Saturday, July 2, 2011

Black Male Atrocities Since 1964 - White Victims (July 2011)

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In our continuing series of black male atrocities against innocent white people, this July addition is one of monstrous brutality, cowardice and inhuman cruelty.  


Pennsylvania, June 21, 1985

     Kidnapping Atrocity!

Abuse Of Elderly - Torture - Murder

                                        The BULLY

A black male,
Roland William Steele,

… convinced three elderly white women that there was a problem with their car and he would help them by driving them to an auto repair place.  The three ladies were driven instead to a secluded location where Steele, who was a black belt in karate, decided to use the women as practice for his karate kicks and punches. Steele beat each one of the elderly women to death individually, meaning the first was beat to death while the other two were forced to watch, then the next one, then the last.  The third victim, whoever she was, one can only imagine what terror trembled through her elderly body as she awaited her fate. 

""Dr. Abernathy testified that Lucille Horner’s injuries included significant bruising on her chin, chest, and back, damage to her heart, numerous fractures of her ribs, a fracture of her backbone, damage to her liver, and a torn larynx. Dr. Abernathy concluded that the cause of death was traumatic rupture of the heart. The autopsy of Sarah Kuntz revealed similar injuries, including bruises on her face, chest, and legs, lacerations to the scalp, fractured ribs, and damage to her heart and liver. Dr. Abernathy concluded that the cause of death was asphyxia due to a fracture of the larynx. With regard to Minnie Warrick, Dr. Abernathy testified that she also sustained bruising to the face and chest, fractured ribs, and heart damage, as well as a partially collapsed lung and blowout of the stomach wall. The cause of death for Minnie Warrick was traumatic rupture of the heart, with numerous companion injuries. "

* Lucille Horner, 88
* Minnie Warrick, 86
* Sarah Kuntz, 85

Note: The total amount of compensation awarded to the family members of these three innocent elderly victims from the federal gov't ... is ZERO.  
                 DOUBLE FEATURE BONUS  


Holmes County, Miss. Nov. 2010

Good Samaritan Murder

Two black males,
Erik Ellis, 28,
Malcolm Melton, 22,

    …had car trouble and a white male  - desiring to be a good Samaritan - pulled over to offer assistance.  A few minutes later he had three bullets in him.  It's not known whether the white male was dead at this point. The black males then took his body to a remote area,  dosed him with gasoline, then set him on fire. Naturally, had the white male NOT stopped to offer help, he would be alive today.

* Jimmy Sanders, 65

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  2. So Mr. Wolf,

    The 7 examples mentioned herein debuke your theory that blacks did not suffer violence by the hands of whites who were indeed racists or just not thinking they were. White domestic terrorism activities combined with the fanfare obsession for lynching and disenfranchisement had indeed de-leverage Blacks from acquiring capital to rebuild in earnest after1930s. Hence, Whites own history of hands-on hatred for blacks forced Black integration upon the larger society. Whites left blacks really no choice. Either assimilate or perish. Dr. Martin Luther King and President Johnson made everyone 14th Amendment 'citizens'.

    Behold, from your profile Mr Wolf;

    'Prior to forced integration (1964 Civil Rights Act), blacks suffered terrible acts of violence from white racists people in America. Not true at all. My extensive research has shown that violence by whites against blacks from 1900 to 1964, was basically ZERO - statistically immeasurable.' Dude, what extensive research have you done.

    On another misnomer, 

    You have quoted this individual, who is no true alley or friend of the so called Black's. Neither is his successor. 'Regarding the American Civil War, as president Lincoln said to a group of prominent Negroes' "...without your presence, there is no war!"

    lol - Mr. Wolf. You fail to mention that those Moors or blacks who were already here in America were displaced and de-nationalized by force. Adding insult to injury, several poor whites back in the day paid just 5 dollars to be classify themselves and family as indians. I'm sure you heard of the term '5 dollar indians' who were poor and desperate enough to get entitlements, benefits, food, housing and free education. No integrity to one's true race.

    Meanwhile, the other so called blacks were kidnapped through various trans-atlantic-slave trades, all mercantile enterprises blessed by the degenerate Pope Innocent III as part of the Treaty of Verona 1213 well before the precious Magna Carta peace treaty of 1215 was signed.

    Slavery would've eventually ended through societal change or the eventual shift to the industrial revolution. Perhaps you and the lot would've liked for it to continue to present day. The South never got over the lost during the Civil War. But Southern and bigoted whites should have some solace knowing they have influenced national affairs to this very day. 

    Once again you probably wouldn't post this or may not have the aptitude to understand. The government with financial and industrial elites have used the subjugation of Blacks as the premier blue print to convert YOU and the general population into corporate fictions debt slave consumers through the Judiciary Act of 1789, 14th Amendment, Trading with the Enemy Act and of course the Emergency Bankruptcy Act of 1933. Your own government has securitized everyones birth certificate and made us all surety for bankers and Bar member attorney's to raid the direct treasury accounts. But I digress, whites like you and world wide continue to be the beneficiary of unconsensual uncompensated slave labor for several centuries. So I don't understand this brooding and bitterness. Your comprehensive analysis of crime statistics, historical data of  blacks lacking desire to build any cities with self determination or self reliance is grossly inaccurate. Blacks were forced to learn or knew already the vocational skills to build cities when whites were sitting on the porch sipping their lemonade after raping women while lynching the negros with the biggest penis. Whites out of sure hatred and jealousy attempted to beat the drive for prosperity and sustainability out of Blacks. 

  3. @ Lamont... White people's "obsession for lynching and disenfranchisement"
    Umm, white people did NOT owe the black man integration prior to 1964. Blacks were supposed to build their own towns and cities i.e. be a self-reliant people. They never did that. THAT was NOT white people's fault (i.e. that blacks did NOT build their own cites, towns, political systems tax bases, industries or employ their own people). Blacks are the only people in human history to beseech/ plead/ beg another people for 'integration rights' (yeah, integration into another people society - a people they claim is their brutal oppressor and a down right evil people- hmm).
    Regarding lynching, had the black man not attack..attacked...attacked...provoked..attacked and provoked white males...there would hve been no lynchings! Read the VICTIMS LIST HERE::

    "violence by whites against blacks from 1900 to 1964, was basically ZERO"
    "unprovoked" violence by whites against blacks I believe the is what it should read. That is accurate. That's why blacks pleaded to get their integration into white schools, white business, white neighborhoods and white political systems. NONE of this forced integration should have happened ie. white males NEVER should have wrote forced integration laws. Blacks MUST have a homeland in America!

    Blacks created the trans-Atlantic slave trade. Black Africans were the ones that rounded up their racial brethren and sold them to white slave traders. And they did it for over 300 years - until white people ended the slave trading business in the 1800s. And what did black Africans want for their salve booty? Mainly Linen and sea shells (coweries). In other words, blacks produced no "wealth" (material items) to exchange for European wealth. So black Africans invented the slave trade industry. SICK

    Blacks discovered America? LOL. Blacks built ships? LOL... Blacks continue to re-invent their blank history. Blacks MUST have a homeland in America. White and blacks cannot live under the same political roof.