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Black Male Atrocities Since 1964 - White Victims (Nov. 2011)

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  This is our November Special Feature month.  For this month I will note all the black male hit squads(groups and individuals)  over the last 40 years  - that I could find on the Internet - where there was a clear and dedicated desire to target innocent white people for murder.

  And just in case you're wondering how many white male organized hit squads there were over the last 40 years targeting blacks ... it's ZERO.   Oh, and the total number of known black male hit squads organized for the sole purpose of killing white people prior to 1964 ... is also ZERO. 
 N. Carolina, S. Carolina & Florida, 1970

Black Male Hit Squad - Massacre

Three black males,
L.L. Thompson, 20,
Martin Rutrell, 15,
Ben Chaney, Jr. 17,

... obsessed with their hate toward white people, and also apparently for amusement and adventure, set out to kill as many white people as they could ... until they were caught.

White Victims:
* Three white college students, Durham, N. Carolina, April 15, 1970
* J.J. Bowles, at Fort Lauderdale, Fl, May 3, 1970 

* Two white males abducted and murdered, Boco Raton, Fl, May 14, 1970
 * Murdered white male business owner and wounded another in Hardeeville, S. Carolina, May 20, 1970

New York 1971-1981

Black Liberation Army … Cowardly Slaughter

Black males lay in wait to gun down white police officers

 Black males arrested for murder:
Anthony Bottom (aka Jalil Muntaqim),
Albert Washington,
Francisco Torres,
Gabriel Torres,
Herman Bell,
Joanne Checkmark , 26
Zayd Malik Shakur

…gunned down 13 police officers in ambush type murders. Eleven were white males.

Innocent White Male:
* Patrolmen Joseph Piagentini
* Trooper Werner Foerster
* Sergeant Edward O’Grady
* Officer John G. Scarangella
* Officer James Greene
* Sergeant John Young
* Sergeant Brian McDonnell
* Officer Rocco Laurie
* Officer Harold Hamilton

Note: Checkmark (AKA Assata Olugbala Shakur ) escaped from a women’s prison in Hunterdon County in 1979, and fled to Cuba.

 New Orleans, LA, Jan. 7, 1973

                                Black Male Atrocity!


 Mark James Robert Essex, 24, a black male who clearly harbored racists beliefs against white people, gunned down 9 people (7 white, 1 black and 1 Hispanic) in one day. Essex was finally mowed down - 200 bullet wounds -by New Orleans police officers.

Essex (talking to two black females at Howard Johnson): “Don’t worry. I’m here to just kill white people.”

White Victims:
* Joe Perniciaro
* Dr. Robert Steagall
* Betty Steagall
* Officer Edwin Hosli Sr.
* Frank Schneider
* Walter Collins
* Deputy Chief Louis Sirgo

Note: Needless to say, there is no way for a white people to protect themselves from this kind of black HATE. Under the new rules of forced integration (1964 Compulsory Inclusionism Act), the black male gets to strike first -- wherever and whenever he wants.

* TOTAL amount of compensation from the federal government to all the white family members of black racist Mark Essex ... is ZERO.

Chicago, IL, 1973

                         "De Mau Mau Murders"

Black Male Hit Squad Targets White People

A black male murderous hit squad, including,
Edward Moran Jr., 23,
Robert Wilson,18,
Nate Burse, 23,
Michael Clark, 21,
Reuben Taylor, 22
Don Taylor, 21
Garland Jackson, 22
Darrell Peatry, 20

….operated in the Chicago area in the early 1970s. Their exclusive targets? White people.

White Victims (all names not available):
* Paul Corbett
* Mrs. Corbett
* Corbett’s Stepdaughter
* Mrs. Corbett’s Sister

* Michael Gerchenson, 19,
* William Richter, 23
* Stephen Hawtree
* Mrs. Hawtree
* Teenage Hawtree


San Francisco Bay – 1973 to 1974

                              “The Zebra Murders”

Black Male Hit Squad Targets White People For Kidnapping, Torture & Murder

Worst Case Of Hate & Racism Attacks In American History

An organized group of black males, including,
Larry Green,
J.C.X. Simon,
Manuel Moore,
Jessie Lee Cooks,
(four released because of lack of evidence),

…formed a hit squad to ambush and kill white people. The black racist hit squad’s proven victims are:

The Dead:

* Ilario Bertuccio
* Quita Hague
* Frances Rose
* Paul Dancik
* Tana Smith
* Mildred Hosler
* Neal Moynihan
* Nelson Shields IV
* John Doe, decapitated, identity not known

*Jane Holly
* Vincent Wollin
* John Bambic
* Thomas Rainwater
* Marietta DiGirolamo

The Survivors:

* Linda Story
* Richard Hague
* Terry White
* Ward Anderson
* Female rape victim, name not given.
* Arthur Agnos
* Angela Roselli
* Roxanne McMillian – left a paraplegic

Jacksonville, FL, March 1974
                         Black Liberation Army (BLA)

More Black Male Thrill Kill's From The BLA 

"You should have seen it. Ah, I enjoyed every minute of it. I loved watching the blood gush from [the white dudes] eyes. . . ."

On the evening of June 17, 1974,  
Jacob John Dougan,
Elwood Clark Barclay,
Dwyne Crittendon,,
Brad W. Evans,
William Hearn,

 …set out in a car with the intent to kill white people, apparently believing they could start a race war…and somehow achieve "freedom" (?).

 Innocent White Victims: 
* Stephen Anthony Orlando, 18
* Stephen Lamont Roberts, 17

 NOTE: Here was the DOPEY message left by the DOPEY black males, "Warning to the oppressive state. No longer will your atrocities and brutalizing of black people be unpunished (yes, the irony overwhelms). The black man is no longer asleep. The revolution has begun and the oppressed will be victorious. The revolution will end when we are free. The Black Revolutionary Army. All power to the people."

   Why is it a DOPEY message?  One, the black race marched down America's streets for integration- not self-determination. Yes, integration ... into the very group that they were also claiming is their brutal oppressor?! Two, never in American history did the black race demand to be master of its own destiny. Blacks had always sought out white communities and it was always the white communities  that continually provided support to them. Indeed, a VERY dopey message from a very DOPEY group of unemployed black males.

Michigan & Texas , May 1978-1983

       Black Male Mass Murderer Of White Females!

A black male racist and mass murderer of white females – known to have killed at least 26 white females, possibly more than 80, mainly in Texas and Michigan. Houston police finally captured black male

Coral Eugene Watts

… in the act of attempted murder of two white females in their apartment. Racist mass murderer Watts’ usual MO was to follow white females to their home and, if he perceived the coast was clear, he would leap from his car, charge up to the female with a knife in his hand, then bludgeon them to death on or inside their property (oddly, there were no rape attempts by black male Watts. He was apparently driven by pure HATE for white females).

Too many dead white females to list them all here. However, here are some of them:

Known White Victims:
* Linda Tilley 
* Anna Ledet 
* Helen Dutcher 
* Margaret Fossi
* Elena Semander 
* Emily LaQua 
* Elizabeth Montgomery 
* Jeanne Clyne
* Suzi Wolfe 
* Michele Maday

*  Watts admitted to killing 13 white females.   Oh, and the total number of black serial killers of white females prior to 1964? ZERO (at least I haven't found one).

1. Jeanne Clyne & how she died:
Black male Watts decided to go driving around a white community near Detroit (Grosse Pointe Farms – 99% white in 1979) looking for a white female to ram with his 14-inch screwdriver. He noticed a white female, 44-year-old Jeanne Clyne (former food writer for Detroit News), walking on the sidewalk. Watts exited his car, ran up to her from behind … and simply plunged his screwdriver into her back.  Watts then fled, leaving Jeanne Clyne to die on the sidewalk.
Liberty City, FL, March 22, Mid-1980s

                            Black Male Hit Squad  

Black Racism – Public Abduction – Torture - Murder

More Atrocities From Racist Black Males

In 1999, a black male killing machine was revealed, and its exclusive target: innocent white people. A former member of this infamous 'black supremacist' organization is a former NFL football player, Robert Rozier. 

“In Florida, Rozier pleaded guilty to four murders and confessed to three other killings to win a reduced prison term in exchange for testimony against Miami sect leader Yahweh Ben Yahweh and members of a religious order that federal prosecutors blamed for at least 23 murders and a series of fire-bombings in the 1980s. He served 10 years of a 22-year sentence, then was released with a new name and identity.”

White Victims:
* Harry Byers
* Reinaldo Echevarria
* Elisabeth Schwark

* Attilio Cicala
* Clair Walter,
* Glendell Fowler,
* Kurt Doer,
* James Myers,
* Raymond Kelly,
* Lyle Austin Bellinger

  Kuwait, March 2003

                          Black Male Ambush & Massacre

Black Racism Strikes Again - Innocent White Soldiers Were His Exclusive Targets

A black male (Muslim & coward),
Hasan Akbar’s, 22, (US Army) 

 …   in Kuwait hurled 4 hand grenades into four tents, intending to kill innocent white males (non-Muslims). He also fired shots at white males during the chaos he created, intending to kill more. Black male Akbar, after a court- martial,  was sentenced to death.

Innocent Victims:
 * Capt Christopher Seifert, 27
 * Maj Gregory Stone, 40 

* fourteen soldiers wounded



  1. Don't forget the Oakland-Berkeley slashers. Two black men had been randomly shooting and attacking whites with machetes in Oakland and Berkeley beginning September 14, 1970. Possibly related to the Zebra killings in SF two years later. This group may have gone by the name of AL Constran or El Colestran.


    September 14, 1970

    Danny Crawford, 21, Berkeley, hitched a ride with two black men from SF who then slashed him with a meat cleaver. UNSOLVED

    October 25, 1970

    John Doe, white male, slashed with an ax or meat cleaver and killed in Berkeley. UNSOLVED

    October 27, 1970

    Albert D. Smith, 77, was shot in a Death Angel assault Oakland, CA. (,38 or .357 magnum) UNSOLVED

    October 27, 1970

    Norman Wagner, 31, was shot and killed in a Death Angel assault walking in Berkeley. (.38 or .357 magnum) UNSOLVED

    November 10, 1970

    James Larson, 21, was killed in a Death Angel assault, Oakland, CA by a 38 caliber. UNSOLVED

    November 10, 1970

    Griswold Wilson, 55, was (shot) killed in a Death Angel assault in Berkeley. UNSOLVED

    July 27, 1971

    James B. Cowen, 22, was attacked with a machete-type weapon by two black men in a Death Angel assault in Berkeley, CA.

    August 12, 1971

    Henry D. Bennett, 22, was attacked by two black men in Berkeley in a Death Angel assault. He was attacked with a machete-type weapon. UNSOLVED

    August 29, 1971

    Jane E. Oleyar, 21, U.C. student, was attacked by two black men with a machete-type weapon in a Death Angel assault in Berkeley, CA. UNSOLVED

    September 2, 1971

    Arthur E. Silva, 40, was attacked by three men in a Death Angel assault in Hayward with a machete-type weapon. UNSOLVED

    September 18-19, 1971

    Joseph R. Rusnak, 23, of Vandergrift, PA, and Allison Hassenforder, 20, of Ferguson, MO were attacked in a Death Angel assault by two black men in Tilden Park. They were attacked with machete-type weapons. The men slashed them without uttering a word. UNSOLVED

    September 19, 1971

    Raymond Novack, 60, was killed in a Death Angel assault, 421 24th Street, Oakland, CA. He was shot through the window of his home with .45 caliber. His son, Virgil, 29, saw a van speeding away down Valley Street. (Oakland Tribune, pg. 1, 9/20/71) UNSOLVED

    September 19, 1971

    Ernie Styrman, 50, 440 Geary St. SF, Yellow Cab driver was shot and killed in a Death Angel assault on Campbell Street, south of Grand Avenue, Oakland, CA. (Oakland Tribune, pg. 1, 9/20/71) UNSOLVED

    September 21, 1971

    Bruce W. Lamar, 22, was attacked by two black men with a machete-type weapon in a Death Angel assault in Berkeley at the corner of Virginia and Grove Streets. UNSOLVED

    1. And??? white people have and continue to hang and shoot black people. Most recently Beachwood Ohio! Cops kill UNARMED black people all the time!!!! Almost daily for things like jaywalking, minor traffic violations etc. Yet FBI files say that 71% of cops killed this year were at the hands of white people not minorities!

  2. Filthy black cancer this is the cancer to white freedom that white Americans should have killed off not Saddam's Iraq.