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American (White People) Atrocities Against Negroes - 1900 to 1964

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In this blog,  I am going to list only those incidents where white people (the recognized 'Americans' in our time frame of 1900 to 1964)  attacked a Negro(es) without cause or provocation, and/ or attacked a negro(es) with violence that far exceeded the offense committed. Incidents will include murder, attempted murder, rape and serious injury. Again, only for the years 1900 to 1964.

>>>Here is the LIST of African American Violence against white people from 1900 to 1964. LINK

Girard, La.- 1901

Negro Stole Some Soda Pop ... Then Punched The Proprietor In The Face When The Proprietor Caught Him - And For The Punch In The Face ... The Negro Was Lynched

Negro Lynched
Louis Thomas
1902 - Pembroke, Ky

White Male Goes Crazy...Murders Negro Female And Negro "Aged" Male

White male murderer:
Lloyd Young

Rebecca MacRay
Joseph Landy

Note: Negroes formed a lynch mob to track down the white male. However, he had already been arrested and was therefore under the protection of the sheriff. This is the only case I can find where a white male, unprovoked, set out to kill innocent negroes. Thousands of cases of blacks doing this sort of thing to innocent white people.
 1904 - Eutawville, S. C. 

Negro Lynched For Trivial Offense - Ears Cut Off And Riddled With Bullets - Governor Gets Detective Agency Involved To Hunt Down Perps - Five White Men Arrested And Held With No Bail

Kitt Bookhardt
 1905 - Tullahoma, Tenn. 

Americans Lynch Negro - Accuse Him Of Larceny

Negro Lynched
Ronce Gwynn

Note: This not a common lynching crime. Might have been more to it. 
 1906 - Springfield, Mo.

American Female Apparently Made Up Rape Story - Two Negroes Lynched  (burned alive)

Note: Grand jury decided the two negroes could not have possibly been involved in the rape reported by the white female.


White Male Offers $1,000 Reward For Arrest Of His Own Son Who Allegedly Shot And Killed A Negro In A Quarrel 

Note: This one hardly rises to the level of an atrocity, however, I found it interesting.
 1906 - Rosebud, Tex. 

One Of The MANY Problems Faced By Americans In The Early 1900s Was Disrespectful Behavior Toward Them From Negroes - That is, Negroes Attempting To Establish Black Supremacy By Bullying or Terrorizing White People

 A Negro Apparently Walked Up To A White Male And "Pushed" Him To The Ground - Angry Friends Of The Farmer Track Down The Negro... And Then Lynched Him

Lynched Negro
 Mitchell Frazier 

Note: The white farmer apparently suffered no serious injury.  Seems the local white guys simply would not take such disrespectful behavior from the negro;  or, perhaps they were were sick and tired of hearing about this kind of disrespectful behavior from negroes and decided an object lesson should be made of this negro.   Either way, a lynchings was way out of line here.
 1906 - Bayou Plaquemine, La.

Negro Lynched For Cattle Theft - Stole One Cow

Negro Thief:
William Carr

Note:  Times being what they were, there was no gov't food programs for the hungry. If someone stole food the victimized party could starve.  So stealing ones food was a very serious matter to Americans. It was also a common problem for Americans to discover a negro had robbed them of their food. Still, one cow?!  Seems a lynching was way out of order here.   source
 1908 - Navasota, TX 

Negro Pulls Knife On American And Slashes Him  - American Mob Gathers and Seizes Negro From Caboose - Then Lynches Him

Note: His victim, who was a white male and County Commissioner, J.T. Barry, was not seriously injured and recovered from his wounds. This crime hardly rises to the level of one usually creating mob violence. However, one must not forget, back in those times, white males in most part of America had NO tolerance for disrespect from the black man.

John Cambell
1908- Albany, GA.

Night Riders...Terrorize Negro Community - Burn School and Churches
(Note: negro rape of a white female appears to be the motive for the terror and burnings. No negro was reported to have been killed or injured)
1908 - Tifton, Ga.

Black 18-years-Old...Walks Up To Young White Female And Says: "I want you for my sweetheart"...Negro Is Arrested...Then Lynched

Negro Victim:
Charlie Lackie
Note: Negro was said to be "problem" or troublemaker in the area. Seems to be a case of very persistent harassment.
1908 - Birmingham, Ky.

"Night Riders" Terrorize Negroes - One Murdered - Five Whipped - Negroes Told To Leave Town

Note: It was not reported what angered the local whites against the negroes. Night-riders were also know as "whitecaps".
1908 - Shreveport, La.  

Negro Found Not-Guilty  In  Home Invasion Murder  Of  White Woman - American Mob Still Lynches Him

Bird Cooper
1908 - Hickman, Ky

Negro Insults White Woman & Threatens White Male -- Mob of 50 White Males Show Up At Negro Cabin...Burns  It  To  Flush Out Negro...Then  Guns  Down Negro Plus His Family

Dave Walker
Mrs. Walker
Note: The murder of three people because of an "insult?"  Seems to be more to this incident.
1909 - Monroe, La.

Negro Files Suit Against White Male Who Killed His Cow - Negro Gets Lynched

Note: This may not fit under the definition of "lynching" as it appears likely that the white male who the negro filed his suit against was the principle in the lynching effort. The white male probably took a few kin folk with him to do the job, which would make this a personal vendetta issue.   Source
1909 - Aiken S. Carolina

Without Provocation American Guns Down Negro  - Found Guilty Of Murder - Judge Gives Him $150.00 Dollar Fine

Dave Jeffcoat
1909 - Dawson, Tx.

Negro Lynched By Mob For "Insult" To White Female

Joe Redden

Note: Just what the "insult"  was...was not revealed. I doubt it was just a comment. Likely negro grabbed the white female in an inappropriate  way.

Negro Gunned Down - Unprovoked - Apparently One Of Many White Males Who Hated The Presence  Of  The Negro In Their City

 William Smith

Note: White male fled, so his reason(s) for shooting the negro are not known. The negro's companions reported the incident to police. Negro victim said to be in serious cond.
1910 - Monroe, LA

Negro Female Abducted From City Jail...Taken To Bridge , Then Thrown Into The River (she is believed to have drowned) 

Laura Porter
Note: Negro female, who ran a whorehouse, was accused of staging robberies of white males.
1910 - Jefferson City , MO

Two Negroes Get Lynched -- They Deliberately Provoked Anger Among Whites  By  Over Celebrating Black Prize Fighter's Victory In A Boxing Match Over A White Man

1910 - New Madrid, Mo

Negro And His Pals Told By Sheriff To Disperse,  Instead...Negro Slugs Sheriff - Arrested - Negro Is Later Lynched By White Mob

 1911 - Manchester, Ga.

Negro Punches American Male In The Face - Mob Forms And Seizes Negro From Town Jail...Then Lynches Him                      

Over a punch? Negro should have been given the same treatment he dished  out - a punch in the face. But a lynching? Maybe white people back then believed if they didn't answer such negro behavior with strong measures...well, it might lead to some primitive negro game where they walk up on a white person and sock him/her in the face for no reason.  Nah, couldn't happen -- definitely couldn't happen.

1911 - St. Mary, Ga.

White Man Murders Negro Woman & Her Daughter - Found Guilty...Legally Executed By State Of Georgia

J.A. O'Berry
1912 - Columbia, S. C.

Negro Lynched For Refusing To Pay Debt

Negro Victim:
Henry Fitis
* This lynching deserves more information.
1912 - Norway, S.C.

Negro Accused Of Petty Theft Abducted By Small Group Then lynched
(could be lynchers were negroes - article isn't specific)

Negro victim;
John Felder
1914 - Grovetown, Ga.

Negro Steals Shoes - Group Of Americans
Abduct Him From The Town Jail...Then Lynch Him

Negro Victim:
Charley Jones
  1914  - Byhalia, Miss. 

Two Negroes (husband & wife) Lynched- Accused Of Burning A Plantation Barn

By today's standards, this seems like a ridiculous excuse for summary justice. I do wonder if arson was a hanging offense in Mississippi?  Anyhow, barns can be rebuilt. This case deserves more details.

Negro Victims:
Fred Sullivan
May Sullivan

1915 - Jasper County, GA 

Wealthy American Plantation Owner Ran Plantation "In Near Slave-Like Conditions" - 11 Negroes Found MURDERED

Note: Apparently, all the negroes who were murdered were considered a threat to the plantation owner, John Williams, who feared they'd squeal to authorities about the working conditions at his plantation. WOW source

1915 - Miss.

Americans Lynch Negro For Being Critical  Of  How Local White Women Dress

John Taylor
1915 - Jackson, Miss.  

Innocent Negro Lynched By American(?) Mob - Thought He'd Stole A Cow 

Apparently, negro Ed Johnson just happened to be at the wrong place and at  the wrong time.  The wife of a farmer, who was a black  noticed her cow missing and assumed it was stolen. Details are lacking, but a mob found Johnson near the scene of the alleged crime and accused him. Despite his protests of innocence, he was hung. The cow that was thought to have been stolen actually just wondered off and was found a few hours after the hanging.  
Note: Since the cow's owner was a negro, it could very well be that the mob was also negroes. 

1916 - S. Carolina

South Carolina Mob Hunts Down Two Negro Males And Then Lynches Them - The Two Had Passed A Lone White Female And Said "Hello Sweetheart"

Note: Seems to me that there was likely more to this incident.

1916 - October , Abbeville, S. Carolina

A Negro Is Lynched For Disrespectful Behavior Toward A White Man (Well, He Also Attacked Another White Guy With A Hammer -- Apparently In Self-Defense)

Anthony Crawford, 51

"On October 21, 1916, [Anthony] Crawford was taking two loads of cotton and a load of seed into Abbeville and had a disagreement over the price of cottonseed with W.D. Barksdale, a white store owner. After Crawford left the store, one of Barksdale's employees followed him outside and hit him on the head with an ax handle."  Wikipedia

Note the word "disagreement" appears in the above narrative as the sole provocation for the white mob violence. Well,  a lot more than just a mere "disagreement" is needed to provoke a mob reaction.


"Charleston News & Courier (now the Post and Courier) described Crawford as "rich, for a negro, and he was insolent along with it"."

What really happened:  Of course, I wasn't there. But I can reasonable read between the lines here - just as you can. Black male Crawford,  who was known to have a short fuse, didn't like the price he was offered for his cottonseed by business owner , W.D. Barksdale.  He then became irate and allowed his temper to get the best of him and started insulting Mr. Barkdale.   Whereupon  Mr. Barksdale ordered Crawford to leave his store. However, a young white employee took exception to the insults hurled at  his employer and grabbed an ax handle and went after the Negro.  Note: Wikipedia's article on this incident states that Crawford was "hit in the head" with the ax handle. This seems highly unlikely, as that should have rendered any man unconscious. Archived newspaper article below also mentions nothing about Crawford being struck in the head.  More likely, the employee was taking wild swings at Crawford and Crawford was defending himself with his arms and yelling for help.

After a policeman arrived at the scene, Crawford, for his own protection, was taken to jail. Crawford should have stayed there. However, with Crawford's surly temperament, one could rightly expect he was indignant with the white sheriff for arresting him and demanded to be released immediately. The sheriff set a high bail of $15.00, probably hoping the Negro did not have the money on him and would therefore have to wait until the following day to get out.  Around town, the news of the insulting behavior of the Negro was also getting around.

Again, Crawford should have stayed where he was.

 Crawford paid the $15.00 fine and was then released, though the sheriff ushered him out the back door, hoping he would not be seen. That, however, was not to be   A small group of  locals noticed him and decided to teach the Negro a lesson in manners.  No one should doubt  had Crawford simply submitted to a beating, he at least would have survived -- with a painful lesson learned.  But Crawford decided to flee.  Crawford was eventually cornered by the mob, whereupon, he decided to grab a hammer to defend himself. Naturally, if the Negro hit any American with that hammer and caused serious injury it would only add to the violence against him.  And that's exactly what happened. Crawford struck a guy in the head. Likely, his comrades thought him to be dead.  Crawford's fate was now sealed.  In the end, he got a terrible beating, then, while he languished in pain at the city jail that night, he was hauled out by a white mob, beat some more, then lynched.

Archived newspaper article source

Note: This is the only incident I could find - so far - of such an out-right hate murder by white people.  And also the only lynching for the city of Abbeville, S.Carolina from 1900 to 1964.  No question about it though, white people in the South back then had a mighty thin skin for  disrespectful behavior from the Negro  (yes, gone are those days --  i.e.  the post civil rights era ...the racist black BULLY reigns supreme...and whatever the racist  black BULLY dishes it out  - violence, insults, etc. - white people sit back and take it).

1918 - Sheffield, Ala.

Negro Vows To "Get A Cop" - He's Arrested...Then Lynched By American Mob

Note: This incident happened a day after a negro murdered a white police officer. The prevailing mood of the local white people at that time... obviously they wanted to send a message to the negro criminal element that attacks on white people, including even threating a white person,  would be dealt with swiftly.
May 1919 - Millan, Ga

Elderly Negro Lynched - He'd Shot At White Males Who Came Into The Black Section And Harassed A Negro Woman

Lynched Negro
Berry Washington, 72

1921 - Little Rock, Ark.

Negro's Letter To White Woman Results In A Lynching

Robert Hicks

Note: No mention of the content of the letter.  If it contained anything of sexual nature or a threat of any this time in American history in some parts of the country ...this was grounds for a lynching -  to protect the woman's honor.  source

1946 - Guernsey, Tex.

Nero Lynched By Mob...Over Fist Fight

Note: Seems the fight was over a "drinking cup" which was reserved for white men.  source
1946 - Georgia 

 Four Negroes Lynched By  American Mob - Including Two Females

"The 1946 Georgia lynching was a quadruple killing that took place in the northern part of the U.S. state of Georgia in the summer of 1946. Done on a bridge in Walton and Oconee counties between Monroe and Watkinsville, the case attracted national attention. While the FBI investigated in 1946, it was unable to prosecute. New publicity in the 1990s led to a new investigation, but the case has not been solved."  Wikipedia

The most shocking thing about this crime is the lynching of two Negro females and a Negro male, who had nothing to do with the knife attack on the American male (Barnette Hester).  Apparently, the American did survive.

George W. Dorsey 28
Mae Murray Dorsey, 23

Roger Malcolm, 24  (guilty of knife attack)
Dorothy Malcolm ? (wiki reports her birthday as same day of lynching - I seriously doubt it)

Note: Even though a black male did provoke this incident, the retribution for the crime was sickeningly overkill.

November 2, 1959 -- Corinth, Miss.

American Boy's 'Prank' Turns Deadly

This one doesn't exactly rise to the level of an atrocity but I'll include it anyways.

Eight American teenagers were driving around when they came across a group of Negro boys.  Desiring to have a little "fun" they threw firecrackers at the Negroes.  In retaliation, the Negro boys threw rocks at the boy's truck, striking it numerous times. It seems the boys thought it was maybe gunfire. The driver of the truck,  teenager, Darnell Glidewll, 16,  either went home to retrieved a shotgun or had one in his truck. He then fired it in the direction of two Negro boys, who apparently were not part of the Negro group who threw the stones.  The blast mortally wounded one of the boys and slightly wounded the other.   Glidewell was sentenced to five years in state prison. 

Note: Local Americans took up a collection drive and gave $150.00 to the parents of the deceased boy.  Neither before compulsory integration (July 2, 1964) nor after it,  is there one recored example where African-Americans ever took up a collection for the injured or dead American (white) victim of a black crime.

Negro Victim:
William Roy Prather , 15,2596004

Tallahasse, FL  1959

Four White Males Gang Rape Black Female  - Each Sentenced To Life In Prison

Four American males, William Collinsworth, Ollie Stoutamire, Patrick Scarborough, and David Beagles,  apparently in a premeditated scheme, decided to rape a Negro female. With a shotgun the four approached a car with four Negro occupants (two males and two females). One Negro female, Betty Jean Owens, was abducted and taken to a secluded place ... where all four proceeded to rape her repeatedly.

For unknown reasons, the American boys allowed the other three Negroes to go on their way.  They went straight to the police.  A "group" (unknown number) of American police officers went looking for the Negro girl. They found her in the back seat of the assailants' car (wiki states she was discovered "bound and gagged" but this likely wasn't the case, since there were four assailants i.e. no reason to bind and gag her - where could she go?).  The four American males were arrested, convicted, then given life prison terms.

Note: Had these rapists did their deed in Virginia, they likely would have faced the same fate the Martinsville Seven faced:: the death penalty.

Also of Note: From wiki::  "In 1965, David Beagles was paroled. Four years after he was released, he tracked down an African American woman that he thought was Owens and murdered her and buried her in a shallow grave. However, he murdered Betty Jean Robinson Houston, an entirely different woman."


August 28, 1955 --  Money, Mississippi

14-Year-old Emmit Till's  Abduction And Murder

First things first.  Let's debunk the legend of Emmett Till as the happy-go-lucky young little Negro boy who,  while walking casually down the street, whistled at a white women.  And for THAT act, a mob of white males abducted the Negro boy, then executed him. This version is woefully inaccurate. 

THE REAL VERSION:: Emmett Till was no "little boy."  Though he was 14-years-old he stood 5"8' (not 5"4' as Wikipedia states)  and weighed 150 lbs. That is, Till looked older than his 14-years.  Emmitt Till lived in Chicago.

Emmett Till was in Money, Mississippi, with his mother visiting her brother. That Till lived in Chicago is important.  While Till most likely could get away with (did get away with?) grabbing white females and manhandling them in Chicago (apparently he went to an integrated school), in Mississippi, there was an entirely different culture regarding interaction of males and females.  In the South at this time, Americans still observed a long tradition of respecting and protecting womanhood, and males were expected to act against any violators. Emmett Till, prodded by other young Negro boys, crossed the line. For this he was abducted and murdered by two American males.

Flashpoint:: On a hot August day, Emmett Till met up with some young Negro boys (younger than him) in Money, MS.  Till's  new friends (if one could actually call them 'friends'), no doubt out of boredom, cooked up a prank to play on him.  It involved a bet (for a reported 25 cents) to go up to a white female and either ask her for a date or get her to come over to them. Till's little friends were playing with fire here.  They knew it. They also knew that Emmit Till, should anything go wrong, would be the fall guy. Till, unfamiliar with the ways of the South, and also likely wanting to impress his little friends, as well as pocket .25c, took the bet. 

Carolyn Bryant, an attractive 21-year-old American female who worked at a store where Emmett Till and his friends were hanging out, was selected as the one Till was to approach.

Carolyn's gives her account of the what happened next:
"Carolyn Bryant later asserted that Till had grabbed her at the waist and asked her for a date. She said the young man also used "unprintable" words."

The American female, frightened out of her skin by the grabbing and insistence of the Negro, broke free from his grasp and raced to her truck to get a gun.  Yes, a gun. That's how terrified she was (no little boy of 5' 4" could have cause that level of freight).  At this point, Till and his buddies ran from the scene. 

Till should have received a strong talk about the ways of the South ... and that should have been the end of it. However, two American males, John William "J. W." Milam and Roy Bryant, 24, who was the husband of Carolyn Bryant, decided stronger measures were called for.  After Milam and Bryant found out it was Till who assaulted and terrorize his wife, in the late night hours they ( along with two Negro men) went out to the house where he was staying and at gunpoint abducted him.

Emmett Till was found three days later submerged in a lake with a bullet wound in his head.

Though the prosecutor seemed to have an ironclad case of guilt,  an all-American jury refused to convict the two. Bryan and Milam never spent a day in jail for this crime. A year later in an article for a magazine, both admitted they killed Emmett Till. 

Note: Though Emmett Till's  own  actions created the provocation for his murder (likely the main reason the all-American jury acquitted the two American males),  still, since we're dealing with the action of a young boy, I believe the age of the boy outweighs the provocation here. This incident rises pretty close to an atrocity.

BTW, if you believe black boys at Emmett Tills age are just too young to rape, rob or murder, here's a LINK to dispel that myth.

September 15, 1963 -- Birmingham, AL

Church Bombing - Four Negro Girls Die

There's something VERY fishy about this one. I'm looking into before I give a crime report.  BTW, there's no question these girls were killed by bomb planted at a Negro church. But who really planted the bomb?  Stay tuned...



  1. REPOST:

    AnonymousMay 17, 2013 at 1:11 AM

    I am waiting to be notified of a blog that has chronicled the unprovoked "American" atrocities committed against blacks from 1900 to 1964 --the year integration was forced on white people in America. Where are these unprovoked atrocities? All I can find is incident after incident after incident, etc, of black males "provoking" violence by white people."

    I find it to be absolutely hilarious that you threw the words provoked and unprovoked in your comment. Especially when white people seem to feel provoked to violence by the sheer fact that Black people exist and breathe. Since you have not provide a clear and concise explanation of the white man's definition of provocation, let us once again call the roll:

    lets start with the Summer of 1919, which is probably best known as Red Summer or the Black Awakening (the summer Blacks actually fought back). The summer when there were at least 26 white mob attacks in various cities on Blacks in which over 100 Blacks were MURDERED. They were lynched, shot, and some burned at the stake. Why? It seems that a Black youth swam into a "white territory" on the beach in Chicago. other cities fueled by White Fright...Scared of the soldiers returning home from Europe armed with the knowledge that your people were murderous cave beasts. Provoked? I think not.

    Betty Jean Owens who was brutally gang raped by four white men in 1959. These beasts carried the names William Collinsworth, Ollie Stoutamire, Patrick Scarborough, and David Beagles were given life sentences for their vicious crime. How were they provoked?
    *as a side note David Beagles was paroled in 1965 and four after his release, he tracked down an Black woman that he thought was Owens and murdered her and buried her in a shallow grave. However, he murdered Betty Jean Robinson Houston, an entirely different woman. Provoked?


  2. CONT'D
    14 yr old Emmett Till MURDERED BY 2 WHITE MEN in 1955 for allegedly whistling at a white woman... provoked?

    in 2011 the State of Alabama issued an apology to Recy Taylor who in 1944 was kidnapped while leaving church and brutally gang raped by six white men who even admitted the rape to authorities, two white grand juries refused to indict these beasts. provoked?

    Gertrude Perkins was kidnapped and raped at gunpoint by to Montgomery, Alabama police officers in 1949 which resulted in a protest and the pair of beasts were subsequently forced to leave town. No provocation there either.

    Addie Mae Collins (14), Cynthia Wesley (14)Carole Robertson (14), and Denise McNair (11) Murdered in a church by the KKK in 1963.. provoked? in a church?

    15 yr old William Roy Prather was MURDERED by whites in 1959 as part of an anti-black Halloween prank. how could it be Provoked?

    Reverend George Lee MURDERED by whites after urging Blacks in his CHURCH to vote in 1955... Provoked??

    Isadore Banks MURDERED in 1954 by whites who wanted his land. His burned body was found chained to a tree.

    Lt. Col. Lemuel Penn, a Washington, D.C., educator was MURDERED by the KKK while driving home from U.S. Army Reserves training.. Provoked?

    Lamar Smith MURDERED on the courthouse lawn in 1955 for organizing a Black vote... Provoked?

    Ed Smith was MURDERED in his front yard in front of his wife in 1958 by L.D. Clark, a white man, who later bragged about it.. Really??

    Virgil Lamar Ware (13) MURDERED in 1963 by white teens who shot him while riding on the handlebars of his brother’s bike. Provoked?

    This is a very small sample of the hundreds of true atrocities that have perpetrated against Blacks at the hands of depraved whites who find sport in the rape, murder, and torture of Blacks. They hide behind the justice system who has systematically refused to prosecute them at nearly every turn. I listed the case of Betsy Jean Owens as the rare example of whites actually being brought to justice system. There are countless murders and other attacks that have gone unpunished.

    So again, please explain this theory you have of Black people provoking whites to rape and murder them? how is this done? Please... I beg of you, do tell how one consistently incites...oops! provokes rape and murder. Is this anything thing like the "White Lady Cry" which I refer to as WLC every time I see white women whining and crying and claiming to have been victimized, making false accusations all the while. The amusing thing about them is that in MY OWN estimate of what appears to me to be at least 90%, they lack the acting skills necessary to even work up one single tear. Are these the women whose long lost and forgotten virtues you think you're protecting with your ridiculous blog?


  3. CONT'D

    oh yeah, one more thing:
    "As for the use of "Negro", for those who are at all familiar with American history, it is the accepted group designation for black Americans. Around the mid-1980s, "African American" began to be used - a term created by white socialist academicians."

    Really???? Seriously???
    The word "Negro" which literally translates as Negative Growth is NOT an accepted group designation for "Black Americans" by anyone except pale faces like you. You seem to derive pleasure from trying to label people as you see fit. and by you, I mean your white supremist self, friends, family, and so on. Much like the word Nigger. God said let us make man, white folx said let us make a nigger (ie. Willie Lynch). Also, much like the word "colored" You are the only ones changing colors constantly... white, red, blue (when you're cold or dead), pink, yellow (when you're sick), and brown (Black--with your lip injections, butt and breast implants, and so on)after you lay out in the sun baking yourselves to become what you're not. So I ask, who's really the colored one?
    You lack any true power! Especially the power to name an entire group of people because you grew a wild hair and simply awoke one day and thought it might be fun.

    Still LMAO and waiting for you to respond to any one of my previous posts; or for you to attempt to refute the lists. again I say... Get a life and read a book... Hell! read a pile of books.

    XOXO D

    1. "word "Negro" which literally translates as Negative Growth"

      No it doesn't. But you think what you want. The Founding Fathers made a America a free country - at least what's left of it..

      As for the use of “African American” as a group designation for the black race, it was white socialists who invented the term. When forced integration was created in 1964, the Americans at the time, who were the white Christian, lost their identity. In all societies in human history … the creators of ALL political & economic arenas were one male group; and all the occupational titles (status symbols) belonged to that ONE group. In other words, American society belonged to the white Christians - it was THEIRS. The DEMS gave it away with the Civil Rights Act of 1964. With this infamous law, Negro males, who created no political arenas, no economic arenas, no tax base, no industries, no urban housing, no cities, no distinct culture, incredibly, they were given across-the board integration rights. With these integration rights (including the Voting Rights Act and the Fair Housing Act) the legal distinction between the American and the Negro was over. White socialists knew they needed to come up with another group designation for the Negro.

  4. This site is obvious BS. The first picture clearly shows George Zimmerman and Trayvon Marton with the races changed to portray Black on White crime, shame on you!

  5. You are complety nuts and you have not investigated or studied your history of 1900-1964 to come up with your stats.
    If you did it was totally with a jaded eye, no objectivity at all, no knowledge of historical fact especially in the Till case.


  6. One reads this and it becomes clear what Jim Crow was intended to do, control the incredible levels of violent crime from the black population.


    The woman at the heart of the case, who testified regarding the actions of Mr. Till, admitted to offering false testimony, which should reasonably impact the conclusions you reached in your "reading between the lines".