Monday, October 1, 2012

Black Male Atrocities Since 1964 - White Victims (Oct. 2012)

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We now move to our October 2012 addition to staggering to imagination atrocities committed by black males against innocent white people.  The brutal atrocity below involves an innocent young white female who was abducted at gunpoint by a sexually depraved black male.  He took her back to his place, then, over the course of 3 or 4 days, raped, beat, tortured then murdered her.. 


San Angelo, TX, Feb. 18, 1995

White Female Is Kidnapped, Raped & Tortured For Days - Then Murdered
Member of US military
A black male,

Louis Jones, 45

…staked out a laundromat on a US military base and waited for an opportunity to  abduct a young white female.  When Jones saw the opportunity he was waiting for he charged into the laundromat and up to the female, pulled a gun then forced her outside and into the trunk of his car.  Jones then sped away… back to his home (an awaiting chamber of horrors). For three days (maybe more)  Jones, in the most depraved and sadistic ways imaginable, raped, beat, tortured, abused  and humiliated the young girl. When Jones was finally done with the white female he retrieved a tire iron from his car, then beat her in head ... until she was dead.


* Tracy McBride, 19

Note: Since Tracie was a member of the US Military. Jones was tried and convicted in federal court and sentenced to death.  As Jones was strapped to the gurney in the death chamber, he never uttered one word of apology to the family of Tracie McBride.

Also, the McBride family received not ONE dollar of compensation for their daughter's death from the US gov't ... for being a victim of the social engineering experiment of Compulsory Inclusionism (created 1964).


Double Feature Bonus




Prior to the 1960s, white people protested bitterly regarding blacks moving into their residential communities. It wasn't just a loss of their property values that white people were worried about.  It was also a safety concern for their families. 

Fair Housing Act of 1968:  If integration was forced on the white population (civil-rights), would the black man take advantage of his new freedom of movement in the white communities and strike at innocent white people?  Naturally, the white males that were creating the forced integration laws believed blacks (males specifically) would NOT take advantage and strike at the innocent...who were made to let their guard down. Time would tell...
----------- -----------

San Diego (Clairemont and University City), CA, 1990 - 1991

"The Clairemont Killer"

  Home Invasions - Serial Rapist And Murderer

Cleophus Prince, 23, is a black male who used civil rights laws to rape and murder white females.  He was finally captured on March 1, 1991.

"He was caught when a woman who was getting ready to shower heard someone picking her door lock. She escaped from a rear window and found a friend who came and confronted Prince. He excused himself, but the description led to his arrest. After his arrest, DNA connected him to the murder of Janene Weinhold, and that murder connected him to the others by the pattern presented by the murders."  Wikipedia

Let me translate the highlighted portion above.  Prince had staked out the female's place. He knew she lived alone and he had familiarized himself to her daily routine. He also  familiarized himself with her home, like where the shower/bathroom window was. Killing six white female's in their homes, Cleophus Prince was certainly a pro at stalking and picking the opportune time to strike. He waited for the female to come home -- likely from work.  He then periodically checked - from the outside - to see if the shower was running. When he heard it on, that's when he made his move.  By the way, one does have to wonder just how many white people saw this black man lurking about.

Victims (all murdered in their apartments):

* Tiffany Schultz, 21
* Janene Weinhold, 21 (raped)
* Holly Tarr, 18
* Elissa Keller, 38

* Pamela Clark, 42,(raped)
* Amber Clark, 18 (daughter)

Note Mr. Prince is currently residing on death row in California.



  1. Even though this article is old...I hope you eventually see this.
    Do you know how many WHITE men have raped and tortured and taken part in CANNIBALISM against BLACK women...AND WHITE women? Really? You come across as ignorant and BITTER...there are many races outside of "white" (which is not a race). All of them are here to stay...GET OVER IT!! Black people are crazy, white people are crazy, Mexican people and so on and so forth.
    It's NOT ONE race responsible...and if you or any other bitter white person who are intimidated by other races can't own up to that and start be realistic...the real problem is You!!
    Columbine? Several children killed...(white children)? The majority of pedophiles? James Holmes? Ted Bundy? 90% of the offenders on ANY "Crime Channel"?
    You can place blame wherever you choose but it doesn't change the fact that THE WORLD as a whole is dangerous...even if only White people remained (WHICH WILL NEVER HAPPEN...SO PLEASE GET A LIFE) there would still be crazy would only have more white victims because they would not have a choice!

    1. My blogs concern crimes that cross racial lines. The Main Menu Pg is at the top. White men "cannibalized" black women? Really? I've done very extensive research on the black race and I've never heard of such a thing. You got a source?

      Since forced integration was created (1964 - by white Christian males)) black-on-white crime has EXPLODED. My blogs demonstrate that fact. No question in my mind, the explosion of black on white crimes are the direct result of civil rights laws. These laws MUST be eliminated. All the white victims on my 'Civil Rights Victims List' would be alive today... if not for forced integration.(again, go to the top and click on Main Menu-and you can see what black males hv been up to since 1964).

      Blacks need a homeland. They are in a political & economic system they did not create. Human nature requires they be masters of their own destiny. Blacks simply cannot junction in the white man's world. on

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  3. So you're saying since forces segmentation, more Whites than Blacks were raped and murdered? Rofl... Why is this a reason for Blacks to leave? Oh and Blacks have a homeland. It's called American. American was built off the backs, labor, and contributions of Blacks slaves. If any race earned the right to be here, it's Black people.

    1. Blacks had NO constitutional right to receive compulsory integration - into another male groups social stratification system ('64, '65, 68 civil rights acts). White people need to start reminding blacks of this cold, hard fact! Blacks were supposed to be a separate...and, therefore, self-reliant people. They chose as a people on their own volition to plead for integration. White Christian males were under no legal, moral nor historical obligation to grant such an outlandish thing. Yet, they did it anyways. TRULY AMAZING. Would blacks have done such a thing if white males pleaded to blacks for integration? Of course not!

      Finally, when one sees the extent to which black males had preyed upon white people (specifically women & children in the white community) from 1900 to 1964, I just don't get it? How could white male legislators grant the black man across-the-board INTEGRATION?

      FWI, I have never said I believe blacks should be removed from any place in America. I said blacks deserve a homeland on the N. American continent. Compulsory integration MUST..and WILL end at some point. This will translate to blacks being CUT OFF from the white communities & the white tax base. They need someplace of their own to go. I think S.Carolina is a perfect place.

  4. How one people have literally terrorized another people... Forced integration MUST never happen again!