Monday, January 28, 2013

Black Male Atrocities Since 1964 - White Victims ( Jan. 2013)

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We now move to our January 2013 addition to staggering to imagination atrocities committed by black males against innocent white people.  The brutal home invasion/ massacre below of a white family - including the raping of a child - represents one of the most heinous racially motivated crimes of the 20th century.  


Quitman County, Miss., Feb. 2, 1990

                          Family Massacre

                                   Home Invasion - Child Rape 

Two black males,
Anthony Carr, 24,
Robert Simon Jr., 26, (pic on right)

... were burglarizing and ransacking a home when the family unexpectedly walked in.

“Charlotte Jo – a child who still wore pigtails in her last photograph – was sodomized and raped. She had been shot three times in the back and once in the hip. Lawmen said she apparently broke free from her tormentors and tried to run.”

When Carr and Simon were done with their sordid amusement they torched the home.

* Charlotte Jo Parker, 9 ,
* Carl Webster Parker, 58,
* Bobbie Jo Parker, 45,
* Gregory Parker, 12

“I remember when this kind of stuff would have been dealt with in short order,” antiques dealer Glenn Lamar said over a plate of beans, corn and “noodle surprise.”

To further complicate things, the Parkers were white and their killers are black."

Note: Simon avoided execution in 2011 by claiming - thru his lawyer -  that he bumped his head ... and as a result sustained a brain injury, enough he claims to render him retarded (No, I'm not kidding).


Double Feature Bonus


Knox College , IL, March 1998

 White Female Is Ambushed - Beat To Death - - No Motive -- 
Apparently Just Racial HATRED

"Attorney Paul Mangieri called the case "indicative of exceptionally brutal and heinous behavior""

 Clyde Best, 18, and a student at Knox University, for no stated reason (and no rape attempt?) ambushed a girl in a stairwell and beat her to death with a brick.

"an Illinois jury has found the college negligent and ordered it to pay $1.05 million to the family of the murdered student."  The high cost of forced integration...

* Andrea Racibozynski, a 19



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