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Black Privilege - CASHING IN On Lawsuits Against White-Owned Businesses

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                                           ...THE BLACK PRIVILEGE

Why did American Blacks march down America's streets in the early 60s and demand integration rights into political and economic systems of a people (White Christians) they were also labeling as their brutal oppressor?  Why didn't the Black race demand separation and autonomy? All of human history suggest a people who claim they are brutally treated and oppressed by another...that's what they should do. But American Blacks didn't do that.  They never did it. WHY? ANSWER : Blacks wanted and received the biggest magnanimous gesture by one people toward another in human history: the Black PRIVILEGE -- AKA Civil Rights Laws.

The Black PRIVILEGE is embodied in America's civil rights laws ( passed into law by White Christian males) and basically allows the Black race to BULLY around the White race.  Here are some of the PRIVILEGES bestowed on the Black race because of the federal '64, '65 & '68 Civil Rights Acts.

What the Black Race Received:

  • Claim instant access to all economic environments (occupational titles) created by White males (with no quid pro quo). 

  • Claim instant access to all political environments created by White males (with no quid pro quo).   

  • Claim instant access to all residential communities created by White males (with no quid pro quo).  

(note;: regarding quid pro quo from 1865 to 1964 ... there were no economic systems  [industries & tax bases] created by Blacks; nor were there any political systems established nor urban residential communities built by Blacks - one people literally gave it all to another people)

Other benefits of the Black PRIVILEGE:
  •  pull the proverbial "race card" whenever they feel their Black PRIVILEGE is being threatened or denied.  Pulling the race card means making White people SUBMIT to the Black person,  and the White person - like magic - admits he, or the White race, has wronged the Black race. Blacks achieve this submission  knowing White people are psychologically brainwashed (thru TV images,  guilt-tripping, MSM ) to submit instantly to certain conditioned response words: racism, plantation, lynching, segregation, Jim Crow, KKK, back-of-the-bus.  And when a Back person utters one of these conditioned response words/ phrases, he/she expects ALL White people to bow their heads, shuffle their feet, shamed and SUBMIT. 
  • receive affirmative action programs (launched in 1965, now includes federal, state & local contract set-asides,  hiring quotas, college admission double standards) 
  • community development banks (to give loans to black start-up businesses - that have little or no start-up capital) 
  • Small Business Administration (federal agency that gives Blacks favorable treatment for start-up businesses)

  • Title VII  race-based shakedown lawsuits against White people's businesses and the White tax base 

All of the above Black PRIVILEGES have been going on now for almost 50 years.  And White Christian males sit back and take it. But WHY would one people create laws that are specifically designed to allow another people to BULLY them around?  Well, I'm afraid I have no logical answer to that question. In fact, I don't believe there is one.  It happened. It shouldn't have happened. 

From here on in this blog I'm only  going to deal with the Black PRIVILEGE received through Title VII of the 1964 Civil Rights Act .


Tittle VII of the Civil Rights Act  prohibits discrimination by covered employers on the basis of race, color, religion, sex or national origin.  The law is directed at US businesses that have 15 or more employees. Okay. Let's pause here for a moment.  Looking at the wording of this law, it does seem  to  cut both ways. Right?   I mean White employers and Black employers. This would assume, however,  Blacks have businesses with employees ... and contribute to the US tax base. The devil is in the details ... as they say. 


More BLACK PRIVILEGES:  Regarding Black businesses in the USA... Blacks today are about 13% of the US population, therefore, one would expect they produce at least 13% of the jobs in America. Unfortunately, they're not even close. 

Here are the numbers. There are approximately 1.9 million registered Black-owned businesses in 2012. However, only about 5% have employees (yes, you're reading right), or about 106,000 Black-owned firms, employing 921,032 people (I have not found data on how many White people work for Black companies). The irrelevance of Black businesses to the US economy is represented in the following statistic:  total number of US employees (non-farm) is over 130 million in 2012 (including part-time workers).  In other words, Black businesses employ less than .072 of the total number of people employed in America. Of those Black-owned businesses that are 'assumed to be'  going concerns with 15 or more employees (the amount of employees necessary to be protected under the 1964 Civil Rights Title VII), only about 25% of those businesses (about 27,000) meet the criterion. And only about 5 to 10 black-owned companies in America employ 1000 or more (cannot find data on this stat.).  Of further note is that there is no way to find out how many of these Black-owned companies were set up with financial help by White males who wanted to qualify for the Black PRIVILEGE i.e. go into business with a Black person to qualify for federal, state, county, city mandated affirmative action programs known as "contract set-asides" - set-asides where Blacks are to be the only recipients.  So who is employing virtually ALL the employed Blacks in America?  Either White-owned businesses or the White tax base (gov't jobs).

Note: Another reputable source indicates there were 870,000 black-owned businesses in 2002. So in a mere seven years, blacks added one million new businesses?! Impossible? Of course it is, unless there is some artificial entity(ies) involved in financially aiding blacks to launch their own businesses. Well, of course there was 'help', a plethora of it...  i.e.  federal, state and local government mandates designed to "help" the Black race, which gave blacks "back room"  preferred treatment. 

According to the US census for 1960 (before forced integration was created), there were only 34,400 registered Black-owned businesses (they are all mom & pop operations and males would have owned virtually all these businesses). Total employees of Back businesses nationwide in 1960 would have been about 700 to 1,000 -- tops. There were no corporations in America in 1960 that were Black-owned.  Black population in 1960 was apprx. 18.8 million. Total number of Black adults would have been about 13 million.  So who was employing and/or providing for  all the millions & millions of Black adults in 1960?  Answer: White males.

Note: The vast disparity in the living and working arrangement between White & Black I believe has absolutely nothing to do with intelligence.  I believe it is based on occupational ranking vs. non-occupational ranking male groups.


CHECK OUT THIS LINK - EEOC TITLE VII PENDING AND RESOLVED CASES  - Seems to me most are African-Americans bringing the charges --against White-owned companies.LINK 

"The EEOC received a total of 99,412 new private sector charges in 2012, and resolved a total of 111,139  charges".  

WOW! Just imagine what these lawsuits are costing US businesses in legal fees on a yearly basis! I can't think of a better reason for a US company to FLEE America and set up shop in the orient.


Below are just a few examples  - partial list - of American Blacks cashing in on the Black PRIVILEGE under Title VII.


Blacks  Demand Their PRIVILEGE In Iowa ...Sue Entire State

NOPE, not kidding people... 6,000 Black people sued the state of Iowa for employment discrimination. They demanded the Black PRIVILEGE without proving any specific act(s) of discrimination (yes, you're reading right).   And what is their claim to receive their PRIVILEGE?  Blacks claim...White people are just  inherently racist by nature (apparently only against Blacks).  

A white judge stood in way of Blacks claiming their Black PRIVILEGE.  He decided at this particular time not to allow the lawsuit to proceed.  Not done with this one folks!


1.   Eli Lilly

Company refuses to settle ... so race-based NAACP tries to bully company by teaming up in lawsuit. Strategy?  We gonna harass the White people till they knuckle under. 

More than 200 blacks are trying to get class-action status...and demanding big PAYDAY!

As of 2014, I cannot find a settlement  in this Black BULLYING case. Eli Lilly insists the case is completely without merit.

2.   Albertsons 

 (2009) $8.5 million PAYDAY

“Black, Hispanic, Asian and Jewish employees said they were frequently exposed to racist and anti-Semitic slurs, graffiti, and threats.” >>> Mr. White you actually believe this nonsense?


3. White Landlord

* Black Section 8 female ... claims entire assets of hard-working white family in shakedown lawsuit!

A white landlord took in a welfare (section 8) black female.  She claimed he was harassing her , and he called her the "N" word (no one heard it).  She took him to civil court attempting to claim all his assets ... and WON.   Yup, you're reading right. Everything he worked for all his life ...went to a lazy section 8 PRIVILEGED Black female.

Oh, it was an almost all white jury that did this great injustice to the landlord. However, since this great injustice happened in Minnesota, no one should really be too shocked.  Minnesotans are notoriously crazy liberals.  They elected a comedian to be their US Senator (Frankin); elected a wrestler to be their governor (Ventura). Then, they solidified their crazy brain liberalism by erecting a statue  (Duluth) in remembrance of three poor ole lynched  black males ... who gang raped a white female and made her boyfriend watch (1920).  LINK


(1998) Every Black employee in the  company cashes in on the PRIVILEGE (more than $90,000 per black employee - FREE money). 

"Under the settlement, Texaco will pay $115 million into a pool for the benefit of its 1,500 minority employees. It will also give pay increases of about 10 percent to those employees. Lawyers estimated that it would cost about $26.1 million over five years."

"The settlement reached on Friday with Texaco's minority employees exceeds $140 million, making it the largest in a racial discrimination case. The size of the settlement could encourage other discrimination suits against companies..."  Gee, no kidding.

5.  Secret Service  

(2013) 120 Blacks demanding their PRIVILEGE ... a big PAYDAY! - Judge finally gives them class-action status . 

Look for a MONSTER PAYDAY for these PRIVILEGED Blacks before Obama leaves office.

6. Treasury Dept. 

(2002) Blacks & Hispanics from THREE different Treasury Agencies - Alcohol, Tobacco & Firearms, Secret Service, Customs Service - ALL (over 1000 minority agents) demand their big PAYDAY! Cannot find a settlement to this shakedown case as of 2014.

  • $4.7 million PAYDAY for Blacks in 1996!
    241 Blacks cash in! at  Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms ($19,000 payday for each one because of "the color of their skin").

7.  Capital Hill Police

(2001) 358 Blacks want to cash in. 

UPDATE: Case still pending - Blacks have received not one thin dime. As of 2014, only 285 plaintiffs remain in the shakedown fight.

Look for a PAYOUT tho...before Obama leaves office.

8. FBI  

(2001)  Black  "agents"  SHAKEDOWN the White tax base... They win the Black PRIVILEGE and get a settlement: 500 black "agents' "eligible for up to $300,000 apiece under federal law, plus any lost wages..."
"A federal judge on Monday approved a sweeping settlement in a 10-year-old lawsuit between the FBI and some 500 current and former agents who contend they were systematically discriminated against because they are black."

9.   Jasper  
                           (Tiny City of TX - pop. 7,590)

The Mayor of Jasper, and others on the city council, did not want interim Police Chief, Rodney Pearson , who happens to be black, to be the permanent Chief. This kind of political stuff has always - always! -gone on in American politics.  One person is picked over another. However, throw a black person into the equation, and a white guy is doing the picking, now you've got a BIG problem. That is, the Black person, he's got the black PRIVILEGE, meaning every time the Black person don't get his way, it's because of his race and he now qualifies for a lawsuit - and a BIG PAYOUT.  This,  people,  is the very reason the vast, vast majority of White people prior to 1964  NEVER wanted to go down the road of forced integration.
                                 Happy Couple Here. Happy, Happy, Happy, Happy

It's a WHOPPER PAYDAY for black male Rodney Pearson! His civil rights SHAKEDOWN winnings? A cool - black PRIVILEGE - $831,000!  Apparently, before Pearson became interim Police Chief,  he was a Texas Highway Patrol officer (no administrative experience)  - making about $600.00 a week.

And what does Mr. Pearson's grotesque settlement mean to the taxpayers of Jasper? Over $400.00 per every household in Jasper! Also, almost 30% of the population of  Jasper lives below the poverty line --and this guy gets $831,000?!  Had this been a white male interim police chief, there never would have been a lawsuit - and the taxpayers would not have gotten raped with this whopper settlement.

Pearson's lawyer: "They [the Mayor] cannot and will not state orally or in writing the alleged reasons for his termination because, other than their opposition to the idea of a black man having been appointed the Chief of Police of Jasper, there are no legitimate reasons....:" NONSENSE! 

* Police Chief Of Houston- Black Male Charles McClelland (2013)
* Police Chief Of Dallas - Black Male David O. Brown (2013)

10. WAIT! White librarians strike it rich! No doubt about this act of Black racism tho... White tax base MUST pay for deliberate Black Racism

(2002) Despicable black racism... $23.3 million in damages for discriminating against eight white librarians, who were demoted after black county board members said that "there are too many white faces in management."


(1999) $6.5 million PAYDAY for Blacks. Jess Jackson shows up, gloats, and basically tells white workers to suck it up. Oh, lawyers got a nice PAYDAY as well - $3.65 million! But wait.   Jesse Jackson helped broker the PAYOUT.  And what did the great race-hustler's interference here bring to the 3,600 Blacks in this class-action suit?  Each Black, solely because of the color of his/ her skin... received $1,800.  But why would the race-hustler settle for such a ridiculous amount?   Answer:   From the rumor mill,  good ol Jesse sold out Blacks so he could get $250,000.

UPDATE:  (2005) Back to court the case goes. Blacks complain their bully PRIVILEGED PAYDAY is way too little. Judge agrees. Throws out Jackson sponsored settlement. 

SECOND UPDATE:: In 2005, a jury finds Boeing not guilty -  African-Americans' FAIL in their SHAKEDOWN.

Good read on race-hustler Jesse Jackson HERE

12. Microsoft

(2001) Seven Blacks demanding their PRIVILEGE...  want $5 BILLION PAYDAY!  

Case still pending in court as of 2005. As of 2014, looks like Microsoft will refuse to settle this "bogus" shakedown by the seven Blacks.  


13.  USDA -  48,000 Black males ... Cash In Courtesy Of U.S. Taxpayers

"In 1997, the U.S. Census identified only 18,451 Black farms in the U.S. "  Hmmm.

Pigford - Civil Rights SHAKEDOWN Settlement I:  

 Virtually all plaintiffs, now numbering in the many thousands, opted for Track A, with its guaranteed minimum payout of $50,000. To date, the settlement has triggered more than $1 billion in payments to more than 15,000 black farmers. Yet in only a tiny minority of cases was there even a possibility of willful racial discrimination by USDA program officers. In other words, basically, 15,000 black males lied ... and received a free $50,000 Black PRIVILEGE check.

Pigford - Civil Rights SHAKEDOWN Settlement II:

Another [at least] 33,000  black males will get FREE checks of $50,000, claiming (lying) they wanted to become farmers.

Oh, and guess what?  Also included in this lying lawsuit was money to cover each black plaintiffs tax liability.


ONE black farmer becomes MULTI-MILLIONAIRE --claims Black PRIVILEGE of $6.6 MILLION. link

14. COKE

(1999) Blacks win their in to the tune of $156 MILLION

Note how much the SHAKEDOWN attorneys will receive.

"The four plaintiffs who filed the lawsuit will receive no more than $300,000 each, and approximately 2,000 current and former employees will receive an average of $40,000 each. Lawyers of the four firms representing the plaintiffs did well for themselves, receiving a cool $20 million in legal fees."

ALL employees now Forced to endure "diversity" programs.

15. Coca-Cola Bottling Co.

Black man claims his PRIVILEGE ... wins BIG PAYDAY

Two Hispanic attorneys from Gov't SHAKEDOWN Agency EEOC
 flank Happy PRIVILEGED Black male
"Coca-Cola Bottling Company of Los Angeles (BCI) for $250,000 on behalf of an African American former worker in Albuquerque, N.M."


( 2010) CHARLOTTE, N.C. — Coca-Cola Bottling Company Consolidated has agreed to pay $495,000 in back wages and interest to 95 African-American and Hispanic job seekers..."

16.  Local McDonald's 

(2010) Black male claims he's mentally challenged - Black-run EEOC gets him the Black PRIVILEGE -- $90,000 PAYDAY!

17. Adam's Mark Hotel & Resorts Chain

(2000) Blacks Get The PRIVILEGE... 5 Blacks Become MILLIONAIRES!


18. Cracker Barrel

(2006)  PRIVILEGED Blacks will get ... "51 current or former [Black] employees at the three Cracker Barrel restaurants will share in the $2 million settlement fund. "  

Settlement reached by way of US Gov't  SHAKEDOWN agency EEOC.


19. GM  

Blacks claim their Black PRIVILEGE three times against GM 

  • (1989) "$40 million over the next 10 years to 10,000 current and former GM employees in Michigan, Ohio and Indiana, spokesmen for the plaintiffs said."
  • (2002) GM hit with $7.4B race discrimination suit
Cannot find a settlement in this ridiculous SHAKEDOWN case.

Another SHAKEDOWN...
  • (2004) "Lawyers representing tens of thousands of African-American car buyers have reached a tentative settlement with the General Motors Acceptance Corporation, the financial services division of G.M"


20. Nike

(2002) 400 Blacks cash in on the Black PRIVILEGE...get $7.6 MILLION in SHAKEDOWN settlement.

21. Ally Financial Inc

(2013) "Ally is paying $80 million in damages to about 235,000 African-American, Hispanic and Asian and Pacific Islander borrowers, and $18 million in penalties. The higher rates were charged on auto loans between April 2011 and December 2013, according to the government."

You can safely bet your last dollar that 9 out of 19 of the payout recipients were PRIVILEGED African-American.
22. Goddard Space Flight Center/NASA

(2002) 120 win their PRIVILEGE ... cash in to the tune of $3.75 million.  Blacks will also receive promotions and pay raises -- based on their race.


(2000) Blacks win their in at $16 million.  1000 black employees will get the lions share. Also, 4000 blacks who applied for a job with AMTRAK and weren't hired will also get some FREE money. NOTE: AMTRAK is supported by the White tax base  i.e. Congress appropriates tax dollars every year to support the railroad.
24. Best Buy

(2011)  Attorneys CASH IN on the Black PRIVILEGE - Get $10 MILLION! -- While nine plaintiffs will split up $200,000


(2002)  EEOC SHAKEDOWN...Force White Company to settle up on the Black PRIVILEGE - Eight Blacks To Split Up $1.2 MILLION in FREE Money.
26. Liebherr America

(2005)  26 Blacks Claim Their PRIVILEGE...Win/Gouge $4 Million From European Company. Each PRIVILEGED Black , after attorney fees, will get a $103,000 PAYDAY.

 Blacks claimed in the lawsuit: "The workers contended in their lawsuit that they were subjected to hostile comments -- from both white co-workers and managers -- because of their race and that the company paid them less than less-qualified white workers." Yeah, sure thing.,0,6354593.sto

27. Abercrombie & Fitch

(Nov. 2004) "San Francisco Chronicle, "Abercrombie & Fitch to pay $40 million to settle [black sponsored] discrimination case"" 

"Abercrombie & Fitch has agreed to pay $40 million to black, Hispanic and Asian employees and job applicants to settle a class-action federal lawsuit."


28. Wonderbread -- 17 Blacks Become Millionaires! 

  Interstate Brands Corp. ("IBC"), owners of Wonder Bread, were shook down by 17 African Americans.  And what was the blacks PAYDAY? $30 million!  NOTE: Judge reduced original award of $121 million, claiming it was outrageously excessive. I'd dearly like to see the racial make-up of the jury that decided the original award.


29. Circuit City (now defunct)  

(1996)   Two blacks Win BIG - $137,000 apiece claiming discrimination, though they proved no direct act of discrimination against them.  Also, attorneys awarded $4 Million in fees! 

UPDATE: 1998: In an extraordinary reversal ... appellate court OVERTURNS the Blacks PRIVILEGED payout. Also denies $4M in attorney fees. WOW

30. Daimler / Chrysler 

( 2005)   Black PRIVILEGE - Attorneys cash in BIG, BIG, BIG ... $2.8 MILLION For Them In SHAKEDOWN -  Plaintiffs - Six Blacks, One Hispanic - Get Paltry $2000.00 apiece.



Company Forced To Pay The Black PRIVILEGE TWICE

(2007)  Blacks overwhelmingly fail standard test at company for apprenticeship program - same test white males had to take. Claim bias then file complaint with EEOC - demanding the Black PRIVILEGE.

(2007)  EEOC SHAKEDOWN ... 700 Blacks cash in on the Black PRIVILEGE - $1.6 MILLION PAYOUT

Also,  "Non-monetary relief includes placing 55 African American test takers on the apprentice lists and the development, by a jointly selected expert, of a new selection method for the apprenticeship program together with detailed reporting and monitoring provisions."

(2005)  The above settlement SHAKEDOWN by the EEOC is a "successor" to a 2005 EEOC lawsuit based on the same allegations by Blacks. The Black PRIVILEGE in that settlement was $8.5 MILLION PAYOUT!

(2017) FORD MOTOR CO. ... Get SLAMMED AGAIN By African Americans - This Time It's A $10 Million EEOC SHAKEDOWN Payday (the girls also get their Shakedown payday).

""The EEOC, in a statement, said employees at two Ford plants in the Chicago area — the Chicago Assembly Plant and the Chicago Stamping Plant — subjected female and African-American employees to sexual and racial harassment."" LINK  

Note: The article states it was a "group" that will share in the shakedown proceeds. So no way of knowing the number involved here.


32. FEDEX Express

$53 Million PAYDAY for Blacks & Hispanics (2007)

Note: 21,635 will share in this Civil Rights SHAKEDOWN payout.  Each minority plaintiff will get a paltry $2500.00 check. But, nevertheless, FREE money. The Labor Dept. handled the class action lawsuit, and since the per plaintiff payout was so small, I think Labor Dept. lawyers believed Black and Hispanics were just piling on - i.e. lying about being discriminated against. Still, $53 million is one heck of a lot of money for one company to pay for a Civil Rights SHAKEDOWN lawsuit.

33.  Sara Lee Foods Corp -

(2005) Civil Rights SHAKEDOWN - Wins 139 Blacks $3.8 million - about $27,000 for every PRIVILEGED BLACK plaintiff.  (2002)  

Cost of this Black SHAKEDOWN?  Sara Lee CLOSES plant where Black bully lawsuit originated...throwing 233 out of work. Also, attorneys were forced to file 139 separate lawsuits against Sara Lee - judge denied them class-action status.
34. Super Steel

(2006) Black SHAKEDOWN... 13 Blacks get the Black PRIVILEGE

"According to court documents, the workers and their attorneys will share $1.25 million in the settlement. Under the settlement, 13 former Super Steel workers will receive between $25,000 and $250,000"

35.   Pitney Bowes

Nigerian cashes in BIG! 

(1996) Nigerian immigrant gets jury to give him Black PRIVILEGE... $11 MILLION. 
A Nigerian,  Akintunde I. Ogunleye,  claimed mean ole racist White guys said "Jungle, Jungle" to him and, as a result of hearing that, the Nigerian claimed,   he became psychologically damaged. Nigerian also claimed he was deliberately given the worse sales routes because he was black. White co-workers who knew the Nigerian,  claimed he wasn't a good salesman and wouldn't work his route i.e. lazy ... and really didn't even want the job. 

UPDATE: White judge tosses out absurd jury verdict i.e. plaintiff & attorney get NOTHING. The judge said in his opinion: "[the jury showed]  bias and repeatedly stressed there was insufficient evidence to prove that Ogunleye was discriminated against because of his race."

BOTTOM LINE: One White judge stood in the way of this outrageous rape of a US company.


36.  Publix

(2000)  Settlement reached... 50,000 Blacks gang up on White-owned company ( in Florida, Georgia, South Carolina and Alabama) get the PRIVILEGE - $10.5 million PAYDAY

One black females gets the PRIVILEGE - $55,000 PAYDAY

Attorneys cash in BIG for $2.4 MILLION

37.  Woodward Governor  

((2006) EEOC SHAKEDOWN ... Blacks and other minorities make claim of racial bias (females also get in on the action) ... They ALL receive the PRIVILEGE - $5 MILLION settlement  (broken down between race & gender).

Here is what Blacks - thru their EEOC Gov't shakedown unit - claimed their PRIVILEGE was based on:  "The plaintiffs claimed that although African-Americans made up over 15% of the local population and comprise at least 13% of the civilian labor force nationwide, only 3% of Woodward’s employees were African-American at the time the lawsuit was filed." In other words, if Blacks count all the Blacks working at any White-owned business and come up with less than 13% of the total workforce, then the White-owned company is discriminating against them (?) - and they deserve the PRIVILEGED PAYOUT.


38.   S & Z Tool & Die Co.

(2006 )    Another EEOC SHAKEDOWN settlement... Blacks claim their PRIVILEGE and receive $850.000, which will be divided between Blacks & women. 

Baron-Prodan,  a black male, will claim the biggest Black PRIVILEGE. He'll receive a whopping $90.000 PAYDAY, plus a guaranteed job.

39.  Michigan Seamless Tube

((2007)  EEOC SHAKEDOWN...$500,000  settlement. For obvious reasons to many  - strange to others - company hired 52 workers but none were black. The EEOC decided to use its SHAKEDOWN powers to go after this white-owned company and make them hire blacks.


No injuries, no damages Blacks demand their PRIVILEGE.  Jury awards 8047 PRIVILEGED Blacks  $2.5 billion in New Orleans SHAKEDOWN

UPDATE: Judge does the right thing and sets judgment aside. 

Note: TV documentary on this absurd verdict showed all the plaintiffs were Black.

41. R.R. Donnelley & Sons Co.

42. Walgreen Co.

(2007) 10,000(!) Blacks Get The PRIVILEGE ...

"Walgreen Co. has agreed to pay $20 million to as many as 10,000 African-American store managers and others to settle a federal civil-rights lawsuit charging they were denied promotions based on race."

43. Lowe's Home Improvement  (Winter Haven, Fl)


44. Dillions/Kroger

(2008) Court finds NO discrimination...Yet Kroger gives Black plaintiffs the Black PRIVILEGE.  Company settles for WHOPPING $16 MILLION ... to be split among 120 PRIVILEGED Blacks.


45. Battaglia Distributing

 (2013) Two Blacks get EEOC to file SHAKEDOWN lawsuit.  " According to the EEOC, slurs were used by both black and white supervisors to scold black employees. In addition, frequent, offensive racial banter among hourly workers was routinely tolerated by management."

46. Sunoco

Many African-Americans in salaried professional posts at Sunoco's Philadelphia-area work sites believed that a racial "glass ceiling" kept them out of top jobs. While denying any wrongdoing, Sunoco yesterday asked a federal judge in Philadelphia to approve a $5.5 million settlement to resolve racial discrimination claims affecting some 200 current and former black supervisors and managers at Sunoco. Lawyers for the black workers called the settlement "fair, reasonable and adequate," and urged U.S. District Judge Clifford Scott Green to sign it. Under the proposed settlement, Sunoco will pay about $3.6 million to the workers and $1.5 million to their lawyers.

Note the lawyers PAYDAY.

47. Xerox
(2008 ) $12 MILLION SHAKEDOWN... Black employees claim their PRIVILEGE. 

"The company said it is in the best interest of its shareholders and employees to settle the lawsuit and bring an end to the costly litigation." link

"The lawsuit said that African-Americans were given less profitable sales territories compared to white workers. The plaintiffs maintained they also were passed over for promotions and were denied commissions they had earned."

Note: The settlement will divided among 1100 blacks and also "includes legal fees". No mention of what portion of the settlement was earmarked for the attorneys.,845872


48. Whirlpool  

Company under attack by the EEOC)! 

  • Over $1 Million PAYDAY - Black female claims lone white male harassed Her - Attacked her  -- All cuz she was back (she claims) - Judge rules in bench trial in favor of Black female --makes her RICH
  • Blacks  - And Even Whites - Trying to cash in at Whirlpool
  • Whirlpool Settles EEOC Race and Sexual Harassment Lawsuit for One Million Dollars


49.   PEMCO Aeroplex  

One PRIVILEGED black gets $390,000 PAYDAY

"According to the EEOC, Pemco subjected its black employees to a hostile environment that included the display of racially offensive graffiti, nooses, swastikas, KKK graffiti and racial slurs and epithets."  This is undoubtedly ...a LIE. Here is a LINK to let you know how blacks make up racism stories

Lying about racism..trying to score a big pay blacks harass white people:
"As part of the settlement, the company is required to amend its policies on workplace racial harassment and retaliation, which will include a new internal complaint procedure, annual training on employment and diversity policies and surveys on the implementation of the policies.?


50. UPS  

Class Action SHAKEDOWN Lawsuit By PRIVILEGED Blacks - Settlement $12 Million!


446 African-Americans Claim discrimination and demand their PRIVILEGE. Company caves into the BULLYING...settles for 7 years worth of back-pay for all Black plaintiffs.

52. Wet Seal  

Three PRIVILEGED Blacks GET RICH - $5.58 million will go to current and former managers who are African-American.

 53. Merrill Lynch  - Blacks Cash In!

$133,333 PAYDAY for 1200 PRIVILEGED Black Brokers. 

"Hundreds of black financial advisers have reached a $160 million settlement in a lawsuit accusing Wall Street brokerage giant Merrill Lynch of racial discrimination,"


54.  AIG  

PRIVILEGED Blacks get $1.6 Million PAYDAY... in SHAKEDOWN lawsuit.

"Two subsidiaries of American International Group Inc. have agreed to pay a minimum of $6.1 million to resolve allegations that they engaged in a pattern or practice of discrimination against African American borrowers..."  Most likely blacks were denied because of bad credit.

55.   Walgreens 


(2007) Four Black males try to claim the PRIVILEGE and SHAKEDOWN Walgreens. WHY? Because the Blacks claim a White clerk insulted them and called them a racial slur. And how much did the PRIVILEGED Blacks demand?  $2.5 MILLION. Case filed in Reno, NV

(2009) UPDATE: Black SHAKEDOWN crew , along with their Jewish Attorney, not only lose case but court demands Black BULLIES pay for court cost and attorney fees - $$253,926.

56.  Bank of America  

(2011) $335 million PAYDAY to Black and Latino borrowers

"The Justice Department alleges that Countrywide charged a higher interest rate on the mortgages of more than 200,000 minority borrowers"

57.  Wal-Mart Stores

(2009) Blacks who applied for trucking jobs and did not get them sue. They claim they were disproportionately not hired - cuz they were Black.  

Blacks get $17.5 Million SHAKEDOWN PAYOUT.... Well, with 4,500 Black males trying to get a free PAYDAY, they got only a minuscule $388.00 apiece. Nevertheless, ONLY Blacks with their Black PRIVILEGE can get this kind of FREE money.

58.  Toys R Us 

Two Blacks Seek $400 million -- want class action status - claim they had to show a receipt for purchased items -cuz they were black. 

As of 2014, I cannot find a settlement.

59.  Christian Coalition 

14 Blacks pile on - Win BIG PAYDAY in Civil Rights SHAKEDOWN - $325,000 apiece (2002)
60.  LA Firefighter

Black male firefighter claims he was treated like scum by his white co-workers, they created a "hostile work environment" for the poor ole African American (a re-occurring theme here), and the poor ole African American had to get JUSTICE by suing the Fire Dept.

Black Male Become MILLIONAIRE...Jury decides to give Black male Big PAYDAY $1.1 MILLION

61.  LA Firefighter

(2006) $1.4 Million PAYDAY for despicable Black male Tennie Pierce, caught red-handed lying about racism... Nevertheless, Pierce gets his Black PRIVILEGE. The taxpayers get raped!

NOTE: The mayor of LA actually vetoed Tennie Pierce's MONSTER settlement after he discovered that there was ironclad proof Pierce had invented the whole racist charge...just to file a lawsuit and try to get rich.  Still, because of the Black PRIVILEGE dominates American culture, the Mayor and the LA city council caved in.  Yeah, poor ole black man, caught lying, outrageously trashing out his co-workers, trying to GET RICH off the White tax base, but he a victim in America - cuz he black. So we all must pity him. Remember slavery... Yeah, poor ole black male Pierce.  He got himself a nice home today in a upscale white community. He be retired.   Just suck it up white people.

62.  Pasadena CA Firefighter 

(2007) Black male Carter Stephens cashes in BIG TIME

Black male Stephens gets BIG PAYDAY...$1.7 MILLION from the White tax base.  

 Stephens in his lawsuit claimed " supervisors and co-workers also put mucus on his uniform and a captain referred to him by the "N" word."  TOTAL BS! Anyone out there EVER witness a Black person treated like this in public? EVER?! Of course not. But we're to believe in the workplace that all changes.  There he/she is treated like a sub human. Sure thing... 

 Any person can make co-workers hate him/her. Any person can urinate on his clothes and blame it on someone else.  Blacks know how to create environments for lawsuits. If they don't, civil rights attorneys are more than wiling to help them.
63.  LA Firefighter

((2007) Black Female gets the PRIVILEGE...BIG PAYDAY $6.3 MILLION from the White Tax. 

64.  Houston Firefighters 

(2011) 7 Black Firefighters CHEAT the system, pile on in a Grievance to get the Black PRIVILEGE   Houston city council caves and gives them the PRIVILEGE: 3 years of back pay, all received the promotion they sought (without having to go through what qualifying process White firefighters had to go through)

The CHEATERS: "Lawyers for the city have negotiated a settlement that offers $301,165.12 in attorneys fees and back pay to Dwight Bazile, Johnny Garrett, Thomas Ward, Mundo Olford, George Runnels, Trevin Hines and Dwight Allen."

In order to qualify for promotions, ALL firefighters have to pass a standardized test. The test requires studying.  White firefighter claim they studied darn hard for the test...and passed it. While all 7 Black Firefighters DELIBERATELY failed (the White firefighters claim and many outside observers do as well) because they didn't study.  In other words, the Blacks set out to fail the test, then blame a "White bias", then file a race-base grievance.  This scenario is exactly what played out...and Blacks cashed in. 
Naturally, the ease at which this shakedown worked, and the pile of cash the Blacks cheated the White tax base out of, is only going  to encourage further shakedown nonsense like this.

Note in the link that ALL 7 Blacks failed the test.


65. NASA

(2001) Black "scientists" get the Black PRIVILEGE... 120 Blacks claim White people is cheating them, so US gov't caves in to the BULLYING and makes the White tax base pay each Black  ... $31,000 

66.  Dennys  Restaurant

(1994)  $54 MILLION Black SHAKEDOWN!! Oh how they must have suffered!

"thousands of black customers"  claim Dennys ... "violated their civil rights by treating them rudely and by routinely giving preferential treatment to whites."

67.  Smith Barney (Settled)


68.  Target

(2007)  EEOC SHAKEDOWN ... 14 black workers split $775,000 PRIVILEGE PAYOUT.


69.    Scientific Colors Inc.

"Dozens" of black cash in on the black PRIVILEGE. Yet ANOTHER of the many, many,many case black claim white people hung nooses, called them racial slurs, made them all exist in a hostile working environment. Yeah, sure thing... 

No Settlement amount disclosed.

70.    Titan Waste Services Inc

 When only ONE black is working for a company...LOOK OUT!!! It's a lawsuit in the works from the day he/she starts work.

(2014) Black male Michael Brooks cashes black PRIVILEGE of $$228,603. 

"The agency said Mr. Brooks was also subjected to harassment such as racial slurs and racially derogatory insults, taunting and racial stereotypes and was terminated without cause shortly before the 2008 presidential election after he discussed it with Titan's facility manager."

71.     Valley Swim Club (Philadelphia)

(2012)  73 African-Americans claim their black PRIVILEGE...and SHAKEDOWN Philadelphia swimming pool club (white-owned) for $1.1  million.

"Several campers claimed they heard pool members making racial comments while they were at the club."

72.     Citizens Gas & Coke Utility
(2005) Blacks file class-action suit against white-tax base company....hoping to strike it rich with the black PRIVILEGE. 

UPDATE: Blacks harassment lawsuit fails on class-action status. However, two blacks get to proceed with the black PRIVILEGE. They claim that company testing is geared toward white people passing and blacks failing.  Two blacks who failed the test demand their black PRIVILEGE against the white tax-base company.


Others white-owned companies hit up by the Black PRIVILEGE...

70.  Dillard's Inc.

Socked Over & Over Again By Blacks Seeking Their Black PRIVILEGE
  •  2001, Dillard’s agreed to pay $5.6 million to settle a race discrimination lawsuit brought by black employees alleging discriminatory treatment in hiring, pay, promotion, job assignments, termination, and working conditions
  • Also in 2001, an appeals court upheld a $1.2 million jury award to a black woman who said she was denied a free cologne sample at a Kansas store because of her race.
  • (2007) The three plaintiffs are seeking damages of $5 million each, alleging that Dillard’s treated them differently than other customers because they are black. (cannot find jury verdict in this shakedown case)

71. Hair Cuttery (Dismissed)

72. Eastman Kodak Co.

73.  Johnson@Johnson

75. U.S. Pipe & Foundry

76. BellSouth

77. SuperCuts

78. Miller Brewing

79. BJ's Wholesale

80. AutoZone,0,922010.story?coll=orl-business-headlines

81. Rocky Mountain News

82. Home Depot

83. Caterpillar;_ylt=AuSKNBc7LAJbismjw8UJ7wZc88MF?p=as%20sitate

84.  First Asset Management/Lew Lieberbaum & Co (filed 97/settled 98)

85.  Kansas Black Female Cashes In Against City - Black PRIVILEGE nets her $750,000

More to come...


  1. Look at how little black generate to local tax base here. Someone should calculate how much that get to what they receice in their "black privilege" in america

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    1. Getting down to the bottom of facts and statistics doesn't mean someone doesn't have a life, dumb ass. Your comment is so unintelligent and so immature. As a hispanic american, I find reading all of this information extremely alarming. This blogger is on to something and i commend him/her for taking the time to research and post all this information.

  3. Blacks don't produce businesses, they produce shakedown lawsuits. Civil rights laws need to be eliminated. I agree with the author of this site that black are just taking advantage. All these are just shakedown lawsuits.

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