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Black Male Atrocities Since 1964 - White Victims (Sept. 2011)

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We are now moving to our September 2011 feature of black male atrocities against innocent white people since 1964 (the year forced integration was created).   The atrocity represented below involves kidnapping, inhumane cruelty, rape and murder.


Knoxville, Tn, October 11, 1980

           Public Abduction - Rape - Murder

BEWARE of black males offering to be good Samaritans!
(I'm not trying to be mean-spirited.  I've just come across way too many incidents of black males striking at those they offer to help)

Two black males,
Reginald Watkins,
Walter Caruthers,

...picked up two young hitchers (brother & sister) in Ohio who wanted a ride to Georgia. Naturally, the rape opportunity was there ... and these two were certainly not going to pass that up. The female and male were taken to a secluded area where:

"George Stahl [white male] testified that when they reached Knoxville that night, Caruthers drove to a vacant lot. Watkins pulled a small silver pistol, told the Stahls that it was a robbery, and took George's wallet and Wilhelmina's purse. Caruthers opened the trunk of the automobile, and at gunpoint Watkins told the Stahls to get in. The automobile was driven to another location where Watkins and Caruthers took Wilhelmina out of the trunk. When Wilhelmina was put back into the trunk ten to fifteen minutes later, she was hysterical and crying.

The car was driven to a gas station, then down a rough, bumpy road. After the car was stopped, Wilhelmina was told by Watkins to get out of the trunk. Caruthers was standing by Watkins. The men said they were going to tie the Stahls up. George was left in the trunk. He heard water splashing and Wilhelmina say, "Please, don't." George was then taken out of the trunk. Watkins hit him in the head and knocked him to the ground. Then George said, he felt pressure as if someone had thrown a rock on his head. He jumped up, ran into the lake which was nearby, and swam out into the water. When the defendants' car left, George swam back to shore only to be found hiding in brush along the shoreline by Caruthers and Watkins, who had returned to search for him. Caruthers held George by the shoulders and told Watkins, "Cut his throat. He won't say nothing." Watkins repeatedly stabbed George in the throat with a knife. Both men then held him under the water until they thought he was dead. After they left, George made his way to a nearby road, where he was found and taken to the hospital. At the hospital, in addition to the stab wounds, doctors discovered George had been shot behind the left ear."

* Wilhelmina Stahl ( w/f -- deceased)
* George Stahl (w/m -- miraculously survived)

* To date there has not been ONE dollar of compensation from the federal government to the victim who survived this attack; nor has there been any compensation to the extended family members of the murdered victim.

                    Double Feature BONUS

Gautier, Mississippi, September 2, 1989

                                    * Child Atrocity*

RAPE - Then Rage KILL Of  7-Year-old Girl

Henry Lee Harrison appeals his death penalty conviction based on::

A black male,
Henry Lee Harrison,

…watched as two 7-year-old white girls on their bicycles made their way to a convenience store. When one of the young girls got off her bike and went into the store, apparently Harrison had already decided what he was going to do to her.

I will defer to another site for what happened next:

“According to the other little girl, when April came out and got on her bicycle, Harrison chased her out of sight. April did not come home that night. On September 3, 1989, searchers found April's nude, mutilated body in a wooded area close to the neighborhood where she lived. The child's bloody shirt was knotted tightly around her neck.”

“As part of the murder investigation, the body of April Turner was examined by forensic pathologist, Dr. Paul McGarry. Upon removing the knotted shirt, Dr. McGarry observed thirty-six stab wounds to the child's deeply indented neck and throat. He observed six more stab wounds on her forehead and one behind her left ear. Some of the wounds appeared to have been made by a sharp instrument while others exhibited a "star-shaped crisscross" configuration.”

“In addition to the stab wounds, Dr. McGarry documented a deep curved laceration of the child's forehead above her right eyebrow. This wound displayed swelling and hemorrhaging indicating that April was alive when the blow fell. The doctor next noted extensive bruising of the head and face and extensive abrasions over the back of the body. The child's genital area had been subjected to a "massive penetrating tearing injury" so severe that nothing separated her vagina from her rectum. Finally, the doctor noted extensive rubbing type abrasions on the outside and the inside of the lips (indicating forced oral sex).”

* April Sherry Turner, 7

Note: Remember the little black girl , Sherrice Iverson,  who was molested (not raped) and then murdered by a white male in Las Vegas? Vaguely, right? But you remember hearing about it because it was plastered all over the media…nationwide. I bet you knew nothing of the rape and murder of April Turner.  The MSM made sure you didn’t hear about it.

Oh, if you google  'Sherrice Iverson'  note all the pictures of her and her killer. Then google  'April Turner.'  NOTHING. Not even a wikipedia page.


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