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Black Male Massacres - White Victims

The "Massacres" listed below contain white victims (three or more) since 1964 who've been victimized in a single criminal incident by a black male(s). I've also included incidents where two white people were murdered and/or there was an attempted murder of two or more.

The PROUD CREATOR  ... of forced integration

He had To Know what 
the consequences would be if  'forced' racial
 became a legal reality!
NOTE:  Prior to 1964 (Civil Rights Act), there are quite a few incidents of Massacres committed by blacks against innocent white people, but nowhere near the level committed after the 1964 Civil Rights Act.

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NOTE: In my extensive research on inter-racial crimes from 1900 to the present, I have not found ONE case of a black family massacred by white males, nor have I found ONE case where white males invaded a black-owned business or a black home and committed mass murder. 

 * NEW * Black Males' Historic Crime Rates In America

Las Vegas, NV, Aug. 13, 1998

    Home Invasion - Young White Males Massacred 

On the evening of Aug. 13, 1998, three black male teens strolled onto a property and approached a young white male who was in his front yard, claiming they just wanted to ask him a question.  One of the black males, Donte Johnson,  then pulled a gun and ordered the white male into his house.  Inside the house were three other young white males. At gunpoint they were all forced to lie on the ground ... and their hands and legs were duct taped. Donte Johnson then put a bullet into each of their heads (Johnson later bragged about the sounds they made while they were dying and how the blood came spurting from their heads when he shot them).

Convicted Murderers:
Donte Johnson, 19
Terrell Young
Sikia Smith

Matthew Mowen, 19 
Jeffrey Biddle, 19 
Tracey Gorringe, 20
Peter Talamantez, 20
2014   Detroit, MI

                              'Fair Housing Act' Atrocity

Home Invasion -  Family Massacred - Three White Males (Father & His Two Sons) Tortured For Hours - Knifed To Death (One By One) Bodies Burned 

"“The nature of the wounds were horrific, all three victims were stabbed multiple times,” said Detroit Police Sgt. Michael Woody in a news release. “In addition, the fire had been obviously set to cover up what turned out to be a brutal murder in an attempt to destroy potential evidence.”

Woody said the victims were tortured."

NOTE: Case yet to be prosecuted. Also, there is no death penalty in Michigan. Max these guys can get is life.

Blacks Arrested For Mass Murder:
Tenisha Jackson,19 
Rashawn Johnson,19 
Keeshon Lake, 19
Larry Johnson, 20

 Lawrence Bowman, 51 (w/m --tortured, stabbed multiple times, shot in the head - burned)
Nicholas Bowman, 26 (w/m --tortured, stabbed multiple times, burned)
Michael Hoots, 24 (w/m --tortured, stabbed multiple times, burned)


Ohio, June 27, 1991

Workplace Slaughter 

Black male returns to former employer and guns down former co-workers

A black male, who was fired for theft, returned to the business and gunned down three former co-workers. 

Roderick Davie, 19

Tracey Jefferys, 21 (w/f - beaten to death with a chair)
John Ira Coleman, 38 (b/m - shot in the head)
William John Everett (w/m - survived with a gun shot to the head and two other gun shots to the body)

Note: Black male Davie likely would have killed more innocent people had he not run out of bullets.
May 10, 2001 NYC

Blacks Arrested and Convicted:
Joseph Sean Salley, 29
 Andre S. Smith. 30

White Victims:
Jennifer Stahl, 39 (deceased - actress)
Charles Helliwell III, 36 (deceased
Stephen King, 32 (deceased)
Rosemond Dane, 36 (shot in the head- survived)
 Anthony Veader (shot in the head- survived)

Note: Jennifer knew black male Scully and he obviously used that relationship to set up the home invasion/ murder.  Jennifer apparently sold marijuana out of her apartment, and in that capacity met  Joseph Scully.
Manchester, Conn., July 2010 

Workplace Massacre 

Omar Thornton, a racist 'angry' black male,  angry he was working for a company created by white males, angry it was run by white males and angry almost all the employees were white.  Thornton was caught stealing and was fired by a white male, which pushed  the angry racist black man over the edge. As Thornton was being escorted from the plant, he pulled a gun and then assassinated eight unarmed white males.

* Bryan Cirigliano, 51 
* Francis Fazio Jr., 57
* Douglas Scruton, 56
* Edwin Kennison, 49
* William Ackerman, 51
* Craig Pepin, 60
* Louis Felder Jr. 50
* Victor James, 61

Two white people survived. Many of those who died, according to police, died with multiple gunshot wounds.
Bethel, NC, 1983

Two Slaughtered In Business Robbery
A black male  Harvey Lee Green, 33,  murdered two white people (bludgeoning both with a knife) during a store robbery.

Sheila Bland, 17
John Edmundson, 33

West Baltimore, Maryland, April 2006

Walk-Up THRILL KILL - White Couple Dead

A black male, Davon Temple, 17… gunned down two innocent white people for no other reason than they were “there”.

"On April 23, 2006 Jennifer Morelock, a pregnant 25-year-old Caucasian woman, and Jason Woycio, a 29-year-old Caucasian man, pulled into the 2500 block of Arunah Avenue in West Baltimore in a red Pontiac Grand Am. While they were there, a person walked up to the car and shot them repeatedly. Davon Temple, a then-17 African-American male, was arrested for their murders five days later. But on June 7, 2006, all charges against him were dropped. According to charging documents, Temple had a text message on his phone that said "I killed 2 white people around my way 2day & 1 of them was a woman.""

* Jennifer Morelock, 25 (pregnant)
* Jason Woycio, 29

Refugio, TX, June, 6, 1997

Good Samaritan Mother Offers To Help Two Black Males -  They Murder White Female & Her Son

                                                 Jermaine Herron                                                 
Derrick Frazier 

Two black males, Derrick Wayne Frazier, 20, Jermaine Herron, 18,…were looking for a white family’s home to rob.  Apparently, the plan also involved killing the occupants of the home. The predators settled on a home occupied by a white female and her teenage son.

  When Frazier and Herron knocked on the front door an adult white female answered. The youths told her they had car trouble and asked if she could give them a ride into town. She agreed, but first invited them in for some food and drink. After the food and drink the female and the black males left the house to go to her vehicle. However, the black males then lured the white female back into the house … then gunned her down along with her teenage son. 

* Cody Nutt, 15
* Betsy Nutt, 41

Note: Jerry Nutt found the bodies of his wife and son when he arrived home from work.
Nov. 10, 1978

Home Invasion - Attempted Massacre Of Entire Family

Two black males, Aaron Lee Jones, 26 (executed), Arthur Lee Giles, 19 (still on death row), … as part of a robbery scheme, broke into the home of Jones’ employer, Carl Nelson. When they located Mr. and Mrs. Nelson, they were both beaten and stabbed multiple times. The two black males then went after the rest of the family - three children and a grandmother. All of them were also stabbed multiple times.

* Carl Nelson
* Willene Nelson
* Charlie Nelson, 10 (survived with multiple stab wounds)
* Tony Nelson, 21 (survived with multiple stab wounds)
* Brenda Nelson, 13 (survived with multiple stab wounds)
Grenada County, Miss., Nov. 9, 1982

Armed Robbery Massacre

Two black males; Danny Ray Wofford, James Mhoon, 16,…walked into a convenience store,  drew a gun and demanded money.  After receiving money from the cash register,  three [white] adults were forced to a back room and told to lie face down on the ground, then each one shot was sot in the head (imagine being the third person waiting for your bullet in the head)

* William Denton Lawson (w/m)
* Betty Lawson (w/f)
* Charles Kenwright (w/m)

Note: Two black males stayed in the car during the crime (Keith Gibson, Leroy Gibson).

Virginia, , Nov. 1993

Ambushed In Their Home - Husband & Wife Murdered
A black male, Mark A. Sheppard, 21, …murdered two white people in their home. Apparently, Sheppard represented himself as a person who could acquire a small amount of cocaine for the two white people, so they invited him in. Once inside, Sheppard gunned the two down ... and then burglarized the home.


* Richard A. Rosenbluth
* Rebecca W. Rosenbluth

Note: I don’t really like drug deals, however, since two were killed here I decided to include it.

Kirkwood, Missouri, Feb. 7 2008

Racially Motivated Massacre
A black male racist, Charles Lee "Cookie" Thornton, 52,…calmly strolled up to a white police officer,  pulled a gun and shot him in the head. Thornton  then shot five more white people in a planned racially motivated massacre.  Apparently, Thornton was mad about zoning ordinances for his businesses and thought he was being singled out - by  white people - because he was black.

* Tom Ballman, 37, police officer, killed
* Kenneth Yost, 61, public works director, killed
* Mike Swaboda, 69, mayor, wounded 
* Michael H.T. Lynch, 63, council member, killed
* Connie Karr, 51, council member, killed
* Todd Smith, 36, reporter, released from hospital
* William Biggs, 50, police officer, killed
Tulsa, Ok., Aug. 25, 2005 

Massacre Of White Family

Two black males,Clarence Goode Jr., 31 (28 at time of slaughter), Kenneth D. Johnson, 26,…broke into the home of a white family, then slaughtered them.

* Kayla Burchett, 10
* Tara Burchett -Thompson, 25
* Mitch Thompson, 28
Note: In my research,  I could not find ONE black family massacred by a white male (s) over the last 100 years.
Warwick, R.I. 1987

Teen Serial Killer 

A black male (13 years-old when he committed his first kill of a white person), Craig Price, 15,…murdered a white mother of two. Price then waited two years (police are not sure whether he committed violent crimes against other innocent white females over this two year period) before he struck at another white family. This time he slaughtered a woman and her two children.

* Rebecca Spencer, 27
* Joan Heaton, 39
* Jennifer,10
* Melissa, 8

Note: Craig Price still remains in prison, but believes he should be set free since the murders happened while he was a juvenile. He claims he is still imprisoned because of white racism.
Knoxville, Tenn. 2007

Kidnapping - Torture - Rape - Inhumane Cruelty 

Four black males and a black female,
Eric DeWayne Boyd, 34 (found guilty of accessory after the fact, carjacking)
Demaricus Davidson, 25
George Geovonni Thomas, 27
Letalvis Cobbins, 24
Vanessa Coleman (accessory after the fact)

…kidnapped, raped and tortured - over two days - and then murdered two young white people.

* Christopher Newsom, 23
* Channon Christian, 21

Note: If you have the stomach and would like to know the gruesome details of how these black males made these two innocent white people suffer, here is the link to the details:

Rusk, TX, Sept. 2 , 2002

Armed Robbery - Three Gunned Down
A black male and a white male, Beunka Adams, 19, Richard Cobb, 18 (w/m),…walked into a business and committed armed robbery. After money was received from the cash register, three white people were kidnapped (two females and a male). One of the girls was raped by Adams. After the rape all three made to kneel down and then shot in the head.

* Candice Driver, 25 (survived)
* Nikki Ansley Dement, 21 (survived)
* Kenneth Wayne Vandever, 37

 Dallas, TX, April 4, 1994

Armed Robbery - Two Gunned Down 

A black male  Leon David Dorsey IV, 32,  barged into a Blockbuster Video store and demanded cash from the register. After  receiving the money ...he gunned down two white male employees. The black male’s take in the robbery was around $200.00.

James Armstrong, 26
Brad Lindsey, 20
------------------# 16
Richmond, VA, Jan. 1, 2006

Home Invasion - White Family Massacred

Two black males, Ricky Javon Gray,  Ray Joseph Dandridge…carried out two racist attacks on white people on December 31, 2005.

ATTACK #1::  Without provocation they attacked a white male (identity unknown) early in the evening. Miraculously, he was able to survive multiple knife wounds, though he remained in a coma for two weeks. The innocent victim would also discover later that he would permanently lose the use of his right arm.

ATTACK #2:: Around midnight on this same night, these same two black males then went to the home of a white family. They broke in, then, at gunpoint gathered the entire family  (husband, wife and two young daughters) and marched them - terrified, you can imagine - into the basement and then bound them with duct tape. All their throats were then slit, the adult white male being left for last, apparently so he could witness the slaughter of his family. The innocent white people massacred are:

* Brian Harvey,49
* Kathryn Harvey, 39
* Ruby, 4
* Stella, 9

Note: These two black males had previously struck at another white female, a mother of three, on Dec. 18, 2005. It was a home invasion and the a white female was shot three times in the head then they hung. The innocent white female victim is:

* Sheryl Warner, 37
Michigan & Texas , May 1978-1983

Civil Rights Atrocities!

Thrill Killer ... Who Used Civil Rights Laws To Murder White Females 

Houston police finally caught up with the monster,  mass murderer of white females, Coral Eugene Watts. He's believed to have murdered 26, possibly more than 80, white females, mainly in Texas and Michigan. 
Coral Eugene Watts, in 1983, was caught in the act of attempting to murder two white females in their apartment. Racist Watts’ usual MO was to follow a white female to her home and, if or when he determined the coast was clear, would leap from his car, charge up to the female with a knife in his hand, then bludgeon her to death on or inside her property.   Watts would then quickly flee the scene. 

Oddly, there were no rape attempts by Watts. He seemed to be driven by just pure HATE for white females.  

Too many dead white females to list them all here. However, here are some of Watts' white victims::

  From left to right:
* Linda Tilley * Anna Ledet * Helen Dutcher * Margaret Fossi
* Elena Semander * Emily LaQua * Elizabeth Montgomery * Jeanne Clyne
* Suzi Wolfe * Michele Maday

* Black male Watts admitted to killing 13 white females

Jeanne Clyne, 44, & how she died: On Halloween 1979, Watts decided to go driving around a white community near Detroit (Gross Pointe Farms - 99% white in 1979) looking for a white female to ram with his 14-inch screwdriver. He noticed a white female, 44-year-old Jeanne Clyne (former food writer for Detroit News), walking on the sidewalk.  Watts exited his car, ran up to her from behind ... and simply plunged his screwdriver into her back. Black male Watts then fled, leaving Jeanne Clyne to die on the sidewalk.

* TOTAL number of black serial killers of white females prior to 1964? ZERO.  Also,  the total amount of compensation from the federal government  to all these victim's families ... is ZERO.  Remember, without forced integration ... all  of Coral watts'  white victims would be alive today.  

Poland, Louisiana, 1996

Home Invasion Massacre

A black male, Darrell Robinson, 20,…broke into the home of a white male and murdered four white people.

* Billy Lambert, 50 (w/m)
* Carol Hooper, 54 (w/f)
* Maureen Kelley, 37 (w/f)
* Nicholas Kelley, 10 months (w/m)

New Orleans, LA, March 4, 1995 

Armed Robbery - Massacre
A black female (female was New Orleans police officer), Antoinette Frank, 24 (on death row), and a black male,  Rogers LaCaze, 18…charged into a Vietnamese restaurant to rob and murder. The armed robbery/murder was planned by Frank.

* Ronald Williams  26 (w/m- married and father of two)
* Ha Vu
* Cuong Vu

Melrose Park, Ill., 2001

Work Place Massacre
A black male, William D. Baker, 66 (registered sex offender), …fired by his white employer (Navistar International) for being involved in a long term theft scheme, walked past a black female security officer and into his former place of employement. Once there,  Baker pulled out an assault rifle and began shooting, targeting specifically white people. Baker committed suicide the same day.

The Dead:
Robert E. Wehrheimer, 47 (w/m)
Michael Brus, 48, (w/m)
Daniel T. Dorsch, 52, (w/m)
William Garcia, 43, (h/m)


Carl S. Swanson, 45 (w/m, wounded in critical condition)
Matthew R. Kusch, 22 (w/m, wounded - non-critical)
Bryan W. Snyder, 26 (w/m, wounded, non-critical)
Mujtaba H. Aidroos, 24, (unknown race, wounded, in critical condition)

Note: Baker was employed at the company for over 40 years.
 Louisiana, KY, September 29, 1984 

“The Trinity Murders”

Male Rape

Two black males, George Wade, Victor Taylor, 24 (pic),… had a gun but no money and no transportation. They were hanging out in front of a gas station when two young white teenagers drove up and asked for directions. The two blacks told the teenagers they'd take them right to the place they were looking for if the kids could give them a ride to a place down the road. Unfortunately, the white boys allowed the black males into their car. The two boys were later found stripped naked and shot to death. One of the boys had been sodomized by Taylor.

* Scott Christopher Nelson, 17
* Richard David Stephenson, 17

Oakland, CA , 1985

Killing Spree Results In Five Dead
"McKnight... is already serving a 63-year term in state prison because he was convicted in August 1987 of 11 felony counts, including attempted murder, mayhem, kidnapping and forced oral copulation, for attacks on six prostitutes between 1984 and his arrest in January 1986."

While in prison for his crimes committed in 1985, DNA taken from Anthony McKnight, 54-years-old in 2008,  then connected him to five more rapes and murders in the Oakland area.

* Betty Lynn Stuart, 22
* Diane Stone, 17
* Talita Dixon, 13
* Monique Franchone Davis, 18
* Beverly Ann Bryant, 24

Note: Some of these victims could be black. 
Torrance County, CA, April 17, 1999 & June 2000

 Killing Spree Results In Three Dead

A black male, Barry Wendell Mosley, 40 …raped a woman who befriended him, then killed her. Mosley then raped her 8-year old daughter and tried to kill her. The black male had previously raped and murdered two other people.

* Shirley Austin, 54
* Bessie “Mooney” Carter, 17
* Adrienne Reed, 29

** Reed’s 8-year-old girl was raped by Mosley, however, survive a murder attempt.

Note: Victims may be black.
Navarro County, TX, May 13, 1988

Home Invasion - Two Dead

Gary Lynn Sterling, 20, broke into the home of an elderly white male, abducted him and a white female at gunpoint, took them to a secluded spot, then beat them to death.

* John W. Carty, 72 (w/m)
* Deloris June Smith, 52 (w/f)

Palestine, TX, Sept. 25, 1992

White People Targeted -  Two Dead

A black male Kelsey Patterson, 38 , shot five white people for no apparent reason. He simply pulled out a gun, walked up to them and shot them. Two died.

* Louis Oates, 61
* Dorothy Harris, 41
*  Richard Lane (survived - shot in 1980)

* Kevin Hughes (survived - shot in 1983)

Note: There is no "legal" way that I can think of for white people to protect themselves from this kind of racial hate.
Texas, July 31, 1993

Home Invasion - Two Slaughtered
A black male  Bobby Ray Hopkins, 26, broke into the home of two young white females and murdered them - each white female had more than 40 stab wounds. No motive.

* Jennifer Westin, 19
* Sandi Marbut, 18
Riverside County, CA, July 29, 1999; July 31, 2000

 Home Invasion - Two Slaughtered

A black male, Javier William Victorianne, 22, …raped and murdered two white females. Both were hung.

* Maria “Lisa” Boyd, 37
* Amanda Hoffman, 16
San Antonio, TX, March 31, 1979

Home Invasion (Hotel Room) - Two Slaughtered 
A black male Miguel Richardson,24,…was in a white community attempting to break into a [Holiday Inn] hotel room occupied by white females when he was discovered by two white male security officers. Unfortunately, the two guards didn’t check the black man for weapons, and paid the price. As the black man was being escorted to the security office, he pulled his concealed handgun and, while the two white males pleaded not to be shot, killed both with gunshots to the head.

* John G. Ebbert (w/m)
* Howard Powers (w/m)
Aug, 30, 1986

Home Invasion - Two  Slaughtered

 The Elderly White Couple Lived In A Home Across The Street From A Black Male

A black male Brian Keith Roberson, 22, walked across teh street from his home to his neighbor's home, broke into the home, which was occupied by an elderly white couple, the knifed the elderly couple to death. He then then ransacked the house for valuable.

* James Louis Boots, 79
* Lillian Boots, 75
 Texas, May, 5, 1981

Long Crime Spree Culminates In Armed Robbery - Murder 

Gary Lee Graham, 17, Goes On A Rape, Robbery, Murder Spree - Finally Caught.

* Bobby Grant Lambert,53
March, 27, 1991

 Ambush Murder - Armed Robbery
A white male fired a black male for poor performance (he did try to help the black male get another job). The black male Feltus Taylor, 29, returned to the business with a gun and ordered a white female and white male (the one who fired him) to get on their knees.  Both were then shot in the head.

* Donna Pansano, 31
* Kieth Clark (survived though suffered permanent paralysis and brain damage)
Dec. 2, 1983

Home Invasion - Two Slaughtered
A black male,  Pernell Ford, 18,  broke into the home of a white woman and brutally murdered mother and daughter. Ford then ransacked the home looking for valuables. Once he got all he could carry, Ford stuffed his stolen merchandise into the victim's car and fled. He was caught the next day when he was pulled over for speeding.

* Willie C. Griffith,74
* Linda Gail Griffith, 42
Mount Vernon, Ala., Dec. 12, 1977

Armed Robbery - Two Slaughtered

Four black males,
Freddie Lee Wright, 26
Roger McQueen
Percy Craig
Reginald Tinsley,

 ...broke into a white male’s business intending to commit armed robbery.  When the black males received money from the cash register they then marched a white male and female (husband and wife) to a back room, tied them up, then shot both of them in the head. Police claim Wright was the triggerman.

* Warren Green, 40
* Lois Green, 37
Remember, all these victims here would be alive today without the existence of the federal government's experimental political and economic system of forced integration - launched in 1964.

MONSTER On The Loose - Finally apprehended...

A black male: Franklin DeWayne Alix, 22, over a six month period confessed to the following:

--four murders 
--two attempted murders 
--eight aggravated robberies 
--two aggravated sexual assaults 
--four aggravated kidnappings

Racial identity of most victims unknown
Channelview, TX, May, 1991

  Home Invasion - Armed Robbery - Two White People Gunned Down
A black male,  Eugene Broxton, 36 , as part of a robbery scheme, posed as a motel maintenance worker and knocked on a motel room door occupied by a white couple. When the white coupled allowed Broxton into their room, he produced a gun and shot both of them in the head. Motive was robbery.

* Waylon Dockons (survived)
* Sheila Dockons (deceased)

Note:  Broxton was charged with four other homicides over a four month period. Race of victims unknown.
Houston, TX, June 1991

Armed Robbery - Rape - Murder

Made A White Male Beg For His Life ... Then Executed Him

A black male teen Randolph Greer, 18, armed with a gun, raped and sodomized numerous white women.  This sadistic youth, who never held a regular job, made his entire living pointing a gun in the face of white people and demanding money; and forcing white females to submit to a rape.

* Walter Chmeil, 47

* MUST READ! Numerous other crimes committed by this guy, including murders and rapes, can be found by clicking HERE

Note: An accomplice to many of  Greer's crimes against innocent white people was black male Donald Chambers.
Wood County, Ohio , August 8, 2007

Black Male Slaughters Two
A White Male Fires Black Male, Black Male Murders Him

A black male, Calvin Neyland, Jr. …was given a job by a white male then turned on him when the white male determined he (Neyland) was not a good employee and fired him. Neyland gunned down his white employer and a white male security officer.

 Victim:: :
* Douglas Smith, 44
* Thomas Lazar, 58

Dec. 6. 2012 Arkadelphia, Ark.

'Fair Housing Act' Brutal Family Massacre         
 A career criminal, Riakos Lizana, broke into a family's home and murdered everyone (father, two young children), expect a baby, inside the home. The mother escaped a certain death by being out of the home running an errand.

Bobby Jean Galbraith, 40, (stepfather)
Adiele Crutchfield, 6
Marley Crutchfield,4


Tulsa County, Oklahoma, August 31, 1999

Carjacking - Two Slaughtered

Two black males, Victor Cornell Miller, 36, George John Hanson…carjacked an elderly white female, took her to a secluded location to kill her, but was spotted by another white male. The two blacks decided to kill the white male and female. UPDATE: Both black males, career criminals, are serving LWOP.

"Prosecutors maintained Miller shot Thurman before Miller’s accomplice, John Fitzgerald Hanson, shot Bowles."

* Mary Agnes Bowles, 77
* Jerald Thurman, 44
 Oakland, CA, March 21, 2009

Racism - White Police Officers Gunned Down
A racist black man and career criminal, Lovelle Mixon, 27…was pulled over for a traffic violation. Apparently when he became aware the officer pulling him over was white, he leaped from his car and began firing at the officer.  More police then showed up at the scene. When it was all over ... four innocent white police officers were dead - and so was Mixon.

* Sgt. Mark Dunakine
* Officer John Hege
* Sgt. Ervin Romans
* Daniel Sakai
N. Carolina & S. Carolina, 2002 -2004

“Hello. This is Quincy Allen, AKA Weird Man, AKA Serial Killer ... Around 3:45 yesterday morning, I tried to kill someone in Finlay Park.”
Serial Murderer

A black male, Quincy Javon ALLEN, 24 ..murdered the following people:

* Jedediah Harr, 22
* Dale Evonne Hall, 45
* Robert Shane Roush, 29
* James White, 51 (survived)
Two others whose names are unknown

Note: Allen is currently on row in S. Carolina.

 Indianapolis, Ind. 1974, paroled in 1985, rearrested in 1987

 Serial Killer Of White Females
A black male, Howard Arthur Allen, 25 (when murder spree began)…liked to invade the home of elderly white female, beat them, then murder them. He would then burglarize the premises. Note;

* Opal Cooper, 85
* Ernestine Griffin, 73 (w/f)
* Laverne Hale, 87
* Beaten elderly white female left for dead, but survived

Castleton, Ind., Nov. 16, 1989

Armed Robbery  By Ex-Employee - Three Gunned Down

A black male, Eric D. Holmes, 21…fired by his white employer, Holmes decided he was going to get even. He solicited the help of another black male (Michael Vance), and waited until the business closed. When Holmes saw  three employees walking toward their cars,  he and his accomplice charged up to them and Holmes, without warning or provocation , gunned all three down

* Charles Ervin, 30
* Theresa Blosl , 20
* Amy Foshee - survived



Crimes spanned six Midwestern states (Illinois, Wisconsin, Michigan, Indiana, Kentucky and Ohio) in 1984

 Husband & Wife Targeted For Murder In Crime Spree

A black male and his black female accomplice, Alton Coleman. Debra Denise Brown…committed seven murders - five were black and two were white. The white victims below (husband & wife) allowed the two blacks into their home...where they were subsequently ambushed.

* Marlene Walters, 44  (pic - deceased)
* Mr. Walters (miraculously survived )
Portage and Gary Ind. December 13 & 15, 1990

Serial Murderer Of White People - THRILL KILLS

A black male, Christoipher Peterson, 21,… committed armed robberies against businesses, then would murder whoever was working at the business at the time of his robbery. Peterson's murder weapon of choice was a .12 gauge saw-off shotgun.

* George Balovsky, 66
* Eli Balovsky, 60
* Marie Meitzler, 48

 Indianapolis, Ind. September 14, 2000

'Fair Housing Act' Home Invasion Massacre

Three black males, Phillip Stroud, 22 (pictured - ringleader),  Ronald Carter, Wade Seabrooks…went to an upscale white neighborhood for the purpose of committing a home invasion burglary. At gunpoint,  three white males were herded into a backyard shed, then duct-taped and then executed.

 Victims:: :
* Wayne Shumaker, 59 
* Corby Myers , 30
* Lynn Ganger, 54

Evansville, Ind. May 27, 1993

Public Ambush -  Two Slaughtered
A racist black male, Vincent Prowell, 29, … was observing a young white male and his girlfriend as they were approaching their car. Apparently, the young white male gave the gawking Prowell a suspicious look, which he took exception to. When the couple got into their car, racist Prowell raced up to the driver-side door then gunned them down.  As Prowell's fled he deliberately ran over the body of teh white male.

* Chris Fillbright, 22
* Denise Powers, 22

Note: Prowell was sentenced to death row in 1994. He then received a commutation of his sentence to life without parole.
Dallas, TX, July 8, 2002,

Armed Robbery - Two Slaughtered

Two black males (cousins), Kirk Edwards ,32, Terry Edwards, 28 (cousin),…walked into a small business, robbed it , then gunned down two innocent white people. Edward was a former employee at the business.

* Tommy Walker, 34,
* Mickell Goodwin, 26
Garland, TX, June 18, 2008

Armed Robbery - Pocket Change  Murder
“One of the best spots is Garland because that’s where all the rich, white people stay at.”
(Quote form Broadnax after his arrest)

Two black males racists, James Broadnax, 19 Demarius Cummings, 19…went to Garland for the purpose of robbing white people. Two white males - who earned honest livings and never victimized anyone - where gunned down for money and a car.

* Matthew Butler, 28
* Stephen Swan, 26

MUST SEE VIDEO: Interview with black male murderer Broadnax.

NOTE: VIDEO HAS BEEN PULLED BY FOX. There must have been a lot of of hits on it. It was a very SICK video of black male Broadax (WOW, what a fiendish looking guy he is - currently residing on TX death row ) and when asked by a Fox reporter about what he thought of his [white] victims, black male Broadax responded,  "Fuck em. Fuckem." 
Edna, TX Aug. 24, 2005

Home Invasion - Massacre

Two black males, Kersean Ramey, 21 LeJames Norman, 21…broke into a home occupied by thre white people.  Once the black males gained entry they killed everyone inside. The victims are:

* Samuel Justin Roberts, 24
* Tiffani Marie Peacock, 18
* Celso Lopez, 38

 Savannah, Georgia, October 25, 2002

Home Invasion - White Family Massacre

A black male, DeAnthony Griffin, 27,…gunned down white family members (by shooting them in the head), stole some household items and then fled. Note; Despite the cold-blooded nature of teh white family massacre, Griffin received life in prison - instead of a well deserved death row sentence.

* David Cribbs, Sr., 48
* David Cribbs, Jr. 28 
* Ashley Cribbs, 18
Denver, CO, Dec. 14, 1993

Armed Robbery Massacre - Young White People
Nathan Dunlap, 21… a former employee of Chuck E Cheese (fired), decide he wanted to get even for being fired - and also score some easy money. The small detail about murdering five [white] people, didn't phase Dunlap. After closing time, Dunlap emerged from the men's restroom a pulled a gun. He first robbed the cash register. After Dunlap believed he had collected all the money he could, he gunned down five white people and then fled. Four of the five died.

White Victims;
* Margaret Kohlberg, 50,
* Colleen O'Connor, 17
* Sylvia Crowell, 20
* Benjamin Grant, 17
* Bobby Stevens, 20 (survived with gunshot wound to the jaw)

(Note their ages… Image being their parents.)
Pikeville, Maryland, 1983

Husband & Wife Gunned Down

Two Black males (career criminals) , Anthony Grandison, 33  Vernon Lee Evans, Jr., 34, ...were arrested for the murders of two white people. Grandison, who was a drug dealer, wanted to silence the two white people (husband and wife) because they were going to testify against him in a drug case (the two white people had nothing to do with the drug business).  Evans was hired by Grandison to do the killing.

* David Scott Piechowicz
* Susan Kennedy (was not Peichowicz’s wife)
 Prince George County, Maryland 1995

Home Invasion - Two Slaughtered

A black male, Heath William Burch, 25,…invaded the home of a elderly white couple for the purpose of committing a burglary. Once inside, Burch attacked the elderly white couple with a knife.

* Robert Davis, 72 (deceased) 
* Cleo Davis, 78 (deceased) 
Baltimore County, Maryland, May 19, 1983  

Home Invasion - Two Slaughtered

Two black males, John Booth - el, 28, unidentified,…slaughtered an elderly white couple during a home invasion.

Irvin Bronstein, 78
Rose Bronstein, 75
 Kilgore, TX, July 21, 1994,

Armed Robbery Massacre

Three Black male, DaRoyce Lamont Mosley, 19 (triggerman - ringleader), Ray D. Mosely (uncle of Lamont), Juvenile Black male, 16,...walked into a bar - in a white community -  intending to commit an armed robbery. Five adult white people were in the bar and were ordered by Mosley to lay face down on the ground.  He then methodically executed them one by one with a bullet to the head (imagine being the fifth one ... waiting for your bullet ).

* Patricia Colter, 53
* Duane Colter, 44
* Luva Congleton, 68
* Alvin Waller, 54
* Sandra Cash (survived but paralyzed from the waste down)

Total take in this robbery/massacre was $300.00
Denver, CO, June 25, 2006

Work Place Massacre

A black male, Michael Julius Ford, 22… armed with a gun, walked into his place of work - Safeway Denver Distribution Center, at Interstate 70 and Colorado Boulevard - and began firing at unsuspecting employees.  The innocent victims are:

* Maurico DeHaro, 32 – Dead
* Mark Moran, 37 - Left in critical condition with head wound
* John Mendoza, 27 - Serious condition, face wound
* Luis Relford, 34 -  Recovered.
* Oscar Martinez, 27 - Treated and released.
* Derick Dominguez, 38 -year-old SWAT officer, wounded.

**Ford was hunted down by police and killed in a shootout.
Wichita, Kansas, December 8th thru 14th, 2000

“The Wichita Massacre” 

Two black males (brothers), Reginald Carr, 22, Jonathan Carr, 20…invaded a home where five young white people were present. At gunpoint the two black males, intending to have some depraved fun,  ordered the five outside and into two cars. The five were taken to a remote location and, over the next few hours, the girls were raped, and even forced to have sex with the white males - for the amusement of the black males. When the black males were through with their degenerate amusement, they shot each of the white people in the head.  However, one girl miraculously survived - playing dead. She ran over a mile naked in freezing temperature to seek help. This despicable racial hate crime never made national news. Even the local news networks buried the story quickly.

* Brad Heyka, 27
* Heather Muller, 25
* Aaron Sander, 29
* Jason Befort, 26
* Young woman identified as 'H.G’, 25 (engaged to Befort)
 Houston, TX, Oct, 17, 1976

Armed Robbery -  Three Gunned Down 

Two black males (brothers) were sitting in a Pizza Hut talking to three young white male employees around closing time. One of the black males then pulled a gun and without warning or provocation, shot all three of the young white males in the head. The black males then went looking for money (they got less than $100. 00 and a small stereo).

Convicted Murderers:
James Demouchette, 21
Christopher Demouchette, 18

* Scot Sorrell, 19
* Robert White, 21
* Geoff Hambrick, 18 (miraculously survived a .38 bullet to the head)

Note: The complete senselessness of this violent, cruel and ruthless murder, for what these black males had to know would only amount maybe a couple hundred dollars, must leave intelligent people out there wondering just who can possibly be safe? Where? When? These types of black male murders were unheard of before 1964.
Brenham, TX, Aug. 11, 1985

Mother & Son Kidnapped  - Rape - Double Murder

A black male abducted a white female schoolteacher in broad daylight while she was walking with her 11-year-old son. The black male took the white female to a secluded area where he raped her. The black male then put both white people into the trunnk of their car and left them there to die in over 100 degree heat.

Murderer and Rapist:
Kavin Lincecum, 19

Kathy Coppedge, 35
Casey Coppedge, 11
Dolphin, VA, Aug. 21, 1998

Armed Robbery - Two Gunned Down

Two black males, Kevin Green, 21 David Green, 16...walked into a white-owned business and, at gunpoint,  demanded money.  After the two blacks received the money they demanded they instructed the husband and wife to lie on the ground. Once the white couple were face down on the ground,  Kevin emptied his gun.

Patricia L. Vaughan, 53
Lawrence Vaughan, 68 (survived despite being shot twice)

The after effect of this atrocity:

Patricia L. Vaughan, 53, was shot four times... during the robbery of their Lawrence's Grocery [store], a business she and her husband... started in 1981 in the small community of Dolphin where the two grew up. Lawrence Vaughan, 68, of South Hill, was shot twice during the robbery. He still has a bullet in his neck and one in his elbow, but survived and testified against Green. The business never reopened.”
Montgomery County, PA, Jan. 31, 2005 

Two Gunned Down 

Three black males,  Maurice Jones, Harold Murray, Ernest Reginald Morris…sought revenge for a an earlier robbery of drugs and money. A white female apparently got mixed up with a black man … who made his living (surprise) selling drugs and stealing whenever he could. The white female paid the ultimate price for this relationship - shot twice in the face.


* Jennifer Pennington, 30
* Unborn baby

Note: I don’t like to include drug related crimes here, however, the white female seems to be just an innocent go along with the criminal minded black man.

Marshall, MO, June 2006 

Husband & Wife Murdered In Home Invasion

Abuse Of The Elderly - Robbery - Sadistic Torture

Three black teenagers, Unidentified 16-year-old juvenile (w/m), Spencer Tromont Anderson, 18, Lyndale Devor Henderson, 17,…planned for days the home invasion, burglary and murder of an elderly white couple. Once the black teens gained entry of the white couple's home, they tied them up and tortured them before killing them. Total take in this black male slaughter was $70.00.

White Victims::
* Richard “R.D.” Shepard
* Jessie M. “Tiny” Shepard
S. Carolina, Sept. 15, 1977 

                       Work Place Massacre 

“The Hasting Wise Massacre 


A black male (and ex-con),  Arthur Hastings Wise, 43, …unemployment and destitute, showed up at a white male-created work place (R.E. Phelon Company) pleading for a job. The black ex-con brought no skills whatsoever to offer the employer. However, and unfortunately, the white male who was responsible for hiring, apparently solely out of pity, hired Wise. Over the course of Wise’s employment, he began to conjure up ideas that the white people who worked there were being racist toward him (i.e. if Wise didn‘t get a promotion it was because he was black; if a white person didn‘t acknowledge Wise’s presence, he/she was a racist, etc.), and when he was fired – by a white guy – Wise believed it was because he was black.

When Hastings Wise was finally fired and, naturally, he believed he was fired because he was black, he decided he was going to get even with he believed were racists white people. Wise, who had always enjoyed boasting about his past criminal exploits to his white co-workers, returned to his former place of work for one more grand cowardly act : ambushing and gunning down four innocent white people.

Charles Griffeth, 56
David Moore, 30
Leonard Filyaw, 31
Sheryl Wood, 27
The total number of work place massacres by black males against whites between 1790 and 1964 = ZERO
Amarillo, TX, Jan. 21, 1998 

Three Teenagers Executed In Home Invasion 

A black male, John Uzell Balentin, 28,…broke into the home of a white family and slaughtered three teenagers (gunshot to the head).

* Edward Mark Caylor, 17
* Kai Brooke Geyer, 15
* Steven Brady Watson, 15 
Harris County, TX , Aug. 15, 1990 

Black Male Slaughters Two

A black male, Lonnie Earl Johnson, 27,…was in need of a ride and asked two white teenagers if they could give him a lift. Unfortunately, they agreed. Unbeknown to the youngsters the black man was concealing a gun.  After about four miles on the road, the black male pulled his gun and forced the youths to pull over to a secluded area, where he executed them. Johnson then took what he wanted from the start, the white boy’s pick-up truck.

The 27-year-old black man’s defense was that he was “defending” himself against racist white guys.

* Gunar "Bubba" Fulk, 16
* Leroy McCaffrey Jr., 17
Parkland, Wash. Nov. 29, 2009

Racist Massacre

A black male (and career criminal), Maurice Clemmons, 37…walked into a coffee house and continued his way up to four white police officers - he had never seen before in his life - who were eating lunch. Clemmons then pulled out a gun and started firing at pointblank range, killing all four. The four innocent police officers are:

* Sgt. Mark Renninger, 39
* Officer Ronald Owens, 37
* Officer Tina Griswold, 40
* Officer Greg Richards 42
New York City, NY, Dec. 7, 1993 

         “The Colin Ferguson Massacre”

A black male, Colin Ferguson, 35,…boarded a commuter train for the sole purpose of gunning down as many white people as possible. A total of 26 passengers were shot - all white except one Asian.

* Dennis McCarthy, 52
* Maria Theresa Tumangan Magtoto, 30
* Amy Federici, 27
* Richard Nettleton, 24
* Mi Kyung Kim, a 27 (Asian)
* James Gorycki, 51

19 white people survived the black male’s racist attack. Some were left maimed.

Kilgore, TX, Sept. 23, 1983 

Armed Robbery Massacre 

Two black males, Darnell Hartsfield, 22, Romeo Pinkerton, 25,…barged into a KFC restaurant at closing time to commit an armed robbery. Five white people were still in the restaurant. After the black males got the cash, they decided to abduct the five people and take them to a secluded location to execute them. They were all later found in a nearby field having been shot in the head.

* David Maxwell, 20,
* Joey Johnson, 20,
* Monty Landers ,19,
* Mary Tyler, 37,
* Opie Hughes, 38
Wilkinsburg, PA, March 1, 2000

Racially Motivated Massacre 

 A black male , Ronald Taylor, 39,…long harboring racist views of white people, finally snapped. He retrieved a gun in his apartment then went looking for any white person, male or female, to gun down. Five were shot, three died. The five innocent white victims are:

* John Kroll, 55,
* Joseph Healy, 71,
* Emil Sanielevici, 20
* Steve Bostard (survive)
* Richard Clinger (survive)
Tustin, CA, 1979

The “Bedroom Basher”

 Serial Killer Of White Women

 A black male, Gerald Parker,… would sneak into white females’ homes, rape them and then bludgeon them to death. Five white females died, one survived.

Parker was already serving time for a home invasion rape of a white female from 1980, which he plead guilty. The list of white females below are the victims later linked to Parker by DNA evidence.

* Sandra Kay Fry, 17,
* Kimberly Rawlins, 21,
* Debra Lynn Senior, 17
* Debora Jean Kennedy, 24
* Marolyn Carleton, 31
* Jane A. Potential (survived)

Note: Jane Potential’s husband (white male) served 17 years in prison because his wife, who sustained a sever head injury from Parker‘s vicious beating, claimed it was he who attacked her. DNA evidence confirmed it was Parker.
New York City, NY, 1967

                         *A Sign Of Times To Come *

Black Males Rape White Teen - Murder Two

A Black Male Gang Rape

Four black males, Donald Ramsey, 26, Thomas Dennis, 26, Fred Wright, 31,Unidentified black male,…lured two young white “hippies” into a boiler room, ostensibly to buy drugs. The white male was killed immediately by bashing his skull with a piece of concrete. Then the black males focused on the young white female. Each of the black males took turns raping her. After they were done, she also had her skull bashed in. The two innocent white people are:

* James Leroy Hutchinson, 21
* Linda Rae Fitzpatrick, 18
Bradbury, CA, March 16, 1988

Black Male Slaughters Two

Two black males,Unidentified,…in the early hours drove up on bicycles to the home of a white male … and waited. When the garage door opened the black males began shooting at the husband and wife. Both husband and wife were killed. The two innocent victims are:

* Mickey Thompson, 60
* Trudy Thompson
Between 1964 and 2009, black males have been arrested for the following percent of these predatory crimes:

Rape: 44% (apprx,)
Robbery: 60%
Murder/Homicide: 55%% (approx.)

Black males are about 11% of total U.S. male population. They have committed more homicides in the last 45 years than all the U.S. war casualties in the entire 20th century.
Lansing, Mich. 2004

Black Male Serial Murder Of White Females

Black Male Serial Rapist

A black male (and career criminal), Matthew Emmanuel Macon, 27… in about one month period of time, stalked, raped then bludgeoned to death six white females. Since none of his victims were black, it’s obvious that Macon was singling out white females. The innocent white females are:

* Ruth Hallman, 76,
* Deborah Cooke, 36,
* Debra Renfors, 46,
* Sandra Eichorn, 64,
* Karen Yates, 41
* Barbara Jean Tuttle, 45
San Francisco Bay - 1973 to 1974

“The Zebra Murders”

Black Male Hit Squad

An organized group of black males, including,
Larry Green, 
J.C.X. Simon,
Manuel Moore,
Jessie Lee Cooks,
(four released because of lack of evidence),

…formed a hit squad to ambush and kill white people.  The black racist hit squad’s victims are:

The Proven Dead…

* Ilario Bertuccio
* Quita Hague
* Frances Rose
* Paul Dancik
* Tana Smith
* Mildred Hosler 
* Neal Moynihan
* Nelson Shields IV 
* John Doe, decapitated, identity not known
* Jane Holly 
* Vincent Wollin
* John Bambic
* Thomas Rainwater
* Marietta DiGirolamo

The Survivors…

* Linda Story
* Richard Hague
* Terry White
* Ward Anderson
* Female rape victim, name not given.
* Arthur Agnos
* Angela Roselli
* Roxanne McMillian - left a paraplegic
Atlanta, GA, May, 14, 2005
A black male (accused rapist), Brian Nichols, 33,…was being escorted to the Atlanta courthouse by only one officer, a diminutive black female (5‘ 1“). The black male was also not wearing handcuffs, or any other kind of restraint. When the accused rapist saw an opportunity to strike he pounced on the little female officer, punching her a few times, then took her gun and went on a hunt for white people. When it was all over, Nichols had murdered three white people. Nichols surrendered and didn't receive a single scratch on his skin. He was sentenced to life - no parole.

* Judge Rowland Barnes, 64
* Julie Brandau, 46
* David Wilhelm, 40


Arizona, Aug. 2005 to June 2006

The “Baseline Killer”

Single Black Male Terrorizes an Entire City - Rape and Murder

A black male (ex-con),Mark Goudeau,…raped, murdered and terrorized the city of Phoenix between 2005 and 2006.

Note: I am more than a bit incredulous as to how Groudeau could be responsible for all the crimes police attribute to him.

Deltona, FL,. August 6, 2004

Home Invasion Massacre - over an X-Box

Three black males, ,Troy Victorino, 29, Robert Cannon, 19 (w/m), ,Jerone Hunter, 20  Michael Salas, 20,…purchased baseball bats for the purpose of committing murder - and burglary. At about 1 am, the crew of black males broke into the home of a young white female, where she and four other people were spending the night. The black males attacked each one of them, beating them and bashing their skulls, leaving some of their faces pummeled beyond recognition.  When the black males were finished with their murderous rampage they retrieved the X-Box they had come for.

* Michelle Nathan (W/F), 19
* Francisco Ayo-Roman, 30
* Anthony Vega, 34
* Jonathan Gleason (W/M), 17
* Erin Belanger (W/F), 22
 Serial Rapist Of White Females

Dubbed “The BP Oil Rapist” of Louisville

A black male predator, Daniel Gene Cummings, 23, …pleaded guilty in March, 2003, to attacking 14 women from 1998 to 2002 in south central Jefferson County. Ten of the females were sexually assaulted. He received 470 years. He prayed on white and black females.

Note: Apparently there were no murders committed here, just thought I'd throw it in here.
Philadelphia, PA, January 3, 2006

Home Invasion - Two Dead

A black male, Brandon Foster, 23,…went over to a white female’s home and stabbed her to death. Foster also stabbed to death the white female’s great grandmother.

* Samantha Zenszer, 21 
* Violet McCall, 79
Essex, Vermont, Aug. 24, 2006

Atrocity - Massacre

A painfully unattractive white female, Andrea Lambesis, befriended a homeless and unemployed black male,
Christopher A. Williams, 27.  

Brought the black male into a white household and got two people murdered and one shot - all three were shot while her ex-black boyfriend was hunting for her at her place of work.
The white female allowed Williams to stay in her house, which she shared with her mother. However, the white female not only became frustrated with constantly being forced to provide for Williams, but also putting up with his his bizarre behavior. She finally demanded he leave. The day she required Williams to be gone, the black male went over to a friend's home and acquired a gun. Williams then went back to Andrea’s house to kill her mother,  57-year-old Linda Lambesis.  After he shot her to death, Williams next went to Andrea’s place of work, Essex Elementary School, to kill her. When he couldn’t find her, he decided any white female would do, and walked into the classroom of  56-year-old Mary Shanks and killed her. He then shot another female,  Mary Snedeker, 52. (Mary miraculously survived the black male’s attack).
Baton Rouge, LA, 2003

Home Invasion - Rape - Murder

Serial Rapist Of White Females

A black male, and serial rapist, Derrick Todd Lee, 34,… was linked by DNA to the rape and murder of five females.

The murdered victims are:
Carrie Yoder, 26 (w/f)
Gina Wilson Green, 41  (w/f)
Charlotte Murray Pace, 22 (w/f)
Pam Kinamore, 44 (w/f)
Trineisha Dene Colomb, 23 (b/f)
Richardson, TX, Nov. 11, 1992

Attempted Massacre

The black males, Joseph Lave, 28, Tim Bates, 27, James Langston...broke into a sporting good store with the intent to commit robbery and murder. During the course of the robbery three white people were savagely beaten with hammers and baseball bats. Then each had their throats slit. Two died and one survived.

* Justine Marquart, 18
* Frederick Banzhaf, 18
* Angela King, 22 (survived)

Note: Langston was a current employee at the store. Obviously he planned the robbery and also planned not to leave any witnesses behind.
St. Augustine, FL, Oct. 24, 2002

Armed Robbery - Two Murdered

A black male, Roy Lee McDuffie, 42…walked into a convenience store around closing time and pulled a gun on two white female employees. After he received cash from the register, he began shooting the females. When he ran out of bullets, he pulled out a knife and stabbed each repeatedly. The two innocent white females are:

* Dawnielle Beauregard, 27 (deceased)
* Janice Schneider, 39  9deceased)

Ambush - Mass Murderers (most victims were white) 

Two black males, Lee Boyd Malvo, John Allen Muhammad…achieved notoriety by launching a sadistic killing spree in Sept. of 2002. It finally ended on Oct.. 13. Ten people were fatally shot in the Washington area. Four others died in various other places around the country. The majority of the victims were white. Many of the victims were gut-shot, an obvious attempt to ensure a maximum amount of suffering before death.
Columbus, OH, July 22, 2003

Home Invasion - Massacre

Three black males, Vernon L. Spence, 30, Todd Bensonhaver, 27, Rodell Rahmaan…broke into a home where three young white people where living. In what police describe as “a robbery gone bad” all three young white people were murdered.

“The three victims were bound by electrical wire and shot execution-style in the back of the head.”

* Aaron Grexa, 23 
* Erik Hlass, 22
* Kayla Hurst, 21
Holly Springs, ARK, June 20, 1997

Armed Robbery - Two Murdered

Two black males, Ezekiel T.Harrison Jr., Sedrice Maurice Simpson, 25,…walked into a grocery store where two white females were working. They demanded the money from the cash register, which the girls complied. After the two black males received the money (about $300) they killed the girls with shotgun blasts to the their heads.

* Wendy Pennington, 25 
* Lena Sue Garner, 18

Note: The two girls here I believe to be white. However, in 1997 blacks made up about 75% of the Holly Spring’s population. If anyone has any information that can confirm the race of these two victims, indicate it below or e-mail me
Tinley Park, Ill, Feb., 2008

“Tinley Park Massacre” 

A black male (identity still unknown) walked into a business in a white community (94% white, 1% black) and robbed the business. The black male then took six females into a back room and proceeded to gun them down one by one.

* Connie R. Woolfolk, 37 (b/f)
* Sarah T. Szafranski, 22,
* Carrie H. Chiuso, 33,
* Rhoda McFarland, 42, (b/f)
* Jennifer L. Bishop, 34
* Unidentified Survivor
Des Moines, Iowa, Dec. 1, 1992

Armed robbery - Two Murdered

Black males, whose identities are unknown, stormed into a trendy restaurant frequented by college kids for the purpose of committing an armed robbery. In the process of the robbery two unarmed white people were gunned down for no apparent reason.

Cara McGrane, 25
Tim Burnette, 28

Note: This has the eerie appearance of a black male take-over robbery. Throw in the completely senseless killings and it seems like a slam dunk black male type crime. Any information on the racial identities of these two victims, as well the perps, would be appreciated.
Killeen, TX, June 21, 1999

Kidnapping - Carjacking - THRILL KILL

Five black male teens, Christopher Andre Vialva, 19, Christopher Lewis, 17, Tony Sparks, 18 , Brandon Bernard, 18, Terry Brown, 16…were gang members. They wanted to get some quick cash so they decided to obtain a gun, borrow a car and carjack someone. When they got the gun and the car they drove around looking for a suitable target to victimize. They finally spotted a white couple at a convenience store. The black males abducted both at gunpoint and stuffed them in the trunk of the couple’s car. They got the couple’s ATM card and drove to an ATM machine.  However, the white couple were church missionaries and had only $100 in their account. The black males took the couple to a secluded area. Then:
“According to Brown, Stacie's last words were "Jesus loves
you" and "Jesus, take care of us." Vialva crudely cussed at her in
reply. Vialva put on his mask, and told Lewis to open the trunk.
Vialva then shot Todd in the head with the .40 caliber gun, killing
him instantly. Vialva shot Stacie in the right side of her face,
knocking her unconscious, but not killing her. Bernard set the car

* Stacie Bagley, 26
* Todd Bagley, 28

Little River County, ARK, Dec. 13, 1997 
Home Invasion - Husband & Wife Murdered

A black male, Timothy Lamont Howard, 28,…had a U-Haul rental truck on his property and police were called because someone discovered what appeared to be blood dripping from the back door. When Sheriffs Deputies arrived and cut the padlock to the truck, they discovered inside a white male’s badly beaten body, with a bullet hole in his head. Police also discovered that the black male had murdered the white male’s wife and attempted to kill their baby (the baby was found alive stuffed in a closet with a cord wrapped around his neck).

* Brian Day
* Shannon Day
Casscoe, Ark., Oct. 20, 1975

Armed Robbery - Rape - Massacre

Three black males, Edward C. Pickens, 21, Antonio Clark,  Sherwood Gooch,...robbed a grocery store in rural Arkansas were nine people (all but one white) were present.  However, before they left they raped a white female store clerk, then made all nine people get down on the ground where they proceeded to put a bullet into seven of the peoples’ heads (apparently they ran out of bullets). Miraculously, only two died.

"On the afternoon of October 20, 1975, Pickens, Antonio Clark, and Sherwood Gooch entered a rural grocery store in Casscoe, Arkansas with a sawed-off shotgun and a .22 caliber pistol. They robbed the owner, the clerk, and seven customers in the store and two of the robbers raped the female clerk. They then made their victims lie face down on the floor and shot seven of them in the back of the head with the .22 caliber pistol. Several of the victims were shot a second time after the pistol was reloaded. Two of the victims, including seventy-six year old Wesley Noble, died. Noble was one of those shot a second time. The store owner later implicated Clark and Pickens in the shootings and absolved Gooch from any of the firing. Clark and Pickens were both dark complexioned black men and Gooch was a light-skinned, Spanish-appearing person. The store owner testified that the dark ones did the shooting and the light complexioned man did not. Another witness testified that Pickens had possession of the shotgun while the robbery was in progress. The female clerk testified that Pickens had possession of the .22 pistol, but she did not know whether he fired the shots."

 * Wesley Noble,72 
Other Victim's names not available

Salisbury, NC, October 29, 1992

Home Invasion - Good Samaritan Murder

Three black males, unemployed and desperate for money, invaded the home of a sheriffs deputy. During the home invasion, both husband and wife (both white) were stabbed numerous times and also severely beaten. Both died from their wounds.

Convicted Murders:
Frank J. Chambers, 31
William Leroy Barnes, 31
Robert Lewis Blakney, 30 (?)

* B.P. Tutterow
* Ruby Tutterow

Note: B.P. was a kindhearted person who would give money to inmates (including Chambers) at the county jail.
St. Louis, Missouri, April 4, 1991

Ambush - Rape - Double Murder

Reginald Clemons: “Let’s hurt some people”
Gang Rape'

Three black males and a white male, Marlin A. Gray, 23, Daniel Winfrey, 15 (white- didn't participate in rape), Antonio Richardson, 16, Reginald Clemons, 20…saw an opportunity to rape two white females and “to hurt some people”.  Standing on a bridge over the Mississippi River were three young white people, two  females and a male. The blacks stopped their car, got out and approached the trio. A gun was drawn and the black males then grabbed the white females and took turns raping them. After the black males were done ... they made all three jump into the Mississippi - a 70 ft. drop. Two died.

* Julie Kerry, 20, (deceased)
* Robin Kerry, 19, (deceased)
* Thomas Cummins, 19 (survived)

** The rapists and the ones who planned the attack were black.
Conway, Ark, March 21, 1981

Armed Robbery - Double Murder

Tommy’s Old-Fashioned Home-Style Restaurant Murder

A black male, Ricky Ray Rector, 30,…went to a restaurant / bar with a friend but his friend was denied entry because he couldn’t pay the three dollar cover. Black male Rector became incensed and drew his revolver and shot three white males. One white male died instantly. The other two eventually recovered. Three days later, Rector agreed to turn himself in. When a white police office showed up, Rector ambushed him and killed him.

* Arthur Criswell
* Officer Robert Martin
Dallas, TX, March 9, 1975

Public Abduction - THRILL KILL
Three black males,
Larry Bingham, 27 (charges dropped)
Wayne Rodger, 30
Clarence Williams, 31
Ronald C. Chambers (pictured) 

…at gunpoint abducted a young white male and female out on a date. They robbed the couple then took them a secluded area where they beat them and then gunned them down.

* Mike McMahon , 22
* Deia Karlene Sutton, 20 (brutally beaten - survived)

Kansas City, MO, Dec. 2006

Black Males Slaughter Two

Home Invasions

Arrested For Murder:
Prentiss R. Fulton, Jr., 25, (black male)
Lark E. Gardner Jr., 23, (black male)
Kelly L. Yow, 30, (white male - remained in car)
Dennis D. Jones, 25, (black male - remained in car)

Fulton and Gardner invaded a home where four young white people where presnt. All of them were subsequently gunned down. Two died, two survived.

* Patrick J. Hooten, 22 
* Angela Windle, 18
* Two survived
Tulsa, OK, Aug. 17, 1992

Armed Robbery - MASSACRE

Black males, Corey Duane Hamilton, 23, William Hamilton, Donnie Daniels, Tyrone Johnson…barged into a business and at gunpoint demanded all the cash receipts. Once they receive the money four white people were hurded into a freezer, then one by one, executed.

* Ted Kindley, 19
* Sandy Lara, 26
* Joseph Gooch, 17
* Stephen Williams, 24
Lower Merion Township, Pennsylvania, April 1, 1988

Ambush At Work - Rape - Four Viciously Attacked - Two Dead

A black male, Arthur Faulkner,…was given a job by white people to perform menial labor tasks. While in the course of his menial tasks, black male Faulkner observed a white female alone in an office. This was an opportunity to rape and black male Faulkner wasn't going to let this opportunity slip by. He accosted the white female, raped her at knife point, then tied her to a chair and bludgeoned her to death.  As black male Faulkner was leaving the office, another white female happened along. She was then grabbed and pulled into the office where Faulkner had raped and killed the other white female. However, as the black man was attempting to rape the second white female another white female came along and interrupted the scene. Black male Faulkner stabbed the captive white female and then went after the white female who interrupted his second rape. When he caught up with her he knifed her to death. Two other white people suffered sever stab wounds from the black male rapist but, miraculously, survived.

* Ms. Killoran
* Glenn Sheehan (survived)
* Ms. Dorner
* Anne Jensen (survived)
Porter, IND, Aug. 27, 2002

Armed Robbery - Three Gunned Down

Five black males stormed into a bank a to commit a robbery. In the process they gunned down two innocent white bank employees and wounded a third.

Arrested for Murder:
Naish Ra'id (formerly Odell Corley) , 37
Edward Johnson, 32
Andre McGregor, 29
2 other black males’ identities unknown

* Kay Peckat, 52
* Chandler Simpson, 59
* Keith Hill (left a Quadriplegic - race unknown)

Note: The black male total take in this bank heist massacre was … NOTHING. Not ONE dime.
Raleigh, NC, Aug. 25, 1980

 Mother & Daughter Mutilated In A Home Invasion

A black male, David J. Brown, 32...accordin to the autops of both mutilated victims:

"The bodies of the Chalflinches were taken to Chapel Hill on 26 August 1980 where autopsies were performed. An autopsy performed on the body of Ms. Chalflinch revealed approximately 100 stab and cut wounds all over her body. At least 20 of these wounds were to the facial area, 12 were in the neck area, and 16 stab wounds on the right arm appeared to be defensive in nature. In addition to the numerous wounds to the chest and shoulder area, a large gaping cut extended down the left leg from buttock to ankle and a V-shaped penetrating stab wound in the vaginal and rectal area created a virtual hole in the body. The medical examiner found a ring under the edge of the liver in the abdominal cavity. The pathologist who performed the autopsy testified, "I could place my own hand and arm through the wound in her genital area up to the area where the ring was." The ring was silver in color and had a large rectangular surface with a heraldic pattern with two animals on each side and two shields and a crown on top. In the pathologist's opinion, Ms. Chalflinch died as a result of "a combination of stab and incised wounds to all parts of her body, that some wounds might possibly have been inflicted after death and that, given the condition of the body and the temperature of the Chalflinch apartment, death could have occurred on Monday night, 25 August."

An autopsy performed on the body of Christina Chalflinch revealed multiple stab wounds, slashes, puncture marks and extensive mutilation of the genital area with a portion of the tissue removed. The head had a large number of stab wounds, one of which extended through the brain from right to left. The electrical cord which had been wrapped around the neck left a faint bluish mark. Four wounds in the chest area penetrated into the tissues of the chest and abdomen. Seven of the multiple stab wounds in the abdominal region penetrated internal organs..."

Shelly Diane Chalflinch, 26
Christina S. Chalflinch, 9

Note: Black male murderers are frequently changing their names in prison to Arabic names. No reason to give the new Arabic name Brown chose. The evidence against Brown is ironclad. His bloody palm print was found in the apartment of the murdered white female; and, most damning, his finger ring was found in the liver of the dead white female. Yet, Brown insists he’s completely innocent. He claims he was in a total drunken stupor that night, so drunk he never could have committed the crime.
St. Louis, MO, 1980

Armed Robbery - Four Gunned Down

Two black males, Maurice O. Byrd (executed 1991) Unidentified,…barged into a cafeteria and murdered four unarmed and innocent white people.  The motive was robbery and thrill kill of white people.

* James Wood
 * Carolyn Turner
 * Edna Ince
* Judy Cazaco

Note: Byrd was apprehended in GA after he murdered a white male liquor store employee during a hold up.

Tampa, FL, June 29, 2010

Two Police Officers Gunned Down

A black male (career criminal and gang member), Dontae Rashawn Morris, 24,... gunned down two white male police officers during a traffic stop.


* Officer David Curtis, 31
* Officer Jeffrey Kocab, 31

Paterson, New Jersey, June 17, 1966


Three black males, Ruben Carter (former professional boxer), John Artis, Willie Marins,…walked into a bar after midnight in a white community for the sole purpose of gunning down everyone inside. Four white people were shot execution style. Three died.


* Jim Oliver,
* Jim Ropars
* Hazel Tanis

Note: Carter maintains (surprise) it wasn’t him. The evidence, however, says otherwise.

Texarkana,TX, 2003

"The Labor Day Massacre"

White Male Fires Two Black Males - Both Come Back and Commit Robber / Massacre

Two black males,Richard Markell "Lucky" Henson, 20 , Steven Lavelle Walter, 24 …barged into a Outback Steakhouse restaurant at closing time and at gunpoint marched three white people to a back room, then executed them. Both black males were former employees of the restaurant.

* Rebecca Shifflet, 24 (6 months pregnant)
* Chrystal Willis, 23
* Matthew Hines, 31

Note: Three devastated families because of forced integration. And not ONE dollar of compensation from the federal gov’t or the Democratic Party or their supports.

---------------------- #106
 Virginia, January 16, 2002

Appalachian School Massacre


Peter Odighizuwa, 43,
Nigerian national,…angered over his failing performance at the Appalachian Law School, and no doubt fully aware of his advanced age, perhaps decided  that he could get a complete free ride at taxpayers expense inside the Virginia prison system.  Odighizuwa obtained a handgun, went to the offices of  two white males and gunned them down. He then shot and killed three white people. Three others were wounded.   Odighizuwa was given life in prison. He is, essentially, retired now and completely provided for by the tax payers.

* Anthony Sutin (Dean)
* Thomas Blackwell (professor)
* Angela Dales,33
* Three wounded students (racial identity unknown)

------------------------ #107
Beaumont, TX, April 8, 1982

Armed Robbery - Two Executed

 Two black males,
Elliot Rod Johnson, Maurice Andrews …invaded a jewelry store and in the process gunned down two people (White, Hispanic) in what police describe as an execution style slaying.

* Joseph Granado, 67 (owner of Jewelry store)
* Arturo Melindez, (h/m)

-------------------------- #108
Portsmouth, VA, January 12, 1986

Ambush - Armed Robbery - Two Gunned Down

 A black male (ex-con), Carlton Jerome Pope, 24…had a gun but no car. He spotted two white females (sisters) in a car and asked if they could give him a ride home. Unfortunately, they agreed and let the black man into their car.  After driving a few miles,  Pope asked the girls to pull over. When they did, Pope got out and then pulled his gun and demanded cash. One of the white females didn‘t move fast enough to suit black male Pope, so he gunned her down with a shot to the head. He then shot the other white female and, thinking she was also dead, robbed the ladies of their purses and fled. However, the second white female , though struck in the head, survived and was able to drive to a hospital. She later identified black male Pope.

* Marcie Ann Kirchheimer, (survived with a bullet wound to the head)
* Cynthia Gray (deceased )

St. Louis, MO, Feb. 8, 1983

Ambush - Armed Robbery - Three Murdered

 A black male (unemployed and stealing for a living), Mose Young, Jr., 27, …became furious when a white male pawn shop owner refused to buy a piece of stolen jewelry and proceeded to gun down three innocent white people.

* Kent Bicknese, 22
* James Scneider, 33
* Sol Marks, 80


Columbus ,GA, Oct. 11, 1976

Home Invasion - Double Murder

 Two black males, Jerome Bowden, James Graves…were given jobs by a white female to rake her yard. The two blacks somehow gained entry to the home of the white female and then attacked her and her mother, beating them and then bludgeoning them to death. Both black males then burglarized the home and fled.


* Kathryn Stryker, 55
* Wessie Jenkins, 76 (bed-ridden mother of Stryker)


Richmond, VA, 1978 -1979

Gang Abduction - Torture - Robbery - Murder

A vicious black street gang (there were no “Crips” or “Bloods” in the 70s) terrorized Richmond with murders, robberies, rapes and public abductions. The gang was headed by Linwood Briley.

Black Male Murderers:
Linwood Briley
James Briley
Duncan Meekins

Black Victims: 

* Orline Christian (elderly b/f)
* Judy Barton, 23, (5-months pregnant - raped -murdered)
* Harvey Wilkerson

White Victims: 

* William Bucher (w/m - home invasion - survived)
* Virginia Bucher, (w/f - home invasion - survived)
 * Michael McDuffie
* Mary Gowen, 78 (home invasion - rape - murder)
* John "Johnny G." Gallagher, 51 (public abduction - torture - murder - robbery)


Houston, TX, July 1, 1986

Workplace Massacre Massacre

Fired Employee comes Back And Murders Co-Workers

A black male, Richard Wilkerson,19,  was fired from his job at an amusement park. He decided to  came back to the business to seek revenge for being fired - and to rob the place. He brought with him two other black males,  Kenneth Ray Ransom, 20, James Edward Randle, 16, who seemly had no problem with committing mass murder…for what they had to know would probably amount to only a few hundred dollars. Four of Wilkerson’s former co-workers were bludgeoned to death.
* Roddy Harris, 22 (w/m)
* Arnold Pequeno, 19 (h/m)
* Anil Varughese, 18 (h/m)
* Joerene Pequeno, 18 (h/m)


Grandview, Missouri, Nov. 21, 1988

Home Invasion - Two Gunned Down

Two Black males (brothers), Roy Ramsey, 34, Billy Ramsey,(age?)…went to the home of an elderly white couple to rob and then murder them. Both elderly white people were shot in the head.

* Garnett Ledford, 65 (deceased)
 * Betty Ledford, 63 (deceased)

Note: Apparently, the Ramsey family is nothing but a pack of criminals. There are 10 Ramsey males, of which 9 have criminal records.
 St. Louis, MO, August 14, 1986

Home Invasion - Two Murdered

Five black males,
Milton Griffin-El,
Antoine Owens,
Three others unidentified (waited outside),

…planned a home invasion of a white couple’s apartment ... just to obtain a free stereo and TV set. Since Griffin-El knew the victims, he had decided before the home invasion he was going to leave no witnesses behind.

* Jerome Redden, 22 (deceased)
  * Loretta Trotter, 19 (deceased - girlfriend of Redden and mother of 4-months old)

Irving, TX, March, 20, 2000

Ex-Employee Returns To Business And Murders Four In Armed Robbery 

A black male, Robert Wayne Harris, 28… was fired from a car wash because he exposed himself to two females. Black male Harris decided he was going to get revenge for the firing. He returned to the car wash three days later with a hand gun and proceeded to gun down six unarmed former co-workers.

* Rhoda Wheeler, 45
 * Augustin Villasenor, 36
 * Benjamin Villasenor, 32
 * Roberto Jimenez Jr., 15
 * Dennis Lee, 48

A sixth was critically wounded, with a gun shot to the head. He survived but was left paralyzed on the left side of his face.
Malvern, Ark., Nov. 21, 1989

Ambush - Two Murdered

A black male, Raymond C. Sanders Jr.… murdered a white couple. Details are lacking.

* Charles Brannon
* Nancy Brannon

Note: Sanders was granted a new trial because of prosecutor misconduct. However, the guilt of Sanders is indisputable.

Quitman County, Miss.,  Feb. 2, 1990

Family Massacre Atrocity - Including Rape Of Child

Anthony Carr, 24, Robert Simon Jr., 26... were ransacking a white family's home when the family unexpectedly walked in. The two white males were immediately shot.  The two black males then took turns raping the white females (yes, the 9-year-old was raped by both black males).  Both of white females were then brutally murdered.

* Charlotte Jo Parker, 9 (deceased)
* Carl Webster Parker, 58 (deceased)
* Bobbie Jo Parker, 45  (deceased)
* Gregory Parker, 12  (deceased)

 Riverside, CA, Oct. 2006

Home Invasion - Rape - Double Murder

Four black soldiers (Marines),
Lance Cpl. Emrys John, 19
Lance Cpl. Tyrone Miller, 21
Pvt. Kevin Cox , 21,
Lance Cpl. Kesaun Sykes, 21,

  ...were annoyed at the fact that their [white] sergeant was married to a black female. They found out where he lived, broke into his home, tortured him and his wife, raped the female, then murdered both of them. 

* Sgt. Jan Pietrzak, 24 (w/m)
* Quiana Jenkins-Pietrzak , 26



Winnona, Miss., July 16, 1996

Ex-Employee Returns To Business And Murders Four In Armed Robbery

A black male, Curtis Flowers,... was fired from a furniture business and decided to seek revenge. He came back to the business with a gun and murdered four former co-workers.

* Carmen Rigby, 45 (w/f)
* Bertha Tardy , 59, (w/f)
* Derrick Stewart, 16 (w/m)
* Robert Golden, 42 (b/m)



Simpson County, Miss., Feb. 21, 1997

Two Police Officers Ambushed And Murdered

 A black male,  Eric Snow, 21,... after pleading guilty to murder and attempted murder, was able to conceal a handgun while being transported to prison. En rout to prison, Snow pulled his concealed handgun and gunned down TWO white male police officers (gunshots to the head).

* Tommy Bourne (deceased)
* J.P. Rutland, 53 (deceased)


Worth County, GA, August 11, 1974

Armed Robbery - Rape - Two Murdered

"Williams: "I ain't never had a white bitch before"

A black male, William Mitchell, 35 (when executed by the state of Georgia), during a grocery store hold-up, raped a white female, then gunned down both the female and her 14-year-old. Two more white kids came into the grocery store, where black male Mitchell aimed his gun at them and fired.  However, the gun jammed. Black male Mitchell then took the two young kids back to the cooler where he had just gunned down the mother and child. Again he fired his gun, but, again, it wouldn't fire. The two white kids were left in the cooler.

* Christopher Carr, 14 (deceased)
* Mrs. James Carr (shot four times, miraculously, survived)
* Two other white boys survived (though only because black male Mitchell's gun failed to fire)


Orrville, Ala, Dec. 12, 1998 

Armed Robbery - Three Gunned Down

One of the world's best Elvis impersonators is gone...
Three black males, Jeffrey J. Lee, 22, Andre Darren Lee, 19, Jerry Dewayne Johnson, 17, ...barged into a pawn shop owned by a renowned Elvis impersonator. Immediately black male Lee fired a shotgun blast at the pawnshop owner, mortally wounding him in the side. Lee then aimed his shotgun at a white female and blew her face off.  After this carnage, black male Lee went to the cash register and discovered it locked.  Lee left empty handed.

* Jimmy Ellis, 54
* Elaine Thompson, 44

Birmingham, Ala, July 25, 1996
Armed Robbery - Three Wind Up Murdered

 Two black males, Marcus DeWayne Pressley, 16 LaSamuel Gamble, 18, ...barged into a pawnshop and, without warning or provocation, gunned down a white male and a white female, then robbed the cash register. Less than a month earlier, black male Pressley had gunned down a white male store clerk in another robbery.


* John Burleson
* Janice Littleton

* Marvin Smith, 26

  Philadelphia,PA, Feb. 25, 1998

Ambush - Armed Robbery

Black males arrested for murder: Kenneth Miller, 19 , Gregory Miller, 39 , Marcus Lloyd, 19, Herbert Blakeney, 18

A white male attorney represented Gregory Miller in a civil suit.  When  Miller didn't get the settlement he felt was owed to him, Miller convinced three of his buddies (black) to go with him to the law firm and seek revenge.  Two white males were in the law office when the black males burst in -  his  attorney and a paralegal..  The attorney was made to write a check to Gregory Miller.  After the check was written both white males were tied up then shot in the head.

 * Charles Love, 59
 * Brian Barry, 22   

 Note: I'm not 100% sure both victims are white.  Anyone with information on this black male massacre, leave it in the comment section below.
Jaskson, Miss., April 24, 1996

Ex-Employee Returns To Business And Murders Two In Armed Robbery

A black male, Kenneth Tornes, 32,..angry at being fired as a firefighter, returned  to his former place of work and gunned down four supervisors.

Note: Two are definitely white males, the other two racial identities are unknown.

* Willie Craft
* Rick Robbins
Oktibbeha County, Miss., December 11, 1992

Public Abduction - - Rape - Murder 

Two black males, Willie Jerome Manning, Jesse Lawrence,... at gunpoint abducted two white students from a school parking lot and took them to a secluded area. Both were then ordered out of the car (the car belonged to the white female).  The white male was beat and then shot in the head.  The black males then (surprise)  raped the white female. After the rape,  Manning put two bullets into the face of the white female.  Manning then got in the car and ran over the white male while he was leaving the scene (human flesh and hair were found on the car's undercarriage).

* Tiffany Miller (college student)
* Jon Steckler (college student)

* *The things a black man can do if he got a gun...
 Baton Rouge, LA, Jan., 2009
Ambush - Double Murder

 A black male, Cedric Kelly, 27,...a local crack cocaine dealer, decided the best way to silence a witness against him in a pending drug case was to kill him.  He ordered a another black male, Charles Young, to do the killing.

* Dustin Duncan, 23
* Beth Duncan, 20

Ranklin County, Miss., Dec. 13, 1985

Home Invasion - Double Murder
A black male, Carl Daniel Lockett,…invaded the home of a white family then...

“Having [waited until Mr. Calhoun left the house with his two sons]... ... took Geraldine Calhoun captive. There, he lay in wait for John Calhoun [to return]. When Mr. Calhoun entered his family's home, Lockett ambushed him. He shot him four times with a .32 caliber pistol.1 After killing Mr. Calhoun, Lockett forced Mrs. Calhoun to strip her husband of his wallet, ignoring her pleas that he end her own life quickly. Lockett then forced Mrs. Calhoun into the Calhoun's commandeered car and drove to an abandoned chicken house, owned by his grandmother. There, he executed Mrs. Calhoun with two .22 caliber rifle shots to her head. Lockett stripped the Calhoun's car for various parts, hid those items in the chicken house, walked through the woods to his home, and fell asleep.”

All in a day's work…

* John Calhoun (two children)
* Geraldine Calhoun

----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -------------------------#129
Columbus, Georgia, May, 2008

Ambush - Three Gunned Down

For no apparent reason, Charles Johnson, 63(b/m), dunned down Three white people.

* James David Baker, 76
* Leslie Harris
* Peter Wright, 44

New Orleans, LA, Jan. 7, 1973


Racist Massacre

A black male racist, Mark James Robert Essex, 24, gunned down 9 people (7 white, 1 black and 1 Hispanic) in one day. Racist Essex was finally mowed down by New Orleans police officers, receiving over 200 bullet wounds.

Essex (talking to two black females at Howard Johnson): “Don’t worry. I’m here to just kill white people.”

White Victims:
* Joe Perniciaro
* Dr. Robert Steagall
* Betty Steagall
* Officer Edwin Hosli Sr.
* Frank Schneider
* Walter Collins
* Deputy Chief Louis Sirgo

San Diego( Clairemont and University City), CA, 1990 - 1991
Home Invasions - Serial Rapist And Murderer

Prior to the 1960s, white people protested bitterly regarding blacks moving into their communities. It wasn't just a loss of their property value that white people were worried about. It was also the safety of their families.


Cleophus Prince, 23, a serial rapist and murder of white females, was finally captured on March 1, 1991. He produced quite an impressive victim's list.

 Victims (all murdered in their apartments):

* Tiffany Schultz, 21 
* Janene Weinhold, 21 (raped)
* Holly Tarr, 18 
* Elissa Keller, 38 
 Pamela Clark, 42, (raped)  
Amber Clark, 18 (daughter) 

Note: Many, many other white females almost became a victim of this black male's obsession with burglary and murder.

 Houston, TX, April 10, 1978

Public Abduction – Rape – Torture – Murder 

Two black males abducted a young white couple and took them to a remote area. When the two blacks discover only $11.50 on the couple, the white male was bludgeoned with the butt of a shotgun rifle . The white female (surprise) was then viciously attacked, raped and beaten with the shotgun butt like her boyfriend ... and left for dead (since neither was shot, it's likely the shotgun had no shells or wasn't functioning). 

 Murderers and Rapists:
Leon R. King, 34
Allen Ray Carter

* Kelly Brei, 19 (beaten and left for dead but survived)
* Michael Clayton Underwood  (deceased)

Rockford, Ill., Jan. & Feb. 1981

"In one week, Raymond Lee Stewart went on a killing spree that left four people dead in Rockford, Illinois and two people dead in Beloit, Wisconsin. The murders terrified both communities. He was captured with the help of an F.B.I. profiler.

Just when Rockford and Beloit residents thought it was safe to go out again, Raymond Lee Stewart made a daring escape from jail. Once again, the community was terrified. He was re-captured after a two hour manhunt.

Arrested for Murder (infamous mass murderer):
Raymond Lee Stewart, 29

* Donald Rain, 26
* Richard Boeck, 21
* Kevin Kaiser, 18
 * Kenny Foust, 35

Black male Steward also gunned down two blacks (Willie Fredd and his nephew, Albert Pearson).

 Aransas County, TX, Sept. 29, 1987

Home Invasion - Three Murdered

He promised to "get even" 

A black male, Eddie James Johnson,35,... in the late night hours went to an apartment complex - in a white community -  to abduct and murder a white male he believed got him fired.  When  Johnson broke into the white male's apartment, he discovered three people, his white male target, an adult white female and her 10-year-old daughter. Johnson then at gunpoint ordered  the three outside and into the white male's car.  He took them to a remote area, bound their hands and feet and then murdered them (bounding them all seems to indicate black male Johnson spent some time taunting his would-be victims).

* David Magee 
* Virgina Cadena, 29 
* Elizabeth Galvan, 10 

 Fort Lauderdale, Fla., Feb. 9, 1996

Workplace Massacre

He was fired and he vowed to get even... 
A black male, CliftonMcCree ,41,...was terminated from his maintenance job after failing a drug test. He was also heard and seen many times  "threatening and harassing"  co-workers.  Black male McCree vowed to get even.  He waited a year, then he showed up at his former workplace and specifically targeted white males for slaughter.

The Dead:
* Joseph "Tim" Clifford, 37 (w/m)
* Joseph Belotto, 40 (w/m)
 * Kenneth Brunjes, 46 (w/m)
* Mark Bretz, 36 (w/m)
* Donald Moon Jr., 44 (w/m)

* Lelan Brookins, 43 (w/m, three gunshots)


Charlotte, N.C. 2007

Two White Police Officers Gunned Down

Two white male police officers were responding to disturbance call when they were ambushed and gunned down by a black male in an apartment parking lot.

Convicted Murderer:
Demeatrius Montgomery, 25

* Sean Clark, 34 (deceased)
 * Jeffrey Shelton, 35 (deceased)

------------------------- -#137

 Henrico County , VA, March 25, 1978

* Crimes That Shake Our Conscience *
 A black male,Charles Stamper,…barged into a business where he formerly worked and armed with a gun, first took the money from the store safe, then herded three of his former white co-workers into a freezer ... where he then executed them one by one.

* Agnes Hicks
* Franklin Cooley
* Stephen Staples


Waco, TX, Sept. 1, 1980

Armed Robber - Public Abduction - Double Murder

A black male,  Carl Kelly, 21, …at gunpoint robbed a convenience store then, apparently simply for amusement, kidnapped two white males, one a clerk, the other a customer. He took them to a remote area then shot them in the head, then threw them off a bridge. Of course, there’s no way of knowing what “fun” Kelly had with the two victims before he gunned them down.

* Steven Pryor
* David W. Riley

 Bolivar County, Miss., Dec. 30, 1983

Armed Robbery - Two Gunned Down

 A black male (unemployed), Adam Lee Pinkton, 21…walked into a white-owned store with a shotgun. The store owner and his son were present.  Pinkton, who had been employed in the past by the white male,  leveled his shogun at the white male store owner's head, then unloaded a single shotgun blast at pointblank range, killing him instantly.   Pinkton then turned the shotgun on the other white male in the store, and fired his second load at his head.  However, most of the shotgun blast missed. Pinkton then went over to the wounded and prone white male and began to beat him with the gun until he was too fatigued to continue.  Exhausted and with no other means to kill the prone white male, Pinkton was forced to flee the store ... with no money and his second victim still very much alive, who later identified Pinkton to police.

* Louis Coats, 57
* Son Survived

Orange County, FL, 1981

 Armed Robbery - Two Gunned Down

 A black male, Jerry white, 31,…during the course of a convenience store robbery, executed a white male with a gun shot to the back of the head. He then shot another white male in the neck (store owner); and although he survived, he was paralyzed from the neck down and left unable to speak.

* James Melson (deceased)
* Alex Alexander (father of four, paralyzed)

Note: In 1985, Mr. Alexander, who was essentially dead in all human qualities, asked to be let to die, since he was left with no ability to move or talk. He died in 1985. Black male White also died … a very painful – screaming – death in Florida’s infamous electric chair (Old Sparky).

 Statesville, N.C., Dec. 16, 2007 

Armed Robbery - Two Gunned Down 

A black male,   Andrew Ramseur, 21,…invaded a white male-owned Shell gas station and, during the course of an armed robbery, deliberately murdered two white people (male and female). Video surveillance showed the white female on her hands and knees when she was shot - twice.  

* Jennifer Vincek, 28 (married and mother of two small children, ages 4 and 2)
* Jeffrey Peck, 52

Orange County, TX, April 21, 2010

Robbery - Two Attacked  - One Dead

 A black male,
Edward Roberts Jr., 21,…walked into a white male’s insurance business armed with a baseball bat intending to commit robbery. In the course of the robbery, the black male, unprovoked, beat the white male owner to death. Also seriously injured and left unconscious (struck in the head, broken arm trying to protect herself ) was a white female worker.

* Michael "Mickey" McNamara, 76
* Joyce Cross (survived)

----------------------------- #143
 Tyler, TX, April 19, 1994

Follow Home Ambush - Two Gunned Down

Three Black males,  Napoleon Beazley,17, Cedric Coleman ,19, Donald Coleman, 18,...from Grapeland drove to Tyler, Texas, with the sole intent of carjacking and murdering a white person (couple) who was driving a luxury car.   Breazley brought a .45 and a saw-off shotgun for the job. The black trio followed a Mercedes driven by an elderly white male with his wife all the way to their home.  When the elderly white male parked his car in the garage, Breazley ran up to him and fired his shotgun into the head of the male, though not killing him.  Breazley then went over to the elderly white female and took a shot at her.  The shot missed but she pretended it hit her and played dead. Breazley then went back to the white male and at pointblank range fired another shot into his head.  Breazley then stole the man's wallet and his car. 

* John Luttig, 63
* Bobbie Luttig (survived)
-------------------------- #144
Houston, TX, June 4, 1985 

Armed Robbery - Two Gunned Down

A black male,  Mitchell Gerald Lee, 17, part of a robbery scheme, told two young white males he would sell them a small amount of marijuana.  The white males (including a 15-years-old) showed up at a public park where  Lee met them ... then pulled a sawed-off shotgun and forced both to a secluded area.  Black male Lee then gunned them down, stole their money and the white male's car.
* Charles Marino, 20
* Kenneth Fleming, 15 (survived)

Flint, Mich. July, 1997

               * Black Male Atrocity! * 

Black Racism - Humiliation

 Three young white kids jumped a train in a rural part of Michigan and wound up in a black community in Flint, Michigan. I will defer to another site (link provided below) in describing what happened next:

"The Highland Township [white] teenagers who hopped the CSX train on June 18 were far from pros. Afraid to jump off at Holly, they froze and wound up 25 miles north in a rough section of Flint. One of the boys, Michael Carter, 14, ended up dead. Another, Dustin Kaiser, 15, was beaten brutally before taking a bullet in the head. And the third, Nicole, 14, whose family asked that only her first name be used in this story, was pistol-whipped and shot in the face after being forced to perform oral sex."

 Racists / Rapists / Murderers:
Christopher Darling, 18
Anthony Hollis, 23

Adrian Hollis, 20 
Terrance Reyes, 18
Tyrone Reyes, 16
Shannon Gould, 16

Note:The link below can give you all the details in this despicable black male hate crime. 
 Midland City, Ala., Jan. 26, 1997

Home Invasion - Two Gunned Down

Two black males, Shaber Chamond Wimberly, 17, Calvin Butler …planned a home invasion of a white family. Black male Butler knocked on the front door and when an adult white male answered the black boys gave him a yarn about looking for a specific house on the street, then black male Wimberly pulled a gun and both blacks forced their way inside. The black youths made Mr. King lay on the floor then (police claim it was Wimberly) shot him in the head. The black boys then made Mrs. King locate money for them, then she also was shot in the head.


* Max D. King (deaceased)
 * Johneen King (deceased)

Newark, NJ, April 1998

                                   A MUST READ!

  Home Invasion - Rape - Murder - Kidnapping Sex Slave 


A black male, Donald Flagg, 41, …invaded the home of a white male, Anthony Puglisi. When Mr. Puglisi confronted the black male he was murdered. The black predator then waited for his intended target, Mrs. Debra Puglisi (to abduct and use as a sex slave). When she eventually walked into her home, black male Flagg sucker punched her, then dragged her into a room and raped her. Flagg then tied her up and put the white female into the trunk of his car and took her back to his place, where for four days he abused her, tortured and raped her. On the forth day black male Flagg tightly bound his white female captive and then went to work.  The white female, surely realizing her days were numbered, managed to escape - and survived.

* Debra Puglisi (survived)
* Anthony Puglisi (deceased)


 Seattle, Wash., March 9, 2001

Home Invasion Massacre

A black male, Leemah Carneh, 18,...during a home invasion/burglary murdered four people (three white, one black).

* Dick Larson, 63
* Jane Larson, 64
*  Taelor Marks, 17
* Josie Peterson (b/f)
Virginia, Oct. 8, 1993

Ambushed  - Two Gunned Down

Two black males,
 Andre Graham, Mark Sheppard (not charged), … walked up to a white couple sitting in a car in a restaurant parking lot. The blacks told the white couple to get out of the car and lie on the ground, where black male Graham then shot both in the head. The black males then stole Edward Martin’s car.

* Sheryl Stack, 20
* Edward Martin, (lost an eye, and suffers from paralysis – a cripple)

Note: Black male Graham was involved in over 10 murders. Racial identities of all his victims are unknown.

Black Male Graham’s Execution witness:

  Jessup, GA, Jan. 9, 1993
Armed Robbery - Abduction Results In Mother & Son Being Executed 

A black male teen, Larry Jenkins, 17,
 …  abducted a mother and her 15-year-old son at gunpoint. They were made to get in their car and then forced to drive to to a remote area, where Jenkins gunned them both down. The young white male was the first to die, apparently so his mother could watch. He got six bullets, the mother got the rest. Motive was race hatred, thrill kill and robbery. UPDATE: Jenkins was given the death penalty for the two murders. However, since he was 17-years-old at the time of the crimes, he was taken off death row. In 2014, his conviction was overturned and he is now facing a new trail for the two murders. On Sept. 23rd, he was found guilty again.
* Terry Ralston
* Michael Ralston, 15
 Marrero, LA, Oct. 31, 1996
Home Invasion - Two Murdered
 (Mother & Son)

Two  black males,
Lawrence Jacobs Jr., 16,  Roy Bridgewater,16,…during a home invasion burglary murdered an elderly white female and her son.


* Nelson Beaugh, 45
* Della Beaugh, 70 (mother)
 Fayetteville, N.C. Sept. 23, 1997 

Armed Robbery - Double Murder

Two black males (brothers),
 Kevin Salvador Golphin, 17, Tilmon Charles Golphin, Jr., 19, gunpoint robbed a financial institution and then ordered two women to walk to a bathroom. Kevin then ordered them to turn their backs. The women then heard a click and another click. Evidently the black teen forget to load his gun. Unable to slaughter the two women, teenager Kevin blocked the door with objects, then fled in a car belonging to one of the females. Later in the day, a Highway patrol pulled over the car over with the two teens.  Another back-up unit also arrived and aided in the arrest of the black teens. In the process of the arrest, however, both officers were slain -- evidently, black male Kevin loaded his gun.

 White Police Officers:
* Trooper Lloyd E. Lowry, 48
* Deputy David Hathcock
, 58

 Paris, TX, May 2, 1995
Home Invasion - Two Attacked  - One Murder - One Survived

 A black male , Anzel Jones, 17,
…knocked on the door of a home occupied by two white females. When the door was answered, the black teen pulled out a knife and demanded money and a car. When Jones received cash and the car keys he stabbed both females numerous times and then their throats.


* Sherry Kay Jones, 48 (deceased)
* Mother (survived)

 St. Petersburg, FL, Jan. 24, 2011

 Two Police Officers Gunned Down

A black male (career criminal), Hydra Lacy, Jr., 39, …gunned down two white male police officers while they were attempting to arrest him at his home on an outstanding warrant.

*Tom Baitinger, 48
*Jeffrey Yaslowitz, 39 (married, father of three)
 Jackson County, MO, April, 18, 2009

Home Invasion - Two Executed

Three black males, Eria Doss, 19, Michael Gunn , 17, Larry Marshall, 20... barged into a white male's apartment and at gunpoint ordered two young white males lay face down on the floor. They complied, then Gunn shot both in the head.

* Justin K. Budreau , 24 (deceased)
 * Andrew J. Eli, 23 (deceased) 
Monterey Park, CA, Oct. 2010
Home Invasion - Two Gunned Down

A black male, John Wesley Ewell, 53…broke into the home of a white couple, murdered them, then burglarized the home.

* Leamond Turnage, 69
* Robyn Turnage, 57

 Rock Hill, S.Carolina,  Sept., 21, 2010

Ambush - Two Gunned Down

Parmalee [Rock] Band Member In Critical Condition 

Two black male, Demario Burris, 22,  (deceased),  Dytavis Hinton, 22. (wounded).....walked into an RV where a group of band members [white males] had gathered after a performance, drew guns and demanded money. A white male then drew a gun and began to fire at the black males, striking both of them. 

* Scott Thomas, 37 (bullet wound, critical condition)
 * other members of the band escaped injury 
 Plainview, TX, 1993
Armed robbery - Two Gunned Down

Three black males,
 Joe Lee Guy, 21,  Ronald Springer, Thomas Howard,…at gunpoint robbed an elderly white male’ grocery store. During the course of the robbery, black males Springer and Howard, after they received money from the cash drawer, gunned down the white male,  and also his elderly mother. 

* Larry Howell, 62 (deceased)
* French Howell, 81 (wife, survived)
 Jefferson County, Ala., Nov.  24, 2005
Armed Robbery - Three Gunned Down

Two black males,
  Brandon Deon Mitchell, Roderick Byrd,…as part of a robbery scheme gunned down three innocent people.

* Kim Olney, 28 (desk clerk)
* Dorothy Smith, 58, (motel guest)
* John Aylesworth, 42

Note: Trying to get verification on race of these victims. About 99% sure they’re white.

 Mims, Fla., April 3, 1989

Kidnapping- Murder

 A black male (ex-con & recently leased),Crosley Green,32,…robbed at gunpoint a young white male while he was sitting in his truck with his girlfriend. Black male Green then tied the white male’s hands and drove both his young white captives to a secluded area. The white male was forced to get out and was then gunned down. However, before Green could turn his attention to the white female (to rape her then execute her), she fled.

* Charles “Chip” Flynn, Jr., 21 (deceased)
* Sue Hallock, 18 (miraculously survived)
 Dade County, FL, Dec. 19, 1990
Ambush By Employee - Double Murder in Armed Robbery 

 A black male, Victor T. Jones, 29,…offering little in the way of job skills, nevertheless, a, elderly white male hired him to do menial tasks around the office. It was the worst decision the white male ever made - and he and his wife would pay for it with their lives. In a robbery attempt black male Jones knifed both to death inside their business. However, there is some good news here. Before the elderly white male died he got off a few rounds from his .22 pistol and hit black male Jones right between the eyes. Unfortunately, black male Jones had already did his work on the elderly people.

* Matilda Nestor, 66
* Jacob Nestor, 67

 Chino Hills, CA, June 4, 1983

                                * Family Massacre Atrocity! *

A black male (escaped convict), Kevin Cooper, 25,...was unemployed and squatting in a vacant home in a white community (Chino Hills) for almost two months. For unknown reasons, Cooper decided to walk over to a white family's home and brutally murder everyone inside. The scene was an extremely grizzly one.   Cooper first used a hatchet to attack all his victims.  After the hatchet attack he then use a knife ... and then an ice pick.

* Christopher Hughes, 11 (deceased)
* Douglas Ryen (deceased)
* Peggy Ryen (deceased)
* Josh Ryen , 8 (survived despite his throat being slit)
* Jessica Ryen, 10 (deceased)
-------------------------------------- #163 
Monroe, NC, Nov. 1, 2010
Ambush - Two Gunned Down

Three blacks,
 Melvin Lee Luckey, 33, Otis Redding Howie Jr., 25,  Freda Lashon Brown, 37 (possible driver), …ambushed a white couple in a parking lot. Both were shot multiple times. Motive, according to police, was robbery.

* Robbie Jordan (bullets removed and was released) 
* Crystal Jordan (left in critical condition)

Tampa, FL, Oct. 10, 1986

Home Invasion - Two Murdered

A black male: Alfonso Green, 24,... couldn’t pay his rent and was told to vacate the premises.  Angry at the white male landlord, Green went over to his home (likely telling him he had the back rent) and when the door was opened, Green barged in and with a knife bludgeoned  the landlord and his wife to death.

* Robert J. Nichols, 70
* Dora V. Nichols, 71
 Miami, FL, July 17, 1974
Ex-Employee Kidnaps Supervisor - Murders Him & His Wife

 A black male, Thomas Knight, 29, …kidnapped  his former white supervisor, forced him to drive to his home, where he held his wife hostage while the white male went to the bank to withdraw $50,000. The white male, while at the bank, contacted the police. When the white male arrived back home with the money,  Knight forced him and his wife into a car, then took them to a remote area (police lost them in their surveillance) where they were both made to kneel ... and then gunned down.

* Sydney Gans
* Lillian Gans

Update: On Oct 12, 2010, black male Knight stabbed a white male prison guard to death with a homemade knife. 

Officer Richard Burke, 48, (wife and 2 kids)

Note: Many black males in prison who've committed heinous crimes attempt to hide by adopting Arabic names, which is what black male Knight’s has done.  I won't give you his "new" Arabic name.


Steiner / Ross
Escondido, CA, 2003

Ambush - Double Murder

 A black male,Bennette Lee Douglas, 19, …was somehow able to get into a relationship with a very young and, unfortunately, very na├»ve white female. The result? The white female plus her best friend were found dead a short time later. Since black male Douglas was found to have used duct tape and a shovel in the crime, it appeared to be premeditated. Perhaps black male Douglas was involved in an illegal activity and the girls may found out about it.  Or, more likely, back male Douglas was informed by the naive white female that she didn’t want to see him anymore.


 * Jennifer Ross, 18
* Heather Ann Steimer, 18


Note: So often those few white girls who get involved  with a black male, because of his lack of a structured up bringing, under-educated and/ or his historic employment difficulties, frustration builds with the girl,  and when she wants to break it off,  she either winds up seriously injured, murdered, or she winds up in prison because of his illegal activities.

 Palm Coast, FL, Nov. 20, 1989

Neighborhood Stalker - THRILL KILLER

A black male, Louis Gaskin, 22, ...decided  he wanted to be Ninja assassin. He dressed in black and drove around a semi-rural white community at night looking for a suitable target. He spotted a light coming from a home so he parked his car and crept up to the house, where, peeking through the back window, he saw a husband and wife sitting in the living room.  He took aim and gunned both down. He then broke into the home and shot both of them again. Black male Gaskin then burglarized the house and took the white male's wallet. 

Gaskin then went to another white couple's home where tried to assassinate them in the same fashion,   but they where able to escape in their car.  Gaskin then burglarized the house.

 * Robert Sturmfels, 56 (deceased)
 * Georgette Sturmfels, 55 (deceased)
 * Robert Rector (survivedspan style= with a bullet wound)
 * Mary Rector  (shot at but uninjured)

Baton Rouge, LA, Swept. 24,  2010

Home Invasion - Mother & Daughter Gunned Down

   Two black males riding bicycles stopped at the home of a white female, drew guns and barged into her home. A white female and her young child were then gunned down. Police claim robbery was the motive.

Black male Aramis Jackson, 20,  was recently arrested (Oct. 2010) and charged with first-degree murder. He was reportedly carrying a flat screen TV… assumed to be taken from the white female’s home. DNA evidence (from a rape?) was also said to be used to implicate black male Jackson.

* Arianna Angler, 9 (shot 6 times by the black males)
* Alexandra Angler, 42 (deceased) 

Spokane County , WA, April 27, 1996


Sexual Obsession Leads To Rape & Two Murders
I young and naive white female brought a black male into her home where another white female also lived. Result?

“…According to testimony Venus gave at trial, Woods "poured himself vodka" and expressed unhappiness about the fact that Jade was not awake. At the behest of Woods, Venus tried to awaken Jade, but she did not respond. Woods, according to Venus, became irate and eventually shoved Venus onto the couch and attempted to unbutton her pants. Venus said that she escaped from Woods's grasp but that he managed to grab her again and "slammed" her head and neck against a door. From that point on, Venus has no memory of events that morning except for reoccurring "flashing" of memory in which she recalls struggling with Woods. After Woods completed his attack on Venus, he moved on to Jade. At about 7:30 a.m., Woods climbed into bed with Jade and forced her, at knifepoint, to get up. He then forcibly took her to witness the severely beaten Venus who was lying unconscious on the floor in one of the bedrooms. Woods proceeded to threaten Jade that if she did not comply with his demands, she would "end up looking just like your friend Venus.'" He then forced Jade to help him loot the trailer and to give him her automatic transaction machine (ATM) card together with her personal identification number. He then raped Jade orally and vaginally. While Woods was attacking Jade, Telisha came over to the trailer to retrieve some of her belongings. As she entered the trailer, Woods seized and bound her and forced her to stand against a wall in the bedroom. Jade, who was laying on the floor at this point, and "acting like she was dead," said that she "heard a baseball bat hit" Telisha's head. Jade was then hit in the head with the bat, knocked unconscious, and was unable to observe what happened beyond that point. When Telisha failed to return home later that morning, her mother, Sherry, became concerned and decided to go to the trailer. She arrived there at approximately 10:25 a.m. and found the door locked. While peering in through a window in the trailer, she saw a man, whom she later identified as Woods, alighting from the other side of the trailer. Sherry gave chase, but the man she had observed eluded her. She then returned to the trailer and pounded on the locked door. Finally, Jade answered the door. According to Sherry, Jade "looked out of it and she was stark naked." Sherry soon realized that the three women in the trailer had been beaten. Sherry called 911. Police, paramedic, and fire department personnel were immediately dispatched to the scene of the crime, and the victims were rushed to the hospital. While en route to the hospital, Jade told a paramedic about the events surrounding her assault. Once Jade arrived at the hospital she also informed her father, the emergency room physician, and a nurse about what had transpired that morning. Despite the efforts of hospital personnel, Telisha expired without ever regaining consciousness. Jade initially responded favorably to medical treatment, however, her condition eventually worsened and she died the following day due to a blood clot.

Rapist / Murderer:
Dwayne Woods, 26


* Telisha Shaver, 22 (deceased)
* Jade Moore, 18 (deceased)
* Venus Shaver, 20 (survived)

Milwaukee, Wis., Oct. 2004

Ex-Black Employee Returns To Business And Murders Two Co-Workers In Armed Robbery

A black male, James Walker, 23 (triggerman),… was fired from his job and returned to the business to commit robbery and murder. After Walker got his loot he ushered two employees (male and female) into a freezer … then executed them.


* Nicole Joslyn
* Alan Lowrie
 Macon, GA, December 7, 1974

Home Invasion - Three Dead

 A black male, John Young,
...decided the best way to make easy money was to invade elderly white homes. In the course of the burglary  Young would beat his white victim(s) into unconsciousness.  Three elderly white people died as a result of his beatings.


* Coleman Brice 
* Gladys Brice
* Katie Davis

* Three Elderly White People severely beaten

 Kuwait, March 2003

Ambush - Massacre

A black male (Muslim), Hasan Akbar's, 22,
… while stationed in Kuwait, gained infamy by hurling 4 hand grenades into four tents, intending to kill innocent white males. He also fired shots at white males during the chaos he created, intending to kill more.  Akbar, after a court- martial,  was sentenced to death.


* Capt Christopher Seifert, 27 
* Maj Gregory Stone, 40
* fourteen soldiers wounded
Deerfield Beach,  FL, November 1, 1987

Employee Murders His Employer And Wife In Armed Robbery (Black on Black)

A black male, Robert Henry...had no job skills, yet was hired - out of pity - by a black female and given a job as a maintenance worker.   Henry returned the generosity by murdering the two store employees  - who let down their guard and trusted him. Motive was (surprise) robbery.

 * Phyllis Harris (b/f)
 * Janet Thermidor (b/f)

Note: Robert Henry was executed by the state of Floria in 2014.

Liberty City, FL, March 22, 1999

Massacre Of White People

Black Male Hit Squad

A black male murder squad , formed on racial superiority beliefs, was revealed in 1999. Its exclusive murder target? White people. A member of this infamous black supremacist organization was a former highly paid NFL football player, Robert Rozier.   

“In Florida, Rozier pleaded guilty to four murders and confessed to three other killings to win a reduced prison term in exchange for testimony against Miami sect leader Yahweh Ben Yahweh and members of a religious order that federal prosecutors blamed for at least 23 murders and a series of fire-bombings in the 1980s. He served 10 years of a 22-year sentence, then was released with a new name and identity.”

 Innocent White Victims of Black Male Racism & Hate: 
* Harry Byers
* Reinaldo Echevarria
* Elisabeth Schwark

* Attilio Cicala
* Clair Walter,
* Glendell Fowler,
* Kurt Doer,
* James Myers,
* Raymond Kelly,
* Lyle Austin Bellinger

Note: Again, all the victims were white, and were intended to be white.
Chicago, IL, 1973

De Mau Mau Murders

Black Male Hit Squad Against White People

A black male murderous hit squad, including,
Edward Moran Jr., 23,
Robert Wilson,18,
Nate Burse, 23,
Michael Clark, 21,
Reuben Taylor, 22
Don Taylor, 21
Garland Jackson, 22
Darrell Peatry, 20

….operated in the Chicago area in the early 1970s. Their exclusive target for murder? White people.

White Victims (all names not available):
* Paul Corbet
* Mrs. Corbett
* Corbett's Stepdaughter
* Mrs. Corbett’s Sister

 * Michael Gerchenson, 19
* William Richter, 23
* Stephen Hawtree
* Mrs. Hawtree
* Teenage Hawtree,9171,906633,00.html

Jefferson County, Ala., Sept. 26, 2001
Ambush  - Double Murder

The unpredictability of the black male temperament... LOOK OUT!

A black male (career criminal), Renard Marcel Daniel, 26...was invited into a white male's apartment (neither had met before).  Apparently the white male had a few too many drinks and used the word "nigger."  Upon hearing this, Daniel became enraged, and despite the white male apologizing, Daniel pulled a concealed gun and proceeded to gun down not only the white male, but also his girlfriend (also white). He then went to his friend's apartment and bragged about being a "killer."

Note: Naturally, no one could verify the veracity of the Daniel's story about him hearing the word "nigger".

 * John Wesley Brodie
* Loretta A. McCulloch 

N. Carolina, S. Carolina & Florida, 1970 

BLA (Black Liberation Army) Racist Hit Squad

Three black males, L.L. Thompson, 20, Martin Rutrell, 15, Ben Chaney, Jr. 17, ... filled with racism and hate toward white people,  apparently for amusement and adventure, they set out to kill as many white people as they could ... until they were caught.   


*  Three white college students, Durham, N. Carolina, April 15, 1970  
J.J. Bowles, at Fort Lauderdale, Fl, May 3, 1970 
*  Two white males abducted and murdered, Boco Raton, Fl, May 14, 1970
*  Murdered white male business owner and wounded another in Hardeeville, S. Carolina, May 20, 1970

 * The total number of known black male hit squads organized for the sole purpose of killing white people prior to 1964 ... is ZERO. *
Ocala, FL, July 21, 2006

Home Invasion - Two Gunned Down

Three black males, Renaldo McGirth, 18, Theodore C. Huston, 17, Jarrord M. Roberts, 20, ...invaded the home of an elderly white couple and gunned both down (shooting them in the head). Motive was burglary/robbery.

* Diana Miller, 63 (deceased) 
* James Miller, 71 (miraculously survived)

Los Angeles, CA, Dec. 7, 1987

Airplane Take-Over -  Massacre (43 people)

A black male, David Augustus Burke, 35,…boarded a USAir flight to gun down his former white supervisor, who had fired him for theft a few weeks earlier. 43 people ended up losing their lives  -- because a black male wanted to get even with a white guy. WOW.

* Raymond Thomson, 48 (w/m supervisor)

Mary Shawn Addington, 28 (w/f)
Douglas Milan Arthur, 41 (w/m Chief Pilot)
James Franklin Carroll, 50 (w/m)
Stephen Earl Cone, 40 (w/m)
John Frank Conte, 30 (w/m Field Service Agent)
Anthony Raymond Cordova, 46 (h/m)
Jeanne Avis (Clark) Dealan, 40 (w/f)
Sharon May (Holvey) Engstrom, 49 (w/f)
Karen Marie Fox, 38 (w/f)
David Anthony Giuliano, 41 (w/m)
Julie Gottesman, 20 (w/f Flight Attendant)
Donald Mitchell Hoag, 43 (w/m)
Theresa Mary (Lujan) Kekai, 55 (h/f)
Jocelyn Gae (Byers) Kempe, 56 (w/f)
Karen Krom, 39 (w/f)
Gregg Nelson Lindamood, 43 (w/m Captain)
Kathleen Elizabeth Mika, 35 (w/f)
Owen Francis Murphy, 60 (w/m)
Deborah E. (Nissen) Neil, 37 (w/f Flight Attendant)
Wayne J. Nelson, 48 (w/m)
James Howard Nunn, 48 (w/m First Officer)
Paul Clifford Perry III, 56 (w/m)
Kevin William Phelan, 35 (w/m)
Thomas Daniel Rabin, 24 (w/m)
James Richard Rettinghouse, 42 (w/m)
Curtis Fung Rhee, 33 (a/m)
John Arthur Roseen, 41 (w/m)
William Ira Rosenberg, 40 (w/m)
Birgit H. Saur, 21 (w/f)
Erika Saur, 51 (w/f)
Carmille Lorraine (Strazzulla) Scafire, 54 (w/f)
Jonathan Kirk Shiba, 39 (a/m)
Linda (Gerling) Hathaway Siegfried, 41 (w/f)
Wolfgang Studemann, 47 (w/m)
Allen Frederick Swanson, 45 (w/m)
James Robert Sylla, 53 (w/m)
Ray Frank Thomson, 48 (w/m)
Debra Lynn (Watterson) Vuylsteke, 32 (w/f Flight Attendant)
Earl Lewellyn Webb, 35 (w/m)
Mary Mae (Moore) Webb, 54 (w/f)
Neil John Webb, 58 (w/m)
Leon Winters, 62 (w/m)

Note: According to a poster (comment section), 38 of the passengers were white (names are included).

Perry, FL, November 6, 1974

Armed Robbery - Two Gunned Down

Two black males, Douglas Ray Meeks, 21, Homer Lee Hardwick, 18,…walked into a convenience store - in the white section of Perry - and pulled a gun on two teenage white people. The cashier (female) was ordered to give up the money in the cash register, which she did ($35.00). The other white person (male) along with the female were then ordered at gunpoint to the back of the store,  ordered to lie face down ... and then shot multiple times

* Diane Allen, 18 (survived)
* Lloyd Walker, 16 (deceased)

 Broward County, FL, Feb. 17, 1990

Two Police Officers Gunned Down

Two black males,
 Lancelot Armstrong, 26 (trigger man) , Wayne Coleman, 20, ....were in the process of an armed robbery when two white male police officers showed up.  Both officers were ambushed and shot multiple times shot.

* Deputy John W. Greeney III, 47 (deceased)
* Deputy Robert Sallustio (survived)
Las Vegas, NV, Jan. 4, 2010,

Walk-Up Murder - One Dead -One Critical Condition


A black male racist (ex-con -murder), Johnny Lee Wicks, 66…walked up to a white male working as a security guard at a federal court house and shot him to death. A deputy marshal was also injured. Wicks believe the federal gov’t was conspiring against him - because he was black - by reducing his Social Security check.

* Stanley Wayne Cooper, 72 (former police officer)
 * 48-year-old U.S. Marshal (shot- critical cond. - survived)
Wilson, N.C., 2005

Former Employee Comes Back To Business And Guns Down Co-workers In Armed Robbery 

Three black males, Corey Whitted,  (triggerman), Antonio Barnes, 19 , John Holden Jr., 20…after an armed robbery of a pizza business (former co-workers of black male Whitted), gunned down two people (white male - Hispanic male).

* Brandon Bass, 20 (deceased)
 * Ceasar Raya, 18 (survived)

 St. Louis, MO, Oct. 13, 2010

Two Police Officers Gunned Down

A black male, Kim Dwayne Cobb Jr. 20, …tried to gun down two white male police officers who pulled him over in a routine traffic stop. Both officers were hit with gunfire, leaving one in critical condition.

* Lucas Roethlisberger, 25 (critical condition)
* Luke Kallal, 27 ((released from hospital)
 Rocky Mount, N.C., Oct. 18, 2007

Ambush - Two Attacked - One Dead - One Critical Condition

A black male,  Tommy Lee Holiday, 30,…barged into a church kitchen armed with a knife and began attacking two white females who were preparing food baskets for the needy. One white female died at the scene. The other survived, but required seven weeks of therapy.

* Debbie Kornegay, 58
* Eve Beasley, 60 (survived)

 Prosper, TX. Dec. 10, 1990

                     Home Invasion ATROCITY 

Four black male predators, Eric Lynn Moore, 23, Anthony Bruce, 15, Kenneth Bruce, 19, Sam Andrews, 19,… drove out to a rural home occupied by a white male and his wife. The two Bruce brothers knocked on the front door and when a middle-age white male answered the two black boys told him they had car trouble and needed jumper cables. Unfortunately, the white male agreed to help the youths and invited them into his home. As the first two blacks entered, then the other two followed behind them pulling their guns as they entered the house. The four black males  then forced the white male and his wife upstairs and into their bedroom and told them to lie face down. While lying face down, both were shot, the white male in the back, intentionally aiming for his spinal cord (it was clearly a shot  intending to render him a permanent cripple). The female was shot in the leg. The black males then left the room and went looking for household valuables.

A few minutes later the sadistic black youths came back to finish the job. The white female was shot in the head and died instantly. The white male, however, well, there was a different plan for him. He was going to to be left alive, but shot one more time, this time in the right shoulder, attempting to leave him with only a functioning left arm (Kenneth Bruce admitted to being the triggerman, but it could very well be that it was his 15-year-old cousin who was the shooter and the older one took the blame). The white male did survive, but, as planned, paralyzed from the waist down.

* Helen Ayers, 55
* Richard Ayers, 58 (survived - paralyzed)

Note: Again, it was obvious by the black males' actions they wanted to render the white male a cripple. They could have easily finished him off. But they (police say it was Andrews) deliberately shot the white male in the spine then the shoulder, desiring him to have just a single functioning arm - and no wife. The black males made sure they finished off the white female -- a bullet to the head. Sick!

* Nothing to compare to this type of crime prior to 1964...
Athens, GA, March 2011

Two Police Officers Gunned Down 

A black male (career criminal), Jamie Hood, 33,...gunned down two white male police officers who responded to his carjacking attempt.

* Officer Elmer Christian (deceased)
* Officer Tony Howard (survived)

Note: Black male Jamie Hood has yet to be tried for his cowardly crime.

Burleith, Washington, D.C. July 6, 1997

'Starbucks Coffee House Massacre'

A black male (career criminal), Carl Derek Cooper, 27, ... walked into a Starbucks after closing time, pulled out a handgun and announced a stick-up.  Three employees (white female, white male & a black male) were forced into a back room.  Cooper then demand money, where apparently the white female panicked and tried to flee. Copper then gunned her down, then the other two.   Cooper's take in this triple homicide robbery ... was a grand total of NOTHING.

* Mary Caitrin Mahoney, 25 (w/f)
* Emory Allen Evans, 25 (b/m) 
* Aaron David Goodrich, 18 (w/m)

Note: Black male Cooper was also responsible for the attempted murder of an off-duty white police officer from Prince George's County,  Officer Bruce Howard.
Tyler, TX, 04-19-94

Home Invasion - Follow Home Ambush - Teen Guns Down Husband & Wife - He wanted Their Car
Three black males, Napoleon Beazley, 17, Cedric Coleman, 19,,Donald Coleman, 18,...drove to Tyler, TX, to "jack a car." Why? Because black male Beazley wanted to be seen driving around in a Mercedes. It didn't seem to dawn of this Negro kid  that some people (including his mother and father) might be wondering where he got that car. And the license plate and registration... NEVER MIND. The trio drove around a white community, spotted an elderly white male with his wife in the very car Beazley  wanted.  The black kids followed the couple to their home and, when the white male parked his car in the garage, Beazley got out of his car, charged up to the white couple, who were still in their car, and then gunned down the white male.  Beazley went  over to the passenger side and shot the wife, however, the bullet missed her and she pretended to be dead.

* John Luttig, 63 (deceased)
* Mrs. Luttig (survived)
 Houston, Texas, Sept. 11, 1988

Home Invasion - Double Murder
A black male, Derrick Leon Jackson, 20, …broke into an apartment occupied by two white males ( Jackson lived in the same apartment complex i.e. he knew the apartment's occupants were white). The black male, police surmised, planned the murder for robbery by bringing with him a medal bar and a knife. Both victims were savagely beaten and then knifed numerous times.

* Forrest Henderson, 31 (deceased)
 * Alan Wrotenberry, 31 (deceased)

 Montgomery, Ala., Aug. 20, 1997

Home Invasion Rape Of Pregnant White Female (Gruesome) - Double Murder

A black male, Renaldo C. Adams, 17,…in the middle of the night broke into the home of a white male and woke the husband and wife (pregnant) at knife point.  Adams then ordered the white male to give up the cash in his wallet, which he did. Then black male Adams, with a knife pressed to the throat of his pregnant wife, ordered the adult white male to go to an ATM machine and draw out more money.  When the white male left, black male Adams raped the white female ...  then bludgeoned her to death. The unborn baby also died. As for the white male, naturally, he went straight to the police. The police arrived in time to save the white male's three young children.

* Andrew Mills (father of 3 young children – unharmed)
 * Mrs. Mills (raped, deceased)
* Unborn child (deceased)
Cincinnati, OH, March 6, 1979

Ambush - Two Officers Murdered

A black male (career criminal), Gregory Daniels, 28...was pulled over for an outstanding robbery warrant. As two white male police officers approached black male Daniels leaped from his car and started firing at them. Both were struck, however, one of the officers got off a round striking and killing Daniels.

* Officer Dennis Bennington, 27 (deceased)
 * Officer Robert Seiffert, 31 (deceased)

 Sarasoda, FL, April 2011

            Gang Initiation - Double Murder
Made them  'beg for their lives with their with their trousers down'
A black male, Shawn Tyson, 16, (already a career criminal) ...gunned down two innocent white males (British tourists) as part of a gang initiation.  Tyson was also previously arrested  for an armed robbery. Note: Tyson was found guilty and given a life prison term- no parole.

* James Cooper, 25
* James Kouzaris, 24

 Los Angeles County, CA, 1983

Armed Robbery - Two Slaughtered

A black male,  William Kirkpatrick Jr. 22, ... walked into a Taco Bell - where he formerly worked - and at gunpoint made the manager empty the cash register.  After receiving the cash,  Kirkpatrick forced the manager and a 16-year-old employee to a back room and then executed both of them

* Wayne Hunter, 27

*  James Falconio, 16

Note: I believe both victims here to be white.
 Jefferson County, AL, June 17, 2004

Police Officers Massacred

A black male, Kerry Spencer, 23,...ambushed four white police officers with an assault rifle who had come to his residence (a known drug house) to serve a warrant on his roommate.

* Officer Michael Collins (wounded, survived)
* Carlos Owen, 58
* Harley Chisholm III, 40
* Charles Robert Bennett, 33

 Clairemont , CA, Aug. 9, 1989

Home Invasion - Three Gunned Down

A black male and a Latino male, Christopher Box, 20 (ringleader and murderer) Manuel Flores, 17, ...broke into a home and murdered (knifed, beat and strangled) three white people. Motive was robbery / burglary & murder.

 * April Gilhousen, 20 
 * Bryan Gilhousen, 3
 * Kevin Morton Chandler, 29  
  Phoenix, AR, December 31, 1980

Home Invasion - Three Gunned Down 

 Three males, William Bracy (b/m), Murray Hooper (b/m), Edward McCall  (w/m)...  at gun point barged into a white family's home, marched three occupants to the upstairs bedroom, where all three were then executed. Police believe black male Hooper was the executioner.

 * Helen Phelps, 70  (deceased)
*  Marilyn Redmond  (survived)
*  Pat  Redmond   (deceased)

Note: There are some who believe that Ron Lukezic, Mr. Redmond's business partner and son-in-law, hired the three men to do the killing. 
   Chico, CA, Jan. 17, 1987

 Good Samaritan Murder - Husband & Wife

A black male,Steven Crittenden, 19,...approached a good-hearted elderly white male and asked if he could do some work around his home to earn some money for college.  Unfortunately, the white male agreed.  It seems the black male was simply casing the house to determine the best time to strike at the white people.  On Jan. 17th, the black male entered the white male's home with a knife, surprised the couple, forced the elderly white female to write him a $3000 dollar check, tied them up, then bludgeoned them to death. The elderly couple's son found them the next day.

 * Dr. William Chiappella, 68  
 *  Katherine  Chiappella,  67
Cleveland, OH, Feb. 22, 2009

Racially Motivated Walk-Up Murders - Two Gunned Down

A pack of black male,
Ralfeal King, 17,
Cornelius King, 26,
Joaquin Hicks, 29,
Perry King, Jr., 21,
Reginald Day, 28,
Bryan Elliot, 17,

…charged up to two white males in a public shopping center and without any provocation gunned them both down.  The black teens then riffled through their pockets searching for any valuables.

* Jory Aebly, 26 (survived a gun shot to the head “by a centimeter”)
* Jeremy Pechanec, 28 (deceased) 

Note: There is ABSOLUTELY NOTHING any white male/female can do to prevent this type of crime.
  Mead Valley, CA, Dec. 13, 1993
Home Invasion - Husband & Wife Dead

 Two Black Males, Albert Jones, 29 Unidentified 15-year-old, ...broke into the home of an elderly white couple.  Once inside the black males located the the elderly couple, hog tied them, then proceeded to bludgeoned them to death with pocket knives. 

* James Florville, 82
* Madalynne Florville, 72 
 Los Angeles, CA, August 12, 1978

Home Invasion - Husband & Wife Dead

 A black male, Eric Kimble,...broke into the home of a white couple (white community), duct tapped wife and husband, raped the wife, then executed both of them.  Kimble then took what he came for, the keys to a stereo equipment store, which the adult white male was the owner. The couple's daughter arrived at the home apparently just minutes after Kimble fled the residence. Two days later  Kimble used the keys to break into the store.


* Harry Margulies
* Avonne Margulies
 Bessemer, Ala, March 5, 1983

Two Gunned Down In Armed Robbery 

A black male Harry Nicks,   ...robbed a pawn store at gunpoint then instructed two white people lie face down on the ground.   Nicks then shot both of them in the head.

* Robert Back (deceased - owner of the store)
* Debra Lynn Love  (survived a bullet to the head)
-----------------------------------# 205
 Arkansas, April 2, 2001

A MUST READ! WOW! Black Male Rage

Black male Kenneth Isom, 34, was arrested for murder and rape.

According to court testimony, on April 2, 2001 this is how it went down:

Dorothy Lawson [white female] testified that she had been assisting Bill Burton, age 79 [white male], her deceased husband's brother-in-law, in his rehabilitation following hip surgery. Mrs. Lawson was at Mr. Burton's trailer home the night of April 2, 2001, and was watching television with Mr. Burton when she heard someone knock on the door. It was about 7:45 p.m. but still light outside. She opened the front door, and a man pushed passed her. She recognized the man as the person she had seen next door. She later identified that person as Mr. Isom [a black man]. He walked over to Mr. Burton and, standing near him, said, "I want some money."

“Mr. Burton replied that he currently had no money but that his social security check was coming tomorrow. [Black male] ... Isom pulled a pair of broken scissors from his pants' back pocket and threatened Mr. Burton. Mr. Burton gave him two $100 bills and another forty dollars. Mr. Isom became angry and said he wanted more. He made Mr. Burton stand up and walk towards the bedroom. He then made Mr. Burton lie down on the floor in the hallway. Mr. Isom next grabbed Mrs. Lawson and told her to remove her pants and underwear and lie down in the hallway near Mr. Burton. [Black male] ... Isom raped her vaginally, forced her to have oral sex with him, and raped her anally. During the rapes, Mrs. Lawson testified that she could clearly see his face. When she complained about the pain, Mr. Isom said: "It's going to be worse than this before the night's over." There was a knock at the back door, and Mr. Isom said: "Don't say a word. If you do, I'll kill you. I'll kill you now."

“Whoever was at the back door apparently left. Mr. Isom forced Mrs. Lawson into a closet. When she later looked out and told Mr. Isom to stop standing on Mr. Burton's head because he was old, Mr. Isom forced her back into the closet and said: "I know he's old. That's why I want to hurt him." She next saw Mr. Isom lying on top of Mr. Burton. She [tried to push] Mr. Isom [off of Mr. Burton] and in the process cut her hand on his scissors. She bled on Mr. Isom, which enraged him, and he said: "You're going to get it now." He [then] demanded the diamond rings worn by Mr. Burton. Mrs. Lawson gave Mr. Isom her ring instead. Mr. Isom took her into the bedroom and knocked her unconscious. When she awoke, Mr. Isom was choking her. Mrs. Lawson testified that she could plainly see his face. She passed out again, and when she awoke some time later, she was alone. There was warm blood on the back of her head and rattling in her chest due to internal bleeding. She discovered that she was paralyzed on one side. On April 3, 2001, Erma Shook, a neighbor and relative of Bill Burton's, entered the side door of his trailer home after 8:00 a.m. and heard Mrs. Lawson crying for help. Ms. Shook dialed 9-1-1 from Mr. Burton's trailer home. Donald King, a patrol sergeant with the Monticello Police Department, was the first to arrive at the scene. He testified that he found Mr. Burton dead, lying on the floor in the hallway, and Mrs. Lawson lying on the floor in the master bedroom. The cause of death of Mr. Burton was later determined by associate medical examiner, Dr. Charles Kokes, to be multiple sharp and blunt force injuries. Mrs. Lawson told Sergeant King that a black male who lived next door was the assailant.”

 Rancho Mirage, CA, June 1997

 Husband & Wife Gunned Down In Home Invasion

A black male,  Paul Nathan Henderson,...broke into the home of an elderly white couple, murdered the husband and attempted to murder the wife.   Further details are lacking. 


* Reginal Baker, 71
* Peggy Baker (survived)   
 Tulsa, Ok., June 2004
Armed Robbery - Three Gunned Down

 Two black males, Jeremy Williams, 21, (triggerman), Alvin Jordan , 26…in the course of an armed robbery of a bank, gunned down an innocent white female bank teller for no apparent reason. Also for no apparent reason, two other white people in the bank were also gunned down.


* Amber Rogers, 26, (deceased)
* Mark Poole, 45 (hospitalized with serious injury but expected to survive)
* Howard Smith, 62 (shot twice, hospitalized with serious injury but expected to survive)

Tampa, FL, Dec. 4 , 2004

Black Male Guns Down Two

 Three black males,  Phillip Austin Jr., 18, Marquis Devon Alexander, 16, (triggerman) Darrell Sebron Doby Jr., 19,  ...  barged into a SubWay Sandwich shop and terrorized two white females at gunpoint. In the course of the robbery, Alexander , according to police, unprovoked, shot both white females.

* Danielle Miller, 22 (deceased)
* Dorothy Hayes, 37 (took a bullet in the stomach but miraculously survived)

Note: Austin was making his living by robbing taxi drivers. One of the drivers was shot but survived the murder attempt.

Also, Danielle was an aspiring - and by appearances very gifted - fashion designer
 Grand Rapis MI, July 7, 2011

                             * Atrocity * 

A White Female Brings A Black Male Into the Household

A black male, Rodrick Dantzler, ...murdered five white people, including his ex-girlfriend and his child - total of seven.  Police claim it was entirely a premeditated mass murder. 

* Rebecca L. Heeren , 52 
* Thomas Heeren, 51 
* Kimberlee Emkens, 23
* Amanda Emkens, 27
* Marissa Lynn Emkens , 10
NEW BRITAIN, CT, March of 2008

 Home Invasion - Two Gunned Down

A vicious black male, Leslie Williams, 31, ...broke into a home occupied by two elderly white females, shot one of them in the head then kidnapped, raped and murdered the other. 

* Mary Ellen Welsh, 62 (deceased)

* Carol Larese, 65 (survived) 
 Ogden, Utah,  April 22, 1974

Business Invasion - Rape - Torture - Murder
"Hi-Fi Murders"

Three black males, and members of the US Air Force, 
Dale Selby Pierre, 21
William Andrews , 19,
Keith Roberts,

... planned a robbery of a white-owned business for over a month. Anyone in the store at the time, they determined, was going to be brutally murdered. The following is how this black male massacre went down:

"With five people now in the basement, Pierre told Andrews to get something from out of their van. Andrews returned with a bottle in a brown paper bag, from which Pierre poured a cup of blue liquid. Pierre ordered Orren to administer the liquid to the other hostages, but he refused, and was bound, gagged and left face-down on the basement floor.

Pierre and Andrews then propped each of the victims into sitting positions and forced them to drink the liquid, telling them it was vodka laced with sleeping pills. Rather, it was liquid Drano. The moment it touched the hostages' lips, enormous blisters rose, and it began to burn their tongues and throats and peel away the flesh around their mouths. Ansley, still begging for her life, was forced to drink the drain cleaner too, although she was reported to have coughed less than the other victims (by Orren Walker). Pierre and Andrews tried to duct-tape the hostages' mouths shut to hold quantities of drain cleaner in and to silence their screams, but pus oozing from the blisters prevented the adhesive from sticking. Orren Walker was the last to be given the drain cleaner, but seeing what was happening to the other hostages, he allowed it to pour out of his mouth and then faked the convulsions and screams of his son and fellow hostages.

Pierre became angry because the deaths were taking too long and were too loud and messy, so he shot both Carol and Cortney Naisbitt in the backs of their heads. Pierre then shot at Orren Walker but missed. He then fatally shot Stanley before again shooting at Orren, this time grazing the back of his head.

Pierre then took Ansley to the far corner of the basement, forced her at gunpoint to remove her clothes, then repeatedly and brutally raped her, after telling Andrews to clear out for 30 minutes. When he was done, he allowed her to use the bathroom while he watched, then dragged her, still naked, back to the other hostages, threw her on her face, and fatally shot her in the back of the head.

Andrews and Pierre noted that Orren was still alive, so Pierre mounted him, wrapped a wire around his throat, and tried to strangle him. When this failed, Pierre and Andrews inserted a ballpoint pen into Orren's ear, and Pierre stomped it until it punctured his eardrum, broke, and exited the side of his throat. Pierre and Andrews then went upstairs, finished loading equipment into their van, and departed."

* Orren Walker, 43 (survived)
* Cortney Naisbitt, 16 (survived)
* Carol Naisbitt, 52 (deceased, mother of Cortney)
* Stanley Walker, 20 (deceased)
* Michelle Ansley, 19 (deceased)
Garland  County, Ark.,  Nov. 2009

* Home Invasion Atrocity *

Three black males,  Jeremy Pickney, 23, Samuel Conway, 23, Marvin Stringer, 22,... broke into a white family's mobile home looking for a TV to steal and some expensive wheel rims.  All the white family members, who were, and unfortunately, home at the time, were slaughtered.  (yes, a white family slaughtered for a TV and wheel rims). Also, there's no way of knowing what sordid fun these black males had with their white captives before they were gunned down,  Mostly likely the 18-year-old was raped. Before the blacks left the premises, they torched the it.

White Victims:
 * Edward Gentry Senior, 80
* Ed Gentry jr., 56
* Pam Gentry, 52
* Jeremy Gentry, 24
* Kristen Warneke , 18
  Detroit, MI, February 16, 2004

Two Police Officers Gunned Down

A black male, Eric Lee Marshall, 23...was pulled over for a minor traffic violation by two young white officers. While his plate was being run black male Marshall got out of his car and executed the officer in the driver's seat. The other officer gave chase and was also gunned down. Two dead white officers ... over a simple traffic violation.

* Matthew Bowens, 21
* Jennifer Fettig, 26

 Los Angeles, Ca, June 30, 1991

Former Employee Returns To Business -  Murders Two In Armed Robbery

A black male, James Robinson, Jr, closing time, walked into a Subway Sandwich, drew a gun on two teenage white males (one was employed there, the other was his friend who had come to visit) and demanded the cash from the register.  After black male Robinson received the store's money he gunned down both teenagers. Note: Robinson was a former employee at the store  - fired for theft. He also knew the employee he murdered. He was sentenced to death on both murder counts.


* James White, 19
* Brian Berry, 18

 Jeffersonville , IN, Aug. 2009

Armed Robbery - Two Slaughtered

 A black male (drug dealer), Ryan Sheckles, 22, ..became angry when a white couple wanted to buy only $20.00 of marijuana, so he pulled out a gun and gunned them down. It could also be that  Sheckles had no drugs at all. He lured the white couple to a secluded area, then gunned them down...for whatever money they had on them. ( As for me, I'm convinced it was the latter scenario.)


* Larry Morrow , 38
* Shannon Howard Morrow , 30 

Rowan County, N. Carolina, June 2, 2010

Ambush Murders - Husband & Wife
A black male, Frederick Sylvester Hedgepeth, 25,  ...called up a white couple claiming he was interested in their 2009 Honda (yes, this is a very typical black male ambush scenario). The white couple was asked to meet the black man with their car at a business, which - incredibly! - they agreed to do. The white couple was also told by Hedgepeth (who was homeless) that he had $17,000 in cash to give them for their car. When the white couple arrived at the meeting place, they were lured inside a building then executed - shot in the head.

Memphis , TN, Oct. 27, 2007

Husband & Wife Gunned Down Walk-Up Murder - Then Strikes Again In A Home Invasion

A black male, Dexter Cox, 18, ... walked up to an elderly white male sitting on his front porch, pulled a gun and then gunned him down. When the elderly white male's wife came to the door to investigate,  Cox gunned her down. Motive , according to police, was robbery. About 3 months later,  Cox struck again. He somehow got invited into a white male's home and, once inside, he gunned him down.

 Victims :
* Herbert Wooten, 71 (deceased)
* Barbara Wooten, 56 (wounded, survived but in a wheelchair)
  * Ed Vidulich, 51 (police officer, murdered in Jan. 2008)

Note: Cox is also convicted of murdering Gwendolyn Cherry, 45, in October 2007 (race unknown).

Rochester, New York, Dec. 25, 2008

Armed Robbery  Massacre

A black male, Jaquan Clark, 17, barged into a jewelry store owned by a white male. Four people (including the owner) were present. Then...

"Alfredo Ocasio had a shotgun placed in his mouth - he had an internal decapitation. Jeffrey Szymkowski - the tip of a knife broken off in his skull and Arielle Gr/iffin was beaten to death; Donald MacMaster a shotgun blast to the chest. These are some of the most cold-blooded killings I think we've seen in Rochester in a long time and done by a 17-year-old," said Prosecutor Sandra Doorley.

Note: A black female was also murdered.

------------------------------ ------#219
New York 1971-1981

Black Liberation Army … Ambushes And Murders 13 Police Officers

Black males arrested:
Anthony Bottom (aka Jalil Muntaqim),
Albert Washington,
Francisco Torres,
Gabriel Torres,
Herman Bell,
Joanne Checkmark , 26
Zayd Malik Shakur

White Victims:
* Patrolmen Joseph Piagentini
* Trooper Werner Foerster
* Sergeant Edward O'Grady
* Officer John G. Scarangella
* Officer James Greene
* Sergeant John Young
* Sergeant Brian McDonnell
* Officer Rocco Laurie
* Officer Harold Hamilton

Note: Checkmark (AKA Assata Olugbala Shakur ) escaped from a women's prison in Hunterdon County in 1979, and fled to Cuba.
Peoria, Illinois, June 14, 2004

Mother & Daughter Dye In Teen Hold-Up

A black boy, Martize M. Smolley, 16… staked out an ATM and waited. When a car drove up with two white female occupants (mother and daughter). Smolley charged up to the driver pointing his gun in her face and demanded money. The driver (mother), startled, tried to drive off. That's when the kid fired his gun at the woman's head. The bullet struck both females and killed them.

* Kelly Houser, 42 ? (deceased)
* Amy Allen, 14 (deceased)

Fort Lauderdale, FL, October 6, 2006

Two Police Officers Gunned Down 

Three black males (all Bahamian illegal aliens), Eloyn D. Ingraham , 28, Bernard Forbes, 22, Andre Delancy, 19, ... were in a stolen car and pulled over by a white male officer. The officer immediately called for backup. Another white officer showed up and at this point Ingraham got out of his car and started firing at the officers, striking both of them numerous times.

White Males:
* Deputy Brian Tephford, 34 (deceased)
* Deputy Corey Carbocci, 37 (took four bullets, survived),2933,229044,00.html
Jackson County, Missouri, Oct. 20, 2004

Husband & Wife Slaughtered

A black male, Kellen McKinney,27, ...barged into an elderly white couple's bible/musical business and without cause or provocation, murdered - beaten and stabbed to death - both of them.

* Mildred Caylor, 76
* John Caylor, 79

(pic of both. What a GREAT looking couple. How could any human being simply murder them?!)

Miami, FL, November 28, 1988

Two White Officers Dead In Planned Ambush

A black male, Charles Harry Street, 34, ...reported a bogus crime and then waited for police officers to show up so he could ambush them. After the ambush, Street dropped to the ground and begged the officers "Don't kill me. Don't kill me." When he was safe and sound at the police station and being fingerprinted, Street suddenly got brave again and started chanting Shaku Zulu (an ancient African Zulu warlord)

* Officer David Strzalkowski, 34 (w/m - pregnant wife, son)
 * Officer Richard Boles, 41 (w/m - wife, son, daughter)

San Diego, CA, Aug. 7, 2011

Two Dead In Walk-Up Murders - Appears To Be Racially Motivated

A black male, Dejon Marquee White, 23...drove to a restaurant, pulled out his shotgun and walked up to a white male and shot him in the face.  White then got back in his car, drove up on a white police officer and, for no apparent reason (other than he was white), raised his shotgun and shot the white male in the head. White died in a hail of gunfire from police. He had left a suicide note, so he obviously intended to go down shooting.

* Officer Jeremy Henwood, 36 (deceased)
* Martin Hana, 23 (survived - 14 facial surgeries so far)

Knoxville, TN, October 11, 1980

Public Abduction - Rape - Murder

Two black males, Reginald Watkins,  Walter Caruthers, (after almost 30 years on death row, removed) ...picked up two young hitchers (brother & sister) in Ohio who wanted a ride to Georgia. Naturally, the rape opportunity was there ... and these black males were certainly not going to pass that up. The female and male were taken to a secluded area where:

"George Stahl testified that when they reached Knoxville that night, Caruthers drove to a vacant lot. Watkins pulled a small silver pistol, told the Stahls that it was a robbery, and took George's wallet and Wilhelmina's purse. Caruthers opened the trunk of the automobile, and at gunpoint Watkins told the Stahls to get in. The automobile was driven to another location where Watkins and Caruthers took Wilhelmina out of the trunk. When Wilhelmina was put back into the trunk ten to fifteen minutes later, she was hysterical and crying.

The car was driven to a gas station, then down a rough, bumpy road. After the car was stopped, Wilhelmina was told by Watkins to get out of the trunk. Caruthers was standing by Watkins. The men said they were going to tie the Stahls up. George was left in the trunk. He heard water splashing and Wilhelmina say, "Please, don't." George was then taken out of the trunk. Watkins hit him in the head and knocked him to the ground. Then George said, he felt pressure as if someone had thrown a rock on his head. He jumped up, ran into the lake which was nearby, and swam out into the water. When the defendants' car left, George swam back to shore only to be found hiding in brush along the shoreline by Caruthers and Watkins, who had returned to search for him. Caruthers held George by the shoulders and told Watkins, "Cut his throat. He won't say nothing." Watkins repeatedly stabbed George in the throat with a knife. Both men then held him under the water until they thought he was dead. After they left, George made his way to a nearby road, where he was found and taken to the hospital. At the hospital, in addition to the stab wounds, doctors discovered George had been shot behind the left ear."

Wilhelmina Stahl (deceased)
George Stahl (survived)
College Station, TX, Sept. 2010

Home Invasion - Mother & Son Attacked Mother Dies 
A black male (and career criminal), Stanley Griffin, 45,… knocked on the apartment door of a white female and pleaded to use her phone, claiming he had an emergency. Once inside, the black male POUNCED. He sucker punched the woman, beat her, then choked her to death. Griffin then went after the female's 9-year-old son and stabbed him repeatedly.

* Jennifer Hailey, 29 ( w/f --deceased)
* Jason Hailey, 9-years-old, beaten, stabbed in the neck, survived after undergoing surgery

Pennsylvania, June 21, 1985

 Atrocity Against White Elderly! Three Beaten To Death
A black male, Roland William Steele, … convinced three elderly white women that there was a problem with their car and he would help them by driving them to a local gas station. The three elderly women were instead driven to a secluded location where Steele, who was a black belt in karate, used the elderly females as practice for his karate kicks and punches. All three were then beaten, kicked and punched to death.

""Dr. Abernathy testified that Lucille Horner’s injuries included significant bruising on her chin, chest, and back, damage to her heart, numerous fractures of her ribs, a fracture of her backbone, damage to her liver, and a torn larynx. Dr. Abernathy concluded that the cause of death was traumatic rupture of the heart. The autopsy of Sarah Kuntz revealed similar injuries, including bruises on her face, chest, and legs, lacerations to the scalp, fractured ribs, and damage to her heart and liver. Dr. Abernathy concluded that the cause of death was asphyxia due to a fracture of the larynx. With regard to Minnie Warrick, Dr. Abernathy testified that she also sustained bruising to the face and chest, fractured ribs, and heart damage, as well as a partially collapsed lung and blowout of the stomach wall. The cause of death for Minnie Warrick was traumatic rupture of the heart, with numerous companion injuries. "

* Lucille Horner, 88
* Minnie Warrick, 86
* Sarah Kuntz, 85

*A Sign Of Times To Come *

Santa Monica, CA, Dec. 18, 1968

A young elementary school teacher named Caroline Olsen and her husband, Kenneth, were accosted by two black males on a Santa Monica tennis court. One of the black males then pulled a 45 caliber handgun and ordered the white couple to give up their cash and jewelry, which they did. They were then ordered to lie down on the ground. While Caroline and Kenneth were face-down, the black male with the gun then emptied it into their prone bodies. Caroline died of her wounds while Kenneth, miraculously, survived. Kenneth Olsen picked Geronimo Pratt out of a line-up and he was charged with the murder; and ultimately convicted despite the efforts of Johnnie Cochran, then an unknown young attorney on the make.

Prince William County, VA, Dec. 19, 2008

Home Invasion Atrocity - Mom & Son Dead
A black male, Xavier Pinckney , 17…broke into the home of a white female, murdered her and her son, then burglarized the home.

* Jean Smith, 39 (Mom)
* Jim Smith , 19 (Son - home from college)

Bangor , MN, June 2010

Mentally Unstable Black Man Guns Down Two
A black male, Rory Holland, 55,… ambushed two young brothers (white) and murdered them. There had been a previous altercation between one of the brothers and Holland (Holland sexually groped one of the white males and got a punch in the face for it). Apparently, Holland was known agitator and troublemaker in the the white community where he lived for decades.

* Gage Greene, 19 (deceased)
* Derek Greene , 21 (deceased)
Morris County, NJ, Dec. 1, 2002

Armed Robbery - Two Gunned Down

Three black males, Omar Shaheer Thomas 27, (triggerman), Craig Allen Thomas Jr. 14,(triggerman), Rahman Vaughn, 24,… murdered two white male employees of a video store during a hold-up (both shot in the head).

* Jeff Eresman , 22
* Erik Rewoldt, 26


Baltimore , MD, April 11, 2003

Home Invasion - Two Dead
A black male, Anthony Jerome Miller, 27 ... broke into the apartment of a white male and murdered two innocent white males. Motive was burglary/robbery. Miller it seems needed money to pay for a honeymoon vacation.

* Jason Michael Convertino, 31 (w/m)
* Sean Michael Wisniewski, 2
2 (w/m)
Grand Haven, Mich, July 2, 2007

Armed Robbery - Two Dead
Two black males (brothers), Dmitri Anderson, 37, Darick Anderson, 41... barged into an elderly white male's jewelry store and, after receiving money from the store's safe, for no apparent reason gunned down the owner and a customer. Note: Police are unsure which one of the brothers was the triggerman.

* Robert Karell, 61
* Louis Paparella , 77

Fresno, CA, Dec. 2011

Teens Gun Down Two Young White Males 

Two blacks (gang members), Jared Beard, 18, Brother, 16 ... fired shots at a white male's truck. The white males thought they were stones hitting their truck and jumped out to chase down the the black teens. When the two white males caught up with the two blacks, they pulled guns and gunned down both unarmed white males.

* Justin Hesketh, 18
* Brandon Moore, 16

Oak Lawn, IL, May 13, 1999

Armed Robbery - Four Gunned Down

A black male, Ricardo Harris, escapee from Michigan dept. of Corrections, walked into a liquor store and, without cause or provocation, shot two people to death (store owner and his wife). As he was helping himself to money in the cash register two white females walked in, where Harris then shot both of them.

* Dipak Patel ( Indian descent, store owner, shot in the back)
* Ambala Patel (Indian descent, deceased)

* Helen Chisnick (w/f -- miraculously survived a bullet wound to her abdomen)
* Christine Chisnick (w/f-- miraculously survived THREE bullet wounds, two in her abdomen and one in her pelvic area)

Handford, CA, August 4, 1997

Home Invasion - Two Dead

A black male, Thomas James Potts, ...broke into the home of an elderly white couple - in their 70s - and murdered them. Motive was burglary/robbery.

* Fred Jenks
* Shirley Jenks

Middlesex County, NJ, Oct. 30, 2003

Two Immigrants Slaughtered 

A black male thug, Michael Ross II, 25, ..murder (ambushed and gunned down) two innocent young white males in a public parking lot in what police call a murder because of mistaken identity.

Victims (Russian immigrants):
* Alesky Bautin, 26
* Sergey Barbashov, 21
Arlington , TX, March 3, 2011

Ambush - Torture- Murder

"The women said they were watching television with the pair [ of black murders ] when a news story about the pastor's death aired, and the men began laughing inappropriately."

Two black males, Steven Lawayne Nelson, 24 (pictured), Anthony Gregory, .... barged into a church and viciously beat a pastor and a female (both white). To finish off the pastor, a plastic bag was placed over his head and the blacks waited for him to suffocate. The white female, apparently, was presumed dead. Both blacks then searched the church for valuable they could carry out. They wound up with some pocket change and the white female's credit card. Note: Nelson was found guilty of capital murder and sent to death row. Gregory was never prosecuted.

* Pastor Clint Dobson, 29 (w/m deceased)
* Judy Elliot, 67 (w/f ...miraculously survived)

Danville, VA, Nov. 1996

Home Invasion - Two Slaughtered
A black male,  Percy Levar Walton, 19, broke into an elderly white couple's town-home and,

"Mr. Kendrick's hands were “clasped, and above his head, clinched together.”   The police found the body of Mrs. Kendrick on the floor in the den.   A portion of her body was covered with a sheet, and the upper portion of her body was wrapped in a “pinkish-orange material.”   Mrs. Kendrick's shirt had “been rolled up, and then taped” and was loosely tied around her neck with a slipknot.   She had on undergarments below her waist, her pants had been cut from her body, and her body had been dragged across the floor."
* Jessie Kendrick, 80 (shot in the head)
* Elizabeth Kendrick, 81 (shot in the head)
* Archie Moore, 33 (Home Invasion-- shot in the head in Greensboro, NC Nov. 1996)
Amarillo, TX, April 18, 2009

Home Invasion  - Two Dead

A black male, Wilbert Banks, 27,...broke into the home of a white couple looking for a female, Natasha Coil, his ex-wife. He rounded up all three then proceeded to gun them down. However, when Banks pointed the gun at Coil, the gun jammed.

* Stephanie Beard, 24 (deceased)
* Daniel Britten, 24 (deceased)

Atlanta, GA, October 18th, 1998

 Hotel Invasion - Massacre
A black male, Timothy Carl Dawson, 38 ... barged into a hotel room and pulled a gun on three white males. Dawson instructed the three to lie face down on the ground ... and then shot each of them in the head.

* Ronald Gutkowski, 51 (deceased)
* Philip Dover, 31 (deceased)
* Gerrold Shropshire, 50 (deceased)
------------------------------------------- #242
Baton Rouge, LA, March 2011

Armed Robbery - Co-Workers Slaughtered

A black male,  Lee Turner Jr. 21, walked into business and , at gunpoint, demanded the store manger hand over the stores money. When Turner received the money he gunned down two people. Turner was just recently hired by the company to work at another location.

* Edward C Gurtner, III (deceased - w/m)
* Randy Chaney, 55 (deceased -- unknown race)

Aiken, S. Carolina, August 11, 2010

Home Invasion - Two Dead

 A black male, Franklin Wright, 55, ... with a young white female accomplice, broke into an elderly lady's home to commit burglary. While the two were in the home , black male Wright decided he was going to kill not only the elderly white female but his accomplice as well. Both were murdered ... then set on fire. Note: Franklin pleaded guilty to both murders and received life in prison.
* Shalamar Nicole Byrd, 24 
* Mrs. Yana Schenker, 75 ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
 Sandusky, OH  2012

Home Invasion Massacre -  White Female Raped Then Her & Her Two Children Murdered

NOTE: Before the above incident,  Clinton raped an 18-year-old white female and murdered her. Before that, he raped an 13-year-old white female.

Curtis Clinton, 41 

Heather Jackson, 23
Celina, 3 (deceased)
Wayne, 18 months 

Other Victims:
Misty Keckler , 18 (w/f)
13-year-old unidentified (survived)
Carol City, FL  1978

 Civil Rights  ATROCITIES!


John Ferguson
Belinda Worley

John Ferguson's  CarJacking Murder Victims
            Belinda Worley - raped then murdered
      Brian Glenfeld - murdered           
John Ferguson's  Home Invasion - MASSACRE Victims:   

Livingston Stocker, 33 (w/m)
Michael Miller, 24 (w/m)
Henry Clayton, 35 (w/m)
John Holmes, 26 (w/m)
Gilbert Williams , 37 (w/m)
Charles Cesar Stinson, 35 (w/m
** Johnnie Hall, (survived a shotgun blast to the face - testified against the black monsters)

To view ALL black male violence against innocent white people that I could find on the Internet, click HERE

/span/span/spanclasped, and above his head, clinched together.


  1. Mind-boggling! Geez. Had no idea... Good work

  2. something tells me this blog doesn't get read very often
    (which is absolutely a good thing)

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  4. Don't Forget David Augustus Burke, who committed the worst mass incident, by an African-American in the history of North America. His victim, Ray Frank Thomson, was a white man. Thomson was an employer at the Pacific Southwest Airlines.

  5. Black male David A. Burke's massacre has been added to the list. Thanks for info.

  6. Yo, check this out. Black dude guns down two white dudes who called him names...and NOT EVEN AN INDICTMENT. Geeez!

  7. I originally didn't think your blog was racist, but after a closer read I'm not so sure. If you didn't put commentary along with the facts it would look a lot less racist. Perhaps this information truly frightens you. I don't know, but think about this. As of the most recent census the USA is 72.4% white and 12.6% black. You have documented 251 crimes here. 72.6% of 251 is 181.7. 12.6% of 251 is 31.6. The shear number of White people in the country means that as a group they are much more likely to be victims of crime than any other group. You list 55 white on black crimes and 196 black on white crimes. think about those numbers... Both numbers are higher than they should be based on the percentages, but get this, black people have primarily white victims 8.2% more often than expected based upon your documented cases. White people have primarily black victims 75.9% more often than expected. Your documented cases span many years, but the percentages of black and white people in the USA has gone up since the last Census which likely means the basic numbers don't change much. based on your cases White violence against black people is much worse than Black violence against white people. if you include the horrible things white people did to the Chinese, Black and Native American people prior to 1964 you can see that we all need to be a bit kinder to one another and no race is really that much more violent than the other.

    1. SHUT THE FUCK UP RETARD. You aqre a fucking mentally challenged retarded idiot or a racist nigger liar or a jew. NOW WHICH ONE IS IT FUCKER? What kind of sick fuck are you? After reading all of this you type this ???

    2. What a disgusting brainwashed idiot you are. Wake up.

  8. Your blog is interesting, I realize you have an agenda and you are using your blog to support that agenda, but you should include W on W crime and B on B crime. and add a Latin group as well. Two recent w/w crimes come to mind, in both the victim was innocent. in once incident two young white males killed white male in a garage in which they had laid down plastic bag, they then cut up and burned the body and dumped it in a unfinished residential community. The other was also 2 young white males who admitted to killing their female friend for the "thrill". Both of these cases were in fact "thrill" kills. Don't discount the large number of high school shooters we've had in the last 10 years or so, nearly all of them have been young white males. My point is this, even if you could some how separate from black people you would not be any 'safer'. Be careful and be color blind, if you aren't going to trust black people you probably shouldn't trust white people or chinese people or indian people or latin people either.


    1. No retard. He is not going to do that. This isn't some multicultural murder blog you insane animal. If you stood before me I would have my wife hold you at gunpoint while I took a aluminum baseball bat and slowly bludgeoned you to death as you so well deserve you inferior fucking freak.

  9. Anonymous (at 11:12am):
    Your 251 figure I assume is the aggregate of the crimes represented in this blog, plus my white-on-black crime blog. Yes, this adds up to 251, but the blog on this page is ONLY black male massacres - taken from my 7 part series. I have in fact documented over 1008 black-on- white violent crimes (so far). START HERE

    So doing the math, there are actually 1063 total violent crimes committed inter-racially (white on black + black on white) in my blogs. Now, doing the percentages (are you READY?) , blacks have committed 95% of the violence when comparing the two racial groups!

    Also, I have COMPLETELY exhausted my white on black collection of crimes. (Again, are you READY?) I still have over 1000 violent black on white crimes to add to the list! Check back in about a month.

    Finally, the ONE statistic - which I didn't believe - that motivated me to launch these blogs, was the following: blacks commit 50 TIMES the amount of violent crimes against whites than white against black. I wanted to see of this actually was true. This statistic is playing itself out ...for everyone to bear witness to. And ALL this black-on-white violence during the BEST economic times in human history?! HOLY COW! We're now heading into the worst of times. What is going to be in store for the white race? Scary to think about!

    p.s. I do not have anything against the black race. They are a "different" male group. I have explained this difference here:

  10. Here are the 42 victims of Pacific Southwest Airlines on December 7, 1987:
    Mary Shawn Addington, 28 (w/f)
    Douglas Milan Arthur, 41 (w/m Chief Pilot)
    James Franklin Carroll, 50 (w/m)
    Stephen Earl Cone, 40 (w/m)
    John Frank Conte, 30 (w/m Field Service Agent)
    Anthony Raymond Cordova, 46 (h/m)
    Jeanne Avis (Clark) Dealan, 40 (w/f)
    Sharon May (Holvey) Engstrom, 49 (w/f)
    Karen Marie Fox, 38 (w/f)
    David Anthony Giuliano, 41 (w/m)
    Julie Gottesman, 20 (w/f Flight Attendant)
    Donald Mitchell Hoag, 43 (w/m)
    Theresa Mary (Lujan) Kekai, 55 (h/f)
    Jocelyn Gae (Byers) Kempe, 56 (w/f)
    Karen Krom, 39 (w/f)
    Gregg Nelson Lindamood, 43 (w/m Captain)
    Kathleen Elizabeth Mika, 35 (w/f)
    Owen Francis Murphy, 60 (w/m)
    Deborah E. (Nissen) Neil, 37 (w/f Flight Attendant)
    Wayne J. Nelson, 48 (w/m)
    James Howard Nunn, 48 (w/m First Officer)
    Paul Clifford Perry III, 56 (w/m)
    Kevin William Phelan, 35 (w/m)
    Thomas Daniel Rabin, 24 (w/m)
    James Richard Rettinghouse, 42 (w/m)
    Curtis Fung Rhee, 33 (a/m)
    John Arthur Roseen, 41 (w/m)
    William Ira Rosenberg, 40 (w/m)
    Birgit H. Saur, 21 (w/f)
    Erika Saur, 51 (w/f)
    Carmille Lorraine (Strazzulla) Scafire, 54 (w/f)
    Jonathan Kirk Shiba, 39 (a/m)
    Linda (Gerling) Hathaway Siegfried, 41 (w/f)
    Wolfgang Studemann, 47 (w/m)
    Allen Frederick Swanson, 45 (w/m)
    James Robert Sylla, 53 (w/m)
    Ray Frank Thomson, 48 (w/m)
    Debra Lynn (Watterson) Vuylsteke, 32 (w/f Flight Attendant)
    Earl Lewellyn Webb, 35 (w/m)
    Mary Mae (Moore) Webb, 54 (w/f)
    Neil John Webb, 58 (w/m)
    Leon Winters, 62 (w/m)

    Note: Ray Frank Thomson is never Raymond Thomson, just Ray Frank Thomson.

  11. Will Reynolds, a black man was responsible for a death of a white Sheriff and 6 other white sheriff's deputies.
    Charles Gassaway, 34 (w/m) Sheriff
    William Gassaway, 37 (w/m) Sheriff's deputy.
    Bob Wallace (w/m) Sheriff's deputy.
    Pat Prout (w/m) Sheriff's deputy.
    Jesse Davis (w/m) Sheriff's deputy.
    Hugh Jones (w/m) Sheriff's deputy.
    James Payne (w/m) Sheriff's deputy.
    It was on April 7, 1902.
    It is according to website:,or.r_gc.r_pw.&fp=969c5e4229357bc4&biw=1024&bih=609.

  12. LOOK >> A. Africa:;wap2

  13. Thank you so very much for putting this altogether! Maybe now people can see what I have known for years. The toll black on white crimes have taken in America since 1964 dwarfs the statistics of Vietnam, and all the Gulf Wars -- combined. I have seen stats as high as 700 white women killed each year -- and 20,000 raped -- by black men every year. Think about it. 700 is 2 a day, more or less. In a country with so many big cities, this is a reasonable assumption. I keep trying to look up the statistics, and we have great numbers for years past, but so far, I can't find anything more recent at Crime By Race at the Dept of Justice Web Site. I will continue to do my research, and post my findings. Thank you once again for exposing the biggest disgrace in American history -- the war of Black on White in the USA since 1964.

    1. You're not serious right???? Google this word lynchings. Then tell me you can say anything about who's the most violent. We learned that s**t from yall... Professor

  14. Are you familiar with the Ogden UT Hi Fi shop murders in 1974?

    See the wiki story:

  15. Amazing work. I will be heavily promoting your blog and contributing when possible.

  16. white victims of black crime



  19. Christopher Vialva responsible to for the Killeen 1999 killings on the Iowa couple was actually biracial. He was raised by a single White mother and even had a younger half sister who was also white. He was actually raised more on the white side than on the black side...... I had the chance to grow up with him and he was always one of the nicest people I know, even nerdy at times. Race did not have anything to do with this. However, this does not change the fact that what he did was a gruesome tragedy.

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  22. It used to be legal to murder blacks back in the days... Not much has changed. These perps are animals but not because of color but their heinous actions. But let's be clear the violence blacks have as a people is an inherented trait. We were nonviolent... Remember that??? Whites still had a problem with us then. I say that to say even if we were all productive members of society, yall would find another reason to hate us. We might be violent as a race, but yall are violent and hateful and have been for centuries.


  23. 'The Race War Of Black Against White' by Paul Sheehan
    The Sydney Morning Herald , Australia, 20 May 1995

    Almost 1 million white Americans were murdered, robbed, assaulted or raped by black Americans in 1992.

    Blacks thus committed 7.5 times more violent inter-racial crimes than whites even though the black population is only one-seventh the size of the white population. When these figures are adjusted on a per capita basis, they reveal an extraordinary disparity: blacks are committing more than 50 times the number of violent racial crimes of whites.

    According to the latest annual report on murder by the Federal Bureau of Investigation, most inter-racial murders involve black assailants and white victims, with blacks murdering whites at 18 times the rate that whites murder blacks.

    Justice Department and FBI statistics indicate that between 1964 and 1994 more than 25 million violent inter-racial crimes were committed, overwhelmingly involving black offenders and white victims, and more than 45,000 people were killed in inter-racial murders. By comparisons 58,000 Americans died in Vietnam, and 34,000 were killed in the Korean war.

    When non-violent crimes (burglary, larceny, car theft and personal theft) are included, the cumulative totals become prodigious. The Bureau of Justice Statistics says 27 million non-violent crimes were ommitted in the US in 1992, and the survey found that 31 per cent of the robberies involved black offenders and white victims (while only 2 per cent in the reverse).

    When all the crime figures are calculated, it appears that black Americans have committed at least 170 million crimes against white Americans in the past 30 years.

    All these are facts, yet by simply writing this story, by assembling the facts in this way, I would be deemed a racist by the American news media. It prefers to maintain a paternalistic double-standard in its coverage of black America, a lower standard.

    Adult black males only make up 1.2 % of the population (ages 16 - 45), yet commit 74% of all severe violent crime.

    1. No doubt about it, forced Integration has been a reign of terror for the white race.

  24. Two additional victims which came to mind are from the eighties. GARY, IN bible school teacher and Evinrude heiress in Florida.

    May 14, 1985: Bible teacher Ruth Pelke is murdered. ... Cooper was convicted of fatally stabbing an elderly Gary Bible school teacher 33 times .

    The man, John Earl Bush, 38, was put to death in the electric chair for the 1982 slaying of 18-year-old Frances Julia Slater.

  25. Mr Wolf your a racist idiot with extreme nonsense views!...Any intelligent person that's not a racist there self can see through your obvious BS....Why don't you and butt holes like you STOP trying to divide us & trying to figure out ways to bring us together....We are all the same inside & we are all capable of the same success & intelligence givin the same opportunities & quality environment.....Violence Is a mankind problem & not unique to any particular race!

  26. This blog should be titled American ISIS=the American Negro. Brutal savages. White people need to get OUT of this forced integration system.

    Blacks don't like when you expose them as the racist and hate-filled people. They like to live the lie that it's white people. That's funny. Where do ALL wealthy blacks live once they get enough money? They high tail it...straight to a white community.

  27. Hush Crimes: White Victims Of Black Crime

  28. I know for a FACT, these stories are NOT all true, if at all! Ryan Sheckles is the father of my child. No marijuana was involved, the couple had NO money, they weren't lured into a secluded area, & he was only charged because he was at the wrong place at the wrong time & would not testify against who did it!! You & your blog are a JOKE! YOU are the racist piece of shit!!

    1. Sheckles was involved in a drug deal, you should choose your men better than that.

  29. whites been killing our ancestors for years n still doing it this is nothing....have a nice day

  30. whites been killing our ancestors for years n still doing it this is nothing....have a nice day

    1. "killing our ancestors for years"..Lying black CRAP...

      REMEMBER... early 60s... the black man got down on his knees and BEGGED...oh how he BEGGED...soze he getst his integration. He called integration into white males political arenas/ economic arenas (black man never created a single political/economic environment in America)...the black man called it his very manhood!
      No other people in human history EVER got down on their knees before another people (the very people they claiming is their brutal oppressor?! LOL))
      and begged to get integration.
      And that another people was the source of his very manhood...
      Only the American black man debased himself-- --just soze he could getst his integration... And he calls the white man "evil"... They be murdering and slaughter his people? What BS.
      Black man like a child. He pleaded & he whined... to get the white man's nipple...And he got it.
      He now completely provide for by white males. He just like a little baby... Ironic that the black man calls this child-like status of his...his "manhood"...

    2. You have little or no knowledge of history. Do you have any comprehension of the lives humans have lived for thousands of years? How many tribes, cities, kingdoms have risen up, been crushed, and crushed others? Think for literally 15 seconds on this subject. Even though you don't know how fortunate you are to have never experienced these things like your distant ancestors (shut up, no, you haven't), think outside of your own life for those 15 seconds and realize how many different scenarios have played out countless times all over the world.
      This would be to make up your ignorance of history with normal common sense.
      Stop looking for that thrill of making absolute statements that feel right to you and explain things you desire to be true.
      EVER is the word you used. I guarantee that you are not all knowing. Trying to claim that black americans are like the most pathetic group in human history is completely driven by your own personal grudge against them.
      Prove me wrong.

  31. Is this a freaking joke? I guess slavery and the dark ages and even way before then just slippes your memory! What about your boy Columbus and his genocidal rampage throughout the new world? What about the so called crusades? Salem witchhunt ring a bell? We can go back to the kkk and their reign of terror through the south and the countless blacks hung and burned and even mutilated by an all white mob. There is a story ive heard about a black pregnant woman being hung and her stomach split down the middle and her baby's head crushed under the boot of some pale face cracker without a soul! From the beginning of the pale complexion race's history there is nothing buy murder and mayhem andbthen you have the nerve to post this bullshit! In your research I guess you didnt come across the race riots of Tulsa Oklahoma where pale skins raided and bombed and burned and murdered countless black and destroyed ans robbed countless businesses! This is typical cracker ahit though! You bastard seem to forgot your history and even today you do this shit and act like its non-existent! You go onto a black church and kill 9 without blinking and you go to mosques and indian sikh temples and slaughter the worshippers! That's cold blooded and that's your nature not ours! The few that do the evil shit are products of your world and your rule! Yea I truly believe if my people get the fuck away from the devil, you, we would get back to being the spiritual people we were before you corrupted our being! This is a deceptive story and it's not fully true so if you plan on telling it tell it all! Tell hie your race the pale race has the most bodies under there belts and how your race is like a plague or a virus and how wherever you go throughout history death and destruction follows! Tell how your race has completely wiped out civilization from the world forever then see if that compares to a few ignorant thugs ribbing a store or house and killing 2 or 3 or however many uou wanna say! You pale people blow up buildings with hundreds dead! You kill your womem and children! At one point white wives were and endagered species! Lmfao! Sooner than later You will be the minority in this country and when that day come I pray you give you a taste of your own evil and wipe every last cracker iff the face of the earth!