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Black Male Atrocities Since 1964 - White Victims (August 2011)

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This is our August addition of Black male atrocities against innocent White people since 1964 (the year forced integration was created).  This particular atrocity is said to still haunt the conscience of the white community where it happened. The atrocity represented below involves appallingly inhumane cruelty, torture, rape and an attempted massacre of six innocent White people - two miraculously survived.


"There is a widespread feeling that something is wrong with a race that is responsible for so much crime, and that strong remedies are called for. One has but to visit the corridors of the public buildings, when the courts are in session, to realize the part played in law-breaking by the Negro."   W.E.B Du Bois  (Book: The Philadelphia Negro - 1898)

Ogden, Utah, April 22, 1974


Business Invasion - Rape - Torture - Murder

                                      "Hi-Fi Murders"

Three black males, and members of the US Air Force,  
Dale Selby Pierre, 21
William Andrews , 19,
Keith Roberts,

... planned a robbery of a white-owned business for over a month.  And, a little detail that didn't seem to bother any of the trio, everyone in the store at the time of the robbery was going to be brutally murdered (forced to drink Drano).  After the three invaded the store and forced at gunpoint five white captives into the store's basement, then::

"With five people now in the basement, Pierre told Andrews to get something from out of their van. Andrews returned with a bottle in a brown paper bag, from which Pierre poured a cup of blue liquid. Pierre ordered Orren to administer the liquid to the other hostages, but he refused, and was bound, gagged and left face-down on the basement floor.

Pierre and Andrews then propped each of the victims into sitting positions and forced them to drink the liquid, telling them it was vodka laced with sleeping pills. Rather, it was liquid Drano. The moment it touched the hostages' lips, enormous blisters rose, and it began to burn their tongues and throats and peel away the flesh around their mouths. Ansley, still begging for her life, was forced to drink the drain cleaner too, although she was reported to have coughed less than the other victims (by Orren Walker). Pierre and Andrews tried to duct-tape the hostages' mouths shut to hold quantities of drain cleaner in and to silence their screams, but pus oozing from the blisters prevented the adhesive from sticking. Orren Walker was the last to be given the drain cleaner, but seeing what was happening to the other hostages, he allowed it to pour out of his mouth and then faked the convulsions and screams of his son and fellow hostages.

Pierre became angry because the deaths were taking too long and were too loud and messy, so he shot both Carol and Cortney Naisbitt in the backs of their heads. Pierre then shot at Orren Walker but missed. He then fatally shot Stanley before again shooting at Orren, this time grazing the back of his head.

Pierre then took Ansley to the far corner of the basement, forced her at gunpoint to remove her clothes, then repeatedly and brutally raped her, after telling Andrews to clear out for 30 minutes. When he was done, he allowed her to use the bathroom while he watched, then dragged her, still naked, back to the other hostages, threw her on her face, and fatally shot her in the back of the head.

Andrews and Pierre noted that Orren was still alive, so Pierre mounted him, wrapped a wire around his throat, and tried to strangle him. When this failed, Pierre and Andrews inserted a ballpoint pen into Orren's ear, and Pierre stomped it until it punctured his eardrum, broke, and exited the side of his throat. Pierre and Andrews then went upstairs, finished loading equipment into their van, and departed."


* Orren Walker, 43 (survived)
* Cortney Naisbitt, 16 (survived)
* Carol Naisbitt, 52 (deceased, mother of Cortney)
* Stanley Walker, 20 (deceased)
* Michelle Ansley, 19 (deceased)

The total amount of compensation by the federal gov't  given to the victims who survived, or the dead victims' family members... is ZERO.

                        Double Feature BONUS


Mobile, AL, June 1, 2007

Infamous Black Male Sucker Punch

Racism Against An Elderly White Female

Two black males (teenagers),
Dominick Harris, 16,
Randolph Parker, 16,

…were arrested and convicted for  carrying out a vicious and racially motivated attack on an elderly white female school teacher. Harris recorded the attack, while the other teen  waited for the elderly female to walk out of the classroom. When she did,  Parker slammed a sucker punch to her face.  This brazen and cowardly attack apparently was for nothing more than sadistic amusement.  However, since both were  interested in recording the racist attack, it's likely they wanted to show off their deed to their 'hood' buddies.
Here is another attack on a white school teacher.

* Since 1964, The total number of black female teachers that have been sucker punched by white male , that I could find on the Internet, is ZERO.


  1. Blacks cannot be allowed to live in the same political/ economic system as civilized white people. These kinds of predatory attacks by blacks have a very long history to them...
    Forced integration MUST end now!

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