Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Black Male Atrocities Since 1964 - White Victims ( Dec. 2012)

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We now move to our December 2012 addition to staggering to imagination atrocities committed by black males against innocent white people. This particular brutal atrocity involves an innocent young white female whose car broke down on a highway during a snow storm. It was a perfect opportunity - a perfect storm - for a black male sexual predator, armed with a gun,  to score an easy rape.  But this black male predator wasn't going to be satisfied with just a rape.

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Central City, CO, Feb. 12, 1994

Black Male Atrocity!

Offers To Be Good Samaritan  - Rape - Murder

A black male,
Robert Harlan,

 …while driving down the highway on a snowy day… noticed a young white female off to the side of the road apparently having car trouble. He immediately pulled over. However, black male Harlen was not going to offer to be a good Samaritan.  His intent was to rape the white female, for which he carried a gun for just such an occasion.   Harlen exited his vehicle,  produced his gun,  then forced the white female into her car, where she was beaten and raped.  During the ordeal, the white female obviously realized the black male had no intention of letting her live.  After the rape... and while the black man was putting his pants on,  she fled from the car. She quickly flagged down a passing female motorist.  The terrified white female was let in the car and they sped away.  However, black male Harlan was not going to let this white female get away.  He raced back to his car and went after her. When Harlan reached the car the white female had gotten into, he fired multiple shots at the female driver, striking her twice.  The woman driver pulled over, where Harlan got out and grabbed his rape victim by the hair  and  literally dragged her back to his car. Police found her a few days later badly beaten (over sixty injuries to her body), a fractured skull and a gunshot wound to her head.   As for the wounded woman driver, she was left paralyzed for life. 

White female Victim::
* Rhonda Maloney, 25


                    Double Feature Bonus

Boston 1973

             White Female Attacked 
           By Six Blacks - Set On Fire

 Evelyn Wagler, 24

Six black males, unidentified, approached a white female walking alone. She had run out of gas and had went to a gas station with a gas can and bought some gas. The blacks forced her into an alley, doused her with gasoline, then they lit her on fire ... and calmly walked away. Note: Lighting a white female on fire is also a favorite tactic used by black males to cover up a rape.  Six black males had this white female all to themselves and we're to believe there was no rape? C'mon...


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  1. Rest in Peace Rhonda and Evelyn x May your killers rot in hell .

  2. F*CK BLACKS IN GENERAL!! Can't stand the sight of them NOR can I stand the sight of a white skank dealing with them. When they do and they are killed or beaten up, I have NO sympathy for them.