Sunday, March 22, 2015

Black Supremacy Doctrine

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The Black Supremacy Doctrine... It's time white people get up to speed on this thing i.e. acknowledge the existence of it and become familiar with it. Note: This is not the same as the Black Muslim's supremacist ideology, which essentially advocates the extermination of white people. 

The Black Supremacy Doctrine for non-Muslim, their Doctrine allows for the presence of white people but only so they can produce things (e.g. tax bases, businesses, jobs, homes, political systems ) those members of the black race, by using the principles below, can then bully white people out of what they have/ own/ build/ occupy.  


Black Supremacy from 1900 to 1964... 
"Ain't No white man gonna tells ME what to do. I tells YOU what to do!"

  1. (1901) Black man tells conductor he will not pay fare...then pulls knife and tries to kill conductor LINK
  2. (1904) Black supremacists  "organize" to murder white families. LINK
  3. (1906) There were so, so many of these types of incidents - violent , bizarre  - that,each time it happened ...sent a message of terror into the white community.  1) LINK ; 2) LINK
  4. (1906) Two negro females, supremacists, without provocation, attacked a white female and savagely beat her. After that ...the two negroes began "kicking" her baby around. LINK
  5. (1906 )Negro  southerners  issue supremacy proclamation. LINK
  6. (1959) Negro makes black supremacy huge crowd of negroes applaud. LINK


  1. Blacks are a supremacist people. I was also on one of your other links that showed the history of blacks attacking white people. THAT was eye opening. I appreciate your work to inform.

  2. One can easy see how their supremacist nature has played out. Look at Detroit. ; Compton (CA); Baltimore; Gary (Ind.). On and on it goes. Blacks didn't built ONE physical structure in any of these cities. Yet they were allowed to use their racism, hate and racially motivated violence to drive white people out of what they built/ owned/ occupied. What other people would tolerate this, violence against their women, children, police officers, etc.? Only white people. What happened to white people? They used to fight back against the black demons.
    BTW, who allowed the blacks to drive out white people with their supremacist doctrine?? The Democratic Party and their MSM minions.

    1. Right, black people ruined Detroit. Not the uninhibited car companies that grew uncontrollably, making more cars than human beings, and convincing people to continuously buy new models every year that barely improved or were possibly worse than the older models. This unsustainable boom was obviously planned by all the black people who were enticed to come work in this themselves or something...
      This all went according to plan when the influx of black people who came (the white people only pretended to want their labor because they were intimidated by powerful black juju) frightened white people. This caused them to leave the city which led the remaining whites to feel outnumbered and want to leave, etc.

      The whole document is so obviously says "them laws"
      I assure you that no black people were involved in the writing of that. Just like the fake protocols of zion or whatever. So obviously fake. Nobody makes a secret document for their group and talks about themselves in the third person or in such a detached way.

      Do you know what happened to white people? People like you refuse to adapt. You're still trying to live out the delusional manifest destiny of the 19th century. You're fueled by greed and blind devotion to growth. When you hit the wall that you were always going to hit one day because actions have consequences, instead of realizing your mistakes and changing, you choose instead to blame others for your short shortsightedness. A story as old as time.

  3. What are you smoking?

  4. "...the history of the black is his his history regarding slavery , circumstance whose very foundation is rooted in the degradation, denial and systematic destruction of a people, its culture and its languages."

    The destruction of so many African tribes (and with it the cultural heritage and language of that tribe)...manifested as a result of the peculiar nature of the Negroid race in Africa to be willing to round up members of their own racial group and then sell them into slavery (blacks sold their fellow blacks for insignificant material items, trinkets, and sea shells). No other people were willing to do this in human history (Roman and Greeks acquired their slaves by way of conquest of an enemy). Reading about the inhumane cruelty and wickedness with which Africans procured their slave victims is not reading material for the faint of heart. White Christians (the Americans) ended the slave trade in 1808.

    After 1865, American Negroes were NOT an oppressed people. They were free to build their own towns, cities, homes, create their own businesses and industries. Can't get more "free" than this... There was nothing in the US Constitution requiring white males to submit to race (group) nullification. If white people (or blacks) wished to have separate living/ working arrangements, it was their right to do so. White people expected that once the black males created enough businesses and industries (employed enough black men)...a sufficient tax base would then exist for the Negro males to create their own political environments (which one would expect they would do everything humanly possible to exclude white people from). The total number of tax bases created by Negro males that were sufficient enough to create and support a political environment from 1865 to zero.

    "The Black man of Dubois time lives in a world where they have a deep-seeded distrust and fear of Whites"

    Simply NOT true of Dubois' times. Here's a good link that shows a small sample of how white people were no other people in human history were terrorized another people.

    It's never been the black man that had to live in fear of white people. Quite the opposite.

    In 1964, white Christian males created compulsory integration (euphemistically called civil rights). Blacks males/ females pleaded (and pleaded and did civil disobedience) to get their integration (strangely, into the very group they are also labeling as their brutal oppressor). White males, in the biggest magnanimous gesture by one people toward another in human history, granted the black race what they so desperately coveted:: integration rights. Here is a link that gives a small sample of what white people have endured since 1964...

    Blacks should really stop trying to guilt-tripping white people. White people did NOT owe them integration rights. Regarding oppression that many Blacks insist their people endured at the hands of the brutal white race prior to forced integration, this argument has a couple of obvious major flaws :: 1) if white people are so gosh darn racist and such an oppressive people, then why did they grant the black race integration rights? 2) the black race's historical pursuit of black supremacy i.e. once blacks were allowed integration rights by white males - political environments, working environments, living arrangements - they then sought to create black supremacy. This is all so clearly document on the internet today.

    1. Why do you keep posting links to your own blog as a source. That's not how it works dumbass. We need to see the source of all this bullshit youve wasted your time curating.

  5. Wow, white people are so nieve. You forget about all of your wrong stoled America from the Native Indians to claim as your own. Wolf is an idiot along with his followers who can't think for themselves. Please don't go shoot up a theater or a school and kill your own people. White on white cowards crimes.

    1. Are you really crying about how people were conquered? Do you bitch to Italy for problems all of Europe because of the Roman Empire.

      Let me explain how this works. Things that happened in colonial days doesn't mean I have to pay for them, nor do I have to be apologetic or feel bad.
      See, you feel because all of that stuff from then means I have to be conquered and brutalized which I don't, unlike those who were conquered, or were used as farm equipment, I will fight or die. That's the difference, you wont get a shot to make me have a turn like you want.

      Funny you mentioned the school and theaters. Let's put up the stats of people who have committed shootings at schools and theaters. Oh a white boy did a mass shooting...but how many niggers do it daily one on one at schools everyday? I remember for quite a while a nigger couldn't go to a movie without busting a cap at the screen. I believe Chris Rock had a great bit about "Niggers and Black peoole"
      Hey, let's do a comparison of who does more gun violence!
      The smallest minority in the country but commits half the crime compared to the Majority who does the other half (which statistically makes sense.)
      But I'm sure like every other dummy, you'll try to blow off statistics because math be racist

  6. Hey Wolf, your probably a rapist/murderer like Ted Bundy and John Wayne Gacy.. Did you know that the gay population in the U. S. Is 73% white, including you. Wolf, you are indeed an idiot through heritage.

    1. That's because a lot of brothas are on the DL and lie about it.

      Funny how AIDS is only rampant with gays and blacks.

  7. Great research. Can you tell us the name of the book in your scanned image please? I would like to read the whole thing.

  8. What kind of simpleton white Christian racist fabricates a black supremacy doctrine and then tries to pass it off as authentic. Because the only place this doctrine exists is on this piss poor excuse for a blog. Which really means it only exists in your head. Which further illustrates that you've spent massive amounts time and energy fabricating information that has zero intellectual merit and only means something to you and your band of merry inbred meth smokers. You fuckers need to get out of the basements and go get laid. Oh sorry u can't do that, cuz let u tell it all your women went black and never came back lol

    I will say though, this is a valiant effort at propaganda! And salutes to you for failing in in life. this is some of the most hilarious shit I've seen on the web in a while.

  9. Making white people PROVIDE for them...Here are new Welfare Stats. SHOCKING!!
    "9. African Americans were more likely to receive public assistance than other groups
    In 2012, an average of 41.6% of African Americans received means-tested benefits each month. About 18% of Asians or Pacific Islanders and 13% of whites received benefits each month. Thirty-six percent of Hispanics of any race received government assistance."