Sunday, July 21, 2013

The 'Americans' Grant the Negro Integration Rights In 1964

Early 1960 --Blacks learning how to BULLY around white people... 

In America from 1865 to 1964 (from the end of the Civil War to forced integration) … the Negro race was in fact FREE. They were free as a distinct people could possibly be. The Negro race was – like the Americans – free  to create their own towns, cities, businesses, industries, political environments, employ only their own people, etc. ; or, if they truly felt oppressed they were also FREE to colonize a place in America (e.g. like he Mormons).


The recognized “Americans” (White Christians) and the Negro race were two distinctly different people that, in their entire history in America up until 1964, had always lived and worked separately. But no one should be offended by this ‘color line.’  ONE distinct people having separate living arrangements from another distinct people was not just a requirement of "white people" toward blacks in America.  It  was a condition that existed throughout human history.  As for the legality of the color line, there were no Constitutional laws requiring integration. Bottom line: The Negro race was NOT suffering injustices because the Americans required separate living and working environments – a color line.

The Negro’s plea for integration, which began in earnest around 1960, was in fact something unprecedented in the annals of human history (it was entirely orchestrated by White Liberals), and was also the WORSE case scenario manifesting for most Americans. The Negro race was supposed to live within the structure and confines of its own group. Human history and, indeed, the construct of human nature, dictated this reality.  This separation (from 1865 to 1964) was expected to give the Negro race the necessary opportunity to develop their own way of life, their own distinct culture and, most importantly, their own status environments (the creation of their own political & economic arenas), which would give them a feeling of self reliance and empowerment over the lives of
their people.  However, by pleading for integration the Negro race clearly signaled they were now prepared, and ultimately became very determined - "by any means necessary" -  to abandon their human requirement to be a self-reliant people.

In 1964, White Christian males DID THE UNTHINKABLE:: with no quid pro quo they granted the Negro his integration plea (Civil Rights Act).[1]

Then, in 1965, White Christian males DID ANOTHER INCREDIBLE THING, and unprecedented in human history:: again, with no quid pro quo they granted the Negro – with the Voting Rights Act – access to ALL THEIR political environments (federal, state, local). No people had ever done this for another people!  

* American blacks are the only distinct people to have 
 never achieved self-reliance i.e.  to be permanently attached to another people.

And one final clarification here. Prior to 1964, Black males in America DID NOT "suffer discrimination” per se. What they faced was a completely normal human condition called Historical Group Recognition (HGR).  In other words, throughout human history male groups created their own status environments and reserved entry into these environments for members of their own male group (males racially, linguistically and religiously similar). Blacks also practiced HGR prior to 1964. Few examples: 1) all Negro- owned business typically only employed Blacks; 2) Negro baseball only employed Blacks; 3) Pullman Porters (96% Black); 4) Brotherhood of Sleeping Car Porters (1925 to 1964), all Black leadership; National Association of Letter Carriers (NALC), formed in 1913, was all black

Forcibly integrating one race into another was, and continues to be, a bold experiment in manipulating human nature.


1. 99% of the members of Congress in 1964 were White Christian males.

When the Negro race was granted integration rights by the federal gov’t in 1964, White Christian males were forced to surrender their distinct ’American’ identity. That is, White Christians were no longer from that year onward, the recognized Americans. They have since been reduced to a color: “white” people.


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