 (negro marched over to her home,  grabbed the female and dragged her out of the house and raped her - negro was easily captured, tried and convicted... then lynched by a raging mob) 

Two White Females Brutally Raped In One Afternoon

(1882) Miss Minnie Green (attacked by negro [employee] as she slept - her screams for help brought her father and brother...then neighbors - negro J. Jackson was eventually captured and arrested)
(1882) Miss McDowell (raped by negro John Johnson - negro was apprehended...then lynched) source
(1889) Miss Kate Pinkston (negro Wesley Thomas was in the process of raping her when another negro came along and fought him off and secured him for the the sheriff - local towns people later lynched the negro)  source
(1889)  Miss Copeland  (raped by negro James Thomas - negro lynched) source
(1890) May Betzenberger, 15 (attacked by negro "boy" Joseph Oliver at knife point in an apparent  rape attempt - the young girl fought him off, sustaining a knife wound - Americans gathered to lynch the negro but fellow negroes, armed, gathered to protect him) source

5-Year-Old White Child Raped -  Dies From Injuries - Large  Mob Lynches Negro     source

(1892)   Miss Lena McMahon  (raped then beaten to near death -  injuries stated so severe she' wasn't expected to survive - negro was captured by a very determined posse of angry Americans...then lynched) source
(1892)  Mrs. Horton ( widower, was murdered by her negro servant Henry Corbin - the negro then went after the daughter ...however the daughter was able to escape and sound the alarm - the negro was caught, badly beaten...then lynched) source

(1893)   Miss Myrtle Vance,6  (TERROR... negro kidnapped the American [white] child, then sexually assaulted her...then tortured her as she begged for mercy - negro then murdered her -- negro Henry Smith of Tx, after he gave his stoic confession of how her raped and murdered the child, and how she begged for mercy , was tied to a stake...then burned alive as thousands of Americans watched and cheered)
(1893) Mrs. Sellers (negro Calvin Thomas, knowing the husband was not present in her home,  waited outside the woman's home for her to come out - when she did, she was gabbed, beaten then raped - negro was captured then lynched) source

Home Invasion - Negro Employee Attempts To Massacre
 Entire White Family

           Note:  As for the negro, Isaac Barrett, there was no doubt of his guilt. He gave a full confession, including his motive (claimed he was owed a debt which his white landlord refused to pay him)   Source

(1898 Mrs. McGarrah,75 and Mr. Boone  (home invasion/ slaughter -- a negro tramp, Hamp Hollis,  barged into their home and demanded to be fed - the male of the house refused so the negro attacked them both with an ax, killing them -  negro apprehended,  then lynched) source



Negro Sought A  Job  As  A  Ruse - His Actual Motive Was To Murder The Entire American Family (and in the course rape the housewife),  Then Steal What He Could, Then Flee The State 

White Victims:
* Mr. Alfred Cranford (attacked with an ax - murdered )
                                 * Mrs. Mattie Cranford (raped - severely beaten and strangled - survived by playing dead)
* Cranford Child (unknown injuries)

Note:  Negro Wilkes, AKA Hose, was captured, tied to a tree, gave a detailed confession...then was first attacked with knives, then set aflame while he was still alive.  Hose also implicated another negro named Elijah Strickland, claiming Strickland paid him to murder the Cranford family.  Local Americans hanged Strickland.  source


LINK Negro Attack On White Family  - Attempted Massacre #9 SOURCE
* LINK  Negro Cony Island Atrocity#16  >>>SOURCE
Link Family Massacre#17 Source

1900 cont.
LINK to Negro Child Rape Atrocity #29 ...source     
LINK to Negro Soldiers' Attack On Police Station #34  ...source

1900 cont.

1900 Cont.

 LINK to 4,000 watch negro rapist/ murderer lynched #71 >> source
1901 Cont.
LINK to negroes attempt to kill dozens of people #87>> source
      LINK to negro massacre of white family #92 >>> LINK

SPECIAL NOTE: Only the Americans (white Christians) in the entire span of human history ... had to continually endure deliberate assaults on their women and children from another people. Naturally, there was no existing template established on how to deal with these attacks - many of them clearly racially motivated.

1901 Cont. 

  LINK to Evansville, Ind. Mandate #107>>>Source
LINK to Negroes lynching white couple #116>>> Source

1901 Cont. 

LINK to negro rape and attempted murder(#136>>>Source

LINK to negroes terror #146 >> source
 LINK to negro terror #153>>.source

1902 cont.
 LINK to negro atrocity #200>>>source

1903  Cont.

    NOTE: This victims list is by no means the full list of white victims of black violence. It's simply a partial list intending to give recognition to the breath of violence perpetrated by blacks against innocent white people. Or, putting it another way , how one people systematically and relentlessly terrorized/ harassed/ menaced and victimized another people. 

LINK to mob attack and sheriff opening fire on the mob #232>> source 

1903 Cont.

1903  Cont.

Link to vicious ambush attack by negro #277  Source


   LINK to rape assault by negro on Miss Wilson, 14-years-old  #293>>>Source
LINK to negro home invasion rape/ murder/ TERROR #298>>> Source
                         LINK to Family Massacre # 302  >>Source
                         LINK  Negro rapes young white girl pretending to be a police officer #314  source
Link Negro Gang Rape& Murder - 5 negroes  #324  source

1905 Cont. 

Link to White Female brutally raped, tortured left for dead (Also, correction: her name is "Mrs. Robertson") #327  Link

LINK to negro terror (#357)  source
 Officer murdered #363 source
>>>LINK to the Conditt Family Massacre <<< source


LINK to Negro terrorism against white community #386>>>Source         

1906 Cont.                                                                                                                                                                           
LINK to negro Terror in Atlanta #389  Source
LINK to negro soldiers' TERROR #405>>> Source 
  LINK to Bownsville Incident>>> Source   Source   Source

1906 Cont.                                                                                                                                                                          

Lynched were: Nease Gillespie, John Gillespie and Jack Dillingham. 
Link to negro atrocity >> Source 
1906 Cont.                                                                                                                                                                   

   Link Two Law enforcement officers gunned down #417 >> Source
Link Two White females raped by negro in one night #423>> Source
    Link to attempted Massacre of white family #424 >> Source
Link to negro rape and attempting to murder children #432 Source

Also of note: In 1906, prominent negroes gathered for their "Niagara Movement" declaration.  They made many demands on white people, however, they took no accountability whatsoever for their race committing violent crimes against white people (particularly women and children) and thereby creating mob violence from white people.  source

Link five negroes killed by posse #443 >> Source
 Link to negro females attack white female and her children #445>> Source                                     
    Link to negro attack on Sheriff & deputies #464 >> Source
Link to negro attack#467>> Source
   LINK to Springfield ,Ill. riot caused by negro rape/ murder(#473 >>>Source
LINK to home invasion #477>>>Source                                                                                     
   1908 Cont.
Link to 9 negroe lynched for murder#489  Source 
LINK to negro gang rape of white child #495>>>>Source


(1908) James Hayes (gunned down for no reason )
          Note: Victims above was murdered in the Springfiled, Ill. riot

(1908) Unnamed white female (rape- negro was lynched)
(1908) Alto Faulk (or "Foulk') (ambushed and seriously injured - negro caught and lynched, however, white law enforcement arrived in time to cut negro from tree -or maybe not - link)

(1908) Eliza May Hauser, 15 (clubbed and dragged into the bush - rape - negro apprehended)) source
(1908) Earl Smith, 12-years-old (unprovoked, THRILL KILL - negro lynched)
(1908) Mrs. Wilhoit (grabbed by negro - threatened with death - she screamed loud & fought hard...which forced the negro to flee)

 (1908) J.T. Barry ( attacked with a knife - apparently survived. - negro ws captured...then lynched)
(1908) Sheriff Beard (ambushed and gunned down by negro - negro lynched)
(1908) Mrs. McClure ("insulted' by a negro - furious mob gathers to lynch negro - could be sexual assault)

(1908) Unnamed white woman ("attack on white female" - negro Henry Liedy apprehended...then lynched ) source
(1908) Miss Morriss (attempted rape/ was raped -negro was lynched)
(1908) Mrs. White, 20 (negro Walter Clayton casually walked over to her home,  broke in, raped her -  negro was quickly captured - confessed - mob then lynched )
 (1908) V.A Herlong (murdered at his place of work)
(1908) Patrolman W.S. Winninger (ambushed and gunned down - deceased - military called out)
(1908) George M. Smith  (robbed at gunpoint - murdered)
(1908) Conductor J.C. Garner (negro didn't want to pay full fare - slashed Conductor [survived] ear to ear - mob chased negro  - when caught he pleaded & pleaded for constable to protect him)

(1908) William Christopher (murdered)
(1908) Mrs. Ellisor (described as elderly - two negro teens watched as Mr. Ellisor left his home - the negroes invaded the home then took an ax and struck the elderly woman in the head - died instantly - negroes caught selling stolen possessions and confessed)


American Victim:
* Albert J. Wall  (deceased)

NOTE:  This negro murder resulted in an American posse lynching three innocent negroes. Apparently, the negro murderer escaped. Source

Two Law Enforcement Officers
 Gunned Down

* Special Deputy Sheriff Richard Burrus
* Deputy Sheriff John Hall
NOTE: The three negro perps were apparently brothers. All three were lynched before state militia arrived. source

NOTE: A maddened American mob lynched nine negroes who they believed were involved in the two planned assassinations. source

(1908)  Clergy A. Ballard (home invasion - murdered)
(1908) 'Former' Sheriff Brake ( home invasion - murder/  arson - motive ws robbery)
    Note: Five negroes  [two were females] were arrested for the crime - the confession of one led to the other four arrests. source

(1908) Deputy Marshal Smith Childress (attempted to arrest negro...was shot and killed) source
(1908) Mrs. Morris (rape - negro was lynched) source


Home Invasion - Double Murder
* Mr. Hart
* Mrs. Hart
NOTE:  The Harts were described as "aged." The motive was robbery. source

(1908) Boss Veazey ( "assassinated") source
(1908) Unnamed white male ( ambushed - attempted murder - survived -- negro was lynched) source
(1908) John Young ("revolting murder") source
(1908) Walter Langley (murdered -- negro was lynched [gunned down] by posse) source
(1908) Annie Lee Thomas, 11 ("assaulted" as she walked home from school)  source

(1908) E. L. White (ambushed and murdered) source
(1908) Unnamed 14-year-old girl (rape - negro was lynched)  source
(1908) Golden Copple 16  (rape/ attempted to rape - attacked while she walked home from school) source

(1908) W.H Bows (ambushed by a group of  negroes and murdered - motive ws robbery)
(1908) Myrtle Combs, 16 (rape) source
(1908) Mrs. Kennedy, 25 (home invasion - rape) source
(1908) Mrs. McMullen (murder - throat slashed - negro lynched) source
(1908)Mrs. Kate Garvasine (brutally attacked on a public street - hospitalized - said she will recover) source
(1908) Miss Fitts (negro [employee] crawled into her bedroom thru an open window in the dead of night...attempting to rape her - negro lynched) source
 Mr. Carver, 30 (AMBUSHED... while he worked in his farm field - negro Will Herrin, unprovoked, simply walked up to the white male and gunned him down...then tried to murder is wife) source

(1908) Miss Lillian Meery (home invasion - negro knocked on her door...forced his way in...but young white female fought back...with the help of her dog was spared a rape and/or murder) source

Three Negroes ...for white farmers' barns ...causing considerable financial harm - three negroes were lynched by infuriated local whites  source

Victim's Who Were Terrorized:
* Sam Byrd (ambushed - robbery - store owner)
* W.H. Westfall (warehouse burned)
* Dantzeler Lumber Co. (warehouse burned
* Other victims unknown

(1908) Unnamed 12-year-old (attempted rape/ was raped - unnamed negro  pursued by posse in Burton, La.) source
(1908) Mrs. W.W. Yates ("assaulted" & "beat" by negro .. left in critical cond.) source
(1908) Miss Ruth Williams ("assaulted" - negro lynched) source
(1908) Officer Stringer (murdered) source
(1908) Officer McCormick (murdered)  source
(1908) Mrs. Morgan (abducted by two negroes - taken into the woods beaten &  "assaulted", left unconscious - negroes captured) source
(1908) Police Chief Benton (murdered attempting to arrest drunk negro) source
(1908) Mrs. W. E. Torrence ((gunned down by negro "boy"  inside her home) source
(1908) Unnamed 12-year-old white girl ("attacked" by negro - negro lynched) source
(1908) Sheriff  Martin (shot and wounded...also his three negros -survived)

(1908) Deputy  Parker (shot and wounded by three negroes - negroes were captured) source
(1908) Miss White ( negro discovered in young woman's bedroom - her screams scared the negro and he fled - captured...then lynched) source
(1908) Mr. Crowell (told a negro he had to pay a fare to cross the bridge - like everyone else - resulted in negro murdering him - negro lynched) source 
(1908) John V. Kendall (conductor - told three loud negroes to be quiet...negroes murdered him - two of three negroes lynched)) source
(1908) John King ( murdered - negro lynched)  source

Trying To Integrate White & Black ... Sheer MADNESS >>>LINK

(1908) R.E. Phillips (THRILL KILL...negro walked up and blew his head off)   source
(1908) Edna Abbott, 10 ("assaulted", slashed with a knife, beat...left for dead - two negroes being sought)  source

(1908) Booker T. Washington refutes myths about the South for the Negro (and the lies of white socialists) :: "Strange as it may appear to the uninformed, nevertheless, it is true,  the opportunity for business,  for industry, increases as ones goes further South, that negro business enterprises are most numerous and more successful."


(1909)  Mrs. Wingard, 53 ("assaulted"/ attempted rape? - unnamed negro  in Lexington, S.C., lynched) source
(1909) Unnamed 3-year-old child (sexually abused by negro Will Parker  - apprehended...then lynched) source
(1909)  B.C. Bowers (murdered - negro lynched) source
(1909) Unnamed elderly man (viciously beat - robbed - survived to ID negro Morgan Chambers - negro lynched) source
(1909) Leslie Allen  (murdered- negro murderer saved from lynching by quick acting sheriff) source
(1909) Robert Ecton  (murdered by negro Lee Bates) source
(1909) Mrs. McKinney (home invasion - raped - negro lynched) source
(1909)  Albert Turner (or Taylor) (police officer - ambushed and murdered) source
(1909)  Martin Reed (murdered at his place of work by negro co-worker) source
(1909) Rev. W.Y. Hudson (murdered - robbery - negro lynched) source
(1909) Marshal, Joel B. Mays (shot in the head- fate unknown ) source
 Home Invasion - Wife Raped 
Infant Murdered
Mrs. John M. Vickers (raped then murdered)
* 8-month -old infant (deceased)  source

(1909) Miss Spooner, 16  (attempted rape/ rape) source
(1909)  Eugene V. Goudy (murdered  - motive was robbery) source
(1909) M.P. O'Brian (murdered - motive was robbery) source
(1909) Mrs. Cole, 17 (newlywed - home invasion - rape - negro lynched)  source
(1909) Officer Canton (ambushed and murdered - negro lynched)
(1909)  John Spires (farmer - attacked by negro/attempted murder - left in serious cond. - negro lynched)  source
(1909) Clara Rosen (deceased - stone slammed into her face again & again - as she was dying...she was raped - mob demands a lynching) source
(1909)  Mrs. Wargo (raped - beat, left for dead - quick acting sheriff prevents a lynching)
(1909) Mosie Woodward, 9 (raped - sheriff & deputies prevent 100s from lynching negro)  source
(1909)  Patrolman Carter (ambushed and murdered - negro lynched)
(1909) Mrs. Alice Jerney (home invasion - raped by negro )
(1909)  Mrs. Humphreys (home invasion - raped by negro )
(1909) W.B. Booth (murdered - infuriated Americans burn negro at the stake)
(1909)  Unnamed 7-year-old girl (attempted rape/ was raped - negro lynched)
(1909)  Unidentified Elderly man (attempted murder - left for dead - robbery - negro lynched)
(1909)  Mrs. Will Lloyd (gang raped - two negroes - both negroes [brothers] lynched) source
(1909)  B.T. Young (attempted murder - survived - negro lynched)
(1909)  Officer Walter Marshall (murdered - negro's brother pays for murder - lynched by mob) source

American Victims:
Sheriff James Lester (led posse)
Walter Simmons (posse member)
James Durden (posse member)
Three unknown   source

(1909)  Sheriff Robert Compton (attempted murder - survived - negro lynched) source
(1909) Miss Mary Taunton (home invasion - then negro chopped her arm off - negro lynched) source
(1909) Deputy Constable Albert Turner (murdered - negro lynched) source
(1909) Thomas Fontenot ("seriously injured" - unknown if survived) - negro lynched) source
(1909) Miss Lula Wadlington, 11  (raped - negro lynched)  source
(1909) Sheriff J.L Wainwright (ambushed and murdered by two negroes - both lynched) source
(1909) City Marshal Hawkins (ambushed and murdered - negro lynched) source
(1909) William Leonard (murdered - negro lynched)
(1909) Sheriff Lanfston (murdered - negro lynched)
(1909) Deputy Sheriff Cain (murdered - apparently, negro not involved was lynched)
(1909) Amey Holmes 15-year-old girl (attempted rape / was raped - negro  lynched) source
(1909) Charles Abbott (murdered)
(1909)  F.M. Abbott (seriously wounded - negro lynched)
(1909) Miss Winnie Harman (sexual assault - negro lynched by raging mob)
(1909) Mrs. Mary S. Ewing ( home invasion - BRUTAL beatdown rape - negro lynched)
(1909) T.B. Smith (employer - shot in the face by negro employee - blinded - negro lynched)
(1909) Deputy Sheriff Murchison (ambushed and murdered- negro lynched)
(1909) Miss Moodey, 14 (raped - negro lynched)  source
(1909) Deputy Sheriff Philip Fatch (ambushed and murdered - negro lynched)
(1909) J.A. Kessler (murdered to send a message to white people... - negro lynched)  source
(1909) Miss Ruth Gee, 17 (attempted rape - sister fought off negro perp - negro lynched) source
(1909) Mrs. Hannah Paulick (attempted rape  - negro Will Everet captured - victim describes as "aged")  source
(1909)  Mrs. Taylor Frierson (attempted rape/ was raped - negro lynched) source

* George Lockhold  (tied to a tree and whipped)
* Mrs. Lockhold (gang raped)                               

Note: Three negroes were involved the  atrocity. One negro was hunted down and shot. The other two were arrested and apparently not lynched. source

(1909) Walter F. Schultz (murdered - brutally gang attacked by four negroes - robbery
(1909) Miss Mary Dobbs, 14 (ambushed, raped...then murdered - negro convicted - given death sentence)  source
(1909) Mrs. Polk Rains (raped - wife of negro employer - negro became aware employer had left town... and his wife was alone - posse went in pursuit)  source
(1909)  Irma Newel  (attempted rape/ was raped - negro lynched) source
(1909)  Mrs. Patterson (raped - negro lynched)  source

Negro - Guns Down 32 White People  - Including Mayor - In Planned Racist Massacre

Note: All of the victims would most likely  have wound up dead ...if not for the suspicion of white male clerk. The clerk was told by the black supremacist that he needed a large amount of buckshot.  Instead of buckshot, the quick thinking clerk sold him bird shot

Epic Riot Erupts Over Rape 
And Murder
Of Young White Female
Negro Will James... brutally raped and murdered a shop girl, 24-year-old American, 
Anna Pelley.
 A major riot ensued and James was lynched.  James also became a very popular post card in 1909.   Note: James, before he was seized by the mob, implicated another negro named "Alexander"  in the brutal crime.

(1909) Miss Reaze (negro crawled in thru open bedroom window - tried to choke her into unconsciousness to achieve his rape - screams alerted father and negro fled - captured and whisked away before mob could lynch him) source
(1909)  Officer Jos. D. James (ambushed and murdered by negro)  source
(1909)  Jennie Ferrial, 9 ( early morning...negro barged into her home and jumped in her bed - her mom rescued the terrified little girl - negro apprehended) source

Negro Invades White Girls' Dormitory - Sheriff Arrives
 In Time To Prevent A Lynching     source

(1909)  Unknown white female (attempted rape - negro being pursued by posse) source


* Mrs. Eliza Gribble, 70 (beat in the head with an ax)
* Mrs. Carrie Ohlander (raped- beat to death)
* Mrs. Hunter, 32 (beat in the head with an ax)
Note: Police believe the sole intent of the negro was to rape Mrs. Ohlander. He killed all three in hopes of getting away with his rape.  source

(1909)  Miss Thompson (home invasion - negro simply walked in and went straight to the young girl's bedroom - mom rescued the young girl - negro apprehended)  source
(1909)  Mrs. King ("attacked" by negro - negro apprehended) source
(1909)  Officer Schnable, 40 (interrupted a negro during  store robbery - shot and killed) source
(1909)  Jennie McMillan, 7 ( "attacked" by negro - infuriated local Americans lynch negro)  source
(1909) Mrs. Kruise, 80 (negro begged for food... then, after receiving free food, viciously attacked the elderly woman - left in critical cond. - negro apprehended - mob descended on jail intending to lynch negro) source

(1909) Lulla Waddlington, 11 ( "attempted assault" - negro lynched) source
(1909)  Officer Augustus Baker ( murdered be negro - negro lynched [murdered 1907])  source
(1909)  City Marshal Williams (ambushed and murdered - negro lynched)  source
(1909)  Mrs. Belle Rupp (ambushed and murdered - raped? -  - home ransacked - negro escaped)  source

(1909)  Mrs. Exy Brown (raped - negro apprehended - tried,convicted - death sentence) source
(1909)  Mrs. J.W. Hicks (TERRORIZED...  negro hiding under her bed, grabbed her --she fought back and screamed - negro fled) source
(1909)  James Hines, 15 (murdered - decapitated - dismembered - negro confesses) source
(1909)  Mrs. Johnson (TERROR...invalid - wife of traveling salesmen - negro found out she was home alone...barged into her home and raped her)  source
(1909)  Miss Bertie Warren (young daughter of farmer, attacked by negro in attempted sexual assault - "choked into insensibility" - saved by her mother - negro fled) source
(1909)  Sheriff Langston (murdered) source
(1909)  Unnamed white female (sexual assault - negro surrounded by posse - lynching imminent) source
(1909)  Clifford Holly (defenseless, gunned down by a negro - negro fled) source
(1909)  Mrs. Wingard, 53 (attempted rape/ raped) source
(1909)  Tom Sikes (negro pulled a knife and knifed him to death - no other details)  source
(1909)  Detective Mike Sullivan (unprovoked, negroes gunned him down - deceased)  source
(1909)  Mrs. Estella Deltz (widow - described as "young" - gunned down for rejecting negro's sexual advances) source
(1909)  Dorthy Powell, 6 (sexually assaulted - negro legally put to death) source
(1909)  Miss Harmon (described as "young" - raped - negro lynched) source
(1909) Clifford Rutherford (murdered - victim of massive negro crime spree)  source
(1909) Miss Maggie Roberts ( "attacked"  - negro apprehended - 500 American gather at jail and demand a lynching of the negro) source
(1909)  Charles Noell (murdered)  source
(1909) Matt Todd (murdered - negro lynched) source
(1909) Mr. Smoak (merchant - murdered - robbery - two negroes lynched)  source

 Two Officers Gunned Down
* Deputy Mark Huffman (murdered)
* Constable Alexander Cargill (wounded)
Note: Three negroes who were involved in this incident were lynched.   source

(1909) M.G. Brock (murdered - he caught two negroes stealing his hogs - both negroes were caught...then immediately lynched by 200 farmers) source
(1909)  Miss Mary E. Ewing (TERRORIZED - negro jumped from his concealment and tried to drag young white female from her buggy in rape attempt - negro caught & lynched)  source
(1909) Mrs. Fannie Boule (attempted rape)  source
(1909) Miss Ridley (attempted rape/ was raped - negro lynched)  source
(1909) Mrs. Reed (attempted rape/ was raped - negro lynched)  source
(1909) Cadet Revert (murdered by negroes ...just for the fun  of  it) source
(1909) Mrs. Cheatwood (home invasion - rape - left for dead...not expected to live- - negro lynched) source
(1909) Miss Mary Stumpf, 19 (brutally beaten , robbed, "assaulted"...left for dead- negro apprehended)  source

One Thousand Ranchmen Pursue 
Negro Murderers - Three Dead
* H. Armour Munson (murdered - wealthy rancher -
 motive for negro employee's murder unknown))
* Eurgene Hardin
* Unnamed white male
Note: Two of the three negroes involved in Mr. Munson's murder were eventually tracked down and lynched.  source

(1909)  Miss Hutchenson, 17 (raped - negro apprehended - large mob of local Americans mobilize to lynch negro) source
(1909) Miss Moody,14 (attempted rape/ was raped - negro apprehended - mob storms jail) source
(1909) John Dukes (murdered - three negroes apprehended - mob tries to lynched them but is thwarted by quick witted sheriff) source
(1909) Mrs. Deas (attacked - negro captured and then lynched)  source
(1909) Sheriff P.H. Corley (while executing his duties...negro shot him in the face with buck shot - said to be dying -mob action threatens)  source
(1909)  Miss Florence Harvey, 16 (raped - negro given 30 years)  source
(1909) Arthur Green (murdered - negro lynched) source
(1909) Miss Cora Mattox (attempted rape/ was raped - negro eludes capture) source
(1909) Walter Hill (described as "boy" - throat slashed by negro - negro apprehended) source
(1909) Deputy Murkison (ambushed and murdered - negro lynched) source

Husband & Wife Ambushed 
By Negro - Rape - Negro Escapes
* T.H. Hunter
* Mrs. Hunter
Note: The Hunters were walking at midnight. Negro concealed himself behind a tree, then leaped out and gunned down Mr. Hunter, then dragged Mrs. Hunter two blocks trying to find a secluded place to commit his rape. source

(1909)  A.L. Lewis (ambushed and murdered- lnegro gunned down) source 

TERRORIZING - Black Supremacy

Two White Males Gunned Down By Black Male 
Who Ordered Them To Give Up Their Beer To Him
* Annis Peck (wounded)
* Eurie Peck (wounded)
Note: Only the quick arrival of the police saved the negro supremacist from a certain lynching.   source

(1909) Miss Berry "infant" (negro leaps from concealment and grabs infant from teen girl - teen girl socks negro so hard he falls to the ground - Americans assemble to lynch negro fiend) source


Negroes And White Socialists Have A Conference...
And REFUSE To Acknowledge Negro Assaults 
On Innocent White Women, Children & Police Officers As The Main Catalyst For Lynchings


(1909) Deputy Frank Madray (murdered by negro thug)
(1909) Miss Richardson (negro crawled into her bedroom thru an open window - apprehended and almost lynched)  source
(1909) John Spiers (gunned down - seriously wounded - negro lynched) source
(1909) Unnamed white female (attempted rape - white female fights back - negro flees - posse in pursuit) source
(1909) City Marshal Walter Nichols (ambushed and murdered - negro lynched)  source
(1909) B.A. Bradley ( ambushed by five negroes - murdered ) source
(1909) W.B. Causey  (walk-up attempted murder - languishes in hospital... negro caught)
(1909) Jesse Shepard (unprovoked...walk-up attempted murder - negro caught)  source
(1909) George Gray (viciously attacked at his place of work by a  negro Charles Koger- negro apparently was angered over services rendered to him - white male left clinging to life - negro apprehended) source

Negro Is Fired...Returns To Murder 
Employer & His Wife  
Also Attempts To Murder Their Young Son
 * Goeorge Howell
* Mrs. Howell


Home Invasion  - Five Negroes 
Double Murder - Arson - Negroes Joke & Laugh Wildly At Their Deed
* Walter Johnson
* Mrs. Mary Skipwith
Note: All five negroes were captured. There were no reported lynchings in this case.  source

 Home Invasion - TERROR
* Albert Rochhold (beaten)
* Mrs. Rockhold (likely raped)
Note : Victims were tied up. Article does not state the white woman was raped - but it does imply it.

(1909)  H.H. Ramey (murdered - son gunned down negro) source
(1909) Mrs. Whitecotton, 15 (raped  - beaten into insensibility - negro fled - hunted by posse) source 
(1909) Mrs. Maud Diltz, 85 (home invasion - negro, without provocation shot her three times, then fled) source


* Mrs. Cummings (home invasion)
* Unnamed white male (abducted in public)
Note: Six depraved negro supremacists were involved in these two attacks.  Both white victims where tortured to death.  The female was burned alive,  the male boiled alive.  source

(1909) Mrs. Bolerjack (murdered - negro demanded entry into her home to get at her daughter - when she resisted the negro shot her - negro apprehended) - source
(1909) Unnamed white female (public abduction - raped - negro Alfred Jenkins apprehended - sheriff tricked mob into believing he didn't have the right negro) source
(1909) Miss Adda Bailey ( refused to submit to robbery  - negro gunned her down) source
(1909) Ernest Slade (murdered --  one of four white men shot by negro --negro apprehended) source

Negro Found Hiding Under Little Girl's Bed 
Cries For Help Bring Her Dad To Her Rescue - 
Negro Caught & Lynched


* Bessie Siegel, 19 ("attacked" - "assaulted" - negro apprehended)
* Catherine Donahue, 15 ("assaulted" - negro apprehended)
* Unnamed white female
* Unnamed white female
* Unnamed white female
* Unnamed white female
* Unnamed white female
* Unnamed white female


(1909) Ernest Mertins (murdered - negro apprehended)  source
(1909) Mrs. Mary Cuppy (described as "aged" - murdered - negro convicted) source

(1909) Miss Freda Santage, 18 (accosted in public and robbed - negro barely escaped lynching)  source
(1909) Police Chief Scott White (seriously wounded by gun shot - told negro to desist from using foul negro gunned him down - negro lynched) source
(1909) Mr. J.A. Nix (murdered - shot in the back -  negro fled)  source
(1909) Mr. Alex Sears (wealthy cattleman - ambushed & murdered - negro lynched) source
(1909) Miss Moore, 14 (attempted rape/ was raped - negro apprehended...then lynched)  source
(1909) Mr. Martin Dressler (beaten and robbed - described as "aged" - negro lynched)  source
(1909) Mr. Rene Reed (murdered during robbery - negroes get death sentence) source
(1909)  Unnamed white female ("assaulted" by negro...posse went searching for unnamed negro) source

In 1909, according to the archived newspaper accounts for that year (I perused about 60% of them) ... 40% of the negro violence/ attempted violence involved the white female.


(1910)  Officer John Temple(or 'Thample') (ambushed and murdered - negro lynched) source

(1910) William Foc (murdered - robbery - two negroes lynched )   source
(1910) Ben Jones (murdered - robbery - negro apprehended)    source
(1910) Kate Walters, 14 (raped- negro apprehended)  source
(1910) Unnamed white female (TERROR..., negro Will Hunter tried to enter her bedroom thru open window-- apprehended...then lynched) source
(1910) Allen Clark (mail carrier - ambushed/ murdered by three negroes - apprehended)source
(1910) Sheriff W.H Lucy (ambushed & murdered - negro killed in shootout) source
(1910) Miss Snowden, 12 (raped - negro lynched) source
(1910) Unnamed white female (raped - negro apprehended) source
(1910)R.H. Lutrell (murdered - negro gunned down by mob)  source
(1910) George Williams (murdered - negro apprehended)   source
FAMILY MASSACRED...So Negro Could Get His Rape
Leyton Sanders
* Miss Mina Sanders, 20
* 2-year-old child
Note: So why murder the 2-year-old? Only one reason:: To strike terror in the hearts and minds of the local white community - i.e. Black Supremacy.

NOTE: Most of names below are in the order in which they appear on this page >>Link  For those names not on that site...a source is provided.

(1910) Miss Lynch, 10  (TERROR...raped...said to be in serious psychological state) source
(1910) Mrs. Hub Bailey (TERROR...negro entered home of newlyweds...demanded sex...husband appeared and negro fled - captured, then lynched) source
(1910) Miss Wade (young girl terrorized - negro discovered hiding under her bed - negro was quickly lynched) source

Home Invasion - Husband & Wife Murdered
American Victims: 
              * Mr. John Aliff (seriously injured but survived)
* Mrs. John Aliff (deceased)

(1910) Marie Smith, 12 (brutally murdered -- attempted rape/ was raped -- negro apprehended...sentenced to death)  source 
(1910) Unnamed white female ("assaulted"...negro Grant Richardson apprehended...then lynched) source


 Enormous RIOT In Dallas Over Child Rape By Negro

Newpaper:"Spurred to vengeance by a long series of brutal negro crimes, including murder, burglaries, purse-snatching, highway robberies, and finally the white girl not quite two and a half years old, the wrath of a white mob was let loose today in Dallas..."
Miss Buvens, 2
(sexually abused by negro employee -
 raped? -  negro lynched)  How this negro met his death>>LINK

(1910) Herbert Hughes (assassinated - fifteen negroes participated)  
(1910) Police Officer Warren De Vinnish (ambushed & gunned down - deceased)
(1910) Police Officer Patrick Sweeney ((ambushed & gunned down  by negro- left in critical cond.)
(1910) David J. Barry (District Judge...negro employee went berserk and murdered him - also murdered another white male who was the judge's cook)) source
(1910) William Fox   (wealthy farmer - murdered - two negro lynched)
(1910) Annie McIlhaney (described as "school girl"... negro leaped from concealment and attempted to rape her - saved by a passerby - negro fled and never apprehended)
(1910) Town Constable Sing (gunned down - survived) source
(1910) John Welland (murdered - unknown negro fled) source
(1910) Mrs. Stuckey (raped and beaten - negro caught ...then lynched [burned at the stake]) source


An Entire Company Of White Soldiers (250)...Lose Their Jobs -- They Sought Revenge On Negro Who Viciously Slashed One Of Their Comrades

White victim of negro attack:
Private Scott

(1910) Night Patrolman Charles Bush (ambushed & murdered - one negro lynched) source
(1910)  A.F. Johnson (murdered by negro he had fired - negro lynched) source
(1910) Officer Devinish (ambushed & murdered - negro apprehended)  source
(1910)  Officer Sweeney (ambushed & gunned down - survived)
(1910)  Constable Mitchell (ambushed and murdered - negro lynched source
(1910) Ernest Hale ("young" - brutally assaulted - negro lynched) source
(1910) Mrs. Jackson ( gang raped - two negroes sentenced to death) source
(1910) Miss Bailes, 20 ( TERROR...home invasion - attempted rape -girl's screams brought aid - negro was gunned down while fleeing) source
(1910) Mrs. Ailiff  (young newlywed ambushed with her husband while riding home - husband seriously wounded - white female dragged out of buggy....then raped ...then murderedsource
(1910) Mr. Harry Withrow (ambushed and murdered - negro apprehended)  source
(1910) Patrolman J.W. Slack (seriously wounded - negro lynched)  source
(1910) Miss Cara Downs, 17  (TERROR...ambushed on her way home from school - her screams saved her from brutal rape - negro fled)  source 
(1910) Miss Floy Morarity, 16 (kidnapped, held as sex slave to three negroes - negroes apprehended - lynch mood exists)  source
(1910) R.A. Stratford (murdered by negro employee)  source
(1910) Roland S. Kyle (stabbed by negro employee - fate unknown - negro assailant escaped)
(1910) Miss Katie Walters, 14 (attempted rape/ was raped - 14-year-old negro apprehended - white people demand a lynching)  source
(1910) Detective Carl Ethrington (murdered - negro convicted) source
(1910)Mrs. Lamb (TERROR..."widow" -  negro attempted home invasion/ rape - lynched) source
(1910) Miss Bessie Morrison, 12 (TERROR...GANG RAPE...MURDER...Planned attack on little girl by pack of negroes - stalked and waited - while on her way to school they attacked her) source
(1910) Marshal White (ambushed and murdered - three negroes sought)  source 
(1910) Mr. A.H. Ferguson (murdered - store robbery - negroes apprehended) source
(1910)Mrs. Sams ("assaulted" in home invasion by four negroes - negroes apprehended)  source
(1910) Charles McKeever (robbed at knife point - stabbed - negro captured) source
(1910) Miss Frances Williams, 17 (negro came to her home begging for food - once negro determined she was alone he pulled a pistol - her screams for help forced negro to flee - posse in search) source
(1910) Miss Flora Angline (raped - left in serious cond. - negro apprehended) source
(1910) Unnamed white girl, 8 (the little girl away from the house and raped negro employee, 18-years-old ... negro Walter Freeman was apprehended - lynch mood exists) source
(1910) Deputy Scott Tayler (ambushed and murdered - negro lynched)  source
(1910) Deputy Allen Burns (in the course of his duties was gunned down - critical cond. - two negroes lynched  [including female]) source
(1910) E.M. Purcell (murdered at work - negroes arrested - lynching appears imminent) source
(1910) Young Girls TERRORIZED (in the dead of night ...negro entered their bedroom thru an open  window - negro caught...then tied to a tree...then riddled with bullets)  source
(1910) Superintendent Stribbling (murdered - negro apprehended..then lynched)
(1910) Deputy Mathews (murdered - negro apprehended...then lynched) source
(1910) Luther Buckley (murdered - resulted in six negroes being lynched in race war) source
(1910) Mrs. Henry (beaten, robbed at knife point - screams forced negro to flee) source

Negro From Infamous Brownsville Military Regiment Brutally Assaults American Woman In Home Invasion - Her Children Run From Home Screaming...Which Forces Negro Soldier To Flee - Negro Arrested Next Day

Mrs. Redding (seriously injured - particularly from bite wounds)

(1910) Mr. Miller (gunned down - deceased - negro lynched)  source
(1910) James Lee (murdered - caught negro stealing and ordered him to negro pulled a concealed gun and gunned him down - negro apprehended - police prevent lynching) source

Every American In Mississippi Town 
Descended On Jail  - Over 2,000 Americans Seize
 Negro Rapist ... Then Lynch Him
Terrorized Rape Victim:
Miss Jennie Jackson, 17

(1910) Mrs. Lawton (home invasion... four negroes dragged the terror stricken woman from her bed to the back yard [ gang-raped her?]...then threw her into a well - newspaper source claimed she would likely die)  source

Two Negro Employees Attempt To Rape
 Employer's Young  Daughters  - Arrested...Then Lynched

* Daughter's of Mr. Jack Downing (survived)

(1910) Unnamed white female (raped and brutalized so terribly...newspapers didn't have words to describe her attack..- negro, Ed. Byrd,  apprehended) source
(1910) Officer Hunt (gunned down - survived  - negro apprehended)  source
(1910) Miss Clare Fonville (attempted gang rape - home invasion - two negroes crawled into young white female's bedroom thru an open window - both negros caught - mob tries to to lynch) source
(1910)  Mr. George M. Lints (home invasion - critically wounded -- negro caught) source
(1910) Chief Of Police Stallings (gunned down by a negro while in the course of his duties - not expected to survive - negro apprehended)  source
(1910) Mr. Charles Hiller (home invasion - murder - negro crawled in thru open window - father died protecting his 18-year-old daughter - negro apprehended - same negro first entered the home of another white family and screams from a young lady sent him running...straight to the Hiller home) source
(1910) Miss Drinkwater  (home invasion - negro crawled into young girl's bedroom thru an open window - negro apprehended) source
(1910) Miss Cobb (home invasion - negro crawled into young girl's bedroom thru an open window - negro apprehended...then lynched) source
(1910) Lena Adams, 10 ("attacked"...negro fled with posse)  source
(1910) Unnamed white girl, 14 (home invasion - raped...then brutally murdered - negro , unnamed, confessed...and then, later, was lynched by  a mob of infuriated Americans) source
(1910) Unnamed white female (raped/ attempted rape...negro, James January, apprehended) source
(1910) Columbus Sheppard (beat unconscious by three negroes - likely won't survive - motive was robbery - posse in pursuit) source
(1910) Deputy Ed Pierce (murdered - negro convicted) source
(1910) Miss Tyson, 8 ("attack" by negro - negro captured...then lynched) source
(1910) Mrs. Roberts (raped - negro sentenced to  death to avoid mob lynching) source
(1910) Bessie Unger, 22 (young white female fell for a ngro ruse - he led her to a secluded place to rape her - saved in the nick of time by police - negro apprehended) source

One Negro Admits To FIVE "Assaults'" on Young White Girls

(1910) Mrs. Chariton (attempted rape - frantic cries for help scared the negro into flight - apprehended) source 
(1910) Charles Slavinski (stabbed and seriously wounded - robbery - negro apprehended) source
(1910) Miss Cry, 15 (raped - negro apprehended - lynching imminent) source
(1910) Mrs. Nettie Gibson ('attacked"...after attack negro murders her, stabs her brother....caught then lynched) source
(1910) Mrs. Mann (home invasion ..."attacked" ...negro apprehended then lynched) source
(1910)  C.H. Mann, Jr. (murdered - tried to defend his mother from rape by negro) source
(1910) Mrs. Elliot ( home invasion - negro staked out home and waited until only the housewife was present..then simply barged in and raped her..then fled - negro apprehended) source
(1910) Cleve Holderich (ambushed/ murdered - apparent robbery - two negroes arrested) source

Deliberate DISRESPECT Toward White Female
 On Train...Almost Gets Negro Lynched In Colorado
(negro deliberately pushed a white female off her seat and onto the floor  - white males immediately came to her aid and beat on the negro...and attempted to lynch him) source

(1910)  Negro Firebombs White Man's Home - Negro Gets Lynched

(1910) Miss Shealey (throat slit ear to ear by negro rapist - negro caught ...then lynched)  source

Negroes  Plan 'White Family Massacre' - Plan Included 
Raping The Women
(one negro caught in young girl's bedroom...confessed to murder plot - he and three other negroes were lynched)
Intended victims:
J.W. Huff (and family)

(1910) Miss Nancy Rankin (described as  "little girl" - raped - negro apprehended...convicted, then given death sentence) source
(1910) Mr. Robert Boggan (merchant - negro ordered to leave his business for insulting behavior - negro returned with a knife - white male gunned him down-- i.e. w/out the gun...the white male would likely have wound up dead)  source
(1910) Unnamed white male (home invasion - while he slept...negro Pearl Peterson, beat him  senseless with a club) source

(1910) Mr. Charles Lowery (murdered - THRILL KILL - negro apprehended)  source
(1910) Miss Lynch, 10 (sexually assaulted by negro - negro barely escapes lynch mob) source
(1910) Mrs. Laura Moss, 15 (negro Pullman porter entered her sleeping berth... and attempted to rape her - negro apprehended) source

For the year 1910, according to the archived newspaper accounts for that year (I perused about 60% of them) ... 65% of the negro violence/ attempted violence involved the white female.


White School Girl Ambushed - Negro Leaps From  Concealment - Hauls Girl To The Ground And Begins To Rip Her Clothes Off -- She's Saved By Neighbor Who Hears Her Desperate Screams For Help

Annie McIlhaney (survived)

(1911) Patrolman Rice (murdered - negro perp seized by mob of Americans...then burned alive)  source
(1911) W.W. Thompson (Conductor on Georgia railroad- murdered - unknown motive - negro Bob Jones lynched)  source
(1911) C.E. Tarham  (murdered - unknown motive - negro John Veazy lynched)  source

(1911) Mrs. Perkins  (home invasion - rape - negro apprehended - mob action appears imminent)     source
(1911) Unnamed white female (white female ws raped - beaten - strangled...then burned - negro, Will Ollie,  apprehended - more than  500 local Americans gather to lynch negro)  source
(1911)  Police Chief A.B. Craig (ambushed and murdered by a negro - negro apprehended)
(1911) Marshal Kipper (ambushed and murdered by a negro - negro apprehended)


(1911) Deputy George H. Loney (gunned down by a negro while executing his duties - resulted in negro female & her 18-year-old son lynched by angry mob) source


(1911) J.J.Baker (murdered at his place of work - told a negro he was trespassing...negro pulled a gun and gunned him down - negro apprehended)
(1911) Mrs. E.A. Hudson (brutally attacked on a public street - rape attempt [or was raped] - negro apprehended) source
(1911)  Constable Mounger (ambushed and murdered - negro apprehended)  source
(1911) Two unnamed white females ("attacked" by the same  negro - negro hauled from jail  & lynched by huge mob of Americans) source

Negro Is Determined To Get His Rape
 Of Young White Female - Murders Her Father When He Attempts to Rescue Her - While Fleeing... Negro Shoots Posse Member & Sheriff
Victims of Negro Rapist:
Mrs. J.E. Chaplin (or Choplin) (unknown fate after her rape ordeal)
J.W.Abbot (deceased)

(1911) B.B. Smoth (or Smith)  (murdered - negro apprehended)
(1911) Miss Myrtle Evans, 16 (raped - negro apprehended - mob gathers at jail for lynching) source
(1911) Miss Ethel Morgan, 9 ( "assaulted"  - likely raped - negro apprehended) source
(1911)  Unknown white male ("knocked down" - negro Jerry Lovelace, gets lynched) source
(1911) Mrs. Campbell (raped by negro in home invasion - then shot and left for dead - negro apprehended...then lynched) source
(1911) Mr. Newton Eason (murdered - three negroes apprehended...then lynched) source
(1911) Miss Sylvia Price,14 ( gunned down for refusing negro sexual advance - negro apprehended - mob descends on jail) source
(1911) Mr. Dupius, Sr. (ambushed and murdered - negroes apprehended) source below
(1911) Mr. Guilbeau (ambushed and murdered - negroes apprehended) source

(1911) Mrs. Lydia Woods (raped - father shot negro while in prison - negro survived, pleaded guilty...sentenced to 50 years) source
(1911) George Lynch (ambushed and murdered - negro being sought)  source
(1911) Mrs. C.C. Williams ("assaulted" left for dead - negro apprehended...then lynched) source
(1911) Miss Eva Lowery, 14 (raped  - left for dead - negro being pursued by posse)  source
(1911) Grover Lambert (murdered/ gunned down  - motive unknown - negro arrested) source
(1911) Deputy Sheriff Smith (ambushed and murdered  - negro lynched)  source
(1911) Unnamed 12-year-old (raped - little girl left in critial cond. - mob attempts to lynch negro Willis Jackson - perp) source
(1911) Miss Florence Ashford, 20 (raped - negro being hunted down by posse) source
(1911) Mrs. Della Stevens (attempted rape/ was raped - negro gets 20 years) source
(1911) Miss Ida Thompson, 16 (brutally "mistreated" - [code for rape?] - mob demands a lynching) source
(1911) Unnamed white female (raped - negro, Tom Allen,  apprehended) source
(1911)Officer Michael Lynch (ambushed and murdered in the course of his duties by a negro - negro apprehended - mob tries to lynch him - legally executed) source 
(1911) Unnamed white male (stabbed - seriously injured - negro, Joseph Ryan, attacked by mob of white males...and beaten "into insensibility") source
(1911) Detective Charles Saunders (shot -unknown cond. - negro apprehended) source
(1911) City Attorney Beavers (ambushed and murdered by a negro - negro apprehended) source
(1911) Chief Deputy Sheriff Edgar Lefleur (ambushed/ murdered  - negro  lynched) source
(1911) Henry Little, 9 ( brutal murder - apparent sex crime - male child rape - negro apprehended - mob forms at jail) source
(1911) Frank Mitchell (murdered - negro lynched) source 


White Male Fathers  TWO NEGRO MALES - 

MOB  LYNCHES  FATHER  Because His Two Sons 
Murdered  Sheriff
* Sheriff Preson
* Deputy Shell
Note: Details are not avail. but appears the white male married a black woman.

(1911) C.S. Hollenshead (wealthy merchant - murdered/ ambushed by negro - negro about to be lynched...escaped) source
(1911) B.B. Smith (murdered - six negroes  arrested...abducted from jail...shot to pieces) source
(1911) Deputy Marshal Neal Canady (gunned down while in the course of his duties - negro lynched) source
(1911) Deputy Wood (murdered -- negro lynched)  source
(1911) Two Unnamed white females (sexually assaulted - negro, Wade Patterson,  abducted by a mob and lynched) source
(1911) Unnamed white female (TERROR...negro "took liberties" with her  -- negro, Jim West, lynched)  source
(1911) Miss Ruth Fike, 16 (attempted to rape/was raped -- negro apprehended - mob forms to lynch) source
(1911) Conductor Daniel McElroy (throat slashed ear to ear  - negro saved by lone white male policeman from raging mob demanding a lynching - seems negro didn't want to pay fare) source
(1911) Mr. Henry Googher (murdered - negro lynched) source
(1911) J.H. Covington (brutally beat by a negro - negro lynched)  source
(1911) Miss Saunders, 12( "attacked" by negro/ raped? - negro apprehended...then lynched)  source
(1911) Mrs. John Butts (raped by negro Aberdeen Johnson in a home invasion,  Union Springs, Ala. - her two young children were forced to watch the negro rape their mother - negro  "found hiding in the woods" by the sheriff - he was an employee of the Butts-  - negro lynched by mob) source  soure
(1911) Mrs. Vaughn (raped? - slashed her throat - negro apprehended...then lynched)  source
(1911) Mr. May & his brother (negro attempted to murder them both - negro apprehended...then lynched)  source
(1911) Daniel Beasley (murdered  by negro- negro apprehended...then lynched)  source
(1911) Miss Mildred Stewman (TERROR...attempted rape - she was saved by her dog - negro fled) source

(1911) Mr. Humphreys (brakeman - murdered - apparently told a negro he couldn't do something,,,so the negro waited until he left the train...then gunned him down....negro immediately lynched) source
(1911) Fred Evans (ambushed and murdered - negro barely avoids lynching) source
(1911) Mrs. Cox (raped - negro lynched) source

TERROR - Black Supremacy

Negro Believed He Deserved Apology When A White Male
 Bushed Up Against Him... When He Didn't Get The Negro Attacked Two White Males
 With A Knife

* Lee Flemming
* Albert Drugger
Note: Both white males were seriously injured. The negro was captured and a mob immediately formed demanding a lynching.  Attacks like these were designed to send terror into the hearts and minds of the white community...that the black man can attack you FIRST...and you better fear him.

  Mrs. Ferrell & her three young children  (...were being stalked by a negro sexual predator, who was "creeping through the cotton"... one of the children gave the alarm and they ran for their dear lives, being chased by the negro - luckily the family made it to their home,  and the negro predator was frightened by a white male neighbor who heard the mother's desperate screams for help - negro fled and was vigorously sought by a determined American posse - note: attacks like these were designed to send terror into the hearts and minds of the white community. - i.e. that the black man can attack you FIRST...and you better fear him. )  source 


Note: Unknown fate of the five white males who were ambushed and shot by the negro Miles Taylor. The negro was quickly lynched. source

For the year 1911, according to the archived newspaper accounts for that year (I perused about 80% of them) ... 43% of the negro violence/ attempted violence was directed at the white female.


(1912) E. C. Ritchie (attempted murdered - home invasion by negro employee- negro caught...then lynched)
(1912) Unnamed 16-year-old girl (raped- unnamed negro caught...then lynched in Memphis, Tenn.)
(1912) Nita White 14-year-old girl (raped - negro named Walter Johnson was apprehended...then lynched - evidence later pointed to his innocence) source  / source 
(1912) Mrs. Esther Higgins, 76 (home invasion - beat her door down with an ax - no robbery was reported it appears the motive was to rape the elderly white woman - negro caught...then lynched in prison by convicts -- note: one can imagine the TERROR faced by this elderly woman as there were no telephones - she knew what the negro was coming for...) source

(1912) Unnamed farmer's wife (while she worked in her field she was approached by a negro employee, Brooke Gordon, who was armed with a shotgun - the woman knew exactly what the negro wanted  (rape)... so she ran for her dear life...but the negro shot her twice in the back -- again, the sole intent was to rape her - negro lynched) source
(1912) Unnamed white female (attempted sexual assault - negro Golden Maxell caught)  source
(1912)  Cedron Land  (described as a "boy" -- murdered - negro caught...convicted...then  lynched) source
(1912) Norman (or Herman) Hadley (brutal ambush murder by four negro employees while the white male sat at his diner table - all four negroes were lynched by mob over 100 strong) source 
Note: Evidence later surfaced that the negro female who was lynched as a party to the murder was innocent. source 
(1912) Miss May Crow, 18 (raped - negro lynched by mob) source

Negro Employee Attacks Employer's Wife In Rape Attempt - 
Husband Pleads With Mob Not To Lynch Negro Fiend
* Mrs. George W. Robinson (raped/ attempted to rape)

(1912) Unnamed little girl, 6  sexually assaulted by negro - mob chased the unnamed negro fiend (Bakersfield,CA)  ...then gunned him down) source
(1912) Percy Alexander (ambushed and murdered - negro captured...then lynched by mob) source
(1912) Miss Ethel Hinson (kidnapped by negro, apparently to be used as a sex slave - negro eventually captured three days later ... and the white female rescued)  source
(1912)  Unnamed white female (negro discovered crawling into her bedroom window with the intent to rape her -  negro Wm. Reed apprehended - newspaper shames local white males for not lynching him) source
(1912) Mr. B.B. Bush (ambushed by three negroes and murdered - motive was robbery - one negro lynched) source


Negro Discovers An Easy Rape Opportunity 

Young White Girl Lived With An Old Man Who Adopted Her -- Negro barged Into Home & Murdered The Old Man...Then Raped Young Girl...Then Murdered Her

* J.T. Bergess, 80 (old man - brutally murdered)
* Mary Stevenson, 15 (raped then murdered - throat slit ear to ear)

Note: Negro, Preech Neils, was lynched by a mob of 200 Americans -- basically every adult white male in the local vicinity was at the lynching.

(1912)  Unnamed white woman (ambushed in public by negro, Frank Powers, who robbed her then raped her - negro apprehended - mob gathers to demand a lynching) source
(1912)  Unnamed young white female (raped - negro Chesly Williams, an employee of the family, before he raped the daughter first shot the mother -- negro Williams apprehended  - mob forms...seizes negro...then lynches him lynching)  source  source
(1912) Unnamed white females (negro Vine Collier, "attacked" them - negro apprehended) source 
(1912) Mr. Joseph Goody (prison guard - ambushed and murdered - negro lynched) source


* Mr. George Casey (or Carson) (murdered with an ax)
*Mrs. Casey (raped)
Note: Since this incident happened in Oklahoma, naturally, times being what they were,  an enormous mob descended on the jail housing the negro fiend, Will Turner. He was seized, brutally treated,  then  lynched.

11 White Male Police Officers
  Lose  Their  Jobs
 Because of The Lynching Of Innocent Negro
Deputy Constable Andrew Carr (murdered  - mob of 500 lynched negro) source

Note: A report issued by the Grand Jury exonerated the lynched negro...and placed the blame for the murder on a white male businessman. source

(1912) Police Officer Livingston (murdered - three negroes whisked away by sheriff, barely escaped mob of 600 men & boys determined to lynch them) source ---source

(1912) Deputy Sheriff Edwards (seriously injured by three negroes - all three lynched by mob of Americans) source
(1912) Deputy Paul Niseler (murdered - negro apprehended...then lynched) source
(1912) Miss Alvey Kraft (raped- negro apprehended)  source


Home Invasion - Husband Murdered - Wife Raped 
 Children Brutalized - Five Negro Males Arrested - 
White Police Officers Hold Off Mob of 5,000
* S. Silverstein (deceased)
                    * Mrs. Silverstein (raped - apparently survived)

(1912) Mr. Veron Tutt (negro employee gunned him down - one negro immediately lynched, another being pursued by American posse and they vow to lynch him as well)  source
(1912) Unnamed white female (raped/ attempted rape - negro Edward Alexander apprehended) source
(1912) P.B. Ellisor (murdered as he drove home - highway robbery - one negro killed in shoot-out with posse- other negro escaped) source
(1912) Paul Strange (murdered by two negro employees - one male, other a female - both negroes were lynched) source
(1912) Richard Harahan, 17 (stabbed by a negro who fled - victim  in critical cond,) source
(1912) Unnamed white girl (raped - negro Albert Hamilton arrested...then lynched) source
(1912) Marshal Wm. Ferris (gunned down [shot three times at pointblank range] by negro he had arrested for public drunkenness - officer failed to check negro for a gun - victim may survive) source
(1912)   M.W.Dickerson (assisted a sheriff in the arrest of a negro thief - the negro thief pulled a gun and gunned him down - may survive - lynching mood exists) source
(1912) Mr. B.L. Burns (attempted murder - merchant brutally beaten, robbed by a trio of negroes - moments before the negroes were going to kill him another customer walked in - saving his life and giving the alarm - negores pursued by American posse ) source
(1912) Unnamed white girl, 12 (raped/ attempted to rape - negro named "Yarbrough" caught...then lynched) source
(1912) Mr. W.C. Lykens (murdered by two negro chicken thieves - negores sought by posse) source
(1912) Officer A.F. Russell (gunned down by a negro - expected to die - negro fled) source
(1912) Detective A.J. Burke (ambushed & murdered by negro - negro lynched by mob)  source

Crazy Negro Discharged From White-Owned Business - Returns 
To Gun Down Innocent White Male Employees 
* C.W. Layman (deceased)
* Charles Lovin (deceased)

(1912)  Mrs. Bertha Ferguson (raped - ambushed in public - negro A. Wright, 18, ID'd by victim - huge mob of Americans gathered to lynch negro fiend) source

(1912) Mrs. Barclay (home invasion - raped - viciously beaten and clubbed and left for dead - negro pursued by posse)  source
(1912) Unnamed white female (raped - attacked in public - negro Charles Powell apprehended...then lynched by mob) source

Negro Female Lynched By Mob- 
Murdered Her 
Employer (woman)

*Mrs. Jordon (deceased)
Note: Negro female was apparently angry over a reprimand given her by her white female employer.

(1912) Mr. Mullins (robbed by five negroes - beaten mercilessly - survived to ID negro perps - mob gathered to demand a lynching but no lynching occurred) source
(1912)  Mr. John J. Perry (ambushed by negro negro laying in wait - put a bullet in his back... then clubbed him to near death - likely will die - unknown negro fled)  source 
(1912) Mr. Upton Wilson (shot in the back by a negro - negro apprehended -  the white male, if he doesn't die, will be left paralyzed)  source
(1912) Mr. Max Volt (ambushed and murdered by negro -- negro apprehended...then barely escaped a lynch mob) source

Four White
 People Assaulted

* Mary Heath (beaten into "insensibility')
* Mr. Inskeep (deceased - shot to death)
                     * Mrs. Inskeep ("assaulted" - likely raped - unknown fate)
              * Unnamed housekeeper  (badly beaten - unknown fate)


Sexual Deviance (male rape?) 
By Two Negroes
Both Lynched

* Unnamed white male (fate unknown)

Note: Article claims "unmentionable crime" against white man. This is most likely a sodomizing...and newspapers had no experience reporting such a despicable crime.
source  source

(1912) Mr. Ernest Bryant (murdered by negro employee - motive unknown - negro lynched) source
(1912) Mrs. Bell (or Belles) (home invasion - negro knocked on door and when the white woman opened it...and the negro discovered she was alone, the negro attacked her - raped her, beat her mercilessly, then threw her into a well - negro was hunted down by a posse...then lynched)) source

(1912) Sheriff Charles Stevens (ambushed and murdered  - posse hunting negro murderer) source

Blacks Gathered For A Convention And Protests Lynchings...
But Refuse To Take Accountability For Their Race Provoking All The Lynchings  
Committing Premeditated Crimes 
Against Innocent White People (mainly children & women)  source

(1912) Mr. Spurgeon Johnson ("assassinated" by negro Will Thomas - negro lynched) source
(1912) Miss Kate Hedges, 16  (TERROR...raped while on her way to school  - negro William Johnson apprehended...then lynched) source
(1912) Unnamed white woman (raped/ attempted to rape - negro named "Murphy" easily traced by bloodhounds...arrested...then lynched) source
(1912) Mr. James Norman (ambushed and murdered by negro employee - negro lynched after being convicted of murder) source
(1912) Miss Reese Smith, 14 (raped/ attempted to rape - negro named Finney Siding caught...then lynched) source
(1912) Deputy Hart (gunned down by two negroes - both negroes apprehended)   source 
(1912)  Mrs. Dee (shot and wounded by negro - also shot was her son - negro fled...captured... lynched) source

Negroes Attempted To Burn Down Mayor's Home - Three Negroes Lynched


Negro  Hatches  Quick  Rape  Scheme 
As He Spots Adult White Male 
On The Road Heading Away From 
His Home...
The Wife Is Home Alone

* Mrs. Ramsey (raped - mother of two children survived )

Note: Negro was easily caught...then ID'd...then lynched

(1912)  Mrs. Whitehead ("attacked' on a public street ...negro lynched) source
(1912) Mr. A.A. Peter (ambushed and assassinated   - posse hunting for negro) source
(1912)  Mr. A. Morris (came to the aid of a white woman who was grabbed by a negro - the negro pulled a knife and stabbed the man to death - negro fled)  source
(1912) Mrs. Harris, 17 (rape/ attempted rape - negro pounces on young white woman - white males come to her rescue - negro flees and a posse is in pursuit) source
(1912) Special Officer Everson (ambushed and murdered by three negroes - all three seized from sheriff...then beat to death with clubs)  source
(1912) Unnamed white female ("attacked" - negro confessed his guilt...later lynched by a mob)  source
(1912) Police Officer I. Carr (the officer arrested a negro female and a negro male, George Hunter, took exception and gunned down the officer - arrested, a mob that very night stormed the jail and dragged the negro out...then lynched him)  source

Black Supremacy
Mob of Negroes Attack Two Sheriff Deputies To Seize Negro Prisoners -  Shootout Results - Deputies Flee

Gang Rape Atrocity - Eight Negroes 
Arrested - State Militia Called Out

*Unnamed white female (apparently survived)


Negro  Stalks  Lone  White  Female  For  Days...
White  Female  Though  Has  Loaded  Rifle 
Waiting  When  He  Does  Strike -- Negro 
Shot  When  He  Attempts To  Rape White Female

* Mrs. Jones (successfully defended herself)  

  18 Negro Gang Members Terrorize White People 

*J.C. Davis (murdered)


Negro  Desires  To "Burn Down Tampa" -  He's Killed  
After  He  Set  His  Third  Fire

For the year 1912, according to the archived newspaper accounts for that year (I perused  100% of them) ... 45% of the negro violence/ attempted violence involved the white female.


(1913) Unnamed white female (raped - negro Will Fair apprehended...a mob attempting to lynch the negro inadvertently allowed him to escape ) source
(1913) Cora Little, 18 (A negro, Wilson Evans, chloroformed a young American girl, kidnapped her, raped her, then murderer her. A mob seized him from the local jail and then lynched him.

(1913) Unnamed white female (terrorized...negro Henry White found hiding under her bed - caught...then lynched) source
(1913). Mr. Samuel McClure (home invasion - murder - negro caught...then lynched)   source


 Vagrant Lynched By Angry Mob

Unnamed 11-year-old child (local negro tramp,  Joe Richardson,  ambushed the white child while she was on her way to school - screams for help brought her aid and the negro fled - when he was caught a mob assembled ... then lynched him)
Negro sexual predator Joe Richardson - Joe became a popular post card
at that time
Note: The only 'people' continually preying upon white children to sexually assault them was the American negro. 


Negro Guns Down Three Americans - Two Die

Luther Hodge (deceased)
* Tom Maxwell (wounded)
* Deputy Mr. Tom Rushing (deceased)

(1913) Mrs. Ollie Johnson (home invasion - sexually assaulted - "badly injured"  - negro caught - 100s farmers descend on jail and demand a lynching)  source
(1913) Officer Lon Muxlow (ambushed and murdered - negro caught) 
(1913) Officer L.W. Caldwell  (ambushed and murdered - negro caught) 

(1913) Mary Phagan, 13 (sexually assaulted...then murdered by a negro  - white male , however, was convicted and lynched for the crime)
(1913) Miss Emma Ganske, 16  (raped - negro David Dyer apprehended - mob gathers at jail demanding a lynching) source
(1913) Susie Church, 16 (raped...then murdered - mob burns negro Bennie Simmons at the stake)
(1913) Mr. A.W. Joesephs (murdered in store hold-up - negro James Comeaux lynched) source
(1913) Garland Huff, 12 (raped...then beat to death - negro caught...then lynched by mob of 2000 Americans)   source
(1913)Unnamed 14-year-old boy (unnamed negro in Newport, R.I. stabbed him to death)
(1913) Mrs. Anna Keller (raped - mob un-successful in lynch attempt on negro Walter Ballew ) 
(1913) Calvin Ballard (ambushed and murdered  - brutally hacked to death in his store by two negroes - both negroes lynched) source  source
(1913) Unnamed police officer (murdered by negro Tom Lee - immediately captured) source
(1913) Two unnamed white males (gunned down by negro Bat Sears -- both seriously wounded - white police officer risked his life protecting negro from raging mob)  source
(1913) Unnamed white female ("attacked"' - negro Richard Puckett lynched) source
(1913)Tom Hodges (murdered - negro fled and was later captured by a posse, then lynched) source
(1913) Mrs. Brown (home invasion - raped  - negro fled and pursued by posse) source
(1913) Miss Merrell, 12 (shot and killed by negro - negro lynched )  source
(1913) Unnamed 4-year-old girl  (assaulted in some way - negro Dick Stanley lynched) source
(1913) Sheriff T.S. Cherry (gunned down by a negro  - died from injury - negro apprehended...then lynched)
(1913) Unnamed 6-year-old child (raped - negro in Bonify Fla. captured and mob expected to lynch him) source
(1913) Miss Estell Potter, 13 (raped then murdered by a negro employee -- negro fled and pursued by 1000 Americans)  source
(1913) Unnamed white female (raped - negro William Farr apprehended - 500 Americans attempt to break into jail housing negro rapist -  sheriff & deputies open fire on mob wounding three) source
(1913) Mrs. Lloyd Alley (raped - negro apprehended in W. Va.) source
(1913) Mrs. Ballentine (raped - negro Albert Fields apprehended, then escaped - posse in pursuit) source
(1913) Unnamed white female (attempted rape -wrong negro lynched in Bluffton, S.C. ...then the right one caught) source

Negro Walks Into Store Then Bashes A
 Wrench Over the Head Of  A White Female -  Her 12-Years- Old Son Attempts To Come To Her Rescue...Negro  Bashes  Him  In The Head - Both Die From Their Injuries 

 * Unnamed white female
* son 12

(1913) Unnamed white female (attacked by negro Herman Kelly - mob storms jail In Florence, S.C.,  but leaves without negro) source
(1913). Mrs. Williams (murdered  - raped? - negro Carl Mott lynched in Greensville, Miss.) source
(1913) Harry White (was helping the sheriff make an arrest and was shot by  negro Wm. Douglas - negro also shot - white male said to be in critical cond.) source 

Two Police Officers Murdered
* Chief Of Police Muxlow
* Patrolman Caldwell

(1913). Miss Theresa Atkins, 10 (negro attacked the child and either raped or attempted to rape her - negro Charles Banks arrested - talk of lynching is widespread) source
(1913) Unnamed  girl (an unidentified negro "assaulted" her in Pensecola, Fl. - negro was  lynched)  source
(1913) Mr. Brooks Lane (farmer, was ambushed and murdered by a negro Samuel Owensby in Ga. - negro was immediately lynched)  source
(1913) Mr. L.C. Marchmon (ambushed and murdered by a negro - negro arrested - another negro, Virgil Swanson, who was alleged to hv helped the murderer escape...was later lynched)  source
(1913). Mr. John Coleman (ambushed and murdered by negro - negro Norman Mable apprehended - mob unsuccessfully attempted to storm the jail)  source


 * Sheriff G.B Hammett (deceased - shot leading posse to capture negroes)
 * Frank Keinstley (deceased - opened his front door and was gunned down)
 * Claude Freeman ( deceased - negro walked up to him  - unprovoked - and simply gunned him down)
  * Orin Gillis (shot - serious wounded - critical cond.)
  * Conductor E.B. Appleby (without warning or provocation negroes shot him - fate unknown)
  * Mr. Bond (without warning or provocation negroes shot him - fate unknown)

Note: Negroes Walter & Will Jones were both lynched by mob of Americans.

(1913) Patrolman Ogiltree (murdered in the course of his duties by negro - negro committed suicide) source
(1913) Unnamed white woman (sexually assaulted by unidentified negro in Summerset, Ky.) source
(1913) Mamie Rudd, 17 (home invasion - negro beat her unconscious then raped her - negro Charles Wilson caught by posse)  source

Negro TERRORIZES White Community - Black Supremacy - 
Negro Hunted Down ... Then Lynched By Angry Americans

(1913)Miss Anna Hunt, 18 (raped - negro attacked her as she walked home - negro caught) source 
(1913) Mr. Olson ( attempted murder - home invasion - luckily, the white male awoke as the negro was entering his room by way of a window -- Mr. Olson had hired the negro but the negro refused to work...tho he insisted he get paid anyway -- when the white male refused to pay him... the negro vowed to get even -- the negro ws arrested after his attempted murder)

(1913) Mrs. Morrison (raped - negro apprehended..then barely escaped being lynched) source
(1913) Miss Estell Thurston, 12 (raped - negro Harvey Fields apprehended - furious  mob of Americans gathered for a lynching) source
(1913) Unnamed "boy" (murdered by negro Henry Ralston - negro  lynched) source

Local  Americans  Try To Protect  White  Females From  Negro  Who
 Would Not Stop Harassing Them - Over 1,000 Gather At Chicago Jail Attempting To Lynch Negro Menace

(1913) Officer John Bibby (or Gibby) (murdered while attempting to arrest two negro tramps - both negro tramps were immediately lynched by irate Americans) source
(1913) Miss Pranger, 10 (TERROR...negro jumped on her as she was walking home from school - apparently, as her clothes were being ripped off, a local farmer came to her rescue - negro "Hayes" was immediately apprehended) source

(1913) Mr. Author Airington (ambushed and murdered by crazy negro - negro lynched) source

Negro  Guns  Down  Sheriff &  Deputy  Sheriff - Local Americans
 Quickly Lynch Negro Murderer

* Sheriff Thomas Courtenay
* Deputy Burmeister

Negro Ambushes And Murders Three White Men - Local Americans 
Quickly gather And Lynch Negro Murderer

* Rufus Hodge
* Tom Reussian
* Will Maxwell

Note: Despite a very limited number of archived newspapers articles for 1913, I was still able to find more than fifty white victims of unprovoked negro predatory violence.  White females were involved/vicimized  in 57% of the these negro attacks for the year 1913. 

Also of note, there were 44 lynchings in this year, the lowest on record. All but one of the lynched were negroes.


(1914)  W.A. Chaffin (ambushed and murdered by negro thief -  negro apprehended then lynched) source
(1914)   Samuel Lusco (murdered by his negro employee - negro murderer/ thief lynched)
(1914) Unnamed 10-year-old girl (raped when she went into a bathroom at a theater , then murdered -  negro, Edward Hamilton, was captured...then lynched by angry American mob numbering 1,000)  source   source
(1914) Oscar Scruggins (murdered - six negroes apprehended - lynching mob assembled at jail demanding a lynching) source
(1914)   Chas. M. Hicks  (postmaster - murdered , then burned by negroes in the course of an armed robbery  -  negroes apprehended...then lynched)
(1914)   Jack Madden  (elderly white merchant was murdered by three negroes in the course of an armed robbery -- two of the negroes were lynched)  source source
(1914)  Unnamed white female (negro Beverly Johnson crawled into her bedroom thru an open window in rape attempt & armed with an ax - the husband saved his wife from a brutal rape and also seriously injured the negro  - NOTE: sheriff's deputy opened fired on white males attempting to lynch the negro fiend, killing one of them)  source

(1914)  Unnamed young girl (A negro, Floyd McCollum, raped the young white girl.  His guilt was beyond any question as the girl survived the assault. However, McCollum pleaded innocent -- apparently so he could gaze at his rape victim as she testified against him?  The young girl, not surprisingly, broke down and asked for her mother to comfort her.  In the end the negro received the death penalty - by electrocution) source
(1914)  Unnamed white male  (A negro, Allen Turner, brutally attacked an American farmer in Farmersville, LA,. An American mob caught the negro before he could flee the county ... and then lynched him) source
(1914)  Edward Roundtree (murdered - negro "Brown" apprehended...then lynched) source
(1914)  Miss Essie Bell, 12 (brutally beaten to death for no reason by a negro female - negro was summarily lynched) source
(1914)   Mrs. Wilson, 60 (raped by negro - left in critical cond. - may have survived - negro lynched ) source
(1914)  J.R. Robertson (negro employee attempted to murder him -shot and seriously wounded- negro Williams Williams fled but was captured by a posse...then lynched)  source
(1914)  Constable Matt Taylor (negro attempted to murder him....mob lynched the negro)  source
(1914)  Chas. Cook (murdered - negro apprehended - sheriff prevents mob lynching) source
(1914)  Joseph Petty (murdered - negro apprehended - mob forms demanding lynching) source

Mob Of Americans Grab Two Negroes From Sheriff...
 Negroes Murdered   A  White  Male -- Sheriff Told Mob That One  Of  The  Negroes Should Not Be Lynched Because Of  Lack  Of  Evidence  - Mob Obeys And Released That Negro - LynchesThe Other One

* J.K. Ingram (gunned down - fate unknown)

(1914)  Miss Harrison, 6 (sexual assault - negro apprehended then hidden by sheriff to prevent a lynching) source
(1914)  Cathrine Larkin, 13 (kidnapped by negro school janitor - likely raped - negro apprehended - fate of child unknown)  source
Husband & Wife Murdered By Negro

*Mr. Chandler
*Mrs. Chandler

(1914)  Eli Johnson (murdered - negro apprehended - huge police presence protects negro from  a lynching)  source
(1914)  City Marshal Payne  (murdered - negro apprehended...then lynched) source
(1914)  Patrick Burke, 55 (asked a negro for a light...negro pulled a knife then began slashing away at the white male - left in critical cond. - negro apprehended - mob forms demanding a lynching) source
(1914)  J.J. McDougald ("attacked" by negro Allen Turner - fate unknown - negro lynched) source
(1914)  Mrs. Seitz (murdered - negro arrested...then lynched) source   Note: no doubt same lynching but different names of negro perp and victim)  source
(1914)  Cyrus Hotchkin (murdered - three negroes apprehended...then lynched)  source
(1914)  Unnamed young girl (high school age - raped - negro Will Jones apprehended...then lynched) source
(1914)   T.B. Miller (merchant  - murdered by negro in robbery - negro lynched) source
(1914)  Lemuel Peace (murdered by negro female - negro female is lynched by mob)  source
(1914)  Edward Sherman (murdered by two negroes in robbery - one negro lynched) source
(1914) Mrs. Sherman ("attacked' by two negro thugs, likely gang raped -- husband murdered - one negro lynched - posse went in pursuit of the other) source
(1914)  Unnamed white male (brutally beaten into insensibility by negro Essex Max - large mob of Americans seized negro ...then lynch him)  source
(1914)  James Hendrix (murdered - negro Lloyd McCullum being sought)
(1914)  Unnamed white female (raped - negro Lloyd McCullum sought for rape & murder) source

Negro Terrorized White Women in Their Home  - Arrested...The Negro
 Is Then Lynched By Angry Mob

Negro Terrorized Southern White Women In Public By Pulling His Pants Down 
And Shaking His Penis At Them 
Angry Mob Of White Males Descend On Negro Pervert
 And Beat Him Senseless - Lynching Narrowly Averted

Negro Marches   Over  To  White  Woman's  Home - Barges  In  Then 
Pulls A  Knife  And  Sliced  Her Throat  Ear  To  Ear - Negro  Then  Tries
 To  Murder  Her  Young Son -  The Son However  Was Able To Escape And  Sound The Alarm

* Mrs. Trueluck (deceased -likely raped)
Note: The negro responsible for this heinous crime , Dillard Wilson, was caught then brutally treated by white males, then lynched. The negro had previously went to the woman's home for food and drink. Then, apparently discovering she was there alone , the negro  returned, most likely to commit a rape. Since the woman died at the scene rape , obviously,  could be determined.

Negro Robs Payroll...Then Guns Down Three 
Unarmed White Males

* Reese Fitzpatrick (deceased)
* J.V. Simmons (seriously wounded)
* Wyatt Robinson ((seriously wounded )
Note: Negro Mose Johnson apprehended.

56-Year-Old White House Wife Beaten And Raped...
Negro  Calmly  Leaves  The Premises... As  If  He  Had  A 
God-Given Right To Do What He Did

Note: Negro Otis Shafer apprehended.

(1914)  Henry Mead (home invasion by negro, seriously wounded white male  - said may die - negro, Henry Thompson, also seriously wounded - jailer open fired on mob trying to lynch negro, killing one "prominent citizen,"  Eugene  Houston)  source 
(1914)  Deputy Frank Mullen (while making arrest of a negro was ambushed and murdered by another negro - negro murderer escaped) source
(1914)   Mrs. Pyle (raped in home invasion - negro George Raymond apprehended) source

AGAIN...Negro  Harassed  White  Women...
White  Males
  Beat  Him Senseless 


(1914)  Mrs. Cook (home invasion - rape of widow with two small children - - negro Eward Lance then shot her brother John Geldon in the head - negro apprehended - lynching mood exists) source
(1914)  John Geldon (shot in the head trying to apprehend negro who raped his sister fate unknown))
(1914)  Constable John Gaines, 69 (murdered while making arrest - negro seized by American mob of 250...marched to the city square...then lynched)  source

Negroes Invaded "Aged" White Male's Home...Then Made Him Strip Naked...Then
 Made Him Plow His Field - Sheriff Intervenes To Avoid A Lynching

* J.J. Holland
Note: No other people in human history had to put up with such cross-racial violence from another white people were forced to endure at the hands of the American negro. 

Negro  Discovered Hiding Under Home Of  White Women - Arrested...Later Mob 
Stormed Jail ...Then Lynched Negro Sexual Predator

(1914)  Unnamed white female (attacked by unnamed negro employee in New York City - barely escapes being lynched) source
(1914)  Mr. Cass Tompkins ("attacked" by two negroes in Tampa, fl. - both negroes lynched) source
(1914)  John King (attacked by negro - negro "bit his chin off"... mob seized negro, tied a rock around his neck...then tossed nergo into the river)
(1914)  Mr. Smith ( seriously wounded by negro - negro apprehended then whisked out of county to prevent a lynching) source
(1914)  Mrs. Millie Lynch (viciously attacked by negro  - her fate is unknown - negro apprehended...then lynched by angry mob, including women and children) source
(1914)  Mrs. Metzger (home invasion - rape - posse after negro - likely will be lynched) source


Negro Threatened To Kill All White People In Town... 
White Males Gathered ...Seized Negro From Jail...Then Lynched Him
Note: Had this incident occurred in the North the negro most likely would have wound up in an insane asylum.

(1914)  Deputy Charles Kirkland (murdered by negro he was attempting to arrest) source
(1914)  Unnamed white female (home invasion - white female raped while her two children slept  - negro Tom Grice of Florence, S.C. apprehended) source
(1914)   John  Lee (murdered by four negroes - all four apprehended - all four claim they're innocent but sheriff claims he has evidence) source 
(1914)  Newton Saunders (murdered by negro  - apprehended) source
(1914)  Unnamed white female (home invasion - rape - negro Allen Seymour was arrested... then lynched) source
(1914)  Manly Hatch ( throat slit by negro - negro Alfred Lynch finally capturd two years later) source

Note:  There were 60 incidents of violence directed at innocent white people by the American negro that I found in the limited newspaper articles for this year.
In 1914 there were 54 lynchings.    source


(1915)  Dudley Davidson (described as "young" ... negro attacked and killed him with a sickle - apprehended - sheriff & his negro chased for miles by angry mob of Americans)   source
(1915)  Unnamed white female (was "insulted" in some way  - likely sexual in nature - mob lynches negro John Richardson in Sparr , Fl.)   source

Many Innocent People DEAD - Including Sheriff 
As A Result  Of  Negro  Sexual Attack On Young White Girl

Victims Of Negro's Crime:
Sheriff A.D. Hood (deceased)
Deputy Sheriff Earle Stevenson (arm brown off)
Officer J.R.Boulware (seriously wounded - shot in stomach "barely living")
Jesse Morrison (mob member - shot in the head)
Clyde Isenhower (relative of girl victim - deceased)
Note: The negro, Utes Smith, who attacked the white female and caused the riot, was also killed.

(1915)  Unnamed white females (raped/ attempted rape/ murder - negro Ed Berry arrested...then lynched in Okla. - seems Berry was accused of , and admitted to, being a serial rapist and murderer))   source
(1915) Unnamed white female (raped - negro Sam Stephens arrested then lynched in Toccota, Ga. )  source
(1915)  Unnamed white female ( raped/ attempted to rape - home invasion - negro crawled in through open widow - unnamed negro lynched in Dresden, Tn) source  source
(1915)  A.M. Batchellor (merchant - murdered by two negroes in the course of a robbery - both negroes lynched)  source
(1915)   Mrs. James H. Martin (hacked to death by negro servant - negro arrested...Note: The negro's murder also contributed to the death of Mr. James H. Martin, who reportedly died of shock upon learning of the death of his wife
(1915)  Mr. J.E. Lewis, 70  (murdered during store robbery - negro Peter Morris arrested...then lynched) source 
(1915)   Miss Mary Hardin (while working alone in her father's store was raped by a negro named Ellis Buckner - negroe arrested...then lynched) source

Two Negro Brothers Murdered Two 
Law Enforcement Officers  
Both Negroes Lynched By Angry American Mob

* Deputy Sheriff Flippen
* Sheriff J.B. Butler
(1915)  Edger L. Holmes (murdered - negro named "Roten" was arrested - mob formed to lynch him)  source
(1915)  Unnamed white female (attempted rape - negro George Washington apprehended - mob stormed jail to lynch negro fiend) source
(1915)  William Prettyman (stabbed by negro - fate unknown - mob storms jail housing negro)
(1915)  Mrs. Hill (negro attempted to rob her - 15 white males caught the negro...beat him mercilessly...broke both his arms and ankle...punched is eye out...negro is saved from a lynching by white police officers) source

Negro Minister Couldn't Help Himself - Grabbed
 Young White Female Then...
 Hugged And Kissed Her - She Finally Broke Free And Reported Her Assault - Negro Was Arrested....Then Sentenced To 6 Months - Mob Forms Demanding A Lynching

* Miss Genevieve Boyce , 19


14-Year-Old Negro Boy Lynched - Sexually Assaulted
 American Girl 

* Unnamed girl, 8 (survived attack)

(1915)  William Dodson (stabbed by negro employee - in critical cond.  - negro arrested before negro laborers could lynch him)  source
(1915)  Mrs. Scott, 80 ( murdered by "young negro" ...seems the negro had discovered that a 14-year-old girl also lived in the home...and it was the goal of the negro to murder the aged woman so he could then rape the 14-year-old. However, the 14-year-old escaped thru a window when she heard the commotion - the negro, Charles Logan, was arrested and then immediately whisked to another county) source
(1915) Mrs. White (negro Mallie Wilson, crawled into her bedroom thru an open window - the negro was seized by an angry mob...then lynched) source
(1915) Unnamed white female( attacked by a negro named John Riggins, 63, in Ga. - negro was lynched)  source
(1915) Mrs. Stafford (raped in home invasion - said to be in serious cond. -- negro was sought by posse) source
(1915) Joseph Lockett (murdered by ambush at his place of work - negro seized by angry mob of Americans - however, saved from a lynching by sheriff, judge  and pastor) source
(1915) Mr. A. H. Gage (or Cage) (murdered at his place of work - negro lynched) source
1090. Miss Dott Hillyard, 13 ("attacked" by negro Will Spencer - negro immediately whisked to another county to avoid a lynching)  source
(1915) Unnamed white girl ("attacked" - negro Will Leach lynched in Dade City, Fl.)  source
(1915) Miss Mildred Clark, 15 (raped by negro - negro "Sheppard" sentenced to death) source
AGAIN... Negro Went Door To Door In White 
Community Begging For Food - When Negro Discovered 
Young Mother Of Four Home Alone...He Raped Her...Then Murdered Her - Posse Went In Pursuit Of Negro Fiend

* Mrs. Schreiver

(1915) Unnamed 14-year-old girl ( raped - negro Robert Smith barely escapes lynching by angry Americans in Eason, Md.)) source
(1915) Roy Lester (murdered - negro "Haley" apprehended...then lynched by very determined mob of Americans) source
(1915) Mr. Silas Turney (went to collect a legitimate debt from a negro...three negroes gunned him down - 500 Americans retaliate...mob seized the three negro murders..then lynched them) source
Negro Commits Multiple Home Invasion  Of  White People's Homes - Makes Threats
 Against White Community - White Males Lynch Negro Fiend

Children Massacred By Negroes
Three Negroes Invade White Household And Beat Husband & Wife Into Insensibility ...Then Their Three Small Children Were Knifed To Death

* Mr. Grimes (critical cond.)
                               *Mrs. Grimes (apparently survived beating)
* Unnamed Three Children (all deceased)
Note: Negro Will Stanley was seized from the sheriff, then burned alive...while the entire town looked on.

Two Law Enforcement Officers Gunned Down
 Local Americans Seize Negro Murder...Then Lynch Him

* Deputy R. Lee Day (deceased)
* Deputy Pleas Hawkins (deceased) 
Note: Negro Tom Brooks was arrested for the slaying of the two white males...then lynched by furious mob of American.

(1915) R.A. Stillwell (murdered - two negroes were lynched) source
(1915) Unnamed white female ("attacked" - negro Arthur Bell arrested...then lynched in Ky.) source
(1915) Bert Nicholas (merchant - murdered by negro during robbery - negro lynched) source
(1915) Constable J.T. Kempt (murdered - negro apprehended...then lynched)  source
(1915) Unnamed white female ("attacked" by negro Jesse Hatch - negro was later lynched in Mobile, Al) source
(1915) Mrs. Allen (murdered by negro 'Campbell" - most likely the negro raped the white female -there was no other reason established for his being in her room and then murdering her - negro was sentenced to death)  source
(1915) Chief of Police Williams ( ambushed and murdered by negro family - four negroes [same family, including two females] were lynched by large mob of angry local Americans) source
(1915) Police Officer W. C. Townsend (shot and wounded by negro  - in Ala. - while making an arrest -- negro seized from jail by angry American mob... then lynched) source
(1915) Miss Dean, 3 (negro aimed his shotgun at adult white male but missed, hitting his his 3-year-old daughter and killing her - negro murderer was quickly apprehended..then quickly whisked from town by sheriff to avoid imminent lynching) source
(1915) Miss Adcock, 17 (TERROR...negro crawled into her bedroom while she slept, then jumped on her in a rape attempt - she fought back violently while also screaming for help - negro fled - he was quickly caught...then quickly lynched) source
(1915) Unnamed white girl ("attacked" by negro Tom Cole - Virgina state militia called out by governor to protect negro fiend) source
(1915) Lucius Crittendon (murdered - negro Charles Robinson arrested) source
(1915) Unnamed white female (attempted assault - negro Ernest Chappell arrested then whisked from Twiggs County, Ga. to another county to prevent a lynching)  source
(1915) Richard Lindsay (fought off a negro Sam Johnson who was attacking his aunt - the white male was left very seriously wounded - the negro fled ...being chased by a posse) source
(1915) Arthur Craft (ambushed & murdered by negro Herman Deely  - negro was quickly lynched) source
(1915) Mr. Ferrell (murdered by negro Jesse White, who was attempting to rob his store - bloodhounds tracked the negro straight to his shanty - negro arrested)  source

A First In American History ... Negro 7-Year-old Boy
Sabotaged Railroad Track - Caused Train 
To Derail Which Killed White Male 

Hugh Taylor (engineer) 

(1915) Milton Butler (murdered - negro John Hall arrested)  source
(1915)  Sheriff D.R. Moreland (murdered by a pack of negroes- negroes escaped) source
(1915) Mrs. Leonard ( attempted rape/ was raped - negro "McNeal"  arrested) source
(1915)  Patrolman Sam Near (murdered - two negro apprehended) source
(1915) Mr. Zimmerman (murdered by negro employee - two negroes arrested) source
AGAIN...Negro Shows Up At White Household And
 Puts On  'Puppy Dog Act'  And Begs For Food... 
When A Young Girl Agrees To Feed Him...The Negro Attacks Her And Beats Her To Death...Then Robs Household

Miss Anna Crowl, 18
 (injuries so sever she cannot recover))
Note: The American negro showing up at white households and begging for food...was a common problem in US.
The negro obviously attacked this young girl when he discovered she was the only one in the household. Perhaps through the young girl's own naivety she revealed to the negro she was home alone.

(1915) Unnamed white female ("attacked" by 15-year-old negro in Okla. - negro was quickly sentenced to 30 years) source
(1915) Mrs. Mary Lassiter (raped and murdered by two negroes - negroes legally hung) source
(1915) John S. Camp (murdered  - negro Millard Carpenter hung) source
(1915) Unnamed little girl & little boy ( TERROR...negro Nimrod Sims, 15, attacked both with the aim of raping the young girl in Fl. - both fought back fiercely and also screaming - negro fled but was caught...then lynched) source
(1915) Mrs. Grubbs (raped(?) then beaten into critical cond. by a negro - negro then fled) source
(1915) Conductor Guy A. Winters (kicked two negro freeloaders off his they shot him - one thousand Americas went after them - one negro gunned down, the other captured) source
(1915) Mrs. Meade ("attacked" - likely raped - by a negro...who then fled - posse in pursuit) source

Note:  There were 59 incidents of violence directed at innocent white people by the American negro that I found in the limited newspaper articles for this year.
In 1915 there were 54 lynchings


(1916) Mrs. Heath (home invasion - raped - however, she shot negro rapist Jesse McCorkle in the wrist...which helped ID him as the perp - a mob seized the negro rapist...then lynched him)
 (1916) 14-year-old white girl  (attempted rape by negro Moxie Shuler - a mob later lynched him) source
(1916) Unnamed Young White Female  (was "assaulted" by negro Jesse Hammett - an American mob quickly lynched the negro, despite the parents of the victim begging the mob not to lynch him) source
(1916) Officer Guthrie Diuguid (ambushed and murdered by negro Lube Martine - lynch mob prevented from getting to negro fiend - negro sentenced to death) source  source
(1916) Miss Flinnie Holloman (raped by negro William Black, 16-years-old - the boy's father supplied him with a gun and then aided in his attempted escape from a posse - the boy was caught - the father of the boy was lynched by an angry mob - negro rapist was tried, then sentenced to death)) source

TERROR...Three Negro Escape Prison  - Gun 
Down Two Law Enforcement Officers - Posse Lynches Two Of Them

                                      * Deputy Sheriff James Gibson (deceased)                                                                * Sheriff James May (survived?)
Note: The source below indicated none of the negroes were lynched. A white male, Methodist preacher, arrived at the scene where one of the negroes had a rope around his neck and about to be hung. His impassioned plea to "allow the law to take its course" ...saved the negro. The mob relented and returned the negro to the prison. source


TERROR...Two Americans Gunned Down By Negro - Negro's Escape Effort Gets FIVE Negroes Lynched  For Aiding Him (three males, two females)

                                          * Constable S.G. Wynne ( deceased)                                                                                                           * Dr. L.G. Harris  (deceased)  
Note: Negro Boisey Long was the one responsible for the lynchings of other five negroes. Long was legally hung.    source                                                                                                                                                                              


TERROR...While 13-Year-Old White Child Picked Unions...SheWas Accosted By A Negro...Then ATTACKED And  Raped

Note: The negro rapist, Oscar Martin,  was lynched in the courthouse.  He was seized by a mob when the white child ID'd him as her assailant.  Incident occurred in Idblabel, Okla.

(1916) Mrs. Charles Hough, 60 (raped by 15-year-old negro boy, Theophilus Allen [employee] -  a mob gathered and demanded a lynching)

(1916) Lucy Fryer, 53 (home invasion - raped by negro Jesse Washington - after the rape the negro murdered the white female - an angry mob hung Washington in the town's square...then burned him)

(1916) Mrs. John Barber, 24 (raped - negro Charles Daniels arrested then whisked away by sheriff - mob of 3000 Americans descend on jail ... ties rope around sheriff's neck and threatens him with a lynching if he didn't divulge the hiding place of the negro rapist) source
(1916) Officer Hays (murdered/ negro Caro Dudley - negro was quickly seized by an American mob...then lynched) source
(1916) Unnamed White Female (harassed and continually annoyed by a negro, Frank Dobb, over 300 American descend on jail..seize the negro...then lynch him) source
(1916) Unnamed White Female ("assaulted" by negro Henry White - negro was lynched by mob)  source
(1916) Chief Of Police Robert Nolan (murdered/ ambushed by negro Will Whitley - negro was seized by a mob and then lynched)

(1916) Miss Doris Richman, 14 (father saved daughter from negro rapist - negro, William Perry, 25, waited for a buggy with a father and daughter to pass by -- he then leaped from the bushes and first hit Mr. Richman with a blackjack...then grabbed his 14-year-old daughter telling her "I want you" - father fought off negro and then beat him into unconsciousness - no lynching was reported)

(1916) Ruby Cole, 17 (TERROR...attempted rape - negro Ed Lang walked up to the young white girl while she picked cotton, then threw a cotton sack over her head [negro had no weapon to beat the female with] - her screams for help brought others to her rescue and the negro fled,  but he was quickly captured - mob of white farmers seized the negro from the county jail...then lynched him) source
(1916) Charles Vaughn (wealthy oil man...ambushed & murdered by negro Cecil Towery and his brother Will Towery -- motive for the brutal negro murder [the white male's body was mutilated] was robbery -- large number of white male police officers were summoned to protect the negro from a mob lynching) source
(1916) E.M. Melvin (a "planter" was murdered by his negro employee, Samuel Connelly - Connelly's mother provoked the incident by getting into a physical altercation with Mr. Melvin, in which her son then beat the white male to death with metal object -- a mob lynched the negro female)) source

(1916) Mrs. Etta Rose ( "attacked" by  negro  -- negro Frank Kinley... who was taken to the home of the white female victim and positively ID'd...then lynched -- Note: another negro loudmouth, Jesse Thornhill, proclaimed he would have done the same thing to that white woman...He was also lynched)) source
(1916) Anna Mary Wagner, 4 (sexually assaulted by negro Clayton Crampton, 17 - negro whicked out of northern city to save him from being lynched) source 
(1916) C.E. Day (navy seaman ...murdered by negro George Carter - negro apprehended) source
(1916) Bud Burns ( murdered by negro employees - both negroes, Wiley Tidwell & Manuel Carter, were seized...then lynched) source
(1916) Unnamed White Female ("attacked" by negro Richard Anderson - negro lynched) source

(1916) Sheriff H. Dieker (ambushed and murdered by negro Lafayette Chandler -- posse hunted him down, trapped in a barn and refusing to allow negro to surrender, lit the barn on fire and waited - negro gunned down as he emerged) source

TERROR... Negro Sexual Fiend Attempted Two 
Rapes On Young White Girls - Negro Is Lynched After Second Attempt

American Victims:
Edna Murphy, 13
Unnamed white female

Note: Negro sexual predator Haskell Martin... Article claims that both females were not raped but it could be likely that the negro, if he didn't successfully rape the females he came came pretty close. White people it seems had just had ENOUGH of this negro.

(1916) A.T. Curry (or Gurley) (ambushed and murdered by negro John Richards - negro quickly seized by mob...then lynched) source
(1916) James Westbrook (ambushed and knifed to death by negro James Grant - negro seized by mob...then lynched) source

YES, there were some blatant white supremacy advocates ... source 

NEGRO DEPRAVITY...Negro Raped 11-Year-Old White Boy!

Note: Negro "Jim" Weavers...was ID'd by the boy...quickly apprehended then turned over to the sheriff.  source

(1916) Constable Harrell (ambushed and wounded in a gun battle with negro Will Spence - negro lynched) source
(1916) Mrs. Walter George (TERROR...home invasion by negro Jess Hammett - crawled in thru open bedroom window "attacking her"  - negro was lynched) source
(1916) Deputy Sheriff B.A. English (ambushed and wounded by negro Charles Smith -- negro lynched) source

TERROR...Another School Girl Ambushed
 By Negro Sexual Predator As She Walked Home  - Negro Lynched

American Victim:
Unnamed 14-year-old girl (survived)

Note: Negro Tom Dickerson captured..then lynched.

(1916) Unnamed white male (murdered by negro Joe Johnson - negro seized from county jail...then lynched) source


TERROR... AGAIN, Negro Appeared At White
 Person's Home Begging For Food... 
After Being Pitied & Fed... 
Negro "Assaults" White Housewife -- Posse 
Pursued  Negro Fiend

Note: Name of negro perp and white female victim were not given. Unknown if posse captured negro.  source

WHY WERE SOUTHERN NEGROES MIGRATING NORTH... 1)  labor agents;  2) boll weevil source


Negro Ambushes Then Rapes 16-Year-Old American Girl 
On Her Way To School - He Then Decapitates Her

Mother of negro is about to be set aflame: "I want to thank all my friends who have worked so hard on my behalf ... Let the Negro suffer as my little girl suffered, only 10 times worse"

American girl: 
                            Antoinette Rappel, 16 (abducted, beaten, raped, 
murdered with an ax...then decapitated)

Note: Negro Ell Persons confessed to the crime. Once police claimed they had their man, and it was, to no one's surprise, a negro, a mob later seized Persons from the county jail and "[He] was chained down, had a large quantity of gasoline poured over him, and set alight."   Crowd estimates of 5,000 were reported to have witnessed the lynching/burning of the Negro rapist/murderer.
Also of note...negro Persons, while tied to the stake and awaiting being burned alive, implicated another negro as being an accomplice in the young girl's death. Evidence proved the negro had nothing to with the crime i.e. Person's likely had a grudge against the negro he accused ... and thought it a good opportunity to get him lynched. source

(1917) William Wood (robbed , attempted murder, left in critical cond. - negro Andrew Avery apprehended...then lynched by American mob) source
(1917) Unidentified White Victims of negro serial rapist... Negro, unnamed, was seized from county jail in Rock Springs, Wyo ...then lynched) source
(1917) Unnamed "Foreign" Girl raped by negro "soldier" -- mob of 100 Austrians form...demanding to lynch negro Lewis Smith) source
NOTE: The white girl who was raped by negro Lewis, she led a second assault with her countrymen on the jail housing the negro fiendsource

(1917) Mrs. Duval (TERROR...attacked in her home by an unknown negro - housewife was only saved from the negro's rape and or murder by a lucky ring from the doorbell [her groceries had arrived in the nick of time] - negro fled and was being sought by a large posse) source

The Houston MASSACRE 

Note: 16 Americans were ambushed and murdered by negro "soldiers"  in a racially motivated slaughter... (BEWARE, 'black' versions, which attempt to make the black "soldiers" the victims in this despicable and cowardly slaughter ... are continuing to dominate the internet)

(1917) Unnamed white female ("wife" raped by negro named Earl Neville...governor arrives and pleads with mob to give the negro a fair trial - mob disperses) source
(1917) Mrs. Jesse L. Burford ("attacked" [likely raped] by negro Henry Conly...finally caught and ID'd by victim, negro is hung among 1,000 onlookers) source
(1917) Martha Due (TERROR...described as small child...was "attacked" by an unnamed negro) source

(1917) Mr. Simeon Bennett (murdered by negro brothers, Dan & Jerry Rout - both negroes lynched)

TERROR... Negro Sexually Assaulted Two
 White Females - One Is Only 7-Years Old 

                                                      * Mrs. Williams (article claims "attempted " assault on her)
               * Miss Mary Davis , 7-year-old child

Note: Negro William H. Burgess apprehended - mob descended on jail demanding a lynching. The attack on the 7-year-old was apparently not of a sexual nature.  source

(1917) W.T. Roach ( murdered by negro father & son - negroes Alfred Barrett and his 14-year-old son both arrested ...and confessed) source
(1917) Mrs. Carlton (raped and beaten to near death by negro Henry Sawyer - negro ID'd by victim...then lynched by large mob of Americans) source
(1917) Unnamed white female (wife home alone...attacked by unnamed negro employee in Houston Tx - negro lynched by mob) source

(1917) Constable Fred Karlson (shot and wounded be negro female Emma Hopper, 45 - negro female seized from county jail...then lynched) source


RIOTS In East St. Louis... Negro Strike-Breakers Take 470 Jobs From White Males! ... Caused Riotous Mood  - Up To 100 Blacks Murdered By Mobs   Before [White Male] Militia Members Finally Arrived

Note: When a negro(es) shot and killed a white police officer...this act was the main catalyst to the July 2 mob attack on blacks, resulting in burning of the black districts,  beatings of blacks, hangings and other acts resulting in murder and/or serious injury. Without the acts of provocation by blacks (strike-breakers and murdering a white police officer) the East St. Louis riots never would have occurred.

(1917)  Unnamed white female (("attacked" by negro Rufus Moncreif, 30 - negro was quickly captured by a large mob...then lynched) source
(1917)  Deputy Sheriff Yarbrough (gunned down by negro Will Thomas, an escaped prisoner - negro was captured by a mob...then lynched) source
(1917)  Mrs. Hudson ( TERROR... bound, gagged and raped by negro Ligon Scott during a home invasion - negro was captured..then tied to a stake...then ,among a mob of 1000 Americas, he burned alive) source
(1917) Unnamed white female (TERROR..."attempted" rape - negro Poe Hibbler was lynched by a mob) source
(1917) Walter Hooser (murdered by two unnamed negroes - motive unknown)  source


Negro Serial Rapist/ Murderer Barely Escapes Lynching In Miss. 

                                         * Mrs. C.L. Nethaway, 40 ("assaulted", throat slit ear to ear)
                                      * Mrs. Cristina Anderson, 47 ("assaulted", throat slit ear to ear)
                                 *Miss Alma Braun (described as school girl)

            Note: Negro Charles Smith arrested... White police officers saved the negro from a brutal (likely burning at the stake) lynching in Miss., as 300 farmers chased them as they fled by automobile.  source source
(1917) Deputy Fred Hicks (ambushed and murdered by negro James Smith - negro was eventually found by a posse ...then lynched) source
(1917) Unnamed "white girls" (girls were annoyed and harassed by negro Sam Cates, in England, Ark - white people had no tolerance for this kind of disrespectful - terrorizing - nonsense for the negro at this... so a large mob of Americans grabbed the negro from an officer...then shot him to death)
(1917) Unnamed white female (negro Charles Jones found in her bedroom...taken to a secluded spot...then lynched in Marshal, Tx.) source


Negroes Petition President Wilson... To Protest Lynching Of Negro Rapist/ Murderer Ell Persons (burned at the stake)  -- Negroes Appear To Be Mainly Agitated Because White Males  Are  Sending A  Message  Of  TERROR  To The Black Community Equal  
To  The Negro  Criminals'  Message  Of  Terror  They Send To White People When  They Victimize Them

(1917) Miss Truitt, 18 (hauled from her buggy by her negro employee and thrown to the ground in rape attempt - negro fled when the female pulled a ruse on him ...yelling and screaming the name of a person to come and help her, the negro, believing that person was nearby, ran off - negro was quickly captured...then lynched by a large mob of Americans) source
(1917) Clarence Dublin (was seriously wounded - stabbed with a knife - by a negro Lawrence Dempsy - motive unknown - negro was seized from the county jail in Fulton, Ill. by a mob...then lynched) source

 "Shoot Up The Town" - Negroes Caught By
 An American Mob... On The Verge Of Being Lynched When [White]
 Police Officers Show Up And Save Them

            Note: Negro Davis Payne caught in Texas, Md...spared a lynching. His partner apparently escaped altogether. source

(1917) Unnamed white female (("assaulted" by negro Henry Colley - negro was quickly lynched in Oklahoma City, OK.)
(1917)  Two unnamed white females ("attacked" by negro William Page in Lillian, a - negro was lynched by a large mob) source
(1917) Unnamed white female ("assaulted" by negro Shep Trent - negro seized by a mob from the county jail in Clevland. Fl....then shot to pieces) source
(1917) Unnamed white female (attacked by negro Chester Sawyer - negro lynched) source
(1917) Unnamed white female ("attempted assault" by negro Willie Henderson, described as "young" - negro was seized from the sheriff and, instead of being lynched, had the letter 'R' branded to both cheeks) source
(1917) Erma McIntyre, 12  (raped at a railroad station... by negro Wade Brown - negro apprehended...then whisked out of town to prevent a lynching) source
(1917) Unnamed 6-year-old white girl ("attacked" by negro career criminal Linton Clinton - negro was quickly lynched by a mob) source
(1917) Miss Baswell, 8 (rape attempt by negro "youth" named "Burns"...mob seized him then lynched him in Siblet, La.) source
(1917) Policeman Meredith A. Thomas ((ganged up on by two negro males, Hamilton Crosby & Robert Jones - while Crosby wrestled with the officer...Jones bashed his skull in with a stone - both negroes were whisked to another city to avoid a lynching) source

 Attempted Massacre By Negroes - Three White
 Males Set Upon... Two Miraculously Survive - One Succumbs To His Wounds

               Note: Seven negroes were involved. Three received the death penalty and two were given life sentences. Motive was robbery. Read about this negro ambush/ attempted massacre here>>>LINK

(1917) Peter Jelvek (ambushed and murdered by negro William Carter - negro rushed to another city to avoid a lynching - motive for the negro murder is unknown) source


Negro Sexual Assault On American 
Woman Created A RIOT - Two DEAD - Many Injured 



Negro Kidnaps 2-Year-Old 
American Boy For Ransom

                            Mrs. Barney McElwaney (terrorized but survived)
Infant (terrorized but survived)   

Note: Negro "Bud" Cosby was caught...then lynched by American mob.

Negro Boards A Train And  Refuses
 To Abide By Color-Line Mandate  (Americans would not tolerate black BULLYING at that time ) - When  Negro Is Told He Must Sit Among His Own People - Negro Pulls A Gun ... Then Guns Down Two Americans - One Died 

American Victims:
Albert Miller (deceased)
Mr. Curtis (wounded)

Note: Negro Joe Woodson was quickly arrested...then quickly lynched by a mob of 500.

White Couple Ambushed Inside
 Their Home - Husband Shot Dead - Wife Shot & Beat Into Unconsciousness In Voldostra, GA

Mr. Hampton Smith (deceased)
Mrs. Smith (beat into unconsciousness - survived)

There were a total of five criminal-minded Negroes who were involved in the home invasion ambush of the American couple.  The negroes motive was to ransack the home looking for valuables. This negro atrocity led to a mob lynching of five negroes. source

There was also the hanging of a negro female, Mary Turner, who was discovered to be in possession of Mrs. Smith's watch. She was snatched from the custody of the sheriff.


Another Negro Attempted MASSACRE...
 Guns Down Three American Males  - Two Die From Wounds
Jesse Tigert (deceased)
Frank Tigert (critically wounded)
Pierce Rodgers (deceased)

           Note: Negro Jim McIIherron was pursued by an American posse headed by the sheriff. A negro preacher who gave help to the negro murderer was told he was under arrest. This caused the preacher to pull a gun and shoot at the posse, which led to him being shot to death. Negro McIIherron was found in an abandon cabin and decided to fight it out.  He wound up being shot numerous times. Wounded but still alive, the negro was placed under arrest. source

White Males Attempt To Send Brutal Message
 To Would-Be Negro Rapists Of White Girls -- 
Negro Rapist
 Is Brought Into The Negro Settlement...Then Burned....As Negroes Are Forced To Force

Unnamed white girl, 15

Note: Negro rapist, Thomas Devert, was fist lynched, then taken to the black section, where he was burned. source

INFURIATED Americans Try
 To Get At Negro And
 Lynch Him... Riot Ensues - 5 Dead 

Note: The cause of the riot was a negro attack on Mr. and Mrs. Childress. Mr. Childress was described  shot and Mrs. Childress "attacked".  Sheriff  was also shot. The negro responsible for this carnage went by the name of Russell High. source   source
(1918) William Wilson (murdered by negro Walter Best - negro became angry and insulting when  the white male proprietor refused to fix his flat tire for free - when the negro was ordered to leave...he drew a concealed gun and gunned down Mr. Wilson - negro was quickly lynched...Note: This senseless murder by black male Best...he HAD to know the consequences, since he was gunning down an unarmed white male in S.Carolina! The repair cost for the car tire was likely no more than 10 cents!  No need to pity this IDIOT!) source

(1918) Unnamed 14-year-old American girl ("attacked" by negro Arthur Renfro - negro was arrested - large mob of Americans descended on the jail intending to lynch the negro fiend) source
(1918) Two white females ("Attacked" by negro Jim Gilham, an escaped convict - Gilham was eventually caught...then lynched in Macon, Ga.) source
(1918)  Sheriff E.W. McBride (ambushed/ murdered by negro Barry Noyes - negro lynched)  source
(1918) Mrs. Hall ("attacked" by unnamed negro  - negro ws lynched in Bastrop, La. ) source
(1918) Unnamed 3-year-old child (sexually assaulted by negro Sandy Reeves - negro was quickly lynched) source
(1918) John Willis (murdered by disgruntled negro employee - posse went in pursuit of negro with intent to lynch him) source
(1918) Unnamed white female, 18 ("attacked" by negro Arch Cates - quick action by law enforcement is said to have saved the Negro from a terrible fate) source
(1918) Mrs. Walker (home invasion - negro simply barged into her home, grabbed her by her throat, and as she struggled she was able to scream loud enough to bring pedestrians to her rescue - the negro was captured quickly - or luckily - by police and spared a beating to an inch of his life) source
(1918) Unnamed white female (raped by negro George Taylor - negro was lynched by mob) source
(1918) E.J. Bounds (ambushed and murdered by negro Claud Singleton - negro was lynched by mob) source
TERROR... Two Negroes Gang Up On
 White Female (Gang Raped?) -  One Negro Lynched
Note: Negroes George McNeel and John Richards were arrested - negro McNeel was lynched by mob) source
Four Negroes Plan Murder
 Of Prominent American Doctor - All Four Were Quickly Rounded Up...Then Lynched (two were women) 

Dr. E.L. Johnson

 Note: Negro Major Clarke was arrested first and in his confession, implicated three other negroes, Andrew Clarke, Alma & Maggie House. source

(1918) Mrs. Rodgers (home invasion - raped by negro George Moore - left in critical cond. - negro was quickly hunted down...ID'd by victim...then lynched) source
(1918) Mrs. Simmons (negro employee, James Cobb,  barged into her home, viciously attacked her while she attended to her baby, raped her...then beat her and stabbed her to death with kitchen knives and forks - negro was caught...seized from jail...then beat...then hung...then riddled with bullets) source 
(1918) Unnamed white female (negro Jim Brwon crawled into her bedroom thru an open window, then threw a liquid on the young girl's face, believing it would render her immediately unconscious - it was actually a poisonous acid -- when the girl screamed, and the negro now knew his rape opportunity was gone, he fled - the negro was quickly hunted down by local Americans... then lynched) source

(1918) Unnamed white female ("attacked" by negro Willie Williams - negro was captured) source
(1918) Officer M. Goocher (shot to death in course of his duties by an unknown negro) source


Negroes in Gary, Ind. in 1918 Link

(1918) Unnamed white female ("assaulted" by negro George McNeil - negro ws eventually lynched) source
(1918) Unnamed 14-year-old white girl (ambushed on a public road, then raped by unnamed negro  - negro was lynched by a mob in Erwin, Tn.) source
(1918) Mrs. Lawson (attackedmurdered with a knife by negro escaped convict Lucius McGill  - negro caught...then lynched - it is believed the negro killed the woman to keep her from sounding the alarm as to his presence) source   source
(1918) Officer John Graham (ambushed and murdered by three negroes, George Whiteside, Henry Willingham, Charley Hamilton - negro George Whiteside was lynched by angry mob) source
(1918) Mr. Thomas(or Tohmas) (while sitting at his desk...was shot in the  face by negro  Clyde Williams - negro ws arrested..then seized by a mob...then lynched - Mr. Williams is said to be completely blinded by the shot in the face) source
(1918) Ben Brooks (ambushed/ murdered by negro employee - negro George Clayton was later lynched) source
(1918) Sheriff Thomas (ambushed and murdered by negro Charles Lewis - negro was lynched by a mob of Americans) source
(1918) Mrs. Langston ("shot and wounded" by negro employee - negro Elton Mitchell was hunted down by an American mob ...then lynched) source
(1918) Unnamed white female (raped...beaten to near death -  - ambushed while she worked alone in her barn,  bashed in head with a board --   negro Peter Bazemore  was captured..then  lynched) source
(1918) Unnamed white female (attacked by negro Allie Thompson - negro was lynched) source

(1918) Mrs. Wells & Infant Son (both were murdered by negro negro Bragg Williams - negro was caught,convicted, sentenced to be hung - mob decided to seize negro...then burn him at the stake) source

 Negroes Begin Their 
Massive Migration From The Rural South To The Anglo-Created Urban Centers

New York Times Reports (1919):: "EVEN though recurring race riots have made the public aware that the negro problem has entered upon a new and dangerous phase, only those in touch with the inner forces that are playing on Ignorance, prejudice, and passion, realize how great this menace is."

By 1919...the American negro still had built no cities or towns (from the ground up). The American negro also had not created any industries - i.e.  in urban America the negro males did not employ their own people (nor did they employ any white people). Negroes also created/ built no urban housing for their people. Because the negro did not build industries (create "wealth")...they created no tax base from their business activities.  REMEMBER, at this time...blacks were still supposed to be a separate people...and provide for themselves within the structure and confines of their own male group (Booker T. Washington's goal). So it was NOT white people's responsibility to employ, house or feed the American negro. Additionally, from 1790 to 1919, White people did NOT owe the black race integration rights legally or morally

Wikipedia '1919 Red Summer' Lies...
The following are either falsely reported 'riots' by Wikipedia, or Wikipedia falsely claims were riots initiated by white males against innocent negroes. 

Syracuse, NY: Note:  Wikipedia claims there was a race riot here. What it actually amounted to was blacks initiated a disturbance - involved looting and burning white people's businesses.  Seems blacks believed police beat up a black male during an arrest. Turned out to be a false rumor.LINK
* Ocmulgee, Ga. Note: Wikipedia claims there was a race riot here. However, no evidence of an actual "riot" - attacking innocent blacks. Three negro churches and a lodge were burned. It seems a negro, Eli Cooper, was deliberately stirring up hatred against white people, and not just demanding an "uprising" but actually planned a racial attack right down to the specific day, including that negroes " ...wipe out the white people" - a racially motivated massacre in the works. White people responded to this threat by lynching Mr. Cooper. The physical structures that were burned were determined to be associated with the meeting places of Eli Cooper and his fellow negro supporters.LINK
* Sylvester, Ga. Note: Wikipedia claims there was a race riot here. However, I have found nothing to indicate a riot actually occurred. There's nothing on the internet describing it and, most interestingly, there is no newspaper article at this LINK...reporting on a riot. Seems if a riot did actually occur... it would have made it to the newspapers.
* Putnam County, Ga. Note: Wikipedia claims there was a race riot here. Nothing on the internet about this race riot. Could it be that Wikipedia is reporting on this riot>>>Link
* Monticello, Miss. Note: Wikipedia claims there was a race riot here. However, I have found no evidence of this riot on the internet.
* Scranton, Penn, Note: Wikipedia claims a race riot took place here. However,  no evidence of this riot on the internet.
* Bloomington, IL Note: Wikipedia claims a race riot took place here. However,  no evidence of this riot on the internet.
* Newberry, S.C. Note: Wikipedia states there was a race riot. Nothing of the sort occurred. A black ex-soldier "insulted a white woman". He was arrested then whisked away by the sheriff to another county. A small number of white men came calling at the jail...only to discover the negro was not there. That was the end of it. Link
* Darby, PA Note: Wikipedia states a race riot occurred. Well, if one did occur, the newspapers missed it. A negro, who was employed by a very well liked middle-aged white man, brutally murdered his employer - skull crushed - in an apparent robbery. Feelings among many white men for a lynching were high... but it never happened. Link
* Texarkana, Tx. Note: Wikipedia claims there was a race riot here. However,  no evidence of this riot on the internet.
* Coatsville, Pa. Note: Wikipedia claims there was a race riot here. However, no evidence of this riot on the internet. Link
* Hattiesburg, Miss. Note: Wikipedia claims there was a race riot here. However, there's nothing on the internet about this race riot.
* Philadelphia, Pa. Note: Wikipedia claims there was a race riot here. However, no real riot situation occurred. White and black youths squared off and some fist fights broke out. The details to this insignificant event are lacking - like what the flashpoint was. Here's the gist of it: Link
* Port Arthur, Tx. Note: Wikipedia claims there was a race riot here. No riot occurred. Two black males were smoking and irritating a female passenger on a street car. White males came over and demanded the negroes put their cigarettes out. They continued to blow smoke in the direction of the white female. A fight erupted and the two blacks -who deliberately provoked the incident - got the worst of it.Link
Bisbee, AZ (note: this one hardly qualifies as a white-male provoked riot, but here it is) Flashpoint: Negro soldiers from the 10th Calvary, who were said to be "drunk" beat up a white male soldier who had made a disparaging remark toward them. The sheriff of the town requested the negro soldiers give up their revolvers to avoid further trouble - this was a civilian-run town and local law enforcement was the law, so the sheriff had every legal right to request the negroes' weapons. Had the negroes did what was legally required of them to do, which was to surrender their weapons and then return to their base, there would have been no further problem. Instead, not only did the negroes refuse to surrender their weapons but, to add to the provocation, they stayed in town. This, of course, was a deliberate effort by the negroes to upstage the sheriff, local law enforcement and to establish supremacy. The sheriff reacted to this criminal challenge by the negroes and formed a posse to disarm them and all the other negro soldiers in the town (numbering about 100). Predictably, the negro soldiers - with their supremacist attitude - decided to draw their weapons on the local law enforcement officers and shoot at them ... and a street battle ensued. The melee lasted about an hour before the negro soldiers, realizing they couldn't win (or ran out of ammunition) decided to surrender.
Wiki: "At least eight people were shot or seriously wounded in total: Four of the Buffalo Soldiers were shot, two were beaten, a deputy sheriff was "severely injured," and a Mexican bystander named Teresa Leyvas was struck in the head by a stray bullet."
Longview, TX Flashpoint: A black male was lynched for crawling into a white female's bedroom.  A local black male, who was a reporter for a black militancy newspaper called the Black Defender, wrote an article in that newspaper ... stating that the lynched black man and the white female were actually secret lovers desiring to run away together. The article even put words into white female's mouth inferring she was madly in love with the lynched black man - and that the black man was lynched because of this love affair. The brothers of the white female became enraged upon learning of this article...and, to defend the honor of their sister, went after the black reporter and beat him terribly.  No other negro was injured in this incident.
(1919) Unnamed White female ( assaulted"  - negro Sam Mosely lynched)source
(1919) Unnamed white female ( raped and attempted murder by negro Chilton Jenning - negro was lynched by large mob)source
(1919) Unnamed white Female ( raped by negro James Walters - seized by American mob...riddled with bullets)  source source
(1919) Catherine Dunn & Thomas Roark (murdered by negro serial killer Frank Kelly)source
(1919) Mrs. Medlin (bedridden - raped by by negro Walter Elliot [or Taylor] in a home invasion -  negro immediately lynchedsource  source
(1919) Charles Tingle (farmer - attempted murder by negro Eugene Hamilton - negro lynched by large mob) source
(1919) William E. Taylor (employer - murdered by negro teen Samuel Gordon) source
(1919) Unnamed white female (raped and murdered in front of her 5-year-old daughter by negro John Perkins)source
(1919) Unnamed white female ("assaulted" by negro Obe Scott - negro lynched) source
(1919) Will Turkett ( ambushed and murdered by negro Claude Howell) source
1919) John Lynch (murdered by negro Jesse Jenkins) source
(1919) Officer John Barbare (murdered by negro John Temple-negro lynched) source
(1919) Unnamed white female ( sexually assaulted by negro James Whiting) source

          Negroes Lynched - Sexual Assaults On White Women
(1919) Conductor Ray Butts (gunned down by negro Nat Richards - negro lynched)source
(1919) J.Monroe Pharris, 38 (or Harris) (murdered by negro Henry Thomas  - negro lynched) source
(1919) Clarence "Big" Michell (attacked by negro Joe Smallwood - left in serious cond. - saved by sheriff from a certain lynching)source
(1919) Hansel Rosier (murdered by unnamed negro) source
(1919) Robert Wicker (gunned down by negro Clarence Sletzer - Thrill Kill) source

Two White Police Officers
Officer Shelby (deceased)
Officer Pierce (not expected to live)
(1919) Joseph Jones (unarmed, attacked with a knife by negro Eli Greg - victim left in critical cond. - lone police officer saved negro from a lynching) source
(1919) Unnamed white female, 50 (raped by negro Paul Jones - negro lynched source source
(1919) Mrs. Nightingale (dragged from a public street by a negro - in his rape attempted he began to tear her clothes  off - she fought back with such tenacity the negro fled) source
(1919) E.D. Meed ( murdered by two negroes at his place of work) source
(1919) George DuBios (orDuBose) (murdered by two negroes - both negroes were lynched) source
(1919) Unnamed white female (attempted rape by negro) source
(1919) R.M. Brown (murdered by negro - negro lynched)  source
(1919) Mr. Emmett Brightwell (murdered by negro - negro lynched)  source

(1919) Bertha Simpson (sexually assaulted by negro Isaiah Fountain - Fountain was legally hung) source source
(1919) Unnamed white female (raped by negro John Harfield - after she Id'd negro..she watched as he was lynched))source
"Wipe Out All White People" 

Note:  Negro And His Followers Actually Had A Date Already Set For The Massacre Of White People
(1919) Unnamed white female (raped by negro Lloyd Clay -1000 infuriated Americans descend on jail, seize negro...then lynch him)  
(1919) Sheriff Gree (murdered by negro Jordon Jameson - negro captured...tied to a stake, then burned alive) source
(1919) Unnamed white female ("attacked" by negro Luther McCarthy - negro lynched ) source

ANOTHER RIOT...Caused By Senseless Attack/ Murder Of An Innocent White Female - Mayhem/ Chaos/ Innocent People Killed

                                                         * Mrs. Bertie Linsey (deceased)
 Note: Enormous American mob tried to storm the jail  - not known if they lynched the negro. source

36 TIMES! In Less Than 4 Months... White Women Were Attacked 
White Males Driven Into Furious Feral Rage

Maddened Mob Lynched Rapist
Newspaper Headline, Omaha, NE :: "The most daring attack on a white woman ever perpetrated in Omaha occurred one block south of Bancroft street near Scenic Avenue in Gibson last night." 
Coverage in the World-Herald was slightly less inflammatory:
"Pretty little Agnes Loebeck ... was assaulted ... by an unidentified negro at twelve O'clock last night, while she was returning to her home in company with Millard [sic] Hoffman, a cripple."
The white female who was viciously assaulted positively ID'd negro Will Brown as her attacker.

"Brown ended up in the hands of the crazed mob. He was beaten into unconsciousness. His clothes were torn off by the time he reached the building's doors. Then he was dragged to a nearby lamp pole on the south side of the courthouse at 18th and Harney around 11:00 p.m. The mob roared when they saw Brown, and a rope was placed around his neck. Brown was hoisted in the air, his body spinning. He was riddled with bullets. His body was then brought down, tied behind a car, and towed to the intersection of 17th and Dodge. There the body was burned with fuel taken from nearby red danger lamps and fire truck lanterns. Later, pieces of the rope used to lynch Brown were sold for 10 cents each. Finally, Brown's charred body was dragged through the city's downtown streets."

Two Days After Major Riot In Omaha...AGAIN, A White Female Is Assaulted In Her Home - 600 Militia Protect Negro And Prevent Another Riot

Mrs. Wisener (survived)  source
1920 -- There were 61 lynchings in 1920. There were 8 White males lynched. It is assumed then that 53 negroes were lynched  (not known how many negroes were lynched by their own race)and 18 of those 53 were lynched for sexual assault on a White female.    source

(1920) Young white girl (sexually assaulted by unnamed negro - negro lynched)    source

Armed Negroes Claiming "War On All Whites" Fired On A Mob Of White Males Bent On Lynching Negro Murderer - Three DEAD - Four Seriously Injured

                                                                 American Victims:
                                                          * R.R. Wharton (deceased - victim of negro robbery)
                                                        * Lawrence Glennan ( deceased - high school age)
                                                      * F.S. McHenry (wounded)
                                                    * A.W. Mibeck (wounded)
                                                  * Fred Kelly (wounded)

              Note: A negro, Norman Dickens, was also killed. He was part of the armed negro mob firing on white people.

Negro Lynched - Sexual Assault On White Woman 

Tylertown, Miss.: A negro, Harry Jacobs, who was jailed and awaiting trial for his sexual assault on a white woman, was seized from the jail by a maddened mob of American. The mob beat the negro mercilessly then tied his ankles to the bumper of a car and then dragged him to a bridge. His lifeless body was then riddled with bullets.   Source

1920 -Lauren, S.C.

Negro Lynched - Pulled A Knife And Stabbed Three White Males - Mob Seizes Him From Local Jail And Hung Him From A Bridge

Negro Lynched:
Joe Steward

American Victims
Three White males unnamed (apparently serious but not life threatening wounds)
1920 -Miami, Fla.

Negro Lynched - Home Invasion - "Assaulted" White Woman  - Seized from County Jail By Large Mob Of Americans - Taken To Vitim's Residence And Positively ID'd -  Then Lynched

Negro Lynched
G.D. Harris

American Victim

1920 -Appalachia, Va

Negro Murders Prominent White Male Merchant - Mob Charges Jail - Sheriff & Deputies Open Fire -  One DEAD And Another Seriously Wounded

Note: The negro was discovered with $800.00 stolen from a dead white male merchant. The negro's name was not given in the article. Apparently he was not lynched.

American Victim:
J.C.Robinette    source

Negro Lynched- Refused To Pay Legal Poll Tax - Gunned Down Two Americans - Caused A Riot 

Ocoee, Fla.: Like it or not, the poll tax was legal all over the U.S. in 1920. A negro, Jules Perry, was informed he could not vote without paying the tax. He came back to the polling center with armed negro men and then gunned down two Americans.  A riot ensued. A mob later lynched Perry.  source

56 Incidents In 1920 Where White Law Enforcement Officers SAVED Negroes From Lynch Mobs


Negro Lynched - Attacked 17-Year-Old White Girl And Murdered Her

Savannah, Ga.: A negro, Phillip Gaithers, attacked and murdered a teenage white girl. Even though no rape is being reported, there is no other reason to attack a 17--year-old than to rape her.

American Victim:
Miss Anza Jaudon, 17  source

Negro Lynched - Sexual Assault (rape?) On Child

Maysville, Ky: A negro, Grant Smith, 40, sexually assaulted a 14-year-old white girl. He was seized from the sheriff by an armed mob and then taken to a light pole and there hung.

American Victim:
Ruby Anderson, 14   source 

Armed Negro Guns Down American -
Mob Of Hundreds  Gather Demanding To Lynch The Negro

Washington D.C.: A negro, William Turner, armed with a gun, in broad daylight ambushed two Americans (male & his fiancee) demanding money. When the male refused the negro's demand for money, the negro gunned him down. The woman fled...only to be pursued by the negro. The negro was quickly apprehended by police. The sheriff, fearing a lynch mob, requested the cavalry from a nearby military base ... and it appears it arrived in the nick of time to save the Negro from a certain lynching.

American Victims:
Miss Pearl Clark (survived - fiancée to murder victim)
T. Morgan Moore (deceased)

Negro LYNCHED - Ambushed And Murdered Co-worker (white)

Enterprise, Miss.: A negro, James Spencer, murdered his co-worker (American). For that act the negro was lynched. Note: No motive for the negro murder was reported.

American Victim:
Otho Parker

1920 - Anniston, Ala.

Negro Murders White Supervisor - Lynch Mob Forms At Jail Demanding To Lynch Him

Negro Murderer
Lemuel Keith

American Victim
 W.T. Lindsay
1920 -Tulsa, Okla. 

Negro Lynched - Robbed And Then Murdered American Taxi Driver

Negro Lynched:
Roy Belton

American Victim:
Homer Nida
1920 -Wilmington, N.C.

Posse Hunting For Negro Murderer Of White Merchant

Negro Murderer:
John Allen

American Victim:
N.S. Veille (described as "aged")


Mixing White And Black Soldiers - Black Soldier Deliberately Provokes A Fight With A White Soldier - Riot Ensues

1920 - Indianapolis, Ind.

Negro Attempts To Rape 14-Year-Old American Girl - Girl Fights Back Causing Negro To Murder Her -- City Braces For Mob Attack On Jail To Lynch Negro

William Ray, 19

American Victim:
Martha Huff, 14

1920 -MacClenny, Fla.

Three Negroes Lynched - Involved In Ambush Murder Of White Male 

Negroes Lynched:
Rayfield Givens
Ben Givens
Fulton Smith

American Victim:
John Harvey

Note: The negro who did the actual shooting escaped.

1920 -Ellington, Mo.

Negro Escaped Convict "Assaults" Young American Female - American Posse Hunts Him Down...Then Guns Him Down

Fred Canefax

American Victim
Miss Simmons
1920 - Lynchburg, Va.

Negro Murders Three American Police Officers - Gets Death Sentence

John Williams, Alias Joe Turner

American Victims
Officer L.A. Mann
Officer Blair
Officer Kitchen

1920 - Lynchburg, Va.

Negro Rapes American Girl - 300 Americans Attempt To Lynch Him - Sheriff Holds Them Off

Negro Rapist:
Robert Williams

American Victim
1920 - S.Carolina

Negro Guns Down Magistrate - Posse Hunts Him Down - No Lynching Reported

Arthur Dailey

American Victim
Magistrate Jeff Wiggins
1920 - Macon, Ga.

Negro Teen Rapes 72-Year-Old American Woman - Sentenced To Death

Negro Rapist
Jim Denson

American Victim
1920 - Jonesboro, Tenn.

White Jailer And White Members Of State Militia Save Negro Rapist From Lynch Mob


American Victim

1920 - Bristol, Va.

Mob Of  700  Americans Attempt To Storm Jail  Where Negro Murderer Is Being Held - Member Of Mob Is Killed

"Williams" (apparently, found with victim's possessions)

American Victim:
Creed Robinett (described as "aged' - merchant - beat to death)
John Lewis (part of mob)
1920 - Arcadia, Okla.

Negro Lynched - Gunned Down Two Law Enforcement Officers

Negro Lynched
Claude Chandler

American Victims
Deputy Marshal Homer Adrean
Federal Officer Stanton Weiss


1920 - Bristol, Va.

Negro Lynched -  Home Invasion - Attacked An Elderly White Woman

Negro Predator
Dave Hunt

American Victim
Unnamed, 60 (article suggests it was a sexual assault)


1920 -Fort Worth, Tx.

Negro Lynched - Murdered An American Police Officer

Negro Murderer
Tom Vickers

American Victim
Jeff Couch

1920 - Jonesboro, Ark.

Negro Lynched - Murdered An American Police Officer

Negro Murderer
Wade Thomas

American Victim
Officer Elmer Ragland
1920 - Fort Worth, Tx

Negro Brutal Sexual Assault On 12-Year-Old Child  - 350 Americans Descend On Jail Demanding Negro For A Lynching

Negro Child Rapist:

American Victim
Alethia Shiper, 12

Note: No rape or sexual deviancy is reported, however, I can't think of any other reason to "assault" a 12-year-old girl.
1920 - Florala, Ala.

Negro Lynched - Attacked A White Female

Negro Lynched

Jack Walters

American Victim


1920 -- Greenville, Ala.

Negro Lynched - Murdered Supervisor (American) After He's Fired - Posse Of Local Americans Hunted Down Negro And Riddled Body With Bullets  

Negro Murderer:
Select Reid

American Victim:
A. H. Arrington

Negro Lynched - Raped 13-Year-Old

Durham, N. Carolina: A negro, Ed "Red" Roach, 25, was seized from the county jail by a frenzied mob of Americans and then taken to a secluded spot...where he was hung from a tree. His body was then riddled with bullets.

American Victim
Miss Chambers, 13 (positively ID'd the negro while he had a rope around his neck)

     Abuse  Of  Elderly  White  Female - 
Rape (?) - Murder 

 Center, TX:: A Negro male, Lige Daniels, committed an atrocity against an innocent American female for which he was lynched. A photograph was taken (above) which was made into a postcard. It read:  "He killed Earl's grandma. She was Florence's mother. Give this to Bud. From Aunt Myrtle."   I'm sure Earl's grandmother had lots of family and friends who dearly missed her. One can only imagine the disgust the grandmother felt being raped by this Negro fiend. Then the murder...  How how long it took her to die is anyone's guess.  

American Victim:

Mrs. Maggie Hall

Note: Negro made a full confession.  source  

           Negro Raped Then Murdered  American Child -  Militia Guns Down Americans
            Lexington , KYA  10-year-old American girl,  was abducted, brutally raped, then beaten and strangled to death. Her body was found floating in a nearby swamp. Attention immediately centered on a Negro by the name of Will Lockett.  When police questioning him, he gave numerous inconsistent stories.  Confronted with the evidence, Lockett finally confessed to the rape and murder of the little girl. When the governor of Kentucky received word that there was yet another Negro rape and murder against an innocent American, and this one being a child, the governor knew an American mob would very likely descend on the jail and try to lynch the Negro.  He immediately called out the National Guard to protect the Negro and make sure he would receive a fair trial.  As expected, an American mob (some estimates put it at over 5000 white males) did gather at the courthouse and, predictably, they were in a very uncivil mood.  When the mob began to push their way toward the courthouse, the guardsmen (all white males) OPENED FIRE, killing seven and seriously injuring more than 30.  

In the end, Will Lockett did receive his fair trial.  He was, predictably,  found guilty and then legally hung. 

American Victims:
Geneva Hardeman, 10
Seven white people (died at hands of militia)



 Negroes Gang Rape American Female  - Make Boyfriend Watch As She Screams For Help
  Duluth, MN:: A group of six Negro males, employees of a circus that had just come to town, abducted and then brutally gang raped a young American girl, Irene Tusken, age 19, while she was out on a date with her boyfriend. The Negro rapists also made the white male watch the atrocity being committed against his girlfriend.  Later that night in a police line-up,  the white girl identified all six of the Negroes and they were then arrested. There was absolutely no doubt of the Negroes guilt.  A death sentence likely awaited all of the rapists.  However, a mob gathered at the jail in Duluth  (some put the mob at more than 1000 Americans) and, rather than wait for the state to carry out a legal hanging, broke into the  jail  and took three of the Negro rapists, Elias Clayton, Elmer Jackson, and Isaac McGhie,  to a remote part of town.  There the mob gave the three rapists a quick trial, including bringing in the white female and her boyfriend to again identify them as the perpetrators.  After a guilty verdict was delivered , all three were hung.  As for the Americans who did the lynching, they may have believed justice was served, and a clear message sent to Negro males locally and perhaps across America (it was not uncommon for these events to quickly find there way into major metropolitan  - including Negro - newspapers).  This is probably to some extent true,  but let's not forget the innocent white female in this ordeal who, for the rest of her life,  had to live with the memory of being a victim of a gang rape.

               The total number of gang rapes committed by American males against a Negro female from 1900 to 1964 in Duluth, MN - that I could find on the Internet - is ZERO.
Note: Once again, there is an attempt to rewrite this Negro atrocity and suggest the white female (and the white male) concocted a rape story.  For the sole purpose of trying to get a bunch of Negro males lynched?! NONSENSE.  Oh, and did you know that the notorious liberal city of Duluth has actually erected a monument to the Negro rapists?! OUTRAGEOUS, but true.

1920 - Pratt, Kan.

Sheriff Refuses To Surrender Negro Murderer  Of American Housewife -  300 Gather Twice To Get At Negro Fiend

Negro Murderer
Harvey Lilly

American Victim
Mrs. Bryant

Note: Most likely the negro committed a sexual assault before he murdered the woman. Apparently, the husband went to work...and that's when the Lilly committed his crime.

1920 - Pittsburg, Kans.

 Negro And American In Apparent Sexual Assault 
On American Girl 
(She Was Tied To A Tree - "Assaulted" - Then Had Her Throat Slashed)  
Negro Gets Lynched - American Male Whisked Away By Sheriff Before Mob Could Get Him

American Victim
Sylvia Brown, 15
1920 - Corinth, Miss.

Two Negroes Lynched- Chain Gang Escapees...Brutally Assaulted White Guard

Blutcher Higgins
Dan Calicut
1920 - Louisville, Ky.

White People Did Not Enforce Color Line Mandate On Train...RESULT? Negro Murders Two Americans 
 (US Soldier & Woman)

American Victims:
Private Earl Hager
Mrs. Lillian Lynch

NOTE: Negro murderer escaped.  He was using foul language in front of white females and an American soldier took exception and asked him to stop. The negro then pulled a concealed gun and gunned him down. During the negro's escape he also gunned down a white female while attempting to shoot a white male.  However, sheriff arrested the white male the negro was shooting at and claimed it was he who shot the woman. Either way, the negro caused the death of two white people. Had the train enforced the color line mandate...both white people would never have been victimized.

1920 - Nodina, Ark.

Attempted Family Massacre By Negro - Massive Manhunt for Negro  - White Law Enforcement FINALLY Gets Killer Negro

Negro Arrested;
Henry Lowry (unloaded his pistol on a family gathering...trying to kill as many as possible)

American Family Victims;
O.T. Craig  (deceased)
Mrs. Williamson (deceased - daughter of O.C. Craig)
Hugh Craig (seriously wounded)
Richard Craig (seriously wounded - "near death")

Note: The negro claims he was just acting in self-defense. Highly doubtful. The "gathering" was a Christmas celebration. Why was the negro even THERE? Clearly, the negro, who drew a concealed hand gun,  was only gunning for members of the Craig family...and, to hit every family member... at pointblank range.   source

1920 - New Albany, NY

Another Sexual Assault By A Negro ... Sheriff Saved Negro From A Mob 
1920 - Houston, Tex.

Negro Lynched  - Murdered Sheriff

American Victim
Sheriff Snow
1921 - Okla.

Tulsa RIOT... How The Negroes Provoked The Biggest Riot In American History  

 source (finds negroes to blame - they provoked the riot)
 source (white newspaper used the word "assault"  upon white girl...causing many white people to believe she had been raped)
1921 - Miss.

"Young" Negro Lynched For Attacking "Aged" White Woman

Negro :
Adulphus Ross

* Unnamed White woman    source
1921 -Ballengier, Tx

Negro 15-Years-Old Rapes 9-year-Old White Child... Mob Of Americans Seize Him...Tie Him To A Tree...Then Riddled Him With Bullets

Negro Rapist:
Robert Murtore, 15   

* Unnamed white child, 9    source
1921 -Miss.

Negro Escaped Convict Invades White Household - Beats White Mother Unconscious - Rapes Her - Mob Seizes Negro Fiend From Sheriff...Then Lynches Him

Negro Rapist:
Louis Wimberly (caught by black males and turned over to sheriff)

American Victim:
Mrs. Berryhill (awoke hours later with the help of a physician )   source
1921 - Groesbeck, Tx

Negro Lynched - Sexual Assault On "White Girl"

Alex Winn

Unnamed white girl   source 
1921 - Petersburg, Va

Sheriff Saves Negro From Raging Mob Of 2,000 - One Negro Lynched For Murder

Lem Johnson(confessed his guilt - lynched)
Will Elmore (saved by sheriff however -- police believe he was involved in another murder)

American Victim:
Tingley Elmore    source  source
1921 - Meridian, Miss.

Night Watchman Gunned Down By Negro Thief - Mob Seized Negro And Then Lynched Him

Robert Lewis

T.W. Greer (shot in the stomach - in serious cond.)
1921 -Barnstable, Mass.

20% Of Adults (males & females) descend On Jail And Attempt To Lynch Three Negroes

Note: Barnstable, Mass., this was most likely the FIRST rape ever in this small white-built town.  Out of the of the total population of 4,800 in Barnstable,  Negroes in 1921 were no more than 1%.

Negro Rapists':
John Dies
Benjamin Gomez
Joseph Andrews

American Victims:
Miss Gertrude Butler
William Eldrege
1921 -Tampa, Fla.

"Improper Remarks" To A White Female Lead To A Lynching

Wm. Bowles

1921 - McCormick, S. C.

Negro Who Knew White Female's Daily Routine...Waited For Her...Ambushed Her...Dragged Her Into The Woods... Then Raped Her - Huge Posse Eventually Captured Negro Hiding Under Brush 

Robert (or herbert) Quarrels (or Quarles) (was taken to the woman victim and ID'd..then led to the place of his "deed"...made to climb a tree...then riddled with bullets)

* Unnamed white female (likely only survived b/c Quarles did not have a handy instrument to beat her to death with)
1921 -S.C.

Negro Lynched - Murdered White Male

American Victim:
E.P. Walker   source
1921 - Halifax county, Tx

Negroes Attack And Murder White Male Apparently Just For The Fun Of It - Angry White Males Attempt To Storm Jail To Lynch Negro Murderer

American Victim:
William Riskman (deceased)    source
1921 - Alkin, S.C. 

Home Invasion Attack On White Woman - Beat To Near Death - Two Negroes Lynched

Negro Rapists:
Mansfield Butler, 15
Charlie Thompson 30(?)

* "farmer's wife", 30 to 40 years-old ( beat to near death with a hoe and an ax - said likely cannot survive her wounds)
1921 - Allendale, S.C.

Prominent Farmer Murdered On Public Street By Negro Tenant  - Huge Mob Gathers And Captures Negro Before Sheriff Can Get Him Out Of Town

Eugene Walker (pulled a concealed gun and gunned down the white male over a payment dispute)

American Victim:
Edward Kirkland (deceased - shot in the head)
1921 - Guthrie, Okla.

Negro Child Rapist Barely Escapes A Lynch Mob - Raped 14-Year-Old White Child -  White Sheriff Rushed Negro To The Penitentiary

Negro Rapist:
Willie Johnson, 16

* Unnamed white child, 14   source
1921 - Wise, Va.

Negro Raped "Aged" White Woman - Mob Lynched Him

Negro Rapist:
J.H. Hurst (confessed)

* Unnamed white woman (survived negro attack)   source
1921 - Brandon, Miss.

Negro Lynched - Murder

Dandy Thompson

American Victim:
B.E. Dobson    source
1921 - Detroit, Mich.

Negro Guns Down Two White Boys - One In Critical Cond.

Sam Griggs (beaten by a mob, saved a lynching by police - rope was already around his neck)

 American Victims:                                                                                                                                      * Victor Budkuski, 12
* Peter Nadradowski, 15

Note: Negro Owen Griggs apparently assaulted a young white boy over a seat at a baseball game. He then high-tailed it to his cousins home, Sam Griggs, followed by a large mob. source
1921 - Greenwood, S.C.

Negro Guns Down White Male Over Petty Argument - Posse Hunts Him Down...Then Turns Him Over To The Sheriff

Negro Arrested:
Pink Griffen (charged with murder)

American Victim:
Dr. Lawton Lipscomb (deceased)   source
1921 -Shawnee, Okla.

Negro Rapes White School Teacher - Mob Forms At Jail Demanding To Lynch Him

Chap Davis

American Victim
Miss Willie Harvey

Note:  Rural American female school teachers were especially vulnerable to attacks from the negro rapist. They generally worked alone...and the negro rapist knew it.
1921 -Versailles, Ky.

Negro Lynched - Murdered Two

 A negro, Richard James, in the course of a robbery, murdered two unarmed Americans. He was seized from the county jail  - 5 months later - and then lynched. Note: Murder occurred in Oct. 1920.

American Victims:
Ben T. Rodgers
Homer Nave   source

NOTE: White women, 508 of them, working for the Treasury Dept. signed a petition protesting a negro being considered for register. It read in part, " ...for a Negro to have jurisdiction over [900 white clerks] would be intolerable."   source
1921 - New Jersey

Home Invasion - Negro Beats Bedridden White Woman Into Unconsciousness Demanding Money

American Victim:
Mrs. Mary Ritter (apparently survived)    source
1921 - Monticello, Ark.

Assault On White Female...Negro Confesses "I did it. But Please Give Me A Trial" - Negro Was Lynched 

Phil Slater

* Unnamed white female  source
1921 - Clark county, Ga

7,000 Strong Mob Would NOT Disperse Until They Got Their Hands On Negro Murderer Of White Female  -
 Negro Was Taken To The Scene Of His Horrific Crime...Tied To A Post...Then Burned Alive
Negro Murderer:
John Lee Eberhardt

American Victim:
Mrs. Lee, 24  (her head was was blown off with a double barrel shotgun) 
1921 - Columbia, LA.

500 Americans Seize Negro Who Attacked White Male (station agent) - White Male Left With Serious Injuries

Gilman Holmes (lynched)

American Victim:
Sidney Manheim (unknown injuries)   source
1921 - Helena, Ark.

Negro "Assaults" White Woman...Seized From Posse...Then Lynched...Then Burned

Will Turnersource
1921 - Starke, Fla.

Negro Gunned Down Deputy Sheriff In Course Of His Duties - Negro Seized From County Jail...Then Lynched

Negro Murderer:
Sam Ballinger (taken to the scene of the murder..then hung from a tree)

American Victim:
Deputy R.D. Bennett

1921 - Watkinsville, Ga.

Negro Guns Down Two Americans Over Being Denied A One Dollar Loan - Two Other Negroes Who Aided The Negro Who Shot The Two Males Were Lynched 

Negro :
Aaron Birdson (gunned down two white males)
Roy Grove (lynched for aiding negro in flight)
Wes Hale (lynched for aiding negro in flight)

American Victims:
Bud Loving (shot  - no info. on his condition)
Unnamed white male (wounded - unknown injury)  source
1921 - S.C.

Negro Lynched By Large Mob Of Americans - Ambushed And Murdered American Farmer

Negro Murderer:
Will Allen

American Victim:
Noah Frick    source 

1921 - N.C.

Negro Found Hiding Under White Girl's Bed- Hauled From Jail...Then Lynched

Negro Sexual Predator:
Earnest Daniels

Note: A Negro's usual MO in this type of home invasion crime would be to wait until the white female fell asleep....then club her into unconsciousness...then rape her.    source
1921 - Dallas , Tx.  

Negro Barges Into White Household With A Gun - Forces Family Members To Tie Each Other Up - Brutalizes And Humiliates Them Demanding Household Money & Valuables - Kidnaps Daughter & Sexually Molests Her - Large Mob Descends On Jail Trying To Lynch Negro Fiend

1921 - Knox county, Tenn.

 American School Teacher Raped By Negro - Mob Formed At Jail - Sheriff And Deputies Open Fire On Mob
One DEAD...50  Wounded

Negro Arrested:
Frank Martin (ID'd by white female)

American Victim:
Jesse Park    source
1921 -New Jersey

Negro Pulled Concealed Gun, Without Provocation  Gunned Down White  Police Officer

Negro Arrested:
Ernest Williams (saved from a lynching by white police officers)

American Victim:
Patrolman Herman Emmons  (deceased)  source
1921 - Baton Rogue, La.

White Farmer Murdered - Negro Murderer Gets Lynched

George Werner

Numa Turcuit
1921 - Little Rock, Ark.

Three Negroes Stop White Male In His Car While Out On A Date - Negroes Demand White Male Give Them The White Female - White Male Pulls Concealed Gun  ... And Starts Firing

Unnamed negro was reported to have been lynched     source
1921 - Okmulgee, Okla.

Two Negroes Gunned Down White Male - Sheriff Stayed One Step Ahead Of Lynch Mob By Moving Negroes Twice To Different Towns

Charlie Clark
E.G. Wallace

American Victim:
William Deathridge (deceased)  source
1921 - Beaumont, Tx

Attack On 8-Year-Old (apparently sexual in nature) Gets Negro Lynched By Mob Of 300

Henry Cade, 25

American Victim:
Cleo Colter, 8  (brought to the scene of the lynching and told to ID him as perp - she did)
1921 - Autreyville, Ga.

12-Year-Old White Child Dragged Into The Woods...Then Murdered - Negro Perp Lynched By Raging Mob

Negro Murderer:
John Henry Williams (convicted - then seized by a mob)

American Victim:
Lorena Wilkes, 12     source
1921 - Norlina, N. Carolina

13 Negroes Gather  - Part Of A "Group" To Wreak Havoc - Shoot At Innocent White People ... Terrorize Them And Start A Race Riot -- 5 White People Wounded -  Two Negro Leaders Of The Terror Group Were Quickly Lynched By American Mob 

Negroes Lynched:
Plummer Bullock
Alfred Williams
1921 - Hope, Ark.

"Aged" White Woman Viciously Attacked By Negro While Walking To Daughter's Home - Negro Captured...Then Lynched

Brownie Tuddle (posse found "blood stained" overalls in his shanty - "Proof enough", they declared))

* Unnamed white female (unknown as to her condition)
1921 - N. Carolina

Negro Ambushes White Female In Public - RAPED Her In Front Of Her Child - Left In Critical Cond. - Mob Of 1,500 Lynch Negro

Negro Rapist:
Jerome Whitfield (apprehended)

American Victim:
Mrs. Elizabeth Irving, 19 (may have survived)

Negroes Murder White Male - Assaults White Female

Waco, Tx: Three negroes (unknown names) murdered a white male and "assaulted" his female companion. To avoid a lynching, the sheriff was forced to move the three to another county. Note: Likely the "assault" on the white female was a rape.   source
1922 Hot Springs, Ark

Negro Lynched - Home Invasion - Murder

A negro, Bunk Harris, murdered a white male in a home invasion.

American Victims:
Maurice Connelly (insurance solicitor)
1922 - Sandersville, Ga.

Negro Lynched - Accused Of Attacking White Woman

Jim Johnson
1922 - Athens, Ga

Negro Lynched  - Home Invasion - Beat A 19-Year-Old White Female Unconscious When She Discovered His Burglary In Progress

Jim Reed Long

American Victim:
Miss Violet Wood, 19 (seriously injured by said will likely recover)

Three Negroes Burned At The Stake - Ambushed A Young White Teen As She Was Riding Her Horse - First Beaten...Then Raped - Then Murdered 

Kirvin, TX: Three Negroes, "Snap" Curry, Moses Jones and H.J. Varney paid the price for a rape and brutal murder of a a young 17-year-old American girl. Note: Curry's wife informed police that her husband had come come late at night and covered in blood.

American Victim:
Eula Awsley, 17


Negro Lynched  - Murdered Two Law Enforcement Officers

Macon, Ga.: A negro,  John Glover, murdered two law officers. He was seized from the local jail by an American mob (estimated at over 300)  then lynched.

American Victims;
Walter C. Byrd (Bibb county Deputy Sheriff)
George Marshall (Deputy Sheriff)
     Negroes Lynched - Raped And Murdered 
 Young American Teacher
    Perry, FL: A negro,  Charles Wright, 21,  was seized from the Perry city jail by an angry American mob and taken to a secluded area, tied to a tree then burned alive.  The American mob became aware that he was the guilty party who viciously attacked an innocent young white female school teacher, Miss Ruby Hendry, 21, brutally beating, raping  then murdering her. Note:  Another Negro male, Arthur Young,  was also discovered to have taken part in the rape and murder of the white female. Most likely, black male Charles Wright implicated him in the crime when he gave his full confession to the Perry police detectives.  The following day of Wright's lynching,  Arthur Young was also seized from the Perry city jail - by a thousand  angry white males - and, like Negro Charlie Wright,  also burned at the stake. There was no reported riot by white people and no reported physical structures in the black community burned (as wikipedia states in their Rosewood riots account).         source
1922 - Waco, Tx

Negro Ambushed Two People - Murdered The Male Then "Attacked" The Woman - Negro Is ID'd...Then Gunned Down By The Father Of The Woman


Jesse Thomas, 26

American Victims:

Harry Bolton (deceased)
Mrs. Margaret Hay s (survived)  source
1922 - Cathrage, Tex.

Negro Gunned Down White Male - Posse Went in Pursuit With Bloodhounds

Negro Murderer:

Zak King

American Victim:

Park Rayburn (deceased)     source

Another White School Teacher "Assaulted" By Negro - Negro Gets Lynched By Mob

Will Thrasher   source

Negro Lynched - Raped White Woman In Hotel Room

Streetman, Tx: A negro, George Gay, somehow gained entry to the hotel room of a white female. After the negro raped the white female he fled. Bloodhounds used the rags the negro used to stuff in the mouth of the white female...and traced the scent right to George Gay's home.  Also found were the rags similar to the ones he used to stuff in the mouth of the rape victim. George was tied to a tree then riddled with bullets. The hotel the woman was assaulted at was later burned to the ground.    source

White Males Sent To Prison Chain Gang For Lynching Negro

White Males Convicted:
Benne Bevane (1 to 4 years on infamous Ga. chain gang)
Henry Harvey (1 to 4 years...)
Henry L. Fulford (1 to 4 years...)




Rosewood Riots - Two Americans Murdered - American Female Assaulted

Beware. Black versions are dominating this event.

Rosewood, FL: An escaped Negro convict, Jesse Hunter, brutally attacked an American female, Mrs. Fannie Taylor, inside her home. He was also directly responsible for the ambush and slaughter of two American males who were part of a posse and looking for him; and also indirectly responsible for not only the deaths of four blacks but also the burning of the small town of Rosewood. Note: One newspaper account indicates that another black male, James Carrier, was lynched by white males after the second riot. They accused him of an unknown offense. 

Georgia, 1923

Two Negroes Rapists Of White Females Lynched By Furious Mobs On Same Day In Two Separate Incidents

Negro Rapist: Lee Green (home invasion rape of white female)

Negro Rapist: Aaron Harris ((home invasion rape of housewife)
American Child
Abducted & Raped By A Negro

  Lexington, KY:  Negro, Ray Ross, 25, abducted an innocent American girl, Willie May Young, 9-years-old, and brutally raped her.  For this atrocity, the Negro was sentenced to death.   On August 28, 1925, in Lexington, and in a non-public forum, Ross was hung. 

1925 - Detroit, MI

A Planned  
By Negroes & NAACP
 One American Murdered - One Wounded

Note: Beware of black versions to this event (e.g. Wikipedea)

           The REAL story::  ...Continue (link) 

Negroes Gang Rape
American Girl

Hopkins County, KY:  A young American girl, Nell C. Breithaupt (age unknown), was kidnapped by two Negro males, Bunyan Fleming and Nathan Bard.  And not surprising, the sole motive was to commit rape.  The terror stricken girl was forced to a secluded area, where she was beaten and raped by both Negro males, all the while threatening her with death if she dared to scream.   After the terrorizing ordeal was over the Negroes fled, but left the American girl alive. Naturally, she immediately raced to the sheriff and reported her abduction and rape.  Both Negroes were quickly picked up trying to flee the county. The trial didn't take long.  There was no doubt about the Negroes' guilt. The American girl was eager to point them out in court. She also gave the brutal details of what she was forced to endure.  After the predictable guilty verdict,  the only question that remained was whether these two Negroes should hang.  Since it was a brutal attack on an American - an atrocity -  and it was an all-American jury,  to no ones surprise, the sentence was death.  

On November 25, 1927, the two rapist were publicly hanged in Madisonville, KY.
Negro Employee Massacres
American Family
                                     (sole motive for family Massacre was rape)

Lexington, KY::  An American by the name of Clarence Bryant , owner of a prominent horse farm, employed a Negro laborer by the name of Ed Harris. Evidently, at some point the Negro decided he wanted to rape Mr. Bryant’s wife, 32-year-old Mrs. Margaret Bryant.However, in order for Harris’ rape scheme to work, the entire Bryant family (husband, wife and two small children) were going to have to die. This was obviously no big deal to the Negro Ed Harris. He wanted his rape of the white female.  Since the Negro employee had the element of surprise and, naturally, Mr. Bryant couldn’t possibly foretell the atrocity that the Negro was planning, it was just a matter of waiting for the opportune time to strike. When the Negro did decide to strike, Mrs. Bryant was attending to the horses and the rest of the Bryant family was in the house. The Negro first murdered Mr. Bryant, then went after the two young children (likely preteens). The Negro then then waited ...waited for Mrs. Bryant to come walking through the front door. When she did, Harris attacked her, beat her mercilessly, then repeatedly raped her. The Negro then strangled her to death, or so he thought. Mrs. Bryant, miraculously, survive by playing dead. After the Negro was finished scouring the house for valuables, he fled.  Mrs Bryant then hurried to the sheriff and reported the incident. Harris was captured trying to flee the county.
When the trial opened, not surprisingly, a huge mob of Americans had descended on
the courthouse and desperately wanted to get at the Negro fiend. However, once again, the governor had called out the National Guard, and the mob, no doubt recalling the result of trying to charge the courthouse six years earlier to get at the Negro Will Lockett, decided not to try to seize  Harris.  
The Negro Ed Harris was quickly found guilty and sentenced to hang. 

 On March 5, 1926, among over 6000 onlookers, Harris was legally hung.  As for Mrs. Bryant, I cannot imagine that she could have recovered, emotionally or psychologically, from this Negro atrocity.
Negro Rapes 12-Year-Old -
Then Murders Her 

Georgetown, DEIn February of 1926, a  21-year-old negro, Harry Butler, was implicated in a brutal rape and murder of an innocent 12-year-old white girl.   When the governor discovered that it was a negro involved in the crime, he immediately issued orders to send in 2000 National Guardsmen. Despite crowds gathering in the thousands and demanding revenge, the Guardsmen were able to ensure a full trial for the Negro.  Harry Butler was tried and found guilty of rape and murder.  He was hung among 5000 onlookers.

Young Girl:
Eleanora Steinmetz, 12




THREE Negroes Lynched - Murder

Aiken, S. Carolina: An unknown negro shot and killed Sheriff Henry H.H. Howard. Three negroes were arrested for complicity in the murderDemon Lowman, Bertha Lowman, Clarence Lowman (all related). After a year of waiting for "justice" local Americans decided to take matters into their own hands. The three negroes were seized from the county jail and then lynched. Note: The Sheriff was a Klansman and the ones seeking "justice" for him were fellow Klansmen. These were the times in which they lived. No question about it ... the KKK desperately wanted the black man OUT of what the KKK (and most white people at that time) felt was their political arena -- i.e. the black man MUST create his own political arenas (build his own cities and towns and support them with a tax base from his businesses). The Black race prior to 1964, never created a single tax base capable of supporting gov't services. This fact explains why blacks so desperately wanted in...into white people's political environments, and eventually culminating with the black man in the early 60s marching for (non-Constitutional) compulsory integration rights. No one  should doubt for a second if black males could create a political system (tax base created from their business activities) they would have excluded white people COMPLETELY. Still, the three lynched negroes here was brutal...even for those times -- too brutal really.


Quick Acting Judge Saves Negro From Lynch Mob - Murdered A White Male

Negro Convicted of Murder:
Roosevelt Hart (given 25- 30 year sentence)

American Victim:
B.L. Bryant

Negro's Rape Creates Riot - Negro Businesses Burned

Sherman County, TX:: A negro, George Hughes, invaded the home of a white farmer and then brutally raped the farmer's wife (name and age of victim are unknown). There was no doubt the Negro was guilty of committing the atrocity. He pleaded such in court to the judge. And despite the governor sending in the local militia to protect the Negro, then even calling in the National Guard, as well as pleas from the local authorities (likely telling people the Negro was going to hang for his crime in just a matter of weeks), still, the local Americans (estimates put it at about 5000) could not be calmed. They wanted summary justice (a lynching). In the end, they didn’t get it. The Governor declared martial law in the district.

No Negroes in the local community were attacked. However, most of the black businesses over the course of a few days were burned (looted?).

As for the Negro rapist, George Hughes, the one directly responsible for provoking the riot & subsequent burning of the black businesses, he died in the courthouse building where he was being jailed after a mob set fire to it.

The total number of Negro females raped by American males from 1900 to 1964 in Sherman County, TX … is ZERO.

Note: Also in May of 1930, in northern Texas and Oklahoma there were three other incidences of Negro rapes of innocent white females. These men were lynched. White males in Sherman apparently decided ENOUGH is ENOUGH and it's time to send a 'message' to the local Negro populace.

Negroes Ambush Boyfriend & Girlfriend - Rape - Murder
Rapists & murderers: Thomas Shipp and Abram Smith 
Marion, Indiana: Three young Negroes,  James Cameron,16, Thomas Shipp, 18 and Abram Smith, 19,  had a gun and decided to use it to rob a White couple sitting in their car.   The three Negroes approached the car and then at gunpoint ordered the White male out.  The White male was forced to give up his wallet then. without provocation,  was gunned down.  The Negroes then went after the White female.  She was literally dragged out of the car to be raped.  However, one of the Negroes,  James Cameron,  decided he wanted nothing to do with the rape and left the scene...straight to the police station and informed on his two comrades.  The two were quickly arrested, along with James Cameron. 

Lynching: When news broke of this Negro atrocity, naturally, it inflamed  - and provoked - the local American population. A mob quickly gathered at the jail were the Negroes were being kept.  The anger was palpable ... and the mob was not going to be denied their justice.  They broke into the jail and abducted  the three Negroes. The three were then taken to the outskirts of the city, while being beaten and kicked along the way.  Two were hung.  The third, James Cameron, was saved by the White female who was the rape victim.  She insisted to the crowd, as the Negro had the rope around his neck, that he was not involved in the shooting or the rape.  She saved his life.  And, a fact that  should not be  overlooked, since  the white mob freed the third black malethis clearly  demonstrated to everyone, past & present,  that the American mob was not just a group of bloodthirsty people.  They were out for retribution for a vile criminal act.   As for James Cameron, he was sentenced and incarcerated for knowingly participating in an armed robbery.  

Note:  This incident is now being rewritten to infer that the rape of the White female never happened.   Yes it did.   All three were charged with rape.  Police just don't make up a rape charge.  The female apparently claimed she was not raped by Cameron.  The rape charge was dropped against him.

White Victims:  
Claude Deeter  (deceased) 
Mary Ball (survived)
                Brutal Rape Of Young American Girl

Hardinsburg, KY:  An American female, Mabel Downs, 23, was observed by a 21-year-old negro sexual predator, Sam Jennings. Details are lacking as to where the negro sexually assaulted the American woman.  However, it was obviously a place where screams could not be heard. Fortunately, Mable Downs was left alive by her Negro assailant and was able to report the incident to police.  Negro Sam Jennings was legally tried and then legally executed for his atrocity



White Female Clubbed In The Head Then Dragged Into The Woods To Be Raped By Negro - Negro Lynched

Vicksburg, Miss.:  A negro, Eli Johnson, desperate to rape a white female, staked out a walking trail he knew a white female used every Sunday to go to church with her children. When the white female passed by,  the Negro jumped from his concealment and clubbed her in the head. As her young children screamed for help the negro dragged the unconscious woman into the woods. Local white people however heard the children's screams and arrived in time to prevent another negro rape.   Source


Attempted Home Invasion - Housewife Attacked...
Black Male Assaults White Female As He Tries To Force His Way Into Her Home

Fort Lauderdale, FL: A black male, unemployed and homeless, Rubin Stacy, 30(?), apparently was hungry and decided to head to a white community and go door to door begging for food (evidently, this was quite common for Negroes to do).  Stacy went to the home a white female, Mrs. Marion Jones, 30, wife and mother of three children. Details are sketchy but it seems when the Negro asked for food and was denied and told to go away, he apparently tried to barge into the white female's home - or did barge into the female's home?  In the course of this act, Stacy assaulted the white female (striking her? raping her ?).  The white female screamed loudly which scared off the Negro intruder (or he simply fled after his deed was done).  Later that day Stacy was picked up by the Sheriff. After the still terrified Mrs. Jones gave a full accounting of what happened to her and "identified [Stacy] as her assailant"  Stacy was charged with assault.  While on the way to another jail in Miami Stacy was seized from the Sheriff by an American mob, taken to a field close to the home of the white victim, and then hung.

NOTE::  I want to remind readers here, one, we don't know the full details to the "assualt" on the white female; and two,  that this was a time in American history when white males felt duty bound to protect white females - particularly from negro assaults. After the infamous Civil rights Act (1964), the protection of white females fell completely to the local police force. Result? Link below...
Home Invasion Rape & 
Murder Of
An Innocent Elderly American Woman

Owensboro, KY:: A criminally inclined Negro by the name of Rainey Bethea, 27-years-old,  who had just been released from prison (incarcerated for a home invasion of a white residence), didn't waste any time to commit another crime.  This time it was an atrocity (rape & murder) committed against an innocent elderly American female, 70-year-old Lischia Edwards.

"During the early morning ... Bethea gained access to the home of Lischia Edwards by climbing onto the roof of an outbuilding next door. From there, he jumped onto the roof of the servant’s quarters of Emmett Wells' house, and then walked down a wooden walkway. He climbed over the kitchen roof to Edwards' bedroom window.
After removing a screen from her window, he entered the room, waking her. Bethea then choked Edwards and violently raped her. After she was unconscious, he searched for valuables and stole several of her rings. In the process, he removed his own black celluloid prison ring, but failed to retrieve it. He left the bedroom and hid the stolen jewels in a barn not far from the house."  Wikipedea  
The negro rapist/murderer Rainey Bethea, among a hoard of 20,000  Americans, was publicly hanged on August 14, 1936.  It was the last public hanging in the United states. It was also the only hanging which was supervised by a female (Florence Thompson had  - strangely - become sheriff of Daviess County as a result of her husbands death)   



Negro "Attacks" Farmer's Wife - Negro Lynched

Henry County, Ala.: A Negro, Wesley Johnson, was apprehended for a"attacking" a white female. He was abducted from the country jail, then lynched; however, the sheriff claimed the wrong negro was lynched by the furious mob white farmers.

Victim of negro assault: Mrs. Rupert Bond    source

TERROR...American Female Ambushed And Raped

Covington, KY: A Negro by the name of Harold Van Venison, 33, while doing his janitorial duties, observed an American female alone. There was no one around. The American female was ambushed  and then raped (note: exact details to this atrocity are lacking).  Strangely, the negro left the white female alive,  free to go to the sheriff. Of course, that's exactly what she did.  For this committed atrocity, the Negro was hung on June 3, 1938.  Negro Van Venison was the last person hung in the state of Kentucky.

 From 1900 to 1964, I cannot find ONE incident in the entire state of Kentucky(!) where a white male raped a Negro female.

Negro Lynched - Rape -Murder

Ruston, LA:  A negro male, W.C. Williams, observed an American male and his female companion in an area secluded enough for the negro predator to believe he could perpetrate a rape. However, Williams first had to eliminate the white male. He did this by finding a club, sneaking up on the white male, then clubbing him repeatedly in the head ... until he was dead.  The negro then turned his attention to the American female. She was forced to endure a rape but, incredibly,  left very much alive by Williams when he fled.  She immediately reported the incident to the sheriff and a posse of Americans, led by the sheriff, went after Williams. Williams was found hiding in the woods and was led back to town to stand trial.  An American mob of 500 or more, however,  had now formed and was demanding immediate and salutary justice i.e. a lynching.  Negro Williams was taken from the sheriff and led to a tree, where he was then stripped from the waist down and - apparently - castrated.  When this act was finished, Williams was lynched. While his body dangled it was then riddled with bullets. 

 White Male Victim:
*   Robert N. Blair
* Identity of the innocent white female , who was forced to live with the memory of this atrocity, is unidentified.


              * Example of a Negro Atrocity committed against his own people*

 Little Rock, AR : On July 4, 1939,  Milton Williams, a Negro, while exiting a [Negro] church bathroom (it was a restroom detached from the church), observed a 5-year-old Negro girl, Ruthie Mae Brooks,  waiting to use the same bathroom. Williams stopped and waited for the girl to finish.  When she exited the bathroom the Negro abducted the 5-year-old and raped her (one can just imagine what brutal torture it must have been for this 5-year-old to endure a rape). Negro Williams then murdered the little girl. 

War AtrocityItaly: Black Male Soldier Goes On Rape Rampage While Stationed In Italy - Rapes Two - Murders Another One
Guess Who He Is? He's Emmett Till's Father! - Executed By The Military 1945

The only place in Europe where black soldiers were allowed by the white military brass to be stationed as a fighting unit was in N. Italy.  Naturally, the white military brass feared a Houston style massacre (1918) if black soldiers were allowed to be armed and juxtaposed to white soldiers.
The fact is, the military didn't need the black soldiers. They just didn't know what to do with 900,000 of them (over 9 million white soldiers were in the military in 1945).  Of the black soldiers assigned to white army units, virtually all of them were assigned to a small supply company attached to individual white male fighting units, usually in the capacity of mess hall food servers, cooks and dishwashers, grave diggers and retrieving injured or dead white soldier on the battle field.  Keeping large numbers of black soldiers unarmed,  away from white soldiers and also the white population was always a prevalant strategy on the part of the US military.

Louis Till (unknown age) was a private in the US Army attached to the all-black army unit in N. Italy. In 1944, Till was found guilty (likely confessed) to two rapes and one murder of Italian [white] women (age of women victims unknown). Details are lacking as to how Till was able to get away with three (maybe more) vicious attacks on local females before being caught. Obviously, had Till not been caught he would have continued raping and murdering white females.  The Army executed Till in 1945 and buried him - without distinction - in France (Italy clearly didn't want the monster buried there). ... FBI Report - pg21 

NOTE: The American military, no one should doubt at the behest of the US gov't,  hid the true nature of Louis Till's crimes and his subsequent execution from not only the US press but also Emmett Till's mother.  So why would the US military deliberately hide Till's crimes?  Should make one wonder how many other Negro crimes of this nature were covered up by the US military.
War  Atrocity:  Negro Males  Lynch Innocent POW
 Fort Lawson Riot of 1944 … On the night of August 14th, Negro soldiers stationed at Seattle's Fort Lawson had an altercation with a few Italian prisoners.  Apparently, the Negro soldiers got the worst of it. When word of the altercation reached the Negro camp, that night  50 or more Negro soldiers (exact number unknown) desiring revenge ambushed the Italian POWs in their barracks. In the ensuing melee, many Italians were severely beaten and had to be hospitalized. The following morning an innocent Italian POW, Guglielmo Olivott, was found dead, hanging from tree (i.e.  Negro soldiers lynched him).

    A court-martial was convened for 43 Negro soldiers.  More Negroes were involved but many were given immunity for cooperating with the investigation.  After a long fact-finding period, the evidence presented was compelling enough to convict all 43 Negroes of rioting and murder. They were all given lengthily prison sentences.

Yet ANOTHER Negro atrocity that is now being rewritten... Claiming George was INNOCENT! -- No he was NOT!

Negro Teen Murders Two Little White Girls -- Commits Necrophilia                                   
George Stinney

Clarendon County, S . Carolina
: Two American girls, one 8-years-old and the other 12-years-old,  were approached by a 14-year-old Negro boy, George Stinney, while they were picking flowers.  When the Negro boy became insistent on sex with the 12-year-old...continue (LINK)

American Victims::
* Mary Emma Thames,  8
 * Betty June Binnicker, 12

Negro War Atrocity Narrowly Averted: Guam Riot 

 On the Island of Guam, after the American soldiers secured the Island  - and losing 1600 of their comrades - racial tensions began to emerge because 100 or more Negro soldiers were allowed  to camp on the Island (Note: Negroes attached to the Marines were non-combat support personal - and they sustained no casualties on the Island).  Even though the Marines had a strict separation policy, both races were coming into contact with each other when they went socializing (looking for women) in Guam’s largest town, Agana.  On December 24th, a few  Negro soldiers were on holiday leave when they entered an area in Agana which American soldiers regarded as reserved for them. Apparently shots were fired  in the direction of the Negroes, which didn't hit any of the soldiers.  However, later that day, word got back to the Negro camp about this incident and some decided to go into town to seek revenge on the American soldiers. Two trucks were stolen and the group headed for Agana.  On the way, however,  they were intercepted by Military Police and forced to return to their base (note: since blacks were not allowed to possess weapons on the Island,  it's likely these soldiers were not armed).  On December 25th, again racial tensions caused an altercation,  but this time a Negro soldier was killed and another wounded (presumably by an American).  When word of this incident reached the Negro camp, once again some cajoled their comrades to take action, though this time the plan was to go to the American Marine camp in the middle of the night and seek revenge there (i.e. the blacks were likely planning another Camp Logan massacre).  44  Negro soldiers responded.  Since Negro soldiers were not permitted to have guns in their camp , they armed themselves with knives and clubs, probably intending to acquire guns in the American camp. The sneak attack by the marauding Negroes, however, did not catch the Americans off their guard (these weren't ordinary and unarmed civilians like the ones the Negroes set upon in the Camp Logan Massacre). The end result was the Negroes were all caught and  round up before they could execute their planned ambush.    There were no reported injuries among the American soldiers.

      Because the military brass truly believed the Negro soldiers were intent on causing grave bodily injury, all 44 faced court-martial at the military’s highest level (i.e. they were tried under a general courts-martial).  After a lengthy trial, all 44 Negro soldiers were found guilty and given lengthily prison terms. 

Note: I cannot find ONE recorded protest, nor one lodged complaint, by blacks (or the NAACP) during the entire WWII period demanding or requesting that black soldiers be allowed to have front-line combat assignments.


Negro Lynched -- American Taxi Driver Agreed To Allow A Negro Into His Cab - RESULT? Robbery - Murder
Greenville, S. CarolinaA white male cab driver, Thomas Watson Brown, allowed a Negro, Willie Earle, 24,  into his cab and agreed to take him home. Apparently - and not surprisingly - the Negro did not have the money to pay for the cab. On the way to the Negro's home, which was in a rural part of Greeville, the Negro pulled out a knife and began to stab at the white male.  When the wounded cabbie crashed his cab, the Negro got out and began to mercilessly beat on the dying Mr. Brown. When Earle believed Mr. Brown was dead, he stole the cabbie's money then fled toward his home, which was less than a half mile away.  When the police arrived at the crime scene they easily followed the lone set of footprints,  leading from the taxi to the home of Willie Earle. A search of Earle's home produced a bloodied knife, bloodied clothes and cash. 

As a result of this Negro atrocity, 31 Americans (fellow taxi drivers) decided summary justice was necessary. They seized the Negro from the county jail and took him to a remote area then beat him, knifed him then shot him in the head with a shotgun.  

Note: The state of South Carolina decided to erect a monument to the" true" victim in this crime:: Willie Earle.  That's right folks.  The white male was NOT the victim here. It was - and consistent with revisionist history -  the black male criminal.

    'Martinsville Seven' 

Negro Males Gang Rape White Female Good Samaritan Worker On A Public Street

       Martinsville, VA::  In 1949, Mrs. Ruby Stroud Floyd, 32,  a Jehovah's Witnesses who did Good Samaritan work in the Negro section of Martinsville, VA, was victimized in one of the worst Negro atrocities ever committed against an innocent White female. She was very fortunate to have survived.   On the day of the atrocity, Mrs. Stroud was in Martinsville's Negro community finishing up on her good Samaritan work, however, though it was getting toward dark , and she was advised to leave, she decided to make last stop to collect a small amount of money owed her by a Negro lady.   Because Mrs. Floyd wasn't quite sure of the address of the Negro lady , she approached four Negro men and asked if they could  give her directions.  A rape scheme was quickly hatched.  The American woman was given phony directions in an attempt to lure her to a secluded area.  After walking some distance Mrs. Floyd likely caught on to the scheme, since she tried to quickly double back. However, she was immediately surrounded by the four scheming Negroes ... and they wasted no time, first grabbing and throwing the helpless and frightened woman to the ground, then ripping off her clothes.  Off in the distance another adult Negro male observed what was going on and, incredibly(!), instead of helping the poor woman, he quickly rounded up two more Negro males to get in on the rape.  A total now of seven Negroes. All seven then took turns raping the White female, and also beating on her. 

          The White female, amazingly, and also very curiously, was left alive by her Negro assailants. And though she was severely injured and very traumatized by the attack, she was still able to make her way to the police station. She later identified all seven of  the Negro rapists.    Because of the nature of the crime, which was a very apparent hate crime against an innocent and defenseless American woman, the prosecutor demanded the death penalty for all seven rapists. Since there was no question of the guilt of the perpetrators, as Mrs. Floyd positively identified all of them to the police, then the jury, and also provided all the sordid details of the atrocity,  a death sentence for each one was no surprise. All seven heard the same sentence from the presiding judge::

"It is the judgment of this court that you be electrocuted until you are dead, in accordance with the Virginia statutes," said Judge Whittle, "the date hereby fixed by the court for the execution is Friday, July 15, 1949. It is my prayer that God have mercy on your soul." 

The good news is that not ONE of the cowardly rapists received a commutation of their sentence i.e. all died in the Virginia's electric chair. 

Negro Gang Rapists  (age at time of execution):
 Frank Hairston, 19
 Howard Hairston, 21
Booker T. Millner, 22
Joe Hampton, 22
John Clabon Taylor, 24
Francis DeSales Grayson, 38
James Luther Hairston , 23

Note:  All were electrocuted in February  1951.   

         Also, The New York Amsterdam News, a American black nationalist weekly 'racist' newspaper, had this obnoxious thing to say after sentence was carried out: "nobody talks about Ruby Stroud...Never very bright, it is doubtful that she will be able to overcome the omnipresent fact that seven human lives have been snuffed out to protect her questionable name."  Mrs. Floyd did NOT have a "questionable name"; nor was there ever any mention of her  not  being "very bright".  

Negro Males On A Rape Rampage Of Innocent American Females In Virgina -- Negro Males Rape 288 Between 1900 and 1960!

No Negro Female Was Reported To Have been Raped By An American Male Between 1900 and 1960

REMEMBER, whites and blacks observed a color line mandate between 1900 and 1960 all across America. Even with this mandate, still, Negro males were finding a way -- usually under the cover of night - to perpetrate their rape on a white female.



Negro Invades Home Of White Female - Commits Rape And Murder

Jacksonville, Fla.:: Details are lacking to this brutal Negro atrocity, including the name of the Negro perp. What little we do know about this case came to light after the conviction of black man (in 1992) for the rape and murder of an elderly white female.

"After the trial had ended, [black male rapist & murderer, Kenneth Bernard] Rouse's counsel made a disturbing discovery involving one of the 12 jurors, Scott Baynard of Archdale, N.C. In 1954, Baynard's mother had been murdered by a black man in Jacksonville, Fla. He was 22 years old at the time."
Mr. Baynard:: "I noticed similarities between the facts of my mother's murder and that of Mrs. Broadway. In particular, the pictures of Mrs. Broadway at the murder scene reminded me of pictures of my mother after she had been murdered. In addition, robbery was involved in both crimes, as were sexual assault and drug abuse."

White Victim:
Mrs. Baynard


Note: Eldridge Cleaver was known as the 'Watts  Rapist'. He was arrested in 1958 for rape [of of a white female] and attempting to murder her.


Negro Lynched - Raped Pregnant White Female ... In Front Of Her Daughter

Pearl River County, Miss.::   A black male, Mack Charles Parker, 23, while driving home with three of his [black] drinking buddies, noticed a car parked on the side of the road.  The four got out and checked what they believed was an abandoned car.  Instead, they discovered a pregnant white female inside, along with her 4-year-old daughter.  She told the black males that her car broke down and her husband went to get help.  The four blacks subsequently left the scene. However, Parker, as they drove away, tried to cajole his comrades to return to the scene and "get some o’ that white stuff".  Parker's friends refused the offer.  When Parker dropped his friends off, he hurried back to the white female's car and, at gunpoint, ordered the white female and her daughter out of the car. The white female was about 6 months pregnant, but that detail didn't matter to Parker -- he wanted his rape. The white female was ordered to strip naked. Then,  in front of her four-year-old,  the white female was raped by Parker.

A day later, a local black minister (father of one of the black males Parker drove home the previous night) reported to police who raped the pregnant white female -- Mack Charles Parker. In a line-up, the white female positively identified Parker as the perp.

On April 25, a vigilante mob of eight to ten masked men (they were NOT "hooded") entered the county jail where Parker was being kept, beat him with clubs, then dragged him to a waiting car.  Parker was taken to the Pear River (LA), shot multiple times, then thrown in the river.

As for the innocent white female in this despicable rape, I'm sure the terrible psychological trauma that was inflicted on her by Parker remained with her for the rest of her life.



Two Negroes Barge Into White Male's Business And Beat Him Mercilessly - Then Gun Him Down - Total Take In Mastermind Armed Robbery Was $72.00
New Jersey: The two Negroes, George Wright, 19 , Walter McGhee, 22 (triggerman), who were not unemployed, enjoyed driving around looking for a white person to rob at gunpoint. And if it meant murdering the white person, the negroes were prepared to do that. Prior to the above robbery/murder, they had committed multiple armed robberies over the previous few weeks. For these two negroes, it got to be down right fun to rob white people at gunpoint. 
Also, George Wright escaped prison (actually, just walked out of a minimum security prison). He then hijacked a plane, terrorizing innocent white people in the process. Wright wound up in Africa and has been able, incredibly, to avoid capture to this day. 

Hard Working White Male :
Walter Patterson, 42  (World War II hero)

Juvenile Officer Charles H. Hurt | East Baton Rouge Parish Sheriff's Office, Louisiana

East Baton Rouge Parish,  Louisiana, officer Charles Hurt, 39, white male, was ambushed and gunned down by a negro teen, 17-year-old  Henry Montgomery, November 13, 1963.

Negro Crawls Through Bathroom Window - Beats And Strangles American Female To Death 

Hollywood, CA:: A violent Negro, Vernon Robinson, 17,  (member of the US military) crawled through a white female's bathroom window.  Once inside, the Negro predator went straight to the white female's bedroom, then (likely) attempted to rape her. Apparently the white female fought too long and too hard, and the Negro, who brought no weapon,  was forced to beat her. When she was unconscious from her beating, Robinson found a nylon stocking then finished her off by strangling her to death.

 White Female:
Thora Rose,  43



Pre-Civil Rights Act Atrocity

A crime that SHOULD have been a warning to compulsory integration advocates 
Queens, New York: In the early morning hours of March 13, 1964 - about 3 1/2 months from the signing of the infamous Forced Integration Act [July 2, 1964] - a young white female, Catherine "Kitty"  Genovese, 28,  had just come home from work and parked her car.  Little did she know that a Negro male was driving around the neighborhood looking for a white female to victimize (rape).  The Negro's  name was Winston Moseley, 29,  a person who had already raped and murdered two other females (race of these victims unknown).  Note: It could also be - indeed likely - that Moseley had spotted this white female a day or two earlier coming home and thereby predicted her routine.  That is, he was lying in wait for her.

         Clearly, Moseley was taking advantage of the guilt-tripping the Democratic party and the media were laying on America's white population at this time i.e. if you look at the black man suspiciously, you're being racist - he got his rights.  It was about 3 a.m. when Kitty parked her car ... and then noticed a Negro charging toward her. The innocent white female had little chance. She tried to run, but the Negro rapist easily caught up with her.  Armed with a pocket knife,  he tackled her.  Then,  apparently because she was fighting too much and screaming too loud, he began stabbing her.  When a male voice shouted to the Negro attacker to stop, he fled.  But he didn't go far. Moseley was determined to rape this white female, and if there was just the slightest chance he could get away with it, he was going to take that chance.  When no one came out to investigate Kitty's screams for help, Mosley decided to go after her again.  Kitty, suffering from numerous stab wounds, had managed to crawl to her apartment's vestibule, but hadn't quite made it inside the building's locked outer door. Moseley, who had lost sight of the white female and had been franticly searching for her, eventually found her lying on the ground in a semi-conscious state. This time, the Negro got his rape.  When he was done with the white female, he stabbed her a few more times until she fell into unconsciousness.  

Police and an ambulance arrived about a half-hour after the second attack.  Kitty died on the way to the hospital.

Note:  Moseley was finally arrested and made a complete confession.  He was sentenced to death, but liberals on the appeals court intervened and invented an excuse for Moseley's despicable atrocity against the innocent white female: he was "medically insane" at the time he murdered Kitty Genovese.  But just because Moseley was in prison didn't mean he was through with his despicable rapes.

"In 1968, during a trip to a Buffalo, New York hospital for surgery, Moseley overpowered a guard and beat him up to the point that his eyes were bloody. He then took a bat and swung it at the closest person to him and took five hostages, raping one of them in front of her husband—actions for which Moseley would later blame his parents—before he was recaptured after a two-day manhunt." 

Continuing to add victims to this massive list...


  1. Who the hell are you? Besides RACIST, I mean. Apparently you are not willing to post your real name. And considering the slant of your writings, neither am I....

    1. Just a messenger... I don't have anything against African Americans. Their unprovoked crimes against innocent white people are what they are. America , and the world, IMO needs to know about these victims.

    2. Charles Darwin at Project Gutenberg.


      “ Since the dawn of history the Negro has owned the continent of Africa -- rich beyond the dream of poet's fancy, crunching acres of diamonds beneath his bare black feet and yet he never picked one up from the dust until a white man showed to him its glittering light.

      His land swarmed with powerful and docile animals, yet he never dreamed a harness, cart or sled. A hunter by necessity, he never made an axe, spear, or arrowhead worth preserving beyond the moment of its use. He lived as an ox, content to graze for an hour. In a land of stone and timber he never sawed a foot of lumber, carved a block, or built a house save of broken sticks and mud.

      With league on league of ocean strand and miles of inland seas, for four thousand years he watched their surface ripple under the wind, heard the thunder of the surf on his beach, the howl of the storm over his head, gazed on the dim blue horizon calling him to worlds that lie beyond, and yet he never dreamed a sail.

      I think this is not Darwin. But nevertheless, it is for the most part true. Also, i don't know of any "docile animal" in Sub Sahara Africa. All the mammal beasts of Africa are not capable of being domesticated.

    3. Quit trying to find a way to gang stalk people retard

  2. What a bunch of one sided bullshit. You should be ashamed but you're probably too damn ignorant to know better! May God bless you with little black grand babies LMAO!

  3. Hush Crimes: White Victims Of Black Crime

  4. @AnonymousMay 15, 2015 at 8:33 PM
    Quote: 'Since the dawn of history the Negro has owned the continent of Africa'

    Eurasians are indigenous people of Africa:

  5. Who cares just like they was so called innocent so was the black people life the white people took so if our life don't matter they don't matter neither

  6. This is excellent stuff.

    I always knew that the use of databases and long time range data retrieval would yield new truths. We live in an age of Political Correctness where the past seems in a distant fog and the "progress" is only in technical and engineering areas. Through the use of the internet, old dusty books can be viewed by anyone, the data analyzed and new truths emerge; what old philosophers only suspected now can be proven.

    It would be interesting to plot this crime on a table to see if negros have become MORE violent in recent times or are merely close to their violent, predatory mean and we simply see more of it via video.

    One day the Cold Civil War will turn Hot and we will have to exile the negro back to its lair in Africa through force of arms. Only then will all these innocents be avenged, but more importantly, Whites will realize what terrible corrupting pressure they have been living under to accommodate the negro.

    The negro suffers from living in a 1st world society which it mocks as "too uptight" and suffers under laws it does not understand which it calls "White Man's" law", too difficult for it to understand. It wants to "keep it Real" under a different set of laws, the law of the Jungle. We saw this in the 1992 riots, Katrina and Ferguson and Baltimore and Detroit, Chicago, etc.

    Whites, in contrast, suffer under it depredation and its indifferent violence. How can one raise children when negro are putting bullets through the walls of your house, stalking your kids at school, raping your wife and robbing you?

    1. You see the world as you want; there were no investigations to all of these lynchings and the savage negroes were not considered people!!! So of course if your pale white daughter was caught kissing a negro he would be lynched for attempted rape (to save her reputation).

      What about DNA evidence that hardly a single black American today has pure African genetics because the white masters routinely raped all of the black women on the plantation!!!? Those who live in glass houses should not throw boulders!

      I'll pray for your soul.

    2. "I'll pray for your soul." You don't know what you're talking about!

    3. well stated Mr Waller.Ignore anonymous below,lol

    4. Even cops in the early 20th Century protected the "Snivel rights" of these jungle animals. We must manage the race traitors first before declaring Civil War on the apes and their jooooo handlers.

  7. The especially tragic result of negro rape of White women is the impregnation of them, which, necessarily, produces the egregious racial mongrel, a shameful creature for the woman to bear.

  8. Noteworthy is the blocking of the attempts at lynching by "law enforcement officials". Still, they are not on our side.

    But, who can explain the madness of the parents of a raped and/or murdered child or of the insanity of the spouse of a victim pleading for the life of the negro?

  9. MR WOLF i hope your mother dies neandrethal.

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