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Black Male Atrocities Since 1964 - White Victims (Oct. 2011)

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 Our October black male atrocity against innocent white people involves a home invasion where white college girls were terrorized, humiliated, raped and then kidnapped. 
Oct. 15, 2006

       Home Invasion That Shocked
                Mission Beach, CA Community

Three unemployed males,
Donald Duante Smith, 20,
Willie Louis Watkins, 32,
Antonio Washington, 19,

…strolled up to a condo residence in a white community in Mission Beach (CA) – knowing it was occupied by white students – to commit a home invasion, robbery; and raping the two white females was just added to the equation because the opportunity was there.  Apparently, the front door was not locked, so the three black males simply walked inside.  Once inside the intruders raped and humiliated the two girls for over an hour.  When the black males were done having their depraved fun, they took many of the students’ household items, grabbed the two white females and then left.  The females were eventually let go. 

"[Judge] Einhorn noted that the men's objective in the assaults was a desire to “denigrate and humiliate another human being.”  He then sentenced the blacks to 316 years in prison.

If you would like to read the sordid facts of this despicable black male home invasion, here is the LINK

 * To date, there has not been ONE dollar of compensation by the federal government to the victims who survived this racially motivated home invasion/ attack.


Double Feature BONUS
Paris, TX, Jan. 1, 1988

Home Invasion - Torture- Rape - Murder

“A pathologist determined [the white female] likely lived for several hours after the attack but couldn't scream for help because one of the 44 stab wounds severed her vocal chords.”

Three black males,
Tyrone Fuller, 24 (executed in 1999)
John McGrew (life prison term in plea deal)
Kenneth Harmon (charges had to be dropped as no evidence could put him at the crime scene)

…broke into a female’s apartment to commit rape, burglary, and murder.  While the three males were inside the apartment they beat the young woman repeatedly, raped her repeatedly, tortured her by whipping her with an electrical cord,  then stabbed her to death.  DNA evidence conclusively linked Fuller to the crime scene. Black male Fuller, a few days prior to the home invasion,  had stolen the white female's purse from her car, which contained her driver's license, and he liked the way she looked and was then determined to rape her.  
Note: This breed of male generally uses two methods to get into a white household: 1) they check the door to see if it's open. If it is, they simply walk in; 2) if the door is locked, they knock and hope a female will open on the door. If that occurs they will usually give a ridiculous story of needing to use her phone because of some emergency. 

Innocent White Female:
* Andrea Lea Duke, 26 (w/f)

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