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White On Black Violence

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Note:: This blog concerns white-on-black crimes from the post  Civil Rights Act  (1964) time period -- approximately 1970 to  2014

                    Where Are All The Black Victims?

  To begin here, I want to first assure everyone interested in this blog that I  have applied the same level of due diligence to the  white on black violence 'list' as I did with black on white violence list.  However, my concerted Internet search effort only yielded 91  incidents of verifiable white on black violence (black victim is dead or seriously injured) going back more than 40 years. And second,  I have to say, I am more than a little shocked here.  Before I began this little project, I was of the belief, courtesy of the main-stream media (including Hollywood and gov't produced school literature), that America was being ravaged by the scourge of violent white racism ... and it was all directed toward innocent blacks.  

Where are all the black victims?  Perhaps the lack of black victims explains this phenomenon >>LINK

Since 1970, the total incidents of White on Black Violence that I could find on the Internet  is 70 (victim is seriously injured or dead).  The result of these 70 violent incidents::

                                                                                         Dead = 83
                                                                  Seriously Injured =16
           Total Black Victims of White Violence = 99


         Total White Victims -so far - of Black Violence :
                                                                                                  Dead = 2054

                                                                  Seriously Injured =  478
                                                    Total White Victims = 2532

Note: I am not trying to suggest with the list below that this is ALL the white-on-black violent crimes since forced integration was created in 1964.  The list below  is  simply the total number of incidences that I've come across while researching inter-racial violence between white and black. NOTE: As of 2014, I've stopped adding incidences. 


1.                                     December 1995

White Male Slaughters Two

James Burmeister, 31, was sentenced to life in prison after being found guilty of the slaying of Jackie Burden and Michael James (both black).  Police believe the killings were racially motivated.

Note: This is one of only three incidences over the last 45 years that I could find where a white male murders two or more blacks.
2. N. Carolina, Sept. 27, 1985

Murder Of Black Police Officer

A white male murdered a black officer during a traffic stop.

Richard Charles Johnson, 22

Innocent Black Victim:
Bruce Kenneth Smalls, 30

White Man Murders A Black Female
4.                                      Late 70s and early 80s

White Racism - Murder

A white male, Joseph Paul Franklin, ...was an American serial killer.  Among his many victims were  four confirmed black males (police believe there could be two more, but evidence was lacking to prosecute).

Innocent Black Victims:
* Arthur Smothers, 22
* Vernon Jordon, jr. (wounded but survived) 
* Ted Fields  
* David Martin
                                                Lexington, Kentucky, March 15, 1998

Home Invasion - Murder

A white female and white male
Virginia Susan Caudill, 37,
 Johnathon Wayne Goforth,

... broke into an elderly black female's home intending to commit burglary.  When they were confronted by the elderly black female a  struggle ensued and the black female was murdered.

Elderly Black Female:
* Lonetta White, age 73
6.                                            North Augusta, S. Carolina, Sept. 16, 1996

White Male Murders A Black Female

A white male barged into a business and gunned down three innocent people. One of the victims was a black female.

David Mark Hill, 36

Innocent Black Female:
Josie Curry, 35

                                                   Harrisonburg, Va., Jan. 5, 1990 

Public Abduction - Murder  

Two white males, Tommy Strickler and Ronald Henderson, kidnapped a black female, robbed then murdered her.  Strickland received the death sentence...and was was executed in 1999.

Innocent Black Female:
 Leann Whitlock, 19
8.                                        Carroll County, Miss., Dec. 12, 1995

 Business Invasion - Murder

Two white males,
Edwin Hart Turner
 Paul Murrell Stewart

...over a two hour period murdered two black males. One was a store clerk, the other was a customer at a convenience store. Both were gunned down by Turner.

* Eddie Brooks
* Everett Curry

9.                             Virginia,  May 10, 1997

Public Abduction - Murder

Two white teens, Brandon Hedrick,18, and Trevor Jones,  paid to have sex with a black prostitute then, after the sex, demanded she give back the money they had given her.  Both boys, fearing retaliation by the black female's pimp, decided to take the prostitute to a secluded area and, despite her pleas not to be killed, murdered her anyways.

Lisa Yvonne Alexander Crider

10.                                       Wesleyan College, N. Carolina,  1980

Public Abduction - Rape -Murder

Kermit Smith,23, (white male) kidnapped three cheerleaders from N.C. Wesleyan College after a basketball game in December 1980. He one of the females, Whelette Collins,  then beat her to death with a cylinder block and threw her body in a rock quarry.

The other two cheerleaders, Dawn Killen and Yolanda Woods, escaped after they beat Smith with a tire iron and stabbed him with a straightened hair pin.

Black Victim:
* Whelette Collins, 20 (center)

Note: This is one of only two case I could find where a black female is kidnapped, raped and murdered in the 46 years of Compulsory Inclusionism (1964 - 2010).


11.                            Brooklyn, NY, Aug. 23, 1989

White Racism  - Murder

A white mob (10 or more of  Italian descent) were lying in wait for four black males who had come into "their" community. Three of the black males fled while the forth was caught and murdered by the mob.

 Black Male:
Yusef Hawkins, 16
12.                          Brooklyn, NY, June 22, 1982

White Racism - Murder

Three white males (of Italian descent) attacked and killed a black male. Two other blacks were also beaten.

 Black Male victim:

Willie Turks, 34
13.                            Brooklyn, NY, Dec. 20, 1986 

White Racism - Murder 

A white mob attacked and chased four black youths, causing one of youths to run in front of a car.  He was hit and killed.

Black Victim:
Michael Griffith, 23 
14.                           Queens, NY,  June 29, 2005

White Racism (?)

A white male, Nicholas Minucci, 20 ...attacked a black youth with a baseball bat in order to take his Air Jordan tennis shoes, which - oddly - he was carrying in a bag.  Since the white male used a racial slur in the attack, he was charged with, and later convicted of, a hate crime.  Black Male:  Glenn Moore, 23

Note: No injury in this assault. It need also be stated that Mr. Moore and his black cohorts were hardly innocent people that night (it was 3 am).  Mr. Moore admitted they were in the white community to steal a car. It was also a mystery to police how Mr. Moore (who was unemployed and a career criminal) came into possession of the $100.00 dollar pair of brand new Air Jordan tennis shoes.
15.                                             San Diego, CA Jan. 14, 1999

White Racism - Pack Attack

Five white male youths (Marines) joined in on an attack on a black male at a house party (how fight erupted is not known).  Racial slurs where made during the attack and the black male was left paralyzed.

White Males Arrested for Attack::
Jesse Lawson, 20,
Steven Newark III, 18
Trenton Solis, 18, 
Robert Rio, 23, 
Jed Jones, 21, 

Black Male:
Carlos Colbert, 21
16.                                           Illinois, July, 2 1999

White Racism - Murder 

 A white male,Benjamin Nathaniel Smith, 20, ... gunned down a black male in front of his two children.  Smith was hunting primarily for Jews (he wounded six).  He committed suicided when police caught up with him.  The innocent black male who was murdered is:

* Ricky Byrdsong, 43 
17.                                              Jasper County, TX, June 7, 1998

Public Abduction - Murder

Three white males,
Shawn Berry, 24,
John King, 23,
Lawrence Russell Brewer, 31

... abducted a mentally challenged black male, then:

"Brewer and his co-defendants drove to an isolated spot on a logging road where they beat and tormented the victim, then tied him to a logging chain, which was hooked to the pickup truck. Brewer and his co-defendants then dragged the victim to his death, leaving his decapitated and dismembered body to be found the following day by citizens and law enforcement officials. It was argued in court that Brewer and his co-defendants engaged in this criminal act, in part, due to their racially separatist affiliation with the Confederate Knights of America and the Ku Klux Klan. Brewer and one co-defendant were documented members of the Confederate Knights of America and a large number of Ku Klux Klan and other racial separatist organization paraphernalia was discovered in a residence occupied by the three." 

Black Victim:
* James Byrd, Jr., 49
18.                                       Texarkana, Ark., 1985

Murder Of A Black Police Officer

A white male,
 Richard Wayne Snell, 53, 

..gunned down a black highway patrol officer who had puled him over for a traffic violation.

 Black Officer:
* Louis Bryant 

19.                                         Chicago, Ill., March, 1997

White Racism - Pack-Attack

Three white youths,
Frank Caruso Jr., 18 
Victor Jasas, 18
Michael Kwidzinski, 21

...attacked a black male teen who was riding a bike through  "their" predominately white community.  He was left in a coma as a result of the attack.

 Black male:
* Leonard Clark, 13 (recovered from the assault, though claims still suffers some brain damage)
20.                                       Daytona Beach, FL, July, 2008

 Public Racism 

A white male, Thomas Cosby, 56, ... intentionally drove his car into a black female riding her bike, causing her to suffer a broken leg.

Black Female:
Nekedia Cato, 25

21.                                       Pittsburgh, PA, April, 28, 2000

White Racism - Murder

A white male, Richard Baumhammers, 34, apparently decided to kill non-white Christians. Among five dead was a black male. 
22.                                        Independence, VA, 1999

Public Abduction - Murder

Two white males,
Emmett Cressell Jr., 38,
Louis Ceparano

... after some binge drinking decided to murder a black male.  The two white males dragged the black male out of  Mr. Cressell's trailer, beat him, then burned him alive. The dead black male was then beheaded.

Black Male:
* Garnett P. Johnson
23.                                         Miami, FL, Feb. 24, 1999

A black female, Jody-Gaye Bailey, 20, was shot in the head while her and her boyfriend (a white male) were stopped at a red light. The police arrested a white male, Robert Boltuch, 23, for the crime. Boltuch  was later convicted and received life in prison.

24.                                        S. Carolina, Oct. 1996

White racism 

Clayton Spires Jr., 28, and another white male, Joshua England, 20, did a drive-by shooting on a crowd of blacks. Three blacks were injured by the gunfire.

25.                                              Denver, CO, 1997

White Racism- Murder - THRILL KILL

Jeremiah Barnum, 25, Nathan Thill, 21, both White supremacist, gunned down a black male, Oumar Dia (African Immigrant) for no apparent reason.

26.                                          Lancaster, CA, 1995                  

Randall Rojas,20,  Ritch Bryant, 20,  attacked a black male, Milton Walker Jr., for allegedly hitting a white female. The homeless black male died as a result of the beating. The prosecutor contended the attack was purely racially motivated and primarily carried out by Rojas. The prosecution also claimed that Bryant and a white female, Jessica Colwell, 20, returned after the first beating to again beat the black man while he was already down - and apparently unconscious.

27.                                               Portland, Ore, Nov. 12, 1988

White Male Ambush - Murder

 Mulugeta Seraw, 28, (Ethiopian immigrant) was beaten to death by three white supremacist, Ken Mieske, Kyle Brewster, and Steve Strasser.
28.                                           Chicago, IL., 1997

A white male,  Herberto A. Pulgar, 28, was sentenced to 12 years in prison for intentionally running over a black male (unknown identity). Motive is not known,  nor the condition of the black male who was run over.
29.                                               Sacramento, CA, 1999

Two white males, Kenneth Charles Nemetz, 21, and Stephen Michael Grierson, 20, were charged with murdering a black male, Jabori Jones.  No other information is available on this incident.

 Note:  Kenneth Nemetz, 22,  a white male, was sentenced to 18 years.  This seems to indicate a second degree murder charge. That is, there was no "provable" intent to commit murder.
30.                                         Gold Creek, Montana,  July 29, 1999

White Male Ambush - Murder 

A white male,
 Douglas Allan Zander, 26               

...drove up to a  back male sitting in his car and killed him.  According to police, the attack was racially motivated.

Black Male:
 * David Solomon
 31.                                              Minneapolis, Minn., 1998

White Racism

Aaron Figueroa, 20, a white male, shot a black male teen in the back.

Black Male:
Stephen Arnold, 14 (unknown whether he survived the attack)

Note:  This perp may not be a white male.  Also, Internet information is lacking on this incident.
32.                                           Lake County, Fla., Jan. 8, 2001

White Racism (?) - Murder - Ambush

 A white male,
David Lee Troutman,
... ambushed a black male for no apparent reason, gunning him down in a parking lot.  Troutman then drove a short distance and shot himself to death. Police believe the crime may have been racially motivated

* Robert Spencer
33.                                       Grands Rapids, Mich.,  Sept., 1998

Charles Raab, 30, beat up a black man, Willi Jarrett, and then dragged him about 50 ft. with his car. ( How the black man became lodged in a way that would allow Rabb to drag him with his car is a mystery to me) Police claim it was a hate crime because the white male used a racial slur. Apparently the black man survived.

34.                                          Indianapolis,  IN, 2002

White Racism 

Trevor David Thompson, 21, shot a 13-year-old black girl (name unknown) in a racially motivated attack. No other information on this attack is available. 

This info. came fom a white-one black crime web site. And I know, no name of black victim?!  Hmm
35.                                             Tulsa, Oklahoma, 1990

Home Invasion - Murder

A white male, Thomas J. Grasso…broke into a home occupied by an elderly black female and strangled her to death. Grasso then burglarized the home.

Black Victim:
* Hilda Johnson, 87
36.                                                Alabama, 1981

White Racism - Murder

Two white males (members of the Ku Klux Klan),
Henry Francis Hays, 26
James Knowles,

…abducted a black male for the sole purpose of murdering him. The black male was beaten, his throat slit, then hung from a tree. This reportedly was a KKK retribution murder for a black-on-white murder.

 Black Male:
* Michael Donald, 19
37.                                          Virginia, May 1, 1990

Home Invasion - Rape - Murder

A white male,
Thomas Beavers,19,

…broke into the home of a black female.  Apparently because she wouldn’t stop screaming, Beavers put a pillow over her face and smothered her.

Black Female:
* Marguerite Lowery (deceased)
38.                                         Beaufort County, S. Carolina, April 12, 1978

"didn't like niggers."

Public Abduction - Rape - Murder

Two white males and two white females,
John Arnold, 21 (?)
John Plath, 21 (?),
Carol Ullman, 11
Cindy Sheets, 17

…abducted a black female, took her out to a secluded area, then raped her, urinated on her, beat, stabbed and then choked her to death.

 Black Female:
* Betty Gardner
39.                                        Tulsa, Oklahoma, Feb. 20, 1984

A white male, Norman Lee Newsted, 30, robbed a black taxi driver then murdered him. Innocent black male is:

* Larry Donnell Buckley, 26
40.                                       S. Carolina, February 15, 2001

White Male Strangles Black Girlfriend To Death

A white male, Richard Johnson, and a black female argued, and when it escalated the white male murdered her by strangulation. The innocent black female is:

* Tammy Hagin

Note: This hardly seems like a case that would call for the death penalty. There didn’t appear to be any preconceived plan to commit a  murder.
41.                                        Franklinville, Philadelphia, 1987

Public Abduction  - Torture - Murder

A white male,
Gary Heidnik, 43

...abducted four black females and took them back to his home where he chained them up, raped them repeatedly and treated them as if they were sex slaves. When police entered the house they found three black girls alive and living in a hole in the floor.

* Deborah Dudley, 23 (deceased - by electrocution)
* Jacquelyn Askins, 18 (survived)
* Lisa Thomas, 19 (survived)
* Agnes Adams (survived)
 42.                                    Los Angeles, CA, January 16, 1997

Murder Of Ennis Cosby

 Ennis Cosby, 27,  whose car sustained a flat tire and forced him to pull over to a side street, was gunned down by a white male, Mikhail Markhasev (Ukrainian immigrant), during a robbery attempt.

43.                     Las Vegas, NV, June  2010       

A white male,Jason Simon Sindelar, 25 ...became angry when a black male decided he was going to intervene in a squabble between he (Sindelar) and his girlfriend.  The black male, a former college football linebacker, grabbed the white male from behind and wrestled him to the ground.  However, the black male made what was going to turn out to be a fateful mistake: the white male was a martial arts fighter. When the black male released the white male,  a fight immediately ensued; and apparently the white male was not going to let the black male off without a very serious beating.  The injuries the black sustained in the beating ended up causing his death.

UPDATE::  "According to the coroner's office, Reynolds died from combined cocaine, Ecstasy and alcohol intoxication. "Other significant conditions include collapse following a physical altercation," according to the coroner's office."  Prosecutor's office apparently will pursue involuntary manslaughter charge.  Also, I can find no update after Oct. 2010 for this case. 

Black Male:
DeMario Reynolds Sr. 26

Note:  What was this black male thinking?! NEVER step in between a boyfriend-girlfriend / husband- wife squabble.  Also, NEVER put your hands on someone you don't know!  This black male was acting as if he was the sheriff.  Had the black male minded his own business he would be alive today. 
44.                                        Hinds County, Miss., Aug. 22, 1980

Robbery - Murder

Three white males, Jerry Fuson, George David Tokman and Michael Dale Leatherwood, after robbing a black male taxi driver, shot him to death.

 Black Male:
* Albert Taylor 
45.                                         Greneda County, Miss., July 12, 1992

 Robbery - Murder

A white male, William Joseph Holly,17,  murdered a black male during the course of a robbery.

Black Male:
*David Norwood, 37
46.                                           Marshall County, Miss.,  May 6, 1986

Murder Of A Black Police Officer

A white male, Bart Hilgrin Mease,  murdered a black male police officer.

* Osborne Bell
 47 (?)                                      Aug. 2010

White Male- Possible Serial Killer Of Blacks (?)

 There are people describing a white male as the attacker of 20 men, 18 of them black. Five men have died.  Police suspect it is all the work of ONE white male.

Wait and see on THIS one...
48.                                           Meridan, Miss., July 8, 2003

Lockheed Martin Massacre

 A white male,Doug Williams, 48... committed a workplace massacre.

Sam Cockrell (b/m)
Al Collier (b/m)
Charles Scott (b/m)
DeLois Bailey (b/f)

Mickey Fitzgerald (w/m)
Charles J. Miller (w/m)
Thomas Willis (w/m)
Lynette McCall (w/f)
49.                                                  Primm, NV, 1997

Abuse Of A Child - Murder

A white male, Jeremy Joseph Strohmeyer, 18,  followed a 7-year-old black girl, Sherrice Iverson, into a women's restroom and molested her, then murdered her (she was NOT raped - as the black-sponsored  link below claims). 

 Note: Sherrice Iverson's father was hardly blameless in this tragedy. On three different occasions casino security told Mr. Iverson that his 7-year-old was running around unsupervised (it was past midnight!). Each time he did nothing and continued to gamble.
50.                                           Knoxville, Tenn.,  Dec. 20, 2004

 A white male, Thomas Eric Holt, 30, murdered a black male (shot in the head) to rob him of his car and his drugs.

* Dewayne Lee Cates , 27

Note: Apparently, Mr. Cates was a drug dealer. The white male received 25 years for 2nd degree murder. I really don't like this one. Both seem like real trash. Nevertheless...
 51. Durant, Okla., July 19, 1996

Racism - Murder

 A young white male,
 Ernest Eugene Phillips,25,

...attacked a black male teen with a knife and killed him.  Police believe it was racially motivated because the white male made a racial slur.

Black Teen:
* Jason Roderick McFail , 17 
 52.                             Chesterfield County, VA, Feb. 17, 1999 

Business Invasion - Murder  

A white male, John Yancey Schmitt, 25, during a bank hold-up murdered a black male security guard.

 Innocent Black Male: 
* Earl Shelton Dunning 

53.                                       Montgomery, Ala., October 1989

White Male Murders Two

A white male,
William Thomas Knotts, 17,

...escaped from a youth detention center ... intending to get even with a black female that he believed had intentionally used her car to splash him a couple weeks earlier.  He broke into her home,  found a gun, then waited for the black female to return. When she did, the white male shot her.  The bullet also hit her young child and killed him as well.

 * Helen Rhodes
  * Child (deceased)
54.                                    Omaha, Neb.,  Jan. 2008

White Male Ambush (?) - Murder 

A white male,Kyle Bormann, 19,...fired a high powered rifle toward a restaurant from 100 to 200 yards.  The bullet struck a black female and killed her.  Note: A jury would not (could not) convict Bormann of first degree murder because they could not determine whether the kid intentionally tried to kill the girl.

Black Female:
* Brittany Williams, 21
55.                               Tarrant County, TX,  Feb. 14, 2002

Public Abduction - Rape - Murder 

Two white males,
Cleve Davis, 39,
Shelton Aaron Ward,

...abducted an African immigrant female, raped her, then murdered her and threw her into a ditch.

Black Female;
*  Nyaneur Pal, 28 

Note: This female appears to have been a prostitute, or agreed to have sex for money. Both white males above approached her in a bar (white community) and "picked her up."

 56.                                    Los Angeles, CA, Dec.  2011

A white male, Tyler Brehm, apparently distraught over the break-up with his girlfriend, went on a shooting spree, randomly targeting passing cars at a Hollywood intersection.  A victim of the shooting spree was a black male, John Atterberry, 40.  He later died of his injuries. The white male shooter died in a shoot-out with police.
57.                                          Orange County, CA, June 5, 2010

 White Male Murder - Black Female

A white male , William Baker Bibb, 35, murdered a black female. Apparently, he also dragged her behind his truck (likely to avoid getting her blood inside his vehicle).  The black female, according to police, might have been a prostitute. 

Black Female:
*Theresa Adell Ardoin, 25
58.                                        Jacksonville, MS, June 26, 2011

White Racism(?) - Murder

Two white male teenagers,  Deryl Dedmon and John Aaron Rice, both 18,  either got into an altercation with a 49-year-old black male, or they were out looking for a black man to beat. After delivering a severe beating to the black man,   Dedmond then used his truck to deliberately run over the black male.

Update: Dedmon received life in prison. Apparently Dedmon was angry at being robbed by a black man weeks earlier and was looking for revenge.

Black Victim:
 * James Craig Anderson, 49

>>>Note in the LINK below how CNN is deliberately trying to ramp up the incident.  There has never been ONE black-on-white hate crime that would get this type of coverage from the left-wing CNN. <<<

 CNN is clearly as racists as the white males who attacked the black man. Oh, and did you know that James Craig Anderson has a Wiki page?  Where are all the Wiki pages for dead white males/females from black hate crimes?

White Perps:
--Deryl Dedmon, 19 (plead guilty to murder)
 -- William Montgomery , 22

#7 >>>    

 59.                                Palm Springs,  CA, March 9, 1994

White Male Ambush - Murder 

A white male, David John Reed, 51, apparently became enraged over allegations from his girlfriend that a black man had sexually assaulted her.  Reed waited for two weeks for the right time to strike at the black male.  When the chance came, Reed stabbed the male male to death.

Black male:
  Ricky Mosley
 60.  Charleston, S. Carolina  1985

 Home Invasion - Murder

   A white male, Joseph, Atkins, 35, who had been released from prison 5 years prior for murdering his brother, on a drunken stupor, retrieved a shotgun and went over to his neighbor's home (black family), broke in, then went into the bedroom of a 13-year-old black girl and shot her. Atkins then went back to his home and gunned down his father.

Black Female:
*  Karen Patterson, 13 (b/f)
 * Benjamin Atkins, 75 (w/m)
61.                                 Oakland, CA,  Jan. 1 ,  2009

White Police Officer Guilty Of Involuntary Manslaughter

A white BART police officer ,  Johannes Mehserle,  shot a black male criminal (black male was being arrested), apparently for no legitimate reason.  Blacks claimed the killing was entirely racially motivated. Numerous rallies by blacks were held in Oakland protesting the shooting.  The victim's mother settled for $1.3 million from the city of Oakland (pretty good pay day for a guy who was a career criminal).

Black male:
* Oscar Grant

Note: The white officer claimed he thought he shot the suspect with his tazer gun.  Eyewitnesses do seem to corroborate that claim.
 62.  Poplar Bluff,  MO, 2009

White Male Set Black Youth On Fire

A white male, name withheld because of age,  doused a black male with flammable liquid and set him on fire. The black male sustained very serious burn injuries.  Apparently, the white male and black male knew each other and the white male was "settling a score."

Black Male:
* Walter Curry Jr. , 15

 63.  S. Carolina, 2010

 White Male Ambush - Murder

A white male, Gregory Collins, 19,  murdered a black man outside his home and then, in an effort get the victim off his property, and also to keep blood evidence from being retrieved from inside his vehicle, Collins tied the black male to the bumper of his truck and dragged him to a secluded area.  Collins and the black male were coworkers and apparently got into an argument which then escalated.

Black Male:
 Anthony Hill, 30
 64.  Anderson County,  S. Carolina  2001

White Male Ambush - Murder (Drug Related)

A white male, Crisp, Denisona, 20, on separate occasions murdered two black males.  He plead guilty to both crimes.  Note: According to the prosecutor, both murders were drug related. I don't like to put these types of crimes on my list, but I'm short on black victims... 

Black Males: 
 Jealoni Blackwell, 20 (shot then beat with the butt of a rifle)
Clarence Eugene Watson, 25 (stabbed to death)
65.  Tulsa, OK, April  2012

 Three Blacks Murdered - Two Injured

 "The suspected shooter is a white male and is believed to be traveling in a white truck, said Brooks."

Two white males, Jake England, 19, and Alvin Watts, 32, according to police,  targeted five blacks for murder.  Three died.

Note:  Police believe a possible motive was that Jake England was retaliating against blacks because of the murder of his father, which was perpetrated by a black man.

Black Victims:
Dannaer Fields, 49
Bobby Clark, 54
 William Allen, 31
Two injured
66.  Jacksonville, FL, Nov., 23, 2012

White Male Murders(?) Black Youth Over Loud Rap Music

A white male, Michael Dunn, 46, furious over the loud rap music coming from a sports utility vehicle, and exchanging words with the black occupants in the vehicle, suddenly pulled a concealed gun and fired a shot into the vehicle (some reports say it was eight to nine shots) striking a black male and killing him.  Case yet to be prosecuted. White male is claiming self-defense. WAIT AND SEE ON THIS ONE.

UPDATE: Guilty on attempted murder. Jury deadlocked on murder charge. Judge declares mistrial (Feb.  2014).  Prosecutor vows to get that white male on murder charge. Will re-try him.

Trail Date set for Feb. 3 ,  2014
Black Victim:
* Jordan Davis, 17
67.  Greenville, S.Carolina, Sept. 25,   2000

Home Invasion - Two Murdered

Abuse OF Elderly - Sexual Assault 

A white male,  Michael Laney, 33, was hired to do gardening for Ms. Hancock.  
"Dr. Michael Ward, the Greenville County Medical Examiner, performed autopsies on both victims and testified as an expert in forensic pathology.  He testified Hancock had several broken ribs, a broken sternum, and had been sexually assaulted.  He testified Hancock received three stab wounds including a fatal stab cutting her throat from side to side.  Hancock’s cause of death was multiple blunt and sharp forced injuries. 
Ward testified Godfrey had stab and incise wounds to the neck which included a cut trachea.  He determined the incise wounds caused Godfrey’s death."

 Black Females:
 Dorothy Hancock , 86
Thelma Godfrey, 82

Note: This is the only  case of a sexual assault on an elderly black that I have found committed by a white male.   S.Carolina prison system list the perp as a white male, so I'm including it here. I'd like to see a pic of this guy, tho.
68.  Joliet, IL, Jan.  2013

Two Black Males Ambushed And Murdered

"Police found the bodies of [black males] Terrance Rankins and Eric Glover, both 22, face down inside the house on Joliet’s near west side on the afternoon of Thursday, Jan. 10. Plastic bags were tied around the dead men’s heads, according to the reports. One of the men was bound, the other looked as if his hands had been tied at one time."  Note:: Case yet to be prosecuted.

Arrested for murder:
Adam Landerman, 19
Bethany McKee, 18
Joshua Miner, 24
Alisa Massaro, 18  (had sex atop the dead bodies w/ Minor)
69. Lakeland, FL, April  2009

White Female Murders Black Male To Steal His Lottery Winnings

A white female, Doris "Dee Dee" Moore, 37, discovered a simple-minded black man who had just won the Florida state lottery - making him a multi-millionaire.  When the white female found out the black man was trying hide from his former wife (who wanted half his jackpot) and also didn't want to have to pay child support, she offered to help him.  During the course of her help, she managed to transfer all of his lottery winnings and even his home (a  mansion) into her name. She then murdered him in an effort to keep his assets. White male detectives doggedly pursued Moore until they got the evidence needed to arrest her.

Black Male:
Abraham Shakespeare
70.  Tyler, TX, 2010

White Female Ambush - Murder

A white female, Kimberly Cargill, 43, abducted a black female who she believed was going to testify against her in an upcoming trial.  The black female's cause of death  is unknown, however, the white female doused her with a flammable liquid then lit her on fire.

Black Female Victim:
Cherry Walker

Below are 'possibilities' of a black 
being victimized in an unprovoked attack by  a white person. 


 Milwaukee, WI, 1978 thru 1991

White Male Serial Kill Of Gay Black Males

A white male, Jeffrey Dahmer, murdered 11 black male prostitutes. While in prison - serving multiple life sentences - a black male prison guard arranged for a psychotic black male to be alone with Dahmer, just long enough where he could beat Dahmer to death with a broom handle.

Note: I am not going to include  Dahmer's [black] victims in the victims list here, since they were operating as prostitutes. Prostitution has a very great inherent risk factor associated with it, and even potentially deadly. Those who get involved in this type of trade know the risks and do it at their own peril. I also did not list white female (or male)  where she/he victims was engaged in prostitution and the perp was black.
 S. Carolina, July, 7  2005

Black Attacked By Four White Youths 

Four white males, Justin Ashley Phillips, 18; Kenneth Eugene Miller Jr., 18, Lucas Grice, 17 and Christopher Scott Cates, 17, attacked a black male, Isaiah Clyburn, 17, chased him, punched him several times and also kicked him while he was down.  No hospitalization was required for the black youth.  Cates, who was said to be the instigator, was given - by a white judge - a whopping 6 years in state prison plus five more years of probation! 

Note: I'm not attempting to mitigate the nature of this crime, however, I do not believe the black boy was not seriously injured.  Clearly, this was not an attempted murder /beat-down.                   

This is a curiosity that I will throw in here. But I won't give it a number.

In 2002, police claim 18-year-old Gary Lindsay, a black male, was murdered (beaten with a crow bar) by Thomas Lee Hutchison, a white male, age 39, and the motive was robbery.

A 39-year-old white male robbing an 18-year-old black kid?  Hmmm

Eight years later and this case is still pending? The white male claimed it was he who was being attacked (robbed?) and was simply defending himself.

 Logan County, W. Virgina,

Not sure about this one...

White Abduction (?) - Torture (?)

White Racism(?)

A black female was apparently invited to a party at a home in rural W. Virgina, when the white people (six total) decided to keep her there and, according to the black female's  initial report to the police, tortured and raped  her. The black female's ordeal, again, according to the black female, lasted about a week.  However, later, the black female recanted her allegations of rape and torture, claiming she just made it all up.

White People Who Pleaded Guilty:
Bobby Ray Brewster
Frankie Lee, 49,
Danny Combs, 20,
George Messer, 27,
Karen Burton, 46,
Alisha, 23

Black Female:
 * Megan Williams

Note:  I would think anyone claiming rape and torture would demand justice against the perps. 
White Racism(?)

Note: In the above link, I'm more than a little skeptical of this alleged hate crime attack by two white males on two black males.  Two against two and no mention of any weapons.  It seems like the black males simply got the worst of it...then claimed racial slurs.

Jacksonville, Fla.,  Dec. 10, 2000

White Racism (?) - Pack-Attack (?)

Three white male, Edward R. Fix Jr.,20 , Robert H. Parrott, 20 , Jacob A. Laskey, 20, ...attacked a black male by beating and stomping on him. Motive is unknown.

NOTE: Information is lacking on this incident and, most importantly, the disposition of the case filed against the three white males. Unfortunately, it is very easy for a black male / female to get a hate crime police report made out against a white male(s). All he/she has to do is say to police that the white male(s) attacked him/her without cause and made racial slurs. EVERY TIME the white male(s) will be arrested for a hate crime. However, arresting and prosecuting are two entirely separate matters. Most of the time, for lack of hard evidence these cases never go anywhere - i.e. the black male / female was lying.

** When (or if) I get hard facts here, and particularly about the disposition of the case, I'll give this one a number.


This seems to be the extent of "alleged" omnipresent violent racism from white males directed at innocent blacks since the launching of Compulsory Inclusionism (Civil Rights Act) in 1964.


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  9. Is it possible that the media is biased and regularly publishes black on white violence and doesn't find it necessary to publish white on black?? And what about institutional racism?

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  10. Institutional racism, like white racism that the media has implied reigns across America and is all targeted toward the innocent blacks , is a myth. Blacks are the recipient of occupations outside of their own male group far exceeding the percentages of jobs they supply in return. In other words, the jobs environment in the US is a gift to them.

  11. Your investigation skills either suck, or you just have an agenda. I wonder which it is.

    Here, I did your work for you. If you just want numbers, they are easily obtainable. I question your "due diligence".

    And for those of you who will say the Justice Department can't be trusted, well that's a personal problem. Move somewhere else.

  12. I notice you don't list all the crimes committed by members of the KKK which goes back to shortly after the founding of the USA. I know it isn't justified but some of the ignorant black people acting against whites are using that as an excuse for their violent actions. It's one of the reasons why I believe teaching certain aspects of history is a double edged sword especially to a race of beings that thrive on hatred. You should really think about what this blog of yours is for. You want to inform people of the ratio but all you're really doing is fueling the flames of racism against blacks.

    1. Whoever u are u are prejudice your self an your research sucks ...I'm not for none black white Hispanic rapeing burning taking a life wrong is wrong..u tried to make it yo point to make your comments an put the black people out saying don't trust them an every other ruse comment u made ...but the couple of white "facts" u u addressed they where all "alleged" or hard for u to believe.. Lmao...seriously

    2. I agree with the reply from June 27, 2014. This research is filled with prejudice. I came to this page after looking at the Black on White Hate Crimes. Funny how ALL THOSE crime reports are complete and accurate. Now I really don't care about which hate crimes got overlooked. Personally, I don't want to see or know the details.. BUT PLEASE REPORT THE RESEARCH THE SAME WAY FOR BOTH RACES.. matters of fact.. ALL RACES

  13. Somehow you missed Jeffrey Dahmer in all of your fair and balanced due diligence.

    1. Jeffrey Dahmer is there. However, I not include victims in my victims list (white or black) who were operating as prostitutes. All of Dahmer's black victims were gay prostitutes.

    2. Does the fact that his black victims were black, gay, and prostitutes mean their lives were meaningless violent crimes?? The title of the article IS VIOLENT CRIMES!! You could have taken a higher ground by saying The Jeffrey Dahmer case is well-known.

  14. How about the Millions of innocent Blacks killed during The Middle Passage, and Slavery. Guess they don't count? I mean if you really want to be fair about any of this, you have to not downplay the fact that savagery, and the killing innocents is nothing new. It had to start somewhere. Exactly who does the killing, and why, may be more deep rooted than some of us are able to comprehend.

    By the way, because a person is a prostitute doesn't excuse them from being a victim of crime.

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    2. You have to go back literally 200 years to find significant cases of whites murdering blacks in significant numbers. Meanwhile, we have to go back 1 week.

      The black race has fallen into an abyss, which you will never be able to climb out of because you're too prideful and too unintelligent.

  15. What is the difference. Violent crime I'd violent crime. There are over 200 million whitesvin American compared to 40. Million blacks. That is a factor not included in your raw datA. The fact is we should not accuse violent behavior no matter who are the victims and who are the offenders. If marijuana were legal we would be able to utilize our police and prison systems to stem the violence. We will never solve any social problems as long as we stay in decided camps. This propaganda campaign is as old as civilization itself. A few magic bean salesman will fan the flames of exclusion insur ing that the elite class will continue to plunder the
    Uneducated masses. It keeps them fighting for their elusion of freedom and ssuperiority over the others they deem unworthy. You are one of them whether you believe it or not. Either you are a willing participant in perpetuating the myth or a fool who really thinks he makes a difference.

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    1. We ALL know where blacks move once they get $$$. They high-tail it straight into a white community. And blacks are willing to pay 3x to 5x more to live in that white community. hmmm

      So the "economic progress" you speak of is really a phantom. Blacks use jobs gifted to them by white people and/ or gov't jobs , which all come from the white business tax base, and they then move into a white community. Blacks are/ were supposed to be building their own economic environments in their own black communities...But blacks DON"T want to do this. They hve no faith in their people...other than the faith that their black people are willing to kill them for nothing more than the hope of finding some pocket change.

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      Blacks are a totally unpredictably violent people. If a black male moved into a home next to mine...I would definitely move. His violent history - against white people - is there for everyone to see.
      I long for the day blacks get a homeland in they can be masters of their own destiny,,and GET OFF of the white man's nipple

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    Statistics offer ample proof that the bestial Negroes must not be allowed to exist in any society striving to be civil and peaceful.