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Black Male 'Good Samaritan' Killings - White Victims

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As every white person is undoubtedly aware, there is great internal pressure to let your guard down to a black male and trust him,  that he won’t take advantage of your vulnerability and victimize you. Some would call it indoctrination through guilt. That is, white people have been taught  that if you don‘t let your guard down you will be acting like a racist. The list below is a collection of white victims who not only let their guard down to a black male but also agreed to do him a favor - to help him out. Then the unkindest cut of all… The good Samaritan pays for the kindness with a brutal attack.

1.     Refugio, TX, June, 6, 1997

Good Samaritan Murder: 

      A White Female Offers To Help Black Males & 
                            Pays The Price

Abuse Of A Child - Murder

 Two black males,
Derrick Wayne Frazier, 20, Jermaine Herron, 18,…were armed and looking for a white family to kill and then burglarize their home. When the black males selected their target they knocked on the door. A white female answered and the two black males told her they had car trouble and asked if she could give them a ride into town. She agreed but first invited them in for some food and drink. After the food and drink the white female and the black males left the house to go to her vehicle. However, the black males then lured the white female back into the house where they shot her and then murdered her 15-year-old son. 

* Cody Nutt, 15
* Betsy Nutt, 41

Note: Jerry Nutt discovered his deceased wife and son when he arrived home from work.
3.     March, 27, 1991

Good Samaritan Murder

  A manager of a restaurant, white male,  was forced to fire a black male because of poor performance but agreed to try and help him get another job. The black male then pulled a gun on the manager and ordered him and a white female waitress to get on their knees. He then shot each multiple times in the heads. The white female died at the scene. However, the white male miraculously survived.

Black Male Murderer:
Feltus Taylor, 29

* Donna Pansano, 31
  * Kieth Clark (survived, however, he suffered permanent paralysis and brain damage)
4.    Essex, Vermont, Aug. 24, 2006

Good Samaritan Murder

A painfully unattractive white female, Andrea Lambesis, befriended a homeless and unemployed black male,

Christopher A. Williams, 27.

 The white female allowed Williams to stay in her house which she shared with her mother. The white female, however, eventually became frustrated with his bizarre behavior as well as being  constantly forced to provide for him She finally demanded he leave. The day she required Williams to be gone, the black male went over to a friend's home and acquired a gun. Williams then went back to the white female's home to kill her mother, 
57-year-old Linda Lambesis. After Williams killed the mother, he then went to Andrea’s place of work, Essex Elementary School, to kill her. When he couldn’t find her, he decided any white female would do and walked into the classroom of 56-year-old Mary Shanks  and killed her. He then shot another female, Mary Snedeker, 52.  She miraculously survived.

5.    Salisbury, NC, October 29, 1992,

Home Invasion - Good Samaritan Murder

   Three black males, unemployed and desperate for money invaded the home of a sheriff's deputy. During the home invasion both husband and wife received numerous stab wounds as well as sever beatings. Both died from their wounds.

Black Male Murders:
Frank J. Chambers, 31
William Leroy Barnes, 31
Robert Lewis Blakney, 30 (?)

White Victims:
* B.P. Tutterow
* Ruby Tutterow

Note: B.P. was a kindhearted person who would give money to inmates (including Chambers) at the county jail.
6.    Portsmouth, VA, January 12, 1986

Good Samaritan Murder

 A black male (ex-con), Carlton Jerome Pope, 23…had a gun but no car. He spotted two white females (sisters) in a car and asked if they could give him a ride home. Unfortunately, the girls agreed and let the black man into their car. After driving a few miles, Pope asked the girls to pull over. The car wascame to a stop on the side of the road, then Pope got out and pulled a concealed gun and demanded cash. One of the white females didn‘t move fast enough to suit Pope, so he gunned her down. He then shot the other white female and, thinking she was also dead, robbed the ladies of their purses and fled. However, the second white female , though struck in the head, survived and was able to drive to a hospital. She later identified Pope.


* Marcie Ann Kirchheimer (survived)
* Cynthia Gray (deceased - shot in the head)

7.     Columbus ,GA, Oct. 11, 1976

Good Samaritan Murder

 Two black males,
Jerome Bowden, James Graves,  …were given a job by a white female to rake her yard. The two blacks somehow gained entry to the home of the white female and then attacked her and her mother.  Both were first severely beaten then bludgeoned to death with a knife.  The black males then burglarized the home and fled.

* Kathryn Stryker, 55
* Wessie Jenkins, 76 (bed-ridden mother of Stryker)

8.         Dade County, FL, Dec. 19, 1990

Good Samaritan Murder - Husband & Wife

 A black male, Victor T. Jones, 29,…offering little in the way of job skills, nevertheless, an elderly white male, trying to be a Good Samaritan, hired him to do menial tasks around the office. It was the worst decision the white male ever made - and he and his wife would pay for it with their lives.  In a robbery attempt black male Jones knifed both to death inside their business. However, there is some good news here. Before the elderly white male died he got off a few rounds from his .22 pistol and hit black male Jones right between the eyes. Unfortunately, black male Jones had already did his work on the elderly people - he also survived the shot to the head.

* Matilda Nestor, 66
* Jacob Nestor, 67

------------------------------- -----------------------------------
9.               Fort, Worth, TX, Sept. 1, 1990

Good Samaritan Murder

 A black male (on parole for attempted murder), David Lee, Goff, 21,… was offered a ride home by a white male. While In the vehicle black male Goff pulled a gun and shot the white male in the head.

* Michael N. McGuire, 34

  Other Victims of Goff (he was 15-years-old when he committed these crimes):

* Vaughn Heeren (w/m) offered a ride to black teen Goof and was repaid by being robbed at gun point, told to strip naked and shot in the chest (attempted murder).

* Jill Bogan-Tucker (w/f) was the next day’s victim of black teen Goff. As Goff was attempting to kidnap her, she fought back and tried to run, where Goff shot her in the back. Black teen Goff then strolled up to the prone and wounded white female, put his gun under her chin and then fired. Miraculously, the white female survived.
10.   Rowlett, TX, 2006

Good Samaritan Murder

A black male,  Remy Ingram, 18, …approached a white male he knew from high school eating alone in a restaurant and asked for a ride home. Unfortunately, the good-natured white kid said yes. The black kid directed him to an alley, robbed and then killed him.

* David Irlanda, 18
11.     Pasadena, TX, Oct., 28, 2005

Good Samaritan Murder

Home Invasion - Elderly Abuse - Murder

"It appears that those that she tried to help were the ones that murdered her," said Pasadena Police Department spokesman Vance Mitchell.

 A black male and two of mix-race ,
Roosevelt Smith Jr., 43 Jimmy Hoang Le, 18,
 Stephanie Jacobo, 18,
…invaded the home of an elderly white male to commit burglary and murder.

* Betty Blair, 77
12.  Harris County, TX , Aug. 15, 1990

Black Male Massacre - Good Samaritan Murder

 A black male, Lonnie Earl Johnson, 27 …was in need of a ride and asked two white teenagers if they could give him a lift. Unfortunately, they agreed. The black male pulled a gun and forced the youths to pull over to a secluded area, where he executed them. Johnson then took what he wanted from the start, the white boy’s pick-up truck.

 The 27-year-old black man’s defense was that he was “defending himself'  against racist white guys. The two young and innocent white males are:

* Gunar "Bubba" Fulk, 16
* Leroy McCaffrey Jr., 17

13.  Rocky Mount, N.C., Oct. 18, 2007

Good Samaritan Murder

A black male, Tommy Lee Holiday, 30, …barged into a church kitchen armed with a knife and began attacking two white females who were preparing food baskets for the needy. 

* Debbie Kornegay, 58 (deceased)
 * Eve Beasley, 60 (survived, required weeks of therapy)

14.    Palm Bay, Fl. 1992

Home Invasion - Good Samaritan Murder

Abuse of the Elderly 

Dorothy Berger, a kindhearted 80-year-old white female, felt sympathy and pity toward her neighbor, a black male,

Johnny Hoskins, 28

  Hoskins, a chronically unemployed black male,  was allowed  to do odd jobs for the elderly white female. Evidently Hoskins was just “playing” the elderly woman, slowly working on her so she would let her guard down and invite him into her home. Eventually, she did, and that’s when Hoskins attacked her. He first raped the 80 year-old woman then, for reasons that were never made clear, he tied her up, put her in the trunk of her car and drove 250 miles to Georgia, where he strangled her. He then dumped her in a field and buried her.

15.  Prosper, TX. Dec. 10, 1990


Home Invasion - Good Samaritan Murder - Sadistic Torture

 Four Black male predators,
Eric Lynn Moore, 23, Anthony Bruce, 15, Kenneth Bruce, 19,
 Sam Andrews, 19,
… drove out to a rural home occupied by a white male and his wife. The two Bruce brothers knocked on the front door and when a middle-age white male answered the two black boys told him they had car trouble and needed jumper cables. Unfortunately, the white male invited the two black boys into his house. Once inside, the other two black males entered the home pulled and their guns. They forced the white male and his wife upstairs into their bedroom and told them to lie face down. While lying face down, both were shot, the white male in the back, intentionally aiming for his spinal cord (it was clearly a shot that was intended to render him a permanent cripple). The female was shot in the leg. The black males then left the room and went looking for household valuables.

 After ransaking the house looking for valuables the sadistic black youths came back to finish the job. The white female was shot in the head and died instantly. The white male, well, there was a different plan for him. He was going to to be left alive, but shot one more time, this time in the right shoulder, attempting to leave him with only one functioning left arm (Kenneth Bruce admitted to being the triggerman, but it could very well be that it was his 15-year-old cousin was the real shooter and the older one took the blame). The white male did survive, but, as planned, paralyzed from the waist down.

* Helen Ayers, 55
* Richard Ayers, 58 (survived - paralyzed)

Note: Again, it was obviously by the black males' actions they wanted to render the white male a cripple. They could have easily finished him off. But they (police say it was Andrews) deliberately shot the white male in the spin, then the shoulder, desiring him to have just a single functioning arm - and no wife. The black males made sure they finished the white female off, right? A bullet to the head. Sick!

* Nothing to compare to this type of crime prior to 1964...
16.   Clearfield, UT, Feb. 15, 2006

Public Abduction - Child Rape - Good Samaritan Murder

 A black male (and resident of a home for troubled youth),  Robert Cameron Houston, 17 (a career sex offender already)  …asked a young white female for a ride. Unfortunately, she agreed. When the white female arrived at the destination the black youth pulled a knife and forced the white female to get out of the car and then marched her inside an empty house, where he subsequently raped her then slit her throat.

* Raechale Elton, 22 (deceased)
17.    Piscataway, N.J. Nov. 1, 1997

Good Samaritan Murder - Child Rape - Murder

Public Abduction - Abuse Of A Child - Rape - Murder
 Young White Girl Raped, Beaten To Death And Then Mutilated By A Black Man

A white family took in a black male because the black male had "family problems."  The black male repaid the generosity by abducting their little 10-year-old daughter, dragging her out to a vacant field, then raping her. When he was done, the black male smashed the skull of the little girl then, just to make sure she was dead, slit her throat from ear to ear.

Black Male Murderer:
Yusaf Hagans, 24


* Lauren Relyea, 10

Note: Why would a white mother of a 10-year-old girl allow an adult black male to board with them? The answer is, they felt sorry for him because he had an abusive mother.
18.   Dover, Delaware, 2007

Good Samaritan Victimization - Rape

A black male asked a 22-year-old white female if he could make an emergency call from her phone.  She agreed (since it was an emergency), even though she didn‘t know him. Yes, she was being a Good Samaritan. When the black male got inside he went into the kitchen and grabbed a knife. The black male then grabbed the white female and, with the knife pressed against her throat, raped her. apparently, the black male was only interested in the rape, since he left the white alive.  He had to know that he would be caught within hours after he left.  A long prison term was no deterrent here.  The total objective was the rape.

Tywan Fooks, 33
19.   Bowie County, TX, March 14, 1980

Good Samaritan Murder

 A black male, Delma Banks, Jr. 21…asked a young (and very naive) white male if he could give him a ride to Dallas. Unfortunately, the white male agreed ... and allowed Banks into his car. Somewhere along the way to Dallas,  Banks murdered the white male  "just for the hell of it.”

* Wayne Whitehead, 16
20.   OK, March 1983

Abuse Of The Elderly - Rape - Torture 

Good Samaritan Murder

 Two black males,
Cornel Cooks, 27 , Rodney Madson Masters,…broke into the home of an elderly white female. Once inside Cooks located the elderly woman, raped her then tied tied gauze around her face so she couldn't breathe (the medical examiner indicated it must have taken more than two hours for her to die). The black males then burglarized the home.

* Jennie Ridling, 87 (also disabled)

Note: Mrs. Riding and Mr. Cooks were neighbors and she employed Cooks to cut her lawn. Apparently, no black man was willing to employ Mr. Cooks.
21.    Alabama, March 14, 1977

Good Samaritan Murder

Public Abduction - Rape

 Two black males,
Brian K. Baldwin, 18,  Edward Horsley, 17,…a young and very naive 16-year-old white female took her mother’s car without permission and headed to Alabama to see her father. Two teenage black males asked if they could hitch a ride to Alabama (unbeknown to the white girl the two blacks had just escaped from a youth detention center). The young girl , unfortunately, agreed to take them. Along the way, the black males decided to rape her. After the rape the white girl was beat to death with a hatchet. Note: Rolon's mother inists she was kidnapped by the escaped convicts.

* Naomi Rolon, 16

Note: This is one of countless cases in which one black male blames the other as being the murderer.
22.    New Albany, Miss., Mat 15, 2001

Good Samaritan Murder

 Three black males,
Marlon Howell, two unidentified,...flagged down a white male motorist acting as if there was an emergency of some sort. Out of concern the white male pulled over to offer help. Once the white male pulled over, black male Howell pulled a gun and gunned him down in an apparent robbery scheme.


* David Pernell, 61

23.   Kansas City, MO, Oct. 2010

             Black Male Terrorizing
           White Father & Daughter

Rape & Murder Averted

 A black male, Jason E. Frazier,…offered to be a good Samaritan to a white male and his daughter and lead them to a destination. All the black man said he wanted was gas money. WRONG!   Frazier had a gun and he was attempting to lead both to a secluded area - likely to rape the girl, then murder both of them.

  Victims (survived):
* Samuel Schwer
* Katrina Schwer (daughter)


24.  Memphis, TN, June 2008

Black Male Turns on Good Samaritan White Employer

 A black male, Aaron Jeans, …along with other family members were hired by a white female to do some yard work around her home. Black male Jeans turned on his female employer and returned her generosity by brutally raping her then murdering her. Black male Jeans then helped himself to whatever household valuables he could fit in the dead female’s car.

*Rebecca Neeley, 58

25.   Leon County, FL. Aug. 12, 1984

Good Samaritan  Murder - Torture- Burned Alive

A black male, Joe Nixon, 22,...used a ruse to get a white female to  help him so he could rob her - and torture her and rape her.  He disconnected the battery cables to his car, then waited for a white female he had seen go into a restaurant to come out.  When she did, black male Nixon approached her and pleaded to use her car battery to attach his jumper cables. She agreed to help him.  Naturally, the car wouldn't start.  The next phase of the plan was to get the white female to give him a ride right down the street (you could image - Oh how he pleaded, "jus right down the street PLEASE").  Unfortunately, the girl agreed (apparently, she didn't want to appear racist).  She let her guard down and paid the ultimate price.  Nixon led her off the main road ... then Nixon SUCKER PUNCHED her in the face, rendering her semi-unconscious.  He then dragged her to the trunk and dumped her into it.  He then took her to a secluded area, tied her to a tree, robbed her of her rings and money, then - despite her BEGGING not to be killed- set her on fire ... and left. 

Innocent White Female:
 * Jeanne Bickner, 38
 26. Syracuse, NY, Spet. 29, 2007

Home Invasion - Good Samaritan Murder

Black Male murders employer...

A black male,
 Roosevelt Collins, 41,... was given a job - a Good Samaritan deed for an unemployed black man - to do handyman's work around the home of a white female. Black male Collins offered nothing in the way of job skills and was high school dropout. The black male repaid the elderly white woman's generosity by invading her home and brutally murdering her.

It could also be that black male Collins put on his helpless puppy dog look - pity me - with every intent from the very beginning to victimize the elderly white woman.


* Ann Davis , 61

 26.   Columbus County , N. Carolina, March 27, 2002
Good Samaritan Murder

  A Good Samaritan [white male]…offered to give a black male a ride and was instead lured into a typical black male ambush. Two more black males got into his car and, at gunpoint, the white male was forced to a secluded area, robbed then gunned down.   

Three black male career criminals, 
Terrence Burden, 24,
Marlin Powell (died while playing with is prized .357 robbery weapon)
Ramel Theodore Troy,

* Jonathan Chase Powell

27.  San Antonio, TX, November 2004

Good Samaritan Murder  - Home Invasion - Rape 

A kindhearted white female school teacher employed a black male, Ronnie Neal, 33, to do some landscaping work around her home. Neal used the opportunity to plot with his [evil] teenage daughter, Pearl Cruz , 15, a robbery and murder. The [evil] daughter knocked on the white female’s door at night claiming it was an emergency and she needed to use a phone. When the white female opened the door, black male Neal appeared and, at gunpoint, forced his way in. Neal then sent his [evil] daughter to the convenience store’s with the white female's ATM card  … white he stayed behind to rape the woman. The white female was then kidnapped and taken to a remote area, told her to get on her knees, where  Neal shot her in the head.

Oh, evil Pearl Cruz, while in prison, was discovered to be pregnant with Neal's child.

* Diane Allison Tilly, 58 
 28.  Fayetteville, N. Carolina , July 25, 2011

Abuse Of Elderly - Good Samaritan Murder

"You wonder who would rob somebody and shoot them, and not have remorse," Hosack's son Bob Hosack said. "He would give you the shirt off his back; he helped a lot of people in the community."

Three people,  LaQuin "Shorty" Lamar Corbin, 27, (b/m) Amy Yarboro Collins, 35 (w/f),
 Joseph "Joe" Luther Lewis, 22 (half&half black),.
..were arrested for the murder of an elderly white male. Police suspect robbery as the motive.

* Allen "Augie" Hosack, 71

 29.    Volusia County, Fl., December 30, 1979

Abuse Of White Elderly - Brutal Sexual Assault - Murder

Black male strikes at former employer

A black male,
Kenneth Quincey,20,

... broke into the home of an elderly white female, who had previously employed him to mow her lawn and do yard work, brutally attacked the elderly woman, raped her, beat her mercilessly, then strangled her to death. Quincey , currently residing on death row , has changed his name to an Arabic one.

* Frances Bowdoin, 82

 30.  Gwinnett County , GA, Feb. 5, 2010
Good Samaritan Murder 

 A black male, Marcus Huff, 35...was loaned money by a kindhearted white male. However, Huff didn't (or couldn't) repay the loan, so he figured an easy way out of his "problem" would be to just murder the white male. Huff ambushed the white male and bludgeoned him to death with a knife (over 30 stab wounds).

* Daniel Aftowski, 42

 31.  Tampa, Florida, Sept. 8, 1991

Public Abduction - Murder--  Black Male Ambush

White female offers to be Good Samaritan ... pays the price

 Two black males,
Alfred Fennie, Michael Frazier, …wanted a nice car and zeroed in on a white female driving a Cadillac. Pretending to be in distress, the two blacks flagged her down , kidnapped her, robbed her bank account, then took her to secluded area and gunned her down. Both black males were discovered by police driving the lady's car.

Innocent Victim:
* Mary Shearin

32. Angleton, TX, Jan. 2012

Good Samaritan Murder

Home Invasion - White Male Employs Black Male - Black Male Murders Him

A black male, James Harris, Jr., 52, desperate for money, got an elderly white couple to pity him...and they gave him some yard work to do. After the black male was finished, he approached the elderly white couple and asked if he could have more money, to pay his rent. The couple said they couldn't afford to give him what he was asking. At that point,  Harris barged into the house and pulled a knife. He then stabbed both husband and wife repeatedly. The husband died. The wife was left in critical condition.

White Victims:
Alton Wilcox, 85
Darla Wilcox, 69

 33.  Laurel , MD, Nov. 2008

Home Invasion - Good Samaritan Murder

"I gotta emergency. Please! I gotta use your phone."   Another white female goes down...

 Two black males,  
Rickey Joseph Gavin, 23,  Kenya Evette Davis, 17, ... were evidently aware a certain white female had a flat screen TV ... and they wanted it.   No problem, they figured.  Just kill her and steal it. They knocked on her front door then used the  "I gotta emergency. Please. I gotta use your phone."   The white female fell for it...and it cost her her life.  She was sucker punched, then stabbed 18 times while the black males were demanding "where's the money!" After she was dead, she was then set on fire. Note:  The fact that she was set on fire,  could very possibly be a cover-up for a black male sadistic rape (I believe this to be the case).

* Rebecca Pruitt, 29

 34.  Louisiana, KY, September 29, 1984

                 “The Trinity Murders”

Public Abduction - Male Rape

“If you Let Me In Your Car, I’ll Take You Right to The Place You’re Lookin’ Fer”

 Two black males,
George Wade, Victor Taylor, 24,… had a gun but no money and no transportation. They were hanging out in front of a gas station when two young white teenagers drove up and asked for directions. The two blacks told the teenagers they'd take them right to the place they were looking for if the kids could give them a ride to a place down the road. Unfortunately, the white boys allowed the black males into their car. The two white boys were found stripped naked and shot to death. One of the boys had been sodomized by Taylor. The two innocent teens who allowed the backs into their car are:

* Scott Christopher Nelson, 17
* Richard David Stephenson, 17



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