Thursday, September 6, 2012

Black Male Atrocities Since 1964 - White Victims (September 2012)

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This is our Sept. 2012 addition to staggering to imagination atrocities committed by black males against innocent white people.  The brutal crime below - an atrocity - involves two young white people (male & female) who were lured into a building basement by four fiendish black males, for the sole purpose of raping the white female.  Both young white people were brutally murdered.

New York City, NY, 1967

                  *A Sign Of Times To Come *

Black Males Gang Rape White Female     
  Boyfriend & The Girl Beat To Death

Four black males,
Donald Ramsey, 26
Thomas Dennis, 26
Fred Wright, 31
Unidentified black male,

 …lured two young “hippies” into a boiler room, on the pretext of scoring some marijuana. The white male was set upon immediately.  While one of the black males held the white female, the three other blacks beat the white male into unconsciousness. They then retrieved a large piece of concrete and bashed his skull in. All four of the black males then focused  their depraved attention on the terrified white female. Each of the black males took turns raping her, then, after they were done, she also had her skull bashed in. The two innocent white people are:

* James Leroy "Groovy" Hutchinson, 21
* Linda Rae Fitzpatrick, 18


Double Feature Bonus


Santa Monica, CA, Dec. 18, 1968

               *A Sign Of Times To Come *

                    One Of The FIRST 
                      'Fair Housing Act' 
                     Ambush Murders

Black Males  - Taking Advantage Of  Their New Civil Rights - Drive Around A White Community Looking For A Robbery Opportunity 

Two White People Gunned Down

A young elementary school teacher named Caroline Olsen and her husband, Kenneth, were approached by two black males on a Santa Monica tennis court. One of the black males then pulled a handgun and ordered the white couple to give up their cash and jewelry, which they did. The white couple were then ordered to lie face down on the ground. They were then shot multiple times in the head.  Caroline died of her wounds while Kenneth, miraculously, survived. Kenneth Olsen picked Geronimo Pratt out of a line-up and he was charged with the murder; and ultimately convicted despite the efforts of Johnnie Cochran, then an unknown young attorney on the make.

Note: This cowardly and despicable black male ambush and murder , in an entirely white community, happened only a few months after Congress created, and LBJ singed into law, the infamous Fair Housing Act.



  1. White people never do such despicable things to each other. Right????

    1. Not with the same frequency, no. Blacks are only one-eighth of the U.S. population. They commit at least half of all murders.