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Black Male Atrocities Since 1964 - White Victims

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I have already begun a collection of Black Male Atrocities against innocent white people beginning with 1900 and ending in 1964 - the year Compulsory Inclusionism was launched. I will now start to feature post 1964 Black Male Atrocities.  These atrocities will be posted singularly on a monthly basis (in no particular yearly order) from here on - starting this month (March). 


Featured Black Male
 March 2011  

Prosper, TX. Dec. 10, 1990

                   * A MUST READ *

Home Invasion - Murder
Good Samaritan Murder - Sadistic Torture


Four Black male predators,
Eric Lynn Moore, 23, (life in prison)
Anthony Bruce, 15,
 Kenneth Bruce, 19, (executed)
Sam Andrews, 19,
(life in prison)

   … conceived of a plan which they thought would get them some quick cash. They drove out to a rural home occupied by a white male and his wife. The two Bruce brothers knocked on the front door and when a middle-age white male answered the two black boys told him they had car trouble and needed jumper cables. Unfortunately, the white male invited the two black boys into his house. Once inside, the black boys pulled their guns. They forced the white male and his wife upstairs and into their bedroom and told them to lie face down. Both complied. The white male was then shot in the back, apparently intentionally aiming for his spinal cord -- to render him a permanent cripple. The female was shot in the leg. The black males then left the room and went looking for household valuables.

    After ransacking the house looking for valuables the sadistic black youths came back to finish the job. The white female was shot in the head and died instantly. The white male, however, well, the black boys had a different plan for him.  He was already unable to move his legs because of the spinal cord shot, so they decided next to shoot him in his right shoulder, clearly attempting to leave him with no functioning legs and only one functioning left arm - oh, and no wife. The white male did survive.  But, as planned, paralyzed from the waist down.

* Helen Ayers, 55 (deceased)
* Richard Ayers, 58 (survived - paralyzed)

Note: Again, it was obvious by the black males' actions they wanted to render the white male a cripple. They could have easily finished him off. But they (police say the only shooter was Andrews) deliberately shot the white male in the spine then the shoulder, desiring him to have just a single functioning arm - and no wife. The black males made sure they finished the white female off - a bullet to the head.

  * Nothing to compare to this type of black-on-white crime prior to 1964...

To date, there has not been ONE dollar of compensation to the victim by the federal government for this crime. 


                           A DOUBLE FEATURE BONUS 


    * Crimes That Shake Our Conscience *

(One of the most cowardly sucker punches I have ever seen)

           Infamous McDonald's Sucker Punch

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