Monday, January 2, 2012

Black Male Atrocities Since 1964 - White Victims (Jan. 2012)

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 This is our January 2012 addition to staggering to imagination black atrocities against innocent white people since forced integration was created in 1964. This case involves six home invasions,  six white females raped and five were murdered.   One, miraculously, survived.


Orange County, CA, 1979

                             The “Bedroom Basher”

  Serial Killer Of White Women

Gerald Parker had a full time occupation. But it wasn't an occupation that made him any money. Parker's occupation involved driving around white communities ... until he found a home where a young white female was either living alone or home alone.  He would then wait for an opportunity to commit a home invasion.  Apparently, Parker made most of his entries into the  homes by simply walking through unlocked doors.  Once inside, Parker would locate the white female then brutally beat her.  After the beating, he would rape the female ... then bludgeon her to death with any handy household item.  Five white females died, one survived.

 NOTE:  Parker was already serving time for a home invasion/rape of a female (13-years-old) in 1980 when DNA testing was used to link him to all the white victims represented below.

* Sandra Kay Fry, 17  (w/f)
 * Kimberly Rawlins, 21 
* Debra Lynn Senior, 17 
* Debora Jean Kennedy, 24 
 * Marolyn Carleton, 31 
* Dianna D' Aiello (w/f --survived, with brain damage, also pregnant and lost her unborn child)) 

* Rape of 13-year-old (unknown race - since ALL of Parker's known victims are white, it's likely this 13-year-old is also white))

Note: Kevin Lee Green, 22, (white male) served 17 years in prison because his wife, Dianna D'Aiello, who sustained a severe head injury from Parker‘s vicious beating, claimed it was he - her husband -  who attacked her. DNA evidence confirmed it was Parker.

* TOTAL amount of compensation from the federal government to family members of all the murdered  victims above... is ZERO. 


                                   DOUBLE FEATURE BONUS 


Flint, Mich. July, 1997

                                           * Atrocity! *

Abuse Of Children  -  Racism - Humiliation 

Three young white kids jumped a train in a rural part of Michigan and wound up in a black community in Flint, Michigan. When young black males spotted them, well, I will defer to another site (link provided below) in describing what happened next:

"The Highland Township [white] teenagers who hopped the CSX train on June 18 were far from pros. Afraid to jump off at Holly, they froze and wound up 25 miles north in a rough section of Flint. One of the boys, Michael Carter, 14, ended up dead. Another, Dustin Kaiser, 15, was beaten brutally before taking a bullet in the head.  And the third, Nicole, 14, whose family asked that only her first name be used in this story, was pistol-whipped and shot in the face after being forced to perform oral sex."

Arrested  Racists / Rapists / Murderers:
Christopher Darling, 18
Anthony Hollis, 23
 Adrian Hollis, 20
Terrance Reyes, 18
Tyrone Reyes, 16
Shannon Gould, 16

The link below can give you all the details in this despicable hate crime. Oh, the FBI "investigated" the crime as a possible hate crime, but, not at all surprising, no hate crime was filed.,9171,138030,00.html



  1. I put that I liked that by that I meant the information not the story. It sickens me to the fact we have to live around these feral beasts.

    1. Your sickened you have to live around these beast... what about all the whites who committ these crimes too it sickens me these stories tell only a partial truth just like our history tells half a story why don't you publicly fight for segregation I don't want to live with your kind either it would be great to not to have to associate with your kind for the rest of my life you are ignorant ego maniacs amoral, good and God are no where near your heart or in your life

    2. I agree with the second person.... Sickens me to live with ignorant asses like you. There are just as many cases if not more of whites committing brutal acts on whites, blacks, Mexicans. On their wives and children. White mothers killing their children. Ignorant racist people make me sick.

    3. remove blacks from amongst whites and black on white rapes and murders would cease....white on white would still occur but the main source of crimes would be removed

  2. The evidence that the black man was going to strike at innocent white people , particularly white females, was there ...well before forced integration was launched in 1964.

    1. Your as dumb and ignorant as these criminal assailants in these stories you are really out to find all the stories you can get that have black people in it you have not said anything or proved anything new we didn't know mankind is ugly stop painting hate and crime on one race can you balance this site and add the full picture of what our wicked world looks like everyday I see and read the news this person killed beat raped bullied and so on no where in those stories is it evident that America should be on alert from black people accordinng to you they are the only ones doing these things you are biased and this is a stupid information source you are lonely and need love you are a homosexual who is ashamed of himself you are a killer who is out for revenge you are a bully who just cant help yourself well God forgives if you ask please ask

    2. What in the hell does someone's sexuality have to do with anything? I agreed with you until you said, "homosexual".

  3. its sick that anyone would do this to anyone not cuz there black cuz white people do the same thing too its just messed up for anyone to do somthing like this

  4. People make me sick... just hearing you talk about how many whits or blacks commit crimes. They are humans who cares about the color of there skin....the story of kevin lee green is no acception the icing in the cake to be is his ex wife. Her testimony put him away it was proven hewas innocent and she still blames him...what a sick bitch. I can understand she has brain damage she should know more then anyone that her memories can be false yet she still believes he killed his own child...I hope you got enough of kevins money I hope it males you feel better becauseyour daughter is in heaven and knows the kind of hell you have put her father thru since his release.....wake the f up you heartless piece of shit

  5. It's funny how you people flip when you do the exact same thing on a much larger scale. It's ok to expose us CRACKERS, but to even mention a black man is just horrible and callous. The social engineers have won I'm afraid.

    1. you've spoken the truth that is never allowed said