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Black Males: Work Place Murders / Slaughters / Massacres

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The following is a list of attacks on white employers, or former employers, by a black person since 1964, resulting in serious injury/ murder / slaughter / massacre.

   This list below also might explain why there could be a reluctance from employers (white people) today to  hire black males. 

   Oh, the total number of white male employees who have committed murders/slaughters /massacres at a black owned business since  1964 ... is ZERO.  In fact, there is not ONE recorded example - that I could find - of a white male murdering his black employer, or his black employees,  in the 221 years history of the United States.


2015 - Roanoke, Va.

Two Innocent Employees Gunned Down By "Disgruntled" 
Black Man... Believed White Female Got His Job

"The suspect has been identified as Vester Flanagan, who was also known by the name Bryce Williams when he was a reporter at that station."  

The victims:
Alison Parker, 24,
Adam Ward, 27, 
 Vicki Gardner (shot in the back- in surgery)

2014  Boca Raton, FL

Famous Restaurateur MURDERED By Employee  - Another Worker Also Seriously Injured (on life support)
Tilus Lebrun, 42, attacked two white people because he found out his picture was posted on the internet without his permission.
2014  Montgomery, AL

Black-On-Black...Co-Workers Beat Then Gun Down Female Manager  For The Cash Register Money

 Vettia Roche, 43 (b/f) 

Note: Case yet to be prosecuted.


 Lake Butler, FL  Aug.   2013

Workplace Attempted MASSACRE! Four People Gunned Down

Hubert Allen, Jr., 72, gunned down his former boss and four others. Two died. Allen casually walked up on his victims, engaged them in a short conversation , then pulled a gun and shot them pointblank. 

Dead Victims:
Marvin Pritchett, (w/m owner Of Trucking Co.)
 Rolando Gonzalez (farm hand)

David Griffis( in critical cond.)
 Lewis Mabry Jr. (critical cond.)
1.    Manchester, Conn., July 2010

Workplace Racially Motivated Massacre

A black male racist, Omar Thornton, apparently already angry at the fact that he was working for a company created by white males, run by white males, and almost all the employees were white, was caught stealing and was fired (by a white male), which pushed the racist Thornton over the edge. Before Thornton took his own life, he assassinated eight unarmed white males (former co-workers).

* Bryan Cirigliano, 51(w/m)
* Francis Fazio Jr., 57 (w/m)
* Douglas Scruton, 56 (w/m)
* Edwin Kennison, 49 (w/m)
* William Ackerman, 51(w/m)
* Craig Pepin, 60 (w/m)
* Louis Felder Jr. 50 (w/m)
* Victor James, 61(w/m)

Two white people survived. Many of those who died, according to police, died with multiple gunshot wounds.
Warren, OH  1919

Black Male Gets Fired - Returns To Gun Down Employees -(Two Dead - One Survived)

" When police arrested Davie later that day, he told detectives, "I just flipped out this morning. I went down to the VCA and shot 'em up." "

Black Male:
Roderick Davie, 19

John Ira Coleman , 38 (B/M)
Tracey Jeffries, 21 (W / F)

William John Everett W/M (shot in the head - survived))

Note: The black male waited two months before he returned to the business to do his massacre.
 2.    Blount County, AL, Nov. 10, 1978

Employee Attempts To Massacre Family Of  His Employer In Home Invasion 

Two males, Aaron Lee Jones, 26 (b/m) , Arthur Lee Giles, 19 (b/m) … as part of a robbery scheme invaded the home of Jones’ employer, Carl Nelson. When they located Mr. and Mrs. Nelson, they were both savagely beaten and stabbed multiple times. Jones and Giles then went after the rest of the family - three children and a grandmother. All of them were also stabbed multiple times.

 * Carl Nelson ( w/m -- employer of black male Jones)
* Willene Nelson (w/f)
* Charlie Nelson, 10 (survived with multiple stab wounds)
* Tony Nelson, 21 (survived with multiple stab wounds)
* Brenda Nelson, 13 (survived with multiple stab wounds)

* Grandmother (survived)

Palm Beach, Fl. 2007

Home Invasion - Kidnapping (white community) - Rape  - Terrorizing
Apartment Maintenance Employee Kidnaps Female Tenant - - Rapes Her Repeatedly -- Terrorizes Her - Robs Her ATM

Incredibly, the rapist left the white female alive. He was arrested the next day. 

Arrested (convicted and sentenced to life)::
Bobby Broomfield (b/m)

Jessica Carbone

 3.   Texarkana, TX, March 3,1981

 Black Male Was Fired ... He Returns To The Business To Commit Robbery & Murder

William Kendrick Burns, 22,  angry at his white employer for being fired, returned to the business with his brother (Danny Ray Harris ) and murdered the white teen who had received the job which was vacated by the black man. The black male put 14 gun shots into the white teen, then stole his wallet.

* Johnny Lynn Hamlett, 18  (w/m)


  4.   Oklahoma City, OK, Sept. 17, 1994

Robbery & Murder By Former Employee

George James Miller Jr., 27 , unemployed and desperate for money, stole his ex-wife’s car and set out to commit a robbery … at his former place of employment. The black male arrived at the business  late at night knowing only a single employee (a white male) would be working. When the white male recognized Miller, he let his guard down …and that’s when Miller pounced. The white male was attacked and brutally murdered – for $122.00.

 * Kent Dodd, 25 (w/m)
 5.   Baton Rouge, Louisiana , March, 27, 1991

  Two Gunned Down By Disgruntled Former Employee

A white male fired a black male for poor performance. The black male returned to the business and gunned down two white employees.

Feltus Taylor, 29


* Keith Clark (w/m -- shot in the head, tho survived but with paralysis and sever brain damage)
 * Donna Ponsano, 31 (w/f -- deceased)
 6.   Wood County, Ohio , August 8, 2007

 Employee Is Fired - Returns And Murders Two People

Calvin Neyland, Jr.,… lacking  skills, was very fortunate to be given a job. When the business owner determined Neyland wasn’t a good employee he fired him. Furious over the firing,  Neyland decided he was going to get even. He showed up at his former place of work with a handgun, then proceeded to gun down the employer along with a security officer. 

 * Douglas Smith, 44
 * Thomas Lazar, 58

 7.    Castleton, Ind., Nov. 16, 1989

 Attempted Workplace Massacre By Former Employee 

Eric D. Holmes, 21… was fired by his employer (a white male supervisor) because of disruptive behavior.  Holmes decided he was going to get even. He solicited the help of another black male,Michael Vance, and waited until the business closed. When three of his former co-workers exited the business after closing time, Holmes went on the attack.  Two were murdered, one survived.  

Victims :
* Charles Ervin, 30 (w/m)
* Theresa Blosl , 20 (w/f)
* Amy Foshee – survived by playing dead

 8.   LA, CA, Dec. 7, 1987

                                 Workplace Atrocity!!

                                   43 people Massacred 

David Augustus Burke, 35,…boarded a USAir flight to murder his former former [white] supervisor, who had fired him for theft a few weeks earlier. When the plane took off, Burke barged into the cockpit and  murdered the pilot and co-pilot, then waited for the plane to crash.  43 people (including the black male’s former supervisor) lost their lives ….because a black male wanted to get even with a white guy. WOW

* Raymond Thomson, 48 (w/m supervisor)

Mary Shawn Addington, 28 (w/f)
Douglas Milan Arthur, 41 (w/m Chief Pilot)
James Franklin Carroll, 50 (w/m)
Stephen Earl Cone, 40 (w/m)
John Frank Conte, 30 (w/m Field Service Agent)
Anthony Raymond Cordova, 46 (h/m)
Jeanne Avis (Clark) Dealan, 40 (w/f)
Sharon May (Holvey) Engstrom, 49 (w/f)
Karen Marie Fox, 38 (w/f)
David Anthony Giuliano, 41 (w/m)
Julie Gottesman, 20 (w/f Flight Attendant)
Donald Mitchell Hoag, 43 (w/m)
Theresa Mary (Lujan) Kekai, 55 (h/f)
Jocelyn Gae (Byers) Kempe, 56 (w/f)
Karen Krom, 39 (w/f)
Gregg Nelson Lindamood, 43 (w/m Captain)
Kathleen Elizabeth Mika, 35 (w/f)
Owen Francis Murphy, 60 (w/m)
Deborah E. (Nissen) Neil, 37 (w/f Flight Attendant)
Wayne J. Nelson, 48 (w/m)
James Howard Nunn, 48 (w/m First Officer)
Paul Clifford Perry III, 56 (w/m)
Kevin William Phelan, 35 (w/m)
Thomas Daniel Rabin, 24 (w/m)
James Richard Rettinghouse, 42 (w/m)
Curtis Fung Rhee, 33 (a/m)
John Arthur Roseen, 41 (w/m)
William Ira Rosenberg, 40 (w/m)
Birgit H. Saur, 21 (w/f)
Erika Saur, 51 (w/f)
Carmille Lorraine (Strazzulla) Scafire, 54 (w/f)
Jonathan Kirk Shiba, 39 (a/m)
Linda (Gerling) Hathaway Siegfried, 41 (w/f)
Wolfgang Studemann, 47 (w/m)
Allen Frederick Swanson, 45 (w/m)
James Robert Sylla, 53 (w/m)
Ray Frank Thomson, 48 (w/m)
Debra Lynn (Watterson) Vuylsteke, 32 (w/f Flight Attendant)
Earl Lewellyn Webb, 35 (w/m)
Mary Mae (Moore) Webb, 54 (w/f)
Neil John Webb, 58 (w/m)
Leon Winters, 62 (w/m)
  9.   Lee County, N.C. 2004

 Home Invasion – Robbery –  Abuse Of A Child - Murdered By Former Employee

Victor Gamble, 20 …broke into the home of his former employer to commit a burglary. Once inside Gamble discovered an 11-year-old boy and murdered him. The boy’s lifeless body was found later by his father. Note: Victor Gamble claims a white male, Kevin Key , was also in the home and he who was the one actually murdered the little boy.

 Child Victim:
 * Bradley Way, 11 (w/m)
 10.   Miami, FL, July 17, 1974

 Disgruntled Black Male Is Fired - Returns To Commit Armed Robbery - Murders Former Supervisor And His Wife

 Thomas Knight, 29,…kidnapped his former boss, forced him to drive to his home, where he held his wife hostage while the husband went to the bank to withdraw $50,000. The white male, while at the bank, contacted the police. When the husband arrived back home with the money, Knight forced him and his wife into a car, then took them to a remote area (police lost them in their surveillance) where they were both made to kneel … and then gunned down.

* Sydney Gans
* Lillian Gans

 Note: Many males in prison, particularly black males, who’ve committed heinous crimes, attempt to hide by adopting Arabic names. McKnight has also changed his name to an Arabic one.

 11.  Denver, CO, June 25, 2006

                                 A Work Place Massacre

A Muslim, Michael Julius Ford, 22… armed with a gun, walked into his place of work – Safeway Denver Distribution Center, at Interstate 70 and Colorado Boulevard – and then began firing at unsuspecting employees. His dad claimed his son was passed over for a job promotion and that got him angry. 

Victims:                                                                                                                                                  * Maurico DeHaro, 32 – Dead
* Mark Moran, 37 – Left in critical condition with head wound
* John Mendoza, 27 – Serious condition, face wound
* Luis Relford, 34 – Recovered.
* Oscar Martinez, 27 – Treated and released.
* Derick Dominguez, 38 -year-old SWAT officer, wounded.

**Ford was hunted down by police and killed in a shootout.
 12.    Wilson,
N.C, 2005

Employee Guns Down Two Co-Workers After Armed Robbery 

Three black males, Corey Whitted, 25 (triggermAntonio Barnes, 19, John Holden Jr., 20,…after an armed robbery of a Pizza business, gunned down two people. Whitted was currently employed at the business.

 * Brandon Bass, 20 ( w/m -- deceased)
* Ceasar Raya, 18 (survived)
13.   S. Carolina, Sept. 15, 1977

Work Place Massacre

“The Hasting Wise Massacre”

Arthur Hastings Wise, 43, ( ex-con) …unemployment and destitute, showed up at R.E. Phelon Company pleading for a job. The ex-con brought no skills whatsoever to offer the employer. However, and unfortunately, the person (white male) who was responsible for hiring, apparently solely out of pity, hired Wise. Over the course of Wise’s employment, he began to conjure up ideas that the white people there were being racist toward him (i.e. if Wise didn‘t get a promotion it was because he was black; if a white person didn‘t acknowledge Wise’s presence, he/she was a racist, etc.), and when he was fired – by a white male – Wise believed it was because he was black. Wise, who had always enjoyed boasting about his past criminal exploits to his co-workers, returned to his former place of business for one more grand criminal – and cowardly – act: gunning down four innocent people.

* Charles Griffeth, 56 (w/m)
* David Moore, 30 (w/m)
* Leonard Filyaw, 31 (w/m)
* Sheryl Wood, 27 (w/f)

 14.   Dallas, TX. Jan. 7, 1991

Former Employee Returns To Business To Commit Robbery & Murder

  Two black males,
LaRoyce Smith,19, Kevin Shaw,19,… decided to rob a fast food business (Taco Bell), which Smith had just recently been fired from. The robbery and murder went down as follows:

“At about 11:30 p.m. on January 8, 1991, LaRoyce Smith knocked on the door of a Taco Bell restaurant where he had previously worked. When an employee told him that the restaurant was closed, Smith asked to see 19-year-old Jennifer Soto, who was the shift manager that night. When Jennifer came to the door and recognized Smith, he told her his car had broken down and asked if he could use the telephone. She agreed, letting Smith and his two friends enter. After pretending to make a phone call, Smith told the other employee [a black male] he was going to rob the restaurant and “if you keep your mouth shut, you’ll get a cut of the money.” He then went into the office where Jennifer was finishing some paperwork, pulled a handgun and demanded that she open the safe. When she explained that she did not know the combination, Smith put her in a headlock and beat her with the butt of the gun, continuing to demand the combination. When the handle of the gun broke off, [black male] Smith took a step backwards and shot the [white] girl in the back. Smith then went to the kitchen and retrieved a butcher knife and returned, stabbing the wounded [white] girl while continuing to ask for the combination to the safe. Finally, after stabbing [the white] female in the chest, thigh, stomach, and head, [the black male] slit her throat. On the way out the door, Smith told the other [black male] restaurant employee that if he identified him, “Hey, I know your face and I’ll kill you.” ”

 *Jennifer Soto, 19 (w/f)

UPDATE:   LaRoyce Smith has been removed from death row. Smith is one of many many black males who have successfully employed  - thru their white attorney - the defense  "I'm retarded and you can't execute someone who's retarded.  That's the law."
15. Palm Bay, Fl. 1992

Home Invasion – Rape - Robbery –  Abuse of the Elderly - Murder

Good Samaritan Murder

 Dorothy Berger, a kindhearted 80-year-old white female, felt sympathy and pity toward her neighbor, Johnny Hoskins, 28.

Hoskins was seemingly always unemployed and consequently in need of money.  Ms. Berger allowed Hoskins to do odd jobs for her around her house and paid him generously. Evidently Hoskins was just “playing” the elderly female, slowly working on her so she would let her guard down and invite him  into her home. Eventually, she did, and that’s when Hoskins attacked her. He first raped the 80 year-old woman, then, for reasons that were never made clear, he tied her up, put her in the trunk of her car and drove 250 miles to Georgia, where he strangled her. He then dumped her in a field and buried her.

16. Richardson, TX, Nov. 11, 1992

 Employee Murders Two - Slits The Throat Of A Female Co-Work  

Three  males,
Joseph Lave, 28 (b(m - execution stayed))
Tim Bates, 27 (b/m - took a plea deal - got life))
 James Langston, 26
(b/m - shot by police))

 …broke into a sporting goods store with the intent to commit robbery and murder. During the course of the robbery three employees were tied up with duct tape, savagely beaten with hammers and baseball bats, then each of the victims had their throat slit. Two died and one survived.

* Justine Marquart, 18 (w/m)
* Frederick Banzhaf, 18 (w/m)
 * Angela King, 22 (w/f  -- miraculously survived with a slit throat)

Note: Langston was a current employee at the store. Obviously, he planned the robbery and also planned not to leave any witnesses behind.

17. OK, March 1983

Elderly Good Samaritan  Raped - Tortured - Murdered

 Two black males,
Cornel Cooks, 27, Rodney Madson Masters,…broke into the home of a kindly elderly woman. Once inside Cooks brutally raped the woman then tied gauze around her face so she couldn’t breathe (the medical examiner indicated it must have taken more than two hours for her to die). The two then burglarized the home.

* Jennie Ridling, 87 (also disabled)

 Note: Mrs. Riding and Mr. Cooks were neighbors and she employed Cooks to cut her lawn.
18. Houston, TX, July 1, 1986

Employee Is Fired - Returns To Business & Massacres Co-Workers
Three males, Richard Wilkerson, 19, Kenneth Ray Ransom, 20,  James Edward Randle, 16 (b/m),
…murdered four people in an armed robbery. According to police, a former employee of an amusement park, Richard Wilkerson, came back to the business to seek revenge for being fired – and to rob the place. He brought with him two other black males who seemly had no problem with committing mass murder…for what they had to know would probably amount to only a few hundred dollars. 

Note: Wilkerson & Ransom were executed by the state of TX). Randle, who was sixteen at the time, received a life sentence.

* Roddy Harris, 22 (w/m)
* Arnold Pequeno, 19 (h/m)
* Anil Varughese, 18 (h/m)
* Joerene Pequeno, 18 (h/m)
19. LA CA 1997

The Dunbar Heist

“The Dunbar Armored robbery is the largest cash robbery to have occurred in the United States. It occurred in 1997 at the Dunbar Armored facility in Los Angeles, California. The thieves made off with some US$18.9 million.

 The robbery was masterminded by [black male] Allen Pace, who worked for Dunbar as a regional safety inspector. While on the job, Pace had time to photograph and examine the company's Los Angeles armored car depot. He recruited five of his [black] childhood friends, and on the night of Friday, September 12, 1997, Pace used his keys to gain admittance to the facility.”
Note: No one murdered in this one, just terrorized employees.
20. Texarkana, TX, 2003

“The Labor Day Massacre”

 Two  males,
Richard Markell “Lucky” Henson, 20 (b/m), Steven Lavelle Walter, 24  (b/m)…barged into a Outback Steakhouse restaurant at closing time and marched three people to a back room, then executed them. Both black males were former employees of the restaurant.


 * Rebecca Shifflet, 24 ( w/f --6 months pregnant) ,
* Chrystal Willis, 23 (w/m)
* Matthew Hines, 31 (w/m)
21. Oklahoma City, OK, Jan. 28, 1990

Fired Employee Returns To Commit Robbery / Murder

Two males,
Ernest Carter, Jr. 23, (pictured left - executed)
Charles Summers,
(got life)

 …invaded a business where Carter was formerly employed (he had been fired for sleeping on the job).  Carter shot a security guard in the head, killing him, then stole the company tow truck – which broke down as Carter was driving home.

* Eugene Manowski, 35 (w/m)
 22.  Dothan, Ala., May 15, 1990

Employee Invades Customer's Home  –  Commits Rape & Murder
A moving company decided to take a chance and employ an ex-con (attempted murder of another woman),  Artez Hammond.  He made a delivery of furniture to an apartment residence  occupied a female and her fianc√©. Upon first seeing the female,  Hammond apparently decided then and there he was going to rape her – and no one was going to stop him.  Hammond staked out the apartment, then, when he was sure that only the female was present…he simply walked into her place. Hammond raped her vaginally and also sodomized her… and then bludgeoned  her to death with a knife  (30 knife wounds).

* Marilyn Mitchell, 23 (w/f)

Note: There's absolutely nothing this female could have done here to protect herself once Hammond decided he was going to rape her.
23. Montgomery County, Ala., May 21, 1990

 Elderly Good Samaritan Murdered By Person She Employed

Two black males,
Willie McNair, 25 (b/m -- pic -executed)
 Olin Grimsley (b/m - got life)

 …went to the home of an elderly female – who often employed the unemployable McNair with yard work – and asked to borrow money. When she said she had none to lend, McNair took out a knife and stabbed her in the neck. Olin Grimsley then retrieved a knife from the kitchen and also stabbed the elderly female in the neck. They then watched her bleed to death. After this, both went rummaging through the house for valuable.

White Female:
* Ella Foy Riley, 68
 24. San Antonio, TX, November 2004

 Good Samaritan Raped & Murdered In Home Invasion 

 A kindhearted school teacher employed an ex-con, Ronnie Neal, 33, to do some landscaping work around her home. Neal used the opportunity to plot with his [evil] teenage daughter, Pearl Cruz , 15, a robbery and murder. The [evil] daughter knocked on the female’s door at night claiming it was an emergency and she needed to use a phone. When the female opened the door,  Neal appeared and at gunpoint forced his way in.  He then sent his [evil] daughterto the convenience store to get money from the female's ATM.  While she was gone, Neal repeatedly raped the female.  When the [evil] daughter returned, they both kidnapped the female and took her to a remote area.  Neal told her to get on her knees...then shot her in the head. 

Evil Pearl Cruz, while in prison, was discovered to be pregnant with Neal's child.  

* Diane Allison Tilly, 58
 25.   Bolivar County, Miss., Dec. 30, 1983

 Former Employee Guns Down Employer In Armed Robbery

 A black male (unemployed), Adam Lee Pinkton, 21…walked into a store with a shotgun. The store owner, who was closing the store down with his son present, had employed Pinkton in the past, and he wasn’t alarmed at the sight of the shotgun. He thought Pinkton was there to pawn the gun.  The store owner was dead a few moments later from a shotgun blast to the head. Pinkton then turned the shotgun on the other  male and fired at his head, however, most of the shot missed.  Pinkton then went over to the wounded and prone male and began to beat him with the gun until he was too fatigued to continue. Pinkton was forced to flee the store with no money. The injured male was able to call police and, of course also identify Pinkton as the assailant.

* Louis Coats, 57 (w/m)
 26.   Henrico County , VA, March 25, 1978

* Crimes That Shake Our Conscience *

 Employee Massacres Co-Workers

Charles Stamper,25 …ambushed his co-workers. He first retrieved the money form the store safe, then herded three employees - his co-workers - into a freezer. All three were then executed one by one.

* Agnes Hicks
* Franklin Cooley
* Stephen Staples

27. Danville, VA, May 26, 1988

Former Employee  Returns To Rob & Murder

Ronald Watkins, 25,…staked out his former place of work waiting for the store owner - a male - to be alone in the business. When the time came, Watkins casually walked into the store pretending to be there just to pay a visit.  Watkins then pulled a knife and stabbed the shopkeeper repeatedly until  he was dead. Watkins then lifted his wallet and then took the store’s cash – which was in a place only a person with knowledge of the store could have known its location. Watkins also knew the store did not have video surveillance.

 * William McCauley, 29 (w/m)
 28.    Florida, Oct. 4, 1988

Elderly Good Samaritan Is Raped & Murdered By Person She Employed

Emanuel Johnson,… ex-con, uneducated and chronically unemployed, was allowed to do menial yard work for an elderly female to earn some money.  Johnson repaid that generosity by attacking the elderly female, raping her, then murdering her. Johnson confessed to the crime.

Innocent Victim:
* Iris White, 73

 Note: Johnson was also convicted for murder of:
* Jackie McMahon (race and age unknown)

Note: Waiting for racial confirmation (Iris White) on this one. However, in my research on black crime, every time I see an attack by a black male on an elderly female, and the elderly person had previously employed the black male to do menial yard work, it is a white person. 

 29.   Penfield, NY, Feb. 22, 2010

Former Employee Returns To Business To Commit Armed Robbery (with a golf club) 

Brother & sister, LaQuan Crimm, Shayla Fulton, … barged into a Popeye’s restaurant, where Fulton was recently fired, and without any warning or provocation, whacked the manager in the head with a six iron (golf club), then hit him again and again in the head area demanding the combination to the safe. The young male lost his eye in the attack.

 Benjamin Overmyer, 24 (w/m - survived)
 30.   Milwaukee, Wis., Oct. 2004

One Former Employee And One Current Employee Murders Two In Armed Robbery

James Walker, 23, fired from his job, returned to the business to commit robbery and murder. After Walker got his loot he forced two employees (male and female - as she begged hysterically for her life) into the freezer … then executed them. The inside man was Michael Reit, 20.

* Nicole Joslyn,24 (w/f)
 * Alan Lowrie, 17  (w/m)

 31.   Memphis, TN, June 2008

 Good Samaritan Employer Is  Raped & Murdered In Home Invasion By Person She Employed To Do Handy Work Around Her Home

Aaron Jeans, 25, …along with other family members (mother and grandfather) were hired by a Good Samaritan woman to do handy work around her house. Evidently, Aaron Jeans was able to get the woman to let him into her home. Once inside, Jeans raped the woman, beat her then murdered her and stuffed her in a closet. Jeans then stole the woman’s credit cad and her car.

Innocent White Female:
*Rebecca Neeley, 58 (w/f)

 32.   Deerfield Beach, FL, November 1, 1987

Black On Black  - Two Women Hire A Person Who Then Murders Both In Robbery Scheme 

Executed 2014

  Robert Henry,29,  
murdered his employer for what amounted to about $1200.

* Phyllis Harris (b/f)
* Janet Thermidor (b.f)


33.   St. Petersburg, Fla., December 11, 2005 

Employee Murders Manager

Wilson Saintil, 51, an ex-con,…murdered -bludgeoned to death with a knife – his manager. Motive was  robbery.

* Stephen Holmes, 29 (w/m)

34.   Los Angeles, Ca, June 30, 1991

Former Employee  Returns To The Business And Murders Two People In Armed Robbery – Murder
                                                          James White & Brain Berry
James Robinson, Jr, 22, a black male…after acquiring a handgun, walked into a business he used to work at and drew his gun on two teenagers (one was employed there, the other was a friend who had come to visit). After Robinson received the store’s money he gunned down both males.

 White Males:
* James White, 19
* Brian Berry, 18
35. Fort Lauderdale, FL, 2000

In An Effort To Cover Up Theft...Employee Attempts To Poison Boss

Femesha Foster, 37, a black female, …in an effort to try to keep her boss from discovering her persistent thievery, began lacing his drinks with rat poison. Lucky for the white male his employer set up hidden camera in an effort to catch the black female in the act of stealing.

White Male:
* Mark Caruso (w/m --survived)
36. Richland County , S. Carolina, Jan. 31, 2005

Former Employee Murders Business Owner

 Tommy Taylor, 29,  …murdered a business owner – his former boss – during a store robbery.

White Male:
 * Fred Hill, 56 (w/m)
37.   Syracuse, NY, Sept. 29, 2007

Good Samaritan Murdered By Man She Sought To Help 

Roosevelt Collins, 41,… was given a job by an elderly woman – a Good Samaritan deed for a chronically  unemployed  man – to do handyman’s work around her home. Collins offered nothing in the way of job skills and was a high school dropout. Collins repaid the woman’s generosity by breaking into her home and brutally murdering her.

* Ann Davis , 61
38. Sienna Plantation, TX, July 2010

 Employee Fired For Theft - Goes To Home Of Person Who Fired Him And Shoots Her In The Face

“I’m gonna get you!” 

Lorenza Sam, 31, …was discovered by a woman stealing from both her home and business and the white female, naturally, fired him.  Sam vowed to GE T EVEN – and he did. He showed up at the woman’s home and shot her in the face.

“Friends Shattered by her death”

 * Leesa Nascimento, 49
39.   Dade County, FL, Dec. 19, 1990

 Employee Murders Owner And His Wife

 A black male, Victor Jones, 29,…offering little in the way of job skills, nevertheless, an elderly white male hired him to do menial tasks around the office. It turned out to be the worst decision the white male ever made – and he and his wife would pay for it with their lives. As part of a robbery scheme, Jones knifed both to death inside their business. However, there is some good news here. Before the elderly white male died he got off a few rounds from his .22 pistol and hit Jones right between the eyes. Unfortunately, black male Jones had already did his work on the elderly people. Jones survived.

* Matilda Nestor, 66 (deceased)
* Jacob Nestor, 67 (deceased)

40.   Fort Benning, GA, September 1977

Public Abduction  - U.S. Military Murder 

William Henry Hance, 25,…murdered a white female at Fort Benning. He was also linked to the murders of two black females prostitutes.

* Karen Hickman, 24

41.   Fort Bragg, N. Carolina , Sept. 22, 1998

White Soldier Beaten Stomped by fellow Black soldiers 

 As a white male (member of US military) was leaving a restaurant, seven, eight or ten black males (exact number unknown) sucker punched him, then ,  when the white soldierwas on the ground the black males began infamous kicking & head stomping. The white male was left comatose.

 The black attackers, also members of the military, were all acquitted. They claimed it wasn't them but other black soldiers.

 * Donald Lange, 25 (still cannot walk or talk and needs daily care)

 42.  Winnona, Miss., July 16, 1996

Workplace Massacre  - Fired Employee Returns And Murders Co-Workers

 Curtis Flowers, 26,... was fired from a furniture business and decided to seek revenge. He came back to the business with a gun and murdered four former co-workers.

* Carmen Rigby, 45 (w/f)
* Bertha Tardy , 59, (w/f)
* Derrick Stewart, 16 (w/m)
                                       * Robert Golden, 42 (b/m)
43.  Melrose Park, Ill., 2001   

Work Place Massacre

William D. Baker, 66 (registered sex offender),  …fired by his employer (Navistar International) for being involved in a long term theft scheme, walked past a security officer (b/f)  and into the factory. Once there,  Baker pulled out an assault rifle and began shooting - targeting specifically white people.

The Dead:
Robert E. Wehrheimer, 47 (w/m)
Michael Brus, 48, (w/m)
Daniel T. Dorsch, 52, (w/m)
William Garcia, 43, (h/m)

Carl S. Swanson, 45 (w/m, wounded in critical condition)
Matthew R. Kusch, 22 (w/m, wounded - non-critical)
Bryan W. Snyder, 26 (w/m, wounded, non-critical)
Mujtaba H. Aidroos, 24, (unknown race, wounded, in critical condition)

Note: Baker was employed at the company for over 40 years.
 44.  Volusia County, Fl., December 30, 1979

 Elderly Woman Employs Person To Do Handy-Work Around Her Home - He Repays Her By Raping Her, Beating Her Then Murdering Her

 Kenneth Quincey, 20, a black male ... broke into the home of an elderly white female, who had previously employed him to mow her lawn and do yard work, brutally attacked the elderly woman, raped her, beat her mercilessly, then strangled her to death. Quincey, currently residing on death row , has changed his name to an Arabic one.

* Frances Bowdoin, 82
 45.  Patatka, Fl, Aug. 15, 1988

Former Employee Returns To Business - Commits Rape And Murder 

Richard Randolph, 26 , ...walked into his place of employment in the early morning hours --when he knew his female manager would be working alone. The woman was first forced to endure a beating, then a rape. After Randolph's brutal rape, the woman was murdered. Randolph then robbed the business.  Note: Randolph, on Florida's death row,  has changed his name to an Arabic one: Malik Abdul-Sajjad


* Minnie Ruth McCollum , 62 (w/f)

 46.  LA, CA, Dec. 2011

Massacre At S. Cal Edison

 Andre Turner, 48, ...was reprimanded at work and decided he was going to get even.  Four innocent people were shot, two died.  Turner, after he thought he got back at the ones who done him wrong,  committed suicide.

Robert Scott Lindsay, 53 (w/m - black male's manager --deceased) 
Henry Serrano, 56 (Hispanic --deceased) 
Abhay Pimpale, 38 (Euro Indian -- survived)
 Angela Alvarez, 46 (hispanic --survived)

 47.  Torrance, CA, 1984

Employee Is Fired - Returns To Commit Robbery & Murder

William Charles Marshall, 20,… was fired from a KFC in Torrance, California for theft. According to police, Marshall, seeking revenge, returned a few days later and at knife point, robbed the cash receipts for the night then knifed a young female manager to death. 

* Robin Hoynes , 21 (w/f)

 48.  Lakewood, CA, June 1, 2009

Manager Provides Boyfriend Inside Information To Steal Store's Receipts - Results In Murder

Five people
Odies D. Walker, 
Tonie Marie Williams-Irby, 43, (inside person)
 Marshawn Turpin
 Calvin Finley, (triggerman)
 Marshawn Turpin, (store employee)

... planned a robbery of a Walmart.  The inside person was Tonie Marie Williams-Irby. She told two accomplices when cash would be ready to be picked up by the store's armored car service. Finley, for no apparent reason, simply shot a male in the head, then took the money from the manager's office and fled.  

*  Kurt Husted, 38 (w/m - deceased)
 49. Merritt, Island, FL, Jan. 2007

Armed Robbery - Attempted Murder 

A black male, Jimmy White, 48,…waited outside a fast food restaurant where he used to work. When the morning manager arrived, the black male charged up to the manager telling her it was a robbery. The woman gave White all the money from the previous night (about $3000). However,  White decided to shoot her anyways, right in the face.

 * Lisa Brown, 24 (w/f --survived )

Note: No links to this crime left on the internet.
 50.   New York, NY,  Oct. 30, 2007

Ambush - Murder By Employee

housekeeper strikes at employer...

Natavia Lowery, 27, apparently was caught stealing (10s of thousands) from her employer and when confronted with the theft, Lowery retrieved a blunt object (a yoga stick) and began beating the lady...until she was dead. Lowery, when asked why she did it,  claimed the white lady...
"blew marijuana smoke in my face."  Oh, and, naturally, Lowery claimed the  lady "made a racial slur".   Police quickly deduced that Lowery was not only a vicious murderer and thief but was also a pathological liar.  She got the maximum sentence - 25 to life.

 *  Linda Stein ,  53

 51.  Indianapolis, IN, 2006

Employee Shoots Four Co-Workers

  "They disrespected I shot 'em..." 

Jason Burnam, 24, became angry at co-workers who he claimed teased him about his weight (over 300 lbs) he gunned them down.  Four were deliberately targeted and hit by gunfire. No one was killed. A judge sentenced Burnam to 50 years --at taxpayer's expense.

 Howard Mallory, 53 
Jermaine Ealy, 29
 Cammie Duncan, 38 
Anita Frazen, 52
52.   Baton Rouge, LA, March  2011

Armed Robbery  - Employee Slaughters Two Co-Workers

Lee Turner Jr. 21, walked into a business and at gunpoint demanded the store manger hand over the stores money. When Turner received the money he gunned down two people.  Turner was just recently hired by the company to work at another location. 

*  Edward C Gurtner, III (deceased - w/m)
*  Randy Chaney, 55 (deceased -- unknown race)

53.   Old Bridge, New Jersey, Aug.  2012

  Employee Ambushes Two  Co-Worker - Guns Them  Down With AK-47 For No Apparent Reason

In a totally unprovoked attack at his place of work,  Terence Tyler, 23, went berserk and shot two defenseless co-worker with an AK-47 assault rifle.  No motive for this shooting has been released by authorities.  Note: Tyler went home after work, retrieved his gun then went back to his work and gunned down the two people. He then committed suicide.

* Christine Lobrutto, 18
* Brian Breen, 24

54.  St. Augustine, FL, Oct. 24, 2002

 Former Employee Murders Two

Roy Lee McDuffie, 42 …walked into a convenience store - his former employer - around closing time and pulled a gun on two white female employees. After McDuffie received the cash he shot both white females. When McDuffie ran out of bullets, he pulled out a knife and stabbed both females repeatedly.  McDuffie, a former employee,  was acquainted with both victims.

* Dawnielle Beauregard, 27 (deceased)
* Janice Schneider, 39 (deceased)

55.   Fort Lauderdale, Fla., Feb. 9, 1996

Workplace Massacre Atrocity! 

Vowed To Get Even For Being Fired

CliftonMcCree ,41, …was terminated from his maintenance job after failing a drug test. He was also heard and seen many times “threatening and harassing” co-workers. McCree vowed to get even. He waited a year  - likely after is unemployment checks stopped - then showed up at his former workplace and specifically targeted white males for slaughter.

The Dead:
* Joseph “Tim” Clifford, 37 (w/m)
* Joseph Belotto, 40 (w/m)
* Kenneth Brunjes, 46 (w/m)
* Mark Bretz, 36 (w/m)
* Donald Moon Jr., 44 (w/m)

* Lelan Brookins, 43 (w/m, three gunshots)
56. Walthall County, Miss., 2004

Employer Kidnapped  & Murdered By Employee & Her Relatives

Three people, 29-year-old Carey Williams, 21-year-old Laroncus Smith (Williams's nephew) and  Williams' wife, 28-year-old Taquana Bell,  kidnapped Williams' 85-year-old employer and left her on a rural road stuffed in the trunk of her car in the blazing sun.  The elderly woman died of suffocation & heat stroke. Her murderers were caught trying to pass a stolen check. 

*Edith Blackwell, 85
57.   Fresno, CA  2012

Employee Shows Up To Work - Draws A Concealed Handgun - Executes Two Co-Workers - Wounds Two Others 

BIG rap sheet - Why was this man even hired?!
Lawrence Jones, 42, showed up to work, then pulled out a concealed handgun and walked up to two co-workers, then shot them execution style, in the head.  Two other workers were also shot.

Lower Merion Township, PN, April 1, 1988

Attempted Massacre - Rape Rape & Murder

 A black male, Arthur Faulkner, …was given a job - by white people - to perform menial labor tasks. While in the course of his work,  Faulkner observed a white female alone in an office. This was an opportunity to rape ... and Faulkner wasn't going to let it slip by. He accosted the white female, raped her at knife point, then tied her to a chair and knifed her to death. As Faulkner was leaving the office, another white female happened along. She was then grabbed and pulled into the office where Faulkner had raped and killed the other white female.  However, as the Faulkner was attempting to rape the second white female another white female came along and interrupted the scene. Black male Faulkner stabbed the captive white female and then went after the white female who interrupted his second rape. When he caught up with her he knifed her to death. Two other people suffered sever stab wounds from the rapist but, miraculously, survived. 

* Ms. Killoran
* Glenn Sheehan (survived)
* Ms. Dorner
* Anne Jensen (survived)

Note: As usual,  in these types of situation involving black male atrocities against white people,
the white males simply apprehend the black man and save him for police - not a scratch on his skin.. This would NOT have been the case 50 years ago. .
58.  New York City  2011

Home Invasion - Attempted Rape- Brutal Murder
A very determined rapist, Derrick Praileau , 31,  who was given a job as manager of housekeeping for a luxury hotel, decided he wanted to rape a female.  Since he had a passkey to every room, naturally,  he could enter any room he desired.  The female's room he decided to enter, she had been living in the hotel for about a month.  Praileau had plenty of time to hatch out a rape and murder scheme. However, it seems the female preferred death to submitting to rape.

Note: Much to the anger of the the victim's family, Praileau was given only  a 23-year sentence for this brutal murder/attempted rape. He'll likely be out  in about 11 years. Oh, and you can bet the hotel where he worked was FORCED to pay out MILLIONS in a wrongful death suit.

Andree "Sara" Bejjani, 44

58.  Irving, TX, March, 20, 2000

Massacre Of Five People After Employee Is Fired

Robert Wayne Harris, 28  … was fired from a car wash because he exposed himself to two females. Black male Harris decided he was going to get revenge for the firing.  He returned to the car wash three days later with a hand gun and proceeded to gun down six unarmed former co-workers.

* Rhoda Wheeler, 45,
* Augustin Villasenor, 36,
* Benjamin Villasenor, 32,

* Roberto Jimenez Jr., 15,
* Dennis Lee, 48.

A sixth was critically wounded, with a gun shot to the head.  He survived but was left paralyzed on the left side of his face.

59.  Denver, CO, Dec. 14, 1993

Workplace Massacre By Former Employee
"After Nathan Dunlap was fired in Aurora back in 1993, he reportedly wanted to “get even.”"

 Nathan Dunlap, 21  … a former employee of Chuck E Cheese (fired), decide he wanted to get even - and also score some easy money. The small detail about murdering five [white] people, didn't phase Dunlap. After closing time, Dunlap emerged from the men's restroom a pulled a gun. He first robbed the cash register. After Dunlap believed he had collected all the money he could, he gunned down five people and then fled. Four of the five died.

White Victims;
* Margaret Kohlberg, 50,
* Colleen O'Connor, 17
* Sylvia Crowell, 20
* Benjamin Grant, 17
* Bobby Stevens, 20 (survived with gunshot wound to the jaw)

(Note their ages… Image being their parents.)

  60.  Berks County, PA, May 1, 2008 

Sexual Obsession Leads To Rape & Murder

Glenn Lyons, 45, ...murdered a co-worker because she would not submit to his sexual advances. It was a very brutal murder. Lyons forced the female into the back of her car, then raped her.  After the rape, Lyons started stabbing the her... until she was dead -- over 30 stab wounds.

Note: Lyons claimed to police that he and the white female were having a secret love affair. However, there is no evidence of an affair between the two, other than  Lyons' claim.  Lyons likely is using the affair claim to cover his bases as to the rape assault.
61.  Mt. Pleasant, S. Carolina, Nov. 28, 1975

Employee Commits Rape & Murder At His Place Of Work

His stated goal: "I'm gonna get me white bitch"

In 1975, a Negro by the name of Perry Deveaux, 17, who was said to have a low IQ, was given a job by  to work as a stable boy. He worked at the stable part-time for two years and every  person knew him there. In the course of his work he became infatuated with a white female and decided, after observing her riding routine, that could get away with a rape. However, it would also have to involve murdering her. The low IQ Deveaux had no problem with that. How long it took Deveaux to summon up the courage to go through the rape and murder is unknown. On a cold Tuesday afternoon in November the white female went out riding alone, as she had often done. The Deveaux retrieved a knife, went to a local liquor store, bought and downed a quart of malt liquor, then went out to a secluded place where he knew the white female was eventually going to to pass. When she did pass, Deveaux spooked her horse then pulled her to the ground. He then mounted her. As she screamed, he yelled at her "Shut up! Shut up!" then rammed his knife into her throat, slicing her vocal cords. As she choked on her own blood, Deveaux used his knife to cut her clothes off , then raped her. After the rape, Deveaux calmly walked away, not knowing, or carrying, if the female was dead or alive.

Note: A persistent black male detective, Eugene Frazier, nailed Deveaux in 1981.

* Kathleen Sanderlin, 23 (w/f - school teacher)


  1. If you did more researcher there is also a lot of white on black crime. Can you say Trayvon Martin? There is also a lot of innocent, unarmed black men being killed by white police officers. I even read about white teenagers that ran a black teen over for no reason. White on black crime has been going on forever, but nobdy wants to talk about that. Remember black people use to be hung and beaten by white people. And I know you know the KKKK, so please getyour facts straight before you post that there is ZERO white on black crime. You just did not finish your research.

    Thank you!

    1. Trayvon Martin? That is your example? There are better ones out there such as the man that was ran over by white kids or the black man dragged to death in Texas. The fact is though that these are isolated incidents and black on white crime is not. Blacks also rarely get charged with hate crimes since they are commiting some other crime I.e. robbery or rape and the victim just happened to be white.

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    1. Who walks and PREY on this Earth.

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