Monday, July 9, 2012

Black Male Atrocities Since 1964 - White Victims (July 2012)

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We are now moving to our July addition of staggering to the imagination atrocities committed by black males against innocent white people since forced integration was created in July of 1964. This month's featured atrocity involves three black male teens - gangbangers - who gunned down four innocent white males during a home invasion.


 Las Vegas, NV, Aug. 13, 1998

            Black Male Atrocity 

On the evening of Aug. 13, 1998, three black male teens strolled onto a property and approached a young white male who was in the front yard, claiming they just wanted to ask him a question.  One of the black males, Donte Johnson,  then pulled a gun and ordered the white male into his house.  Inside the house were three other young white males. They were all forced  to lie on the ground ... where their hands and legs were duct taped. Donte Johnson then put a bullet into each of their heads (Johnson later bragged about the sounds they made while they were dying and how the blood came spurting from their heads when he shot them).

Black Male Murderers:
Donte Johnson, 19
Terrell Young
Sikia Smith

Innocent White Victims:
Matthew Mowen, 19
Jeffrey Biddle, 19
Tracey Gorringe, 20
Peter Talamantez, 20



San Fransisco, CA Dec. 4, 1985  

Home Invasion - Rape - Murder

A black male, John Davis, 22,

  ...17 years after the infamous Fair Housing Act, which allowed black males to roam freely in white residential communities,  broke into the apartment of a white female and while he was looking for household valuables, the white female walked in on him.   Naturally, a rape opportunity now existed ... and black male Davis was surely NOT going to pass on that opportunity. During the rape the white female was savagely beaten.  After the rape, Davis stabbed her repeatedly, then slashed her throat.

Innocent White Female:
* Barbara Martz, 28 (deceased) 

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