Thursday, March 1, 2012

Black Male Atrocities Since 1964 - White Victims (March 2012)

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We now move to our March 2012 addition of staggering to imagination black atrocities against innocent white people. This one involves a black male who relentlessly pursued a white female, for the sole purpose of raping her. The black male just needed the white female to get into his car.  He knew where he wanted to take her ... and the perfect place to dispose of a dead corpse (her body has never been found). 


Black Male Atrocities from 1900 to to 1964


  Boone County, IL, Aug. 5, 1976

Black Male Public Abduction - Rape - Murder

Of course, the white female didn't know about his numerous convictions
University of Missouri college student - disappeared in 1976

  "Please. Ah, C'Mon. Jus a cup of coffee... That's all... "  Relentless begging and badgering  like this, day after day from black male Johnny Wright, 33, the white female finally said okay.  When she got into the black man's car she was never seen or heard from again.

Innocent White Female:
* Becky Doisy, 23 

Note: Becky's body has never been found. Apparently black male Wright had already decided where he was going to take her, rape her then murder her...long before he actually got her into his car.



   San Antonio, TX, Nov. 2004

Good Samaritan - Rape -Murder

 Picture of

A kindhearted white female school teacher offered an unemployed and penniless black male, Ronnie Neal, 33,  some landscaping work around her home. Neal used the opportunity to plot with his [evil] teenage daughter, Pearl Cruz , 15, a home invasion, rape, robbery and murder. The [evil] daughter knocked on the white female’s door at night claiming it was an emergency, and she needed to use a phone.  When the white female opened the door, black male Neal appeared and at gunpoint forced his way in.   Neal then sent his [evil] daughter to the convenience store with the white female's ATM card … while he stayed behind to rape the woman.  The white female was then kidnapped and taken to a remote area, told to get on her knees, then shot in the head.

 Oh, [evil] Pearl Cruz, while in prison, was discovered to be pregnant with Neal's child.

* Diane Allison Tilly, 58

Note: Neal died of unknown cause(s) on Texas' death row.

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  1. Totally UNBELIEVABLE. Black atrocities against white people does need to be exposed. Visual images on TV are used to make white people believe blacks are pals..and would never harm them. Yea, right.