Monday, August 8, 2011

The Black Male Bully - America Under Siege

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No, ALL of Eric Holder's people are not BULLIES,  but ENOUGH are.  

Note: Eric holder , U.S. Attorney General, used the phrase "my people" when he addressed a congressional hearing on why he refused to prosecute the Black Panthers for voter intimidation.  He is the only U.S. Attorney General ever to refer to "my people."

 What I find the most curious, if not worrisome, is the complete lack of justified anger from the white community to black male bullying.  And by complacently allowing it for so long it has, predictably, encouraged Eric Holder's people to continue to go out and do their bullying - many times simply for racist amusement. 

WOW! White Males Are Beginning To Get Up To Speed On The Black Male BULLY Sucker Punch

This Dopey Black Male Gets A Serious Whoppin'


In Jena, LA, December 4, 2006  six black male BULLIES,  
Robert Bailey,17,
Mychal Bell, 16,
Carwin Jones, 18,
Bryant Purvis, 17,
Jesse Ray Beard, 14,
Theo Shaw, 17,

  …waited for a lone white male to come walking out a door at their high school. When a lone white male did exit, the six black thugs pounced on him, first delivering the infamous (cowardly) black male sucker punch. Then, when the white kid fell to the ground, the six racist  BULLIES began stomping on him and kicking him.

                                           Black Bully Sharpton To The Rescue

When a white prosecutor tried to take a tough stand on this kind of cowardly thug behavior, he got calls of racism from America's biggest race-monger, black BULLY AL Sharpton (BTW, without the MSN cooperating with Sharpton, he‘s powerless, isn‘t he?).   And then, to aim one of the biggest insults toward America's white population since the launching of forced integration in 1964, Sharpton actually organized a protest march ... a protest march protesting the white prosecutor's tough stand.  You see, it didn’t matter to Sharpton that the black BULLIES ambushed the white kid, ganging up six against ONE; or that the black BULLIES  tried to kill the kid - leaving him unconscious; or that there is a long and continued history of this kind of thug BULLY behavior from black males.  What mattered to Sharpton (besides the media cameras being there – always a big thing) was a golden opportunity to send a couple of messages to America's white population:: 1) "White people,  you don't count as victims." 2)  "We blacks can get anything we want by using protest BULLY marches."   Not surprisingly Sharpton won on both counts. 

 Innocent White Male Victim:
* Justin Barker 

Mississippi  2014

White Male Beat Into Unconsciousness By Pack Of 20 Black Racists - Clinging To Life - Needs Brain Surgery
Forced integration with the black BULLY race MUST end. Compensation to ALL the white victims since 1964 ... also MUST be made.

Update: White male, former Marine, left with brain damage after racist attack by Eric Holder's people.

Victim Of Cowardly Black Racists:
Ralph Weems IV, 32

BRUTAL BLACK BULLY ATTACKS  On -- Little Boy Bravely Tries To Protect Mom

There is only ONE people in America who derive pleasure from watching racial attacks like this - Eric Holder's people.


The Black  SUCKER PUNCHER  Doesn't Always Come Out On Top

Dopey Racist Black BULLY Tries To Pull Sucker Punch...Instead Gets A Beatdown From Big White Guy  (WOW! What A Beating!)

 Young White Male Gets Craven Black Male Sucker Punch 


Even Black Children Be Gettin' In On The Act Of  BULLYING

 Gulf Port, FL                                  (July  2013)

Brutal Black Male Beat-Down On 13-Year-old White Student - Gang-up 3 Against 1
15-year-olds arrested for beatdown - they'll be released to the custody of their ONE parent.  The 13-year-old white victim had to be taken to the hospital with a broken arm and numerous other injuries. 

REMEMBER MR. White Male, 
The Black Male BULLY Tells You What to Do! 
 You Listen, OR ELSE!


                                                          (Oct.  2012)
                                                             (Oct.  2012)

Black Male 'Racist' Teen Bully Socks White Male Adult In The Face - Just For Kicks

                                            'Knockout Game Continues'

                                                          (August  2012)                                       

  Black Male 'Knockout Game' Takes 
 Another White Male Down -
Pat Mahaney, 45 -- N. College Hill, OH (left for dead and unconscious - survived)

               Teenagers Gang-up On Lone White Male Adult

According to police, six 13 & 14 year-old blacks were just "bored and wanted ta have jus a little fun."

                                                     (July  2012)

                   TheKnockout Game’
                 Continues In Chicago

Four black male racists, Donald Robinson, Corry Simmons, Alvin Goffin, Edward Robinson, jumped out of a Limo (guess where these hoods got the $$$ for the Limo?) ... and attacked innocent white people. One suffered a broken jaw. While this black male bet-down was going on, another black male thug was (surprise) filing it. However, just to put white people at ease in Chicago, police wanted to go on record and publically assure them that,

"there was no indication this was a racially motivated attack, but detectives said they are looking into all possibilities"  Yeah, sure thing...

"Witnesses saw the four men running in the streets and striking other people, including an off-duty police officer,"

"Simmons approached a man and punched him in the face and fractured his jaw. The 27-year-old victim will have to return to the hospital to either have surgery or have his jaw wired,",0,6875382.story
                                                       (April 2012)

            Black Male BULLY Beat-Down 

 Oak Grove, Minn., :: A white male told a black male BULLY,  Caleb King (now former Minn. Vikings' running back) that he looked like Eddie Murphy.   For that comment, BULLY King SUCKER PUNCHED HIM, then beat & beat & beat the white male.  When it was all over, the white male suffered from  a fractured skull and he also needed his nose completely "RESTRUCTURED."    BULLY King was immediately released from the Vikings.  This guy , yes, is a REAL moron. We'll look for him in a state prison REAL soon.

Note: Dopey King actually told police (get this!) that the white male sustained ALL his injuries by "falling down" while the two were innocently chatting to each other. Like I said, King is a REAL dope.

Andrew Hayek, 22
                                                       (April  2012)

OVER 100 Blacks ATTACK White Couple!  Wave After Wave Of Black Male BULLIES

 Norfolk, VA :: Two white people (male & female), Dave Forster and Marjon Rostami, stopped at a stoplight in a predominantly black section of Norfolk (VA), when a rock came crashing through their car window. When the white male got out tho confront the black thug who threw the rock, an onslaught of blacks appeared...then the sucker punches, beat-down scenario began.  Both were beaten but fortunately survived the racist attack.  And though it was clearly racially motivate, here's what the local police had to say:
 'At no time … did it appear this assault was racially motivated' Is the federal gov't instructing police to say this?
                                                        (April 2012) 

             20 Black BULLIES ATTACK White Male  

Mobile, AL, ::  Blacks kids are told  by an adult white male to stop playing basketball (at 8:30 p.m.).
The kids went back to their neighborhood and got a bunch of older blacks to go back and teach that white dude a lesson.  They brought every weapon they could think of, baseball bats, brass knuckles, chair, rake, broomstick,etc.  When they spotted the white male, the feral backs went after him.  He was beat and beat and beat ... until he was thought to be dead.  He 's lying in critical condition at this time in the  ICU at USA Medical Center.

White Male:
*  Matthew Owens
                                                      (April 2012)

 Black Male BULLY Beat-down On 
White Male (Baseball Bat)

 And you want to know why in  black communities they do business behind bullet-proof glass?

Lakewood, FL::  A black male, unidentified to date, didn't like the service he got (so he claimed) from a white male, so he left the store.  He then came back with a baseball bat and attacked the white male, beating him, and beating him and beating him.  The white male was rushed to the hospital with serious injuries.  No further details of all the injuries he sustained.  The black male, if he's caught,  will likely get out 6 months of county time - oh, and taxpayer provided free food and a place to sleep and well, just relax.

How do you like the democratic party's FORCED INTEGRATION Mr. White male?

                                      (April 2012)

Black BULLIES In Baltimore ... Doin' Their Thing

 "...Bradley Schlozman, a former acting head of the Justice Department's civil rights division, told Yahoo News [regarding the Travon Martin case] that in the past, courts have found that using a public sidewalk can qualify as a protected activity."
"Under 'streets theory,' individuals have been prosecuted for targeting a minority on the basis of his or her race because they didn't appreciate that they were being on the streets," Schlozman said. "One of the recognized civil rights is being able to walk the streets." 


White Male  ...Walkin' The Street 
 Sucker Punched ... Robbed ... 
Stripped Naked By Blacks
 Dozens of Blacks Giggling & Laughing 

                        The  'KNOCKDOWN GAME'  Continues...

Eric Holder, naturally, refuses to go after his people on this one...

UPDATE:  One of Eric Holder people,  Aaron Parsons, 20,  has been nabbed for the sucker punch 'knockdown'.  Black male Parson will likely get about 6 months in county jail, plus loads of kudos and high-fives from lots of Eric Holder Holder's people doing county time. Yup. They gonna call him "Da Man."
                                                       (March  2012)
 Black Female Bully Beat-Down -- White Female Victim

O’Fallon, MO ::  Two racists black females (still unidentified) attacked a white female, 15-years od, claiming ,  "This is our territory white girl," Then,  “One grabbed her by the hair, and the other one started hitting her in the face.”

 Innocent White female::
 Haley Petterson, 15

                                                      (March  2012)

BULLY Beat-Down - Pack Attack 

St. Paul, MN :: A white male, walking the streets of downtown St. Paul (MN), came across a pack of ten or more black males (yeah, guess what happened).  As he and his wife walked by - as prearranged - the white male got te infamous black male sucker punch to the face came.  Then the black male bully beat-down.  If not for the screams of his wife, which altered people who started drifting to the scene,  causing the cowardly blacks to flee, the white male would have likely been kicked and stomped into unconsciousness, or death.

Innocent White Victim:
  Kirk Kubousek, 35

                                                       (March  2012)

          Black Male BULLY ATTACK  - Two White Teens

Prtland, OR, :: Two white teens were viciously ambushed, sucker punched and robbed.
 "TriMet video surveillance cameras captured images of the three suspected attackers. Police described the suspects as black males in their early 20s."

White male victims:
 Chris Putnam, 18 
 Jacob Kieper, 19

                                                     (March 2012)

Black Male BULLY Beat-Down -  Pack Attack

Kansas, City, MO,   ::  A group of six black males went out hunting for a white person (male or female) to beat-down. They found a 50-year-old white male walking alone  (from the store) and strolled up to him and asked if he could give them directions  - this is ALWAYS a black male set-up for the infamous sucker punch.  When the feral black youths got within sucker punch range, the designated sucker puncher slammed the white male in the face.  Then the typical beat-down and stomping and kick in the head began.  The blacks then ran off giggling. The white male was rushed to the hospital and suffered numerous injuries, including a fractured hip.  No arrests have yet been made.

Innocent white male victim;'s name

                                                      (March 2012)


Black Male BULLIES Strike... Young White Male Set On Fire By Blacks

 'This is what you deserve. You get what you deserve, white boy.'"

Kansas City, MO,  :: A sixteen year-old white male was approached by a group of black youths, and without any provocation, doused with gasoline , and while he was struggling to get into his home , a black male with bic- lighter said,    'This is what you deserve. You get what you deserve, white boy.'"  The black racist youth then put the flame to boy's doused clothes.  The identity of the black youths were not given.

The boy was rushed to the hospital.
                                                       (Jan.  2012)
Black Male BULLIES Strike Again

Philadelphia, PA,  :: Three black male bullies strike in Philly.  Yelling racial slurs they (three black males ages 15 to 17 years-old) pulled a white male passenger from a taxi cab and a began beating on him.  When the cab driver (also white) attempted to help the victim, the animalistic black males then turned their feral attention on him and tried to beat him to death.  This was done for amusement!

 White People,  Carry PEPPER SPRAY or a GUN! 

                                                       (Dec.  2011)
Black Male Bully Strikes Again

Detroit, MI   ::  Chuck E. Cheese Assault::  Cowardly black male BULLY beat-down on a white grandmother (5' 2" , punched in the face and then dragged by her hair)...who dared to tell a group of foul-mouthed blacks not to use such words around her grandchild.

                                                        (Nov. 2011)
 Black Male BULLY Strikes Again

Lakewood, CA  :  As I've said many times, when the black male BULLY strikes at an innocent white person, it is usually an elderly person, a female or a child. This victim is a 74 year-old white male...who had the temerity to tell a black male BULLY he had no money go 'give' him.

Black Male BULLY / Murderer: 
Richard Lawrence Kalfin, 46 

White Male:
*  Dave Oakleaf, 74

Note: Naturally, there is no possible way for white people to defend themselves against this kind of attack from one of Eric Holder's people.

                                                       (Nov. 2011 )

  Black Male BULLIES Strike Again

 Elderly White Male Raped

"Four black men sought in what police call a hate crime "

 SOCORRO, TX,  ::  
A 70-year-old white male, out for an early morning walk, was attacked by young black males. When the elderly man told them he had no money for them the sex fiend blacks abducted him, took him to a secluded area, then raped him. The blacks were driving around this predominately white community looking for a white person to victimize.
                                   (Oct. 2011)

Black Male BULLIES Strike Again

"One of the suspects allegedly implied that he had a gun while demanding the sweets. When the victims refused, they were assaulted."

Prince William County, VA
:: White Trick-or-treaters targeted by four black male bullies.

Here are more examples of the black male BULLY in America...



Black Children 

                                              ( Black Kids Are Getting In On The Act)

A 14-year-old and a 10-year-old (both black) forced young children , who were white & siblings,  to perform sex acts on them as well as on each other.

Wayne County, MI, October 1, 1993 : In a home invasion ...“The brothers [ages 7 and 10] were forced to take off their clothing and perform a sex act upon their attackers, forced to fondle and sodomize each other, crawl to fetch a tennis ball, and were beaten with sticks and fists. One of the brothers was hit in the head with a board and nearly knocked unconscious. “According to statements and testimony, the attackers, who are African-American, told the victims, who are white, at one point in the ordeal that they were treating them like slaves, ‘because you’re white and we hate whites….’

“‘This is the worst case I’ve seen in my four years with the prosecutor's office,’ said [Assistant Wayne County Prosecutor Jerry] Dorsey…. “These were clearly terrorist behaviors…beyond a mere sex thing or a fighting thing that boys get into. This was clearly designed to humiliate and terrorize and inflict fear and pain on these boys, both physical and psychological.’ "

White Females Continue To Be Popular Targets For The Black Male Sucker Punch

Chicago, IL, Aug. 2008

The Infamous Black Male Sucker Punch 


 WANTED for the home invasion  and beating with a hammer of an  86-year-old white male.  The black male BULLY'S take:  $20.00 dollars.

  Black Male Bully MO:  "Yeah man.  Hey, my car broke down. Iz wonderin' if can use your phone."


    Black Male Bully Beat-Down

 Eight black males, including Thyeem Henrey and seven other juveniles ... ganged up on a lone white male, sucker punched him then, when he dropped to the ground, the  brutal stomping and kicking his head began.


Black Male Bully Beat-Down

Two black males, 17- year-old Travis Jones, and the other, a 15-year old juvenile, ganged up on this 73-year-old lady.

 Black Male BULLY MO: "Yo man. Yeah man, you gotz some change." POW! Black Male Sucker Punch


 Black Male Bully Beat-Down

Beaten into a coma - not expected to survive. Carl Berry, 44, was attacked by Michac Jones, 16, and another black youth outside a Louisville store.

7.  Sacramento, CA, Oct. 2011

 Black Male Bully Strikes At Disabled White Lady

""But it’s difficult to watch. A [white] woman who appears mentally impaired is punched in the face [by a cowardly black bully].

 It all started while she stood in front of a doughnut shop where she is taunted by a group of cowardly black Bullies] who sound as if they’re spitting on her.

Then she’s shoved in the face and laughed at."
... then hit with the infamous and cowardly black male sucker punch.

----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -
                                                                 Black Male Bully Beat-Down

Adult white male ambushed and beaten by three black teens,  Devonta Lewis, along with two juveniles, one 16 and the other 17.

                                    Black Male Home Invasion -                                                                Elderly Beat-down
Pearl Patrinos , 88

 A black male , unknown identity, knocked on the door of an elderly white female's home and when she opened it, the black male barged inside. Once inside the black male began to beat the elderly white female and drag her around the house, demanding money. The black male eventually left with $3.00.


More Black Male BULLY beat-downs on Innocent white people
                                                   The Black Male Sucker Punch - LOOK OUT!

 Two black teens, 17-year-old old Samuel Lorenzo Davis and 16-year-old Fulton Lavelle Covington, were arrested for sucker punching and beating on an elderly white woman. 

Taylor says she was trying to be a good neighbor and tell the boys about a dog she had seen run through her yard.

"I turned to show them where it was," she explained. "When I turned my back, they attacked me."

Investigators say that's when Covington struck her on the back of the head with a brick.

Taylor fell to the ground and Covington continued to kick and beat her, demanding that she give him her car keys. She told the teens her keys were inside her house on the kitchen counter.
84-YEAR-OLD  savagely attacked by four blacks 
  'The Geezer Beat-Down Contest'  Growin in popularity among the black male BULLIES, this one involves the sucker punch on defenseless elderly white males, then the stomping, kicking and giggling.  Most likely some cowardly black male was recording it for sale in the hood.

                Black Male Bully "Knockdown Game"

LOOK OUT! In St.Louis (Nov. 2011),  a new game be invented by black teens : ask a non-black for a cigarette, then, when you be within striking distance, POW! -- the infamous black male sucker punch.  The objective of this new game is to knock the guy (or woman) out in one punch.  This be manhood of you do it.  Most likely, another black male be recording the 'knockdown' to sell as entertainment in the hood.  Black male Kwame Thomas, 17, be the latest arrested for this hate game.   

And what does Eric Holder have to say about this new "game" invented by his people? NOTHING. Not a word.  Not a PEEP.  

UPDATE:: Black juveniles get away with attempted murder - walk FREE.

Here Be The Black Females ... They Be Gettin' In On The Fun Too

Black Females Gang Up On Lone White Female And Beat Her

>>>There is ONE way to stop this kind of behavior: Separation<<<


More Black Racism...Running Rampant In America

Racists and hate-filled blacks stare and sneer at the unconscious white male. 



RACISTS Blacks Violently Attack White Student On School Bus - Infamous Black Male Sucker Punch To White Student Who Didn't Give Up His Seat To The Black Kid

14.   Seattle, WA  2013

White Male UNAWARE Of The Infamous & Craven Black Male Sucker Punch ... Pays The Price

White Male Gets Out Of His Car To Apologize For Almost Hitting Black Male's Car While Backing Out Of A Parking Space - RESULT? Infamous Black Male Sucker Punch - Then Beatdown


---------------------------------------------------------- 15 

 The - unemployed -Black BULLY

 The Black BULLY is not just in America. In England, a black BULLY demands a white male's clothes ... AND GETS THEM!  And here, Mr. White male, you can see one of the BEST illustrations as to why black males so desperately demanded integration rights with white people.  Oh how easy they be to BULLY around. 

Black Male BULLY Attack in England
  A French tourist was attacked by a group of "innocent" black males ... simply practicing their manhood.



Okay, you get the point.  I can put up thousands of these images / incidences of black male Bully attacks on innocent white people. The pattern of this behavior is very clearly and very demonstrably THERE. And it extends all the way back to the 1960s. 
    When the federal gov't created this forced integration system in 1964 (a first of its kind in human history), the white community NEVER agreed to just sit back and take any and all abuses black males decide to inflict on them - on their women, their children, their elderly.  At some point ... enough white males have to be willing to say ENOUGH is ENOUGH. 



      More bullying...4 assumed white peopel forced to perform sex acts on black males

    2. Beating victim Carl Berry dies-

      Thank you for pointing out what everyone else ignores. Keep it up and spread the word!!

    3. I meant to write that how much longer will the whites put up with this? This would NEVER have happened before. Sadly, everyone is brainwashed into thinking that blacks are just like everyone else and they're the victims. It's time to put an end to this and fight back.

    4. Man Beaten By Two Men At A Philly PATCO Station, As Another Person Filmed The Attack

      A man was beaten by two people in the Philadelphia PATCO station at 8th and Market streets in the early morning hours of Jan. 2 and someone not only watched the vicious attack but recorded it and gave it to a website to post. In the video, uploaded to

    5. Here's another SICK black attack!


    7. This blog is by far one of the most racist, bigoted things I've ever come across. You're an absolutely fucking moron for thinking you can get away with convincing people that BLACK people are to blame for all of the violence in America. Of course the media has an ass backwards agenda, OF COURSE every murder in the US is not going to be on tv.
      These black on white crimes are not all HATE crimes as you make them out. THEY'RE CRIMES, YOU FUCKING MORON.
      Let's not forget all of the WHITE VIOLENCE, THE WHITE RAPES, THE WHITE BULLIES. and the WHITE psychopaths that go around MURDERING whites and people of color. For example the Sikh temple murder, SANDY HOOK, AURORA SHOOTING, ALL WHITE PEOPLE.
      You are an ignorant piece of shit. Go fuck yourself, white bitch bully.
      Sincerely, a white person.