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Black Males - Gang Rape Of Children

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I am going to start tracking these events.  ENOUGH is ENOUGH!

Anyone with info on a gang rape of a child by black males, include the info below, with a source, and I'll add it to this list.

 * Black Males - Abuse Of White Children        
* Black Children Who Rape & Murder - White Victims 

 1. Fresno, CA, July 2006

Abuse Of A Child – Gang Sexual Assault

A group of black males (all allegedly college students), either sexually assaulted or watched the assault on a 11-year-old child (the picture of her from shoulder down, shows a white girl). 

Two black males were arrested:
Mackey Davis, 20
Eddie Scott, 19


Police believe as many as six more were also involved. 

UPDATE: I cannot find any final disposition to this case on the internet. One site indicates that in march of 2008, Eddie Scott, who pleaded not guilty to the sexual assault of the child, was in court and being tried before a jury. 
  2.  Moreno Valley (Riverside County), CA , March 2011   

 Abuse Of A Child – Gang Sexual Assault

Police: "It appears what happened is they were looking for a victim," he said. 

A black male youth gang, including, Michael Sykes, 19,  Six other unidentified due to age,...had one of their tag-along females lure an 11-year-old female child (race unknown) into a public restroom.  Once the little girl was in the restroom, the seven black males pounced on her, with each of them taking turns (as planned) raping her. 

 3.  Cleveland, TX, March 2011

18 Gang Up On Rape 11-Year-old (Hispanic Girl)


            * Black-On-Black Atrocity *

This is a 'staggering to the imagination' attack by neighborhood black kids on a adult black female and her young son.  

West Palm Beach, 2007

                    * The Dunbar Village Rape Case *


Ten or more black teens, including , 
Tommy Lee Poindexter, 18
Avion Lawson , 14,
Jakaris Taylor, 17
Nathan Walker, 16

   …approached the home of a  Haitian immigrant and knocked on the front door. Once the door was open, and apparently as part of a prearranged plan, the group pounced on the adult female occupant, grabbing her and forcing her back into her home. The degradation, depravity and torture that the female, along with her 12-year-old son, were forced to endure - by the neighborhood kids – is described as follows:

“Police said Poindexter and Walker [and many of the others] raped and sodomized the mother, forced her and her son to have sex with each other and then doused the two victims with cleaning solutions in an attempt to destroy DNA evidence.”

When it was all over, the mother and child somehow were able to stagger their way to a place and summon help. Question: How does one recover psychologically and emotionally from such a violation of their person? –and inflicted on them by kids?

** Even though many more black teens were involved in this heinous rape and torture, the prosecutor stopped at four indictments.
 5. Kansas City, MO, March, 22, 1989

Abuse Of a Child - Public Abduction – Rape - Murder

Two black males,   Roderick Nunley, 24 Michael Taylor, 22… abducted a white teenager waiting for her school bus, forced her to a secluded location, where she was then raped by both black males.  After the brutal rape the white girl was bludgeoning to death with kitchen knives.

* Ann Harrison, 15

UPDATE: Black males Nunley and Taylor were both executed by the state of Missouri. Tho both black males admitted their involvement in the abduction, rape and murder of the white child, it took 24 years to execute Taylor25 years for Nunely.   

 6.   Flint, Mich. July, 1997

                         * Atrocity! *
Abuse Of Children - Racism - Humiliation

Three young white kids jumped a train in a rural part of Michigan and wound up in a black community in Flint, Michigan. I will defer to another site (link provided below) in describing what happened next:

"The Highland Township [white] teenagers who hopped the CSX train on June 18 were far from pros. Afraid to jump off at Holly, they froze and wound up 25 miles north in a rough section of Flint. One of the boys, Michael Carter, 14, ended up dead. Another, Dustin Kaiser, 15, was beaten brutally before taking a bullet in the head. And the third, Nicole, 14, whose family asked that only her first name be used in this story, was pistol-whipped and shot in the face after being forced to perform oral sex."

  Feral Racists / Rapists / Murderers:
Christopher Darling, 18
Anthony Hollis, 23
Adrian Hollis, 20;
Terrance Reyes, 18
Tyrone Reyes, 16
Shannon Gould, 16


The link below can give you all the details in this despicable black male hate crime.

 7.  Kingston, NY, January  2008
Gang Rape

Five black teens gang rape a white girl in a high school bathroom.

Sharkey F. Daniel, 19
Quami Daniel, 17
Christian Moore-Giles, 18
Kory Rogers, 18
Tyler Bryan, 16

* Identity of 15-year-old withheld


 8.  Alamance County, N. Carolina, Oct. 16, 1998

Abuse Of A Child – Gang Rape – Torture – Murder

Three blacks,
 Joseph Jones, 13 Harold W. Jones, 16 Dorthia Bynum, 17 (b/f)…abducted a 10-year-old white child. The white child was then raped by the two black males, then all three participated in strangling her and beating her to death with a bed post.

* Tiffany Nicole Long, 10

 9.     Trenton, NJ, 2010

Gang Rape Of 7-Year-Old In Black Housing Project

A group of black males ganged up on a little 7-year-old.  Before the attack on the 7-year-old, the black males paid to have sex with a 15-year-old. Police claim the 15-year-old sold the 7-year-old to the black males, though not for sex, just to "touch.".  The black males decided they wanted more. Names of the child victims withheld.  

 10. LA, CA, 1996

Gang Rape Of 12-year-old 

(Life In South Central LA)

 A group of 15 black teens abducted a 13-year-old girl (race unknown), took her to an abandoned house then tortured and raped her. After this, the black boys attempted to cover up their brutal crime by setting the house on fire (with the girl barricaded inside). They then took the mattress that was used for the sexual assault outside on the front lawn and set it on fire.  When an adult black male confronted the children, 12-year-old black male Devon Murdock pulled a semi-automatic hand gun and tried to gun  him down.  However, the black boy missed his intended target and instead hit an 82-year-old female, killing her instantly with a shot to the throat.
11. Phoenix, AZ, July 2009
8-Year-Old Girl Gang Raped By Black males

 All involved in the rape, as well as the victim, were from West Africa.

12.  U.S. Okinawa Military Base – 1995

Military Gang Rape Of Child

In a mind-boggling affront to the U.S. military, as well as all U.S. citizens,  three Black U.S. Marines were found guilty of raping a 12-year-old Okinawa girl (there ‘s nothing like this in American military history, so I’m going to include here).

Three black males, and members of the U.S. Marine Corps, 

 Marcus Gill
Rodrico Harp
Kendrick Ledet

   …chased down a 12-year-old Okinawa girl. When they caught her they beat her, duck-tapped her then took turns raping the little girl. Amazingly, and very fortunately, the three black male rapists left the little girl alive. The black child rapists were easily tracked down.

* Ledet also raped and murdered a white female college student.

 14.  PFLUGERVILLE, TX, 2011

 Gang Rape Of Child

 Four black males , Deionta Wayne James, 19, Curtis Dennis Franklin, 17, Leonard Leon Scales, 18 and Tommie Lee Robins Jr. ,18, (police allege ) forced a 14- (or 15) year-old into a neighborhood public shower and then raped her. White community.  Oh, the black males say it NEVER happened. She lyin'...

15.  Richmond, CA, 2009


 A white girl, 15-years-old , was beaten and gang raped by a group of black and Mexican youths. She was later found unconscious, beaten to an unrecognizable condition.


Waco, TX   2014

AGAIN In Texas ...  Lone Female Child Is Gang Raped

Racial identity of child not reported, only that she was 15-years-old.




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  2. its mostly blacks doing this anonymous as per, their nature as animals.

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    2. to Anonymous black person
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    1. There are thousands of cases of whites raping and beating black people to death, but that don't serve the crackers victim mentality.

    2. The joke, plain f-ing joke is that every white always secretly hopes the violence they just heard about on TV is NOT from blacks, but are usually proven wrong. Blacks disappoint people who had hopes in them. That's what you don't get- this page is the exception. If whites could be so honest there would be thousands, perhaps tens of thousands like it but few will say it because blacks have us scared and hoping. Some have lost hope, and thank God. How many times, how many years does one have to witness black violence in America to understand it's just the way most blacks are wired?

      Keep on Martin L. King dreaming, but some day you have to face the reality.

  4. --i am white and a scientist. i have no doubt that groups of black males are more likely to rape then any other race on earth. but then russians raped close to 2 million german women 6 years old up to 80 years old during world war two, and continued in east germany well after the war. the yugo slavians also raped and killed many thousands of albanians, even some of their own yugoslavians.

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    1. "Scientist!" Don't mean a purveyor of Kabbalistic madness and fevered imagination?

  5. @scientist
    Here's the bigger issue. Let's say you prove, with good statistics, great research, the facts we all witness empirically every week. WHAT do you do with the data? Never mind the fact that telling such a truth would likely immediately get you discredited as a scientist due to politicking rather than counter-data or showing one conducting consistently poor studies. I'm saying, what happens when you hold a mirror to these people who can't adapt to modern, civil, peaceful society? Does the country ship them back to Africa? Segregate? Watch them even MORE carefully, fearful they'll likely rape, rob and murder them?

    Consider the Bell Jar. Good science with solid conclusions- black children ARE dumber but could get smarter. No one wanted to hear the 'could get smarter'. It was practically criminal to state anything negative against any black REGARDLESS of what proof you have. You can't even call a black murderer on death row an animal- he's the victim of a white conspiracy and injustice! Surely 99% of the black people who go to death row are just one DNA swab away from freedom!

    There's no way of winning as long as white guilt pervades. Not science, not equal opportunity, not handouts, not handing over every bit of media and pretending their crude attempts at culture are as valid as other meaningful works of art, nothing, nothing will help.

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    1. Read the whole blog and you will read many thousands of horrific crimes committed by blacks on both blacks and whites.