Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Redefining A Society

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Have you ever wondered what is, or what does constitute, a "society" of people?

This question actually has two very distinctly separate answers. One concerns human history up until 1964; the other post 1964 (the significance of 1964 will be made clear further on),

A 'society' prior to 1964 consisted of ONE male group ((note: a male group consists of males racially, linguistically and religiously similar and residing in a defined geographic area). One male group would claim a geographic area ...then create a social stratification system. The social stratification system became the "society" i..e the male social hierarchy. So two purposes become clear in the making of, and the continuation of, a human society prior to 1964: to claim and retain the geographic area for the Dominant Male Group, & to provide a status environment for that ONE male group.

And what about the female's historic role within a society? Her responsibilities were simple:: to procreate for the male group...and to raise the children.

NOTE: Prior to 1964, there is no recorded example in human history where females within a societal structure were allowed into the male's social hierarchy. There is also no recorded example in human history prior to 1964 where males outside of the dominant male group were allowed entry into the dominant male group's social hierarchy. 1

Let's repeat the simple process by which human societies had formed throughout history:
--A male group (males racially, linguistically and religiously similar) claim a geographic area.
--The male group - the dominant male group - then establishes a social stratification system.
--Once the social stratification exists, a society (or nation) is formed.
--A group designation is given to the dominant male group (e.g. Pakistani, Russian, Chinese, Japanese, etc.)

Of course, once the society is formed, now the male group that created it must protect it (.i.e. its land and stratification system) from encroachment from other male groups.

THEN CAME 1964... The American Experiment: Redefining A Society with Compulsory Inclusionism
At the beginning of 1964 American society numerically had two racially significant populations, those of European descent (87% of the population) and those of African descent (11% of the population). Throughout America's history and up until the late 1960s, these two racial groups had mainly lived legally separate ( observing a color line mandate). And, a fact that must not be overlooked, Americans (white Christians) were not violating any historic precedent by living separately from those of African descent; nor were they violating any existing Constitutional laws by living separately ( i.e. the social stratification structure of American society was completely consistent with that of all human societies in recored history). Putting it another way, the recognized Americans at that time, who were the white Christians, and whose male group was the creator of all the political and economic arenas in America, were not morally, legally or historically wronging the black race where and when they preferred to live separate from the Negro race. The Negro race in America from 1865 to 1964 was supposed to live separate as to achieve self-reliance as a people - a requirement ALL distinct people (racial and ethnic groups) throughout human history were required to achieve.

>>> A Magnanimous Gesture From ONE People Toward Another That Was Unprecedented In Human History-- That Is, White Males Submit To Forced Integration of THEIR Status Environments <<<

The black man marched for "integration rights" and he got exactly what he marched for... From 1964 to 1968, with altruism and forward-thinking as the underlying spoken ambition, the United States government (it was actually just a few hundred men of Euro descent) decided to forcibly alter the human dynamics of its society in a way which was unprecedented in human history.  First there was the compulsory integration of the White males' working environments (Civil Rights Act 1964); then their political environments (Voting Rights Act 1965); and finally their residential communities (Fair Housing Act 1968). Clearly, with these new federal laws, American society was now going to be reshaped, reconstituted and reorganized, compelled to integrate ( with minorities & later females) and assimilate like no society had ever experienced in history. These compulsory integration laws were also a very clear message - from white liberals - to the Negro race that they were now going to be completely relieved of their human requirement to become a self-reliant people (Booker T. Washington's pursuit).

Incidentally, and incredibly, there was NO QUID PRO QUO requirement by white males in any of the three compulsory integration laws.

Beginning in the late 1960s, American females, using the wording of the 1964 Civil Rights Act, began their ascent into America's dominant male group (White Christian males).
Regardless of what one's belief system is regarding the Civil Rights Act of 1964, and its companion laws of 65, and 68', it is a demonstrable fact that these compulsory integration laws produced, for good or bad, a very profound change in the structure of American society ; rendering it less a society by historic standards and more of, if not entirely, a "system" of forced cooperation.
Note: Curiously, only countries of Western Civilization (specifically English speaking) have adopted and enforced compulsory integration laws.

And one final thought: No one should conclude that this new system of compulsory integration (i.e. Compulsory Inclusionism) has passed the test of time.
1. It is important to note that certainly there were societies prior to 1964 that had a different religious group(s) or a different linguistic group(s), and even a few with a different racial group(s) within its geographic area. However, what is indisputable, and a point of supreme importance here, is that there was always one Dominant Male Group (DMG) that constituted the society’s power structure; and it (the Dominant Male Group, or the DMG) was always based on the three similar characteristics of race, language and religion .

Monday, February 13, 2012

The Houston 'Negro' MASSACRE (1917)

First, let's dispel a few misconceptions about what has become known as the 'Houston Massacre' (AKA Camp Logan Riot). Despite what you'll read on almost all websites regarding this incident,
it had …

--NOTHING to do with American (White) racism
--NOTHING to do with the color line mandate (AKA Jim Crow)
--NOTHING to do with Negroes hearing the word "nigger" from a few Americans (as if that could justify the slaughter of innocent people)


If there was one event prior to the Civil Rights Act (1964) that should have raised the proverbial RED flag regarding the radical new concept of racial integration (a concept invented by the NAACP in 1910) , it was the racially motivated massacre of innocent Americans in the city of Houston in 1917.

On the evening of August 23, 1917, 156 Negro males, employed by the US military for non-combat assignments, mutinied at Camp Logan (situated a few miles north of Houston) over what they believed was the unfair incarceration of a fellow Negro soldier being held in the Houston city jail.  The Negroes first broke into the weapons depot and stole weapons.  They then marched out of camp toward Houston's [White] police department. However, the undisciplined men never made it to their intended destination. Instead, they broke off into groups. Most went back to camp.  Other groups, or more specifically, members within these other groups, believed, since they now had the cover of night,  it was a golden opportunity to kill Americans (all the shots fired that night came from the Negro soldiers, and their shots were fired at non-Negroes). The total death count from the Negro mutiny stunned, terrified and horrified the nation : 16 innocent Americans dead – all but two unarmed – plus one innocent Mexican.

Note: Only Negro "soldiers" in American history open fired on American citizens for the sole purpose of murdering them.

The American military brass, not surprisingly, dealt harshly with the mutinous Negroes.  For the mutiny, and principally because of the senseless and racially motivated slaughter of innocent civilians, a total of 19 Negro soldiers were hung.

One curious observation here (which wouldn't have prevented the Houston massacre, but still it's curious)::  Why did the US military brass - all of whom were Americans - allow Negro males to wear the same military uniforms as the American soldiers?  This decision, in effect, told both groups they were one and the same.  This was hardly the case.  Negro soldiers were generally not allowed to see combat duty, to carry weapons, or mingle with American soldiers.  Nor were Negro officers allowed to give orders to American soldiers.   While integration of the races sounds acceptable today, back in 1917 the United States was operating under Plessy vs. Ferguson, which legally allowed for the establishment of a color line between the two demonstratively different male groups. The American population at that time believed (for they had never known anything different) that Negroes were supposed to be separate so as to achieve self-reliance as a people i.e. Americans did not want the Negroes to become their dependents --feed them, house them, clothe them  (remember, no laws were denying the Negro race their right to build their own towns, their own cities, their own industries, and to create their own political titles; or even colonizing a place in America --they were a FREE PEOPLE).  Regarding the uniforms issue, what was a very obvious solution to the  hypocrisy was to have the Negro and American soldiers wear different uniforms. This certainly would have alleviated most of the tension as well as confusion between the two groups. A good example of this would be the different uniforms wore by the English and Scottish troops during World War I.

So why did the U.S. gov’t allow the military brass to violate the legally established color line and allow negro males to wear the same uniforms as Americans? (In 1917, there were no Negro males in the US Congress; nor were any in the federal judiciary i.e. the Negro race was entirely separate from the American population))

One finale note:  No one should allow politically correct revisionists today to influence them regarding this senseless and racially motivated massacre of innocent people,  and attempt to make the Negro soldiers the victims. It was such a craven attack - actually ambushing unarmed people.  The Negro soldiers, obviously,  were in no way the victims here.

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Black Violence - White Victims (PART V!!)

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                The Civil Rights Victim's List 


How quickly the names and faces of victims of racial violence disappear, and for so many of the young victims we tend to forget they had such a long life to live, a contribution to make, a family to raise and a right to pursue life, have liberty and achieve happiness. 

Thurgood Marshall: Laws existed only to benefit his people - and whenever possible punish the white population 
Also, keep in mind that all the victims represented below would not have become victims had it not been for the implementation of forced integration (Civil Rights Act 1964). 

White victims on this page:
                   Dead  =  387
  Seriously Injured =   79
         Total victims = 466

Black victims of White violence ... Click HERE

                                                                                        Part :  [I], [II], [III], [IV], [V], [VI], [VII] 

The Sucker Punch...

 Mr. White Male/Female, if you're confronting an angry black male: 

            Any one of these conditions, inexplicably, can create a situation ripe for the infamous black male sucker punch.  LOOK OUT!

WARNING: The above link  - depicting a sucker punch - could ruin your day. If you don't want  to watch the video, suffice to say the black male sucker puncher received a 5 years prison term.  I don't know if the white male victim, who had to be hospitalized with serious facial injuries,  filed a lawsuit against the two blacks (male/female).  I can only hope he did.

897. Chicago, IL, Aug. 2008

The Infamous Black Male Sucker Punch

"Hey, excuse me. You gotta cigarette?" LOOK OUT!

                          (I've seen a lot of these cases)

14 Months In Jail For Destroying Her Life

 A black male thug, Derrick King, 49, …at a a public shopping center, walked up to a white female and asked if she had a cigarette. When she replied she didn't black male King slammed a sucker punch to the side her of head, rendering her unconscious. The white female woke up in the hospital. Motive was robbery.

"I woke up bald -- no teeth, 85 staples in my head -- out of a drug-induced coma."

Effect: “…her jaw still falls out of joint, she still has seizures, and nerve damage prevents full use and feeling in her left foot.”

* Jennifer Hall , 36 

898.  Columbus, OH, March 8, 2004

Public Abduction - Rape -Murder

Two black male (perhaps more), Marcus C. Sellers, 17, Andre Conley,    …kidnapped a white female, then tried to rob her ATM but that failed (she had no money). She was then taken to a secluded area, beaten and raped.  After the rape,  Sellers threw the  female into the trunk of her car and left her there overnight (March in Columbus in not exactly warm).  Sellers returned to the car the following day with some gasoline,  dumped it on the car and then set it on fire.

* Andrea Nance, 24
 899.  Mahoning County, OH, 1985

Public Abduction – Rape - Murder

A black male, Bennie Adams, 28,… kidnapped, raped then brutally murdered a white female college student.

* Gina Tenney, 19
900.  Oakland, CA, Oct. 15, 2008

 Public Ambush - Murder
Murdered by 15-year-old

Three black males,
Brandon Davis, 20,
Deandre Sturges, 19,
Jerome Hamilton, 15,

... had attempted a number of robberies that night before targeting a restaurant after closing time. The trio saw a white female sitting in her car at Rib Rack restaurant in Lathrup Village and apparently figured, since it was the last car to leave the parking lot that night, she would have keys to the restaurant - and access to the night’s receipts.  Hamilton then exited his car and charged up on the female ... and simply shot her in the head. She died instantly. UPDATE: Even though Hamilton's crime buddies both told the same similar story of Hamilton being the triggerman, a jury would not convict him.

* Catherine Solinski-Blain, 21 (pregnant at the time of death)
  901. New Orleans, LA, Apr. 18, 2005


Walk-Up Murder

Four black teen males,
 Marcus Pleasant, 16,
 Darnell Gilmore, 16,
 Ahmad Hill, 16,

...were looking for a good robbery target. They spotted one -- two white females.  The youths ran up to the girls and at gunpoint demanded they give up their purses. One of the females, however,  had the temerity to resist.  That was enough to to cause Gilmore to gun her down. 

The defense attorney for Ahmad Hill, whose client admitted he was right there during the robbery (an active participant who was going to share in the spoils of the robbery), nevertheless, had the advantage of having his client before a less than stellar judge (black male Darryl Derbigny), and immediately requested a trial by judge. Result : After a ONE day trial the defense asked for an immediate acquittal ... and got it. 

 * Alyssa Kovash, 20

Anna Pressly
902. Marianna, Ark., Nov. 26, 2008

'Fair Housing Act' Home Invasion - Murder
A black male, Curtis Lavell Vance, 28,     … staked out a white female’s home for the purpose of a rape, robbery and murder. Vance had later been determined - thru DNA evidence - to have invaded the home of another white female and raped her. 

* Kristen Edwards (raped)
* Anne Pressly, 26 (raped, sodomized and murdered) Anne was a popular TV anchor woman.

 903. Atlanta, GA, July 11, 1988

Public Abduction – Rape – Torture - Murder

Two black males, Emmanuel Hammond, 24, W. Maurice Porter, 20…abducted a white female preschool fitness teacher. She was later found bound with a coat hanger, raped and shot with a shotgun blast to the head in a wooded area outside Atlanta.

* Julie Love, 27

Larry was very proud of his customized truck
 904. Osceola County, FL, Nov. 24, 1995

Thrill Kill

A black male, Jermaine “Bugsy” Lebron, 20,
  …lured a young - and naïve - white male into his home telling him he had some parts for sale for the white male's customized truck. Inside the house there were, of course,
no car parts.  Lebron produced a saw-off shotgun, then forced the male to lie face down . Vance then executed him with a blast to the head. Two other people were there (white people) and witnessed the execution - and did nothing.  Motive for killing the 22-year-old?  Lebron wanted his wallet and to experience (he believed) the thrill of pulling the trigger and murdering someone.

* Larry Neal Oliver, 22 (got death row)

Note: Oliver and a white male also kidnapped a white male, Peter Nasser, ...and took him to a remote area, told him to kneel...Oliver  then placed a shotgun to his head and fired. The shotgun failed to fire.  Nasser then fled and was able to out-run his assailants. 
 905. Penfield, NY, Feb. 22, 2010

Armed Robbery -Viciously Beaten

Two blacks (brother & sister), LaQuan Crimm, Shayla Fulton,
... invaded a Popeye's restaurant, where Fulton was recently fired, and without any warning or provocation, whacked the manager in the head with a six iron (golf club), then hit him again and again in the head area demanding the combination to the safe. The young male lost his eye in the attack.

Benjamin Overmyer, 24 (survived) 
 906.  Brazoria County, TX, Jan. 21, 1998

'Fair Housing Act' Rape – Murder

“Oh my God. Help me!”

Two male teens (one black /other half black / Hispanic ) at gunpoint invaded the home of a white female and, while her two young children were locked in a room, the two males raped the mother, then shot her in the head.

Arrested And Convicted For Rape & Murder:
Kenneth Parr, 18 (b/m - triggerman)
 Michael Jiminez, 18 (b/m - half brother to murderer/rapist Parr)

* Linda “Suzie” Malek, 28 (deceased)

Note: If forced integration did not exist, Linda would most certainly be alive today.
 907. San Angelo, TX, Feb. 18, 1995

Public Abduction – Rape – 
Torture – Murder

A black male,Louis Jones, 45 …staked out a laundry mat at a military base and waited for an opportunity to strike at a young white female. When Jones saw the opportunity he was waiting for he charged into the laundry mat and up to the female, pulled a gun then forced her outside and into the trunk of his car.  Jones then sped away… back to his home (an awaiting chamber of horrors). For three days (maybe more) Jones, in the most depraved and sadistic ways imaginable, raped, beat, tortured, abused  and humiliated the young girl. When Jones was finally thru with his sordid amusement ... he retrieved a tire iron from his car, then beat the female over the head with it until she was dead. 


* Tracy McBride, 19

 908.   Rural Area, N. Carolina, Sept. 21, 2007

'Fair Housing Act' Home Invasion –  Abuse Of A Child -Murder

Five black youths, Van Roger Smith, 16, Sherrod Nicholas Harrison,19, Michael Graham Currie, 18, Perry Ross Schiro, 19, Ryan Jermar White, 18,…broke into the home of a white family and - brutally and sadistically - murdered a young white girl who was home from school.

* Emily Elizabeth Haddock, 12 (deceased)

** Emily is really a beautiful and sweet looking girl. There should have been a national outrage over this black on white child murder (Rape? They ain’t sayin’).


909. Knoxville, Tenn. 2007


Public Abduction – Male & Female Raped – Tortured - Murdered

Four black males and a black female, Eric DeWayne Boyd, 34 Demaricus Davidson, 25, George Geovonni Thomas, 27, Letalvis Cobbins, 24 and Vanessa Coleman (accessory after the fact)…kidnapped, raped and tortured – over two days – and then murdered two innocent young white people (male and female).

* Christopher Newsom, 23 (Deceased)
* Channon Christian, 21 (Deceased)

If you have the stomach and would like to know the gruesome details of how these depraved thugs did to these two, here is the link to the details:

910. Statesville, N.C., Dec. 16, 2007

Armed Robbery - Murder

A black male, Andrew Ramseur, 21, …invaded a white male-owned Shell gas station and during the course of an armed robbery, deliberately murdered two white people (male and female). Video surveillance shows the female was on her hands and knees when she was shot - twice.

* Jennifer Vincek, 28 (married and mother of two small children, ages 4 and 2)
* Jeffrey Peck, 52 (you can donate to help Jennifer's family if you wish)
911. Marion, County, IN, Jan. 23, 2011

White Police Officer Ambushed - Murder

A black male, Thomas Hardy, 60,...ambushed a white male police officer during a traffic stop. The officer was looking for a black male in his 50s, same model car, who had just robbed a convenience store at gunpoint. Yes, the black man the white officer was looking for was Mr.Hardy.

* Officer David Moore, 29

912. Egg Harbor City, NJ, Oct. 17, 2010

Ambush - Murder

"A year earlier, family members said, Deanna Downs, 29, witnessed a murder in the same apartment complex and may have helped finger the trigger man, Rafael Olmo. Getting shot in the face was payback, they said."

Two black males , Mario Adams, 27, (triggerman), Dontay Matthews, 21,...ambushed a young white female and murdered her. Police believe a third black male, Rafael Olmo, 27, was also involved in the murder.

* Deanna Downs, 29 (mother of two)

913. Palm Beach, FL, Feb. 1, 2005

Walk-Up ' Pocket Change' Murder

A black male (murderer out on parole), Steven Hayward, 35,...walked up to a white male and simply gunned him down to steal what money he may have had on him.

* Daniel DeStefano, 32


914. Spokane County , WA, April 27, 1996

Three Young Girls Ambushed In Their Home - Rape - Two Murdered

Black Male Arrested And Convicted Of Rape / Murderer:
Dwayne Woods, 26

“…According to testimony Venus [white female] gave at trial, Woods "poured himself vodka" and expressed unhappiness about the fact that Jade [pictured at right] was not awake. At the behest of Woods, Venus tried to awaken Jade, but she did not respond. Woods, according to Venus, became irate and eventually shoved Venus onto the couch and attempted to unbutton her pants. Venus said that she escaped from Woods' grasp but that he managed to grab her again and "slammed" her head and neck against a door. From that point on, Venus has no memory of events that morning except for reoccurring "flashing" of memory in which she recalls struggling with Woods. After Woods completed his attack on Venus, he moved on to Jade. At about 7:30 a.m., Woods climbed into bed with Jade and forced her, at knifepoint, to get up. He then forcibly took her to witness the severely beaten Venus who was lying unconscious on the floor in one of the bedrooms. Woods proceeded to threaten Jade that if she did not comply with his demands, she would "end up looking just like your friend Venus.'" He then forced Jade to help him loot the trailer and to give him her automatic transaction machine (ATM) card together with her personal identification number. He then raped Jade orally and vaginally. While Woods was attacking Jade, Telisha came over to the trailer to retrieve some of her belongings. As she entered the trailer, Woods seized and bound her and forced her to stand against a wall in the bedroom. Jade, who was laying on the floor at this point, and "acting like she was dead," said that she "heard a baseball bat hit" Telisha's head. Jade was then hit in the head with the bat, knocked unconscious, and was unable to observe what happened beyond that point. When Telisha failed to return home later that morning, her mother, Sherry, became concerned and decided to go to the trailer. She arrived there at approximately 10:25 a.m. and found the door locked. While peering in through a window in the trailer, she saw a man, whom she later identified as Woods, alighting from the other side of the trailer. ... Despite the efforts of hospital personnel, Telisha expired without ever regaining consciousness. Jade initially responded favorably to medical treatment, however, her condition eventually worsened and she died the following day due to a blood clot.”

* Telisha Shaver, 22 (w/f--deceased)
* Jade Moore, 18 (deceased - pic)
* Venus Shaver, 20 (w/f --survived)

915. Columbus, Ohio, Dec. 7, 2004

"Fair Housing Act' Rape – Murder

A black male,  Lindsay Bruce, 23 …kidnapped a little white girl (presumably to rape her) and then murdered her.

* Emily Rimel, 5

916. Ray, Ohio, Nov. 3, 2000

Public Abduction – Murder

A black male, Gregory McKnight, 23 (convicted coldblooded murderer at 15), …kidnapped a white female co-worker (both worked at the same restaurant) and murdered her. Police found her in McKnight’s trailer home (curiously, no rape- just shot in the head).

* Emily Sarah Murray, 21 (college student)


917. Rio Linda, CA, May 16, 1997

Ex-Con Given A Job At A High School - Commits Rape - Murder

A black male Alex Dale Thomas,34 …who was a convicted felon - incredibly -was given a job working in a white community as a janitor for the public school system. It was after school hours when Thomas set his sights on a vulnerable young female. Thomas lured the girl to a room he knew was unoccupied and then raped her. In an effort to get away with his rape Thomas then murdered the girl.

* Michelle Montoya, 18

918. Cape Cod, Massachusetts, Jan. 6, 2002

'Fair Housing Act' Rape - Murder

A black male, Christopher McCowen, 33, …was allowed to work in a white community as a garbage collector. Evidently, McGowen became acquainted with a white female in the course of his garbage collecting ... and decided to commit a rape and, since his victim knew his identity, McCowen also needed to murder her. McCowen broke into the female’s home, ambushed her, then did his rape. After McGowen was finished with his rape he stabbed the female repeatedly ...until she was dead. Her two-year-old child was found by police clinging to her.

* Christa Worthington, 46 (well known fashion writer)
919. Nashville, TN, July 2005

Walk-Up Murder By Teen- WOW!

A black teen, Twain Vaughn,16,…approached a car with three occupants (all white). Vaughn produced a gun then demanded money from the occupants. The driver panicked and tried to speed away, which caused Vaughn to fire into the car.  A bullet hit one of the occupants and he later died from his wound.

* Kris Carlyle, 28

920. Hazelton, PA, Nov. 13, 2010

Black Male PIMP - Murder

A black male, Benjamin Tyrell Westbrooks, 20, …forced a young and naïve girl into prostitution - he was launching a new  career as a pimp.  When Westbrooks thought the young girl was either holding out on him, or refusing to make money for him, he took her to a secluded location and gunned her down.

* Alicia Weaver, 20

921. Chula Vista, CA, April 10, 1986

'Fair Housing Act' Rape - Murder

A black male (on parole for rape), George Williams Jr., 31(at time of crime), …broke into a white male’s home in the middle of the night, kidnapped his 14-year-old daughter, raped her, then murdered her. Williams then threw the little girl out of his car onto the side of a freeway.

* Rickieann "Rickie" Blake, 14

And just what kind of predator is black male Williams? Here’s the list of his offenses:

--1981 rape of a 15-year-old girl
--1984 molestation of his 6-year-old daughter

--1985 rape of a 20-year-old woman in Oakland
--rape of a 24-year-old woman and also the RAPE of her 6-year-old daughter … one week after he killed Blake

922. Conroe, TX, Aug. 1 , 1990

Armed Robbery - Murder

A black male teen, Glen Charles McGinnis,17 … walked into a local dry cleaners and threw some of his jeans on the counter and told the white female clerk he wanted them cleaned. Before she could collect the jeans, McGinnis pulled out a gun and shot her right in the face. He then shot her three more times in the back. McGinnis then helped himself to $140.00 in the cash register. However, McGinnis forgot his jeans, which had his name inscribed on the pockets.

* Leta Wilkerson, 30 (Leta w/ her children)

923. St. Louis, MO, April 4, 1991

Ambush Rape & Murder Of Two White Females

“Let’s hurt some people”

Gang Rape

Three black males and a white male, Marlin A.Gray, 23,  Antonio Richardson, 16, Reginald Clemons, 20and Daniel Winfrey, 15 (tag-along white male) were driving across the Mississippi Bridge when they noticed three young white people, two females and a male. Clemons then suggested this was an opportunity “to hurt some people”. They stopped their car and got out and approached the trio. They then drew guns and told them it was a robbery. The black males then grabbed the white females and took turns raping them. After the black males were through with their gang rape, they made all three jump into the Mississippi, a 70 ft. drop. Two died.

* Julie Kerry, 20, (deceased - left)
* Robin Kerry, 19, (deceased - right)
* Thomas Cummins, 19 (survived)

** The rapists and the ones who planned the attack were the black males. The ones who decided the trio must die were the black males.
924. Elyria, OH, Jan. 31, 1988

'Fair Housing Act' Rape - Murder

A black male (serial rapist), Darryl Durr, 24, …went to a young white female’s home to drop off a pack of cigarettes and, discovering her parents weren’t home, barged in and raped her. Durr then kidnapped the white female and took her to a secluded area … where he bludgeoned her to death.

* Angel Vincent, 16

Note: Durr was in jail awaiting trial for two rapes when his girlfriend came forward with her knowledge of the white female’s abduction and murder.

925. Tulsa, Oklahoma, Nov. 2007

Public Abduction Of A Child - Rape - Murder

A black male, Marquis Bullock, 18 … kidnapped and raped a 13 year-old white girl … then murdered her. 

Victim: :
* Cory Baker, 13

926. Houston TX, Dec. 2010

Ambush - Street Robbery - Murder

A black male, Lydell Grant, 33, a career criminal, was attempting to rob a white male at knife point when apparently the white male smacked him then took off. However, Grant was not going to allow the white male to escape and took off after him. And despite the fact that this was all taking place on a public street and outside a popular night club with numerous people watching, no one offered any assistance to the victim. Grant ended up stabbing the white male numerous times.

* Aaron Scheerhoorn, 28 (deceased)

927. Nashville, Tenn. 1975

Public Abduction – Murder

A black male, Jerome Barrett, 26, …kidnapped two white females in separate incidences, one a college student and the other a 9-year old, to commit rape. After the rapes, Barrett murdered both victims.


* Marcia Trimble, 9 (pic)
* Sara Des Prez, 20(?)

Note: Jerome Barrett boasted to investigators he killed “four blue-eyed bitches”.
928. Michigan & Texas , May 1978-1983

      Civil Rights Acts Ambush Atrocities!

Houston police finally caught up with a black male mass murderer of white females – known to have killed at least 26 white females, possibly more than 80, mainly in Texas and Michigan.

Coral Eugene Watts… in 1983, was caught in the act of attempting to murder two white females in their apartment. Racist mass murderer Watts’ usual MO was to follow white females to their home and, if he perceived the coast was clear, he would leap from his car, charge up to the female with a knife in his hand, then bludgeon them to death on or inside their property (oddly, there were no rape attempts by black male Watts. He was apparently driven by pure HATE for white females).

Too many dead white females to list them all here. However, here are some of them:

From left to right: * Linda Tilley * Anna Ledet * Helen Dutcher * Margaret Fossi
* Elena Semander * Emily LaQua * Elizabeth Montgomery * Jeanne Clyne
* Suzi Wolfe * Michele Maday

* Watts admitted to killing 13 white females

1. Jeanne Clyne & how she died: Black male Watts decided to go driving around a white community near Detroit (Grosse Pointe Farms - 99% white in 1979) looking for a white female to ram with his 14-inch screwdriver. He noticed a white female, 44-year-old Jeanne Clyne (former food writer for Detroit News), walking on the sidewalk. Watts exited his car, ran up to her from behind ... and simply plunged his screwdriver into her back. Watts then fled, leaving Jeanne Clyne to die on the sidewalk.
929. Macon, GA, 1974

"Fair Housing Act' Beatings - Three Murdered

A black male, John Young,...decided the best way to make easy money was to invade the homes of elderly white people. In the course of his burglaries Young would beat the elderly people (husband and wife) into unconsciousness. Three died as a result of his beatings.

* Coleman Brice
* Gladys Brice
* Katie Davis
* Three Elderly White People severely beaten
930. New York City, NY, 1982

                Rape Of Kelly McGillis (25-years-old)

'Fair Housing Act' Rape- Terrorizing

Leroy Johnson, a 15-years-old black racist, along with another black male youth, staked out McGillis’ apartment. Apparently, when Kelly's roommate came home, the two black males entered behind her ... and immediately began threating Kelly and her roommate at knife point. Leroy Johnson was there for one purpose, to rape McGillis (the other black male was there to rob). One could only imagine the look on McGillis face when this 14-year-old black boy with a knife demanded she remove her bathrobe and “get over there on that bed”.

McGillis: “I felt especially vulnerable because all I was wearing was a bathrobe. They had me backed up against a wall in the bedroom. One guy started looking through my things. All I had was some jewelry and about $10. He ran into the kitchen and grabbed a second knife, while the other one demanded that I get on the bed. When I refused he stuck me with his knife on my arms and chest. They called me a “white bitch” and asked if I had a bat, because they were going to beat the s— out of me just to teach me a lesson. They kept saying terrible things to me, awful racial slurs. I was arguing with them, “Please, I don’t have a bat. Leave.”

McGillis: "He sodomized me and spit on me.”

McGillis was forced to endure rapes by both black males.

Leroy Johnson was eventually caught. But, after three long years in prison, he was released. However, he wasn’t done raping white females. Two more would be raped at knife point in 1996.
931. Milwaukee, Wis., Oct. 2004

Armed Robbery - Two Slaughtered

James Walker, 23, fired from his job, returned to the business to commit robbery and murder. After Walker received his loot he ushered two employees (male and female) into the freezer … then executed them.

* Nicole Joslyn  
* Alan Lowrie
932. Poughkeepsie, NY, Feb. 2011

White Police Officer Ambushed - Murdered

A black male, Lee Welch, 27, ... murdered his wife then murdered a white police officer before collapsing and dying of a self-inflicted gunshot wound.

* Officer John Falcone, 44

933. Winter Haven, CN, Nov. 8, 2010

The Black Male Bully Scenario: Mr. white male, if you ‘get into it’ with a black male, you are likely to experience one of the following::

1. The black male beats you down, and will not stop until you are unconscious – or dead.
2. The black male will pull a knife and stab you – with the intent to kill you.
3. The black male will pull a gun and shoot you right in the head.
4. The black male looses the fight but vows “I gonna get you cracker, son-of-a-bitch. You jus wait man.” The black male MEANS IT EVERY TIME. You will be ambushed with a gun, baseball bat, knifed, or, the black male will return with a few of his (black) friends to sucker punch, pummel, stomp and kick you into unconsciousness – or dead.

5. The black male got the worst of it … then calls the police to report he was attacked by a racist white dude, who punched and kicked him while yelling racial slurs. The police will arrest you every time and you’ll be charged with a hate crime.

Bottom line Mr. white male, there’s no way you can win here.

Ambush – Murder

A black male,  Jade Iree Mose, 16, …got into an altercation with a white male but, according to police, it was quickly broken up by others. Mose waited after school for the white male ,then ambushed him, pulling a knife on the unarmed kid and stabbing him multiple times.

* Luke Kendall, 16 (deceased)

934. Albuquerque, NM, Sept. 2010

AMBUSH -Murder

A black male & Hispanic male, Joe Allen, 26, Robert Sanchez, 27 (registered rapist), …spotted a white male and simply stabbed him to death. No apparent motive.

* Michael Checkley, 24

Note: Both thugs have plead not guilty.

935. Elkhart, IN, Jan. 28, 1991

Public Abduction - Rape - Murder

A black male (convicted rapist), Fred S. Mott, 39,…kidnapped, raped then murdered a 16-year-old white female.

* Kari Nunemaker, 16

Note: Black male Mott - convicted of rapes in Illinois & Indiana - was already in prison in California for another rape.

936. Lee County, GA, March 4, 2008

Public Abduction – Attempted Rape – Murder

“They’re murdering our daughters!”

A black male, Courtney Lockhart, 23,…charged up to a young white female college student, pulled a gun and told her if she tried to resist he'd kill her. The black male then forced the white female into his car and drove to an ATM machine, where he forced her to withdraw money for him. Lockhart then took the victim to a secluded area and attempted to rape her. However, not wanting to endure Lockhart's rape, and also seemly preferring death to rape, she fought him off and tried to escape. Lockhart then gunned her down.

* Lauren Burk, 18,2933,336409,00.html

937. Nacogdoches County , TX, Dec. 2010

Public Abduction - Murder

A black male, Cordell Renard Green, 22,…is charged with murder of a white female. She was apparently abducted as part of a robbery scheme (black male Green is an ex-con with a past conviction of armed robbery), then shot multiple times.

UPDATE: Green, in order to escape  the likelihood of a death sentence, has pleaded guilty to the murder of the white female.

* Heather Doris, 25

Note: Green was arrested Feb. 14, 2011.

938. Wilson, N.C, 2005

Armed Robbery - Vicious Beating - Murder

Three black males,
Corey Whitted, 25 (triggerman),
Antonio Barnes, 19,
John Holden Jr., 20,

…after an armed robbery of a Pizza business , gunned down two people (white male - Hispanic male). Whitted was a former employee of the business.

* Brandon Bass, 20 (deceased)
* Ceasar Raya, 18 (survived)

939. Lexington, KY, April 29, 2010

Murder Of A White Police Officer

A black male, Glenn Doneghy, 33, …apparently deliberately hit a white male police officer with his SUV. Doneghy is being charged with murder.

* Officer Bryan Durman, 27 (deceased)


940. Jacksonville, Fl. Dec. 2, 1996

'Fair Housing Act' Rape – Murder

Cherie Morrisette, an 11-year-old girl, went missing on Dec. 2, 1996. The crime went unsolved until 2006, when DNA evidence on the little girl’s underwear was linked to... a black male (long time sexual predator), Shelton Mitchell, 43.

In 2003, the Florida prosecutor obtained a confession from black male Mitchell of sexual assault (rape) of the white child; however, not a confession to the murder of the child. The prosecutor apparently was unable to prove beyond a doubt that the black male murdered the little white girl, so he was forced to prosecute Mitchell for having illegal sexual contact with a child (avoided the death penalty but, nevertheless, serving a life sentence).
941. New York City, NY, 2007

White Police Officer Ambushed - Murder

White police officer ambushed by two black males.

Dexter Bostic, 38
Robert Ellis, 37

* Officer Russel Timoshenko, 26 (deceased)


942. Kent, OH, Jan. 23, 2010

Racially Motivated Sucker Punch - Murder

A black male, John Ragin, 21, …sucker punched a white male Marine then, while he was down, continued to beat and stomp on him. The white male later died from his injuries.

John White, 28 (Marine)

943. Nashville, TN, Nov. 11, 2003

Public Ambush - Murder

A black male , Deon Velt Miller, 16, ... ambushed a white male at an intersection stoplight.

* Eric Scott Mansfield, 33
944. Birmingham, Ala., Oct. 8, 2007

Thrill Kill - Attempted Rape

Three black males (unemployed & in a stolen car), Gregory Hill, 21,
Maurice McCarty,19, Alfred Marina, 20,... tried to rob (rape?) a white female. When she attempted to flee in her car she was shot in the head and killed (police believe the triggerman was Hill).

* Kayla Fanaei, 20 (looks like a w/f - not sure, but she ain't black)

Note: The black males came back after briefly talking to the female (sitting in her BMW). No doubt in my mind, they were going to abduct and rape the girl, then kill her. At least she didn't have to endure a gang rape.

945. Texas City, TX, March 1996

Public Abduction - Abuse Of A Child - Rape - Murder

Kevin Edison Smith, 29 (b/m) …abducted a white child to commit rape. After Smith raped the child, he murdered her and then tossed her into a river.

* Krystal Jean Baker, 13

Note: Keven Smith says he “didn’t kill anybody” but DNA evidence proves he did. At the time of this atrocity, black male Smith lived only a few mile from where the white child was abducted.
946. Kansas City, MO, Oct. 2010

Terrorizing White Father & Daughter - Rape & Double Murder Narrowly Averted

A black male (career criminal), Jason E. Frazier, …offered to be a Good Samaritan to a white male and his daughter and lead them to a destination. All Frazier said he wanted was gas money. Frazier, however, had a different plan. He had a gun and he was attempting to lead both to a secluded area - likely to rape the girl, then murder both of them. After driving a few miles, the father caught on to the ruse and turned around. However, Frazier also turned around and began to chase after them. Both survived.

Victims (survived):
* Samuel Schwer
* Katrina Schwer (daughter)


'Fair Housing Act' Murder

Charleston County, S.C., June 2009

Two people (black male-white female - unemployed) Ethan Mack, 29, Heather Kamp, 30, …brutally tortured then murdered a white female, that both had been acquainted with. Motive was robbery. However, some of the blame in this brutal murder has to fall on the victim. It was she, apparently, who introduced the white female Kamp to Mack ... that cost her her life. Kamp will likely get life in prison.

* Kate Waring, 28 (pic)
948. Harrisburg, PA, Oct. 2010


White People Are Not Being Properly Warned!

When you see a black male, or a group of black males, lurking about, and you can plainly see that you must pass him/them to either leave whatever place you’re coming from or to get to where you're going, this is a CLASSIC AMBUSH situation. Don’t test fate! Go back inside and call the police. Tell the police suspicious guys are lurking about. Anything. Get them out there or you will undoubtedly wind up a victim.

"But suddenly the car jerked backward, trapping her on the second floor. The men dragged her husband and a friend from the car and began pummeling them..."

Link below tell the harrowing tale of three white people testing fate … in a classic black male ambush situation:

949. Chicago, IL, Jan. 21, 2007

Public Abduction - Murder

A black male, William McIntosh, 46, …DNA was found that linked him the murder of a 17-years-old white female. It’s unknown if the McIntosh raped her.

* Marlaina Reed , 17
950. Memphis, TN, April 11, 2004

A knock on your door… Don’t just open the door girls!! This ain’t pre 1964  
'Fair Housing Act' - Rape - Torture - Murder

Two black males, Stanley Andrews, 23, Lontrell Williams, 27,...were knocking on doors in an apartment complex when, unfortunately, a young white female opened the door ... without FIRST checking through her peep hole. She paid the ultimate price. Motive was RAPE / robbery / Murder.

* Rebecca Glahn, 24

She would have been a star. Forced integration NEEDS to end!
951. Haines City, FL, March 1998

Murder Of White Police Officer

“kill that cracker”

Five black males (career criminals), Charles Andrew Fowler (triggerman) Christopher Gamble, Jeffrey Bouyie, Andre Paige, …were sitting in a stolen car and in the process of preparing to rob a bank when a white police officer happened on the scene and approached the car. Unbeknown to the officer, however, Fowler had exited the car before the officer arrived. While the officer was engaged with the car occupants, Fowler sneaked up behind the officer and put a gun to his head. Fowler made him give up his gun, then, hearing other blacks shout “kill the cracker”, black male Fowler shot the white male in the back of the head.

* Officer Christopher Horner
952. Chicago, IL, 2010

White Police Officer Ambushed - Murder

A black male, Bryant Brewer, 24, …approached a white male police officer apparently with the sole intent of wrestling his gun away from him and then killing him with it. And that’s exactly what Brewer accomplished.

* Officer Thor Soderberg, 43 (deceased)
953. Memphis, TN, June 2008

Home Invasion - Rape - Murder

A black male, Aaron Jeans, 25, …along with other family members (mother and grandfather) were hired by a white female to do handy work around her house. Jeans was somehow able to get the white female to let him into her home (big mistake!). Jeans then brutally attacked the woman. Police claim she was beat, raped, then murdered and stuffed her in a closet. Jeans then stole the woman’s credit card and her car.
UPDATE: Career criminal Jeans pleaded guilty and received life in prison.

* Rebecca Neeley, 58

954. Kent, OH, Nov. 2009

Racially Motivated Attack – Murder

Two black male racists, Ronald Gene Kelley, 20, Adrian Alexander Barker, 21, … were arrested and charged with murder in an unprovoked attack on Christopher Kernich, 23 (white male). Christopher’s fatal injuries resulted from his head being repeatedly stomped on and kicked.
955. Florida, April 19, 1994

Armed Robbery - Murder

A black male, Herman Lindsey,…walked into a pawn shot, pulled a gun on a white female clerk, then shot her pointblank in the head.

* Joanne Mazollo (deceased)

Note: The Florida Star Supreme Court reversed Linsdsey’s conviction. However, anyone reading the evidence against him would logically conclude (as the jury did) of the guilt of Lindsey. Even his own girlfriend testified against him. Read link below to decide for yourself.
956. Marion County, FL, Jan.17, 1981

'Fair Housing Act' Home Invasion - Rape - Murder

A black male, Ian Lightbourne, 22, …broke into the home of a white female, raped her then brutally murdered her. Lightbourne then burglarized the home. Lightbourne was allowed to work at the stable where O’Farrell worked.

* Nancy Alberta O'Farrell
957. Cincinnati, OH, 2006 -2009

Abuse Of A Child – Rape – Murder

A black male, Anthony Kirkland, 40, ….raped and murdered a young white girl. Kirkland also confessed to three other killings (two were black, one white).

* Esme Kenney, 13 (murdered in 2009 - pic )
* Casonya Crawford, 45 (murdered in 2006)
958. Las Vegas, NV, Jan. 4, 2010,

Ambush - Murder

A black male racist (ex-con -murder), Johnny Lee Wicks, 66 …walked up to a white male working as a security guard at a federal court house and shot him to death. A deputy marshal was also injured. Slow-witted Wicks believed his Social Security check was being deliberately reduced by the federal gov’t because he was black.

* Stanley Wayne Cooper, 72 (former police officer)
* 48-year-old U.S. Marshal
959. Ocala, FL, July 21, 2006

Home Invasion - Two Elderly Slaughtered

Three black males, Renaldo McGirth, 18, Theodore C. Huston, 17, Jarrord M. Roberts, 20,...invaded the home of an elderly white couple and gunned both down (shooting them in the head). Motive was burglary/robbery.

* Diana Miller, 63 (deceased)
* James Miller, 71 (survived)
960. Dougherty County, GA, Dec. 23, 2010

Murder Of White Police Officer

A black male, Dontavius Thomas, 20,…had just committed a convenience store robbery when he was approached by a white male police officer.  Thomas drew is gun and shot twice, striking the officer below his bullet proof vest and in the leg.

* Lt. Cliff Rouse , 39 (deceased)
961. Jacksonville, FL, Jan. 22, 1995

Public Abduction - Murder

Two black males, Pressley Alston Dee Ellison…carjacked and murdered a white male.

* James Lee Coon, 19

Note: 99% sure this victim is white. Anyone with info on the race of Mr. Coon you can leave it below in the comment section.

Racially Motivated Gang Attacks

Also known as,
Black Male Wilding

Or, the MSM politically correct name,
Flash Attacks

A growing problem for all law abiding people is the organized (blackberry coordinated) black pack attacks  on American (non-black) businesses.

Recent Racially Motivated Gang Attacks:

Feb. 2011 - St. Paul, MN :

Feb. 2011 - Chicago, IL :

Feb. 2011 - Philadelphia, Penn :

March 2011: Black Males from Mattapan, MA.(black community outside of Boston), Pack Attacked a male inside a McDonald’s.
963. Chattanooga, TN, 2005

Police Officer - Abuse Of White Females

A black male (police officer), Gerry Davis,…raped a white female at knife point because she filed abuse charges against him. Black bully Davis would also force himself on women (his favorite targets were blond haired girls), by showing them his police badge, then force them to have sex or perform a sex act on him.
964. Aberdeen, MD, 1996

Black Males - Military Rapes
A black male, Gene C. McKinney,46 …was accused by 5 females (all white women) of rape and other sexual misconduct. McKinney (surprise) claimed that all the females were lying (cuz they were all white and were conspiring to keep him from a cushy power job in the pentagon) and that he was being targeted because he be black.


More Black Male Military Rapes

Aberdeen Proving Ground - 12 Black Males Accused Of Rape

Twelve black males, including, Delmar Simpson, 31 (Drill Sgt) Derrick Robertson, 10 other unidentified, … raped and forced themselves on over 50 female recruits (26 rape allegations).  Any sexual activity among soldiers is a violation of military rules. The black males were certainly aware of that rule. Apparently, it just didn’t matter.

Note: No way of knowing how many of those raped were white females. Simpson faced the most charges, including forcible rape and sodomy. He received 25 years in May 1997.

966. Crestview, FL, April 24, 1996

Ambush Murder - Mother & Daughter

Two black males, Lamar Brooks, 23, Walker Davis, …murdered a white female and her child. Apparently Davis thought he was the father of the child and didn’t want to pay child support. Davis enlisted the help of his cousin, Books, to do the murders. Davis also had an insurance policy on the child...which he was hoping to cash in.

* Rachel Carlson (w/f)
* Alexis Stuart , 3 months old mixed race)

967. Tampa, FL, Sept. 2003

'Fair Housing Act' Elderly Rape - Murder

A black male (homeless), Michael Lord Owens, 47 …broke into the home of an elderly white female, brutally beat, raped , then rage killed her.  Her daughter discovered her covered in blood.

* Dorothy Milk, 71 (deceased)
968. Kenosha, WI, Sept. 2008

'Fair Housing Act' Murder

Two black male teens (cousins), Kawanis N. Trotter, 14, Roddee Daniel, 15, ….broke onto the home of a middle-aged white female to steal her X-Box.  While she slept, the two walked into her bedroom and, with a baseball bat (police claim it was Daniel)  beat her to death.

* Capri Walker, 51 (deceased)
969. Port Author, TX, 2005

'Fair Housing Act' Elderly Serial Killer (white victims)

A black male, Gary Sinegal, 40, …was a serial killer of elderly white females. He would break into their homes, murder them, then burglarize the premises.

* Dorothy Barrett, 82
* Louise Tamplin, 81
* Margie Gafford, 86
* Brenda Choate
970. Pensacola, FL, Jan. 23, 1991

Armed Robbery - Murder

Two black males, Antonio Lebaron Melton, 19 Bendleon Lewis…walked into a pawn shop and without cause or provocation killed a white male with a gunshot to the head. Motive was robbery.

* George Carter
971. Knoxville, KY, Dec. 12, 2005

White Police Officer Ambushed During  Traffic Stop

A black male (drug dealer on parole), Leslie D. Mollett, 31,…during a routine traffic stop ambushed a white male police officer when he walked up to the car window. While the officer was down, Mollett then exited his car and finished off the officer with a shot to the head.

* State Police Cpl. Joseph Pokorny (deceased)

973. Myrtle Beach, S. Carolina, May 25, 2008

Ambush - MURDER

A white male was in a dispute with two black youths over a parking space. One of the blacks was armed with a gun and pulled it out and gunned down the white male.

Pleaded guilty:
Demario Stukes, 17
Keion Griffin

* Corey Brooks, 20
974. Port Arthur, TX. Feb. 6, 1998

Abuse Of A Child - Home Invasion - Rape Murder

A black male, Elroy Chester, 27,…invaded the home of a white female with two teenage daughters. Chester first beat the adult white female then tied her up. He then turned his attention to the two young daughters. They were forced into a bedroom and made to strip down and both were brutally raped. During the rapes, the girl’s uncle came into the home … and was immediately ambushed and gunned down by Chester. Done with his child rapes and murder, Chester then burglarized the home.

Reason for Chester‘s crime: "…hate for white people"

* Kim Ryman Deleon (survived)
* 14-year-old daughter (survived)
* 16 year old daughter (survived)
* Willie Ryman III (deceased)

Other Murders Admitted To:
* John Henry Sepeda, 78 (w/m)
* Etta MaeStallings, 87 (w/f)
* Cheryl DeLeon, 40 (w/f)
* Albert Bolden Jr., 35 (b/m)
975. Miami, FL, 2010

Murder Spree - Two Dead

A black male, Matthew Guzman, 21,…murdered two white males. Guzman's first murder was his next door neighbor, whose home he invaded to burglarize (after he shot him). The other was the owner of a tire store who was shot as part of a robbery scheme.

* Harry Ray, 64 (murdered Nov. 18, 2010)
* Paul Barrow, 46 (murdered Dec. 16, 2010)
976. Iowa County, IA, May 29, 2010

Ambush - Murder
A black male, Peter Riggs, 31,…gunned down a white male rest-stop employee while he was in the restroom. No motive is known. Update: Apparently black male Riggs has "mental deficiencies".

* Jeffrey D McAdam, 46

Note: Yet another "mental deficiencies" i,e. no motive ... murder of a white person. My question is, where are all the blacks going down like this and a white male is claiming he did it because he's mentally retarded? This appears to be nothing more than a racial hate kill.
977. Youngstown, OH, Sept. 2010

Thrill Kill

Two black males, Kevin Agee, 25, Aubrey Toney, 29…fired at a car driven by an elderly white male and his wife. The husband was struck and killed, the wife sustained a non-life threatening bullet wound. No known motive.

*Thomas Repchic, 74 (deceased)
* Jacqueline Repchic (wife - survived)
978. Syracuse, NY, Feb. 27, 2006

Murder Of White Police Officer

Three black males (career criminals), Marion Pegese, 33 Robert Ward, 28 , Toussaint Davis, 38, …gunned down a white male officer while he was in pursuit of them following an armed robbery of a jewelry store.

* Officer Joseph Corr
979. Athens, GA, March 2011

Murder Of White Police Officer

A black male (career criminal), Jamie Hood,...gunned down two white male police officers who responded to his carjacking attempt.

* Officer Elmer Christian (deceased)
* Officer Tony Howard (survived)

Note: Jamie Hood has yet to be tried for his crime.
980. Omaha, Neb., Dec. 2009

Thrill Kill

A black male, unidentified,...walked into a BP gas station, pulled out a gun and then gunned down a white male clerk...for no apparent reason.

* John Wesley Gerber, 40
981. Palmetto, Fl, 1992

Public Abduction - Rape

A black male, Derrick Williams, 31, ...abducted a white female in front of her home for the purpose of rape.

* Unknown identity (survived)

Note: There might be some question as to the guilt og Williams, though a jury convicted him. But thee is no doubt that the perp was a black male.
982. Los Angles County, mid 1970 to late 1980s

'Fair Housing Act' Home Invasion - Elderly Rape - Serial Rapist & Murderer

A black male, John Floyd Thomas Jr., ...who was never employed in the black community nor was he ever employed by a black male, used his jobs in the white community to prey on elderly white females. Black male Thomas would drive around white communities looking for elderly white females who lived alone. During the evening hours, he would break into the home, then:

"The Westside Rapist would rape the seniors and then squeeze their necks. They would be found with blankets and/or pillows on their heads. 20 victims managed to survive. But, as police would find out, 20 survivors can have just as many eye witness accounts of their attacker. There was also no DNA tests back then like there is now. 17 victims would be attributed to the Westside Rapist in the mid-70's. "

Police finally caught up with the racist serial rapist/murderer in 2004 with a DNA match - to four unsolved murders.


983. Jena, LA, December 4, 2006

Gang Attack

Six black males BULLIES, Robert Bailey,17, Mychal Bell, 16,
Carwin Jones, 18, Bryant Purvis, 17, Jesse Ray Beard, 14,
Theo Shaw, 17, …waited for a lone white male to come walking out a door at their high school. When a lone white male did exit , the six black thugs pounced on him, first delivering the infamous sucker punch. Then, when the white kid fell to the ground, the six blacks began stomping on him and kicking him.

* Justin Barker
984. Leon County, FL. Aug. 12, 1984

Good Samaritan Murder - Raped - Tortured - Burned Alive

A black male, Joe Nixon, 22,... disconnected the battery cables to his car then waited in a parking lot for a white female he had seen go into a restaurant to come out. When she did, Nixon approached her and pleaded to use her car battery to attach his jumper cables. She agreed to help him. Naturally, the car wouldn't start. The next phase of the plan was to get the white female to give him a ride "just right down the street" (you could image - oh how he pleaded, "jus right down the street PLEASE"). Unfortunately, the girl agreed (apparently, she didn't want to appear racist). Nixon led her off the main road ... then punched her in the face, rendering her semi-unconscious. He then dragged woman to the trunk and dumped her into it. Nixon then took the female to a secluded area, raped her, tied her to a tree, robbed her of her rings and money, then - despite her BEGGING not to be killed- set her on fire ... and left.

* Jeanne Bickner, 38 (w/f)

985. Martel, FL, December 20, 1979

Armed Robbery - Murder

A black male, Sonny Oats, Jr., 20, ...walked into a convenience store, pulled a gun and demanded a white female clerk hand over the money in the register. After Oats received the money he then gunned down the clerk.

* Jeanette Dyer, 50 (w/f)
986. FL, June 14, 1982

Public Abduction - Rape - Murder

A black male, Kayle Bates,24, ...kidnapped a white female from her State Farm insurance office to rape her. He forced her (maced her then dragged her) to a secluded area - behind her building - where he then attempted to rape her (police don't confirm a rape but the whole purpose of the abduction was RAPE, so...). The white female was then murdered (stabbed her to death) and robbed of personal items.

* Janet Renee White, 24
987. Gainesville, FL, Nov. 9, 1977

Abuse Of The Elderly - Rape- Murder

A black male, Stephen Todd Booker, 24, ...broke into an elderly white female's apartment, raped her then used a knife to bludgeoned her to death. Of course, black male didn't leave the elderly woman's apartment without ransacking it for items to steal.

* Lorine Demoss Harmon , 94

Note: 99.9% sure victim is white. Gainesville in 1977 would have been about 80% white. Raping elderly women is - my exhaustive research has shown - almost exclusively the domain of the black male. A challenge was made by defense in the appeals stage contending racial bias of the prosecutor for excluding a jury person because she was African-American. These challenges are almost always done by blacks when the victim is white. The victim's great niece's name is 'Page McKean Zyromski.'
988. Toledo, OH, Feb. 11, 2010

Ambush - Attempted Murder

Cruel & Inhumane - Deliberate Shot In The Spine

Two black males, Aaron McDonald, 20, (20 years), Henry Johnson, 28, (20 years)...
“ …placed a delivery order to a vacant home in order to rob the driver. When Keasler knocked, one of the men tried to pull her into the house, but she says she tried to fight him off. Then, she says one of the attackers shot her in the chest, because he could not get her into the house."

White Female: "I was telling them please don't kill me," said Keasler. "They could have anything or do anything, as long as I was alive."

Once dragged inside, the attacker shot her in the spine -- leaving her paralyzed.”

* Rebecca Keasler, 21 (survived, but paralyzed)

NOTE: Rebecca's statement to the court: "They will be able to get out of prison one day," she told Lucas County Common Pleas Court Judge James Bates. "I am going to be injured for the rest of my life. I cannot do what I wanted.""My sentence is forever and I will not get a second chance and I did nothing wrong," she said. source

With good behavior, both of these guys will be out in 10 years. Rebecca's sentence is for life!

989. Montgomery County, MD, March 2011

Black Female Murders Co-worker

A black female (a known thief), Brittany Norwood, 27,…was caught by a white female co-worker stealing merchandise. To prevent the white female from reporting her stealing activities the black female ambushed the white female in the store after closing time. Police claim Norwood beat the white female for over 20 minutes, inflicting so many wounds on her skull that all of them could not be counted. Norwood then staged a crime scene and reported that black males (?) had invaded the store and raped and robbed them, then murdered the white female.

* Jayna Murray, 30
990. Jacksonville, FL, Sept. 16, 1990

Armed Robbery - Murder

A black male, Anthony Mungin, 24, …walked into a store and pulled a gun on a white female clerk and demanded money . After the white female gave Mungin all the money from the cash box ($59.02), he shot her in the head.

* Betty Jean Woods, 51

Note: I believe victim to be white. Awaiting confirmation.
991. June 2011 Columbia, S. Carolina

Brutal Gang Attack - Attempted Murder

Eight black males, including,
seven juveniles,
Thyeem Henrey ,

... brutally ganged up on a lone white male, sucker punching him, then, when he dropped to the ground - the typical black pack attack MO - the stomping and kicking his head began. When the black feral youth believed the white kid was dead, they then rifled through his pockets. The teen wound up in a hospital and in a coma. The link below can let you see the result of what these black kids did to him.

* Carter Strange , 19
992. Akron, OH, Feb. 2011

'Fair Housing Act' Home Invasion - Murder

Serial murderer of white females...
A black male (S. African immigrant) Muziwokuthula Madonda, 33, …DESPERATE for money knocked on the door of an elderly white female. When she opened it, Madonda barged inside and robbed her, burglarized her place, then murdered the elderly woman. Police believe the African immigrant is a serial murderer.

* Jacquelyn Hilder, 60
993. Palm Beach County, FL,Aug. 9, 1981

Home Invasion - Murder - THRILL KILL

A black male, Jerry Haliburton, 32, …wanted to see what killing a "cracker" was like, and whether he had the manly nerve to do it.

* Donald Bohannon

Note: Halibuton also raped a white female with a knife pressed to her throat.
994. Racine, WI, Oct. 2010

Ambush - Elderly Rape - Murder

A black male (career sex offender), Wilbert L. Thomas, 65…followed a white female [good Samaritan] then ambushed her. Thomas forced her to a secluded area where he raped the elderly white female, then straggled her, hit her repeatedly with a wooden cane and finally broke her neck.

* Sandra L. Teichow, 67
995. Hernando County, FL, Feb. 28, 197

Public Abduction - Rape - Murder

& Murder Of White Police Officer

Two black males, Freddie Lee Hall,33 Mack Ruffin, Jr.,…abducted from a parking lot a white female who was seven months pregnant. They were first after just a car to commit robberies, however, they decided to take the white female out to a secluded area and rape her. After the rape, Hall and Ruffin beat the white female mercilessly, then murderer her.

Later in the day the two black criminals murdered a white male police officer

* Deputy Lonnie C. Coburn
* Karol Hurst, 21 (7 months pregnant)
996. Pittsburgh, PA, Jan. 2003

Armed Robbery Ambush - Attempted Murder

Paralyzing Wound

"He's confined to that bed in that room in that nursing home for the rest of his life," Pellegrini [prosecutor] said. "They have sentenced Mr. Lahoff to a death sentence, a sentence of loneliness and pain."

Two black males, Marty Allen Armstrong, 21, Lamont Fulton, 19, …charged up to a white male in a parking garage and demanded his money at gunpoint. After the white male complied he was then gunned down (classic black male ambush).

* Michael Lahoff, 52 (survived, paralyzed)

997. Cincinnati, OH, July 15, 1978

Ambush - Murder Of White Police Officer

Two black males,Wayne Reed, Russell Bell,...after committing an armed robbery was pulled over by a white police officer. Black male Reed then jumped out of the car and gunned down the officer.

Police Officer:
Officer Charles Burdsall
998. Cincinnati, OH, March 6, 1979

Two Police Officers Murdered

A black male (career criminal),Gregory Daniels, 28,...was pulled over for an outstanding robbery warrant. Two white male police approached, when Daniels leaped from his car and started firing at the two officers. Both were struck, however, one of the officers got off a round striking and killing black male career criminal Daniels. Both officers died of their injuries.

Officer Dennis Bennington, 27 (w/m)
Officer Robert Seiffert, 31 (w/m)
999. Charlestown, MA, Jan. 20, 2011


A black male, Deshawn James Chappell, 27, ...unemployed and having a long and violent criminal record, attacked and brutally murdered a white female - counselor - who befriended him at a counseling home for people with a troubled pasts and mental illness.

* Stephanie Moulton, 25
1000. New York City, NY, April 1980

Ambush - Racism - Murder

A black male (racist) Austin Weeks, 29, ...apparently was determined to murder a white male. He boarded a commuter train, sat down in front of two teenage white males, then, when the train made a stop, Weeks got up, turned toward the teenager and shot him in the head. Weeks then fled. He was caught a few weeks later.

* Terry Zilimbinaks, 17

Note: Weeks claimed to police the seventeen-year-old he shot leaned into his ear and whispered mean racial slurs to him (again Weeks is 29-years-old). No one heard these slurs. One, the police believed he was lying and so did the prosecutor. Two, a racial slur is NO reason to shoot someone in the head. A jury ACTUALLY acquitted racist/murderer Weeks of murder!,9171,964773-3,00.html
1001. San Gabriel Valley, CA 1991

Ambush - Public Abduction - Murder

“The mall murders”

A black gang, John I. Lewis, 25,  Vincent Hubbard, 25 , Robbin Machuca (b/f), Eileen Huber , 19 (w/f)...committed five murders. The groups MO was to approach their selected victim with a gun, kidnap them, rob them using their ATM, take them to a secluded area then gun them down. Each of the victims below were killed in separate incidents. Only a fluke pull over by a police officer prevented this gang from continuing to kidnap and murder innocent people. Note: In 1993, all three were found guilty. Lewis got the death penalty, while the other three received LWOP.

* Elizabeth Nisbet, 49 (w/f)
* Shirley Denogean, 56 (w/f)
* Willie Newton Sams, 40 (b/m) 
* Jose Avina
* Agustine Ramirez
1002. Alameda County , CA, Aug. 1987

Serial Murderer Of White Elderly

“The Day Stalker”

A black male, Franklin Lynch,32,…preyed on elderly white women for the purpose of rape, torture and murder.

* Pearl Larson, 76
* Adeline Figuerido, 89
* Anna Constantine, 73
1003. Rialto, CA, March 3, 1986

White Police Officer Ambushed And Murdered

A black male, Dennis Mayfield, 26, ...was confronted by a white officer and "...was killed ... when [Mayfield] attacked him behind a gas station, grabbed his gun and shot him once in the head." Mayfield is currently (2011) on Death Row in CA.

* Sgt. Gary Wolfley, 31

1004. West Covina, CA, August 31, 1983

White Police Officer Ambushed - Murder
A black male, Michael A. Jackson …was reported to police as behaving strangely. A white police officer showed up and tried to confront strange-acting Jackson, who simply ignored him and continued walking. A scuffle ensued which quickly turned into a fight. Jackson freed himself and raced to the officer's patrol car to get the shotgun hanging on the rack. The white officer had numerous justified opportunities to shoot black male Jackson. Why he didn’t is a mystery. Jackson turned the shotgun on the officer and shot him in the head.

* Officer Kenneth Scott Wrede, 26
1005. Los Angeles, CA, October 31, 1985

White Police Officer Ambushed - Murder

Three black males,Voltaire Alphonse WilliamsRuben, MossDaniel Jenkins (triggerman), …wanted to prevent a white male police officer from testifying - against Jenkins - at an upcoming trial. The white officer was assassinated in front of his 6-year-old son while picking him up from school.

* Detective Thomas Williams, 42
1006. Pasadena, CA, Oct. 18, 1988

Public Abduction - Rape - Murder

Inhumane Cruelty - Pregnant White Female

Two black males, Ronald A. Jones, George M. Trone,...stalked a white female at a shopping mall - in a white community. When she entered the elevator to the parking lot the the black males followed. It was all over for her from there. When she exited the elevator the black males jumped her. At gunpoint, they forced her to her car, then into her trunk. She was taken to a secluded area, raped and then murdered (shot in the head).

* Lois Haro, 26
1007. LA County, CA, Nov. 2004

Armed Robbery - Thrill Kill

A black male (career criminal), Steven Anthony Jones, 35, ... murdered a white male during an armed robbery. The list of Jones' other crimes are as follows:

--murdered a white female in a hotel room by beating her in the head with a hammer;
-- attempted to murder two other men on Dec. 12, 2004, at a Lancaster home where he had rented a room - both survived but with brain damage;
-- sexually assaulted a fellow inmate in concert with another prisoner at the Men's Central Jail on June 10, 2005;
-- battered a deputy trying to extract him from his cell following the above attack;
-- tortured and attempted to murder another inmate on Dec. 20, 2005.

Note: Jones currently resides on death row in CA.

* Neil Hacker, 24
* Sharon Ann Willis, 42,0,7843897.story

Racially Motivated Attack/ Beat-Down -White female/ (trans-gender) 
1009. San Diego, CA, Aug. 26, 1985

Armed Robbery - Torture- Murder

Two black males,Terry Bemore, 33, Keith Cosby, 29,...walked into a liquor store around closing time to commit armed robbery. In the process they beat and tortured a white male then stabbed him 37 times .... resulting in his death.

* Kenneth Muck, 55

Note: Bemore was either a former police officer or a current police officer at the time - in the white community of Palo Alto, CA. Co-Defendant Cosby, on June 1, 1985, was also involved in another murder, that of Fred Harb, 49, who worked at at a mini-market. Race unknown (race unknown).
1010. Clairemont , CA, Aug. 9, 1989

Abuse Of A Child - Home Invasion - Murder

A black male and a Latino male, Christopher Box, 20 (ringleader and murderer), Manuel Flores, 17...broke into a duplex and murdered (knifed, beat and strangled) three white people. Motive was robbery and burglary. The little boy, beaten and strangled, was thrown in an alley.

* April Gilhousen, 20
* Bryan Gilhousen, 3
* Kevin Morton Chandler, 29

1011. Orange County, CA, Aug. 14, 1997

White Police Officer - Ambushed - Murder

Two black males (crips members), Kevin Dewayn Boyce, 27, (triggerman), Andre Willis, 30, ...walked into a hair salon in a white community to commit armed robbery. An off-duty white police officer was there with his fiancée. When black male Boyce demanded and received the white male's wallet, he discovered an officer's badge. Boyce then shot the white male in the head, killing him. After the murder, Boyce stole the white female's wedding band.

* Shayne York, 26
1012. Milpitas, CA, October 31, 1980

Armed Robbery - Murder

Three black males, Willie Branner (aka James Willis Johnson), Miller Peter Hodges , Thomas Fields ...walked into a jewelry store and gunned down the owner (white male - shot multiple times), then stole jewelry from the store. Police claim the triggerman was Branner.

* Edward Dukar
1013. Phoenix, AZ, Nov. 15, 2000

'Fair Housing Act' Murder

Two black males, Ruben N. Johnson, Quindell Carter, ...shot and killed a white female to prevent her from testifying against Jarvis Ross (the white female was a witness against him in an armed robbery). The white female was shot and killed in her home in front of her four-year-old son.

* Stephanie Smith (mother of three children)

Note: Pretty sure female is white. Awaiting confirmation.
1014. Erie, PA, March 3, 2010

'Fair Housing Act' Murder 

A black male, Tyler S. Keys, 22, …broke into the home of his white neighbor then brutally beat her to death. Keys claims, the white female became angry at him when he refused her sexual advances, and then attacked him with a knife. After the murder, Keys set fire to the female’s apartment.

According to the autopsy, “Gaerttner suffered 72 injuries [knife wounds] and bled to death when Keys stabbed her in the neck and knocked her unconscious by crushing her skull with a fax machine.”

* Peggy Sue Gaerttner, 51
1015. Phoenix, AR, Dec. 31, 1980

Home Invasion - Three Gunned Down Execution Style

Three males, William Bracy (b/m) , Murray Hooper (b/m), Edward McCall (w/m)…barged into a white family’s home, marched three occupants to the upstairs bedroom, then executed them by putting a bullet into each of their heads. Police believe Hooper was the executioner.

* Helen Phelps, 70 (deceased)
* Marilyn Redmond (survived)
* Pat Redmond (deceased)

Note: There are some who believe that Ron Lukezic, Mr. Redmond’s business partner and son-in-law, hired the three men to do the killing.
1016. Jasper, Ala., 1995

Armed Robbery - Murder

A black male, James A. Johnson, ...walked into a convenience store, pulled a gun and demanded money. When the young white female clerk gave Johnson the money from the cash register ... he shot her four times in the head.

* Sissy Lawson
1017. St. Petersburg, FL, Jan. 2000

'Fair Housing Act Murder

A black male (habitual criminal), Emory Carter, 20,.. walked onto the the property of a white male and up to a white male then began beating him mercilessly, then knifed him to death. Motive (surprise) was robbery/burglary.

* Mike Kelley

1019. Escondido, CA, 2003

Two Female's Slaughtered

A black male, Bennette Lee Douglas, 19,…was somehow able to get into a relationship with a very young and, unfortunately, very naïve white female. The result? The white female plus her best friend were found dead a short time later. Since Douglas was found to have used duck tape and a shovel in the crime, it appeared to be premeditated. Perhaps Douglas was involved in an illegal activity and the girls found out about it. Or, more likely, Douglas was informed by the naive white female that she didn’t want to see him anymore and the black male believed the other white female had something to do with it. So he decided to "do 'em both."

* Jennifer Ross, 18
* Heather Ann Steimer, 18
1020. Montgomery County, PA, Jan. 31, 2005

Pregnant Female Murdered - Ambushed

Three black Males, Maurice Jones Harold Murray,27, Ernest Reginald Morris…sought revenge for a an earlier robbery of drugs and money. A white female apparently was in a relationship with a black man (Vern Brewer)… who made his living (surprise) selling drugs and stealing whenever he could. The white female paid the ultimate price for this relationship - shot twice in the face.

* Jennifer Pennington, 30 (deceased)
* Unborn baby

Note: I don’t like to include drug related crimes here, however, the white female seems to be just an innocent go along with the criminal minded black man.
1021. Syracuse, NY, May 20, 1983

Home Invasion - Rape - Murder

A black male, Edward Kithcart, 25 …broke into the apartment of a white female (mother) brutally raped her then used a pillow to smother her to death.

Patricia Kilbourne

Note: Kithcart was already in prison for another rape conviction.
1022. Erie, PN, Aug. 2010

Home Invasion - Abuse Of A Child - Murder

A black male (career criminal), Aaron Noyer, 22,…broke into the home of a white family intending to commit a burglary, instead he kidnapped their 2-year-old child, sexually assaulted her…then murdered her.

* Elizabeth Neimeic, 2
1023. Clinton, MO. Dec. 2005

Home Invasion - Murder

A black male, Joshua Rudolph, 19…put on a ski mask and walked over to his neighbor's home - a white male - and knocked at the front door. When the white male opened the door (he forgot to check the peep hole!) Rudolph pulled his gun, barged in and demanded money. After Rudolph received money, he shot the white male in the head.

Damon Womble, 25
1024. St. Petersburg, Fla., December 11, 2005

Ambush - Murder

A black male,Wilson Saintil, 51,…murdered -bludgeoned to death with a knife - his former manager. Motive was (surprise) robbery.

* Stephen Holmes, 29
1025. Boone County, IL, Aug. 5, 1976

Public Abduction - Rape - Murder

"Please. Ah, C'Mon. Jus a cup of coffee... That all... " Relentless begging and badgering like this day after day from black male Johnny Wright, 33, the white female finally said ok. It costs her her LIFE.

* Becky Doisy, 23
1026. Perry, FL, November 6, 1974

Armed Robbery - Murder

Two black males, Douglas Ray Meeks, 21 Homer Lee Hardwick, 18, …walked into a convenience store - in the white section of Perry - and then pulled a gun on two teenage white people. The cashier, a white female, was ordered to give up the money in the cash register, which she did ($35.00). The other white person (a teenage white male), along with the white female, was marched at gunpoint to the back of the store and then told to lie face down. Both were shot multiple times.

* Diane Allen, 18 (survived)
* Lloyd Walker, 16 (deceased)
1027. Los Angeles, CA, 1995 - 1996

A Tag Team Of Death - Ambush - Serial Killers

Four black males, Emanuel Brown, 26, Kendrick Loot, 25, Bruce Milsap, 30, Rashbone Colston, the course of numerous robberies murdered at least eight people in less than a year. Their MO was to charge up to and execute an armored car guard(s) and then steal the cash bags.

* James Moon, 43
1028. New York City, NY, February 2, 2005

Walk-Up Armed Robbery - Murder

A black male and a black female, Rudy Fleming, 19, Tatianna McDonald, 14 …were out looking for someone to rob when they spotted a trio of young white people. Fleming and his companion charged up the the white people, pulled out a gun and demanded their money.
When the white female refused, Fleming gunned her down.

* Nicole duFresne, 28 (she was a star)
1029. Mead Valley, CA, Dec. 13, 1993

Home Invasion - Murder

Two black Males, Albert Jones, 29, Unidentified 15-year-old, ...broke into the home of an elderly white couple, hog tied them, then proceeded to bludgeoned them to death with pocket knives.

* James Florville, 82
* Madalynne Florville, 72
1030. Atlanta, GA, Feb. 2009

'Fair Housing Act' Murder
Didn't want to appear "racist" cost her her life 

A black male, Shamal Thompson, 22, ... conceived of a ruse he thought would allow him to enter a high security luxury ($800,000 to 2.5 million) condo complex -- to commit burglary: He would simply tell the security guard he was there as a potential buyer . Once inside the complex Thompson was likely just going to go door to door seeing if a door was left unlocked. However, his scheme didn't work quite the way he figured. Thompson was directed to an on-sight real estate agent and while conversing with the agent (probably figuring his ruse wasn't going to work and making a mental exit plan), a white female passed by and overheard them talking. She informed both ... "Don't forget about my place. It's for sale too." That comment would turn out to cost her her life. The black kid seized the opportunity and informed the security guard he wanted to see the lady's unit. When the security guard called the homeowner and told her a black male was inquiring about her place and whether she would like a guard to accompany him ... she refused. She didn't want to appear racist. When Thompson was inside the white female's unit one can only speculate has to what went down before the the brutal assault. But it's likely the white female started to ask some questions about his job or source of income. Naturally, 22-year-old would have been short on answers here, and the white female would have demanded that Thompson leave her place. Thompson, the evidence shows, grabbed the white female by the hair and rammed her head repeatedly into a marble counter top, fracturing her skull. "He then hid her body in the kitchen pantry and proceeded to steal her money, credit cards, and jewelry."

* Dr. Eugenia “Jeanne” Calle, 57
1031. El Cajon, March 1, 2006

Armed Robbery - Murder

Two black males, Anthony James Miller, Jean Pierre Rices, ..showed up at a convenience store at closing time and, at gunpoint, forced two clerks into a back room. After emptying the safe, the two clerks were told to get down on their knees ... then gunned down.

* Heather Mattia, 22 (w/f)
* Firas Waahid Eiso, 23 (Arab)
1032. Los Angeles, Ca, June 30, 1991

Armed Robbery - Murder

A black male, James Robinson, Jr, 22, ...after acquiring a handgun, walked into the store, where he was formerly employed, and drew his gun on two teenage white males (one was employed there, the other was his friend who had come to visit). After Robinson received the store's money he gunned down both white males.

* James White, 19
* Brian Berry, 18
1033. Richmond, VA, Jan. 1, 2006

'Fair Housing Act' Atrocity!

Entire Family Massacred

Two black males, Ricky Javon Gray, Ray Joseph Dandridge …without provocation, attacked a white male early in the evening of Dec. 31, 2005. The white male survived multiple knife wounds and was in a coma for two weeks (when he awoke, he discovered he'd lost the use of his right arm). After this savage attack, the two black males then went to the home of a white family. They broke in then , at gunpoint, gathered the family members (husband, wife and two young daughter) and marched them - terrified, you could imagine - into the basement and bound them with duck tape. All their throats were then slit, the adult white male being left for last, apparently so he could witness the slaughter of his family. The innocent white people massacred are:

* Brian Harvey,49
* Kathryn Harvey, 39
* Ruby, 4
* Stella, 9

Note: These two black males had previously attacked another white female, a mother of three, on Dec. 18, 2005. She was shot three times in the head then hung. The white female victim is:

* Sheryl Warner, 37


1034. St. Petersburg, FL,  March 21, 1983

Black Male Murders Taxi Driver 

Two black males, Derrick Johnson , Derrick Tyrone Smith, ... summoned a taxi for the sole purpose of committing an armed robbery and murder.  The taxi driver (white male) was directed to a secluded area, then murdered.

*   Jeffery Songer 

 1035.   Compton, Ca, Feb. 22, 1991
 Two Police Officers After Routine Traffic Stop 
A black male,  Regis Thomas, ...was pulled over in Compton, Ca. When both officer exited the squad car, Thomas leaped out of his car and began firing at both officers. Incredibly, he hit both , but only wounding them.  Thomas then went up to the white officer, stood over him and executed him. He then went to the black officer and executed him.
* Officer K. Burrell, 39 (b/m)
* Reserve Officer Jimmy MacDonald, 23 (w/m)


1036.   Fulton County , Georgia, Dec. 27, 2010

Murder Of White Police Officer                                                                                                                                                                                                          
A black male (career criminal just released from jail),  Gregory Favors, 30,...was being pulled over by a white male state trooper, however, Favors decided to flee, eventually crashing into a wall. The white officer likely believed the driver was seriously injured - a mistake that would cost him his life. When the white male got up to the car (gun still in his holster), black male Favors leaped out and gunned down the officer. 

* Chadwick Thomas LeCroy , 38


 1037.  Woodland Hills CA, Feb. 8, 1999

'Fair Housing Act' Home Invasion - Murder

Two black males, 
 Kirell Taylor, 25
Boris George ``Booney'' Graham, 27

...followed a white male home (he was driving a Bentley) and when the white male pulled into his garage, the black males charged up to him and at gunpoint forced him into the trunk of his car.  They then went through his home looking for valuables.  The white male's wife was home at the time with their three children and was able to spot the intruders undetected.  She and the children hid out on the roof (the black males had brought duck tape for her and anyone else in the house).  While on the roof, she used her cell phone to summoned police.  The white male was abducted and died when while the black males,  attempting to flee pursuing  police,  crashed the car.  

* Christopher Rawlings, 30 (deceased)
 1038.   Dallas, TX, July 1991

Black Male Street Robbery - Attempted Murder

Three black males, including, Pvt. Kevin Bivins, 22, two others unidentified, ...were in the process of robbing two young women by beating their heads into the ground and punching them.  Two people came to their rescue (one white and one black).  The three black robbers fled, two to a waiting car, the other went the opposite way down the street and was chased by the good Samaritans. When the two caught up with the black male robber,  the car with the other black males returned.  Black male Bivins then exited the car and shot both men.  The good Samaritans survived the shooting;  however, the white male was left a cripple for life, taking a bullet that hit his spinal cord. 

 * Steve Palermo, 41 (w/m)
* Terrence Mann (b/m) style=rned-hero/ 
 1039.  San Diego, CA, June 23, 1995

Home Invasion - Rape - Murder
A black male, Brandon Arnae Taylor, 22, ...broke into the home of an elderly white female while she was sitting in her living room conversing with her sister. Taylor simply sat down right between the two elderly women. When one elderly woman got up and angrily demanded to know what he was doing, Taylor sprang into action. He forced both woman into a bedroom. where he began raping one of them.  However, the other female ran outside and summoned help.  Taylor was apprehended coming out of the house.  WOW
* Rosa Mae Dixon, 80 (deceased)

 1040.  Bessemer, Ala, March 5, 1983

Business Invasion - Two Gunned Down - One Survives

A black male Harry Nicks, ...robbed a pawn store at gunpoint then instructed two white people lie face down on the ground.  Nicks then shot both of them in the head.  

* Robert Back  (deceased)
* Debra Lynn Love  (survived a bullet to the head)


1041.  Waco, TX, March 11, 2011


Two black male, Michael Hart, 42, Terry Harris, 51...staked out a bathroom at a Walmart and waited for an easy target.  When an elderly white female went into the restroom, black male Hart followed. The elderly white female was severely beaten then her purse was stolen.  Hart fled, however,  he was captured a short time later. The elderly female wound up in the hospital.

Evelyn Hromadka, 76 (severely beaten and traumatized)
 1042.  Duval County, Fl, Oct. 18, 2005
 Street Robbery - Murder
A black male, Galante Romar Phillips, 26,… was in the process of an armed robbery when a white male tried to come to the aid of the one being robbed. Black male Phillips then gunned down the Good Samaritan.


* Christopher Aligada, 40
 1043.  Knoxville, TN, Dec. 2010

Ambush (ATM) - Murder 

A black male, Brandon James Johnson, 20,    ...staked out an ATM and waited.  When a white female approached in her car black male Johnson charged up to her and, at gunpoint, demanded money.  Apparently, the white female, startled, attempted to drive off ... so  Johnson gunned her down.

*  DaVida Nicholson, 46
 1044.  Charlotte, N. Carolina, April 6, 2008 

 Ambush - Abuse Of Elderly - Murder
A black male, Gordon Franklin McMullen, 47, …ambushed - stabbing her to death - an elderly white female as she returned home from church. Motive was robbery.  

Mildred Clontz, 91
1045.   Oakland, CA, Oct. 17, 1990

Black Male Thrill Killer

A black male, Delaney G. Marks,...walked up to a white male (Chilean descent) manager of a convenience store, drew a gun and shot him in the side of the chest.  He then calmly walked out of the store.  That same day black male Marks had also shot an Asian female in the face ... for no known reason.  Also murdered that day was a taxi driver, Daniel McDermott - shot in the face (race unknown).

 * Peter Baeza (deceased)
* Mui Luong (survived but with sever brain damage)
 1046.  Riverside, CA,  Nov. 16, 1984

Attempted Public Abduction - Murder

Abuse Of A Child

 A black male (serial rapist), Horace Kelley ...observed two white children walking (male and female).    Kelly stopped his van, leaped out and charged up to the kids, then grabbed the girl (13-years-old) and dragged her toward his van.  However, the brave little boy ran up to black male Kelly and began kicking him in the shins and harassing him, so much so that he freed the girl.   Kelly, now furious at the boy (for ruining his intended rape), gunned the kid down.

  * Daniel Osentkowski, age 11   
1047.  Philadelphia, PA, April 12, 2004

Ambush - Murder

Three black males, Curtis "Kareem" Andrews, 20, Michael Andrews (brothers), Alfonso Morrison, 23 (cousin)…lured a white male auto insurance agent to their home. Once he was inside both of the brother's pounced on him.  One held the white male down while the other strangled him to death.

* David Scafetta, 55

Note: Nothing one can do about this type of ambush attack.  
1048. Huntersville, N. Carolina, Nov. 2005

Ambush - Murder 

An unknown black male murdered (ambushed) a white male at his apartment complex. Motive appears to be (surprise) robbery.

* James Lee Self, 27 (wife, infant child)
Note: Nothing left on the internet about this crime, except (sorry for the language):
1049.  University of North Carolina, May 5, 2004

Home Invasion  - Rape - Murder

A black male, Curtis Dixon, 21, ... barged into a young white girl' s college dorm room, raped her, then brutally murdered her.  Apparently, Dixon was stalking this white female - at this predominately white university.

* Jessica Lee Faulkner , 19 

Note: The father of the murdered girl filed a lawsuit against not only the university but also the parents of the black murderer/rapist  - Dixon committed suicide while in prison awaiting his certain conviction...and death row.

1050.  Raleigh, N. Carolina, April, 2004 

Racism  - Attempted Murder 

'Why are you doing this? Why are you trying to kill me?'" 

A black male (career criminal), Abdullah El-Amin Shareef, 25,   ...while driving an SUV observed a white male walking his dogs, then deliberately veered into him and struck him.  While the white male was on the ground, the black male then put his vehicle in reverse and tried to run him over again.   Abdullah was in a stolen vehicle and was already wanted for a vast array of other crimes. 


* David McCaskill (survived) 
1051. San Diego, CA, 2011

 Ambush Leads To Murder

Three black males,Rashon Abernathy, 17, Seandell Jones , 17, Shaquille Jordan,17
...advertised a computer on CraigsList  - a computer they did not have.  When a young white male and his girlfriend responded to the ad, the black males stole his money at gunpoimt.  The white male chased them and was subsequently shot and killed. 


* Garrett Berki, 18 
1052.   Los Angeles, CA, June 2, 1983 
Murder Of White Police Officer

Two black males, Kenneth earl Gay, 27 Raynard Cummings, …after committing an armed robbery were pulled over – in a stolen car – by a white male officer. When the officer approached the car, black male Cummings shot him, then handed the gun to Gay. Gay exited the car, stood over the wounded officer, then put five more bullets into him.


 * Officer Paul Verna, 35 (wife, son, daughter)
1053.  El Monte CA, April 24, 1987

Home Invasion – Rape -Torture – Murder

 A black male, Mario Lewis Gray,
…was convicted and sentenced to death in the rape/murder of an elderly white female.  The medical examiner testified that the elderly white female, "had suffered blunt trauma to her face, both sides of her head, her neck, and her chest. Her jaw was broken on both sides of her head, and she had two broken ribs on her left side and one broken rib on her right side. These injuries were consistent with her having been kicked, punched, or thrown into a blunt object. She had severe bruising around her eyes, suggesting she had been hit around the eyes. She had injuries to her scalp and bleeding on her brain. Her neck had been compressed for four or five minutes, causing facial swelling and, eventually, death by asphyxiation. Dr. Riley suggested the assailant had pressed his elbow, knee, or forearm on the victim’s neck, or had possibly placed a two-by-four piece of wood on her neck and then pressed on it, breaking the hyoid bone at the base of her tongue in the process."


* Ruby Reed, 87

Note: El Monte, Ca, was less than 1% black in 1987.
 1054.  Miami, Fl, August 31, 1982
 Ambush - Murder

 A black male, Harry Phillips, … gunned down a probation officer supervisor. The victim, a white male, was first shot in the chest, then black male Phillips stood over him and shot him multiple times in the head.

* Bjorn Svenson, 34 

Note: Mr. Sverenson was an immigrant from Sweden.

1055.   Tulsa, Ok., June 2004
Armed Robbery - Three Gunned Down

Two black males,
Jeremy Williams, 21, (triggerman)
 Alvin Jordan , 26
…in the course of an armed robbery of a bank, gunned down an innocent white female bank teller for no apparent reason. Two other white people were also gunned down.

* Amber Rogers,26, (deceased)
* Mark Poole, 45 (hospitalized with serious injury but expected to survive)
* Howard Smith, 62 (shot twice, hospitalized with serious injury but expected to survive)

1056.    Los Angeles, CA, August 12, 1978
Home Invasion - Rape - Murder

A black male, Eric Kimble, ...broke into the home of a white couple (white community), duck tapped wife and husband, raped the wife, then executed both of them. Kimble then took what he came for, the keys to a stereo equipment store, which the adult white male was the owner. The couple's daughter arrived at the home apparently just minutes after Kimble fled the residence. Two days later Kimble used the keys to break into the store. 

  * Harry Margulies
  * Avonne Margulies

 1057.  Mendenhall, MS, April 17, 2004

Home Invasion - Abuse Of The Elderly
"He took my head and slammed it against the concrete walk and kicked my face..." "...I though he was going to kill me. " said Everett.

 A black male, unknown,...forced his way into a elderly white female's home, then beat her mercilessly while demanding money.

* Kristine Everett , 81 (survived)

1058.     Pinellas County, FL, June 13, 1993

Murder Of White Police Officer
A black male, Lorenzo Jenkins...apparently attempting to break into a condominium, a white patrol officer was summoned and confronted black Jenkins. When Jenkins was being handcuffed, a fight ensued. Jenkins wound up in possession of the officer's gun .. then proceeded to gun him down. 

Innocent White Male: 
Officer Jeffrey Tackett

 1059.  Eden, Ind., Aug. 10, 2004

 Ambush - Murder

A black male, Kenneth Kelly, 19... ambushed a white male - shot him twice  in the back - as he exited his home. Police claim Kelly admitted it was a murder-for-hire (and the cost of this man's life to Kelly? A used car).  Kelly had no acquaintance with the white male.

 * Brett Dobbins, 44
 1060. Louisville, Ky, Feb. 13, 2001

Business Invasion - Murder 

Two blacks (male, female),  Tiffany Dominique Pennington, Jessica Lawrence, …during a bank hold-up, for no apparent reason, gunned a white female bank teller.  

Mary Dell Kaelin-Brandenburg, 52
1061.   Los Angeles, CA, early 1980s

 Brothers Terrorize Los Angeles' White Communities -- Serial Killers

Two black males (brothers, serial murders/rapists),Kevin Haley, 20, Reginald Haley, 24,
…who never had real jobs in their entire adult lives, made their career out of victimizing white people. Their MO was to drive around white neighborhoods looking for homes occupied by elderly woman, break into the home, rape the elderly woman, then murder her, or beat her into unconsciousness.  Their total murder count is eight.  "The brothers would participate in an estimated 500 burglaries, 60 rapes, and eight murders over a five-year period ending with their arrest in 1984."

 White Victims:
 * Jodie Samuels, 15 (white community)

 * Willa Gerber (survived – white community)
 * Olga B. , 58 (survived – white community)
 * Isabel Burton, 90 (white community?)
 * D. Robinoff , 78 (white community)
 * Elizabeth Burns, 87 (white community?)
 * Laverne Stolzy, 58, (white community ?)
 * Elizibeth Karp, 89 (white community?)
 * Dolores Clement, 55 (white community)


Public Abduction/ Rape Of A White Female: Los Angeles, CA, April 13, 1984

 A white couple was strolling on the beach in El Segundo when they were accosted by the Haley brothers at gunpoint . The white female was then sodomized and raped vaginally by both black males. The black male Haley brothers seemed to enjoy all the things they could do when they put a gun to someone’s head.
1062.  Cincinnati, OH , Dec. 9, 1997
Ambush - Tow Police Officers Murdered 

A black male, Alonzo Davenport, 20, ..ambushed two police (one white the other black) who were executing a warrant for his arrest.
* Officer Daniel Pope, 35 (w/m)
* Officer Ronald Jeter, 34 (b/m)

 1063.   Vero Beach, Fl, Sept.23, 1986

  Thrill Kill

A black male, William Reaves, 38 ...was in the process of being placed under arrest by a white male officer. A gun was found on Reaves by the officer which produced a physical confrontation. During the struggle, Reaves wound up with the officer's gun, then shot the officer in the back as he attempted to flee.
* Richard Raczkowski

 1064.  Hilton Head Island, S. Carolina, Dec. 2 , 1999

Home Invasion - Torture - Rape 

 ”Where are you God?” Moore asked as the attack continued. “Aren’t you supposed to be on my side? I’m a good woman. Please! My children and grandchildren need me still. Don’t let me die this way. Who will find me?” (White female victim - Pictured in the middle with her two kids)

                                                         “You gonna die bitch.”

A serial rapist, John Arnold Brinson, 42, …broke into the home of a white female and brutally raped her for hours, strangling her, then releasing his hands from her neck when she passed out. When she regained consciousness, again she was raped and again forced to endure another strangulation. 


* Jacquelyn Moore, 59 (survived, but because of the mental trauma of the black man’s attack, committed suicide in 2004).

Note: Rapist Brinson died in prison “of natural causes.”

 1065.   Colton, CA,  April 20, 1996

 Armed Robbery - Murder

Two black males,John Myles, 24 Tony Rogers, 17 (triggerman)...barged into a Pepper steak House restaurant and then forced at gunpoint all the people into the kitchen .  A white male, and retired police captain for Colton,  tried to intercede to protect his wife and the other patrons and was then gunned down - taking five shots. 

* Capt. Fred Malouf 

Note: Black male John Myles also was convicted of killing another man (presumably white), Harry Byrd,  in San Bernardino while simply standing on a street corner. It was apparently a THRILL KILL.
 1066.  Virginia Commonwealth University, March 27, 2008

White Couple Ambushed - Murder

 Three blacks, Zsabriela Williams, 19 (b/f), Howard Scott, 17,LaPecious Austin, 19, (driver), ...needed money and decided to mug some white people. Williams and Scott charged up to a young white couple and demanded money and cars key.  With a gun pointed in their face the white couple surrendered what money they had and their car keys. The couple was then ordered to get into the trunk of their car, which they refused.  Williams then ordered the two to start walking. As the two were walking away, she fired a bullet into the white male.

*  Tyler Binsted, 20 
 1067.  Cumberland County, N. Carolina, March 14, 2004 

 Ambush - 'Pocket Change' Murder 

A black male, Melvin Shrieves Jr. , 20,  ...ambushed a white male school counselor hoping to find a few dollars in his pocket.  The black male then stole the white male's vehicle. 
* Detrace Mercer , 51 (deceased)
 1068.    Orlando , FL, Oct.  29, 1996
'Fair Housing Act' Home Invasion - Rape - Murder

A black male,  Sean Smith, 20, (AKA  Dolan Darling)...broke into the home of a white female (or followed her to her apartment unit from the laundry machine), beat her, sexually assaulted her, then murdered her. 


*  Grazyna "Grace" Mlynarczyk , 33  (Polish immigrant)
1069.  Columbia , S. Carolina, 2004
Elderly White Male Ambushed And Murdered
A black male (career criminal),Tobias “Toby” Lee, 28,… was in the process of stealing a vehicle when he was approached by an elderly white male. Rather than simply flee,  Lee pulled a gun and gunned down the elderly man.
 * James Hammond , 74  
Note :  Lee was arrested and charged with two murders, one in S.C & one in Georgia.
 1070.  Pinellas Park, FL, August 17, 1989

'Fair Housing Act' Home Invasion- Elderly Rape - Murder

A black male,
 Anthony Neil Washington , 33, ...broke into the home of an elderly white female, then "He beat her mercilessly, broke her glasses, knocked out her hearing aid, ripped out her false teeth, raped her [sodomized her]and strangled her. He broke 14 of her ribs and crushed the bones and cartilage in her neck."

* Alice Berdat, 92

1071.  Banning , CA, Jan. 4, 1994

 Thrill Kill

A black male, Crandell McKinnon,..a crips gang member, while talking to black females, he decided a real cool way to impress the girls would be gun down a white male.  McKinnon walked up to the white male, a person he'd never seen before, drew his gun and shot him pointblank. 
* Perry Coder, 23

Note: Black Male McKinnon was also convicted for killing another innocent man, Gregory Martin (race unknown).

 1072.   Oxnard, CA, Dec. 22, 1995
'Fair Housing Act' Home Invasion - Murder
A black male, Kenneth McKinzie, 35...observed an elderly white female in her garage (it was after midnight), charged up to her and beat her in the head, then stuffed her in the trunk of her car. McKinzie then drove her out to a remote irrigation ditch and strangled her to death. He then dumped her body into the ditch.

* Ruth Avril , 73

 1073.   Greenville, N. Carolina, June 30, 2009

Ambush - Murder

A black male, James Richardson, 32, ...gunned down two white males in a drive-by shooting.  

* Edgar Landon Blackley, 21 (deceased)
* Charles Andrew “Drew” Kirby, 29 ( deceased - owner of a pizza shop)

 1074. Fresno, CA, Aug. 6, 1984

Walk-Up Murder

A black male,  Ronald McPeters,...became angry at a white female when she shouted at him to stop harassing  people for money.  McPeters went back to his car, retrieved his gun and then went up to the white female, who was sitting in her car, and  shot her five times,  then calmly walked back to his car and drove away.  However,  McPeters decided to dive back to his crime scene and was subsequently nabbed by police. 

Victim:: :
* Linda Marie Pasnick, 27 
1075.  Emerson, Ark., Nov. 12, 2009

 White Male Murdered In Home Invasion

 Three black males,
 Jamaria Dontray "Trey" Crew, 20 (triggerman) Jeremy Laderrick Crew, 21
 Kevin T. Easter, 2
...ambushed a white male at his home. Motive was (surprise) robbery.

* Donnie Joe Waller, 73


1076.  Englewood, N. J. Dec 18, 2009

 Pack Attack- Brutal Beat Down

 A group of 11 feral black youth (8th graders and high-schoolers) jumped a young white boy as he walked home alone after school.  Apparently, a black female told the temperament-deficient black youth that the boy hit her with a basketball. Turns out, the white boy was not the one.  Even if he was, did he deserve to get jumped by 11 blacks?!

The young white kid was beat up so bad, he needed facial re-constructive surgery.  He also may never see again.  And where was the mainstream media on this one? Not a peep!

Victim:: * David Muneton, 13

Note: I do hope the parents of the boy filed a civil lawsuit against these black cowards. 
1077.  Hampton, VA, April 16, 2010

Black Male: "I'm gonna kill your fuckin' white ass!" 
White Victim: "Never once did he try to take my keys. Never once did he ask or try to take my pocketbook or any money. He was just out to hurt..." 
A black male, William Douglas, 25, ... in a public parking lot walked up to a white female , who he had never met before, and out of contempt and hatred for her race, began pounding on her, saying "I'm gonn kill your fuckin' white ass!"

* Sylvia Hollingsworth, 58

 1078.  Tampa, FL, Dec. 4 , 2004

Armed Robbery - Murder 

Three black males,  Phillip Austin Jr., 18, Marquis Devon Alexander, 16 (triggerman), Darrell Sebron Doby Jr., 19,...  barged into a SubWay  Sandwich shop and terrorized two white females at gunpoint.  In the course of the robbery,  Alexander , according to police, unprovoked, gunned down both white females. 

Total take in this robbery was about $70.00. 

* Danielle Miller, 22 (deceased)
*  Dorothy Hayes, 37 (took a bullet in the stomach but miraculously survived)

Note:  Austin was making his living by robbing taxi drivers.  One of the drivers was shot but survived the murder attempt.

Also, Danielle was an aspiring - and by appearances very gifted - fashion designer.
1079.   Fort Lauderdale, FL, 2000

Black Female Attempts To Poison White Male Boss 

A black female, Femesha Foster, 37,  …in an effort to try to keep her boss from discovering her persistent thievery, began lacing his drinks with rat poison. Lucky for the white male his employer set up hidden camera in an effort to catch the black female in the act of stealing.

Victim::                                                                                                                                                          * Mark Caruso (survived)
 1080.  New York City, NY, June 11, 2000

    Crimes That Shake Our Conscience 

A black male hoard - estimates of 60 or more - rampaged again through Central Park attacking any white person they could find.  The females were their principle target.  They were attacked & stripped of the clothes then sexually molested.  One of the victims was a French couple.  The female was attacked, stripped naked in front of her husband, who was being held down by other blacks, then she was sexually penetrated.  Over 30 blacks were subsequently arrested.

 Names of the White Victims withheld.

 1081.  French Camp, Miss., Feb. 4, 2005
Murder Of White Police Officer

Four black juveniles, including, Christopher Fair 16, Four others unidentified, ...was fleeing in a car being pursued by police officers. The four juveniles stopped the car and ran into a house, the other ran into the woods. As a white male officer opened the front door of the house, black male Fair gunned him down with a shotgun blast to the face. 

Victim::                                                                                                                                                           * Chief Anthony Lucas, 32

 1082.  Garland, TX,    1992

'Fair Housing Act' Home Invasion -Attempted  Massacre - Three  Children 

911: "911."

MELANIA: "Oh please come help. Please!"

911: "What's the problem?"

MELANIA: "There's some guys that just came in my house and they shot all of us."

911: "They've shot you?"

MELANIA: "Yeah, they shot my grandmother in the head. I'm shot in the arm. In the very top of it. God help."

A black male, Clarence Bailey, 21,  Dedrick Jones ...broke into the home an elderly white female when her three grandkids were visiting.  The elderly white female was immediately gunned down with a shot to the head. The two blacks then went after the children. 

* Alma Mae Adkins, 79 (deceased)
* Mark Tyler, 8 (survived)
*  Melinda Tyler, 12 (survived)
*  Third child unidentified ( survived)
 1083.   Atascocita, TX, April 11, 2011

Ambush  -Murder

 A black male, Giovanni Mora, 18,...ambushed a white male in his driveway, shooting him in the head. Motive was robbery - which netted black male Mora no money. 


* Donald William Frye III, 41
1084.  University of Maryland, MD,  Jan. 11, 2011

'Fair Housing Act' Home Invasion - Murder 

A black male,  Deandre Ricardo Williams, 23, (triggerman) , Stephan Weaver, 22 (w/m) ....broke into the home of a young white male and demanded cash.  When the male refused to cooperate, Williams gunned him down. 

* Justin DeSha-Overcash,  22 (college student - double majoring in physics and astronomy)
1085. Natchitoches, LA , March 2011

Ambush - Murder 

 A black male,

Jeremy Osborn, 25 , 

 ...apparently got the worst of it in a fight, so he retrieved a gun and shot a young white female.  This case is still pending.  Police are certain they have their shooter.

* Kasey Ragan, 20

1086.  Tempe , AZ, October 17, 2010

Ambush - Murder

Two black males,  Louis Eugene Harper, 20,  
Marion Anthony Patterson III, 17,...charged up to a white male college student and gunned him down.  The black males then rifled through his pockets looking for cash. 

 * Zachary Marco, 21

 1087.   Jacksonville, FL, December 2009
'Fair housing Act' Home Invasion - Elderly - Murder

 A black male, Cecil Shyron King, 41,
...broke into the home of an elderly white female and mercilessly beat her - with a hammer - until she was dead. The coroner indicated the elderly woman received over 17 strikes to the head.

* Renie Telzer-Bain, 82 (deceased)

 1088.   Tulsa , OK, Sept. 4, 3008

Black Male Ambush -Murder

 Two black males, Allen Shields (mastermind) Fred Shields , Alonzo Johnson (provided get-away vehicle), Terrico Bethel (triggerman) ...was hired - for $10, 000 - by an Arab male, Mohammad Aziz, to kill an innocent white male he owed money to. 

*  Neal Sweeney 
1089.  Detroit, MI, May 7, 2011

Ambush - Murder

A black male,Freddie Young, 62 ...who had just recently won a million dollar lottery,  decided his daughter shouldn't have to pay her landlord two months rent which she was in arrears.  Young's solution? Simply murder the landlord.  The white male, from Australia,  wanted to be a landlord, so he had bought an apartment complex -- in a black community.

 UPDATE:  Young convicted of murder. Most likely, all his lotto winnings will go to the dead man's widow.

* Greg McNicol, 42
1090.  Tacoma, WA, July 23, 2010

Drive-By Shooting - Murder 

Two blacks, one Mexican, Herman Jackson , 28 , Olujimi Blakeney, 25, (triggerman), Manuel Castillo, ...were involved in an argument.  When the confrontation broke up, the three got into a car and began to drive away.  As they were driving away Blakeney pulled a gun and fired into a crowd of people.  One of his stray bullets hit a white female. All three have been arrested and are charged with 1st degree murder.


* Lisa Melancon,0,313494.story

1091.  Lehigh University, PA, April 5, 1986

'Fair Housing Act' Home Invasion - Murder

A black male, Josoph M. Henry,  20,...broke into the dorm room of a white female then "raped, sodomized, beaten, bitten, strangled with a metal coil and mutilated with a broken bottle during the attack." 

*  Jeanne Ann Clery, 19,,20116872,00.html

 1092.  Worcester, Ala., Dec. 11, 1992

Public Abduction – Rape – Murder

A black male (serial rapist/career criminal), James Earl Johnson, 45,…abducted a young white female, took her to an abandoned house, raped her then strangled her to death. Johnson then set the house on fire. Serial rapist Johnson was linked by DNA to Ms. Comeau death in 2011. He died in prison in 2008.

* Denise A. Comeau, 30

Note: Another murder victim, a woman (presumable white) identified by police as Ms. Lehtinen, 42, was also linked to Johnson.
1093.  Little Rock , Ark., July 1990

'Fair Housing Act' Home Invasion - Rape - Murder 

A black male , John Yancey, 20,...broke into a white females apartment... raped her , then bludgeoned her to death with a knife.  The white female's sister discovered her the following day in bed, naked and covered in blood.  It took law enforcement 16 years to get a DNA hit on Yancey.

Victim:                                                                                                                                                           *  Treva Parks, 33 
 1094.  Indianapolis, Ind., April 2011

Home Invasion - Torture - Murder

A black male, Allen Parker, 25, ...was (miraculously!) allowed to rent from a white male.  The white male ended up paying for that decision with his life.   Parker broke into the white male's home, duct tapped him and then beat him.  The white male, according to the coroner, died from asphyxiation, which seems to imply that  Parker duct tapped his head.

*  John Butsch, 59 (well known musician)  


1095.  Salem, OH, De. 2, 2010

Black Male Ambush - Murder 

 A black male, Cortes Everett, 24,... pulled a gun on a white male and then gunned him down.  Motive was (surprise) robbery.

* Dennis B. Robb , 58
1096. Inkster , MI, July 9, 1987

 Sadistic Murder Of Two Police Officers
Three black males, brothers, including their mother, William Lemons , Roy Lemons, George Lemons, Alberta Easter, 69...were a family of thieves.  When officers arrived at their motel to serve them an arrest warrant, which was for bouncing a mere $286.00 check (jail time would have amounted to about 30 to 60 days). Two white officers, one black, , were taken hostage at gunpoint.  When it was all over, the three officers were found shot dead - the white male officers were shot multiple times.
* Officers Clay Hoover, 24 (w/ m shot 29 times)
* Dan Dubiel, 36 (w/ m shot 29 times)
* Sgt. Ira Parker, 41 (b/m)
1097.   Henniker, MA, April 29, 2010

'Fair Housing Act' Home Invasion - Murder 

  A black male (Haitian immigrant), Roody Fleuraguste, 22,  ...murdered a young  married white female in her home.  A week earlier the white female actually went out on a fishing trip with the Haitian murderer.  What could she have been thinking?

 * Molly Hawthorn-MacDougall, 31
1098.    Las Vegas, NV, Nov. 19, 2009

'Fair Housing Act' Home Invasion - Murder Of White Police Officer

Four blacks, one Mexican, Quadrae Scott, 18, Emmitt Ferguson , 18 Saul Williams , 20, Adrian Pena , 17, Prentice Marshall ,18...charged up to a white male police officer while he was in his garage and , at gunpoint, demanded money and entry to the home. Rather than allow the thugs into his home, where his wife and kids were, the officer, a former Marine, decided to fight. He ended up being fatally struck by gunfire.

Note:: Since they had come armed and very ready to murder, no question in my mind, this white male saved his wife from getting ganged raped and most likely murdered.

* Officer Trevor Nettleton, 30 (hero who sacraficed his life for his family)
1099.  Grand Rapis MI, July 7, 2011

                      * Massacre Atrocity * 
 A White Female Brought A Black Male Into the Household...

A black male, Rodrick Dantzler,  ...murdered five innocent white people, including his ex-girlfriend and his child - total of seven. Police claim it was entirely a premeditated mass murder.   Apparently,  Danzler was being forced out of the white female's home - with no income and no job prospects.

* Rebecca L. Heeren , 52
* Thomas Heeren, 51
* Kimberlee Emkens, 23
* Amanda Emkens, 27
* Marissa Lynn Emkens , 10 -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
1100.   Ogden, Utah, April 22, 1974

               * Business Invasion Atrocity * 

                   Rape - Torture - Murder

                    "Hi-Fi Murders"

Three black males, and members of the US Air Force,  
Dale Selby Pierre, 21
William Andrews , 19,
Keith Roberts,

... planned a robbery of an white-owned business for over a month. Anyone in the store at the time they determined was going to be brutally murdered. The following is how the massacre went down:

"With five people now in the basement, Pierre told Andrews to get something from out of their van. Andrews returned with a bottle in a brown paper bag, from which Pierre poured a cup of blue liquid. Pierre ordered Orren to administer the liquid to the other hostages, but he refused, and was bound, gagged and left face-down on the basement floor.

Pierre and Andrews then propped each of the victims into sitting positions and forced them to drink the liquid, telling them it was vodka laced with sleeping pills. Rather, it was liquid Drano. The moment it touched the hostages' lips, enormous blisters rose, and it began to burn their tongues and throats and peel away the flesh around their mouths. Ansley, still begging for her life, was forced to drink the drain cleaner too, although she was reported to have coughed less than the other victims (by Orren Walker). Pierre and Andrews tried to duct-tape the hostages' mouths shut to hold quantities of drain cleaner in and to silence their screams, but pus oozing from the blisters prevented the adhesive from sticking. Orren Walker was the last to be given the drain cleaner, but seeing what was happening to the other hostages, he allowed it to pour out of his mouth and then faked the convulsions and screams of his son and fellow hostages.

Pierre became angry because the deaths were taking too long and were too loud and messy, so he shot both Carol and Cortney Naisbitt in the backs of their heads. Pierre then shot at Orren Walker but missed. He then fatally shot Stanley before again shooting at Orren, this time grazing the back of his head.

Pierre then took Ansley to the far corner of the basement, forced her at gunpoint to remove her clothes, then repeatedly and brutally raped her, after telling Andrews to clear out for 30 minutes. When he was done, he allowed her to use the bathroom while he watched, then dragged her, still naked, back to the other hostages, threw her on her face, and fatally shot her in the back of the head.

Andrews and Pierre noted that Orren was still alive, so Pierre mounted him, wrapped a wire around his throat, and tried to strangle him. When this failed, Pierre and Andrews inserted a ballpoint pen into Orren's ear, and Pierre stomped it until it punctured his eardrum, broke, and exited the side of his throat. Pierre and Andrews then went upstairs, finished loading equipment into their van, and departed."

* Orren Walker, 43 (survived)
* Cortney Naisbitt, 16 (survived)
* Carol Naisbitt, 52 (deceased, mother of Cortney)
* Stanley Walker, 20 (deceased)
* Michelle Ansley, 19 (deceased)
1101.   Jacksonville, FL, Jan. 26, 2008

Attempted Murder Of White Police Officer

A black male,
Joel Abner, 18, …was in the process of shoplifting when he was confronted by a white male police officer. Black male thug Abner ran and was chased by the officer. While running, black male Abner pulled his concealed gloc .45 and began firing at the innocent white officer. One bullet hit the officer in the face - demonstrating this black kid was trying to kill. The officer returned fire - while continuing to take numerous hits to this protective vest - and killed the black male thug. (the good guy won this time!)

* Officer Jared Reston (serious injured but survived)
 1102.    Benton Harbor, MI, Dec., 1973

Murder Of White Police Officer

 A black male racist (career criminal ),  
Maurice Carter, .. walked up behind a white male police officer who, along with his wife, was in a store looking through music albums. Carter then shot him - five times - in the back of the head. Black male Cater then took a shot at the innocent white female. 
 * Thomas Schadler (deceased)
* Ruth Schadler (survived)

1103.  Jackson County, IL  2014

White Female Good Samaritan Is Murdered By Man She Tried To Help

NOTE: Case yet to be prosecuted. White female was provider for five children She evidently also provided for homeless Brandon Banks. This appears to be a "gimme some money bitch OR ELSE!"type ambush/ murder.  Banks was a career criminal. 

Arrested For Murder:
 Brandon Banks, 28

Marsha Ann Brown, 40
1104.  Garland County, Ark., Nov. 2009

                * Black Male Atrocity *
Black Male Massacre
Home Invasion - Family Massacre
Three black males,  Jeremy Pickney, 23, Samuel Conway, 23, Marvin Stringer, 22,... broke into a white family's mobile home looking for a TV steal and some expensive wheel rims (yes, a white family slaughtered for a TV and wheel rims). There's no way of knowing what sordid fun these black males had with their white captives, what they were forced to endure, since the mobile home along with all the bodies were burned beyond recognition. Mostly likely the 18-year-old was raped. 

White Victims:
* Edward Gentry Senior, 80
* Ed Gentry jr., 56
* Pam Gentry, 52
* Jeremy Gentry, 24
* Kristen Warneke , 18;, serif;y/UPDATE-Victims-in-Garland-County-deadly-fire-were/D4zMvPTQmEunKhP4Ir4P5g.cspx
1105.  Oklahoma City, OK, June 2008

Public Abduction - Torture - Murder

Two black males, Quintez Deshawn Thomas , 26,  Lynn Shimon Hurley , 27,  ...abducted a white female from her home.  She was later found stabbed, dosed with a flammable liquid, set on fire and left for dead. Note: This female appears to be a prostitute. 

* Jessica "Baby Girl” Brackett , 37 (deceased)
1106.  Seattle, WA, Oct. 31, 2009

 Two White Officers In Seattle Ambushed And Murdered
 A black male, Christopher Monfort, 41,... spotted two white officers sitting in a patrol car and drove up alongside the car. Monfort then pulled a gun and fired numerous shots into the car trying to kill both officers.

Naturally, there is nothing any officer can do to protect himself from this kind of ambush.

* Officer Tim Brenton, 39 (deceased - wife and two young children)
* student officer Brit Sweeney, 33 (survived)

Black male Monfort is also believed to be the one responsible for booby-trapping a police car with explosives. Only by a miracle did two white police officers survive that attempt. 
1107.  Stamford, CT, Dec. 2010

 Attempted Murder White Police Officer
A black male (career criminal), Ephraim Goitom, 27, ...shot his illegal .357 magnum through his rear door when he knew police officers where there to execute a search warrant for drugs.  Goitom shot face-high hoping, naturally, to strike a lethal shot if he hit his victim i.e. Goitom knew they were cops at his from door and therefore knew they would be wearing protective vests. 
* Officer Richard Gasparino (miraculously survived)

 1108.  Cape Coral, FL, Jan. 1, 2010

Ambush - Murder

I'm Gonna Getcha. Just Wait... 

A black male, Reginald Etienne, 31, drunk and began insulting a white male's fiance'. When the white male told him to leave, Etienne vowed to get even. He went home (he lived next door to the party house), retrieved a butcher knife, then went back to the party and hunted down the white male, stabbing him 18 times...until he was dead.

* Joshua Jay Sands, 35 (deceased)

Note: The News Years party was thrown by black male Aaron Madoo - who currently (Aug. 2011) has a Florida mug shot posted on the Internet and is being charged with fleeing police.  What was this white male doing at a thug black male's party? ... and even bringing his finance'? !
1109.  Greenville, N. Carolina, Sept. 17, 2010

Business Invasion - Murder

A black male (career criminal), Eric Holloway , 23, the course an armed robbery, deliberately murdered a white male business owner. 

* Clay Malloy, Sr. , 59
1110.  Todd County, MN, May 20, 2011

Home Invasion - Murder

A black male (unemployed), Jeffery Allen Brooks, 52, ...broke into a white family's home while she was at work. When sheunexpectedly came home during her lunch break,  Brooks brutally attacked her  by beating her in the head with some [unknown] object.

* Diane Fortenberry, 51 (deceased)

1111.  St. Louis, MO,  Oct. 2009

              Home Invasion - Murder

Two black males, Ledale Nathan, 18, Mario Coleman, 23, ...broke into the home of a white female and in the course of an armed robbery/burglary, gunned her down. 

 * Gina Stallis, 34
1112.  Memphis , TN, Oct. 27, 2007

                         Reign Of Terror 

A black male, Dexter Cox, 18, ... walked up to an elderly white male sitting on his front porch, pulled a gun and then gunned him down.  When the elderly white male's wife came to the door to investigate, Cox then gunned her down. Motive , according to police, was robbery.  About 3 months later,  Cox struck again.  He somehow was invited into a white male's home and, once inside, he gunned him down.

*  Herbert Wooten, 71 (w/m)
*  Barbara Wooten, 56 (w/m)
 * Ed Vidulich, 51 (w/m)

Note:  Cox is also awaiting trial for murdering Gwendolyn Cherry, 45, in October 2007 (race unknown).

UPDATE: Found guilty and sentenced to life.  The MONSTER is caged for good!
1113.   SAVANNAH, GA, Dec. 24, 2005

Black Male Ambush - Murder

Three black males,
 Kevin Huckabee, 21, Michael Thorpe, 26 (claimed it was "a racial thing" cuz police arrested him), Webster Wilson, 25,…stole a car and went looking for someone to rob. They came upon a young white female and her boyfriend. They stopped their car, exited and charged up to the couple. With guns pointed at the young white couple, the black males demanded the girl's purse. She said “no” and turned to walk away.  For that response she was gunned down - shot in the  back by the cowardly black fiends. The black males took her purse then pistol-whipped the white male.

UPDATE: All three criminal-minded blacks, who gunned down the female for NO REASON, were found guilty of murder.

* Jennifer Ross, 19
* Brett Finley (survived)
1114. Cincinnati, Ohio, Oct. 17, 2008

Home Invasion - Murder

 A black male, Markques Thomas, 20,...held three white people at  gunpoint during a home invasion robbery.  When a young white male fought back, black male Thomas gunned him down.

* Timothy Wehr, 18
1115.  Raleigh, N. Carolina, Aug. 22, 2006

Public Abduction - Rape - Murder

A black male,Antonio Davon Chance, 30, ...staked out an underground parking garage waiting for a white female to kidnap, rape and murder.

* Cynthia Moreland, 48 (deceased)

1116.    Houston, TX, 1998 

Ambush - Murder

A black male, Bernard Crawford, ...gunned down a white male tow- truck driver for seizing his vehicle. 

* Steven Hardin,  26
1117.   Bowie County, TX,  Sept. 6, 2009

 Ambush - Torture - Murder 

 A black male, Anthony Mark “Poo Bear” Lewis,24, .... robbed a white male then doused him with flammable liquid and the set him on fire.

*  Thomas Steven Wilson, 39 (deceased)

1118.  St. Petersburg, FL, Aug. 1, 2008

 Ambush - Murder

Two black males,  Titus Leon Hill , 19, Michael Balkaran, 17,...ambushed and murdered a white male and his friend who were outside installing a car stereo.  The two teens were obviously on the prowl with a loaded gun looking for an easy target.  Unfortunately for Hill, the white male was concealing a gun.  He pulled it and killed Hill.  The white male also was hit in simultaneous gunfire. 

  Sean S. Ellenberger, 39 (deceased)

The value of the white victim's life to the teeenage blacks was:
"cell phone, wallet, radar detector and car stereo were taken during the incident, deputies said." 
 1119.  Terrytown, LA, May 2011

Ambush - Murder

 A black male, Jamario Alexander, 24, …flagged down a white taxi driver (blacks have a well established reputation of either not paying, or pulling a gun on a driver). The white male was later found shot to death.


* William Kerner, 52
1120.   Suffolk County, NY, March 24 , 2010

Public Abduction - Murder

 A black male, Chad Johnson , 22, …abducted a white female and murdered her.


* Jennifer Papain , 26
1121.   New Orleans, LA, Dec. 23, 2010

Home Invasion - Murder

A black male vicious teen,
Cedrick Berryhill, 16,

…without cause or provocation, murdered three innocent people.

 * Jonathan "Flee" Hall , 27
* Delmar Noel Soto-Artega, 24
* Floyd Tapson, 50
* 2 others unidentified (survived)

 1122.  Jonesboro, GA, March 17, 2010

White Male Gunned Down In Public Armed Robbery

 A black male (already a career criminal), Broderick Smith, 20, 
…in the course of an armed robbery gunned down an innocent white male college student - over a cell phone!


* Anthony Beavers, 19

1123.   NYC, NY, 1993 

White Male Cyclist Ambushed - Racist THRILL KILL

 G. Dep - AKA - Trevell Coleman , now 37, confessed to police that  in 1993, when he was 18-years-old, he ambush/murdered a white male - three shots to the chest. This murder by Coleman appears to be nothing more than a THRILL KILL!  

UPDATE: Career criminal Coleman was convicted in 2012 for the 1993 murder.  Colman was unemployed, married (or living with a female), had "kids" but, naturally, couldn't feed his kids.  He couldn't afford to pay rent -- since he had no job.  He scrapped by day to day by pulling off petty crimes. Coleman never had a real ob in his adult life. He called himself a "rapper".

* John Henkel , 32

Note: From 2003 to 2010, Coleman has racked up 25 arrests for crimes ranging from drugs to burglary to grand larceny.

 1124.  Galveston County, TX, 

 Home Invasion - Abuse Of Elderly - Murder

A black male,   Jordan Lewis, 14... gained the trust of an elderly white female.  Apparently, Lewis was simply biding his time, waiting for the opportunity strike.  Armed with a knife, the black teen gained entry, likely giving a desperation story - a con. Once inside , Lewis struck with his knife. Motive was burglary / robbery.

* Vaneeda Wright, 84 (deceased)

 1125.  Minneapolis, MN, Aug. 1, 2009

 Taxi Driver Murdered 

A black male, Abdirahman Abdiwahab Abdikarim, 18,... lured a white male taxi driver to a secluded area where he robbed him at gunpoint ... then gunned him down.

* Michael Allen Palm, 41
1126.  Fulton County, GA, May 2011

Home Invasion - Murder

"the suspect claimed his car broke down."

 A black male, unknown identity, ...knocked on the door of an elderly white male. Unfortunately, the elderly person did not first look to see who it was at his front door. When he opened the door, the black male first gave him a story about his car breaking down, undoubtedly checking the residence to see if anyone else was at home. The black male then barged inside and beat the elderly white male to death with a hammer. And the total take in this beating death? $20.00 from the white male's wallet ..

* Lennon Parrott , 86
1127.  Dallas TX, January 2009

Murder Of White Police Officer

A black male,  
Charles Patrick Payne, 26,...when he heard police officers at his front door announcing themselves (no question he could tell by their voices they were white males) , fired multiple shots through the door, striking a white male police officer in the face.


* Senior Cpl. Norm Smith , 43 (deceased)
1128.  Detroit, MI,  February 16, 2004

Two White Police Officers Gunned Down

A black male, Eric Lee Marshall, 23 ...was pulled over for a minor traffic violation by two young white officers.  While his plate was being run  Marshall exited his car with his gun drawn and executed the officer was in the patrol car.  The other officer gave chase and was also gunned down.  Two dead people ... over a simple traffic violation. 

 * Matthew Bowens, 21
  * Jennifer Fettig, 26
1129.  West Palm Beach County , FL, April 30, 2010

 Business Invasion - Murder

 Black Racism - THRILL KILL

Police: "The group then traveled to Jupiter and engaged in a Circle K store robbery where multiple victims were robbed."

 Four black males,
Jartarus Walker, 24, 
Luke Bowen, 
Reginald Cornelius Gibson 
Jason Rashard Louis,
4 others unidentified,

 ...went on a robbery spree robbing convenience stores and people - AK 47 assault rifle and hand guns. Obviously, the black males' little game was that each would take a turn robbing a business.

*  Michael Bennett, 48 (deceased)
1130.    Plano, TX,  May  2011

'Fair Housing Act' Home Invasion  - Good Samaritan Murder
(Sledge Hammer Attack) 

 Two black females,
Lakeisha Jean McWay, 19 , Shaniqua Shuntay Shelton, 18 ...armed with a sledge hammer, they attacked a Good Samaritan white male -- who would often help down and out people. It's likely these two black females gained entry to the white male's apartment by conning him into believing they were hungry ... and just wanted a meal. Or maybe they'd do a little housework for him for a few dollars.


* Paul Halperin , 67

 1131.  Berks County,  PA, May 1, 2008

Ambush - Murder

A black male, Glenn Lyons,  45, ...apparently had an affair with a white woman - and was very likely supporting him.  When she demanded it end,   Lyons knifed her over 30 times...until she was dead. It's not known whether Lyons killed her while he was in her car or whether the white female was ambushed while she sat inside her car. It should also be noted that there is no evidence of an affair between the two, other than black male Lyons claim. 

* Kathy A. Leibig , 45

1132.  Dayton, OH, June 1, 2011

Home Invasion 

Two black males, Maurice Carden, 18, Unidentified
...were confronted by a white male who caught them breaking into his shed.  The white male was armed but did not FIRE on sight.  That gave the black males an opportunity to strike at him.  Bleach was thrown in his face and the blacks fled. 

 * Earnest Bullion
 1133.   Brunswick, GA, May 2000

Public Abduction - Rape Murder

Family Devastated! 

A black male, James Christopher Miley, 18 ...desired to rape a young white girl, then mercilessly beat her to death. The young white girl was kidnapped then, according to police, "The 14-year-old girl's body was found near the St. Marys waterfront. Investigators said her throat had been slit and her face mutilated."

Victim::  Ashley Nichole Neeves, 14
1134. NYC, NY 2000
REMEMBER THIS ONE? June 11 , 2000

Central Park Gang Attack - 53! Attacked. The vast Majority of perps were black males.  One of the victims, a French female tourist with her husband, was held down and her cloth/bes stripped off, then the black teens penetrated her with there fingers.   Unfortunately, no video. Good read here though...

1135.  Lee County, FL, May 2011

Gullible White Females Continue To Fall Victim 

A black male (career criminal),  Connell Carroll, 32 ... is believed to be responsible for the death of two white females. This black man apparently only dated white females - then killed them(?).  Could very well be that the white females learned quickly the black male was a con man and simply wanted to use them for shelter and food. When the white females grew tired of being used they told Carroll to get out, then the black male temperament issue erupted i.e. the white girls were gunned down.

* Danielle Blackburn (Police believe Carroll is the killer but still trying to gather evidence)
 * Nicole L. Smith
 Mansfield, OH., May 21, 2010

Home Invasion - Murder

A black male, Leander Brooks Jr., 30,... invaded the home of a white male, burglarized his premises then murdered the white male home owner.

Victim: Larry Plott Jr. 41

1137. Mount Vernon, IL, May 2011

 Ambush - Murder

Two black males, Mark A. Taylor, 18,  Demandre D. Black, 18,  ... were allowed to get into a white male's taxi cab.  Result? Robbery/Murder

* Charles Ellis, 75 

These two blacks are awaiting prosecution.
1138.  Baltimore County, MD, Nov. 2008

Walk-Up Thrill Kill 

A black male, David Aaron Briggs, 23, ..walked up behind a white female - a complete stranger to him - while she stood in line at a store.  Black male Briggs then pulled out a knife and stabbed her in the neck ... then calmly walked out of the store.  

Victim:  Aysha Ring ,24 

1139.      Oak Park, Michigan, Dec. 28, 2008

Murder Of White Police Officer 
 A black male teen,  Jonathan Belton , 16,... driving with no license or identification. A white officer pulled him over and, instead of doing the SAFE thing regarding a black male (don't trust him!), the officer believed the kid's lie about living right down the street.  When the officer arrived at the lying black kid's supposed apartment and then began escorting him to his mother , the kid tried to bolt.  A fight ensued where the kid somehow wound up with the officers gun. He stood over the white officer then executed him with a gunshot to the head

Victim:  Mason Samborski , 28
1140.  Jeffersonville , IN, Aug. 2009

Ambush - Murder Of Two White People

A black male (drug dealer), Ryan Sheckles, 22,...became angry when a white couple wanted to buy only $20.00 of marijuana, so he pulled out a gun and gunned them down.  It could also be that  Sheckles had no drugs at all.  He lured the white couple to a secluded area, then gunned them down...for whatever money they had on them. ( As for me, I'm convinced it was the latter scenario.) 

* Larry Morrow , 38
* Shannon Howard Morrow , 30

 1141.    Taylor County L, July 23, 2010

Murder Of White Police Officer

A black male, Tyress Thearndos Mathews, the process of a home invasion, was approached by a white police officer.   During questioning, black male Mathews pulled out a handgun and shot the officer in the head.  He then fired five more  shots into the when the officer when the officer was on the ground. Had the white male officer put the black male in handcuffs - with gun drawn - he would be alive today.

 * Cpl. Matthew Edwards
1142.  Seattle , WA, July 2010

Black Male PIMP

 Sex Slavery

A vicious black male (career sex offender) Shacon Barbee, 32,...who forced young girls, through threats, intimidations and beatings, (apparently most were white), some as young as 16, to operate as prostitutes. It took Seattle police almost four years to finally arrest Barbee.

 Female victims' names not released
1143.  Harleyville, S. Carolina, Dec. 3, 1997

Abuse Of Elderly - Murder 

Black Murders Former White Co-Worker

A black male, Calvin Alphonso Shuler, 31,

"...quietly and patiently waited under a house for the armored car to make its routine stop at a bank in Harleyville. When it did, he made his way from under the house, pointed a gun at the driver and shouted for the driver to get out of the truck. [The elderly white male] apparently did his best to defend himself from inside the truck with only a five-shot revolver versus the SKS assault rifle Shuler was toting. Investigators on the scene said [the elderly white male] fired every shot in his gun prior to his death. Following the robbery and gun battle, Shuler dumped the armored car on a back road without any money to show for his actions -- all of it was either ripped to shreds by gunfire or soaked in blood."   (

* James "J.B." Brooks, 77 
1144.   Mobile, Ala., April 16, 2010

Home Invasion - Murder

Four black males, Jamal Breon Long, 20, Michael Jerome Lee , 19, Bo Taylor, 18, Ernest Wiggins, 19,  ... according to police, broke into the home of a young white male, forced him to lie face down then - despite begging them not to shoot -  executed him with a shot to the head. 

 * Christopher Kyser Miree, 23 
 1145.  Los Angeles, CA, July 25, 2009

Public Abduction - Murder  

A black male (homeless), Charlie Samuel, 50, ... desperate for cash, spotted a young white female in her car, then, at knife point, forced his way into her car, tried to get money from her ATM, which was empty, then took the young girl to a secluded area and literally beat her to death. And then, for good measure, he slit her throat. 

* Lily Burk , 17 


 1146.  Baltimore, MD, July 2010

 Black Ambush - Murder

Two blacks,  John Alexander Wagner, 34,  Lavelva Merritt, 24, (female) ...walked up to a white male from behind, pulled a knife and ordered him to surrender his wallet.  The white male, having little choice, did so.  Then the black bullies demanded his knapsack.  When the white male resisted Wagner stabbed him (how dare a white person resist a black bully?!).

 * Stephen Pitcairn, 23 
1147.  Waterbury, CT,  Oct. 27, 2008

Home Invasion - Murder 

Two black males,
Tamarius "T" Maner, 28,

 Calvin Bennett, 27,

... barged into the home of a young white male and immediately shot him in the face. They then went looking for some marijuana in the home (they found none). 


* James Caffrey, 20 (deceased, wife & 2 year-old daughter)

1148.   San Diego, CA, Aug. 7, 2011

Murder  Of  White  Police  Officer
 A black male, Dejon Marquee White, 23,...drove to a restaurant, pulled out his shotgun and walked up to a white male and shot him in the face.  White then got back into his car, drove up on a white police officer and, for no apparent reason (other than he was white), raised his shotgun and shot the officer in the head. White died in a hail of gunfire from police. He had left a suicide note, so he obviously intended to go down shooting.


* Officer Jeremy Henwood, 36 (deceased)
* Martin Hana, 23 (survived - 14 facial surgeries so far) 

1149.  Studio City, CA, July 2011

Ambush - Rape

" The suspect was described as a black male, 40- to 45-years-old, about 5'4 to 6'0 tall and 130 to 170 pounds. He had a tattoo on his right forearm and was wearing blue jeans, a blue T-shirt and white tennis shoes, according to police."

A black male , unknown identity, around midnight staked out an alley in a white community until he spotted a ready victim.; a  middle-aged white female walking alone. The black male then grabbed the woman from behind, put a knife to her throat, then forced her to the ground and raped her. The black male then ran away - no doubt with a big smile on his face.

*  Female victim's name withheld  (pic of suspect)

 1150. Orlando, FL, Dec. 8, 2010

Murder Of White Police Officer


A black male (career criminal), Brandon Lyals , 29 ...was pulled over for a traffic stop then ambushed a white male officer by drawing a gun and shooting at him. The officer also had time to draw is weapon (tazer) and returned fire. However, the deputy was struck five times and died.  Lyals shot himself after the altercation.

* Deputy Brandon Coates, 27
1151.   Houston, TX, Dec. 20, 2002

Black Male Mass Murderer 

A black male,  Lamar Baskin, 41, …ambushed a young white female at a warehouse. Motive, according to police, was robbery.

* Laura Higgins, 28 (deceased)

Additional White Victims: 
* William Davis (small business owner)
* Edward Cole
* Paul Winters 

1152.  Columbia, MO, Sept. 2010

 Sucker Punch

Three black teens first taunted a white male by saying degrading things about his wife (they were walking to their car with their infant after a swim in the community pool).  The three black teen  then approached the white male  from behind and landed a sucker punch in the back of the head.  When the white male collapsed to the ground semi-conscious, then , in typical black male bully fashion, came the stomping on his head and kicking him in his face.
1153.    Polk County, FL, Nov. 17, 1997 

 Home Invasion - Abuse Of Elderly - Rape - Torture - Murder

Yet Another!...Climbed in through the bathroom window

A black male,
Micah Louis Nelson , 21,

 ...climbed in through a bathroom window, raped a 78-year-old white female then threw her into the trunk of her car where he drove to a secluded area and   "...choke her but she would not pass out.  He sprayed the fire extinguisher into her mouth two or three times, but did not hit her with it. She coughed for awhile but did not try to scream. He killed her with a tire iron by pushing it through her mouth into her neck and out the other side."

Innocent White Female:
*  Virginia Brace, 78

1154.  TOPEKA, Kan., May  2012

Black Male Ambush

 "I'm going to f**kin' kill you all!"

A black male walked into a business (TV station) and demanded he get air time for his problem.  When  he was told to come back later, the black male pulled a knife and started chasing white people.  Two were stabbed. Both are expected to survive.

 Sales Manager Roger Brokke
 Sales associate Greg Palmer 

1155.  Hattiesburg / Lamar County, MS, May 2011 
Home Invasion - Murder  

Two black males, Drakkar Fleming, Gerald Taylor...are being held for a brutal home invasion massacre of a middle-aged white couple, plus an armed robbery murder of a middle-aged white male. As of  July, this case has still yet to go to trial.  However, it should also be noted that this case is so strong against these two that bond has been denied for both of them. Innocent Victims:

* Robert and Patsy Morrison (pic)
* Edward Cameron, 42
1156.  Richland County , S. Carolina, Jan. 31, 2005

 Business Invasion - Murder

A black male,Tommy Taylor, 29, …murdered a white male business owner - his former boss - during a store robbery. 

* Fred Hill, 56
1157.    Maple Heights, OH, Sept. 17, 2009

  Black Male Ambush - Murder 

A black male, Randie Winston ,19,...charged up to a white male mail carrier and then gunned him down (shot to the head).  Police claim robbery was the motive.  

*  Daniel Kondas, 53
1158.  Kalamazoo , MI, October 6, 2010 
 Business Invasion - Attempted Murder  

A black male, Andrae Jhakor Ski'Ron Greer, …walked up to a young white male (owner of a small business) and stabbed him multiple times in an apparent robbery attempt. The white male was taken to the hospital and luckily the wounds he received didn’t strike any vital organs.  

* Randy Barker Jr (survived)
 1159.   Lakewood, New Jersey, Jan. 14, 2011

 Murder Of White Police Officer 

A black male, Jahmell Crockam, 19…was approached in a squad car by a white male officer where, for no apparent reason, he simply drew a gun and shot the officer three times.  

* Patrolman Christopher Matlosz, 27 (deceased) -------------------------------------------------------------
1160.   Kinston, N.Carolina, June 9, 2011

Murder Of White Police Officer

Three black males, Lamont Byrd, 18, Kion Dail, 16, Maretto Byrd, 26, …ambushed a white male officer attempting to serve a murder warrant. Shots were fired threw the front door fatally injuring the officer.

* Warren "Sneak" Lewis, 38
1161.  Travelers Rest, S. Carolina, March 17, 2011

  Black Male Ambush - Murder  

A black male, Antwon Quarles (alleged drug dealer & career criminal), 27, and a white female, Stephanie Bailey, 25 , …were arrested for the murder of a white female.  She was beat to death in a robbery scheme. 

* Tammy Lynette Lewis, 40
1162.  Warren County , OH, May 10, 2011 

Murder Of White Police Officer 

A black male (career criminal), Marcus Anthony Isreal, 22, …was driving a stolen SUV.  A white male officer was laying down road spikes to stop Israel's vehicle when the black male (deliberately?) veered off the road and struck the officer. The prosecutor believed Israel's  actions were deliberate and charged him with murder. UPDATE: Israel was found guilty of murder. Took jury only four hours to reach a verdict.

Innocent White Male: 
* Sergeant Brian Dulle , 36 (deceased)
 1163.   Detroit, MI, May 3, 2010

 Murder Of White Police Officer 

A black male, Jason Gibson, 25,…opened fire on a white male officer. Gibson struck the officer three times in the head.

*Officer Brian Huff, 42
1164.   Phoenix , AZ, March 15 , 2004 

 Ambush - Co-Worker Murdered 

A black male, Norris Lawrence Jemmerson, 35, … reported to work (he worked night-shift) and ambushed a white male, beating him to death. Robbery appears to be the motive.

* Michael Strode, 31 --------------------------------------------------------------
 1165.  Columbus County , N. Carolina, March 27, 2002

Good Samaritan Murder 

A Good Samaritan [white male]…offered to give a black male a ride and was instead lured into a typical black male ambush. Two more black males got into his car and, at gunpoint, the white male was forced to a secluded area, robbed then gunned down.

 Arrested black male career criminals:
Terrence Burden, 24
Marlin Powell (died while playing with is prized .357 robbery weapon)
Ramel Theodore Troy 

* Jonathan Chase Powell
 1166.   Warrensburg, MO, May 2005 

Ambush - Attempted Murder

Gang Initiation -- Two Brothers & Sister Targeted

"They start firing rounds off, and I look up and ... she started wobbling. I thought she got shot in th/be head. I thought she was dead.""I didn't even know the guys -- nothing. I'm just getting gas," 

Two black males, Abelee Donahue , 27 , unidentified  …ambushed a group of white people (family members) while they were stopped and pumping gas at a convenience store. Apparently, it was a black male gang initiation shooting.  

* Michelle Kinnison, 20, (wounded, hit in the neck but survived)
* Dustin Kinnison (survived)
* Other (survived)
 1167.  New York 1971-1981

Black Liberation Army …  Slaughter Of The Innocent 

 Black males arrested:
Anthony Bottom (aka Jalil Muntaqim),
Albert Washington,
Francisco Torres,
Gabriel Torres,
Herman Bell,
Joanne Checkmark , 26
Zayd Malik Shakur, 

…gunned down 13 police officers in ambush type murders. Victims:
* Patrolmen Joseph Piagentini (w/m) 
* Trooper Werner Foerster (w/m) 
* Sergeant Edward O'Grady (/m)
* Officer John G. Scarangella (/m)
* Officer James Greene (w/m)
* Sergeant John Young (w/m)
* Sergeant Brian McDonnell (w/m)
* Officer Rocco Laurie (w/m)
* Officer Harold Hamilton (w/m)

Checkmark (AKA Assata Olugbala Shakur ) escaped from a women's prison in Hunterdon County in 1979, and fled to Cuba. edward-j-ogrady-jr
1168.   Kansas City, Kan., June 2005 

Ambush - Murder 

A black male, John Williams, 23,…was charged with murdering (shot in the head) a young white male. Motive appears to be robbery. Details as to the disposition of this case are unknown.

* Jonathan Kidwell, 21

1169.   Tampa, FL, Aug. 20, 2003 

Attempted Public Abduction - Attempted Murder

A black male (career criminal),Matthew A. Fowler, 40… in a public parking lot waited for a white female at her car. When the white female approached - as she eventually had to do - black male Fowler pulled a butcher knife and demanded she allow him in her car (a slam dunk rape , humiliation and torture scenario if she lets him in). Fortunately, the white female refused. For that refusal black male bully Fowler knifed her repeatedly. 

* Brenda Hill , 56 (survived)

1170.  Richland County, OH, Aug. 2005 

Ambush - Attempted Murder 

Two black males, Octavia Middleton , 24 Teran Marquis Scott, 23, …walked up from behind on a white male with a shot gun and demanded money. Apparently, while the white male was getting his wallet out he was gunned down with a blast to the stomach and arm. 

* Christopher Thompson, 38 (miraculously, survived)

1171.   Rockville, MD, June 2006 

 Ambush Attack Results In Murder 

Three black males
are being sought for the brutal attack on an innocent young white male.  The young white male was leaving a house party when he was approached by three black males. The white kid was asked if he wanted to buy some drugs.  When the white kid said he didn't, one of the blacks pulled a knife and stabbed him.  They quickly rifled through his pockets then fled. 

* Ezekiel Babe Dreier , 18 

On the LINK below, it makes no reference to race. One give-away though. "Police say [the one who stabbed teh white kid]  has cornrows".  The three black males are still being sought. Also, the link below, the article refuses to mention race of perps.
1172.  Forsyth County, GA, Sept. 2010 

Armed Robbery - Murder -Thrill Kill 

Three vicious blacks, Nakitta J. Holmes, 19, Tyrice Adside, 19, 16 year-old juvenile,
...masked, walked into a grocery story armed with assault rifles and disarmed the white male security guard.  One of the blacks then simply shot the guard (white male) in the head (note: each black is blaming the other as the executioner). These two named criminals were suspected of numerous armed robberies in the area. 

* David Casto, 37
1173.   Jacksonville, FL, Sept. 2005 

 Racism - Hate Crime

 A black male, Jean Belizaire, 18,
walked up to a 17-year-old white girl at Sandalwood High School and then, for no apparent reason, slammed her in the back of the head with a blunt object. She was almost knocked unconscious according to police. The Sandalwood High School student was arrested and charged with - incredibly - a hate crime. It didn’t help that he admitted he struck the girl solely because she was white.

1174.   St. Louis, MO, Sept. 22, 2005

 Black Male Ambush - Rape - Knife Assault

 Two black males,  Dameion Pullum, 19,  Kenny Johnson, 17
... called in a phony pizza order, likely intending to just ambush the male drive, but when the delivery person turned out be a 36-year-old white female, the black males apparently could not pass up the opportunity for a rape, sodomizing and beat down on the innocent woman. The woman survived but the ordeal is sure to haunt her for the rest of her days.
1175.      Seattle, WA , June 26, 2005

Black Male Ambush -- Thrill Kill

No Way For A White Person  Protect Himself From This Kind Racism

"He always say that he (was) gonna kill all the white people in the world,"  

A racist black male, Samson Y. Berhe, 17,… “Witnesses said a [black] male approached the car and fired a shotgun through the open driver's side window, then ran toward the river.”

* Michael Robb (deceased)
1176.  Fort Walton Beach, Fl, March 4, 2010 

Ambush - Murder

Four black males, Tyree Washington, (convicted), Kyle Walling, 17 (convicted), two others unidentified, ...were arrested and convicted in a robbery scheme and apparent planned execution of a white male teenager. 

Victim: *  Chris Pitcock, 17

 1177.  Rochester, New York, Dec. 25, 2008

Armed Robbery Results In Massacre

 Inhumane Cruelty

A black male Jaquan Clark, 17, and his cousin,  barged into a Jewelry store with  a shotgun...

"Alfredo Ocasio had a shotgun placed in his mouth - he had an internal decapitation. Jeffrey Szymkowski - the tip of a knife broken off in his skull and Arielle Griffin beaten to death; Donald MacMaster a shotgun blast to the chest. These are some of the most cold-blooded killings I think we've seen in Rochester in a long time and done by a 17-year-old," said Prosecutor Sandra Doorley.

Donald MacMaster, 62 (w/m)
 Jeffrey Szymkowski, 33 (w/m)
 Arielle Griffin, 17,  (b/f)
Alfredo Ocasio, 37 (Hispanic)

 1178.   Denver, CO, Feb, 24, 1999 

Home Invasion  - Rape - Murder

 A black male (career criminal out on parole), Donta Page ,22,
 ...broke into the apartment of a young white female to commit burglary. When the female came home she was attacked, beat, raped repeatedly, then murdered. 

* * Peyton Tuthill, 23 

I feel compelled to point out the obvious: Without the existence of forced integration, this beautiful young girl would be alive today

1179.   Champaign, Ill, Sept. 2010 

Sucker Punch  

"Hey, excuse me. You gotta cigarette?" LOOK OUT!

Police Officer: "Geographically, we can't even map this. It covers from one end of the city to the
 other,"...a 36-year-old [white] man was attacked by four black males, who first asked him for a cigarette, then punched his face and knocked him to the ground. 

Mike Sola, 50,
was attacked in the 1100 block of Crescent Drive about 9:30 p.m. Friday from behind by at least two black males as he left a high school football game.  And about 12:45 a.m. Saturday, a 20-year-old Rantoul man was attacked by two black men in the 700 block of South Sixth Street.

Gang Attack

Abuse of White Elderly

A group of feral black youth
gang up on two white males, one 73, the other 51, and brutally beat them.

 1181.  Philadelphia , PA, Aug. 18, 2010 

Ambush - Murder - Abuse Of Elderly 

The Black BULLY 

He"did not move fast enough," police said   

Two vicious black teens, India Spellman, 17,  Von Combs, 14, ...charged up to an elderly white male mowing his lawn and pulled a gun on him. The vicious black teen thugs then demanded he give them (surprise) money. When the elderly white male, a distinguished WWII veteran, didn't move fast enough, the black teen thugs gunned him down. 

* George Greaves, 87 

Many other neighborhood robberies have been attributed to these two black thugs.

1182.   Lehigh University, PA, 2011 

Sucker Punch - Blacks Terrorizes White College Students  

A black male gang, including, Darius M. Newman, 21, Michael Prater, Dario Perez,
...targeted white college students rob and assault.  In one case, black male Prater picked out a white female college student, walked up to her then busted her in the face. Cowardly Prater then  - just like Shaquele O'Neal would have done after such an assault -  fled the scene.

 Identity of white female is unknown
Baytown , TX, June 17, 2010 

Abuse Of The Elderly-Home Invasion - Murder

 A black male,  Isaac  Smith, 46...lived next door to an elderly white female who lived alone.  When Smith decided he needed money for drugs he knew exactly where to get it:: his elderly white female neighbor.  Police found her stabbed in the neck.

* Julia Muckleroy, 71 (deceased)
1184.  Minneapolis, MN, Oct. 2010 

 Ambush - Murder 

A black male (half n' half), Adam Lee Sterling, 23...
was allowed to rent a room inside a young white male's home.  Evidently, the white male decided the black male  (who was a cross-dresser) was a very wrong choice to allow into his place and demanded he move out.  Apparently,  Sterling became angry over this demand that he move, so ...

"The medical examiner later concluded that Kohorst had been beaten over the head at least 22 times by a crowbar or a claw hammer."

*Leo Kohorst, 22 (university student) 

 1185.     Burlington County , NJ, Feb. 11, 2010

Abuse Of The Elderly- Murder 

The Black Male Temperament...LOOK OUT! 

Allow A Black Man Into Your White Household and... 

A black male, Richard H. Still, 24, targeted an unattractive white female ... for free room and board.  Unfortunately, the place where the unemployed and broke black man wound up, belonged not to the dopey white female but to her 73-year-old innocent grandfather.  When the elderly man told the black male squatter to get out ... the black male temperament set in and he attacked the elderly white male, beating him and then strangling him to death. 

Innocent White Male:
* Louis Berger, Jr. , 73

 1186.  LORIS, S.C, May 2010 

Ambush - Elderly Beat Down - Abuse Of White Elderly 

"Yo man. Yeah man, you gotz some change."  POW! Black Male Sucker Punch 

Two black male teens, 17 years old, Travis Jones, and the other 15-year-old juvenile,
waited for a 73-year-old white female at her handicap spot and then ambushed her. While one engaged the elderly lady, the other cowardly black male crept up from behind and sucker punched her, knocking her unconscious. 

* Rose Powell , 73 (survived)  

In the black male "hood" the sucker punch is suppose to be a knockout punch. If it ain't, well, you ain't a man... Life in the hood. Very SICK STUFF

 1187. Florence, S. Carolina, June 8, 2009 

Ambush  - Murder --Abuse Of White Elderly 

A white male, WWII veteran and HERO, participated in the invasions of Roi Namur, Saipan, Tinian and Iwo Jima and was awarded the Silver Star, was gunned down by an unaccomplished  Negro named Donte Scott, 17.   
Black male Scott simply strolled up to the elderly white male while he was in a hotel parking lot while he (the white male) was putting some things in his trunk, then gunned him down. Motive (surprise) was robbery.

 Innocent American Hero:
* Clair Chaffin, 83
1188.  Syracuse, NY, Sept. 29, 2007

 Home Invasion - Good Samaritan Murder

A black male, Roosevelt Collins, 41,
… was given a job by an elderly white female – a Good Samaritan deed for an unemployed black man – to do handyman was given a job by an elderly white female ’s work around the home. Colli/spanns offered nothing in the way of job skills and was high school dropout. The black male repaid the elderly white woman’s
generosity by invading her home and brutally murdering her. 

 It could also be that Collins put on his helpless puppy dog look -  pity me - with every intent from the very beginning to victimize the elderly white woman.

* Ann Davis , 61
1189.  Toledo, OH, June 11, 2010

 Ambush - Murder

Black male murders a white maleb and gets a whopping 15 years...

 A black male, AAron Jones, 21...
ambushed a white male as returned to his home from a walk to the corner store.  Jones struck the white male over two dozen times in the head with a hammer. In a plea deal with prosecutors, Jones got 15 years - for murder!

 * Jeffery Patterson, 49 (deceased)

 1190.    Mobile, AL, June 28, 2010

Home Invasion - Abuse Of White Elderly - Murder 

A black male, Carlos Kennedy, 23,...broke into an elderly white females home to commit burglary.  When the white female came home unexpectedly, black male Kennedy attacked her with a blunt object and beat her until she was dead.  

 Innocent White Female:

 *  Zoa White, 69

Kennedy, in an effort to avoid a death sentence,  is trying to claim "I'm retarded " as a defense.  Evidence against black male Kennedy appears to be ironclad. 

1191.  New Orleans, LA, June 2010

Black Male Sucker Punch - Murder 

Two (maybe more) black males, ganged up on a white male (off duty police officer), sucker punched him, then the infamous black male beat-down began  - stomping and kicking his head. 

Arrested For Murder:
 Joshua Louis Miner, 20

UPDATE:   "A 21-year-old local man pleaded guilty Tuesday and will serve less than three years in prison for punching and killing an off-duty Gretna police officer on Bourbon Street last summer,"  Note: If a white male did this to a black man and got just three years, Al Sharpton and every mainstream media outlet would be down there demanding "justice!"

Brett Thomas, 28 (deceased) ------------------------------------------------------------------ 
1192.   Boone County, MO, Nov. 2007

Business Invasion - Rape  - Murder 

A white clerk was forced into a back room. "He demanded she remove her clothing , and then he raped and sodomized her. "  After this successful attack, the black male came back eight days later for more.

A black male, Dwight T. Hayes, 21...came back to the same hotel  where he successfully raped a white female to rob and rape again, and, most likely, to rape the same female. Evidently, the white female he raped was not there. The manager was, however. In the course of the robbery, Hayes shot and killed her

 White Female: 
* Cynthia White , 55
1193.   Sacramento, CA, Sept. 2010

Armed Robbery - Murder

Two black males, Bernard Krungerrun Reed, 33, Kelvin Peterson,42, ...were indicted for a take-over armed robbery of a convenience store where two females were shot. One died, the other  (pregnant) survived.

 * Tania Gurskiy, 26 (w/m --deceased)
 1194.  Las Vegas, Aug. 25 2005

Black Male Ambush - Murder

 $100,000 reward!

A black male  - still unidentified - ambushed a white couple and demanded money. Evidently, they resisted and during the struggle the black male fired his gun wounding the white male and murdering his wife.
 Victims :
 * Julie Miller (deceased)
* Ronald Miller (survived)

 "Mr. Miller says the suspect is an African American male, about 30-years-old, 6 feet tall with a thin to medium build." 
1195. West Palm B each, FL, July 26, 2010

 Business Invasion - Murder

Two black males, Hasan Demario Jones, 41, Kenneth Bernard Laws, 51...ambushed a white male in the early morning hours as he was opening his popular Jewelry store. The white male, while trying to flee, was shot in the back.

* John Lauseng, 44 (deceased)
 1196. Sienna Plantation, TX,  July 2010 

 Home Invasion - Murder

"I'm gonna get you!"  LOOK OUT!

  A black male,  Lorenza Sam, 31
...was discovered stealing from his white female employer (both her home and business) and the white female, naturally, fired him.  Black male  Sam vowed to GET EVEN - and he did. Sam showed up at the woman's home and shot her in the face.

 "Friends Shattered by her death"

 * Leesa Nascimento, 49 (deceased)

 1197.  Paris, Tennessee, November 2005

Public Abduction - Rape --Attempted Murder By Burning - Torture

  “He took me to some spot out in the woods and continued to assault me, choke me. I would pass out and then wake back up I woke up with a screw driver in me and had taken it out,” Sykes said.
  A black male, Virgil Samuels
…kidnapped a young white female, beat her, raped her, then attempted to murder her by dowsing her with a flammable liquid and setting her on fire. Burns still cover 60% of her body.

* April Sykes, 18 (survived)
 1198.  Eastern Michigan University, MI, December 15, 2006

 Home Invasion - Rape - Murder
A black male, Orange Taylor III , 20,  ... barged into the dorm room of a young white female, viciously beat her, then raped her... then murdered her.

 Innocent White Female:
* Laura Dickinson, 22

 1199.  Bristol, PA, July 8 , 2009 

Black Male Ambush - Murder - Thrill Kill 

A black male, Jamal Smith, 22,...charged up to a middle-aged white male and plunged a knife into him...then fled. 

 White Male:
*  John " Jack" Reil , 58
 1200.  Gainsville, FL, Nov. 25, 2007 


A black male, Okpara Nelson, 23...walked up to a car in a parking garage and began what was described as a long conversation, while a long line of cars began to form (yeah, a bully, screw you attitude). When a young white male leaned out his car window to tell black male Nelson to hurry up, Nelson pulled out his concealed handgun and walked up to the - trapped and unarmed - white male in the car...and shot him in the head. 

White Male:
* Andrew Arosemena,  23
1201.  Rowan County, N. Carolina,  June 2, 2010

Black Male Ambushes & Murders A  White Couple

 A black male, Frederick Sylvester Hedgepeth, 25, ...called up a white couple claiming he was interested in their 2009 Honda (yes, this is a very typical  black male ambush scenario).  They were asked to meet the black man with their car at a business.  Black male Hedgepeth (who was homeless) also told the couple that he had $17,000 to give them for their car - which they believed.  When the white couple arrived at the meeting destination, they were lured inside then ambushed - both shot in the head.

  White Victims:
 * Jerry Wayne Bullin, 72
 * Jody Bullin, 70
 1202.  Baton Rouge, LA, April 2007
* Black Male Atrocity *

Home Invasion - Massacre

A black male, Trucko Stampley,...  murdered four innocent people during home invasion burglaries/robberies. 

Innocent Victims:
* Marie Pedescleaux, 80, (b/f ?)
* Denise, 46, (daughter of Marie)
* Charles "Chick" Colvin III , 73
* Ann Lynn Colvin, 73

Note: Marie & Denise are , according to a poster, afro-american.
 1203.  NEW BRITAIN, CT,  March of 2008  

Attempted Black Male Massacre - Abuse Of White Elderly - Rape - Murder Home Invasion -Kidnapping 

A vicious black male, Leslie Williams, 31, ...broke into a home occupied by two elderly white females, shot one of them in the head then kidnapped, raped and murdered the other.

Innocent White females:
* Mary Ellen Welsh, 62 (deceased)
*  Carol Larese, 65 (survived)
 1204.  Sacramento County, CA, Dec. 21, 2009 

 Abuse Of White Elderly - Home Invasion - Rape - Murder

 A black male,
Sylvester Griffin, 42,

 ...was given a job in a white community to transport seniors for medical appointments. When black male griffin arrived at the elderly white female's home, instead of transporting her, he viciously attacked and raped her. After the rape, black male Griffin beat the elderly white female to death.   Naturally, the elderly white female's home was also burglarized.

 Innocent White Female:
* Alice Murphy, 64

 1205.   Omaha,  NE, Sept. 2010 

 Black Male Ambush - Murder 
Four black males,
 Larry Fountain, 18, (robbery)
 Dontavis McClain, 19, (Murder)
 Bryton Gibbs, 16, (Murder)
16-year-old juvenile, ...called in a pizza order and waited at a vacant apartment unit to ambush the driver - take the pizza, murder him and rob him. When the white male driver showed up, all the black males attacked  him and attempted to pull him into the apartment. During the struggle the white male was stabbed numerous times - police claim Gibbs did the stabbing.  Drivers usually carry less than $20.00 cash.   

 Innocent White Male:
* Christopher Taylor, 33 (deceased)
 1206. Charlottesville, VA,  Oct. 17, 2009

Public Abduction - Rape - Murder

A black male is being sought in the public abduction, rape and murder of a young white female college student.

* Morgan Harrington, 20 
 1207.  Portsmouth, VA, April 10, 2008  

 Home Invasion - Rape - Murder 

A black male, Robert Lee Barnes,17,
...apparently discovered that a pretty white female was home from school , so he went over to her home, barged in, raped then brutally murdered her - stabbing her more than 40 times.

* Meghan Landowski, 16

1208.    Manhattan, Kansas, Aug. 2011

Ambush - Murder

Three black males ambushed a white male and beat him into unconsciousness. He later died at the hospital.

Manhattan,  Kansas, is about 87% white, and only 4.8% black. Black males are clearly comfortable today striking at white people anywhere, anytime or any place. Eric Holder's people seem absolutely dedicated to destroy whatever little trust remains for them today in America's white communities.

Kevin Cockrum, 31 (deceased)
1209. Silver Spring, MD, April 15, 2010

Home Invasion - Murder

Four black males
Alante Saunders, 18
Sharif Tau Lancaster, 18,
Artura Williams, 18
Deontra Gray, 18,

...broke into the home of a white male and shot him in the head. Police claim the motive was burglary and robbery.

Innocent White Male:
* Brian Betts
1210. Louisville, KY, May 2011

Black Racist THRILL Beat down

A group of young blacks brutally set upon a lone white male and beat him into unconsciousness. He remains in a coma and doctors do not expect him to survive.

Black Arrested for Criminal Assault:
Michac Jones, 16 (plead guilty Aug. 11) 

Innocent White Male:
Carl Berry, 44
1211. Bristol, Ind., March 18, 2008

"Fair Housing Act' Murder
 A black male (career criminal), Tyrice Halliburton, 29 ...broke into a young white female's apartment (he lived right next door) and while in the course of his burglary the white female came home. She was viciously beaten and then bludgeoned to death with a knife 
* Sheena Kiska, 23

Note: This young white female obviously did not know she was living next door to a black male with 5 previous theft convictions.

1212. Fort Lauderdale, FL, October 6, 2006

Two White Police Officers Ambushed - One Murdered

Three black males (all Bahamian illegal aliens), 
Eloyn D. Ingraham , 28
Bernard Forbes, 22,
Andre Delancy, 19,

 ...were in a stolen car and pulled over by a white male officer. The officer immediately called for backup. Another white officer showed up.  At this point black male Ingraham got out of his car and started firing at the officers, striking both of them numerous times.

* Deputy Brian Tephford, 34 (deceased)
* Deputy Corey Carbocci, 37 (took four bullets, survived),2933,229044,00.html

1213.   Belleville , MD, March 2, 2005

Black Male Massacre

Two black males brutally murdered three elderly white people in a business invasion/robbery. Police believe black male Darrell Lane, 16, was definitely involved, since he was driving a vehicle stolen from the one of the dead white victims. Police also believe black male Samuel Johnson, 40, was involved. No convictions yet in this barbaric ATROCITY. UPDATE: Jury failed to convict Darrell Lane.

* Michael Cooney, 62
* Dorothy Bone, 82
* Doris Fischer, 79
1214. Rockingham County, N. Carolina, Dec. 12,  2011

Public Abduction - Rape(?) Murder

Two black males (siblings), John Arbery Willis, 21, Aaron Terrell Willis , 16 (accessory after the fact)... were arrested for the murder of one white female and police believe they were also involved in the murder of a second white female (both teenagers). Note:  This case is still developing. Motive has not been released. Also, the fact the the two dead white females were found in a car that had been set on fire,  could very well be another black male rape and they were attempting to burn the bodies to eliminate DNA evidence.

* Jessica Marie Walker, 18
* Taylor Nicole Queen, 17 (pic)
1215. Huntington Beach, CA, July 1974

'Fair Housing Act' Rape - Murder

A black male (two times convicted rapist!), Mark Edward Davis, 23...knocked on the door a white female's apartment and when she opened the door black male Davis barged in. Black male Davis was there for three reasons: rape, murder, burglary. He committed all three.

* Maria Canahuati, 28
 1216.   Sarasota, FL, April 2011

Two British Tourist Gunned Down In Racially Motivated Murder 

A black male (already a career criminal),  Shawn Tyson, 16...gunned down two innocent white males (British tourists) as part of a gang initiation. Black male Tyson was also previously arrested for an armed robbery.

* James Cooper, 25
* James Kouzaris, 24

1217. Sacramento State University, CA, Oct. 21, 2009

 Ambush - Murder

Unpredictable black male temperament ... Beaten to death with a baseball bat  
(I've seen quite a few of these baseball bat beatings)

 A black male, Quran Jones, 21,
...attacked his roommate with a baseball bat, beating him so severely that he died from his injuries. The sole motive for the vicious attack and murder of the white male seems to be anger.  That is, Jones just got angry and decided to murder the white male.  Jones is claiming insanity.

* Scott Gregory Hawkins, 21
1218. Albany, GA, July 3, 2010

Armed Robbery - Elderly - Murder

Four black males,
Jordan Harris, 21
Ezekiel James,19
Jamon Carter, 21
Ryan Richardson, 18,

 ...barged into a white male's business and in the course of an armed robbery, and without cause or provocation,  gunned down the white male business owner .

* Walter Phelps, 67 
1219. Broward County, FL, May 23, 2009

White Police Officer Ambushed - Attempted Murder

Two black males,  Yancy Polk, 24,  Jeremiah Derico, 21...after committing an armed robbery was chased by a white police officer. During the pursuit, Yancy shot the officer multiple times.

* Officer Paul Kempinski (survived four bullet wounds)

1220.    Miami, FL, Jan. 20, 2011

Murder Of White Police Officer

 A black male (career criminal),  Johnny Simms, 23
...was being served an arrest warrant at his home and decided instead to go down shooting. He murdered two officers before being fatally shot.

* Amanda Haworth , 44
* Roger Castillo , 41

1221. Miami, FL, Nov. 28, 1988

Murder Of White Police Officer

A black male,Charles Harry Street, 34,...reported a bogus crime and then waited for police officers to show up so he could ambush them. After the ambush, Street dropped to the ground and begged officers "Don't kill me. Don't kill me." When he was safe and sound at the police station and being fingerprinted, then  Street became brave again and started chanting Shaku Zulu (an ancient African Zulu warlord).

* Officer David Strzalkowski, 34 (pregnant wife, son)
* Officer Richard Boles, 41 (wife, son, daughter)
1222.    Laurel , MD, Nov. 2008

'Fair Housing Act Rape(?) - Murder

"I gotta emergency. Please. I gotta use your phone." Another white female goes down!

Two black males,  Rickey Joseph Gavin, 23,  Kenya Evette Davis, 17, ... apparently became aware a certain white female had a flat screen TV ... and they wanted it. No problem, they figured, just kill her and steal it. They knocked on her front door then used the "We gotta an emergency and  was wonderin' if  we could use your phone!"  The white female fell for it...and it cost her her life. She was sucker punched, then stabbed 18 times while the black males were demanding "where's the money!" After she was dead, she was then set on fire.

Note: The fact that she was set on fire, could very possibly be an attempt to cover-up a rape (I believe this to be the case).

* Rebecca Pruitt, 29
1223. Broward County, FL, Nov. 13, 1990

Murder Of White Police Officer

 Two black males, Keith King, Tim Brown,
...confessed to the ambush murder of a white police officer while he sat in his patrol car at a convenience store.

* Deputy Patrick Behan , 29

Another , Andrew Johnson, is also of interest in the murder. He came to the attention of police when he boasted of killing Officer Behan to undercover officers. He also failed a lie detector test when questioned about the ambush.
1224. Miami, Fl, 1991

White Police Officer Murdered During Traffic Stop

A black male, Merrit Alonzo Sims, 25, ...during a routine traffic stop attacked a white male officer. During the struggle,  Sims wound up with the officer's gun and then proceeded to execute him.

* Officer Charles Stafford, 28

1225. Richland County, S.Carolina, Jan. 2009

Ambush - Murder

A black male (career criminal), Kendrick M. Nesbitt, 37...staked out an ATM and ambushed a white female - shooting her four times. 

* Lynne Marie Thompson, 55 (deceased)

1226.   Seattle, WA, October 25, 2008

Black Racism - Stomp Down And Beat down - Murder

Five feral black youth,
Kenneth Kelly, 15
Billy Chambers, 15
Ja'Mari Jones , 15
two others unidentified,

...decided to have some "black fun" and went searching for a lone white male to attack, beat-down and stomp on...until he was unconscious - or dead. They accomplished the latter. And what kind of punishment would one expect from a liberal city like Seattle for this brutal attack and murder? The black kids got less than 72 weeks detention, free attorneys, free food and a free place to stay. Yeah, no big deal to a black youth today.

Black male Chambers while being arrested three years later for another crime: "bragged to [a police officer] about being one of the juveniles who killed the Tuba Man," the report says. He bragged how his lawyer, John Henry Browne, "got him off with only three months for stomping the Tuba Man to death and how he would get him off for these charges, too."

* Ed "Tuba Man" McMichaels, 53

Note: The total number of black males that have been subjected to a beat down and stomp down over the last 50 years by white males in Seattle ZERO.
1227. Columbus, OH, March 15, 1991

Public Abduction - Rape - Murder                                                                                                                                                                                                            A black male,  Marvin Lee Smith, 35,...abducted a white girl at a bus stop, took her to a cemetery then raped and brutally murdered her by beating her to death with a headstone.

* Jessica Lyn Keen, 15 
1228. Columbus, GA, Sept. 2008

Ambush - Rape(?) - Murder

Couldn't pay his rent - so he murders his landlord

A black male (career criminal), Rickey Powell , 40... was deep in debt (unemployed) and past due on his rent. Powell decided to solve his back rent problem by murdering his elderly white landlord.  Powell likely told the elderly lady he had her back rent when he came to her office (she was the only one in the office), then , when her guard was down, attacked and brutally beat then strangled the white woman to death.   Powell then dumped her body in the trunk of her car and doused it with acid, which ate away all of her skin. Note: The dousing with acid could very well have been an attempt to cover up a rape.

* Herta Bailey , 70
1229. Kingston, N. Carolina, June 17, 2011                                                                                                  
Ambush - Murder

A black male, Antwajaune Jerome McNeil, 18, the early morning hours ambushed an elderly white male who was arriving for work. The elderly male, at gunpoint, apparently was marched to a secluded location, forced to surrender his wallet then gunned down.

* Elwood O. Hill, 63
1230.   Memphis, TN, July 21, 2007

Armed Robbery - Murder

Five black males,  Princeton Price, 20 Jeremy Young, 21, Talandus McCoy, 20 Jamal Williams, 21
Rashanda Clark, 18
...during an armed robbery of a white male's business, after they received the money, executed the white male business owner's wife and then mercilessly beat the white male.

* Chianne Gast, 32 (deceased)
 * Michael Gast (beaten, robbed...left for dead - survived)
1231. Trenton, NJ, Aug. 2011

Public Abduction - Racially Motivated Attack

"The man was only able to describe the suspects as three black males ages 18 to 20"
The 35-year-old white West Ward resident was on a bus around 2:45 p.m. when he got into a confrontation, police said.

“He said while he was on the bus he was being harassed by three black males, they were yelling racial slurs at him,” said Sgt. Tom McDonough, a police spokesman."

Three young black males racially harassed a lone 35-year-old white male on a commuter bus. When he existed the bus the same three racist blacks followed him then jump him, beating, pummeling and stomping on him ... until he was unconscious. The white male was then dragged into a waiting car, taken to another location, and dumped off. Note: Bizarre kidnapping. Anyone can make up a story. But this attack does fit the black MO for racial attacks today.
1232.  Knoxville, TN, October 11, 1980

Public Abduction - Rape - Murder

Two black males,  Reginald Watkins, Walter Caruthers,...picked up two young hitchers (brother & sister) in Ohio who wanted a ride to Georgia.  The female and male were taken to a secluded area where:

"George Stahl testified that when they reached Knoxville that night, Caruthers drove to a vacant lot. Watkins pulled a small silver pistol, told the Stahls that it was a robbery, and took George's wallet and Wilhelmina's purse. Caruthers opened the trunk of the automobile, and at gunpoint Watkins told the Stahls to get in. The automobile was driven to another location where Watkins and Caruthers took Wilhelmina out of the trunk. When Wilhelmina was put back into the trunk ten to fifteen minutes later, she was hysterical and crying.

The car was driven to a gas station, then down a rough, bumpy road. After the car was/b stopped, /bWilhelmina was told by Watkins to get out of the trunk. Caruthers was standing by Watkins. The men said they were going to tie the Stahls up. George was left in the trunk. He heard water splashing and Wilhelmina say, "Please, don't." George was then taken out of the trunk. Watkins hit him in the head and knocked him to the ground. Then George said, he felt pressure as if someone had thrown a rock on his head. He jumped up, ran into the lake which was near/bby, and swam out into the water. When the defendants' car left, George swam back to shore only to be found hiding in brush along the shoreline by Caruthers and Watkins, who had returned to search for him. Caruthers held George by the shoulders and told Watkins, "Cut his throat. He won't say nothing." Watkins repeatedly stabbed George in the throat with a knife. Both men then held him under the water until they thought he was dead. After they left, George made his way to a nearby road, where he was found and taken to the hospital. At the hospital, in addition to the stab wounds, doctors discovered George had been shot behind the left ear."

* Wilhelmina Stahl (deceased)
* George Stahl (survived)
1233.  Brooksville, FL, May 19, 2000

Racially Motivated Gang Attack - MURDER 

 A group of black youths attacked a lone young white male and beat, stomped on and , finally, to finish him off, was beaten in the head with a board. Seven black males were arrested.

 Russell Coats , 19

1234. Columbus, Ind., May 2003

Ambush - Murder 

 A black male, Undray Knighten, 39
...unemployed and being supported by his white girlfriend, turn on her and brutally beat then strangled her to death in her home. 

* Pamela McKee, 32

I could not find out ifKnighten was actually charged with the white female's murder.


 1235.  Butler County , OH, 2011

White Female's EX Boyfriend Returns To...

BEAT Her & Her Younger Brother - Then Stabs Them Both
James Terry V , 43, acquired a white female as a girlfriend, then he moved into her home. Also living there was her younger brother. The relationship didn't work (surprise)...and the white female told the black man to LEAVE (he had just recently been fired and was apparently forcing her to provide for him).  Well,Terry didn't wan tot just"LEAVE." He came back and beat and stabbed the white female and her brother. Both miraculously survived. 
 Kelly O’Keefe 
Danny O'Keefe
 July 3, 1996

17-Year-old Raped, Sodomized, Tortured And Murdered In Bermuda

Rebecca "Becky" Middleton                           

 "Rebecca Middleton's throat was slashed and she'd been sliced open by three dozen stab wounds; her blood-soaked clothes were ripped and scattered." Rebecca got into a cab which was being driven by a black male.

"To see the beautiful child I knew compared to the girl I identified, it was beyond horrific," says Meens, a Canadian businessman whose daughter, Jasmine, had joined Middleton on a dream trip to this island resort.

"It was nothing less than brutal. These guys tortured this poor girl."

 Justis Smith
Kirk Mundy

Both black males got off scot-free - they completely free men, though they both admitted they were right there when she was tortured and murdered.
1236.  Wilmington, DE, June 11, 2009

 'Fair Housing Act' - Murder

Pernell Stroman, 24,  ...broke into a white female's apartment, slashed her throat, then burglarized her place.

* Julie Gricol, 23

1237.     Southaven, MS, Sept. 26, 2005

Attempted Abduction -  Attempted Rape (?)

A black male, Andre Davis, 40...walked up on a white female (whom he was acquainted) while she was heading to her car, then, for no apparent reason, sucker punched her in the face. When she hit the ground Davis grabbed her by her hair and attempted to drag her into his car. When that failed, Davis beat her mercilessly with the butt end of his gun. After the beating Davis shot her pointblank in the chest ... then calmly got into his car and drove off. 

Victim: :

* Angela Boyle, 20  (deceased)

Note: I cannot find a final disposition to this case.

--------------------- ---------------------------------------------
1238. Detroit, MI, August 1, 2009

'Child' Ambush - Murder

A black male, Demarco Harris, 12, decided he wanted to get some quick cash. Since he had a gun he figured he would walk up to a white female he saw sitting in her car and demand her purse. When the white female refused to hand over her purse the boy shot her in the chest, then grabbed the purse and fled. He was eventually caught with the victim's personal belongings. Even if the kid is convicted, he likely will not be required to serve prison time that exceeds his 21st birthday.

* Trisha Babcock, 24 (deceased)