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Black Violence - White Victims (PART IV)

PART IV of our black on white violent crime expose'.


Total White victims - so far - from ALL four pages::
                                                                        Dead = 2056

                                  Seriously Injured = 479
                                                             Total = 2535
Part :  [I], [II],  [III],[ IV]

Michigan  2014

Vicious Sucker Punch - White Male Gets Broken Jaw

Time And Time Again I've Seen These Kinds Of Cowardly Attacks -- When Will White Males Learn

  Ocala, Fl, 2012

        Robbery Foiled By Elderly White Male

  A white male, Samuel Williams, 71, prevented two cowardly black males,  Davis G. Dawkins and Duwayne Henderson (both 19) from terrorizing and victimizing innocent people.  Both black males, tho wounded, survived the pointblank shots.

(2010) Atrocity Averted - Planned MASSACRE

Branchburg, New Jersey (January 2010): A black male, Lloyd R. Woodson, 43, planned a massacre at Fort Drum U.S. military facility.

 "Woodson was armed with a semi-automatic assault rifle and was wearing a military-grade ballistic vest at the time of his arrest. A subsequent search of his motel room uncovered a large cache of military-grade weapons and ammunition including a grenade launcher, a night vision scope, a police scanner, a Middle Eastern headdress, and a number of maps including one of the nearby Fort Drum U.S. military facility;"
(2014) San Antonio, TX

Rage Kill - Unprovoked Sucker Punch Beat Down Murder On White Male
  (2014) Philadelphia, PA

Sexually Depraved Craig'sList Rapist - White Teen Set Up For Rape
Kevin Cornish, 42,  promised a job on Caigslist as a home-care provider.  It turned out to be a con. When a white teenage girl showed up, Cornish shifted to what clearly looks like a prearranged plan, which was to give the girl an application that stated she was going to be an "escort" (sex for hire). He then stood behind the young girl and made her fill out the application and sign it. Cornish then made the girl strip down naked and took photos (I'm sure she was required to smile). After the photos, the girl was led to the bedroom and there she was raped.

NOTE: Drexel Hill is almost 90% White - about 5% Black.

Also, this one will be very tough to prosecute. Don't be surprised if the predator - who lived in his mommy's home - is acquitted. Facts: 1) white female voluntarily went to the black man's residence and also voluntarily went inside; 2) white female signed a sex-for-hire contract - tho she claimed it was signed under duress, no proof ; 3) white female will be seen in naked photos smiling; 4) black man will claim the sex was consensual.  The only thing weighing in favor of the white female is that she reported her attack immediately to her mother.

Read more:


1978  Carol City, FL

 Civil Rights Acts ATROCITIES!

                                                                 Belinda Worley

Be VERY cautious ... letting someone into your household! 

Home Invasion - MASSACRE

"John Ferguson, posing as a Florida Power and Light employee, was let into a home by Margaret Wooden to check the electrical outlets. After looking in several rooms, Ferguson drew a gun, then bound and blindfolded Wooden. Ferguson let two men, Marvin Francois and Beauford White, into the home to continue searching for drugs and money. ( There were no drugs and no large cache of money)

Two hours later, the owner of the home, Livingston Stocker, and five friends returned home and were bound, blindfolded, and searched by Ferguson, Francois, and White. The seven bound and blindfolded people were then moved from the living room to a bedroom.

Later, Wooden’s boyfriend, Michael Miller, entered the house and was bound, blindfolded, and searched. Miller and Wooden were moved to another bedroom together and the other six men were moved to the living room.

At some point in the evening, Marvin Francois’ mask fell off and his face was revealed to the others. Wooden heard shots coming from the living room, where Francois was shooting the men. Ferguson placed a pillow over Wooden’s head and then shot her. Not fatally wounded, Wooden saw Miller being shot and heard Ferguson run from the room. "

Public Abduction - Rape - DOUBLE MURDER

"Brian Glenfeld and Belinda Worley, both seventeen years old, were last seen around 9:00 p.m. on Sunday, 01/08/78.

Glenfeld’s body was behind the wheel of a car, with gunshot wounds to his chest, arm, and head. Worley’s body was found in a nearby dense growth, where she had been raped and then shot in the head."


John Errol Ferguson, 29 (pictured at top - convicted of rape and murder of two teens - convicted of home invasion and 6 counts of murder)

 Marvin Francois (convicted of 6 counts of murder)

Beauford White (convicted of 6 counts of murder)
Adolphus Archie (drove get-away car)

White Victims:

Brian Glenfeldt,  17 (kidnapped, gunned down)
Belinda Worley, 17 (kidnapped with her boyfriend - raped then gunned down)

Died in home invasion victims:

Livingston Stocker,  33
Michael Miller, 24
Henry Clayton, 35
John Holmes, 26
Gilbert Williams , 37
Charles Cesar Stinson,  35

Johnnie Hall, (survived a shotgun blast to the face - testified  against the black monsters)

2014  Seattle , WA

Rude, Racist & Often Violent Behavior Towards White People Continue To Make Headlines Across America 

What blacks are being taught today: "My skin color says you owe me white person! Pay up, or you gonna get it!"

When a black male, Mahamed Abdi, 24, ordered a white male to give him a bite of his burrito and, naturally, the white male refused, the black male gave him a sock in the face then fled.
2014   Detroit, MI

            'Fair Housing Act' Atrocity

Home Invasion - White Family Massacred By Eric Holder's People - Three White Males (Father & His Two Sons) Tortured For Hours - Knifed To Death (One By One) - Bodies Burned

"“The nature of the wounds were horrific, all three victims were stabbed multiple times,” said Detroit Police Sgt. Michael Woody in a news release. “In addition, the fire had been obviously set to cover up what turned out to be a brutal murder in an attempt to destroy potential evidence.”

Woody said the victims were tortured."

NOTE: Case yet to be prosecuted. Also, there is no death penalty in Michigan. Max these racists blacks can get is life.

 Arrested For Mass Murder Of White Family:
Tenisha Jackson,19 
Rashawn Johnson,19 
Keeshon Lake, 19
Larry Johnson, 20

White Victims:
 Lawrence Bowman, 51 (tortured, stabbed multiple times, shot in the head - burned)
Nicholas Bowman, 26 (tortured, stabbed multiple times, burned)
Michael Hoots, 24 (tortured, stabbed multiple times, burned)
Waco, TX   2014

AGAIN In Texas ...  Gang Rape On Lone Female Child 

Racial identity of child not reported. Only that she was 15-years-old.


 2014   Hollywood,Fl 

More Mind-Numbing Despicable Behavior From Eric Holder's People...

19,18 & 17-Year-old Black Males Enlist 15 & 16 Year-old White Girls To Beat Another 16-Year-Old White Girl Until She Has Sex With The 19-Year-old Black Male --SICK STUFF


Note: Case yet to be prosecuted.  Four of the above are accused of holding down a 16-year-old white female... Woolfork raped her. UPDATE: Black male rapist Woolfork get 30 years prison sentence. The two white females get 4 years each. The other two black males also get 4 years prison sentence.

2013    Seattle, WA 

 Black Females Gang Up On Lone White Female And Beat Her

 2013    Danvers, Mass.  

Young White School Teacher Brutally Murdered By 14-Year-Old 
UPDATE: School Teacher was first RAPED by black male.

A 24-year-old white school teacher was beaten and knife (slashed) to death inside the high school where she taught. 14-year-old Philip Chism was was arrested for the brutal attack a short time later.  UPDATE: 14-year-old half-n' half black gets life in prison. will be eligible for parole in 40 years.

White Victim:
Colleen Ritzer, 24
April 25, 2009

Kidnapped...Gang Raped... Murdered...Fed To The Alligators -- Just A Days Works For Drug-Dealing Black Male THUGS

Black Male Suspects:
Da’Shaun Taylor, 25 (16-years-old at time of crime)
Shaun Taylor (father of Da-Shaun)
Taquan Brown
(likely many other black males got in on the gang rape)

Note: Police surmise the young white girl was talking on her cell phone, not paying attention to her surroundings,  when black male Shaun Taylor, with an accomplice (likely his son Da'Shaun),  leaped from their car and grabbed her off a public street.  The girl's disappearance was a mystery until black male Brown confessed to "being there" and watching the girl get gang-raped and then shot. Case is still pending against black male career criminals Da'Shaun Taylor and his father.


 2013    Lakewood, WA

Another Racist HATE Attack - Another White Person Is Dead (stabbed to death on a public street)
Police Insists "race not the issue"... But, it seems, they ALWAYS say that when the perp is black and the victim is white.

Spc. Tevin Geike, 20, of Summerville, S.C., was walking with two other soldiers early Saturday when words were exchanged with someone in a car. The car stopped and five people confronted the three, police said.

The groups were separating after realizing they were all active duty soldiers when Geike was fatally stabbed [by Jeremiah Hill].
NOTE: case yet to be prosecuted.

Tevin Geike, 20


2013  Greenville, NC

Racist Black Male With "100s Of Rounds Of Ammo" Guns Down Four In a Planned Massacre Of White People

Faust, who is black, picked out his victims based on their race, according to the indictments. The documents didn't specify why Faust wanted to shoot white people, and police have not talked about why he picked out his targets. Earlier reports had indicated that Faust was shooting 'indiscriminately.'

Arrested For Attempted Murder:
Lakim Faust, 23

NOTE: Three of four injured victims are reported to have permanent disabilities.


'Fair Housing Act'  Brutal Murder -  99-Year-Old White Female Beat To Death In Home Invasion

Arrested For Murder:
Javon Tyrek Rogers, 20

Fannie Gumbinger, 99
2013   New York Times Square 

 Sucker Puncher - Deliberate Racist Attack

"He said ‘the next white person who walks by I’m going to [expletive],’” one woman said. “His fist went in and the man’s head bobbed and he hit the ground and you could hear his skull hitting the ground.”"

2013 - Anderson, Ind.

BRUTAL -- One Of Eric Holder's People Strikes Again...
'Fair Housing Act' Rape - Strangulation -
Beating Of Elderly White Female 

A black male, Iquise V. Taylor, 17,  was so desperate to rape a helpless 93-year-old white female (his neighbor), he literally kicked her door down.  He then raced upstairs to her bedroom.  Once in the bedroom, Taylor jumped on top of the elderly woman and began beating her, strangling her, then raping her.  Miraculously, the helpless elderly woman survived. Police claim there was no burglary,  or any items of value taken by the sexually depraved black male i.e. it was ALL about rape.

Amelia Rudolf, 93

                Teen THRILL KILL 
               "Let's Kill Someone"

"There's a young man," Ms Smith tells the operator.

"He's just fell over in a ditch and he's got blood on him."

Two black males, James Edwards, 15, Chancey Luna, 16, and a white male, Michael Jones, 17,  bored, decided to kill someone ... just for the fun of it. The trio got into a car, drove up to a white male jogger and then shot him in the back. The white male was the driver. The triggerman was black male Edwards. 

Chris Lane, 22 (deceased)

2013 - Spokane, Wash

Eric Holder's People Strike AGAIN 

 89-Year-Old White Male Attacked - Beaten - Dies From His Severe Injuries

Police looking for two black males... No Motive Other Than a Beat-down Murder of a White person

UPDATE: Two vicious black male teens, Adams-Kinard and Demetruis Glenn, both sixteen, were caught by police. When asked why they did it, the lying black teens told police (get this) the 89-old was tying to sell them crack cocaine.

Black Males On A Beat-Down Rampage In Chicago -- White People ... LOOK OUT! Protect Yourselves!


Black Teens Now Attacking White People With Hammers - WATCH OUT!

Hammer Attack In Oakland

Hammer Attack In NY City

Hammer Attack In Sanford, FL,  (April  2012)

Two black males,  Julius Bender, 18, and Yahaziel Israel, 19, forced their way into a 50-year-old white man's car, beat him with a hammer , then robbed him.  After the beating, the two blacks, eyewitnesses told police, dragged the elderly man into nearby woods and there continued to beat him in the head with a hammer.  The white male is currently on life support at a community hospital. Both vicious blacks are charged with attempted homicide, burglary with assault & battery, and armed burglary.  Not yet prosecuted.

 Innocent White Male:
 Victim's name not released

Note:  The Orlando Sentinel censored the race of the perpetrators in a previous article, even though they were still at large when it was published.


2013 Philadelphia, PA  

Black Boys Ambush White Boy At School  - White Boy Dies

       More Philadelphia Racism By Eric Holder's People

     12-Year-Old Black Boys Gang-up And Sucker Punch 
               White Boy -Then The Beatdown - Boy Dies

"The Philadelphia sixth-grader was hospitalized with seizures after he was badly beaten by two [black] boys at his school."
 Jan. 2013  Cleveland, OH,

Three Black Males Walk up on White Adults Posing As TV News Crew - Then Pull Stun Gun - Robbery

                                           Solomon Herbert,19,     and     Derek Rowell, 25

Beware of black males walking up on you with, "Yo man. I got a question for ya. Yo man..."

White males and females MUST carry some sort of personal protection (stun gun, pepper spray, legally concealed handgun). Forced integration is a failure. Until it ends, Mr. white male/female, protect yourself from Eric Holder's people!

Read more:
  2013  Baton Rouge, LA,

More Random Hate From The Democratic Party's People...

Three blacks walk up to white male and then sucker punch him.  Then the beat-down.

"The defendant (Dickerson) approached the white male victim," the police report stated.

It went on to read, "the defendant told him he was in the wrong neighborhood and he was not going to make it out." The victim said that's when he "was punched and knocked to the ground."

The white male was beaten into unconsciousness and awoke in a hospital.  In other words, the racists blacks tried to kill him.

"The [white] victim suffered "a broken eye socket, broken nose, and several lacerations to the face," and his wife was knocked unconscious."

Racists blacks arrested for murder:
Donald Dickerson, 41
Devin Bessye, 24
Ashley Simmons, 22
Perry, OK   6-3-1999

Home Invasion - Three Black Males Invade White Household - One White Female Gang Raped - One Shot To Death

Stephanie Michelle Neiman, 19

2013  Middletown,  New Jersey

 Another Random HATE Attack By One Of Eric Holder's People - White Female Singled Out 
By Black Man And Stabbed Multiple Times Inside A Store

"The alleged assailant, 19-year-old Tyrik Haynes, is accused of repeatedly plunging a knife into Dalton around 4 p.m., puncturing both her lungs in an apparent random attack."

White Victim:
 Kerri Dalton, 29 (as of Jan. 20 in critical cond.)

Black Males Continue To Terrorize The Innocent In America - It's Now "Catch Me If You Can - And If You Do , I GOT MY CIVIL RIGHTS!"


Dec.  2012  Chicago, IL,  

Black Man Invents New Way To Humiliate A White Female - A Poop Attack

The unidentified black man above must be feeling awfully proud of himself for discovering a never-before used method to attack someone: load a sock full of your poop, then smack a person in the face with it.

"The guy got on with me at [the] Oak Park [station]," she said. "I wasn’t really paying attention. ... "Next stop [at Austin], he throws something in my face."

"I don’t know why he did it," she said, adding, "I’m pretty sure he wouldn’t have done that to a guy."


2011  Canada 

    School Boy Chased By Black Thugs - 
   Knifed To Death - THRILL KILL

TOP LEFT: Lamarr Gordon, left, and Dale Green both received life sentences for the stabbing, with Gordon's tariff being a minimum 14 years and Green's 15 years; Terell Clement, 10 years

White Mle Victim:
*  Nicolas Pearton, 16


White Female Marries A Black Male Thug --
She Produces "A Posse" Of  Nine  Black Children Who  Grow  Up To Terrorize Memphis

"The self-proclaimed posse and their kin have passed their legacy of violence down through generations and "turned crime into an art""

 Solano County , CA Jan. 31, 2013

Black Males Continue Their Brutal Assaults On Young White Females - 13 -Year-Old Kidnapped- Raped - Murdered

A black male sexual predator has struck AGAIN at a white child. Black male Anthony Lamar Jones, 32, was arrested less than a week after the young white female was found naked and dead  in a park in Solano County , CA.   He is being charged with suspicion of murder, kidnapping to commit rape, rape and lewd and lascivious acts on a child

Innocent Little Girl:
 Genelle Renee Conway-Allen, 13
University of Maryland, Feb. 2013

Black Male Ambushes His White Roommates - Set's House On Fire Then Waits To Murder Them As They Flee

A white male, Stephen Alex Rane, 22,  thought it would be a neat-o idea to have a black male, Dayvon Maurice Green,  as a house-mate. It ended up costing him his life. 

"Police said Rane, of Silver Spring, died Tuesday after one of his housemates, Dayvon Maurice Green, set several small fires in the basement of their rented home and ambushed Rane and another housemate when they ran outside."

 Dec. 6. 2012  Arkadelphia, Ark.

   'Fair Housing Act' Brutal Massacre 

 Home Invasion  -- One Of Eric Holder's People... Murders Husband & Children 

A Black male and career criminal, Riakos Lizana, broke into a white family's home and murdered everyone (father, two young children), expect a baby, inside the home. The mother escaped a certain death  by being out running an errand.

Dead White Victims:
Bobby Jean Galbraith, 40, (stepfather) 
Adiele Crutchfield, 6
Marley Crutchfield,4
 Jan.  2013   Los Angeles, CA,

TERRORIZING >>> Take-Over Robbery At Clothing Store - Black Male Rapes Two Females- Another Stabbed In The Neck

Black accomplices:
 Monique Sherman, 33 (sister of sadistic ringleader - accessory after the fact)
Paula Roneshia Bradley, 29 (accessory after the fact)

Troy Marsay Hammock, 29
Everett Oneal Allen, 24

Race of rape victims unknown
 2013  Seattle, WA

White Male UNAWARE Of The Infamous & Craven Black Male Sucker Punch ... Pays The Price

White Male Gets Out Of His Car To Apologize For Almost Hitting Black Male's Car While Backing Out Of A Parking Space - RESULT? Infamous Black Male Sucker Punch - Then Beatdown

Columbus, OH, March 15, 1991

Public Abduction - Rape- Murder

Abuse Of A Child

A black male, Marvin Lee Smith, 35, ...abducted a white girl at a bus stop, took her to a cemetery then raped and brutally murdered her by beating her to death with a headstone.

 Innocent White Female: 
* Jessica Lyn Keen, 15 
1808. Columbus, GA, Sept. 2008

Abuse Of White Elderly - Murder

Black male couldn't pay his rent - so he murders his White landlord
  (I've seen quite a few of these cases)

A black male (career criminal), Rickey Powell , 40... was deep in debt (unemployed) and past due on his rent. Powell decided to solve his back rent problem by murdering his elderly white landlord. Black male Powell likely told the elderly lady he had her back rent when he came to her office (she was the only one in the office), then , when her guard was down, attacked and brutally beat then strangled the white woman to death. Black male Powell then dumped her body in the trunk of her car and doused it with acid, which ate away all of her skin. Note: The dousing with acid could very well have been an attempt to cover up a rape.

 Innocent White Female:
* Herta Bailey , 70
1809. Kingston, N. Carolina, June 17, 2011

 Ambush - Murder

A black male, Antwajaune Jerome McNeil, 18, the early morning hours ambushed an elderly white male who was arriving for work. The white male, at gunpoint, apparently was marched to a secluded location, forced to surrender his wallet then gunned down.

* Elwood O. Hill, 63
1810.   Memphis, TN, July 21, 2007

Armed Robbery - Double Murder

Five black males,
Princeton Price, 20
Jeremy Young, 21,
Talandus McCoy, 20
Jamal Williams, 21
 Rashanda Clark, 18


...during an armed robbery of a white male's business, after they received the money, executed the white male business owner's wife and then mercilessly beat the white male.

Innocent White Male:
* Chianne Gast, 32 (deceased)
 * Michael Gast (beaten, robbed...left for dead - survived)
1811. Trenton, NJ, Aug. 2011

Public Abduction - Pack Attack - Black Racism

"The man was only able to describe the suspects as three black males ages 18 to 20"

The 35-year-old white West Ward resident was on a bus around 2:45 p.m. when he got into a confrontation, police said.

“He said while he was on the bus he was being harassed by three black males, they were yelling racial slurs at him,” said Sgt. Tom McDonough, a police spokesman."

Three young black males racially harassed a lone 35-year-old white male on a commuter bus. When he existed the bus the same three racist blacks followed him then jump him, beating, pummeling and stomping on him ... until he was unconscious. The white male was then dragged into a waiting car, taken to another location, and dumped off. Note: Bizarre kidnapping. Anyone can make up a story. But this attack does fit the black MO for racial attacks today.
1812.  Knoxville, TN, October 11, 1980

Public Abduction - Rape - Murder

Two black males,
Reginald Watkins,
Walter Caruthers,

...picked up two young hitchers (brother & sister) in Ohio who wanted a ride to Georgia. Naturally, the rape opportunity was there ... and these black males were certainly not going to pass that up. The female and male were taken to a secluded area where:

"George Stahl testified that when they reached Knoxville that night, Caruthers drove to a vacant lot. Watkins pulled a small silver pistol, told the Stahls that it was a robbery, and took George's wallet and Wilhelmina's purse. Caruthers opened the trunk of the automobile, and at gunpoint Watkins told the Stahls to get in. The automobile was driven to another location where Watkins and Caruthers took Wilhelmina out of the trunk. When Wilhelmina was put back into the trunk ten to fifteen minutes later, she was hysterical and crying.

The car was driven to a gas station, then down a rough, bumpy road. After the car was/b stopped, /bWilhelmina was told by Watkins to get out of the trunk. Caruthers was standing by Watkins. The men said they were going to tie the Stahls up. George was left in the trunk. He heard water splashing and Wilhelmina say, "Please, don't." George was then taken out of the trunk. Watkins hit him in the head and knocked him to the ground. Then George said, he felt pressure as if someone had thrown a rock on his head. He jumped up, ran into the lake which was near/bby, and swam out into the water. When the defendants' car left, George swam back to shore only to be found hiding in brush along the shoreline by Caruthers and Watkins, who had returned to search for him. Caruthers held George by the shoulders and told Watkins, "Cut his throat. He won't say nothing." Watkins repeatedly stabbed George in the throat with a knife. Both men then held him under the water until they thought he was dead. After they left, George made his way to a nearby road, where he was found and taken to the hospital. At the hospital, in addition to the stab wounds, doctors discovered George had been shot behind the left ear."

Innocent White Victims:
* Wilhelmina Stahl (deceased)
* George Stahl (survived)
1813.  Brooksville, FL, May 19, 2000

Black Pack Attack - RACISM  -MURDER 

 A group of feral black youth attacked a lone young white male and beat, stomped on and , finally, to finish him off, was beaten in the head with a board. Seven black males were arrested. 

 Innocent White Male:
 Russell Coats , 19

1814. Columbus, Ind., May 2003

Black Male Ambush - Murder

A black male,
Undray Knighten, 39,

...unemployed and being supported by his white girlfriend, turn on her and brutally beat then strangled her to death in her home. 

I'm seeing lots of these case where a black male hooks up with a white female then forces her to support him (a mooch).

* Pamela McKee, 32

I could not find out if unemployed and penniless Knighten was actually charged with the white female's murder.


 1815.  Butler County , OH, 2011

                White Female's EX-Black Boyfriend Returns To...

BEAT Her & Her Younger Brother - Attempted To Murder Both Of Them
A black male, James Terry V , 43, acquired a white female as a girlfriend, then (surprise) he moved into her home. Also living there was her younger brother. The relationship didn't work (surprise)...and the white female told the black man to LEAVE (he had just recently been fired and was apparently forcing her to provide for him). Well, a black man just doesn't "LEAVE." He came backto the white household, located the white female and then beat and stabbed her multiple times.  Her brother was also stabbed multiple times. Both are very lucky to be alive.  I wonder if the white female has learned anything here?
 Kelly O’Keefe 
Danny O'Keefe
 July 3, 1996
Raped And Murdered In Bermuda

What was this 17-year-old thinking?!  NEVER trust a black male, girls! 
 "Rebecca Middleton's throat was slashed and she'd been sliced open by three dozen stab wounds; her blood-soaked clothes were ripped and scattered." Rebecca got into a cab which was being driven by a black male.

Black Male Murderer:
 Justis Smith

his could have been a vicious black male gang rape. Another black was implicated in the rape and murder of Rebecca: Jamaican-born Kirk Mundy.
1816.  Wilmington, DE, June 11, 2009

                  Home Invasion - Murder

A black male , Pernell Stroman, 24,  ...broke into a white females apartment, slashed her throat, then burglarized her place. ( Note: I don't mean to minimize the brutality of this despicable black male home invasion/ murder by being so brief - she was a beautiful girl).

Innocent White Female:
* Julie Gricol, 23

1817. Lauderdale County, Florida  1998

Black Male Acquaintance Murder - White

Female Allowed The Black Male In Her Car

- Just A Ride To A Friend's House, He Said

- - RESULT?  It Was A  RAPE Ruse - White

Female Was Found  Sexually Violated &


Black Male Convicted Of Murder:

Corey Johnson


Shelaine Maxwell, 18
1818.  Philadelphia, PA,  2007

Black Male Ambush - Walk-Up Murder Of White Female

Black male Juan Covington, 43, simply waked up to a white female on a public street and shot her in the head.
"I've seen shootings incidents on video before," Peterman said, "but the suddenness, and that he did it for no reason at all, was really scary."

Innocent White Female:

*   Patricia McDermott, 48 (deceased)
1819.  Marion County,  FL, June  2004

Home Invasion - Murder

"As Harris was being fingerprinted by Sheriff's deputies Wednesday, he told his inquiring lawyers that he broke into the home by prying the window open with a screwdriver."

Black Male Convicted Of Murder:

Frederick L. Harris, 37


Debra Rawls, 46
2014  Detroit

White Male Falls Victim - Racist Black Male Pack-Attack - Staged Accident - 5 Blacks Arrested 

White Victim of Savage Attack:
Steven Utash, 54 (left for dead -survived - in rehab)

Note: Case Yet to be prosecuted.  Wait and see if these blacks actually get convicted in all black Detroit


AGAIN,  The Whole Idea Behind The Craven Black Male Sucker Punch Mr. White Male...Is That He Makes You Believe It's Not Coming...THEN POW! 

                               AVOID BLACK MALES!

Note that the black male's 'black' buddy is filming the whole incident. Obviously, they'd planned this sucker punch in advance. Also, note all the white males standing around. Not ONE  rushes to aid the white guy. The Black male sucker puncher knows white males won't jump in. Once the craven black male lands his sucker punch h knows he's free to keep on whalin'



1817.     Southaven, MS, Sept. 26, 2005

Black Male Sucker Punch - Attempted Kidnapping - Rape 

A black male, Andre Davis, 40, ...walked up on a white female (whom he was acquainted) while she was heading to her car, then, for no apparent reason, sucker punched her in the face. When she hit the ground black male Davis grabbed her by her hair and attempted to drag her into his car. When that failed, black male Davis beat her mercilessly with the butt end of his gun. After the beating Davis shot the white female pointblank in the chest ... then calmly got into his car and drove off. 
UPDATE: Black male Davis gets retired...Life in prison.

Innocent White Female :

* Angela Boyle, 20  (deceased)

*  Malaika Tamu Griffin, Naomi Rolon...moved to page 1.
                                                                  Part :  [I], [II], [III], [IV]


  1. Despicable Black attack on innocent white tourists (santa moncia, ca- 1997

  2. Don Deveo Murder

    His actual name is John Edward DeVoe

  3. malcom x, Huey p. Newton , Bobby Seale, Dr. Martin Luther king,September 15, 2015 at 8:03 AM

    Your a racist one sided scumbag, innocent African Americans were slaughtered for no reason except skin color. How many of those perpetrators were convicted in all those cases. Your afraid that it's payback, or retribution, your fears have always made racists scared and afraid. All you hate filled races should are going to die knowing we had a black president, African Americans are becoming successful contributors to society but you choose to focus on the bad apples that you create with your hate. White people kill innocent woman and children in schools like Sandy hook, the Aurora shooter killed all those white people watching a movie, why are you not attacking white america for white on white crime? When you spew hate, those who use it to fuel the fire will be burned in hell for there transgression and man.

  4. I think the site author is trying to convey that blacks - your people - are attacking white such racially motivated filthy and savage demands immediate attention. Forced integration NEVER should hv happened.

    It wasn't white people that marched down America's streets for integration. They wanted blacks to be separate and a self-reliant people. Blacks didn't want this. They wanted what white people had. Prior to 1964...the black man built no towns from the ground up...built no cities, tax bases to support gov't services from his businesses...built no public schools...built no urban housing...

    Blacks received their integration in 1964... because they marched marched down America's streets, did protests, etc...Man oh man ...did the blacks ever want to be integrated with white people.
    It's white people who DID NOT want integration with them... Nevertheless, white Christian males gifted the negroes their cherished across-the-board FORCED integration ... A first in human history. And what did white people get? supremacy FILTH
    i.e. the Black Supremacy Doctrine... attack white people, harass them... DRIVE THEM OUT.

    I want an end to forced integration. Let the black man build his own damn house, his own towns and cities and political systems and tax bases. Feed his own damn kids... Forced integration for white people has been a reign of racial terror by the black man/ female....I no longer trust blacks