Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Black Male Atrocities Since 1964 - White Victims (Feb. 2012)

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  Continuing from our January 2012 addition of black atrocities against innocent white people since forced integration was created in 1964, we now move to our  featured atrocity for February. This one involves a racist black male who goes on a suicide mission  to murder as many white people as possible ... before he's killed.

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New Orleans, LA, Jan. 7, 1973


When The Civil Rights Laws Were Passed... It Took The Black Man A Few Years But He Finally Realized He Now Had The Opportunity To Strike At Any White Person -- And At ANY TIME  
 Mark Essex -after white police mowed him down

Racially Motivated Massacre Of Innocent White People Claims Seven Lives

 Mark James Robert Essex, 24, an 'angry' black man, which was part of a new breed that sprang up among the black race in the mid-60s,  gunned down 9 people (7 white, 1 black and 1 Hispanic) in one day.  Essex was finally mowed down (200 bullets!) by New Orleans police.

Essex (talking to two black females at Howard Johnson): “Don’t worry. I’m here to just kill white people.”

 White Murder Victims:
* Joe Perniciaro 
* Dr. Robert Steagall
* Betty Steagall
* Officer Edwin Hosli Sr.
* Frank Schneider
* Walter Collins
* Deputy Chief Louis Sirgo

Needless to say, there is no way for white people to protect themselves from this kind of racially motivated HATE.

* TOTAL amount of compensation from the federal government to all the white victims' family members of racist Mark Essex ... to date it is ZERO. 

                       A DOUBLE FEATURE BONUS  

 Stuart, FL, April 27, 1982

              Public Abduction Atrocity 

Heiress To Evinrude Fortune Kidnapped - Murdered

Four black males
John Earl Bush, 23, (executed)
 J.B. "Pig" Parker, 19, (30 years later... still awaiting execution)
 Alfonso Cave, 24, (still awaiting execution)
Terry Johnson, 25,

  … abducted a young white female from a convenience store, took her to a secluded area, then murdered her --stabbing her multiple times then shooting her in the head. The original motive was armed robbery --which netted the black males about $34.00.

* Francis Slater, 18 (heir to the Evinrude outboard motor fortune)

Note: Black male John Bush was sentenced to 30 years in 1974 for rape and robbery. He was released in 1979.  For unknown reasons the four black males didn't rape the white female. At least no rape is being reported. However, the MO in this atrocity fits with the typical black male rape scenario. I DON'T GET IT.

                                                                                          March Atrocity>>>CLICK HERE   


  1. I was in 5th grade when Frances Slater was murdered , It was the talk of the town back then, Stuart was a very small town and things like this were unheard of

  2. Blacks have been, at least it seems to me, been slaughtering white people ever since integration was created in 1964. I'm embarrassed to be a white male seeing this animalistic slaughter of white people, rape of white females, attack on white children and white elderly by the American Negro...knowing the Negro got down on his frigging knees and BEGGED for integration. He got what he begged for...and look what he's done! Lincoln was going to give the Negro a homeland in America. I wish 'he'd lived. What a beautiful country white people would have today...without the Negro.

    1. So I guess your dumb ass forgot what white did to black before integration. White people hung black women, children, men and elderly. An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth. White people got what the deserved!

    2. "So I guess your dumb ass forgot what white did to black before integration."
      Oh yeah, them poor innocent negroes >>BULLSH*T

      THANK GOD FOR INTERNET> Negroes uses to get away with these comments in the past...Here's what the negro did to white people prior to 1964


  3. Everyone is entitled to their opinion,so hopefully my opinion will be taken as such ( as an opinion).
    First of all, black people are in this country because of the white man. When I say the white man, I'm not calling out all white people. We can't be judged on the behavior of our ancestors. That being said, no one born in this country can honestly say they are of a pure race. We are all children of one God making this country a rainbow of beauty. And yes there are those people (black, white, Hispanic, Native American etc)out there who are hell bent on making our country less then beautiful. But that is the decision of those individuals. My mother is Native American and white & my father is black, white as well as Native American and their union brought forth four children 2 sons & 2 daughters. And at no time did my brothers walk around with their boxers showing. Just as I stated previously, those are the decision of those individuals. Not all black people act ghetto & not all black men beat up their women (black or white). You are judging a whole race based on the poor decisions of a some. My heart only allows me to feel love for all, even if it's not returned, being an registered nurse I care for all people & the color never factors in. My husband (a white man) & I try to live as God wish us to live. And not wanting make your opinion less or more valid then mine, I hope that maybe you will try to look at one's character & not their skin tone. Wishing you good health.

    1. It was the African black man who rounded up his fellow black men ...and then sold them into slavery to the white man. It is true many white men in the New America needed labor. But ONLY the Negroid African was willing to invade other tribes and procure slave bodies by seizing innocent men and women (those too young or too old were typically slaughtered by teh African slave traders). BTW, Greeks and Romans procured their slaves through conquest of an enemy - unlike the African slave traders who simply invaded other tribes and abducted blacks to sell into slavery. The inhumanity, the cruelty, the butchery and savagery the black man used to get his slaves needs to be exposed.

      White males ended the slave trade to America in 1808. In 1860, only about 1.5% of white people in America owned slaves (about 7.5% in the South -- about 12 to 15% of free blacks owned slaves in the South). White males fought and died to end slavery.

      After the civil war, the black man was to build his own towns and cities, free to create whatever businesses he wanted.... build his own tax base and create his OWN political environments. This never happened. Blacks were supposed to be separate so as to become a self-reliant people. This also NEVER happened.

      Instead, blacks marched for dependence, total dependence on white people and his tax base. The black man got what he marched for in 1964 - i.e. forced integration. Even tho white people DID NOT want this forced integration , and particularly in the South, still, white people all over America have followed these despicable forced integration laws. And the black man has used them to rape, rob, murder and massacre. This is documented al over the internet

    2. Alexia Roane, it is very telling to me how no blacks across America condemn the brutality of their fellow blacks when the victims are white. NEVER. You imply you dont see race. Well blacks sure do! How about the 'knockout game'? Thousands and thousands of these racist attacks by blacks. Did black male Eric Holder say one word about it - the most disgusting racist act ever invented by one people to injure another?Did black male Obama? NEVER. Did blacks across America EVER condemn these attacks? Never happened.

      Blacks are one group. They marched for integration as ONE group. They received forced integration as ONE group. They demand preferential treatment as ONE grup. They should be judged as ONE group.

  4. Actually it was blacks who brought blacks over here from africa. And all though i agree with alittle bit of everyone on here, theres bad in every race, but there is an awful lot of black men hurting there white wifes or girlfriend, i dont care what anyone els does but i myself perfer my own race. Although the white guys iv been with are all jerks who treated me awful. And im a white women... So i realy never know

  5. It is all opinion based, which is a good thing. Race doesn't determine ones thought patterns what so ever. People tend to belive that jails are filled with African Americans, when in actuality the prison population is majority Caucasian men and woman. I sit back and think alot on the dumb shit Caucasians do. But then again a small population of African American does the same thing. Most gruesome murderous, rapes, seriel killers, abuse, is done by the hand of Caucasian men, not African American men. Research is important because if we all outlined heinous crimes on rape, abuse, pedophiles, crimes against children. The Caucasian man might actually be disgusted with facts and beliefs.

    1. I think the site author is trying to convey that blacks - your people - are attacking white such racially motivated filthy and savage demands immediate attention. Forced integration NEVER should hv happened.

      Blacks received their integration in 1964... because they marched marched down America's streets, did protests, etc...Man oh man ...did the blacks ever want to be integrated with white people.
      It's white people who DID NOT want integration with them... Nevertheless, white Christian males gifted the negroes their cherished across-the-board FORCED integration ... A first in human history. And what did white people get? supremacy FILTH
      i.e. the Black Supremacy Doctrine... attack white people, harass them... DRIVE THEM OUT.

      I want an end to forced integration. Let the black man build his own damn house, his own towns and cities and political systems and tax bases. Feed his own damn kids. Forced integration for white people has been a reign of racial terror by the black man/ female....I no longer trust blacks

    2. There is such thing as race. We are cognizant of 'color'. It is how god made us as humans. Writing laws, presenting visual images on TV... all in an effort to convince white people of race-nullification, will work on some white people , true enough. But these insidious techniques will NOT change how people are - how god made humans. The ONLY people buying into this race-nullification nonsense are white people - liberals. I've stopped listening to liberals a long, long time ago.
      BTW, Oprah notices race, doesn't she? Where does she PLANT herself? Right smack dab in a all-WHITE community.
      --Obama notices race, right? Where does this black man PLANT himself? Right smack dab into an all-white community (he got three homes, and none are in a black community)
      --How about Jeremiah Wight? Remember him? He was Obama's "spiritual advisor.He's is a certified racist, hate-filled black man against white people and America. And just where did this black man DUMP himself once he got enough money to GET OUT of his black community? Right smack dab into an all white community.
      On & on it goes with blacks...And find me ONE wealthy white person who has EVER dumped himself and his family into a predominantly black community, brown community, Asian community...Don't tell me people nullify race. I'm not a liberal retard.

  6. Ya black's here in London get short sentences 4r
    Rape, remember Mark Duggan a well known criminal. Blacks looted and burned shops, imagine using excuses like they have no work, but all had criminal RCDs
    ..1 young man said it was in his blood to rob.God help us and a girl once told me they ate breeding out the Brit's. I thank God lm not young as l would not want to go 2 school with them.lmagine what will the bigger cities be like in say 10/12 years time,what with all refugees and black's. Hope l won't be around.Yep l mean it!!!

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