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Imagery Of Innocent White People Victimized By Blacks Since Integration Was Created in 1964


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Below is a pictorial of the innocent victims of racially motivated violence since compulsory integration was created  on July 2, 1964 i.e. Civil Rights Act.

Note:  In 2005, the Justice Dept. - in one of only two cases that I can find - released a report regarding crimes that crossed racial lines.  More than 90% of all the violence in these types of crimes came from African-Americans.  And almost ALL of their victims - 580,000 of them -  were white. SOURCE (bottom of pg)

>>>  All the images below, which represent less than 1% of the total white victims of black violence (1964 to 2014),  are taken from my 'victims list.'  If you have any question, or complaint, leave it in the comment section at the bottom of the page.  <<<    


                  NEW  >>>   Imaginary of Black Victims... LINK



THIS Is How The 'Racially Motivated'  Black Male Sucker Punch Works

The White males should have told Mr.  black male  interloper:
"We got NOTHING for you, dude. GET LOST!."  But Mr. black male knows full well... Mr. white male is mentally conditioned -- by MSM [TV] visual images of the black man being portrayed as his bosom buddy PAL -- so he lets his guard down and allows the black male to BULLY his way into the white 'group'.  And all for the purpose of trying to break some white guy's jaw and/or put him in the hospital.


Ever Seen An Elderly  Black Man Beat Like 
This  By  White  Males?  Of  Course NOT


Beaten by a group of black males


Ronald Goldman - Murdered by OJ Simpson.





                                                        Kelly McGillis:  
                                          Home invasion rape and terrorizing...
                                           by two 14-year-old black males


The following are just some of the white police officers who were murdered in the line of duty ... by a black male(s) since forced integration was created (1964).  Note: Here's the complete list of fallen white police officers - that I could find on the Internet - since 1970. LINK





Both were murder victims in the racially motivated
[black male] Hasting Wise Workplace Massacre

(2013) Andrea Kruger, wife,  mother of three, stopped at a stoplight when
 mass murder Nikko Jenkins, out on parole, got out of his vehicle and
 charged up to Andrea, dragged her out of her SUV...then shot her in the head, 
then stole her SUV. Andrea died at the scene. 


 Racially Motivated Murder Victims
Of Coral Eugene Watts

Infamous Chuck E. Cheese Massacre
Margaret Kohlerb, 50,
* Colleen O'Conner, 17
* Sylvia Crowell, 20
* Benjamin Grant, 17
* Bobby Stevens, 20 
All murdered by a black male  - armed robbery.


Note: Case involving the murder of Kyle Yorlets as of Feb. 2019,  perps have yet to be prosecuted.


Tana Woolley, 29... 
A black male neighbor...stalked and raped
 her in a home invasion - then murdered her.

NOTE: Above, the white male Marine and his black wife, read how they were attacked by racist black Marines. The white male was beat mercilessly, tortured, then executed - in front of his wife. The wife was ganged raped...then executed. >>READ 



Girl's High School Soccer Savage Beat-down

Note: The little beast was actually arrested for this savage beat-down and charged with criminal assault!


 Note: No defense against this type of black racism people...NONE







Christopher was gunned down by the black male on the right...while he was out jogging. It was nothing more than a THRILL KILL
      The Tulsa
                              Home  Invasion Massacre                                          





The "Cookie" Thornton Racially Motivate Massacre

Scott Christopher Nelson, 17 * Richard David Stephenson, 17
White males agreed give two black males a ride. RESULT? At gunpoint they were forced to a secluded area, one was raped, both were executed.Add caption


 Officer Bryan Hurst Gunned down by a black male during a bank hold-up


Another Elderly Victim Of the Racist New Game Among Blacks - Sucker Punch Unsuspecting White Person In The Face

NOTE: Correction: George Stinney was 14-years-old when he committed the atrocity.




Business invasion at a hair salon...Each victim was stabbed
 over 50 times. The two elderly women were sisters. Motive was robbery.
Business invasion... The young white male David Mendoza Alejandro, owned his own music recording studio. He allowed a black male,  Ray Jasper, 19, to do some free recording of his "rap" music."  The black male repaid his generosity by rounding up two other black males (with no apparent effort whatsoever) to murder the young white male and then steal all his recording equipment.  The young white male's throat was slit from ear to ear, then stabbed over 50 times.


Many , many more pics coming ... of innocent white people who've been victimized by Eric Holder's people.  


  1. #18 I guess it was this case:


  3. it is crazy that the white on black crimes only show a few pics and the black on white crimes are like half the page. are you really telling me that this is all you could find on white on black crimes? i have more than that just in NC and GA. lol wow but it is cool. one person said that you are doing lords! im done i dont think i will be going on your site anymore. i now believe that you are what you say you are not.

  4. You're nothing but a racist trying to act like a noble individual. This whole black vs white thing goes back way further than modern times. You claim the ratio of black on white violence is greater, but that is just what you're looking for to support your own beliefs.I'll admit the statistics for assault and theft belong primarily to black people but murders are committed closely between both parties. Look at your white on white violence, and black on black violence to see how innocent you white people are.

    1. Sorry you can't help being Black, It must be hell, knowing how worthless you are.

    2. Ha ha couldn't say it any better myself

  5. With all the hype about diversity being touted we should be ARMPIT deep in UTOPIA by now, but empty promises from elitists about multiculturalism have left our schools, cities, and society in ruins.

    The media has created an illusion that A...frican Americans are the ones who will return your lost dog, hand you your wallet when you drop it, and are so cool compared to nerdy White people. It is on about every commercial now in case you have not noticed. It is NOT the "All-State" man you will find in Americas ruins.

    As important as not playing with fire or looking both ways to cross the street; parents should be teaching their children to ALWAYS stay away from African Americans.

    Keeping your kids alive is far more important than being told you’re a racist, bigot or not Christian for avoiding multicultural enrichment.

    Innocent, unsuspecting, and hopelessly naive Whites are mugged, raped and murdered each day. The African Americans are becoming much more violent each year. Law Enforcement seems to insure the criminals' rights are upheld far more than arresting obvious criminals. Think about your loved ones; Death is a high price to pay for an incorrect assessment of Black Crime.

    In conclusion; the tsunami of violent crime in our cities, schools, and society gives tremendous credibility to those who first opposed integration.

  6. It is widely known that the black male has no moral values. No inner demeanor. A shiftless and lazy character, he drifts from pillar-to-post. Home is where he hangs his hat. He cannot compete in a white man's world so consequently, any self-pride he might otherwise have is about as relevant to him as his unused work boots. The hopeless product of a 400 year new-world reality check and a bottle of Thunderbird wine.. Hopeless in a white man's world. Hopeless....

  7. God damn the negro race.

  8. Despite being only 14% of the population, these savages still manage to have a much higher interracial murder rate and interracial crime rate. Disgusting.

    1. And a $4 trillion spending habit. 2nd only to the white man. And we're not even united. Yet!!

  9. Is that all you got? Now let's count the number of blacks murdered by you cocks!

    1. There isn't ONE SINGLE sane white male/female who doesn't wish slavery never existed.. and for the sole reason that it brought the whining, squealing, helpless BULLY negro race to America - white people's constant, persistent MENACE. As for the black man whining and squealing about slavery...Umm, listen black man/ wouldn't be alive today without that stupid system created by stupid white people. Think about THAT

      White males were the ones that GIFTED the brillo-haired black man INTEGRATION in 1964. White males did it because the black man was pleading and begging. Oh how he wanted his integration. He called it his freedom, his dignity and even his very MANHOOD.

      Here were the problems -- The black man didn't build any industries, didn't built any cities, didn't build any residential housing for his people...and didn't create a single tax base EVER. Blacks, remember, were suppose to be a separate and self-reliant people. However, the black man wanted NOTHING to do with self reliance. He wanted a white man's nipple stuck in his mouth. The Black man pleaded and begged for his integration - the white man's nipple - and he got exactly what he begged and pleaded for. Blacks are the only people in human history to EVER beg to be integrated into another people society. Blacks are also the only people in history to have NEVER achieved self-reliance as a people

      What did the the white man get from blackcs in this first-ever forced integration system his lawmakers forced on him? ...He got RAPES, ROBBERIES, MURDERS, MASSACRES, PUBLIC ABDUCTIONS, INSULTS and DISRESPECTFUL BEHAVIOR....No people in human history EVER just sat back and taken what the black man has dished out to innocent white people since the black man got his cherished integration.

      White people MUST end this forced integration system. It's time to CUT the black man off from the white community and the white tax base. The black man, despite what he believes,doesn't have a GOD GIVEN RIGHT to forced integration! LOOK AT ALL THE VICTIMS! LOOK at em all! It's the black man HALL OF SHAME! What more needs to added to the list here to convince white people to END this forced integration nonsense?!

    2. When will white people ever take responsibility for the atrocities that they have committed to the african american race? Its deplorable that such ignorance belongs to such an intelligent race. For centuries, the white race has profited off the backs of the black race, even to this day. With the prison industrial complex imprisoning our black males for minor drug possession charges, the same crimes white people get away with, to essentially work for free on building projects, freeway cleanup, work contracts that inmates receives pennies on the dollar to perform. The state government purposefully underfunding our schools, while we are also taxpayers. The appropriation of our culture and music as if you were the creators, to only be disrespected in the first place for creating it. Listen, i'm not on here to act like the smartest individual in the world, but from what i've gathered, being a first generation haitian-american, your people in the legislature, in congress have been fucking over the black experience for a very long time. In the heart of hearts of the black experience, integration was not the ideal situation for better race relations, better income equality, or even miscegenation of white women (lol). It was essentially to protect themselves from droves of roaming drunk white men who would terrorize, menace, destroy and victimize, and fracture the black race. Since the end of slavery, segregation has always been the priority of the black experience. Not to rise up and conquer but to prove we were equal as men and women. At the end of slavery in 1865, the black race put men in congress, worked to buy land to raise families, build stores, to build an economy. For the next 20-25yrs, white people saw the success of economically strong black neighborhood, towns, and cities. Some better than where the whites lived. And became scared, jealous, and vengeful. You see white people, you're a very duplicitous race. You'll do whatever it takes to get what you want or you'll destroy it. That's just how your mindset is. Where other races would like to work together to attain a certain goal, it can't happen, bc white people have spent billions upon billions to keep everyone separated, bc you want all the power in the world. digressing! So they put into legislation measures to make it harder for blacks to become senators, or congressmen, etc. From 1890's to 1920's, way before black on white crimes, it was illegal for a black man to be on the street. if he didn't have a work permit, or a reason to be outside his house, he would be arrested, locked away for god knows how long (supposedly 30-60days, but who really knows). Imagine that, i could be thirsty, go to the store and get to drink and never make it back home, bc i didn't have a work permit. LOL. How fucking ludicrous?! And there was no such thing as black on white crimes back then. There are evidence of successful black neighborhood, town and cities from 1890's to 1964, in new york, chicago, ohio, michigan, oklahoma, tennessee, pretty much wherever there is a black populace. But there's also evidence of white people destroying those neighborhoods, by being drunk, or politicians conspiring together with fbi, to introduce drugs into them. just do your research and you'll find out. The white has essentially made the black experience dependent on the gov't to protect them from you. And when these black youths, the new black generations learn of it, and they do, whether through education or word of mouth, and its coupled with the institutionalization of racism, its pisses a motherfucker off. And i'm just broad stroking, don't have time for a complete history lesson. If you were taking or destroying our shit, it's very possible that we would have a very cooperative relationship with each other. But ask yourselves, is that really what you want? to be continued.....

    3. Paragraphs! Paragraphs!

      A wall of text does nothing; it makes someone dismiss you as easily as throwing a used Kleenex in the trash.

    4. Anon... excuse me however you need to do some real history research. Whites didn't bring you here. The Jews owned the slave ships and the blacks of other tribes kidnapped other blacks for the journey.. It was slave trade, and whites were also subjected to this treatment in the factories. Blacks have used machetes to slaughter other tribes of blacks so stop your whining and be objective. We have given you the chance to be in positions that matter and your kind basically cannot handle responsibility, you only want the white hand to feed you. I agree with the statement above... tissue in the trash. It is quite obvious based on behavior alone that black behavior is a kin to the jackal. If you don't like the facts of your race, do something to change it. If you want peace, you better end all the killing and racism you people have and demonstrate daily across America.

  10. The War on Whites is nothing new. Its been going on for
    about 1400 years now.

    After the death of Mohammad in 632 the Caliphates began.
    Arabic-negroid militias soon thereafter invaded Spain
    (white people) effectively conquering the entire nation.
    The citizens were killed and enslaved with women and
    children placed into harems (raped). The Africans
    proceeded to do the same in France. In 732 the French
    pulled together and defeated the non-European invaders
    and turned the tide of the invasion. But battles would
    continue until the battle of Granada in 1492.

    When the Africans figured out ship-building they turned
    to committing attacks against the European coastal areas.
    Eventually reaching areas as far north as Ireland. The purpose
    of the attacks was to take slaves back to Africa were males
    would be enslaved and women and girls would be placed in
    harems (forced prostitution, rape). All before the American
    slave trade even began. Over a million Europeans were
    subjected to this. Entire European coastal areas remained
    vacant for decades in fear of these "Turks" or "Corsairs."
    The Barbary piracy and white slavery would finally (start to)
    come to an end in 1830 with the French victory at the Battle
    of Algiers (yes, again the French, freedom fries anyone?).

    Just a few months ago it was revealed that 1400 girls were
    in Rotherham, England, were raped by Arabs. Do whites ever
    learn? The European race needs a slogan:

    Never again.

  11. raise money and lets build a 40 foot wall with pics n stories out of wood if need be, SO we can have monthly vigils and concerts etc. CHECK WITH WWW.NEWNATION.ORG FILES

  12. Have to a white guy i am absolutely appalled at the level of violence white people have tolerated from blacks. I agree with the author of this site - blacks are a BULLy race. WHAT can be done?

  13. Do you count white police killing unarmed blacks as white on black crime?

  14. This is just funny just look at the wording that goes with each photo and you can tell the person writing this is wearing a sheet. Any of the black people convicted in the 70s or before you can just count them as a white person because 9 out of 10 that's who did it and we know who usually paid for it. Like the 14 yr old in 1944 he was not allowed a lawer, to speak to his parents or a fair trial and a white man confessed to it years later. I think I saw the so called victims of Reuben (Hurricane) Carter in there and you wrote killed by 2 black males and we all know the end if that story. I will admit some of them were true and because they were black they got what anybody of any color should get for there crimes. But when you look at the part where you write "her lazy unemployed black boyfriend" as opposed to "her down on his luck out of work white boyfriend" it's kind of easy to see what you are aiming at. And then you have less than 10 white on black crimes less than 10 ??? You can see more than 10 on saturday morning in one city in any state, and throughout all of american history you can only find less than 10 just google lynching and you already have 3X your black on white hell just try lynching in the 90s and you'll have too many. And while you're at it just to be fair throw in some stereotypical redneck quotes under the white on black crimes just to be fair.

    1. QUOTE: "This is just funny just look at the wording that goes with each photo and you can tell the person writing this is wearing a sheet. Any of the black people convicted in the 70s or before you can just count them as a white person because 9 out of 10 that's who did it and we know who usually paid for it. ""

      Denying white victims of black violence is part of the Black Supremacy Doctrine.

      Ergo, the anonymous black male who posted the above is a black supremacist.

      There's also a link at the top of this pg>>> to black images of white crimes. Note the vast difference.

      "lazy, unemployed black black boyfriend" LOL.
      When you murder an elderly white woman, mr. black male so you can move into her house and also try to claim all her belongings,calling him lazy is being pretty nice. He's actually an EVIL and WORTHLESS human bing .

  15. White people are so bad that they freed the blacks from slavery, invited them to live among whites, and continued to feed and house them for hundreds of years later.

    Those blacks that decided to not live among whites went on to build their own countries and societies, these nations are called Haiti and Jamaica, beacons to black advancement and ingenuity.
    Nigro please!
    Can ANYONE give me an example of a prosperous black country?

  16. dont forget o.j. simpson & colin ferguson the long island railroad massacare.
    also a recent murder of ana charle a social worker in the bronx,ny

  17. The despicable black will never be the equal of any other race as they are simply not human, I believe that we share a common ancestor but that's as far as it goes.
    The differences between us are astounding, they bring nothing of any value to our society, they are outdated farm equipment and it has been proven that they can't be trained to do anything else. They are becoming hated more and more each day as they continue stealing, murdering, raping and generally making everyone else's lives miserable. The solution is segregation or deportation to Africa, maybe they'll be able to make it there but I wouldn't hold my breath.

  18. Bigotry and hatred exists in many races, cultures, religions, etc. I say the only way to deal with these people is to punish them severely-leave a lasting mark on these motherfuckers so that future offenders will think twice!

  19. Well I don't ever remember race relations being THIS bad in all my life and I was born in 1965. Born to very liberal parents, I was always taught how whites brutalized blacks, and I believed it my entire life. One day about 10 years ago I started reading ;some blogs that not only didn't apologize for being white but they openly focused on being proud of being white, which I couldn't fathom - what SHOCKING white supremacist bastards would ever say such things?? Soon I started to read some of the content - sure that I would find anti-black hatred so strong telling people they should join the KKK and harm blacks and other non-whites. I found NONE, NOTHING, NADA - of that stuff that is bandied around about "white supremacist klan members" because nobody writes any of that type of garbage. The truth is what they write - the truth which is that blacks are treated as well and indeed BETTER than any people in this country and that rape and murder is their pastime, a hobby with them. Whites have been brainwashed but no more, the whites are coming out of it and waking up looking around in a haze. They are starting to understand they've been HAD and the media (Jews) have used black and white race relations as a tool to stir the pot in the USA over the past 50 years the time it's taken them to destroy the country and take over completely all the nations prosperity to have the young die in wars for Israel and the banks to suck dry. Well, white people are pretty angry and disgusted IMO, I hear a lot of people talking and it's very different things from what they were saying 10 and 20 years ago.

  20. Blacks are a curse on western civilzation.Look at all these black on white crimes since intergration. They wanted intergration to get next to the white woman. Jews brought these blacks savages on their jew own ships to destroy white anglo/saxon christian culture.