Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Black Male Atrocities Since 1964 - White Victims (November 2012)

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 We now move to our November 2012 addition to staggering to imagination atrocities committed by black males against innocent white people.  The brutal atrocity below involves an innocent young white female who was abducted off a public street by a sexually depraved black male. He took her to a secluded area where he repeatedly raped her, beat her,  then murdered her.

>>>Here is the LIST of African American Violence against white people from 1900 to 1964.

Delaware County, PA, June 20, 1996

                   Black Male Atrocity 

The 'bump-the -female's -car-from -behind -and-get -her-to -pull-over'  ruse.

A black male (and ex-con),
Arthur Bomar, 38

… believed he'd figured out a perfect scheme to rape white females and get away with it.   The black male’s plan - ruse - was to use the bump-the-female’s car-from-behind-and-get-her-to-pull-over.   When the white female pulled over and got out to check the damage ... Bomar would sucker punch her then drag her to his trunk, and away he'd go.  When he finished with the white female, he'd simply murder her.  On June 20, 1996 ,  Bomar waited for a white female he'd watched go into a night club alone. For hours he waited.  When the white female exited the club later that night,  as planned,  Bomar  followed ... then rammed her car from behind. Unfortunately, but not surprisingly, the white female stopped and got out to check the damage.  Naturally, Bomar also stopped and got out of his car.  All Bomar had to do was stall until the coast was clear ... to land the sucker punch to the girl's face ... and then carry her to his trunk.

The white female was found in a vacant lot 14 hours later beaten and raped. (Bomar was also charged with abuse of a corpse i.e. he had sex with the white female before and after she was dead).

Innocent White Female:
* Aimee Willard, 22 (George Mason University student)

Note: Less than three weeks before Aimee’s abduction, black male rapist / murderer Bomar pulled the same “bump” ruse to get another white female to pull over, however, she did NOT fall for it. She took his license number and called police. When Police finally caught up with black male rapist / murder Bomar, he was driving a female’s car who was reported missing and presumed dead-- body never found.

Before Aimee Wilard's murder, incredibly(!),  Bomar was allowed parole on a life sentence for a previous murder conviction (murdered a person over a parking spot!).

                                   Double Feature Bonus


Dallas, TX, March 9, 1975

   Public Abduction  Of  White  Male & His Girlfriend - Murder

Four black males,
Larry Bingham, 27 (charges dropped)
Wayne Rodger, 30

Clarence Williams, 31
Ronald C. Chambers, 20 (triggerman - died on death row) 

 …at gunpoint abducted a young white male and female out on a date.  They were taken to a secluded area, robbed of their personal effects, then ... "[The white male and white female] were driven to a levee on the Trinity River and pushed down an embankment. Chambers fired five shots at them, then bludgeoned [the white male] in the head with the barrel of the shotgun. Williams choked [the white female] and tried to drown her; Chambers also beat her with the shotgun. " 

Innocent White Victims:
* Mike McMahon , 22 (deceased)
* Deia Karlene Sutton, 20 (survived)

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  1. Based on what I've seen from the black man and his criminal activities against white people, I would recommend to every white person to stay away from blacks.
    Forced integration was the STUPIDEST thing white people ever did in their history.