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Black Male SUCKER PUNCH - White Victims

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on black racism & HATE violence
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    This Blog provides examples of the infamous black male sucker punch (for examples of white male sucker punches on blacks, click HERE)

   What I find most distasteful about the sucker punch is that there is no defense against it.   Unless you have powers of telepathy there's no way you can know it's coming.  And once the sucker punch is landed ... you are basically immobilized, an easy target for another punch and another. Usually the victim (likely a white male) will then be stomped and kicked in the head until he's left unconscious - or dead.  The sucker punch  is one of the most cowardly things someone can do to another.

Additionally, in my research I have come to believe, based on observation, that the sucker punch is basically peculiar to just ONE racial group of males: (you guessed it) back males.

 HOLY COW!  White Male Does 'Knockout Game' ... Eric Holder's DoJ Goes After Him For HATE CRIME

“Suspected crimes of this nature will simply not be tolerated,” said Kenneth Magidson, the U.S. attorney for the southern district of Texas. “Evidence of hate crimes will be vigorously investigated and prosecuted with the assistance of all our partners to the fullest extent of the law.”

Thousands & thousands of white victims over the last 5 years (since Obama took office) of the black male knockout game...and NOT ONE HATE CRIME filed against Eric Holder's people.  


    Quote: Black male  Lee Daniels ::  “When I did research for The Butler I became very angry at white people.  That [white people lived separately from black folks] ... [that] ain’t funny because it’s not funny what happened. … The lesson I learned when I did The Butler [movie] was that Forest [Whitaker] told me to keep my anger in, to not be a stereotypical angry black man. Because if I were angry and I saw racism, then it became real.  I had to step above it and pretend it wasn’t there. How do you tell your 17-year-old son that you can’t go into a 7-Eleven because you’re African-American and a dude? 

Hmmm... I just can't imagine why white people prior to the 60s...would demand separate living arrangements from Lee Daniels' people. Can You?


Mr. WHITE Male / Female...


        Is It Time To Wear A Helmet?! 

Another Vicious Black Male Sucker Punch ...On Young White Female -  COWARDLY &  SICK 

Black Male Cowardly Sucker Puncher:  
Oklahoma Sooners’ running back Joe Mixon 

Innocent White Female:
Ms. Molitor 



White Male Gets Tagged With Infamous Black Male Sucker Punch
“This is for Malcolm X, cracka,”

Where or When Will You Mr. White Male/ Female...Get Your Infamous Black Male Sucker Punch?

White Male Left Paralyzed From Head Down 
Getting Tagged With Infamous Black Male Sucker Punch... 
New Orleans Police Catch 
The Black Male Sucker Puncher

Note: Case yet to be prosecuted.


 Black Male Teens Sucker Punch White Teen On A School Bus - Then The Beatdown

Vicious Sucker Punch - White Male Gets Broken Jaw

Time And Time Again I've Seen These Cowardly Attacks -- When Will White Males Learn? Don't Get Face To Face With A Black Male UNLESS You're Going To Hit Him IMMEDIATELY!

Mr. White Male/Female, if you are confronting a black male who's come to get in your face...

This is an invitation to receive a sucker punch.



Why Is The Democratic Party's Media Minions (ABC, CBS, NBC) Silent On ALL This Black Racism in America?

Black Male: “Not many, six or seven [attacks on white people]. It wouldn’t be an every day game, just a certain game to be played on certain days. You don’t even try to rob them or anything. That’s the game."  SOURCE

Here are just few "random"  hate attacks by blacks : 

1.   Black Males On Beat-Down Rampage In New Haven, CT (Yale Univ.)

2.   Black Males On The Attack In Philadelphia

3.  Black Males On Beat-Down Rampage In Chicago -- White People ... LOOK OUT! Protect Yourselves!



6. (NOTE how the race of perps is ommited)


8. DC Sucker Punch Attack - Beat By Three Blacks -White Guy Unconscious

9. 89-year-old sucker punched - stomped on

10. Numerous black pack attacks against innocent white people happening now in Cleveland

11. Another sucker punch on white male in NYC
White male victim this time is Kyle Rogers, 23 - black male sucker puncher still on the loose.

Infamous Sucker Punch - Again...


Another White Male Targeted By Sucker Puncher - Deliberate Racist Attack

"He said ‘the next white person who walks by I’m going to [expletive],’” one woman said. “His fist went in and the man’s head bobbed and he hit the ground and you could hear his skull hitting the ground.”"


Yet ANOTHER Sucker Punch In NY City 
Black Male Walks Up To White Male - Calls Him A Cracker - Then Sucker Punches Him In The Face - Numerous More Punches Follow 

White male suffered a broken eye socket & broken nose.  

Had the white male wore a 'recommended'  helmet, he never would have been victimized from a hate attack from Eric Holder's people.

A real HERO!  Roger Huerta

White males refuse to confront a black male sucker puncher who slammed a white female to the ground, so a  Hispanic male bravely confronts the cowardly black male sucker puncher and gives him a much deserved whuppin.

 When will white confront the black male sucker puncher ?!  ENOUGH is ENOUGH

Pittsburgh 2012 

Black Teen Knocks Out White Male Adult - Just For Kicks

"The teacher fell hard onto a curb as the teen and the others continued walking, appearing to laugh and point at his lifeless body."


Another Sucker Punch Beat-down ... and white males stand around and watch the pummeling. SICK

Brutal Beat-Down On 83-Year-old White Female - For Pocket Change

Can white people actually live in an integrated system with the black man? The more I continue see barbaric behavior like this ... the more I think it's impossible.  If forced integration does end ... the black man has no one to blame but himself.
Houston, TX -- 2012

              A Person Who Fought Back

Victim Receives The Infamous Sucker Punch - Sucker Puncher Gets Shot In The Gut

If the sucker punch victim did not pull his gun a more violent attack was surely coming from this guy. Apparently, the sucker puncher was angry because the gas station/convenience store was closing (it was 3 am).

Sucker Puncher:
Alexander Calloway, 21 (critical condition)

New York City 2012 

The  Despicable Behavior ... Known As The 'Knockout  Game' Sweeps The Country

Eric Holder's people continue to get a pass on their racism & HATE in America

East St. Louis, MO  Dec.  2012

Elderly White Male Employee Gets The Infamous Black Male Sucker Punch

"The husband, 39-year-old Hickey Thompson, is charged with felony aggravated battery and is held on $20,000 bond. Greenwood is charged with disorderly conduct."

"As for the 61-year-old victim, he was treated at the store and declined to go to the hospital

Boston  2011

Black Males Sucker Punch White Female Jogger - Beat-Down - Jus Havin' Fun...

"State Police are investigating another assault on the Esplanade over weekend, but they don’t believe it's connected to past incidents in the area.

According to reports, a group of men allegedly attacked a 31-year-old Cambridge woman as she jogged along the riverside Saturday night.

The victim was allegedly punched twice in the head after being surrounded by three men who were part of a group by the Community Boating, Inc. building.

The suspects were described as black males in their early 20s.....

Note: I believe victim to be white...Awaiting racial confirmation. These kinds of attacks fit the black male pack attack MO.

COWARDLY Black Male Attack  - And People want to know WHY White Males are disappearing From Professional Basketball? Black Racist Attacks.


   * Crimes That Shake Our Conscience *
  A Sucker Punch that would make Kermit Washington or Shaquille O'Neal VERY proud.
 Dec. 2011 

Cowardly Sucker Punch- Xavier "Gangster"

Cowardly sucker puncher , Yancy Gates , got a 2 game suspension -Big Deal.  He also got to show the whole country how easy it BE to sucker punch a white male.  Also, note the head stomp when the white player is on the ground. 

 NBA: Two Sucker Punches On White Male Player


Liberal White Female Gets An Edification...Into Black Racism -- Visits Harlem And Experiences The Infamous Black Male Sucker Punch


The Infamous “Kermit Washington Sucker Punch” 


7' 4" vs 6' 1" cowardly Sampson Sucker Punch


A deliberate punch to a fan...from Shaquille O'Neal? Sure looks like it.


 Shaquille O'Neal's sucker punch on Greg Ostertag:  Unfortunately, O'Neal's sucker punch was not recorded. It was described as follows: During a pre-game practice, O'neal walked up on Greg Ostertag and, without warning, sucker punched him. Ostertag collapsed to the ground and O'Neal's bodyguards ushered him to the locker room. Ya see, O'Neal made sure he had all the advantages, even body guards to protect him. 

O'Neal:  "If [Jim Rome] doesn't want to get Greg Ostertag'd, he needs to watch it." Translation:  "I gonna walk up on you, with my body guards, say how ya doin', then I gonna whack you." WOW!  Doesn't this comment say volumes about O'Neal's character? Who would actually brag about sucker punching someone? A coward can always score the sucker punch, and only a true coward would brag openly about it. 
Shaquille O'Neal Sucker Punches Brad Miller

Had cowardly O'Neal connected with his sucker punch, Miller most likely would have been rendered comatose. Also, note how O'Neal waited  until Miller's back was turned to strike - striking him from behind.   ANYONE can throw a cowardly sucker punch but only a despicable coward will actually do it.

 7.                        Jabbar Sucker Punch On Kent Benson
 Kareem Abdul-Jabbar threw a sucker punch on Kent Benson in a game in 1977, hitting Benson so hard that [cowardly] Jabbar suffered a broken hand.  But Benson suffered worse, being left with a broken jaw. 

Kobe Bryant throws a towel in the face of an elderly white female - very end of tape

Kobe Bryant was suspended for, AGAIN, face-slapping a player while he was in the act of shooting the ball. All of the faces slapped by Bryant were white males. White males make up about 20% of the players in the NBA. So ,yes, Bryant's face slaps do appear to be racially motivated. Bryant was also accused of raping a young white female in Denver in 2003.

* Memphis' Mike Miller (elbow in the throat)
* Minnesota Timberwolves' Marko Jaric (face slapped)
* San Antonio Spurs' Manu Ginobili (face slapped)

 Total number of cowardly white male sucker punches thrown against blacks in the history of the NBA (that I could find) is ... ZERO.


Elderly White Male Bus Driver Gets A Racist Sucker Punch From Racist Black Teen


REMEMBER! The Whole Idea Behind The Craven Sucker Punch Mr. White Male...Is That He Makes You Believe It's Not Coming...THEN POW! 


Note all the white males standing around. Not ONE jump to aid the white guy.

   * Crimes That Shake Our Conscience *

 One of the most cowardly sucker punches I have ever seen

               Infamous McDonald's Sucker Punch 

       White boy Sucker Punched & Beaten With A Brick 


Black female sucker punch - white victim - in a college basketball game

This "female" looks like and even talks like a male. Toward end of video is an interview with "her.


Black males attack innocent Iraq war veteran (amputee)

 "Professor" sucker punches a white female
                                Lionel McIntyre, 59

Oh, ya think she filed a lawsuit? If it were the other way around, (white-on-black) you can bet your last dollar a lawsuit would be in the works ...the very next day.

 Sucker punch on white male during Tea Party protest 

    * Crimes That Shake Our Conscience *

          Brutal attack on mentally impaired female

  Attack on elderly 91-year-old  
Warning-very graphic hate crime!
Attack on white male in wheelchair
Fort Bragg, N. Carolina, Sept. 22, 1998

White Soldier Sucker Punched - Stomped into Coma by 10 Blacks

Racially Motivated Attack

A pack of 10 feral blacks - soldiers from Fort Bragg - attacked a white male soldier with a sucker punch, then, when he fell to the ground, they kicked him in the head and stomped on him. He was left barely alive and in a coma. Doctors said his brain is so severely damaged he will be a virtual vegetable for the rest of his life.

White Male:
* Donald Lange, 25

Orlando, FL, Aug. 2010

  Sucker Punch - White female- Attempted Rape

A black male lured a 17-year-old girl to him with the standard black male sucker punch MO -- he asked her if she could give him directions. When the female stopped to try to help him, the black male sucker punched her in the face, knocking her to the ground. Then, incredibly, right in the middle of a street, the black male tried to rape the female. Neighbors were able to come to the girls rescue when they were alerted by her screams for help. Unfortunately, the black male was able to escape.
Note: Most of the time, as we are all well aware, the MSM prevents people from knowing the racial identity of the victim.  I believe the victim here to be white since I do not think a black female would have fell for the sucker punch MO of the black male.

20.                            Orlando, FL, Dec.  1998

* Crimes That Shake Our Conscience *

Sucker Punch - Adult vs. Kid

A black male, four years older than the white kid, waited until the white kid turned his back on him ... then he charged up to the 16-year-old and sucker punched him in the head. The white kid collapsed unconscious and died a short time later.

Convicted Murderer: 
Omar Witt, 20


* Mark Thornton, 16,_Florida)#1998_Murder

Terre Haute, Ind., March 1981

    * Crimes That Shake Our Conscience *
  Racist Attack - Sucker Punch (with a baseball bat)

In a student cafeteria at Indiana State University, a group of young white males (on the university wrestling team) were enjoying their dinner. Unbeknown to the group, however, was the unfortunate fact that one of the wrestlers’ life was about to change (end?) forever. Making his way toward the group was a black male armed with a baseball bat. When the black male reached his intended target at the table, he cocked his bat and, with all the strength he could muster, slammed it into the back of the head of a unsuspecting white male. The wrestler’s head collapsed into his plate of food. The black male then pulled a knife to threaten the one person who got up to confront him. He then ran out of the cafeteria and made his escape.

(Identity of victim and perpetrator are unknown, as well as the any subsequent information regarding condition of victim or apprehension of the perpetrator. Also unknown is the motive for this black male attack).

 BULLY Beat-Down - White Male Miraculously Survives 
                                                      Oak Grove, Minn., April, 2012 
A white male told a black male BULLY, Caleb King,24, (now former Minn. Vikings' running back) that he looked like Eddie Murphy. For that comment,  King SUCKER PUNCHED HIM, then beat & beat & beat the guy. When it was all over, the victim suffered from a fractured skull and he also needed his nose completely "RESTRUCTURED."  King was immediately released from the Vikings. This guy , yes, is a REAL moron. We'll look for him in a state prison REAL soon.

Dopey King actually told police (get this!) that the white male sustained ALL his injuries by "falling down" while the two were innocently chatting to each other. Like I said, King is a dope.

"This could not have been a racial issue," Eagle [sister of Andrew Hayek]said of the confrontation between Hayek and King. "My parents opened their home to all colors and ethnic backgrounds. Andrew grew up with a variety of backgrounds under one roof."

Andrew Hayek, 22

UPDATE: Dopey Caleb King (who does look like Eddie Murphy) pleaded guilty to assault. For putting this white male in the hospital for months,  forcing him to undergo emergency surgery and forcing him to undergo months of therapy, King got no jail time --two years probation and $1049.00 restitution fine to pay to his victim.  WOW! Oh, and since King now be unemployed, naturally, his white victim will get nothing.
23.  N. College Hill, OH, Aug. 2012  

'Knockout Game' 

Pat Mahaney, 45 -- ( unconscious & left for dead- survived)

Teenagers Gang-up On Lone White Male Adult

According to police, six 13 & 14 year-old blacks were just "bored and wanted ta have jus a little fun."
                                        Lynchburg, VA, Sept. 3, 2010  

Sucker Punch - Elderly - Murder

“A witness dining at the Hash House saw a young black male kick the victim in the face after he had already been knocked to the ground,” the affidavit states.

 Three black male teens,
Kenneth Davis,  Two black teens (unidentified due to their age), ..saw an elderly white male approaching and decided he would be a ripe victim for the infamous black male sucker punch. Police claim that it was Davis who threw the sucker punch, then the other two kicked the elderly white male in the face while he was down, and presumably unconscious.

* George Leroy Baker III, 81
Note: Once again, I feel obliged to remind readers ... that under the rules of the Democratic Party's forced integration system, there is absolute nothing a white male / female can do to prevent the cowardly black male / female sucker punches represented here. NOTHING! .

 Another black female basketball player, another sucker punch, another white victim
    Seattle, WA, May, 2010

 Black Racism - Sucker Punch - Attempted Murder

A young white male was asked by a black male for a light, which the white male gave him. Then came the infamous sucker punch. When the white kid fell to the ground, two men (black and Asian - both unidentified) then began to stomp on him. The white kid was left unconscious, barely recognizable and barely alive.
* Shane McClellan, 16 (survived)
  Omaha, Neb., July, 2007

        * Crimes That Shake Our Conscience *
White Male Survives Two Separate Attacks By Blacks

"I saw pictures of what I looked like when I first went in," Clark said. "It was really something. My wife says she didn't recognize me."
Three black males, 
James Branch, 21
Paul Miller,

…walked into an antique car business and were warmly greeted by an elderly white male. Then, black male Branch landed a sucker punch right to the face of the elderly white his face. The elderly white male dropped to the ground, where he was then kicked and stomped on until he was unconscious. The black males then picked up the elderly white male and tossed him into the trunk of one of his cars, though not before lifting his credit card. Evidently, the whole assault and attempted murder scheme was to get what was in the white male’s wallet: cash or credit cards. Police found the elderly white male later that day ... with a cord wrapped around his neck.

"That night, Miller said, Branch brought up the robbery idea again. The three agreed that Clark — at the time, a slender 65-year-old — would make for an “easy lick,” or robbery victim." 

They agreed on their roles: Miller would be the lookout; their friend would grab Clark, and Branch would punch him before binding his hands and feet with tape, putting him in the office and robbing his business.

* James Clark, 65 (survived, but now must walk with a walker)
Note: James Clark was also attacked by another black male, Arthur Lee Gales, 35, in a robbery scheme a few years back.

                         Lancaster, CA, Feb. 27, 2010

Sucker Punch - With A Meat Thermometer

A black male , (unemployed and ex-con and destined for a life in prison)
Landry Boullard, 39,

...was summoned by his black girlfriend to "take care of" a white male adult who shushed her inside a movie theater while she was talking on her cell phone.  Black male Boulllard came up behind the white male and then stabbed him in the neck with a meat thermometer. Victim was left in a coma.
Name Of Victim Unknown


White Male Walking The Street In Baltimore (2012)
White male on the ground after infamous black male sucker punch

Sucker Punch In The Groin- Foreign Basketball
Black Sucker Punch (Goin' ghetto) On Referee

Seattle, Wash., July, 2008

Sucker Punch - Murder 
Black male Brian Keith Brown, 28, sneaked up behind an elderly 60-year-old white male and Sucker Punched him in the head, which resulted in his death.
Despicable Black Male Sucker Punch on White College Football Player
34.                                           Denver, CO, 2009

Sucker Punches - Atrocities! 

More despicable behavior From Eric Holder's People... Black males look for white males in  "touristy" areas, sneak up behind them, then Sucker Punch them, while another black male films the incident.  The Sucker Punch is then sold to fellow blacks for "entertainment." 

* 32 arrested 

Note: Again, this kind of appalling behavior seems only to be associated with the black males. 
 35 . 

City Worker Sucker Punched - Beat Into Coma 

Hospitalized with fractured skull.
 36.                                   Queens, NY, Nov. 2010

Even Black Male Senior Citizens Are Doing The Sucker Punch!

Black Racism
A white male, Joel Custer,35, was riding his bike across the bridge in Queens when a black male, 64-year-old Everett Gayle, sucker punched him. The punch knocked out Custer's front teeth, split his lip and possibly broke his jaw. He was transported to the hospital. Police arrived and arrested black male Gayle, who had by then curiously stripped down to his underwear.


      * Crimes That Shake Our Conscience * 

 61-Year-Old White Teacher Sucker Punched

Sucker Punch - Murder

Another "Excuse  Me Sir. Got A Cigarette?" Then the Sucker Punch 

Pack-Attack On City Bus

Black Racism - Black Hate 
          Has America created a pack of
                        You Decide




Shootout in Toledo Bar 


 6. Store Employee Beat-Down

There are thousands of these...You get the point.
40.  Kalamazoo, Mich.  March 3, 2009
           Sucker Punch - Beat down On 
              White Female Bus Driver 
                                (Very Disturbing) 

 Courthouse Attack - Black Thug - White Prosecutor

I've seen these cowardly courthouse attacks over and over and over.  They ALL involve black males - every one of them.

Black Male Attacker:
 Victor Wright, 37 (never had a real job-major drug dealer in Queens, NY) 

*  Carolyn Pokorny (brutally attacked with a razor blade) 
42. Philadelphia, Dec. 2010

          White Male, 31, Beat Down - Hospital
43. Staten Island, NY, Jan. 2011

            Sucker Punch Beat-Down - Elderly
                 (black male/black female against two white elderly)

44. Lakeland, FL,  2010

 Beat-Down On A White Male (Handicapped)

Black Bullies:
Kevonta Isaac, 15
Iquan Issac, 16
Kamion Matos, 15, 
Timothy Scott, 18, 

And no hate crime filed...

 * Richard Werner, 20
45. Seattle, WA, February 1991

 Sucker Punch - DECEASED
During a Margi Gras celebration, a black pack-attack against innocent white people erupted. While TC cameras were rolling, a hate-filled black male, Jerell Thomas, 17, who had already attacked two other white people, decided to go for a third.  Thomas saw Kristopher Kime, 20, a white male, and charged up to him from behind, then socked him right in the side of the head. Kristiper fell to the ground, where Thomas then jumped on top of him and proceeded to pound his head repeatedly into the pavement – right in front of TV cameras! Kristopher Kime died from a fractured skull.

Also charged with second degree assaults on innocent white people that day was a 20-year-old, 6 foot 3 inches tall, 260 lbs. black male predator named Aaron Slaughter. Aaron lived with his mommy (no father) and was unemployed at the time of his unprovoked attacks on white people. Slaughter’s attacks were also caught on tape.
46. Jefferson City, MO, 1999
 Sucker Punch
When an adult white male approached a group of young black males and asked them to give him enough room so he could exit a parking lot, he was sucker punched and then attacked by the whole group of feral  black males.  Also set upon were his family members and a few other white people who tried to come to his assistance. The white victims were badly beaten but did survive.

 Black Male Racists (Arrested):
Mark Kleinheider
Richard D. Carnes
Ernest D. Mahaney  

47. Peoria, IL, Dec. 2010
Sucker Punch - Murder
A black male, Davon Renfro, 19,…demanded money from a white male adult. When the white male adult said no to the black teen and turned around, that’s when black male Renfro sucker punched him in the head. The white male collapsed and was then stomped and kicked in the head - until he was brain dead.

Todd Gunter, 29

48. Montclair, NJ, Nov. 12, 2006
 Sucker Punch - Murder


A Black Man As Your Neighbor…

A black male, Jeffrey Ashe, 31,  …sneaked up behind a white male and sucker punched him in the head, then continued to beat on him while he was on the ground and helpless (the white male died 19 days later). The ambush attack by Ashe arose from an argument the white male was having with Ashe's bother ( the argument had  nothing to do with Jeffery Ashe). While the white male was engaged in the argument with Jefferey's brother, Jeffrey sneaked up behind the white male a socked him in the head. After the cowardly sucker punch, then came the beat-down on an unconscious person.

* Ralph Nicastro Jr., 44

Note: For this murderous assault & cowardly sucker punch, black male Ashe got only 3 years.
He will be eligible for parole in less than 2 years.

 49.  Annapolis, MD, July 21, 2001

On White Adult

Victim In Need Of Plastic surgery 

 A black teenager, part of a group of three, ran up to an adult white female (waitress) in downtown Annapolis and threw a rock in her face – intending to cause serious injury. When she fell to the ground, the black teens beat her and stomped on her.
 Racists / Thieves Arrested:
Tacarra Tyler, 17
Two unidentified 14-year-olds

* Tracy VanDagna, 22 (broken nose and needed plastic surgery)

 50. Lincoln, Neb. Oct. 23, 2010
Sucker Punch- Racism
"I hate white people."

A black male, Thod Kuaygong, 29, sucker punched a white male. When he was arrested he went into a racist tirade against white people. The identity of the white male sucker punched is unknown, also unknown are his injuries.  Kuaygong was even charged with a hate crime. WOW! This is rare.

51. Rowan University, Oct. 27, 2007
 Sucker Punch - Murder

Black male (s), Unidentified, …was part a group of six or seven black males that had gathered outside a university apartment complex when a small group of white college boys came walking out of the complex. One of the black males within the black group asked the group of white kids if they could have directions to a party.  One white male stopped and offered the black male direction while his buddies kept walking. That’s when an unidentified black male attacked, striking the young white male in the face with the infamous “black male sucker punch.” The boy was knocked to the ground where he was then kicked and stomped on. He died that evening of his injuries.

* Donald Farrell, 19


Black Male Sucker Punch - UFC (Kick Boxing)

Despicable and cowardly sucker punch when a white male fighter's back is turned
53.   New York City, NY, March 2011

 Sucker Punch -  Female Left In Coma - Gets 1 Year In Jail (out in 6 mo)
Black male bully Oscar Fuller became angry because a white female (4'11") was holding a parking place for her boyfriend. For that, she got the infamous black male sucker punch (twice) in the head. She was left in a coma. 

Lana Rosas, 24 

Note: Black bully Fuller claims he was defending himself against the diminutive white female, who was hitting him and threating to beat him up. Yeah, sure bully.
 54. New Orleans, LA, Feb. 2011 
SUCKER PUNCH (Bleach In The Face) 
Blinded! Sentence? 54 Days (and, of course, no hate crime)

"You know you're not supposed to be back here, white boy!"
A black male (4’11” & 309 lbs.), Terrence "Baby Tee" Alexis, 19,…called for pizza to be delivered, apparently hoping a white male showed up at the door. Unfortunately, a white male did show up. Alexis then sneaked up behind the white male, then threw a cup of bleach into the his eyes.
* Victim's name not released
55.    Kent, OH, Jan. 23, 2010
 Sucker Punch - Murder

A black male,
John Ragin, 21,

…sucker punched a white male Marine, then, while he was down, continued to beat and stomp on him. The male later died from his injuries.

John White, 28 (Marine)

 56.   N. Charleston, S.C. Dec. 1999
Racism - Sucker Punch
“Yeah, we are going to get us a white boy.”

A large number of black youths, including,
Lafayette Knots, 21,
Ivan Brown, 20,
Alice Burney, 14
Four black juveniles,

… were arrested for their part in a racist hate attack on white people. The black mob (police say more than a dozen were involved) singled out white people to attack, beat and stomp.

White Males:

* Troy Knapp, 35, (beat with pipes, suffered permanent brain damage)
* Gary Thornburg, 34 (left unconscious)


 Sucker Punch On White Female

58.    Seattle, WA, October 25, 2008

Sucker Punch Stomp-down & Beat-down ... Murder

Black teens get 12 weeks in prison for murdering a white person!

Five feral black youth,
Kenneth Kelly, 15
Billy Chambers, 15
Ja'Mari Jones , 15
two others unidentified,

 ...decided to have some "black fun" and went searching for a lone white male to attack, beat-down and stomp on...until he was unconscious - or dead. They accomplished the latter. And what kind of punishment would one expect from a liberal city like Seattle for this brutal attack and murder? The black kids got less than 12 weeks detention, free attorneys, free food and a free place to stay. Yeah, no big deal to a black youth today.

Black male Chambers while being arrested three years later for another crime: "bragged to [a police officer] about being one of the juveniles who killed the Tuba Man," the report says. He bragged how his lawyer, John Henry Browne, "got him off with only three months for stomping the Tuba Man to death and how he would get him off for these charges, too."


* Ed "Tuba Man" McMichaels, 53

Note: The total number of black males that have been subjected to a beat down and stomp down over the last 50 years by white males in Seattle ZERO (at least I can't find one case).

59. New York City NY, April 2011

Pocket Change Beat-down

 And you want to know why people don't want to do business in black communities?

Asian Delivery driver AMBUSHED & pummeled...for about $10.00 in pocket change. 

60. San Bernardino, CA 2011

SUCKER PUNCH - Disabled White Male
Black Male:
Ronald Jackson, 44 (also to be indicted for carjacking)   

61.  Chicago, Ill, 2009

Sucker Punch Crimes

White people targeted by black youth gangs for sucker punches, beat-downs , stomping and robbery.
----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ----------------------
62.  Chicago, IL, Aug. 2008

The Infamous Black Male Sucker Punch

Jail Time For Ruining White Female's Life? 14 MONTHS!

A black male thug,
Derrick King, 49,

…at a a public shopping center, walked up to a white female and asked if she had a cigarette. When she replied she didn't King slammed a sucker punch to the side her of head, rendering her unconscious. The white female woke up in the hospital. Motive was robbery.

"I woke up bald -- no teeth, 85 staples in my head -- out of a drug-induced coma."

BEWARE!   King (no relation to ML King) served only 14 months for the brutal racist assault on the white female. He a free man today.

* Jennifer Hall, 36

Today: “…her jaw still falls out of joint, she still has seizures, and nerve damage prevents full use and feeling in her left foot.” 
 63.  Hampton, VA,  April 16, 2010


Black Male: "I'm gonna kill your fuckin' white ass!" 

White Victim: "Never once did he try to take my keys. Never once did he ask or try to take my pocketbook or any money. He was just out to hurt,"  

A black male, William Douglas, 25, ... in a public parking lot walked up to a white female , who he had never met before, and out of contempt and hatred for her race, began pounding on her, saying "I'm gonn kill your fuckin' white ass!" 

 * Sylvia Hollingsworth, 58

NOTE: There is NO WAY that I know of for a white male/female to protect themselves of this type of cowardly black hate and black racism. He gets to strike first.
       77-Year-Old Store Clerk Beat 

65.      Young White Girl  Gang Attacked
66.                       Milwaukee, WIS  July 2011

Sucker Punch On White Females

Racially Motivated Beat down - Kicked & Stomped On 

 Two white females were savagely set upon by feral black youths (male & female). They shouted racial slurs at them ... then sucker punched them.  When one of the girls hit the ground, then the black savage "beatdown" began: kicking her in head and stomping on her.  It was in fact, attempted murder. 
 67.   New Orleans, LA, June 2010

Sucker Punch - Murder 

Two (maybe more) black males, ganged up on a white male (off duty police officer), sucker punched him, then the infamous black male beat down began - stomping and kicking his head. Evidently, the white male turned his head and tried to walk away.  RULE #!: Don't Turn your head - If you do...this is an invitation to receive the sucker punch ! 

Arrested For Murder:

Joshua Louis Miner, 20 (b/m)


* Brett Thomas, 28 (deceased)

 68. Philadelphia, PA, 2008

 Sucker Punch - Murder

Eric Holder's people were "out looking for someone to beat-up for kicks." 

 Three black male teens went out looking for someone (white person? they ain't sayin') to sucker punch "just for kick".   Kinta Stanton, 16, was subsequently arrested and charged with murder. He has refused to name the other two.

*  Sean Patrick Conroy, 36 (w/m) 

Another story of black male cowardly vicious ambush of innocent white people. Read here:    (2nd post in forum)  
 69.  Alfred, New York, Oct. 10, 2010

White male beat down

When a white male refused to let 8 blacks cut in line at a fast food restaurant, he was sucker punched, then kicked & stomped on.
* Maurice Gibbs, 19
* Markese Pullium, 18
* Laleak Hamilton, 18
* Tayvon Francis, 18
* Deonte Shepard, 18
* Sheldon Walker, 22

 70.   Sacramento, CA, Oct.  2011

Black Male Bully Strikes At Disabled White Lady
""But it’s difficult to watch. A [white] woman who appears mentally impaired is punched in the face [by a cowardly black Bully].

It all started while she stood in front of a doughnut shop where she is taunted by a group of cowardly black Bullies] who sound as if they’re spitting on her.

Then she’s shoved in the face and laughed at."

She is then given the infamous and cowardly  sucker punch. 
 71. Spokane, WA, Nov. 19, 2005
Sucker Punch - Racism

"I want to beat up one of these white boys,"

 A cowardly black male, Tyson Leroy Brown, 21, …walked up to a 15-year-old white male then sucker punched him. When the white kid fell to the ground unconscious, the black male began stomping on him. When police pick up black male Brown he exclaimed  "I should have kicked him until he'd never get up "I'm a racist, and I hate all you white boys."
The innocent white male victim was taken to the hospital and was treated and released.
 72. Chicago, IL, Nov. 2011

Sucker Punch

Unemployed black male panhandler, upset at a white male who refused to give him 'more' money, sucker punched him in the face, then punched him several more times in the face.

Sucker puncher: 
 Timothy Anderson, 30
 73.  Seattle, WA, Aug. 2011

Beat-Down - Elderly - Attempted Murder

A hoard of black males attacked an innocent elderly white male. First came the infamous black male sucker punch. Then, when the elderly white male was helpless on the ground, the typical black male male beat-down began: stomping and kicking at his head.
Police are still looking for the cowardly black men.

 Victim:: :
* Matt Hale, 66 (taken to hospital with life-threatening injuries)

 74.  Loris, S.C,   May 2010

 Ambush - Elderly Beat down
"Yo man. Yeah man, you gotz some change."
 POW! Black Male Sucker Punch

Two black male teens, 17 years old, Travis Jones, and the other 15-year old juvenile, waited for a 73-year-old white female at her handicap spot and then ambushed her. While one engaged the elderly lady, the other cowardly black male crept up from behind and sucker punched her, knocking her unconscious.

* Rose Powell , 73 (survived)

Note: In the black male "hood" the sucker punch is suppose to be a knockout punch. If it ain't, well, you ain't a man... Life in the hood. VERY SICK STUFF

75.  Tampa , Fl, Aug. 2009

BIG settlement for white male victimized by a black male sucker punch

A black male, Tampa Bay Buccaneers CB Aqib Talib  , sucker punched a white male cab driver, then kept beating on him, causing him serious injury.   Aquib Talib decided to settle out of court for his sucker punch beatdown on the white male.  Motive for Talib's sucker punch beat-down is unknown.
76.  Batavia, NY, Dec. 2011

 Sucker Punch On Elderly White Female

A very homely , and also very vicious, black female, Jacquetta Simmons, 26, went ghetto on a white female WalMart's greeter when asked to show a receipt for merchandise as she was exiting the store. The elderly white woman, 70-years-old, was sucker punched in the face and fell to the ground.

*  Grace Suozzi, 70
 77. Detroit, MI

Detroit Ball Game ... And the White Male Couldn't See It Coming?!

Sucker Punch To The Face
 78.   BUFFALO, N.Y. 2010

 Sucker Punch - Racism
"I got pushed to the ground. He started pummeling me. He started punching me. I covered up. And he said, "Empty out your pockets." I go, "I don't have any pockets. I'm rollerblading." "Give me everything you got." I said, "I don't have anything. What do you want?" They kept beating me up, kicking me, kicking me,"

Check out the little RUNT'S arrest record. A RUNT and a THUG

Violent Attack On A White Student On School Bus - Infamous Sucker Punch To White Student Who Didn't Give Up His Seat To The Black Kid


Michigan City, MI , March 2012

Sucker Punch  Beat-down - White Male Left Unconscious

Mr. White male, Don't let a black male walk up on you

A black male, Shelly S. Miller, 37, who was apparently summoned by his daughter to "take care of "  the white assistant coach , who was making her run laps for (surprise) fighting, walked up to the coach, then landed the infamous black male sucker punch. Not surprisingly, once the white male was on the ground and unconscious,
the black male continued to beat him in the face and head.

Note: I'm assuming the daughter sicked her 'animal' dad on the coach since, the way the story is written, it sounds like the black male simply charged up to the white male and punched him. Well, how did the black male know this particular coach was the one who made his daughter run the laps? Only one way::daughter called' animal'  dad by cell phone.

Will this black male sucker puncher get a lawsuit? I hope so!

INCREDIBLY! This dopey black male actually entered a not guilty plea, even tho many other people watched his sucker punch beat-down. Also, he broke his wrist punching the white male in the face. The home that this black man lives in, built by a white male - should go to his white victim.,0,3866028.story
Colorado Springs, CO  1991

  SUCKER PUNCHING White People has Been Going On For A Long Time

 Gang Attack- Sucker Punch Beat-Down - Murder Of White Soldier

"On Saturday night, September 21, 1991, Moore and several of his companions gathered near a popular street corner, the intersection of Pikes Peak and Nevada Avenues in downtown Colorado Springs. Moore and his friends left a party they considered too crowded, for a location Moore liked to frequent. The group encircled a group of soldiers and began to shove and yell at them, with Moore ordering them, “Get off our block.” A fight ensued. Several soldiers got into their cars and fled. A soldier who was being beaten in the street escaped by leaping into a passerby’s car. Three soldiers got into another car. Through an open window Moore attempted to punch a person seated on the passenger side of the car. Moore kicked the side of the car, denting it before the car was driven away. Enraged, Moore began kicking in newspaper stands near the intersection.

Approximately twenty minutes after the soldier escaped into the passerby’s car, and ten minutes4 after the newspaper stands were kicked, another incident occurred. Two more soldiers approached the intersection walking north on Nevada Avenue. Layne Schmidtke (Schmidtke) and Joseph Reeves (Reeves) were walking through town to Schmidtke’s residence on Greenview Court. A young woman shouted a warning to them. Consequently, they made an effort to avoid Moore’s group on the sidewalk.

As Schmidtke and Reeves were stepping from the sidewalk onto the crosswalk, Moore shouted angry words to the effect of “Get off. What are you doing on my block?” or “This is our corner.” Reeves heard a commotion and saw the first blow to Schmidtke, a fist striking Schmidtke behind the right ear. Then Reeves was struck in the face.

Schmidtke and Reeves tried to retreat across Pikes Peak Avenue. Schmidtke fell to the street, whereupon Moore and others began to kick him about the head and body. Schmidtke curled up with his hands above his head, going limp and unconscious. The kicking continued. Likened to the force of kicking a football off the ground, the beating continued while Schmidtke lay motionless on the street. A crowd gathered. A witness shouted three times, “They’re killin’ ’im!” A group of girls in a tan car got out and screamed for the perpetrators to “Stop!”; “He’s had enough!” and someone said “Oh, my God, he’s dead, he’s dead!” Reeves was severely kicked while lying atop Schmidtke’s unconscious body, attempting to ward off more blows to his friend. A witness who pleaded with Moore to stop was told by him, “So, I don’t care. If you want to, you can be next.” An autopsy the following day ascribed the cause of Schmidtke’s death as blunt trauma to the head."

                                            Victim, married, father of two:  Layne Schmidtke  

Arrested For Murder:
Kevin Moore, 18 (black male - repeatedly stomped on  and kicked white male's head - got 12 years)
Anthony Phenix, 18 (black male, convicted of 2nd degree murder - sucker puncher, started beat-down - got 24 years) 
Sean Stencil, 17, (black male, got 16 years) 
Dominique Herrea, 16 (Hispanic - got 16 years)

Dan Davis, 15 (white male - got probation)
Robert Dean, 14 (white male -got probation)


Black male sucker punches old white male and kills him




  2. Sucker punch black youth:

    Media concealing race of victim.

  3. Polar bear hunting...
    Former WCIA and WILL weatherman Mike Sola shows the injuries he received as the latest victim in a string of beatings in Champaign of white men by young black men that has been dubbed 'polar bear hunting.'

  4. You white people spend a lot of time on black people. I thought you wanted to seperate yourselves? Wouldn't it make sense to focus less on what you want to ignore and live without? that is how I deal with folks like yourself, I focus no time and energy on your negative kind and in return your existence is not in my reality.

  5. Possible?

  6. Actually the number 72, Jennifer Hall? That dude was RELEASED 18 DAYS after he got in prison. Less than 1 day per tooth he knocked out (per the article) HAHA 14 MONTHS NIGGA got out basically in two fucking weeks !!!

  7. @anonymous nigger

    Sorry nigger, we're not running wild in the streets crushing black folks faces in. We are NOT separated, we are viciously attacked and killed, so it's a little had to 'NOT FOCUS' on it. Especially when depending on where we live, we have to be alert every minute of every day to make sure we're not about to be attacked.

    You can be pissed about our negativity, i'm a little more pissed about the 85 year old white woman raped and beaten to death by a nigger while her beat down 90 year old husband of almost 70 years had to see and/or hear.

    1. your a racist idiot with extreme nonsense views!...Any intelligent person that's not a racist there self can see through your obvious BS....Why don't you and butt holes like you STOP trying to divide us & trying to figure out ways to bring us together....We are all the same inside & we are all capable of the same success & intelligence givin the same opportunities & quality environment.....Violence Is a mankind problem & not unique to any particular race!

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  10. This disturbs me too. WTF? I had a friend who was tied to a tree when he was 7-years-old, doused in gasoline and set on fire by a group of black teens. They were never caught or prosecuted. Then you read a story like this.
    And it's sad that this and many other acts of violence against innocent people are never brought to light as a hate crime. So why do we even have laws and statutes against hate crimes?

  11. It's a fact that only black people commit crimes!

  12. White people don't commit crimes. Every white person in jail today, is innocent.

  13. There is no justice for Original-Americans since 1964. Time to downsize and separate to avoid our extinction .

    1. By original you mean the Native Americans right?

      Who ironically enough were Raped , Beat , killed , forced from there land and I'm sure on occasion yes SUCKER PUNCHED by innocent white people huh but you guys are the victims right...Come on get outta here with that crap...White people are the most violent oppressive destructive people ever & that's a fact....

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