Sunday, September 26, 2010

White Male SUCKER PUNCH - Black Victims

The link(s) below is/are sucker punches thrown by white male(s) against unsuspecting members of the black race.

Reservist Testifies in Cracker Barrel Beating Trial 

Tasha Hill                                                   Troy Dale West

What can a white person do here?

A lunatic black female (long history of vicious out-of-control behavior) charges up to a white male, curses him out, then spits in his face.  He punches her, then, apparently punched her a few more times. The black female then claims to police he uttered racial slurs toward her (why not?  THAT makes it a hate crime every time).  Facing 44 years(?!)... the white male took a plea deal. 

UPDATE:   At first, the media claimed that the black female was behaving like a lady when she approached a white male admonishing him to try to be more careful opening a door, as he almost hit her 7-year-old.  Now, in court, the mainstream media is forced to reveal "the other side of the story".  This black female, it seems, has quite a past when it comes to provoking confrontations and displaying a wild if not vicious temper.  In other words, it's seriously doubtful this black female was "polite," as she claims, when she approached the white male.  According to the white male, who has no past criminal record, no history of hitting females or any anger issues or racists acts to speak of,  he claimed it was the black female (the one with a loaded past of anger issues - including a criminal record) who berated him, and then even spat on him.  So who's to be believed here?  This unmarried (unmarriageable?) black female with the loaded past of violence, or the white male with no history of violence or racism?  My Opinion?  It's far more likely it was the black female who provoked the incident. But you can be the judge.  Read the link below.

Oh, would a black person lie about a white person committing a racist act against him/her?  YOU BETCHA!

TX - 2013

White Male Knock Down Game - Black Victim

White Male Gets Charged With HATE Crime By Racist Eric Holder's DOJ.

“Suspected crimes of this nature will simply not be tolerated,” said Kenneth Magidson, the U.S. attorney for the southern district of Texas. “Evidence of hate crimes will be vigorously investigated and prosecuted with the assistance of all our partners to the fullest extent of the law.”

Thousands and thousands of black male attacks on white people similar to this...and not ONE hate crime filed by racist black male Eric Holder's DOJ.

Bottom line here everyone, I simply cannot find ONE bona fide case (other than the one list above) of a white male throwing a sucker punch against a black person over the last 40 years.  If anyone has a case, include it in the comment section below & I'll include it here.


  1. Why have you spent so much energy proving the obvious
    , it's very true many black people are criminals, violent, mean, rapists, killers, hate white people. There are so many more good black people than the ones committing these crimes on this site. I think you provide this information to get weak white people to feel okay about why they hate black people. Who in there right mind would devote a site about how black people are animals. If your point is to truely prove we should live depart try to prove it another way. You can live separate, there are many small towns in American that have no black people, you should find those places and move. Why this site. Your making people hate and become angry causes more violence and bigotry towards each other.

    1. Why should WE move, and the only reason these places are white is niggers haven't got there yet!

    2. Maybe he does it to show it's not just evil whitey doing everything racial dickhead!

    3. Maybe if for once, the "good blackman" stood-up and pointed out the criminality of his race, instead of defending it - there wouldn't be a need for this information to spread.
      I'm not happy about the statistics, and frankly, they are very disturbing. Any violent criminality toward humanity is disturbing. But, when whites are guilted into believing we've done and CONTINUE TO DO wrong toward the blackman - the media and all political venues push that meme, to the point where history is being rewritten to foster white-guilt --- well, it's time to correct the wrong don't you think? All this talk of correcting the "wrong" cast upon blacks and everything that comes with it has been nothing but BS for almost a century. If it's truly an act of civil rights - how about correcting the wrong cast upon whites.

    4. Innocent whites? Are you mentally ill. It's not all on whites, BUT, there is no group in the history of this country that has practiced bigotry and suppression more than white males. Who? Asians? Eskimos? Women?

      What a socially sickening group you have here. I do wish you all well though. Peace. :-)

    5. AnonymousMarch 25, 2012 at 10:00 PM, Extremely glad you're not this white boy's neighbor. The collective sickness of personalities here is so, so sad.

      My best wishes. I much hope you all find such wellness and peace of mind.

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  3. We need to start weeding them out and send them home to Africa. They as a whole have no intention of seeking equal rights or living in peace!

    1. I wish people like you could view yourselves objectively from outside of yourselves -- you all would cringe and vomit. You are intellectually bizarre view of life has smothered your humaneness.

      I feel sorry for you. I wish you well; that is, to become well. Peace. :-)