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Black Male Atrocities Since 1964 - White Victims (August 2012)

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This is our August 2012 addition to staggering to imagination atrocities committed by black males against innocent white people.  The brutal crime below - an atrocity - involves an innocent young white female school teacher who was raped by a black "stable boy."  She was stabbed repeatedly then, as she was dying, she had to endure the rape. 


Mt. Pleasant, S. Carolina,  Nov.  28, 1975

Rape & Murder Of A Young White Female

Black Male Strikes at his place of work...

His stated goal: "I'm gonna get me a white bitch"

 In 1975, a Negro by the name of Perry Deveaux, 17,  who was said to have a low IQ, was given a job by white people to work as a stable boy.  In the course of his work he became infatuated with a white female and decided, after observing her riding routine, that he could get away with a rape. However, the rape would also have to include murdering her.  The low IQ black boy had no problem with that.  On a Tuesday afternoon in November the white female went out riding alone, as she often had done.  Deveaux retrieved a knife, went to a local liquor store, bought and downed a quart of malt liquor, then went out to a secluded place where he knew the white female would eventually  pass. When she did pass, Deveaux spooked her horse then pulled her to the ground.  Deveaux then mounted her and, as she screamed, he yelled at her "Shut up! Shut up!" then rammed his knife into her throat, slicing her vocal cords.  As she choked on her own blood, Deveaux used his knife to cut her clothes off.  He then raped her.  After the rape, Deveaux calmly walked away, not knowing, or carrying, if the white female was dead or alive. .

Note: A persistent black male detective,  Eugene Frazier, nailed Deveaux in 1981.

Innocent White female:
* Kathleen Sanderlin, 23 (school teacher)


                      DOUBLE FEATURE BONUS 


Leon County, FL. Aug. 12, 1984

White Female 'Good Samaritan'  Abducted - Raped - Tortured - Burned Alive

 A black male, Joe Nixon, 22 ,... disconnected the battery cables to his car, then waited for a white female he had seen go into a restaurant to come out. When she did, black male Nixon approached her and pleaded to use her car battery to attach his jumper cables. She agreed to help him.  Naturally, the car wouldn't start. The next phase of Dixon's plan - to rape, torture & murder the white female -  was to get the white female to give him a ride right down the street (you could image - Oh how he pleaded, "jus right down the street PLEASE"). Unfortunately, the girl agreed (apparently, she didn't want to appear racist). She let her guard down and paid the ultimate price.  Black male Nixon led her off the main street... then Nixon sucker punched her in the face, rendering her semi-unconscious. He then dragged her to the trunk and dumped her into it. She was taken to a secluded area, raped (god only knows how long that took and ... the things she was forced to endure), then tied to a tree, robbed of her personal belongings, and - despite her BEGGING not to be killed - Dixon then set her on fire ... and left.

Innocent White Female:
* Jeanne Bickner, 38

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