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Black Male Atrocities Since 1964 - White Victims (Dec. 2011)

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In this month's black male atrocities against innocent white people , we will remember a terrorist attack perpetrated by a black male which resulted in the largest number of casualties of innocent Americans prior to 9-11. 

LA, CA, Dec. 7, 1987

                                          Massacre Atrocity!

43 people Dead ...Because Employee Wanted To Get Even With His Supervisor For Firing Him

A black male,
David Augustus Burke, 35,

 … who had been fired for theft a few weeks earlier,   boarded a USAir flight seeking revenge against his  former [white] supervisor, who was aboard the flight. Burke blamed the supervisor for not giving him a break when he was caught stealing. When the plane took off, Burke pulled a concealed gun and barged into the cockpit and then  murdered the pilot and co-pilot.  He then waited while the plane plunged to the ground.  There were 43 people aboard and all lost their lives -- because this guy wanted revenge? WOW!

* Ray Frank Thomson, 48 (w/m -- Burke's supervisor)

Mary Shawn Addington, 28 (w/f)
Douglas Milan Arthur, 41 (w/m Chief Pilot)
James Franklin Carroll, 50 (w/m)
Stephen Earl Cone, 40 (w/m)
John Frank Conte, 30 (w/m Field Service Agent)
Anthony Raymond Cordova, 46 (h/m)
Jeanne Avis (Clark) Dealan, 40 (w/f)
Sharon May (Holvey) Engstrom, 49 (w/f)
 Karen Marie  (Wile)Fox, 38 (w/f)
David Anthony Giuliano, 41 (w/m)
Julie Gottesman, 20 (w/f Flight Attendant)
Donald Mitchell Hoag, 43 (w/m)
Theresa Mary (Lujan) Kekai, 55 (h/f)
Jocelyn Gae (Byers) Kempe, 56 (w/f)
 Karen Krom, 39 (w/f)
Gregg Nelson Lindamood, 43 (w/m Captain)
Kathleen Elizabeth Mika, 35 (w/f)
Owen Francis Murphy, 60 (w/m)
Deborah E. (Nissen) Neil, 37 (w/f Flight Attendant)
Wayne J. Nelson, 48 (w/m)
James Howard Nunn, 48 (w/m First Officer)
Paul Clifford Perry III, 56 (w/m)
Kevin William Phelan, 35 (w/m)
Thomas Daniel Rabin, 24 (w/m)
James Richard Rettinghouse, 42 (w/m)
Curtis Fung Rhee, 33 (a/m)
John Arthur Roseen, 41 (w/m)
William Ira Rosenberg, 40 (w/m)
Birgit H. Saur, 21 (w/f)
Erika Saur, 51 (w/f)
Carmille Lorraine (Strazzulla) Scafire, 54 (w/f)
Jonathan Kirk Shiba, 39 (a/m)
Linda (Gerling) Hathaway Siegfried, 41 (w/f)
Wolfgang Studemann, 47 (w/m)
Allen Frederick Swanson, 45 (w/m)
James Robert Sylla, 53 (w/m)
 Debra Lynn (Watterson) Vuylsteke, 32 (w/f Flight Attendant)
Earl Lewellyn Webb, 35 (w/m)
Mary Mae (Moore) Webb, 54 (w/f)
Neil John Webb, 58 (w/m)
Leon Winters, 62 (w/m)

Note: I  have not been able to actually verify the above passenger manifest. It was provided to me by a poster.  I have though received thousands of hits on this blog and no one has questioned its authenticity.

* TOTAL amount of compensation from the federal government to family members of all these victims ... is ZERO. 

                                       A DOUBLE FEATURE BONUS 


Winnona, Miss., July 16, 1996

Workplace Massacre 

A black male, Curtis Flowers, 26, ... was fired from a furniture business and decided to seek revenge. He came back to the business with a gun and murdered four former co-workers.

Innocent Victims:
* Carmen Rigby, 45 (w/f)
* Bertha Tardy , 59, (w/f)
* Derrick Stewart, 16 (w/m)
* Robert Golden, 42 (b/m)

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  1. Corrections:
    Raymond Thomson and Ray Frank Thomson are one and the same person. Ray Frank Thomson is never Raymond Frank Thomson or Raymond Thomson, just Ray Frank Thomson.

    Please put:
    Ray Frank Thomson, 48 (w/m Supervisor)
    Karen Marie (Wile) Fox, 38 (w/f)
    Karen A. Krom, 39 (w/f)