Sunday, April 1, 2012

Black Male Atrocities Since 1964 - White Victims (April 2012)

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Note:   The purpose of noting these atrocities (post 1964 to present) committed by blacks against whites,  is to remind people that forced integration, created on July, 2, 1964, has had staggering to the imagination consequences for the white population. 

This month's atrocity actually consists of NINE individual atrocities committed by Negro brothers. Their atrocities involved rapes, public abductions and abuse and torture of a white child.  All of their victims were were selected based on their race i.e. victim being white.

Toledo, OH, 1973 to 1981

Black Male Serial Killers
Who ONLY Chose White People For Their Victims 

   Child Abduction - Ambushes - Rapes -- Torture -- Murder

Two black males, Anthony & Nathanial Cook, were serial rapists and murderers of white people --and only white people.

The [unemployed] Cook brother's White Victims List:

* Todd Sabo  (shot and stabbed in the neck--survived)
* Leslie Sawicki  (survived --was intended rape victim)
* Peter Sawicki  (deceased - father of Leslie ) 
* Tom Gordon, 24  (deceased --murdered so the two black rapists could rape his girlfriend))
* Tom Gordon's girlfriend  (un-named -- raped and then stabbed repeatedly and left for dead --survived)

* Vicki Small  (deceased -- Anthony posed as a Good Samaritan and offered her a ride. Result? Raped and murdered)

* Scott Moulton, 21, (deceased - murdered by Anthony so he could rape his girlfriend)
* Denise Siotkowski, 22 (deceased - raped and murdered by Anthony)

* Connie Thompson, 19 (deceased -- both brothers offered her a ride - posing as Good Samaritans. Result? Gang raped and murdered)

* Daryl Cole, 21 (deceased--murdered so Anthony could rape his girlfriend)
* Stacey Balonek, 21 (deceased -- raped and murdered) 

White Child Abduction - Rape - -Tortured- Murder:
* Dawn Backes, 12 (deceased)


                                     A DOUBLE FEATURE BONUS 

Marianna, Ark., Nov. 26, 2008

Home Invasion - Rape- Murder

A black male,  Curtis Lavell Vance, 28,  

… staked out a white female’s home for the purpose of a rape, robbery and murder. This same black man had later been determined - thru DNA evidence - to have invaded the home of another white female and raped her.

White female victims are:
* Kristen Edwards (raped --survived)
* Anne Pressly, 26 (raped, sodomized and murdered) Anne was a popular TV anchor woman.

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  1. HOLY COW! If these victims were black and perps were whiote...well, never mind. So sick of the media covering up black violence against white people. I know I sound like a broken record...