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Black Male Atrocities Since 1964 - White Victims (June 2011)

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This is our June addition of black male atrocities committed against innocent white people ...since forced integration was launched in 1964. This one involves a black male burglary / murder squad that terrorized white communities in Polk County, FL, in 1976.                                                                                                                                                                                                         
Polk County, FL, Jan. 1, 1976

             * A New Years Day Slaughter *

Home Invasion - Husband Murdered - Wife Raped

In 1975 and '76... a black male , Daniel Thomas, 27,  and a few of his black buddies made a living burglarizing and terrorizing white households in a rural farming community in Polk county, Florida.  Police dubbed them the “ski mask gang" (they wore ski masks when the invaded and terrorized white households).   On New Years day , Thomas and his crew broke into the home of a white male (college professor). When the white male and his wife were located, Thomas first shot the white male (five times!), then, while  he lay dying, Thomas raped his wife. Before Thomas  left the premises, he then shot and killed the family dog.

Daniel Thomas' Crime Crew:
Lee Otis Martin, 19  – 130 years
Cody Lee Martin – 3 years
Larry Donnell Marshall – 200+ years

Daniel Thomas was sentenced to death for the murder 

Innocent White Male:
* Charles Anderson (deceased)

NOTE: Thomas required five prison guards to force him to the death chamber. He was electrocuted  - in "ol sparky" - in 1986.,5239974

                           DOUBLE FEATURE BONUS 

Colorado Springs, Co, July 1, 1975

Kelsey Grammer's Sister Raped & Murdered

 Still only the 70s ... and black males are finally beginning to recognize, and take full advantage of, their new Freedom (civil-rights) in white communities - free to roam around white communities and wait for their opportunity to strike ... to rape, rob, murder and massacre.  The black man now gets to strike first.

Karen Grammer was only 18-years-old when she was abducted by two black males.  Karen was on her way to meet some friends at a restaurant when she unfortunately ran into two black males in the restaurant parking lot - they'd come to the restaurant to rob it, but decided against it. The two black males took the young girl back to their apartment where they both brutally terrorized her & raped her for hours. After the black males were through with their sordid amusement they put the young white female back in the car, drove to her place ... then stabbed her repeatedly and threw her out. Karen was still alive...but died from loss of blood a short time later.

 Rapists & Murderers:
Freddie Glenn, 18 (one who did the stabbing)
Michael Corbett

Michael Corbet other murders:
Daniel Van Lone,  29 (a white male) - abducted, taken to a remote area, told to get down on his knees and beg for his life - which he did. Corbett then shot him int he head.
Winfred Proffitt, 19 (race unknown) -- No motive, just THRILL KILL

Note:  Freddie Glen was employed at the time he was committing robberies and abducted, rape and murdered Karen Grammer.
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